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Wave “Bye-Bye” To Your Paycheck-To-Paycheck Lifestyle

Career Builder estimates 6 out of 10 Americans live “paycheck-to-paycheck.” Of that number, another 40% rely on credit cards for their basic living expenses. The truth is, 69% of America carries some type of debt every month. Not 50 years ago, people wouldn’t even fathom going into debt! Being in debt was a shameful way …

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5 “Exercises” For Summer Financial Fitness

It’s that time of year when most people start thinking about fitness, and they hit the gym in preparation for summer. But what if there were “exercises” to get your finances in shape?! Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani shares 5 “exercises” for summer financial fitness!

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Leverage Your Tax Refund For An Unbelievable ROI!

It’s that time of year again – tax time! According to Time Magazine, 3 out of 4 Americans receive refunds after filing their taxes, averaging around $3,000 each. That money may seem like a huge relief to some people, or a free shopping spree to others. But what is it really? Tune in to The …

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The TRUE Secret To Wealth

People have such a skewed idea of money and wealth. It’s amazing how people automatically assume that wealthy people are greedy people. But there is a secret to creating wealth that most people don’t know – and it’s not what you think! Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show on Tuesday, April 15th at 12 …

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Spring Break Without Breaking Your Bank

For many, spring break is just starting (or is not too far off), and while the kids are overjoyed about their newfound freedom, many parents are not so overjoyed. Soon you may hear the two little words every parent dreads: “I’m booorrrrred!!!” Some parents will set their kids in front of the TV or video …

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Your Tax Refund: Weird Spending That Makes Money

Yesterday I talked with you about different ways to spend your tax refund this year. Everywhere you look, people are fighting over your “extra” money to get you to spend it on crap. It seems like “if it feels good, do it” has become the standard of what is appropriate today. But it’s time for …

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Make Your Tax Refund Work FOR You

What is a tax refund? I know it may sound silly, but I really want you to think about it. What is it? A tax refund is just that – a refund of your own hard-earned money. It is not a random gift or a stroke of good luck. It didn’t just come out of nowhere… …

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What Financial Future Are You Planting?

Have you ever planted red pepper seeds and been surprised when you don’t get strawberries? You might be thinking, “No way, Dani!” I hate to say it, but you might be. And trust me on this, majority of the nation expects something for nothing. You absolutely expect a certain crop without having planted the specific seed …