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Success Or Failure: It’s YOUR Choice

You always have a choice of whether or not you will succeed in life. Most people find excuses for why they are broke or underemployed or have failing relationships, saying, "My family is poor, so I’ll always be poor," or "I can’t find a job because of the economy." But YOU have a choice to …

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Live Your Life By Design, Not Excuses

You have a choice. If you want everything to stay the same in your life, as you settle for “your lot in life” and blame your circumstances, that’s fine. If you are looking to achieve every goal in front of you and lead a successful, debt-free life, with strong relationships, it’s time to listen up. …

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Business Skills So Simple A Teenager Can Use Them

This week our client heroes feature the success stories of a few young bloods, one of which is still in high school! And yet, with little schooling and business experience under her belt she is making waves and great change in her career and relationships. She even pays her own way to live events! Hear …

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The Secret To Living Your Dream Life

The famous American author and poet Henry David Thoreau wrote, "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined." It’s an inspiring thought, but it certainly leaves one to wonder "How?!" Luckily, there are many who have discovered a secret that has allowed them to live the life they’ve imagined. Listen …

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One Year To Turn Everything Around

Imagine your life one year from now. What if I told you between now and then you could pay off crazy amounts of debt and increase your income and people skills? Does that seem impossible to you? What about losing weight or eliminating major health concerns? My friend, there are some very simple strategies out …

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Avoid Missed Opportunities From Miscommunications

You know how sometimes you are communicating with someone who speaks the same language as you, yet you can’t understand anything they are saying? They are wired so differently from you, you don’t get them! This barrier can cause miscommunications and extra stress in your life. These miscommunications can also sometimes be missed opportunities! Hear …

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Unbelievable Success Stories LIVE From London

This weekend, people from 16 different countries will gather in London, England to be trained by business, money, and relationship expert, Dani Johnson. The tens of thousands of testimonials that have come from people who have attened events such as this in the past are nothing short of amazing. And the best part is, anyone …

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From Sideline Skeptic To Real Results

If you’re a skeptic, I don’t blame you! In fact it is very diligent of you to not just believe everything that flies your way. Because in today’s world, everywhere you look people are lying and scamming! And the truth is maybe you’ve heard about First Steps to Success and how it can change your …