Good morning! I’m not sure if you know this, but I absolutely love reading your comments and discussions on our Facebook page and website. It encourages and speaks life into me! Occasionally there are questions, frustrations or hardships people share that genuinely touch me.

One in particular came from a woman, asking a question about her husband last week, and it really stuck with me, “Dani, how do I handle the challenge of my spouse not being on the same page? It’s causing disunity in our home.”

And I’m sure you’ve been in a similar situation, at some point. Whether you’re trying to pay-off debt, go on a diet or achieve a goal, sometimes the other people in your life aren’t on the same page. And if it’s your spouse, that can be an especially real problem!

You see, a lot of people say they want success, say they want to lose weight, make more money, get a better job. But they really don’t! They just want to have a “pity party” and enjoy blaming everyone else for their state of life. And that’s okay. We’re all at different points in our journey.

You can try to push people out of their ruts, but they might be having fun in there. Who knows how long it will take others to be ready to listen or actually pull themselves out of the hole?!

So, what are you supposed to do in this situation?

  1. First, you have to stop trying to change people. You can’t control them and you can’t change them, no matter how hard you try. All you’re doing is putting a strain on the relationship. And, if you push, you will push them away. It shows you don’t support them in their struggles. It shows them your agenda is more important than their priorities.
  2. Love people, wherever they happen to be in their life. Support them right where they ARE, realizing they might be at a different place in their life journey than you. When you are there for them, you will learn what motivates them and can simply encourage that particular hot-button area!

Are you ready to encourage and love others where THEY are right now? Leave me your comments below and let me know how!

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In great faith,

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