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3 Brilliant Tips For Finding Hidden Money

Happy Monday to you! I hope you are ready to make it a great week! I’m really excited about what we get to talk about today. There are some very simple, easy things you can do that will completely transform your finances. How do I know? Because I have given these exact same tips to …


How To Grow Your Bank Account & Avoid Financial Crisis

I want to tell you a story today. A story that I believe can save you a lot of hardship and heartache, if you choose to learn from my mistakes. See, during my first 10 years of business, we made a lot of money. Many people called us rich, but we certainly didn’t feel rich …


Use Higher Taxes To Create Wealth

I want to share something with you today that really has the potential to change your financial life forever. It is actually going to be a bit of a continuation of last Sunday night’s radio show. That particular show was so powerful. In fact, when it was over, I was grieved in one way, and …


Crush Debt Oppression Starting With 3 Easy Steps

I was thinking about you this weekend and couldn’t wait to talk to you today. Last weekend, we were in Dallas, Texas with about 1,500 of our clients, and you’ll never believe what we saw… 133 people who have used our War On Debt program to pay off a collective 7.3 million dollars of debt …


Higher Taxes, Smaller Paycheck: How To Survive On Less

Have you noticed that your paycheck is a little – or maybe a lot – smaller lately? Have you or your company been affected by rising taxes this year? The reality is, 2013 is going to be very different when it comes to you and your money. Millions of people will be faced with the …


Why Making Millions Won’t Get You Out Of Debt (And What Can)

I might not be your friend in this letter and I’m OK with that! I’ll be the bad guy if that is what you need. If you want your debt to be suffocating you and putting a load of stress on your life, health and relationships… Don’t even bother reading this message! If you want …


Don’t Let The Economy Control Your Finances

Today, I’m back in the states and while I experienced a gorgeous learning adventure in Israel that I am so grateful for, it is great to be home. I’m excited to spend time talking to you guys. Now that 2013 is here and you have (hopefully) made your goals, let’s make sure you excel. There …


3rd World Countries And You: Shocking Similarities

I hope today’s message finds you very awake and aware, and ready to make good, solid financial decisions for 2013. My family and I just got back from Nicaragua a few days ago. Being in a 3rd world country, you see things very differently. One of the things I love about Nicaragua is that it’s …