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January 17th- 19th, 2015

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At First Steps To Success, you'll be turning your "someday" hopes and dreams into a "right now, right here" reality. Best-selling author, radio/TV show host and strategic business coach Dani Johnson is able to literally transfer her million-dollar success skills into you through this unique and experiential learning event.

This isn't talk. It's a step-by-step formula that radically transforms every area of your life.

You will leave this event experiencing immediate and dramatic results. Many take what they learn and generate 6 & 7-figure incomes from this dynamic training. Many use these new skills to overcome obstacles that have held them captive for a lifetime. No matter what you do with it, you can be sure that you'll be equipped to succeed beyond your wildest dreams, while bringing others along with you for the journey.

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This is Life-Changing

Hear first-hand how real people have had their lives totally transformed at First Steps.

Seven Reasons You Can't Miss


1. Birds of a Feather Flock Together

You will directly resemble the people you spend most of your time with. If you spend the majority of your time with negative people who have no vision you'll most like find yourself being negative and without vision. But, if you spend time with excellent successful people you'll most likely be excellent and successful.

That's exactly who you'll find at First Steps to Success! Our clients are consistently being honored in their jobs, businesses, families, and finding success everywhere they turn. Those are the kind of people to spend time with if you really want to live a fulfilling successful life.

2. End the Debt Cycle!

At First Steps to Success Dani will give YOU step by step instructions on how to pay off ALL of your debt in 5 years or less (that includes your home mortgage)!

Jefferson Santos 389x389 Headshot First Steps To Success   Austin, TX

Jefferson Santos

"In My First 6 Months I Earned Over $117,000"

"Six years ago I wasn't confident nor did I have the business authority to be successful... The most I ever made in a year was $30,000. After plugging into Dani's training system, in my first 6 months I earned over $117,000 dollars - in that first year I earned over $300,000 dollars. The year after that, over $700,000 and now 7 figures. I've had the blessing of raising up two 7-figure earners and four 6-figure earners. My life is not the same now after meeting Dani. In those 6 years I have been able to pay off $280,000 in debt and have close to a half million dollars invested earning me 12%. I'm now totally FREE!"

3. Make Money Your Slave

Dani will teach you how to take your current income and make it go to work for you instead of you constantly working for it.

4. Communicate Like a Pro!

Dani will give you practical steps to relate to anyone you meet. You'll be able to speak to strangers as if they've been your friend for years. She'll guide you through the process to gain trust with a 5 minute conversation, and how to make friends everywhere you go.

Screen Shot 2013 05 10 at 4.10.22 PM e1368547725693 First Steps To Success   Austin, TX

Jeremy Coblentz

"We Were Stuggling In Debt With No Hope"

"My wife and I were struggling in our relationship and had no examples of successful marriages around us. We were struggling in debt with no hope or insight. We were both lacking the communication skills to communicate with our children, each other, as well as my clients. We applied War on Debt and in the past 18 months we have paid off $41,000. Thanks to Dani's live training events I have been able to take the skills she teaches and apply them to my business which has grown 95% this last year. We now know how to communicate to one another. So if you, or someone you love is struggling financially, then I would highly recommend that you get to the next First steps to Success. You won't be disappointed."

5. Leave Mediocrity In Your Dust!

Some people are fine living a mediocre life... You're just not one of them. YOU want more out of life than a LazyBoy Chair and a RedBox Movie! First Steps to Success is the place where failure and mediocrity goes to die.

6. Become #1

That's right! Dani will teach you how to become the most referred person for whatever it is that you do. You'll never want for customers again after implementing Dani's strategies in your business. You'll be the one person everyone wants to do business with.

cathybaker First Steps To Success   Austin, TX

Cathy Baker

"Like Taking a Drink From a Fire Hydrant"

"I love the analogy of the information you receive at First Steps being 'like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.' . . . If you aren't sure if this is for you, all I can say is that you will not be disappointed in what you learn. Any occupation, any age, any level of experience can all benefit greatly from First Steps To Success! Make the investment in yourself!"

