Today, let’s talk about your debt… and where it all started. If you’re like most folks, it began innocently enough as just a low credit line that probably blossomed into an overwhelming burden. It causes stress, relationship troubles, sleepless nights and generally moves you further and further away from the life of your dreams. Because now, you are a slave to that debt instead of doing what you really want to do.

I spoke with a woman named Alicia on our daily show last week. Currently, she is crippled by debt and feels it’s unfair that she put herself and her family in this position. So I asked, “Everyone’s story starts differently, but do you remember making your very first purchase using debt?”

“The first time? Well when I had my daughter 16 years ago was when I used my first credit card, and that was to buy baby stuff that we needed.” Alicia started her debt to buy things for her child, which sounds like an excusable reason. She needed a crib! She needed a stroller. And if you’re a parent, you have probably experienced something similar. Even if someone gave you a baby shower, there are often still necessities after that.

What I want you to see, is while using credit was understandable, it still isn’t excusable. No one made Alicia buy a brand new crib from a high-end baby boutique. Garage sales, secondhand stores or even family friends could have provided a perfectly suitable solution that would have prevented the start of Alicia’s financial problems.

There IS an alternative to debt. It may not be the most fun solution or as shiny and new, but I promise you, hand-me-down baby stuff is going to feel a lot better in the long run than a growing credit card bill.

Have you been making excuses for your debt? Maybe you aren’t a parent yet, but I guarantee nearly every financial problem starts here. You find something that seems reasonable, and genuinely justifiable, to charge. So instead of seeking another solution, you choose the easy one. And it’s easy to choose because the rest of society views it as acceptable or just a part of life.

Instead of choosing debt, let’s agree today to start seeking solutions. You don’t have to accept debt as just an inevitable part of life. You don’t have to go to bed with that stress weighing you down anymore! Let me know your thoughts on today’s message and remember to spread the word. Let’s change society’s view on debt, starting within your own circle of influence.

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In great faith,

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