Have you ever dreamed of traveling? Maybe, you want to see Europe, the oh-my-goodness blue blue seas of Bora Bora or just a road trip across the United States. A lot of people dream about traveling, but few get the chance to do. Let’s face it, it’s expensive.

Not only does it cost money, but what may be the limited time you do get to take off work, is usually spent visiting family. Seriously, friend, I know 60- and 70-year-olds who still dream of going to Israel, and still haven’t gone! Do you want that to be you? Today I want to share an amazing true story about one of our longtime clients, Maria Newton. Maria first attended First Steps To Success back in 2008.

From the outside, she was a high-powered career woman in corporate America.  She was making decent money, but she was also clocking 70-80 hours a week and sitting on a $200K debt from credit cards and school loans.

I had the privilege to talk with her more about her story a couple of weeks ago on our daily show, and the way she puts her debt was, “With the credit card it was like, ‘Okay, you don’t have as much money as you think you do!’ And I just looked at the bill one day and was like, ‘This is crazy! I can’t even do the things that were important to me down the road that I wanted to do because of this debt.’  It was overwhelming.”

And what was it she wanted to do? Travel! Yet here she was, working 80 hours a week and still in crazy debt preventing her from pursuing that goal.

Since 2008, Maria fixed her spending habits, been paying off her debt and putting money in savings. On the show, she told me about going to Brazil and Belize and finally pursuing what was important to her! “Belize is beautiful and the people are so beautiful and amazing. They will steal your heart.”

Even if traveling isn’t your dream, is there something in your life preventing you from pursuing what’s been set on your heart? Like Maria, are massive debt and bad spending habits stopping you from being able to do what you want? Or maybe it’s work, your addictions or something else standing in your way.

I wanted to bring this up today because when you get stuck like that, it feels like you’re hitting a wall. For all the hours Maria was working, she wasn’t accomplishing any of her goals! Do you feel like you work and work and get nowhere? It might be time to start working to find a way around that obstacle!

What is preventing your dreams from taking flight?  And what are you going to start working on today to fuel them up? Shout out below and don’t forget to Like and Share today’s message with your friends.

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