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Frank Pastore Show Interview with Dani Johnson

Tonight, Dani Johnson will be interviewed by guest host Kevin McCullough on the Frank Pastore Show starting at 6:00pm CT/4:00pm PT/ 7:00pm ET. Kevin will interview Dani about the biblical perspective of controversial Michigan legislation and how honor should look in the work place. Listen to the live interview via the internet at http://www.kkla.com/ then …

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The $113,000 Cheesecake

Over the past year Dani Johnson in partnership with Stephen Baldwin and Kevin McCullough have been raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to feed orphans worldwide. It started with a goal to feed 2,012 orphans in 2012 and since April, has gone above and beyond that mark! Over the past weekend, Dani herself baked several …

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How Much Growth Would You Like To See In The Next 12 Months?

Are you waiting for someone to do everything for you, or are you ready to step up? It’s one thing to recognize you could use time management skills and financial success training, but a totally different thing to do something about it. I can guarantee you won’t get anywhere spectacular just by pointing out problems. …

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Are You Drowning In Debt?

Don’t be fooled, debt is modern day slavery! It is not a necessary part of life, and keeps millions of Americans stressed out and broke. Luckily, there is a fool-proof training system to pull you out of the deep end. This simple skill set can also help you find hidden money within your current income, …

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Two Days To An Exploding Client Base

If you have a home business or work in a career that relies on building a strong, consistent client base, you’ve gotta hear this! This week our Client Heroes discuss how they got the training they needed to better their skills. These skills have allowed them and their team members to increase their productivity and …

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Tips To Triumph Over Uncertainty

The news bombards us daily with stories of uncertainty. Yet, at the same time, there are so many competing voices offering simple steps to success. So, who do we listen to? Those who just talk, or those who have ‘walked the talk’? Everyday people have walked away from uncertainty and carved out success despite the …

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Reach For Results Instead Of Excuses

Do you feel like you’ve tried so many things that haven’t worked, why bother? But what if this community, this skill set, WAS the one thing that worked for you and turned your life around? Mia and Mark below share their stories as they went from living their life by default to living their live …

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Is Debt Just A Part Of Life?

Are you one of those people – or have you met one – who thinks debt is just part of life? There was a time when a man would rather starve than go into debt – and now it is not only accepted, it is expected! People think if you make enough money, debt isn’t …