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6 Figures in 6 Months


6 Figures In 6 Months

A proven formula for building a huge home-based business in a year or less

A lot of people are looking for a shortcut to get rich, but few will do what it takes to build true wealth. With Dani Johnson's 6 Figures in 6 Months you'll discover how to build a home-based business that generates massive wealth, the kind you've barely dreamed possible. Dani's system has worked for tens of thousands of people and it can work for you!

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Discover The Quickest Route To Making Six Figures In A Home Business

Dani reveals the answers to buring questions like:

  1. How to stay teachable and why it can make or break your success
  2. How to get 70% of your customers to upgrade
  3. How to find your “why”
  4. How to close orders and handle any objection someone throws at you
  5. How to instantly make friends and build trust with anyone you talk to
  6. How duct tape can quadruple your sales ratios
  7. How to set priorities that really matter

What You Really Need To Know To Make It Big In Your Home Based Business!


10 entire CDs with over 10 hours of audio captured live at this awesome, life-altering business event! The CDs have been digitally mastered, edited and produced for sound quality and content integrity. The 10 CD set comes in a very high quality vinyl case that will allow you quick and easy access as well as protection to your CDs

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to recruit like a pro, motivate others (including yourself) to new heights of success and master the art of dealing with people, then these CDs might be the most important investment you will make in yourself and your business!

Imagine having Dani available to motivate, inspire and equip you to your maximum potential – all at your finger tips! Just 1 tip from just 1 of these CDs could DOUBLE your income this month and pay for the small investment 10 fold!

This Dani Johnson training seminar captured live on CD will directly impact your business immediately when you listen. You will immediately think differently and feel differently about yourself and your opportunity! You WILL break through your barriers and get over your fears and excuses!

The training will directly impact your business and EVERY area of your life. Having these audios to listen to anytime you want will give you the opportunity to fully realize the benefit of Dani’s trainings!

This product packs a massive bang for buck, especially for the person who is looking to make big gains in the shortest amount of time possible.

Other personality systems can take months to study and understand. Dani’s GEMS® Introductory program will give you masterful people skills in 1 EVENING.

There’s no pscho-babble, mumbo jumbo or college degree required to make GEMS® work for you. This stuff is so simple your children will pick the principles up in minutes, but these are the exact same techniques that millionaires and billionaires use in their daily business negotiations.

Here’s just some of what’s covered on these CDs:

CD #1 – Wake Up Call!

  • Dani’s story and background, how she got started in Network Marketing and went from living out of her car with $2.03 to her name to making her first $ million in 2 years
  • How God used this business to change Dani’s life
  • The difference between success and mediocrity
  • The real foundation to success
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • 98 & 2% – what makes them different and how to think, act, talk, walk and earn like a 2%’er
  • The biggest variable in your business no matter what company, product or service you are involved with – what affect it has on your income
  • How to stay teachable and why it can make or break your success
  • What your real product is – master this and you’ll succeed 10X faster than your competition
  • 3 key areas of your business – which one makes you the most money

CD #2 – Ego vs. Bank Account – Part 1

  • Keys to influencing people
  • How to win any argument
  • You’re not the issue
  • How judgment is limiting your ability to reach a six figure income
  • Law of reaping and sowing
  • How to go from 0 to 90% closing ratio
  • How to get 70% of your customers to upgrade
  • How to make more money being yourself and why it pays more than being fake or trying to become someone else
  • How to attract better people into your business
  • Overcoming emotional and spiritual issues that are stopping you from maximum success and total freedom

CD #3 – Ego vs. Bank Account – Part 2

  • How to get over your past once and for all
  • Programming – where it all started
  • Why you think the way you do
  • Who’s fault is it?
  • How to deal with failure
  • Ego vs. Bank Account??
  • What causes you to create excuses
  • How to break through your excuse
  • How to find your WHY
  • Power of forgiveness – letting go on a spiritual level
  • How to forgive yourself and others that have hurt you and move on to total freedom and success

CD #4 – Secrets To Successful Retailing

  • How to build a massive customer base that produces a residual income and ignites your recruiting
  • Simple system to easy, fast and duplicable retail success
  • How Dani built a sales-force of 20,000 people in 2 years with no advertising
  • The skills Dani used to go from homeless to 250K in 12 months
  • Confidence? Drop me out of an airplane anywhere and I will build a multi-million dollar business!
  • How Dani made her first 10K check
  • How to close orders and handle any objection someone throws at you.
  • The biggest thing your customer cares about
  • How to outsell your competition 10 to 1 without any technical knowledge of your product
  • Live roll play examples

CD #5 – Secrets To Successful Recruiting

  • Tools to help you and YOUR people succeed
  • Simple foolproof system that allows you to talk to anyone, break the ice, build a rapport and zero in on their HOT buttons
  • How to get people to talk about themselves and tell you exactly how to sell and close them
  • How to control and direct any conversation
  • How to turn your customers into distributors
  • How to start an effective follow-up call conversation that leads to results and referrals
  • Increasing your reorder and upgrade ratios
  • Building an effective and loyal marketing team
  • Asking God for help – He always comes through
  • The best ice breaker – instantly get people on your side
  • Freedom in God
  • Henry Ford philosophy – how it can help you
  • How choices you make effect who you become
  • Power of focus
  • How to get a prospect eating out of your hand
  • How to instantly make friends and build trust with anyone you talk to

CD #6 – MORE Secrets To Successful Recruiting

  • How to get stubborn people to want to join your business
  • Recruiting philosophy – how to set the hook with the right bait
  • How DUCT TAPE can quadruple your sales ratios
  • Proper recruiting mindset and how to develop is
  • Different types of markets
  • Handling common questions and objections
  • Seminar system – promoting an expert
  • Duplication breakdown
  • Facts vs. Stories
  • Plan and strategy for accelerated growth

CD #7 – The Pirate and MORE!

  • Learn how to recognize and identify the different types of people you run into building your business in a way that you will never forget!
  • Dani will shed a whole new light on the different distributors in your business and teach you exactly how best to deal with them!
  • How to promote seminars and events to put your business in hyper-drive
  • How to raise the commitment level of your distributors, get them over their excuses and blast through their barriers

CD #8 – Closing & Building A Fire

  • Simple technique of how Dani would do 10’s of thousands in sales volume each month and how to build other’s paychecks too
  • How to close volume and jack your paycheck through the roof
  • Developing the proper closing posture and attitude
  • Foolproof step by step closing formula
  • Role play and examples
  • Handling objections and questions

CD #9 – Recruiting The 4 Quadrants – Personalities Dani Style!

  • Find out what motivates you and your team members
  • Exactly how to identify, recruit and motivate each of the 4 personality groups, even over the phone
  • Live Q & A
  • This one CD alone could make you an absolute fortune in your business

CD #10 (Dani live in Sacramento, CA) – Time & Money Management and More!

  • How to set priorities that really matter
  • How to manage your time
  • Simple system to stay organized and keep appointments
  • The truth about money management – what other successful people won’t tell you
  • Example of how to recruit a professional

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