Good morning! I was on Facebook the other day and one thing I see is people who are looking for work… a lot. They just lost their job, some of them have been out of work for over a year! My heart just breaks reading those kinds of post.

Maybe that’s you! Are you experiencing job market stress? I want to share one quick tip that will better your relationships and also set you apart from the competition when you apply for jobs.

It’s something 98 of the population won’t do – take personal responsibility. Whenever you lose a job or find yourself having trouble with someone constantly, you have to take a step back and look in the mirror. You don’t need to make excuses to yourself! But honestly ask, “What did I do to put myself in this position?”

This isn’t about eating the blame or exonerating someone who might have wronged you. Push that stuff aside. Because if you’re in a job interview, telling them you lost your old job because your manager was a jerk, how will that look to a future employer? It doesn’t make your manager look like the jerk, it makes you look immature!

Personal responsibility is about asking what part you played to reach that end. And I promise, if you are honest during that interview and take responsibility, that shows maturity! That shows you are willing to admit when you’re wrong and work to do better.

Look friend, do you want to be in control of your life? When you place blame on other people, the president, the economy, the job market, you are saying those entities have control of your life. So instead of using excuses, like 98% of the population, choose to take that personal responsibility. Choose to seek new skills to better yourself!

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