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A Graduate’s Survival Guide For Life After College

This time of year brings excitement for many young people, anxiety for some, and flat-out dread for others. As college students walk across the stage, shed the cap and gown, and step into the real world of business, career, finances, and relationships, they realize there are a lot of things college may not have prepared …

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Experience the Freedom of Forgiveness

We all get hurt sometimes. It’s just part of life. And we all carry hurt with us from the past. Whether it was a father who didn’t protect us, a mother who abandoned us, a brother who bullied us, a sister who wasn’t there for us. Maybe it was a friend who stabbed us in …

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How Your Mindset Alters Results

Thousands of people around the world scavenge for answers to their countless questions. Do they always get answered? And what happens when the answers aren’t what they were expecting? At that point, people tend to give up, throwing away everything they searched for. This mentality is why 98% of the population is dead or dead …

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Single Mother of 3 Makes $100K in 6 Months

Dianne McGuigan, single mother of 3, goes from $0 to 6 figures in a matter of months. Hear her story!

Hard Won Wisdom – Ryan Maddings

Learn how Ryan has changed his life and gotten incredible results by plugging in to DaniJohnson.com.

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A Story of Hope: One Womans Journey From Gang Member to Entrepreneur

Listen to Dani’s latest Heartbeat Radio Broadcast from October 20th, 2010.