Welcome to another week of Friday Favorites! Every Friday, we give you a peek into the activity at our offices. Check out what the crew has been up to this week:

What Excites Us:

Remember that super-secret project the marketing team was working on a few weeks back? Guess what… we’re announcing the project THIS WEEKEND at Creating A Dynasty in San Antonio. If you’re not at Creating A Dynasty, you can still get the inside scoop! Just make sure you’re signed up for The Daily Fix email updates right here.

Our “Go-To” Power Playlist:

This YouTube playlist is our office favorite, when we need an EXTRA dose of inspiration and creative power:

Yet Another Addition To Our Reading List:

We’ll let the author, Robert Bloom, tell you about it himself: “I’ve written a book for the growth-starved business people who want to learn to do what I did – take their businesses, divisions or brands and make them better, bigger and stronger.

“I wanted the book to be an honest, innovative and results-generating book for the 24 million-plus business start-ups, owners and managers in this country, as well as the countless corporate owners and managers all over the world who struggle every day to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship in their giant enterprises.”

Something We Learned:

This is Jason, our designer/developer extraordinairé… and he doesn’t own a cat.

“If you give a cat some turkey, it’s going to want to live with you forever and take naps in your lap.” ~ Jason Subers

And A Few Other Fun Things We’ve Been Talking About:

The Thanksgiving deal from

And this super-awesome video of a whale mimicing human speech:

What Are Your Faves?

We want to know about your Friday Favorites! Visit our Facebook page and let us know what you’re excited about, what inspires you, what you’re reading or listening to or learning. And, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’ll have a special edition “Thankful Thursday” coming up soon… so let us know what you’re thankful for, TOO. Happy Friday!

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