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The Dani Johnson Radio Show

Category: Home Business

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The Buck Stops With You

I want to talk with you today about ownership. Maybe you have your own business or maybe you want to. You could even work for someone else right now. But learning about “ownership” can determine success or failure in any team setting. This reminds of a cute little comic that used to be in the …

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Telephone Got You Tongue-Tied?

Today I want to provide some encouragement if you work from home or hope to start your own business. One of the biggest stumbling blocks standing between you and success could be a simple lack of confidence to really get things moving forward. If so, now’s the time to listen up! One major thing that …

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Go Beyond The “Facts”

Imagine you are looking to invest in a new product. You strike up a conversation with a salesperson who has the product and they tell you all the features, benefits and the low-low-low “special price.” But there is one big thing missing. The proof! You can talk-up what a product will do for a customer, …

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Use The Holidays To Jumpstart Your Business

Are you an entrepreneur? Or maybe you want to be one but just haven’t found the right time to get started? You’d be surprised how often I hear people who have the idea to start a business and the passion to accomplish it, but they let the busy-ness of life stop them! Most probably, you …

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Facts Tell, Stories Sell!

You may have heard the saying, "Facts tell, stories sell." But why is that? What makes a story so powerful, anyway? The truth is, there are stories that make you say, "Wow!" and there are stories that make you say, "So what?" What’s the difference? Listen to this Monday Night Strategy Call as Dani shows …

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Live Your Dream Life Now

When you were young did you ever dream of becoming an astronaut, a doctor, or maybe a pilot? Now that you are older maybe you think these were just dreams.  There are endless variables in life that could prevent you from doing what you desire, from when you were 7 to present. With a "bad …

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Turn Any Objection Into a “Yes!”

Dani Johnson shares strategies to help you turn any objection into a “yes!”

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What is Holding You Back From Success?

Hear real life success stories that will help you discover what is holding you back from success.