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How To Teach Through Example

Did you know kids are in school for 14,000 hours between kindergarten and 12th grade, but the vast majority of them never have a single class on managing their finances? Yet, the LA Times reported 2 in 3 college students graduate an average of $27,000 in debt. Many of those young people will carry that …


How To Find Money In The Most Unlikely Places

Through the years, I’ve had the absolute privilege of hearing stories from hundreds of thousands of our clients who have annihilated millions of dollars of debt using our War on Debt system. It is so amazing to watch people go from dead broke to debt-free and financially independent. I’ve watched couples and families be restored …


Live Financial Q&A With Dani Johnson

If you could sit down across the table from a multi-millionaire for 2 hours, what questions would you ask? If you had the chance to ask a very wealthy person their most valuable secrets to wealth and successful finances, would you take advantage of that opportunity? Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani …


Monkey See, Money Do – Not Always A Good Idea

Have you ever thought about where people get their financial advice? Or even where you get your advice? The reality is, a lot of people are quick to hand out financial advice, but most of them don’t have a track record to back it up. Time magazine said it this way: “It seems like everyone …


Save Hundreds At The Grocery Store

One place people waste a lot of money is the grocery store. And you probably don’t even know it! Look, over the past several years I have seen and heard it all. It always shocks me when people tell me how much they spend at the grocery store and act like it is normal. “Oh …


Get What You Want Now…NOW!

How often do you hear the words, “I can’t afford it” come out of your mouth? Think about some of those amazing opportunities that cross your path: A chance to attend a legendary business conference where you can grow your skills and make great connections…or a reservation finally becomes available on the dream vacation to …


Key Budget Tips For Financial Independence

Happy Monday! It’s the start of the week again and it’s time to get down to business, right? Today I want to discuss what might be your most feared topic, budgeting. It seems like such a simple way to save money and get out debt. But if budgeting was easy, don’t you think more people …


How To Avoid This Major Financial Trap!

I came across something really interesting a couple weeks ago, and I just have to pass it along to you today. I can’t say I was shocked, but I was a little disappointed. So much so, in fact, that I actually talked about it with the listeners of my radio show, because I had to …