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Never Fear An Interview Or Job Layoff Again

Learn to dominate your career and never fear the job market, layoffs, or economic downturn ever again!

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How To Secure Your Dream Job

If you are looking for a job or unhappy at your current one check out this exclusive new interview with Dani Johnson!

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Master the Art of Prospecting & Closing

Learn how to expand your business and explode your income by mastering the art of prospecting and closing!

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Dani Johnson Radio Show National Launch

Listen to the Dani Johnson Radio Show LIVE every Sunday evening 8:00-10:00 p.m. CT!

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CTN’s Herman & Sharron Show

Secret Millionaire and financial expert Dani Johnson gives a glimpse into an inspirational life!

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Undercover Video: Shop with Dani Johnson

Watch this undercover video of Dani Johnson shopping in the grocery store! Watch real time debt elimination tips.

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Inspiration Today Show: All Out War on Debt

Secret Millionaire and financial expert Dani Johnson shares how to save money and wage all out war on debt.

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Cut the Fat: Feed your family on $100 a week

Learn how to save money, build the bank account, and even lose weight with Dani Johnson on the Cut The Fat Teleseminar!