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It Takes More Than A Band-Aid To Heal Abuse!

The hot-button issue all over the news and social media right now surrounds the domestic violence case of NFL running back, Ray Rice. And while this may be the “cause of the day” due to the celebrity nature of this particular case, unfortunately, this “invisible” problem is as old as time! And it continues to happen …

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It’s Time To Take Out The Trash!

There is a commercial on TV that talks about “nose blindness” which is basically what happens when you live with a smell so long, you are no longer aware of it. Whether it’s the smell of pets, your car interior or whatever other odor may be a part of your lifestyle, it still reeks to …

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Do Conflicts Waste Away Your Day?

Have you ever had a miscommunication or conflict arise suddenly that ended up ruining your whole day? You have a spat at home before you leave for work or your coworkers or employees are just not listening… and you’re frustrated. It’s the worst when you have unresolved conflicts as you’re leaving home, right? Not just because it ruins …

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How Many “Thieves” Do YOU Let Steal Your Time?

One of the most violating feelings is to be the victim of a robber or thief… someone has come into your personal space, wrought havoc and taken precious things from you. However, EVERY DAY one or more people might be victimizing you – with YOUR BLESSING! And, what they’re taking can never be recovered, insurance won’t …

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Use Common Sense To Build Uncommonly Good Relationships

Have you ever thought, “Man, no one today uses common sense anymore”? You hear about people on the news, at work or someone even does something to you that you just find so unbelievable! I want to share a story with you today and it all starts with a book. It was the first book …

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Have You Really Embraced “The Golden Rule”?

At some point or another, whether from a teacher, a parent, a neighbor, a minister, you’ve been reminded to follow “The Golden Rule.” You remember, the whole do unto others as you would have them do unto you. But some days it might feel like you’re getting the short end of the “do unto” stick! …

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Be A Winner In The Relationship Lottery

You’re probably familiar with the “lottery mentality”… right? Those people, yourself possibly included, just waiting to get lucky and win the lottery. “Oh man, if only I won the lottery I would be able to pursue all my dreams…” And everyone has a whole laundry list of things they would do if they won. Apparently the …

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Conflict Happens! So What Will You Do About It?

Have you ever had a disagreement with a coworker? A misunderstanding with your boss? An argument with your spouse or kids? We’ve all been there. Conflicts can ruin relationships, break trust, cause stress and keep you in a rut. So what is the best way to successfully resolve any conflict? Tune in to The Dani …