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Dani Johnson’s
Home Business Entrepreneur Workshop

"I was struggling in my business, my life was out of balance, struggling to pay the bills and overwhelmed with debt. Since plugging into Dani’s training, we started a business and generated $3200.00 our 1st week, $1000 our 2nd week, $11,900 our 3rd week a total of $16,100 in 24 days using Dani Johnson’s Prospecting and Closing Scriptbook and the skills we learned at her LIVE training seminars. Come to a LIVE event as soon as you can!"
~ Capri Mulder


"My sales at work are still going very well. I closed at least 4 customers through outbound calls as extra effort when I am only required to offer and close on inbound calls at my call center. My sales have averaged $7,000 a day and I am getting 2 or more Internet sales daily."
~ Adeline B.


"The most I ever made in a year was $30,000. After plugging into Dani’s training system, in my first 6 months I earned over $117,000. In that first year I earned over $300,000. The year after that I earned over $700,000 and now 7 figures! I’ve had the blessing of raising up two 7 figure earners and four 6 figure earners. My life is not the same now, 6 years after meeting Dani. I’ve also paid off $280,000 in debt and have close to a half million dollars invested earning me 12%. I’m now totally FREE!"
~ Jefferson Santos


"I was in the military, proud to serve my country, not making a lot of money. I realized I was looking for something more. First Steps To Success had a huge impact on my life. I made $43,000 working part time probably 15 hours a week in 6 months. Every single time I come to Dani Johnson, the week after I get back from her training I’ve made at least $4,000."
~ Stephen Smith


"We came across Dani Johnson on Youtube and viewed the testimonials and started to plug into the Free Monday Night calls and we knew right then that we needed to get to a LIVE event. We came out of the Los Angeles Event in Jan 2011 and in 30 days we has a net profit of $23,000. We are now plugging in our team into"
~ Shannon Jaklic


"I could not possibly say enough about the impact that Dani has had on my personal and professional life… The success I’ve had in handling my time, my money, my team, my relationships, my prospecting and so much more are all due to the training and development from Dani. Every time I listen to her speak, I believe that I can succeed… "
~ Winifred Woody


"I’ve been to over 100 trainings in my life, of all different sorts. I thought your training would be information that I already knew. Wow! Was I ever wrong! Your seminar was full of practical tools and information as well as passionate, powerful truths that really hit home. There was material that I had never learned before. I was moved to tears the first day when I really got clear that I had lost my passion and belief for the industry. And for the first time in five years, I got it back. The bottom line is that your seminar was absolutely the best and most impactful training I have ever done in my life."
~ Jeff Breakey


Dear Home Business Entrepreneur,

Perhaps you’ve heard of Dani Johnson who is recognized worldwide as the preeminent authority on Relationship Marketing. Perhaps you’ve heard how she went from failing and living out of her car with only $2.03 to her name to making $250,000 in just one year. Perhaps you’ve heard how she has taken thousands of struggling Home Business Entrepreneurs and transformed them to 6 figure income earners (and some of them up to 7!). What you may not have heard is that Million-Dollar-Producer and Industry Success Trainer, Dani Johnson, is going to be conducting a Home Business Entrepreneur Workshop with a select group of individuals training, equipping, trouble shooting and developing their skills to a level of professionalism that most never attain after years in the industry.

This three day workshop is targeted specifically for the Home Business Entrepreneur. Dani will dive deep into home business specific skills and topics that will give you insight you won’t get anywhere else. You will hear the exact how-to’s from somebody who has done it, experienced the same obstacles and frustrations you have experienced and ultimately found success by developing a team of committed individuals who are making money and achieving their personal and financial goals.

  • Create a duplicatable system for your team that will remove you from “management mode” and create a simple system for success
  • Position your business to experience exponential growth without even trying
  • Discover Dani’s signature technique on how to “light a fire” so your prospects start making money immediately
  • Get on a path to grow a SOLID, lasting residual income
  • Turn your “dead” contacts into your top producers
  • Learn a 3 step process that will take anyone from beginner to expert
  • Build a massive customer base that produces a consistent residual income
  • Develop a sales force of 20,000 people in 2 years with no advertising
  • Discover how to make your first $10,000 check
  • Develop your skill to close and handle any objection thrown your way
  • Discover the secret to outselling your competition 10 to 1 without any technical knowledge of your product
  • Uncover the skill set needed to prospect in any environment
  • You’ve got the name and number, now what?  
  • Participate in interactive role playing to hone your skills
  • Learn the keys to a successful presentation that produces RESULTS!
  • Identify the key ingredient to any successful home business
  • Learn how you can create a viral following on the internet just by sharing your story and the stories of others

This is the fast lane to developing a productive team, anyone on your team whether beginner or advanced will propel to the next level of productivity. You will get a step by step training formula to equip your sales force weekly with tools they need to advance their business and develop leaders within their business. The Home Based business industry is uniquely equipped for this, and you will be uniquely equipped to rise to the top of your company.


This is a 3-day event, January 17th – 19th, 2015. The first 2 days you will join Dani at the event 10′s of thousands have been talking about for years, First Steps To Success in Austin, TX. The third day is FOCUSED on the Home Business Entrepreneur and Exploding Your Business!


guarantee Home Business Entrepreneur Workshop   Austin, TX
Attend Risk Free!

If for any reason you attend this event and don’t feel its worth 10x your registration fee, just let us know Sunday night and we’ll give you a 100% refund!

ACT NOW and SAVE $1,000!!


Discounted Rates For Married Couples Available at Checkout

YES, Dani! I want to spend 3 full days with you in Austin, TX. on January 17th- 19th, 2015 learning the exact strategies you have personally used to achieve million dollar success in record time!

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