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Salute Real Value In Our Lives

Today, I want to ask you a question. What do you value? Now wait a minute before you answer and REALLY think about this. I’m not just talking about those things that might immediately pop into your head. Let’s take a look at that word, “value” and think about what is truly valuable in our …

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Putting People Back Into People Skills

You ever notice how people think they have great people skills? They talk about how they’re great with people or love being social. Yet at the same time everyone seems to just plain suck at basic communication and “social” has moved from face-to-face to an online “virtual” reality? Like the marketplace, communications are an ever-evolving …

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Greet Strangers As Friends…And They WILL Be!

Have you ever been to Indonesia? We haven’t yet, but it’s definitely on our list of places to travel. Not only to see the most famous part, Bali, but the many other interesting things about Indonesia. The two ships I have been on this summer (one with my husband, Hans, and the other with 3 …

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Put The Harmony Back Into Your Marriage!

Wherever there are people, there are conflicts. This is especially true in marriage. There’s good news and bad news: The good news is conflicts can be resolved. The bad news is most people will never learn how. Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani Johnson answers YOUR questions to help you succeed in …

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Remember To Dream, Before You Forget

Have you ever written down something that you said you wanted to do and then completely forgot about it? If you’re anything like me, you ABSOLUTELY have! Recently, Hans and I took our anniversary trip, sailing around the Mediterranean, soaking up two weeks of history, travelling from Istanbul, Turkey all the way through Greece, then …

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Go Ahead, Steal It…TIME, That Is!

Have you ever felt like time seems to be running past you and that you were trying to run as fast as you possibly can to keep up with it? I have certainly felt that way… especially with my kids. As the years have gone by, especially in the last four years, I’ve been feeling …

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You Can Ask…And I Will Be Telling!

Nothing makes a person feel more special than when you trust them with a secret! To be included among an exclusive group with knowledge of confidential information forms an immediate feeling of being an “insider.” Let’s face it, during your childhood the very best thing someone – especially a grown-up – did was include you …

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Stop The Rumor Mill Cold

This morning, I want to talk about your personal experience with gossip. Most people think (or say) that gossip happens only in high school… Or they say it is only limited to women. But let’s be honest, that couldn’t be farther from reality. And how does it feel when you hear it? Just awful, right? …