I don’t know about you, but finally it’s beginning to look and feel a lot more like fall around here! The Texas heat is finally starting to fade and the cool air is settling in. (Thank God!)

Whether you are already experiencing a full-blown autumn, or you are easing into it like we are here in Texas, I want to give you a few tips to save you money and help you prepare for this successful new season!

  • Learn to cut your kids’ hair. Along with “back-to-school” season comes regular haircuts for all the kids. Time keeps ticking away and the kids’ hair keeps growing, and before you know it, it’s time for yet another haircut! Whether you have 1 child, or 6, all those haircuts can add up…FAST. Save money by learning how to cut your kids’ hair yourself.
  • Help your kids start a lawn care business. They can invest in a rake and trash bags, create flyers and go door-to-door in the neighborhood to promote their new business. This will not only allow them to make some money this fall, but they will also learn how to promote and run a business, how to maintain a client base, how to work with excellence and how to manage their money. It’s also a great way for your kids to get some fresh air and exercise!
  • Host a “Swap Party” for your friends, family and neighbors. Have each person (adults and kids) go through their closets and collect everything that no longer fits or they no longer wear. This is a free and easy way to de-clutter your closet and get a fresh wardrobe for fall, all while enjoying the company of your friends and family.
  • Make your own “fancy coffee.” Instead of dropping $5+ on your favorite fall flavors, learn how to make them at home – for a fraction of the cost. Just do a quick online search to find tons of copy-cat recipes, so you can make your favorite over-priced specialty coffee at home, for pennies on the dollar.
  • Don’t touch that thermostat! As the weather begins to cool down in the coming weeks, don’t turn the heat on! Set the thermostat on 68, and if you are cold, put on a sweater or put another blanket on the bed. Take it a step further by weatherproofing your home. By simply caulking the cracks and gaps and making sure your windows are properly covered, you will save a lot of money all winter long.

My friend, if you just follow these 5 simple tips, there is no limit to how much money you can stash away this fall. While most other people are dropping handfuls of cash on their pumpkin spice lattes and brand new fall wardrobes, you and your family will now be able to save money, pay off debt and make investments.

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