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Business Tips From Successful 9 Year Old!

In todays world, we’re encouraged to give an excuse for anything and everything. Adults nowadays act like little children when they don’t get their way. When was the last time you saw a child who was more well behaved and mature than 98% of the population? Can’t remember? That’s because they’re hard to come by. …


Conquer The Poverty Mentality

Are you like Crystal Pearson and thousands of others, feeling like poverty is enclosing on you, sufficating your every idea of success? Everything around her was getting pretty tough. She was starting to lose what was generating her income to sustain herself. But Crystal had decided to make a change in her life and do …


Can I Really Make It?

Uncover the secret on how to answer your critics, crush your competition, increase your income and your confidence applying one simple skill you can master instantly!


How Your Mindset Alters Results

Thousands of people around the world scavenge for answers to their countless questions. Do they always get answered? And what happens when the answers aren’t what they were expecting? At that point, people tend to give up, throwing away everything they searched for. This mentality is why 98% of the population is dead or dead …


Do Excuses Control Your Life?

Have you ever felt there was always something in the way that stopped you from achieving your tasks and goals? Many people around the world have too. They use excuses to keep from achieving what they thought would be easy in life. But only a few have decided to press on despite their troubles. Nancy …