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Relieve Financial Pressure In Your Marriage…Even IF Your Spouse Isn’t On-Board!

Every month, your LACK of money sits there and stares you in the face. The bills… The student loans… The credit cards… No matter how much money you make, it’s […]

Every month, your LACK of money sits there and stares you in the face.

The bills…

The student loans…

The credit cards…

No matter how much money you make, it’s never seems enough to cover everything.

Does money seem to spark most of the arguments in your marriage?

Who knows… you might just avoid the topic of money, altogether.

If only you could see eye-to-eye…

If only your parents had set better examples…

If only your teachers or professors or government just showed you what to do.

But NO ONE prepared you to manage money and marriage, so how in the heck could you know how to get through this?!

Regardless of how your spouse thinks about money…

Whether they’re a spender or a saver…

Whether they eat out for lunch every day or nag you to pack a freakin’ lunch…

Whether they always come home with the next-best tech gadget or are always on your case about buying the latest and greatest releases…

Whether they constantly waste money or beg you to save more, instead of spending every last cent…

No matter WHAT they’re doing, it’s time to focus on the ONE thing you can control: YOU!

Listen, friend… you can easily give the “excuse” that you can’t do this without your spouse being on-board – and it’s a common excuse.

OR… you can be like Tracie Zuschnitt and so many of our other clients, who decided to follow a few simple steps then bring their spouse RESULTS – instead of more information, more nagging and more arguments.

Tracie’s husband, Charles, was NOT on-board with what they learned at our live events… but Tracie didn’t let that stop her.

Instead, she worked diligently, brought their kids to First Steps To Success events and generated results. NOW, they have paid off nearly $1 million of debt… and, that’s not even the best part!

Charles has now gone “all-in,” stepped into his leadership role as husband and father, seen their family restored, increased their income, and made their MARRIAGE smokin’ hot and passionate again.

Tracie reached for the RESULTS – instead of the EXCUSE – and as a direct result, then their husbands joined in and completely transformed their lives.

Now… it’s your choice: will you do the same??

Our team pulled two chapters from my book, “First Steps To Wealth” — written to simplify getting your finances under control — and I want to give them to YOU!

The strategies in these two chapters are the same ones that Tracie and other clients have used to annihilate their debt.

Download them here and get started.

Listen, friend, you might feel like you’re in over your head with everything happening in your life right now. You might even wonder if this is REALLY worth giving a shot, right?

Successfully-married couples know two things.

First, great marriages manage to survive because the partners made a conscious decision not to quit.

Second, when two individuals decide to grow, to gain new skill sets, to glean from the wisdom of others, togethergreat marriages result.

However, a great marriage does NOT go without challenges or temptations or failures. A great marriage not only survives through those bad and hard times, all those challenges tempting you to quit, it learns how to THRIVE.

It’s time to grow in your maturity. It’s time to cling to unity. And you will succeed beyond levels you ever thought possible. And, in the process, you will grow more deeply and madly in love with the person you committed to, regardless of how many years ago.

Just let me ask you: “Is it WORTH it to keep fighting for YOUR marriage?”

If you’re answer is “yes” – and especially if it’s “no” – you need to do WHATEVER it takes to get to our brand-new event, Hot Marriage Secrets.

Honestly, not everyone wants a HOT marriage.

Some couples are perfectly content with an “OK” or “boring” relationship.

But for the select few who genuinely want to ignite a shockingly passionate, fun and harmonious marriage, this special event is for you.

To make 100% sure that Dani is investing her time and effort into the people who will take this event to heart and put it to action, she has created an application process that will confirm that you, and your spouse, are truly serious about the future success of your marriage.

Dani only wants to work with truly committed clients who will intently follow the life changing directions that will be presented at Hot Marriage Secrets.

So if this is you…

…then I highly recommend you APPLY NOW for Hot Marriage Secrets on September 15-17 in Dallas, TX.

Please pass this message on! You never know who’s about to throw in the towel, to give-in or give-up. You never know who you could help, by simply sending this message to everyone you know.

Get Dani's Book First Steps to Wealth FREE!

I want the Book!

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Get Dani's Book First Steps to Wealth FREE!

I want the Book!