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Ho-Ho-Hold On!

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about entering the most “dangerous” season of the year, as Halloween descends upon us. And how true this is really struck me the other day when checking my mailbox — both postal mail and email. Every day, the number of catalogs, bonus “discount” postcards, “online specials” and pre-holiday …

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Working Mom, Stay-At-Home Mom…Or BOTH?

“OOOH, so you’re  a stay-at-home mom? What do you DO all day?!” Most stay-at-home parents have heard this at least a few times… if not more. Some people argue that being a parent is the most important, yet thankless “job” there is, while others say, “It must be nice to just stay home all day.” …

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Uncover The SCARY Truth About Halloween

Witches, goblins, princesses and mini-superheroes knocking on your front door… Jack-O-Lanterns on the front porch… Tons of candy… Bright orange and black decorations everywhere… You know what that means — it’s almost Halloween! But before you go all-out with your normal Halloween preparations, be sure to tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani …

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Defeat The Power Of Propaganda

Imagine being fed information with the sole purpose of inducing fear, creating disunity and persuading you to think a certain way about something. Now, imagine this being done by someone you thought had your best interests in mind… The reality is, there is a force at work in your home, your community and your mind, …

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Don’t Let Halloween Spook Your Wallet!

Have you noticed something interesting that’s happened? Have you noticed that even though we can be sweating like pigs in 105-degree temperatures (especially here in Texas!) in the middle of summer, all of a sudden you start seeing pumpkins and decorations and costumes for Halloween?! Well, I sure have and it’s really made me wonder. …

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Drunk Driver Takes Responsibility For Accident – What Would YOU Do?

Earlier this month, a 22-year-old man released a YouTube video in which he confessed he is responsible for an accident that killed another man. The man stated, "I will take full responsibility for everything I’ve done." Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani discusses the impact of taking responsibility for our actions, and …

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What Do YOU Think About The War In Syria?

As the conflict in Syria heats up and the United States government decides on the next course of action, it’s important to take the time to really understand what is happening and why we should care. We’ve heard the politicians talk…now it’s time to hear the voice of the people. Tune in to The Dani …

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What Does Today’s Education System Mean For America’s Future?

As families across the nation gear up for the new school year, it’s important for everyone — parents, business owners and plain ol’ taxpayers — to take a good look at how we are preparing the next generation to compete in a global economy. After all, they are the future! Tune in on your TV …