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Clean Your Way To Savings

As we are on the cusp of a new season, it is the perfect time to sit down and figure out what you would like to happen in the next few months. What would you like to accomplish, where would you like to go? This is a great time to clean out your garage, de-clutter …

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Don’t Let Debt Handcuff Your Dreams!

According to a Career Builder survey, 6 in 10 Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck today. In fact, CNN reported almost half of American households actually depend on credit cards for their basic living expenses. In a society ruled by debt, how can YOU break free from this “credit bondage” and live your dreams? Tune in to The …

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Are You Financially Making It Or Faking It?

I want to talk about something with you today and it is all about your financial vision! Maybe you don’t have one yet. When I first started making money I didn’t have one either. So naturally I just threw my money everywhere. I bought a crazy expensive wardrobe, jewelry, a big house. Then I had …

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How To Cash In On The World Of Financial Blessing

If you remember, last week I shared with you my thoughts on a recent trip I took to Haiti. Since that trip, we’ve added another big project to our plates in light of a totally heartbreaking catastrophe an orphanage in India just experienced. Home of Hope is an orphanage that has taken in over 300 …

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Don’t Fall Prey To The Economic Doom & Gloom

I’m positive you know inflation exists. Maybe you’ve even heard the term hyper-inflation? Most Americans consider inflation to be a government problem and let the topic fly right past them. What you probably don’t realize is that inflation is not just about rising prices. Rising prices are the symptom of inflation! The real problem lies …

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Are You Satisfied With “Average”?

According to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling over half of the people in America graded themselves on their understanding of finances with a C or lower. So C, D or F if you recall from school. It’s truly heartbreaking that so many feel at a loss when it comes to personal finance. If that’s …

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Envision Your Future To Make It Real!

I hope this message finds you having a great Monday so far. Get ready to be inspired today! I have a message for you I believe is so timely for your life and mine. And actually, what I’m about to tell you is totally universal and it applies in every area of life, every profession, every age, …

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Make 2014 Your Best Financial Year Yet!

It’s the New Year, and people around the world are setting new financial goals. However, some studies show people may not be fully equipped to achieve those goals. Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani shares how you can make 2014 your best financial year yet!