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Success Begins With A Decision To Start

An old Chinese proverb says, “A journey of thousand miles begins with the first step.” But, imagine if you’re facing a similarly overwhelming journey or task, would you just strap on your sneakers, fill your water bottle and hit the road? Or, would you start in with a laundry list of excuses: “I don’t have …

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Fall Out Of Sluggish Habits

Are you experiencing a “fall down” from your summer high? You probably spent this past summer vacationing, spending time with the family, jet skiing, camping or indulging in whatever summer pastime you enjoy. This situation is common: You come back from all that excitement, fall begins and man you’re just feeling sluggish, unmotivated, nothing is working …

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Your Strategy For Weathering Those “Gloomy Skies”

Have you ever been plagued by depression? Yes, “plagued,” because it affects nearly 15 million adults in America alone! Not to mention the number of adolescents who must deal with depression daily. What does depression look like for you? You can’t concentrate at work, you’re exhausted, feeling hopeless, empty or alone? A lot of people suffer …

The Dani Johnson Show Logo with "No Excuses... Just Results" at the bottom

Breathe Life Back Into YOUR American Dream!

As America struggled in the early 20th Century to nurture the idea of an emerging middle-class, President Herbert Hoover promised a new era of prosperity for those previously stuck in an endless cycle of generational poverty. Prior to this point in history, a true middle-class as we know it today existed as only a tiny sliver of the population, separating …

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Master Your Dream Job By Mastering The Basics

Do you have a goal for your business or career? Maybe you want to be a millionaire, have the skills to start a successful business or even pursue a career in the spotlight. Sometimes you may want to just skip ahead to the part where you’re a pro. But, it does take more than simply having a dream …

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Your Drama Acts Out Your Priorities

Today’s world offers way too many opportunities for things to go wrong. Something isn’t working right, your clients are being difficult, maybe your employee or spouse made a mistake. When things go wrong, how do you react? Do you take a moment to figure out a way to fix the problem? Or do you totally overreact, …

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Help To Move Past Your Past

Today is going to be a serious talk, because it is a very serious subject. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past month, I’m sure you’ve heard of NFL football player Ray Rice knocking his then-fiancé unconscious in an elevator and dragging out her limp body. Now the couple is married, leaving a majority …

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Find Time For More Fun In Your Life

When you wake up, is your heart already beating harder than it should be, and everything you have to do racing through your mind? And then, you add coffee on top of that! You rush, rush, rush to take care of everything, shove a hamburger down your throat and then you’re off to the next …