7. This System is Proven to Get Results

Dani has helped thousands of people to go from complete failure to multiple six and seven figure income earners. Her system isn't under trial. It simply works if you put it to action.

At First Steps To Success in San Antonio, TX together 166 people paid off a total of $16.5 MILLION dollars in debt... in an average of ONLY 17 months!

Gina Alexander 400x400 Headshot First Steps To Success   Austin, TX

Gina Lopez Alexander

"I Was On The Verge of Filing Bankruptcy"

"Before coming to Dani Johnson 2 years ago, I was on the verge of filing bankruptcy and closing my business. After Dani's training, I was able to write $122,000 in 2 days. The next week I wrote $28,000 in 24 hours. And the week after that I wrote $18,000 in orders... I don't know but all I know is FIRST STEPS should be a prerequisite for business."

steveshepherd First Steps To Success   Austin, TX

Steve Shepherd

"Find the Way of Escape"

"I was laid off. Because I had already attended First Steps to Success, I had the skills and the confidence to join my wife full-time in her Travel business. Two months later, I generated a profit of $9,705, which is more money than I had ever earned in one month's time. So whether your prison is a mountain of debt, or frustration at work, or crumbling relationships at home, join me at the next First Steps to Success event and find the way of escape just like I did."

Sandy K 612x612 Headshot First Steps To Success   Austin, TX

Sandi Krakowski

"A 7-Figure Income Part-Time"

"Dani is one anyone who is remotely serious should listen to! What she teaches has earned me a solid 7-figure income part time!!"

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You will leave this 2 day jam-packed fun-filled seminar with the confidence to slay any giant, tackle any obstacle and go farther faster. You will accomplish things you didn't know were possible. This seminar will focus directly on YOU, equipping you with the skills to hit your goals REGARDLESS of what challenges you are currently dealing with.

Others only teach information and techniques. Dani teaches you EXACTLY HOW to use that information to your advantage!

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Attend Risk-Free!

If for any reason you attend this event and don't feel it's worth 10x your registration fee, just let us know Sunday night and we'll give you a 100% refund!

Create Massive Momentum and Huge Paychecks
For Your Business

Proven Money Making Strategies For The Home Business Entrepreneur

You Will Learn...

  • Sales
  • Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Successful
    Presentation Skills

The Home Business Entrepreneur Workshop is Day 3 of First Steps. Though targeted specifically for the Home Business Entrepreneur, you can apply the specific techniques to any business. Dani will dive deep into specific home business skills that will give you insight you won't find anywhere else. You will hear the exact how-to's from somebody who has done it, experienced the same obstacles and frustrations you have experienced, and ultimately found success by developing a team of committed individuals who are making money and achieving their personal and financial goals.

Have You Ever Just Woken Up and Thought

There Must Be More to Life than This?

At First Steps To Success you'll not only discover those roadblocks that have caused you to feel like a failure time and time again, you'll also learn the skills to DESTROY WHAT'S STOPPING YOU forever!

Imagine for a second what your life will look like when you have completely annihilated those irritating little snares that have been keeping you broke and discouraged. How good are you going to feel once you have true and lasting FREEDOM? Who will you be able to help once you've left your own rut? Think about what your career look like once you've mastered these time-tested skills to get everything you want out of life and even more?

So, the one question remaining is...

How much longer does your life have to not be what you want before you'll finally do something about it?

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Next Event

Austin, TX

January 17th - 19th, 2015

  • Location
  • Hyatt Regency Austin
    208 Barton Springs
    Austin, Texas, 78704

  • Event Times
  • Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
    Sunday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
    Monday (Home Business Workshop): 10:00am - 5:00pm

  • Accomodations
  • Hyatt Regency Austin
    For Reservations CLICK HERE or call toll free (888) 421-1442 or direct to the hotel (512) 477-1234. Room rate is $159 per night single/double - Reference or First Steps to Success when registering to receive the discounted rate - Cut off date is January, 5th, 2015.

