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Treat Everyone Like Royalty For TRUE Customer Loyalty!

Have you ever had a really good customer service experience? What about a really terrible one? How did those experiences change your opinion of those companies? Have you become a repeat customer? The truth is, customer service can either make or break a company. It’s been said that “Good service is good business.” Tune in …

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Your Number-One, Best Investment Ever

I’ve talked with you some about investments, which form the backbone of building lasting financial security. But today, I want to discuss an even BIGGER – and definitely the MOST important – investment you could ever make! It’s not some secret stock tip, not the hottest market trend, not even the latest currency updates. It’s you! Your …


Happiness Is An “Inside Job”

According to MSN, only one job is available in the U.S. for every three people who apply. Yet, despite this fact, CNN reported that 1 in 3 workers say they will be seeking other employment within the next year because of job-related stress and dissatisfaction. If you find yourself in a job you hate, should …


Titles Don’t Make Leaders… These Steps DO!

With today’s economy and job market, you might be working somewhere you never expected. Maybe it’s a dead-end job or maybe it’s an okay one where you’ve put in the time and can’t figure out why you are still constantly overlooked for raises or promotions. Or it could just be no one wants to hire …


Are You A “Mental Multi-Tasker”?

I want to talk about something really important today. This one thing actually can affect your career, your relationships and your overall happiness in life. It has the potential to position you for either massive success or huge problems, depending on whether or not you master this single skill. (So I would highly recommend applying …

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You Really “Like” Me! Or Do You?

Everyone (including us!) has been talking a lot about the holiday season, spending time with loved ones, and the ideas of sharing and gift-giving lately. But today I want to look at this topic from a completely different angle – let’s consider the whole idea of friendship and “friends.” You see, as we’ve become increasingly …

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“Cheat Sheet” To Your Boss’ Motives

Have you ever dreamed of being able to read exactly what’s on your boss’ mind? Today, I’m about to make that possible… no hocus pocus, no Jedi mind tricks. It’s just a glimpse into the “Mind Of A Boss” uncovering all those insights on how to get promoted, land a raise, score a big bonus …


Don’t Let The Daily Grind, Grind You Down

In this season of gratefulness and thankfulness, I want to talk about one thing today you might be taking for granted. Are you satisfied in your job? Do you find yourself bored, distracted, underpaid and unappreciated? I hear all the time about how people are stuck in a dead-end job. Maybe you like your job, …