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Are You Looking For The “25-Hour” Day?

Does the constant “tick-tock” of the clock feel more like a ticking time bomb in your life? In a recent USA Today survey, 69% of people described their lives as either “busy” or “very busy.” Unfortunately, the sacrifices we lay on the altar of time usually involve sleep, family and relaxation. If you had more time, …


Faith Always Yields Results!

Bills…groceries…housing…business…debt…how much time and energy do you spend every day worrying about how you’re going to manage all those expenses? Consider the source of those “dry spells” in your life and then activate your faith to allow God to provide for all your needs. Doubtful?  Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani shares a …

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Don’t Make Excuses – Make Vacation Plans!

Picture yourself on the breeze-kissed beaches of Bora Bora; or maybe enjoying a sunset on the African savanna! If time, money and obligations just disappeared tomorrow, what travel and vacation dreams would you follow? Too often, we take our dreams and neatly tuck them into a box on a shelf in our life, just to look at and sigh …

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Bury Your Weaknesses…And Miss The Chance To Gain Strengths

No matter who or what you consult for career coaching, every single one of them teaches you how to “minimize,” or even to just plain ignore, your weaknesses. But if you’re ignoring them, how on earth do you ever expect to IMPROVE? Identifying your weaknesses is the first step to getting stronger! Tune in to The Dani …

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Eject Yourself From The Cycle Of Rejection!

Have you ever felt like a “reject?” Or worse, have you beaten everyone to the punch, living your life with a “get them, before they get me” mindset? Imagine never having to feel like a victim ever again! Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani discusses, step-by-step, how you can hit the “Eject” button on that …


Dani Johnson Interview On The Drenda Show

This Tuesday, November 19, 2013, Dani Johnson will be a guest on the Drenda show hosted by Drenda Keesee. Dani will be discussing how we can groom the next generation for success and raise up the future leaders of our nations. The show airs starting at 9:00pm ET / 8:00pm CT / 6:00pm PT on …

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Forbes Features Dani Johnson (Part 2)

Dani Johnson’s rag to riches story was featured February 13, 2013 in the Forbes article titled ‘How One Woman Went From Homeless to Millionaire In Less Than Two Years’, written by Maseena Ziegler. The article garnered an astonishing 12k Facebook shares and 1.2k tweets over a 24-hour period. Forbes is again featuring Dani Johnson, going …

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Dani Johnson At Forbes Women’s Summit

Three months ago Dani Johnson was featured in a viral Forbes article written by Maseena Zieglar. Since then, Dani has been personally invited to join the Forbes Women’s Summit May 9th, 2013. This summit is a conglomeration of over 200 powerful women and attendance is by invitation only. Every person invited is an active participant, …