There is a key question you need to be asking to improve your business, your career and you can even ask your spouse or family members. This simple question: “What can I do to serve you better?”

This is such a powerful question a lot of companies neglect asking. And business owners will spend a lot of time in the dark, wondering how to make their product or service better for their clients. Or they waste time guessing or blaming the economy, their coworkers or the market for what isn’t going right. Just ask the question!

If your business relies on clients, follow-up with them and ask what you can do to improve their experience as a client, help them more or serve them better. This not only helps YOU figure out what is working and isn’t working, but also creates client loyalty because they know you’re about serving them.

What if you work for someone else? Have you ever thought about going to your manager or coworkers and asking what you can do  better? No one does that! But hello, you’re literally asking your boss how to get a raise or a promotion and guess what… they are telling you! Or your coworkers are telling you what would make things run more smoothly.

I’ve used this on my kids. Ever since they were little I’ve asked, “What I can do better?” And it’s funny the little tweaks they reply with to help me do my job of being a mother better. And yes, I’ve been asking Hans this question for 20 years! “What can I do to make this marriage more successful?”

Asking this question requires you to be able to hear the answer, no matter how hard it might be! You have to weigh your ego against whatever your greater goal is. Is your ego worth an unhappy marriage? Is your ego worth a dying business? Is your ego bigger than your bank account?

But when you adopt this technique you set yourself up to explode your business, your bank account and to be a better spouse, parent or employee!

Instead of assuming, being upset when something isn’t working or looking for a place to lay blame, just ask what you can do! Can you see how this could totally benefit your business, career and even relationships?

Who is the first person you’re going to use this technique on? Share with me in the comments below and remember to pass along today’s life-changing skill set to your friends and family.

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