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Make 2014 Your Best Financial Year Yet!

It’s the New Year, and people around the world are setting new financial goals. However, some studies show people may not be fully equipped to achieve those goals. Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani shares how you can make 2014 your best financial year yet!

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Debt…The Gift That Keeps On Taking!

We’ve all heard about that magical “gift that keeps on giving.” And, I definitely want to talk about those gifts today, but let’s put a pin in that for now and we’ll get back to it in a moment. First, as this holiday season gets into full swing, I want you to think about the …

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How To Shop Your Way To Savings!

As I mentioned during our last visit, the idea of “you are what you eat” can have a huge impact on the health and success of both you and your family. But, while these choices can most definitely affect your waistline, they can also yield noticeable, and even bigger, results on your BOTTOM LINE! If …

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You Can Beat The Clock!

Can you believe it’s already November and another year is almost over?! While we may really try to enjoy each day and its unique moments, no matter what we do, time seems to just race by and here we are again, about to say goodbye to 2013. When we’re kids, the years positively dragged by, …

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Break Through Your Debt Ceiling

Last week our government ended its internal feud and reopened their doors for business as usual. In the wake of that decision, did Congress in effect, pass a bill that removed our debt ceiling altogether? The implications are disturbing but the reality is that U.S. citizens, and many others worldwide, live with that same mentality. …

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To Get Where You Want To Be, You Need A Map!

Can you believe it’s already Monday? This weekend at First Steps To Success just seemed to fly by and here we are at Monday again! But, thinking about how our weekends sometimes just zoom by, reminded me of a story one of our team members told me about her childhood. Growing up in a suburban …

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Will Your Retirement Be A Boom Or Bust?

They gave us rock-n-roll, they showed us a picture-perfect life in the suburbs, they defined an entire consumer culture and now, Baby Boomers are once again blazing new trails into retirement. Or are they? Undoubtedly they are the most influential generation since the turn of the 20th Century, as each step of their journey created …

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One Mindset That Is Destroying Your Finances (& How To Destroy IT!)

There are certain thoughts, beliefs and mindsets that have the potential to affect your entire life — in a great way or a horrible way. We all encounter them, and we all must make a decision to either follow through with those mindsets or to learn mindsets that will benefit us. Tune in to The …