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Music School Piano Player

Dani Johnson re-visits Joy Of Music School

Secret Millionaire Dani Johnson re-visits Joy Of Music School in Knoxville, Tenessee for a heartfelt reunion.

Dani is on your tv

Dani Johnson CBS TV Interview in LA

Watch Dani Johnson’s interview on CBS news in Los Angeles

Hand taking out a file labeled "Top Secret"

Bootleg First Steps Footage Tells All!

Whew! April was a busy month around the world – but what didn’t make the papers was the enormous ruckus coming out of the general Pittsburgh area!

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Real Life Success Story Tips You Can Use!

Discover real life success story tips you can use in your life to increase your income, pay off debt, enhance your relationships and create the life you desire.

First steps to wealth book cover 250 x 180

Time to Order ‘First Steps to Wealth’!

Get the most recent update on receiving your copy of Dani’s latest book First Steps To Wealth.

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Dani Johnson Secret Millionaire Premiere

ABC’s new hit reality TV show Secret Millionaire Premier was watched by over 12.6 million viewers!

Close up of Dani Johnson smiling in a red dress

Behind the Scenes of Secret Millionaire

Exclusive red carpet behind the scenes press conference immediately following ABC’s Secret Millionaire!

Close up of Dani Johnson dressed in gray with a blue-green background on The View

Dani Johnson On "The View"

Dani Johnson’s interviewed on Good Morning America about being on Secret Millionaire on ABC!