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Get Rid of Financial Fantasies Forever!

Do you dream of financial rescue? Of a fairy godmother who will swoop in with her wand and — poof! — eliminate all of your financial worries at once, so that you can live free of debt and have financial freedom forever? On this Strategy Call, you’re going to discover a simple way to escape …


Never Fear An Interview Or Job Layoff Again

Learn to dominate your career and never fear the job market, layoffs, or economic downturn ever again!


How To Survive Zombie Capitalism

The zombies are everywhere & they’re out to get you. Here’s how to ensure you don’t become one of them!


The S Word: (Almost) Everyone Is Doing It

Listen as Dani Johnson discusses what seems to be a vain attempt: abstinence. To wait, or not to wait.


Strategies to Jump Ahead in 2012

2011 is coming to an end! As we gear up for a fresh new year, it’s important to remember now is the perfect time to continue to keep pressing forward to finish this year strong. Listen to this Q&A session with Dani Johnson and hear tips and strategies that will help you stay the course …


Simple Tips to Enhance Your Everyday Life

Secret Millionaire Dani Johnson shares simple, proven tips that will enhance your everyday life.

Featured Image - lisa-and-dr-mehmet-oz

Dani Johnson on The Lisa Oz Show

Dani Johnson is a featured inerview on The Lisa Oz Show on the Oprah Radio Network.


The Stranger Living In Your Home

Dani Johnson exposes the stranger living in 99% of homes. This stranger has let himself in and is influencing you and…