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Increasing Your Leadership Skills In 2013

There is absolute corruption everywhere in the world today. Why? Because we lack strong leaders! My challenge to you in this new year is to step up in your community, in your family and set the example. Start working on your leadership skills. If you really want to succeed, and want to raise up others …

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Avoid Common Goal Setting Mistakes

I’m sure you’ve set your goals for the new year by now. When you made your goals, did you make them all little goals that were simple and had a low chance for you to fail? Don’t ask for your goals to be easy. Ask for your goals to be worth it. If you are …

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See What Your Success Could Look Like

This past November a group of extraordinary people met in St.Louis for Creating a Dynasty. If you’ve been wondering what sort of life changes a live event can offer you, you might want to open up your ears! You’re about to watch just a handful of people share how much they have changed since plugging …

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Are YOU A Leader? Crazy Results From Real People!

Some people find time management tedious, or they think they are doing great in life without it. But when our priorities are out of whack, our family and loved ones suffer. When your priority is work, work, and work, it puts unnecessary stress on a marriage or on any relationship. It might be time to …

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Frank Pastore Show Interview with Dani Johnson

Tonight, Dani Johnson will be interviewed by guest host Kevin McCullough on the Frank Pastore Show starting at 6:00pm CT/4:00pm PT/ 7:00pm ET. Kevin will interview Dani about the biblical perspective of controversial Michigan legislation and how honor should look in the work place. Listen to the live interview via the internet at http://www.kkla.com/ then …

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The $113,000 Cheesecake

Over the past year Dani Johnson in partnership with Stephen Baldwin and Kevin McCullough have been raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to feed orphans worldwide. It started with a goal to feed 2,012 orphans in 2012 and since April, has gone above and beyond that mark! Over the past weekend, Dani herself baked several …

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How Much Growth Would You Like To See In The Next 12 Months?

Are you waiting for someone to do everything for you, or are you ready to step up? It’s one thing to recognize you could use time management skills and financial success training, but a totally different thing to do something about it. I can guarantee you won’t get anywhere spectacular just by pointing out problems. …

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Are You Drowning In Debt?

Don’t be fooled, debt is modern day slavery! It is not a necessary part of life, and keeps millions of Americans stressed out and broke. Luckily, there is a fool-proof training system to pull you out of the deep end. This simple skill set can also help you find hidden money within your current income, …