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If A Whore’s Son Can Be Worthy… So Can You: Live In Orlando

You might not believe you are worthy of much, but God picks who He picks, regardless of qualifications! In order for your influence to grow, however, you must be ready to forgive. Unforgiveness will keep you stuck, angry, sleepless, open to addiction, and critical of yourself and others. Join us this Saturday for a message …


Dani Johnson At Forbes Women’s Summit

Three months ago Dani Johnson was featured in a viral Forbes article written by Maseena Zieglar. Since then, Dani has been personally invited to join the Forbes Women’s Summit May 9th, 2013. This summit is a conglomeration of over 200 powerful women and attendance is by invitation only. Every person invited is an active participant, …


Dani Johnson At Expolit 2013

This Thursday, May 2, Dani Johnson will be at the Expolit Book Fair in Miami, FL. She will be hosting a live interview to answer questions about her book Spirit Driven Success. Later in the day there will be a chance to have Dani personally autograph your copy of one of her books or pictures! …


King’s Ransom $25k Clean Water Match For Haiti’s Children

Best-selling author and world renowned public speaker Dani Johnson alongside longtime charity partner King’s Ransom Foundation are at it again. Less than a month ago they rallied support to raise over $200k for Belizean orphans. This month they have started a new campaign with the charity Do Much Good to raise money for international relief …


Live Your Life By Design, Not Excuses

You have a choice. If you want everything to stay the same in your life, as you settle for “your lot in life” and blame your circumstances, that’s fine. If you are looking to achieve every goal in front of you and lead a successful, debt-free life, with strong relationships, it’s time to listen up. …


Business Skills So Simple A Teenager Can Use Them

This week our client heroes feature the success stories of a few young bloods, one of which is still in high school! And yet, with little schooling and business experience under her belt she is making waves and great change in her career and relationships. She even pays her own way to live events! Hear …


Avoid The Trap That Follows Financial Blessing: Live In Orlando

A season of blessing is often followed by major temptation. Don’t be ensnared by the traps that threaten your progress moving forward. This weekend Dani will be sharing biblical steps to avoid a major trap that tends to follow financial blessings. Watch this LIVE Spiritual Equipping in the Marketplace and get equipped with a roadmap …


One Year To Turn Everything Around

Imagine your life one year from now. What if I told you between now and then you could pay off crazy amounts of debt and increase your income and people skills? Does that seem impossible to you? What about losing weight or eliminating major health concerns? My friend, there are some very simple strategies out …