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Bank Extra Hours In Your Day

Recently, we put out a question on Facebook asking what you need help with. One of the biggest complaints that shows up over and over and over again? It was shocking… so many comments involved trouble with focus, busy-ness, dealing with distractions and time management. And trust me, they are all definitely pieces of the same …

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The Road To Success Is Paved With Past Failures

Picture it, the most crushing defeat you’ve ever endured. It may have been a business failure, devastating humiliation in front of your peers, a heartbreaking divorce or even a sports or academic defeat. Regardless, it can be hard to “bounce back” from such an experience. And no matter how many times you hear, “you just …

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It’s Easier To See Success, If You’re Not Focusing On Barriers

Imagine you’re in your car, truck or whatever means of transportation you regularly use. You’re driving along on your way to run errands, go to work, pick up your child, visit a friend or even take a vacation. Everything seems to be going along smoothly… all in all, everything is good. THEN you hit a construction detour …

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What Is The Most Valuable Thing You Cannot Buy?

If someone asked you what do you think is the MOST valuable thing in your life that money can’t buy, most people might answer with something like love or family or well-being. And, those things would ALL be true. However, if you really think about what makes each of those components so valuable in your life, it all comes …

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“I’d Procrastinate, But I Just Keep Putting It Off!”

Are you like famed “Gone With The Wind” heroine, Scarlett O’Hara saying “Tomorrow is another day…I’ll think about that then”?  And if you really think about it, tomorrow will be “TODAY” tomorrow! Once you get trapped in that endless cycle of procrastination, it can seem almost impossible to break free – spending day after day doing yesterday’s …

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Change Your Course; Change Your Destination

You may have heard a while ago, I had the opportunity to act in a film project. People were constantly asking, “Dani, what movie?” or “Where can I see it?” I’ve been really excited to share this project with you! So now, I finally get to talk about it, share the interviews and just how …

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Build Trust In A Skeptical World

I did a survey on Facebook, asking, “What is the biggest challenge you have with people?” Guess what – “trusting other people” ranked third-highest on that list. Unfortunately, that’s really not hard to believe. After all, think about how many times you’ve heard someone say, “I just have a hard time trusting people.” (Or maybe …

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Numbing Out Is Dumbing Out

Life isn’t always happy-go-lucky, is it? At some point in your life you will be overwhelmed, depressed or even angry, despite your best efforts. The question is, how do you deal? What do you do when feeling down? Through these messages, I deliver daily fixes or quick tips to help you. But there is an …