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Success Begins With A Decision To Start

An old Chinese proverb says, “A journey of thousand miles begins with the first step.” But, imagine if you’re facing a similarly overwhelming journey or task, would you just strap on your sneakers, fill your water bottle and hit the road? Or, would you start in with a laundry list of excuses: “I don’t have …

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Your Strategy For Weathering Those “Gloomy Skies”

Have you ever been plagued by depression? Yes, “plagued,” because it affects nearly 15 million adults in America alone! Not to mention the number of adolescents who must deal with depression daily. What does depression look like for you? You can’t concentrate at work, you’re exhausted, feeling hopeless, empty or alone? A lot of people suffer …

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Help To Move Past Your Past

Today is going to be a serious talk, because it is a very serious subject. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past month, I’m sure you’ve heard of NFL football player Ray Rice knocking his then-fiancé unconscious in an elevator and dragging out her limp body. Now the couple is married, leaving a majority …

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It’s Easier To See Success, If You’re Not Focusing On Barriers

Imagine you’re in your car, truck or whatever means of transportation you regularly use. You’re driving along on your way to run errands, go to work, pick up your child, visit a friend or even take a vacation. Everything seems to be going along smoothly… all in all, everything is good. THEN you hit a construction detour …

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Numbing Out Is Dumbing Out

Life isn’t always happy-go-lucky, is it? At some point in your life you will be overwhelmed, depressed or even angry, despite your best efforts. The question is, how do you deal? What do you do when feeling down? Through these messages, I deliver daily fixes or quick tips to help you. But there is an …

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The Best Defense Is Not Taking Offense

How does it feel when someone you love hurts you? What I want to discuss with you today is that hurt is a choice, being offended is a choice! Offense is something presented to you and me all the time. There are always opportunities where you can be hurt or take something in the wrong context. …

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Is Your Past Preventing You From Claiming Your Future?

Have you ever encountered something from your past that has tripped you up or held you back time and time again? Maybe it’s fear or shame, regret or guilt, or even anger or hate. The reality is, you cannot move forward in your life if you are still holding onto yesterday’s junk! Tune in to …

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Look For “Detours” Around Life’s Barriers

You will face barriers in your life, no matter who you are or what you do. When you move forward in your business, career, finances, or personal life, there will be things you need to overcome. You have 2 choices: Let the barriers stop you in your tracks, or find a way around them. One …