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Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Visits The Dani Johnson Show

On this very special edition of The Dani Johnson Show, Dani will have the rare opportunity to sit down across the table from Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, who is the author of the New York Times Bestseller, The Harbinger. Start your week out right with Dani Johnson as Jonathan Cahn shares an ancient mystery that holds …


Rescue 200 Children From Being Sold For Sex

Today, in the 21st century, an age of “freedom”, there are more people enslaved than in any other time in history. Every minute, 2 children are sold into the sex trade. But these are not just nameless, faceless children on the other side of the world — these are real kids with real lives and …


The Real Damage This “Easy Fix” Causes

Today I want to ask, what do you do when feeling down? Life doesn’t always run smoothly and at some point in your life you will probably become overwhelmed, depressed or even angry despite your best efforts. Many people turn to a countless number of addictions like shopping (yeah, it acts just like any other …


A Graduate’s Survival Guide For Life After College

This time of year brings excitement for many young people, anxiety for some, and flat-out dread for others. As college students walk across the stage, shed the cap and gown, and step into the real world of business, career, finances, and relationships, they realize there are a lot of things college may not have prepared …


America’s War On Religion

Imagine living in a nation where Christianity is a crime and religion is regulated by the government. Imagine being imprisoned and considered a traitor for sharing your faith with another person. Considering the foundation America was built on, it might be difficult to imagine this nation coming to that. But recent reports reveal that reality …


Deadly Secrets The Food Industry Is Hiding

Have you ever thought about what’s in the food you’re eating? Not just the main ingredients you would read in a recipe, but all the parts that make up those ingredients. You may have heard about the supposed dangers of genetically modified foods, but just how dangerous is it? Tune in to The Dani Johnson …


One Tip To Improve Your Health Instantly

Almost everyone is concerned about their health. You may find a few ways to improve it, but few get to the root of the problem! Today, I’m going to help you improve your health without having to buy a single product. Have you been harboring unforgiveness? I can bet you’ve had trouble forgiving someone in …


How To Avoid Rising Healthcare Costs

With the new healthcare law in effect, health coverage rates have exploded, and many people are left thinking that there’s no way to get around that. The rising rates have caused stress and anxiety among Americans, and it’s time to put that to a stop! Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani and …