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Blank Note on Bathroom Scales: Christmas/ New Year Diet

A No-Fail Holiday Survival Guide

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, the pumpkin-spice-flavored everything is already abundant and you can already feel the threat of an impending weight gain. Did you know studies are saying Americans will gain between 1 and 10 pounds on average between Halloween and New Year’s Day? That is crazy! But, the most troubling fact is that most …

Feeding baby

Open Wide For Healthier Choices

How often have you heard that saying, “you are what you eat” and really given it a second thought? It can not only determine how you look and feel, but can form a direct connection between a ballooning food and medical budget and an expanding waistline! In our country, the “Big Three” of goal-setting revolve …


The Real Damage This “Easy Fix” Causes

Today I want to ask, what do you do when feeling down? Life doesn’t always run smoothly and at some point in your life you will probably become overwhelmed, depressed or even angry despite your best efforts. Many people turn to a countless number of addictions like shopping (yeah, it acts just like any other …


Deadly Secrets The Food Industry Is Hiding

Have you ever thought about what’s in the food you’re eating? Not just the main ingredients you would read in a recipe, but all the parts that make up those ingredients. You may have heard about the supposed dangers of genetically modified foods, but just how dangerous is it? Tune in to The Dani Johnson …


Why Your Health Depends On Forgiveness

Nearly all of us have been hurt by other people, but we ignore the hurt and put on a "happy face." Over time, unforgiveness can hurt us physically, emotionally, spiritual and relationally. As much as we want to forgive and release the hurt, often we don’t know how. Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show …


Long-Term Effects Of An ADHD Diagnosis

What is already a rather controversial practice – medicating children for ADHD and other mental conditions – just got more controversial. The effects of these types of medications have been intensely researched and passionately debated. But it is no longer just an issue that our children are facing – the pharmaceutical companies are now targeting …


Antidepressants in an Over-Medicated Society

Sometimes life can be stressful, overwhelming, and difficult to manage. There are times when we seem to be on an out-of-control rollercoaster of emotions, and we are left longing for relief. Listen to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani discusses what to do when life seems to be too much to handle.    


Are Vaccines Linked to Autism?

Join Dani Johnson as she exposes a secret that pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know and that your doctor may never tell you. Listen and discover the shocking truth about the link between autism and vaccines.