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How To Prepare For A Season Of Growth

Right now is the season of the harvest. It is fall, the crops are ready and it is a season of abundance. Do you know what comes after the harvest? Winter! Everyone is on a different journey in their life. You might be in a season of plenty, harvesting great relationships and great profits. You might …

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Appreciation: The Habit That Pays

Growing up, somewhere along the line, probably a parent, grandparent, teacher or neighbor reminded you to “use your magic words.” Those teeny-tiny, little words that can mean so much: “Please” … “Yes, ma’m” … “You’re welcome” … and the most powerful phrase you can ever use in business – “Thank you!” Because, honestly, whatever “widget” you’re selling is substantially the same as …

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How To Snatch Victory From Defeat!

Have you ever made a mistake, failed miserably, fallen flat on your face or experienced an all-in-all major loss? If I’m the first to tell this, I’m very sorry. But listen… you’re a human being! In other words, you are going to make mistakes, fail and sometimes lose because of your decisions. It might even …

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The Big Secret To “Having It All”?

I want to talk to you about the concept of having it all. The perfect career, great finances, a loving spouse and angel-mannered offspring. There is often this notion that in order to have the big paycheck or the great career you have to make a sacrifice. If you have ever read or heard anything …

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Facts Tell, Stories Sell!

You may have heard the saying, "Facts tell, stories sell." But why is that? What makes a story so powerful, anyway? The truth is, there are stories that make you say, "Wow!" and there are stories that make you say, "So what?" What’s the difference? Listen to this Monday Night Strategy Call as Dani shows …

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Live Your Dream Life Now

When you were young did you ever dream of becoming an astronaut, a doctor, or maybe a pilot? Now that you are older maybe you think these were just dreams.  There are endless variables in life that could prevent you from doing what you desire, from when you were 7 to present. With a "bad …

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What is Holding You Back From Success?

Hear real life success stories that will help you discover what is holding you back from success.

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Learn to Use the Tools You Already Have!

Use the tools you have in front of you to fix what’s wrong in your life! Dani Johnson will show you how to find what you need … and use it!