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What’s YOUR Strategy For Parental Disappointment?

How do you feel about disappointment? Disappointment can cause a lot of hurt and put strain on your relationships. Especially from the perspective of a parent, it is inevitable at some point your kids will let you down. Whether it’s a failing grade, an irresponsible decision or any number of things. How do you respond to …

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You’re More Than “Just A Parent”

Hello! I was thinking today about how there is such a huge need in the world today for good, solid families. Our society needs parents who will groom their children for success, because those children are the future of our world. And I believe together, we can raise up a powerful and honorable generation of …

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What Has More Value: A Degree Or A Skill Set?

This time of year brings excitement for many young people, anxiety for some, and flat-out dread for others. As college students walk across the stage, shed the cap and gown, and step into the real world of business, career, finances and relationships, they realize college may not have prepared them for a LOT of things. …

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How Are You Equipping The Next Generation?

Do you have a child in the public or even private school system right now? If so, you might be struggling – along with many Americans – to prepare your kids for success. The truth is, there are so many things they will never learn in the school system that are essential to becoming financially independent, creating …

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If Mothers Mother 365 Days A Year, Don’t They Deserve More Than 1 Day?

Mother’s Day is a very special day for families across the nation and around the world, as we celebrate our moms, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, and the mother-figures in our lives. Though Mother’s Day may have passed, this special edition of The Dani Johnson Show focuses on appreciating moms everywhere! Tune in as we honor mothers and …

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Mothering Isn’t Born, It’s Learned

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. According to Hallmark it is the second biggest gift-giving holiday of the year! In fact, 96% of consumers in America participate in, purchase for or observe this holiday. The National Retail Federation reported consumers are expected to spend a total of $20.7 billion this Mother’s Day, averaging about $169 each. Of …

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How “Loudly” Are Your Actions Speaking?

What do you think about influence? Maybe you don’t think you have any in your position or in your life. But the truth is, every decision you make has a huge effect on the people around you… especially your kids. Every time you degrade yourself in the mirror, gossip about your boss or talk about …

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Little Words Can Carry Immense Power

This morning I want to share with you a quote from Florida state senator Marco Rubio, “We live in a society obsessed with public opinion. But leadership has never been about popularity.” When you look at basic politics, what do you think of leaders who tend to change their opinions with the wind? They’re labeled …