  • Transportation
  • Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS)(8 Miles)
    Super Shuttle: Super Shuttle: Reservations are not required for transport from the airport to the hotel, but advance pickup arrangements must be secured to travel from the hotel to the airport. Call 512-258-3826 or contact the hotel concierge to arrange a pickup.
    One way: $14

    Taxi Cab: $20-$27 Approximately

    Airport Flyer Bus Service: $1.50 one-way. Have exact fare amount (they don't give change) - only dollar bills and silver coins accepted. At baggage claim, turn around and face the doors, walk through the furthest right hand door and you'll see a posted sign that reads "Capitol Metro 100." Bus will drop you off downtown at Congress and Riverside, 0.3 miles away from the hotel, about a 7 minute walk.
    Bus Schedule - leaves airport on every hour and half hour.
    Inbound ABIA Lower Level - airport to downtown.
    Outbound ABIA Lower Level - downtown to airport.

  • Terms & Info
  • Ethics Agreement will be strictly enforced. No infants or toddlers allowed in the seminar. There are two agreements you will be required to sign to attend this event. You will not be allowed into this event without signing both agreements at registration time! You may review these documents ahead of time by clicking on these links: Release & AcknowledgementEthics Agreement.

  • Event Flyers
  • Registration Form: Click to Download
    Promo Flyer: Click to Download

  • ¡Ahora ofreciendo Traducción al Español!
  • Para poder servir mejor a nuestros clientes que se sienten más cómodos escuchando a Dani en su lengua nativa, ofrecemos traducción al español del evento entero.
    También tenemos miembros en nuestra área de Servicio al Cliente que hablan español para poder asistirte con tu registro. Simplemente llama al 866-760-8255 y presiona 4 para español.


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If you are calling from outside of the United States and having trouble reaching us on our toll free line, you can call for immediate assistance from one of our client service representatives at our international number: 1-408-414-0325

Special Notice

  • If you would like to register your spouse and/or children, we offer a discount for add-on tickets - to take advantage of this discount please call 866-760-8255 and a Client Service Representative will assist you.

  • If you have previously registered and would like to upgrade to Fast Track, Home Business Entrepreneur Workshop or Event MP3, please call 866-760-8255 and a Client Service Representative will help you.

  • If you choose to wait until the day of the event you will have to pay "walk-up" pricing and we cannot guarantee you a seat in the main ballroom. In fact, the only way to guarantee a seat in the main ballroom is to upgrade your ticket with Fast Track.

Places To Visit in Austin, TX

We've gathered a list of things to do in the heart of Texas. Austin is packed with attractions, activities, historic landmarks, and great things to do with your family! Here are a few:

  • The Capitol Building

    the capitol img First Steps To Success   Austin, TXThis architecturally stunning building opened in 1888 to much pomp and circumstance and remains one of the great symbols of Texas history and politics. It is also a major Austin attraction and tourist spot. It is a favorite part of the Austin skyline, and there are actually building restrictions to keep it easily viewable from all parts of town. Come in for a free tour and you just might catch a few politicians roaming the halls.

  • The Contemporary Austin

    the contemporary img First Steps To Success   Austin, TXThis art museum displays primarily twentieth-century and contemporary art. There are frequently new exhibits in addition to hands-on, public education opportunities. These include performances, lectures about art, guided tours, art response activities, and a hands-on art lab for children.

  • Congress Avenue Bats

    the bats avenue img First Steps To Success   Austin, TXEvery March, about 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats migrate to Austin and make their home under the Congress Avenue Bridge. From March until September, if you come out at dusk, you can watch the creepy creatures emerge en masse for a feeding of insects. On summer nights, tourists and locals alike line up on the bridge for a look. August is one of the best months for viewing the bats -- especially when the nights are hot and dry. Some nearby restaurants, including Trio Restaurant, offer incredible views of the bridge. Be sure to reserve a table on the patio near sunset!

