Have you ever been to a restaurant where you got really good service? It’s always so awesome to experience that. But what about a restaurant that had really good food, but horrible service? That is the worst!

You might be thinking, “Who cares if you just had a bad experience at a restaurant?! Why does that matter to me?” Just hold on a minute! You’ve GOT to keep reading, because what I’m about to share with you totally applies to your work life and your home life. There is a very powerful piece of wisdom here.

Because it’s all about environment. Think about that restaurant for a minute. They have a great product, they hired the right chefs, did the right advertising to bring people in, but then totally failed at creating an environment. How do you feel when you get ignored at a restaurant or, heaven forbid, just encounter a server with a horrible attitude? It makes you not want to go back there, right?


You’ve got be wondering, what does this have to do with you? You see, the marketplace pays for value. But it also pays for perceived value. What is that? Well let’s stay with the restaurant example. Think of a fancy, high-end dining establishment. It’s usually beautifully painted, beautifully decorated, with soft lighting and candles, plus they have high standards for those they hire, so that the staff is always warm and welcoming.

Now think of McDonald’s. The staff hardly makes eye contact, the colors and dining set up at fast food restaurants are actually intended to make you not want to stick around! Get it quick and get out fast. Now, imagine you have no clue about the menu or prices of either restaurant and then tell me what you would expect to pay at each. That is perceived value.

What is your perceived value? How do you dress, act, communicate? If you have a business, what environment are you projecting to your clients? If you are an employee, what value are you projecting to your boss? Through your dress and your people skills, as well as your diligence.

If you show up at work unshowered and in sweat pants, you are projecting the attitude of “I don’t care.” When you hire employees and don’t train them to create a positive environment, you are projecting “I don’t care about my clients.”

You could have the best product and a great sales pitch ready to go, but if you are not creating an environment that speaks to the value you have to offer, you are hurting your business, your client base, your dating prospects and your job interviews.

If you want to increase your income, have better relationships, make good contacts and keep loyal clients, you should be always increasing your value. But at the same time, project that value correctly! Environment is everything!

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In great faith,

In great faith,

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