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Transform Your Team Into A Well-Oiled Machine

It’s always amazing to encounter a team that works really well together. Think of the last time you noticed a team so efficient and productive they ran like a well-oiled machine. Essentially, having a strong team can benefit your business family atmosphere, your sales team, work environment or even a charity team. Today, you work with …

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Less Talk, More Communication

This morning, I want you to recall the last time you sat down with someone and just listened to them. I mean really listened. And when I say “listening” that doesn’t mean you were thinking about what you were going to say next, waiting for a point where you could jump in with your story …

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What “Goes Around, Comes Around” In Your Circle Of Influence

I heard a story about one of our clients last week, and I just have to share it with you today. What this man is doing is really smart and very strategic. It is something I advise at the end of The Daily Fix every single day — not just for kicks, but because it …

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3 Tips To “Next-Level” Leadership

I want to talk with you today about creating success for yourself and those around you. In other words, your TEAM. You ARE part of a team…whether an entrepreneur, employee, student or stay-at-home parent. Not only are you a part of a team, you can act as the leader for your team – whether you’ve …

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How To Build A Great Nation

Happy Labor Day! A couple of years ago I realized I didn’t even know the history of Labor Day. Obviously, it had to do with workers in some way. But I wasn’t really sure and it caused me to do a bit of historical study on how Labor Day came about and honestly I think …

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How Your “Weakest Link” Can Be Your Greatest Strength

It’s always amazing when I encounter a team that works really well together. The team is so efficient and productive, and they truly run like a well-oiled machine. When you were a kid, teamwork was a big deal. When you played sports or did group projects in school, it was all about teamwork. Today, you …

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Mind-Blowingly Simple Secret To Big Promotions

Have you ever been around one of those employees who seems to suck the life right out of their environment? Instead of looking for ways to bring value to the company, they show up with the attitude of "What can you do for me?" That’s the problem with 98% of employees! They are looking for …

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One Trap That Kills Teamwork

Do you realize people who are successful did not get there by themselves? You can interpret that lots of different ways, but what I’m saying is, it takes a team in order to succeed. I heard this statement years ago: If you don’t care about who gets the credit, you’ll be unusually successful.I have to …