• 10-Minute Tip: How To Focus On The Good

    Focus is the key to lasting success! You will achieve what you keep your focus on. If you stay focused on your circumstance good or bad you will keep getting more of what you focus on. If you focus on getting results and achieving your dreams you will see them realized. What are you focusing on today?

  • What Is The “If Only” Standing Between You & Independence?

    Watch right HERE as Dani debunks the “If only…” mindset and steers you onto the path that leads to a lifetime of financial freedom!

  • Shut Down The Parental ATM Machine

    Whether you have young kids, teens or maybe even grown children, at some point or another you’ve probably felt like their personal ATM. And the reality is, most parents give in to their kids’ requests. What does this teach them?

  • Learning To Survive The Financial Winters In Your Life

    Watch NOW as Dani spends time with two clients, Dawn Hill and Shane Houston, who each faced their own times of “financial famine” and how they not only coped, but emerged stronger!

  • Don’t Receive What Others May (Or May Not) Be Giving!

    Watch RIGHT HERE as Dani outlines your “etiquette” choices when someone gives you the “gift” of offense and how to reject it… or even avoid it altogether!

  • Are You Married To Your Money?

    Let me ask you, what is your top priority? The proof of your priorities lies in the fruit of your life. If you are reaping the fruit of stress, debt, bills, strained relationships, fights about money with your spouse: your priority is money…and you’re married to your finances!

  • 10-Minute Tip: The Pitfall of Chasing Fame And Fortune

    Does it ever seem like you’re constantly spinning your wheels and never getting where you want to be? There’s a reason for that. This video outlines some of the common pitfalls of fame and fortune, and how you can avoid them on your way to success.

  • Genuine Healing For Both Body & Soul

    Watch BELOW as Dani reveals the amazing healing powers to be found in God’s first-aid kit – the Bible – and how you can receive total restoration for your body and spirit!

  • How The Enemy Hits Where It Hurts Most

    Offense is something presented to us all the time. There are always opportunities where you can be hurt or take something in the wrong context.

  • Are You Just Working Or Truly Excelling?

    Watch BELOW as Dani opens up an entirely new perspective on “work” and the simple mindset shift that can take you from 9-5 drudgery to a career paradise!