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Turn Any Objection Into a “Yes!”

Dani Johnson shares strategies to help you turn any objection into a “yes!”

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Successful Closing Is As Easy As A-B-C

Whether you’re in a job interview, on a sales call, or trying to get a deal tied up with a bow – you are always in a position to be closing. Discover the power you have to make it happen!

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Taking the Mystery Out of Phone Prospecting

Yikes! Does that phone have teeth? Well, that’s what many people think when they work on a home-based business – and are afraid to make the right calls. If you want to turn your business from a hobby into a successful professional occupation that makes you money and changes your life – you need this …

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The 10 Most Common Mistakes In Closing (Part 1)

This article applies to any type of sales, business building activity, whether you are getting new accounts, closing business deals, or making executive decisions. What I’m going to share with you is from years of hands on experience helping thousands of people dramatically increase their skills in the art of closing. Let there be no …

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Identifying The 10 Types Of Reps In Your Business

Dani Johnson shows you the different types of people in your business and what to do with each one to turn them into an amazing, producing, duplicating leader. Listen to this Monday Night Strategy Call as Dani Johnson identifies the 10 types of representatives in your business.       Topics include: Where to find …

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Follow-Up: How To Get Results For Your New People Fast (Activation to Mobilization)

In this webcast, Dani Johnson answers your questions LIVE about the challenges you faced following up with your prospects this last month. Listen to this Monday Night Strategy Call as Dani Johnson unveils secrets to follow and how to get results for your new people fast (activation to mobilization)!     Topics include: How to …