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Turn Your Distractions Into Money

Today I want to talk for a bit about social media. Most likely you participate in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other form of social interaction online. In fact, 67% of American adults reportedly use Facebook. Social media is supposed to “connect” people, but have you noticed it so often really isolates people? According to Mashable, …

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Focus Not On What You’ve Already Lost

Today I want to talk about one mistake that could be costing you thousands (or even millions) of dollars! This one little thing could cause you to lose clients, lose business partners, lose money, and even lose relationships. It could cause you to lose the very things you have worked so hard to get. This …

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Customers Versus Clients

I want to show you a secret weapon that will totally set you apart from the masses. It is going to change how you do business, increase your client base and create loyal clients who want to keep coming back as well as refer you to their friends. More than that, it is going to …

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Are You Puttin’ On The Ritz For Your Clients?

The week is almost through! Before you finish up this week strong, I want to share a crazy story guaranteed to motivate you in your business. Imagine walking into a WalMart or a McDonald’s and think about the type of service you receive. Even the greeters can hardly smile, right? The checkers ring you up …

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Facts Might Tell, But Here’s How To Sell

Imagine you are looking to invest in a new product. You strike up a conversation with a salesperson who has the product and they tell you all the features, benefits and the low-low-low “special price.” But one big thing is missing. The proof! You can talk-up what a product will do for a customer, but …

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Take A Break From Excuses & Increase Your Business

When it comes to growing your business, there is one thing you must ALWAYS be doing. It may be spring break, but that is no excuse! You have to continually expose your product, service or ideas. And sometimes you have to think outside the box. There is no limit to the different ways you can …

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Ask For What You Want – And Get It

What do you do? Are you a mom, a banker, a graphic designer? The skills I want to talk with you about today will help you in any profession, business or lifestyle. Because deep down, even if you don’t realize it, you are always selling something. Regardless of what you do, you are constantly “pitching” …

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The Buck Stops With You

I want to talk with you today about ownership. Maybe you have your own business or maybe you want to. You could even work for someone else right now. But learning about “ownership” can determine success or failure in any team setting. This reminds of a cute little comic that used to be in the …