  • Paramount Theatre

    the paramount img First Steps To Success   Austin, TXThis nearly century-old theater is the oldest surviving theater in Austin and has quite a history. It was once the location of Sam Houston's office in addition to the War Department of the Republic of Texas. This official city, state, and national landmark was also home to Vaudeville and variety theater, but now it features everything from children's shows to comedy performances to film screenings. Major international acts grace the stage and the old-timey feel is hard to beat.

  • Fourth Street

    the 4th street img First Steps To Success   Austin, TXThe Fourth Street area, also called the Warehouse District, has gained popularity in recent years for being the classier downtown alternative to Sixth Street. The bars are a little nicer, the crowds are a little older, and the drinks are a little more expensive. But if you want to escape the wild coeds and venture into a sleeker establishment, make your way down to Fourth Street.

  • Stubb's Bar-B-Q

    the stubbs img First Steps To Success   Austin, TXThis downtown Austin attraction is half barbecue joint and half live music venue. The tiny restaurant serves delicious and tender barbecue in a warm Texas atmosphere. The live music side has both a small indoor stage and a large outdoor stage. The original Stubb's Restaurant in Lubbock was a major music icon in the 1970s and featured artists such as Johnny Cash, Muddy Waters, and John Lee Hooker. The Austin restaurant now features internationally-known music acts in genres ranging from electronica to rap. Whether you are in the mood for brisket or beats, Stubb's is a gem of downtown Austin.

  • Lady Bird Lake and Hike and Bike Trail

    the lady lake img First Steps To Success   Austin, TXOnce called Town Lake, this beautiful body of water on the south border of downtown was renamed Lady Bird Lake in 2007, after the former first lady, Lady Bird Johnson. Most motorized watercrafts are forbidden on the lake, so it is a popular spot for kayaking, canoeing, and rowing. Additionally, the lake is surrounded by the popular hike and bike trail, which is around 10 miles long. The surface is mostly crushed granite and is quite flat, so it's very easy on the legs and welcomes visitors to bring their dog along. Auditorium Shores, the park on the south bank, is expansive and hosts many open-air music festivals and activities. It is also a very popular spot to bring the dog and play catch.

  • Thinkery - Austin Children's Museum

    the thinkery img First Steps To Success   Austin, TXLocated in the heart of downtown, the colorful Austin Children's Museum is a fun place for kids. The museum teaches important lessons through play and has regular storytelling time, science demonstrations, workshops, and camps for little ones. If you need to keep the kids entertained for a few hours, this is the place to be!

Food Attractions

zax img First Steps To Success   Austin, TX

Zax Restaurant & Bar

Traditional American
312 Barton Springs Rd., Austin, TX

capital img First Steps To Success   Austin, TX

Capital Cruises

Boat Tour
208 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX

trio img First Steps To Success   Austin, TX


Steak, Seafood and Wine
98 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX

uncle img First Steps To Success   Austin, TX

Uncle Julio's

301 Brazos St, Austin, TX

lecafe img First Steps To Success   Austin, TX

Cafe Crepe

Creperies, French
200 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX

Recent Live Event Success Stories

Terry Cornell

"Before training with Dani Johnson our business was just ok. We had some trouble closing contracts to certain high-end clients and we were spending the money faster than we made it. Since plugging-in our business has exploded, giving me the skill to sell and close contracts. Our company sold a contract where in eight days I made $148,000. I don't know if this will work for you or not but our life and business has exploded!"

Julie Tillar

"Your seminar was like nothing I have ever attended. Thank you for your simple but huge number of tips to build my business. Thank you for your advice and wisdom regarding reducing my debt. Learning about my personality type helped me to relax with my style of being, so I can move forward with much less self-condemnation and impatience... what a shift!"

Adeline B.

"My sales at work are still going very well. I closed at least 4 customers through outbound calls as extra effort when I am only required to offer and close on inbound calls at my call center. My sales have averaged $7,000 a day and I am getting 2 or more Internet sales daily."

Stephen Smith

"I was in the military, proud to serve my country, not making a lot of money. I realized I was looking for something more. First Steps To Success had a huge impact on my life. I made $43,000 working part time probably 15 hours a week in 6 months. Every single time I come to Dani Johnson, the week after I get back from her training I've made at least $4,000."

Alan Holcomb

"I live in Western Canada and have been to over 20 events all over the US in the last 3 years. I cannot imagine where I would be if I had waited for Dani to come to Canada!!! Paid off over $100,000 in debt, renewed my relationships with my kids and friends and rocked my spiritual life!"

Winifred Woody

"I could not possibly say enough about the impact that Dani has had on my personal and professional life... The success I've had in handling my time, my money, my team, my relationships, my prospecting and so much more are all due to the training and development from Dani. Every time I listen to her speak, I believe that I can succeed... "

Jeff Breaky

"I've been to over 100 trainings in my life, of all different sorts. I thought your training would be information that I already knew. Wow! Was I ever wrong! Your First Steps To Success Seminar was full of practical tools and information as well as passionate, powerful truths that really hit home. There was material that I had never learned before. I was moved to tears the first day when I really got clear that I had lost my passion and belief for the industry. And for the first time in five years, I got it back. The bottom line is that your seminar was absolutely the best and most impactful training I have ever done in my life."

Jason & Joslyn

"In just 7 weeks we paid off over $3,400 by going through War On Debt and attending First Steps to Success."

Kelly Parker

"I was in a full commission job. I woke up every month with a big fat 0, working 60-80 hours a week, just totally burnt out, hated my job, hated getting out of bed. Applying Dani Johnson's principals, her skills sets, the things that she teaches, we were able to make a $241,000 income in less than a year. I would highly recommend anybody, if you wanna be a success, you can apply the principals that she teaches to anything you do to become a success at it. If you are thinking about coming to First Steps to Success you can't afford NOT to come. The life changing skills and principals that she teaches will absolutely change your life."

Kathy Franco

"First of all... It works! All of it! If you follow directions and put things into action you will see results. Guaranteed. Since using the system in the last three years I have learned how to increase my household income by $25,000 a year (in a bad economy and down market), pay off over $5,000 in debt, restore the relationship in my marriage, create an atmosphere of honor with my children and break a family tradition of poverty and mediocrity. The great thing is ... I'm just getting started! Diligence really does pay off!"

Mary Starr Carter

" I don't know all I know is that increasing my skill in home business has fallen over into my traditional business that has quadrupled from what I was doing 8 months ago."

Shaundi G.

"I was a substance abuse counselor and a full time college student living paycheck to paycheck. Coming out of First Steps to Success, I was able to get a $9,000 raise in a new career. I started in business for myself and earned $500 my first week. After spending another 2 days with Dani Johnson in Los Angeles I made $13,000 in six weeks and paid off $3,000 in debt. I've learned far more from Dani in one weekend about how to succeed in business and in life than the past 6 years of college."

Gregg Jakoby

"Prior to getting started in my business, I had ZERO business experience and not a clue how to run a successful business. After tapping into several First Steps to Success seminars, I now have the skills to a run a successful business, regularly earning $10,000/month."

Patty Duke

"So much has happened as the result of attending Dani's live trainings. In my job, I have been recognized and have been offered a choice between 2 new positions, and both departments would like me to work with them."

Kevin K.

"I started this month on the sixth with two guys I had never worked with before, one with experience and one brand new… I had set a goal that would be hard to hit, 21 cars for $40k gross. We did 23 cars for $45,370! Prior to my team at the new lot, the company had sold virtually no warranties. We ran a 33% warranty penetration. We started with 24 cars and sold 23, that's a 95% turn of inventory. The average age of inventory when we started was 78.4 days (we inherited some units that were very old). Today it is about 24 days. These numbers rival any company percentage wise anywhere. I give the glory to God and my training from First Steps To Success. P.S. I got paid an unexpected bonus!"

Steven Bender

"By plugging in to Dani's training I made 1 million dollars in one year and paid off over $90,000 in debt."

Evelyn Lee Deflirion

"I have been in business for 30 years and have gone to other seminars that were $1,500.00 each and they had no comparison to First Steps to Success..."

Carrie Walters

"Just from applying some of the simple strategies Dani Johnson taught me with my bosses at work, I received a mind-blowing year end bonus!"

Theresa D.

"Prior to training with Dani Johnson, I didn't get along with my co-workers and I was heading for a breakdown. Using what I learned from Dani, I was able to land a new position at work with a $3,000 raise and more flexibility... After 14 years of marriage, Dani has shown us how to trade our weekly spats to weekly dates with my spouse. There's more passion, more communication. It's like a honeymoon all over again!"

Michelle Stiles

"I'm a mother of a six and a nine year old. I started a real estate career 5 years ago. I never had a lot of success in fact last year I only sold 2 homes. Dani's training gave me the people skills on how to build rapport, honor, trust and respect others. Applying those principles I was offered a job with another real estate office, I have sold 40 houses in the last 9 months. I've been promoted to sales manager and have 9 agents on my team providing an additional income on top of my personal sales. Thanks to Dani Johnson, I now put no limitations on what I can accomplish!"


"Using the principles that Dani showed us my husband and I cut $2,800 in fat from our budget and paid off $279,855 of debt in only 5 months!"

Dan and Vicki Hagadorn

"After attending First Steps To Success and going through the War on Debt, we have paid off $4,600 in debt. Using the skills we have learned from Dani last month with a new venture, we made $2,100. I am so excited to be on a plan to be out of debt in 2 years. Every area of my life has been elevated after FSTS and Dynasty. My businesses, my marraige, my parenting and my relationship with God."

Lauren Beyer

"First Steps To Success brought my husband and I closer. Now that he's been to your training we're able to work more efficiently and better than before as a team. We have paid off debt and my husband is getting another raise at work. The principals you teach yield results. We lived a wasteful life and slowly everything was taken from us. After I went to First Steps To Success, for the first time we have prospered, became wiser and enriched our giving, and our territory has multiplied MANY, MANY times over."

Kimber Field Perkins-King

"Let me help you guys! Don't wait for Dani to come to you! She probably NEVER will! I have been to nearly 18 LIVE events and went when it was not convenient or nearby me or when my life was not in a perfect place! Result: tripled my income to 6 figures, 5 high digit monthly residual income, cut my hours in half, stress level down. The investment I made cannot be replaced... Don't sit there and ask her to come to you... If you want to change your life, you will take that step!"

Steve C

"Most of our time was spent doing all of this 'coaching' and 'training' that wasn't producing anything. Since going to see Dani, our confidence level has gone up dramatically. At the end of the month I noticed that while our numbers were down, our dollars were up! All of the growth was coming from those who were plugging into and attending Dani Johnson events. We've been able to lower the anxiety level, increase production while raising our confidence and skill level."

Rebecca Chazan

"After going to your First Steps to Success Seminar, my income has DOUBLED in one month. Not only that, I have now been promoted to the second highest level in the company. This is the best investment that they will ever make in their business!!!"

Lea English

"Since First Steps, we came home and re-organized our finances, took money we probably would have wasted, and used it to pay off over $150 thousand in debt."

Frank Salinas

"I would have paid 3 times as much!"

Gary Nixon

"As a construction worker I worked anywhere from 70 to 75 hours a week. Because of the training I got from Dani Johnson, I was actually able to cut my hours down to 40 hours a week using the skills that I learned. In that I have been able to create and make more money in a whole lot less time. I'm a lot less stressed out, my kids actually get to see me now and we have a family life. So I don't know what you think, all I know is this process works and it will change your life."

Elene Campbell

"I have increased my income one thousand percent per week by listening to your CDs and attending only one First Steps to Success seminar. Also I'm now completely debt free and never before have I had a savings account. I now have over $6,000 in the bank. Thank you for giving me balance in my life!"

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