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First Steps to Wealth


A Revolution To Increase Your Income, Improve Your Relationships And Expand Your Influence!

In This Book by Dani Johnson A Business, Personal Wealth, and Relationship Expert You Will …

  • Learn step-by-step strategies to making more money in less time with less stress!
  • Get what it takes to stay ahead in a changing world and experience a lifetime of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment!
  • Discover million dollar income growth and wealth development principles!
  • Hear from real people who are living their dreams
  • Unlock a proven debt annihilation formula that has already helped thousands of people pay off debt to the tune of millions of dollars!
  • Get the tools you need to become an indispensable asset in every area of your life!
  • Discover the Powerful Mindset of an Entrepreneur and how you can put advanced strategies to work for you.
  • Put an end to small thinking and ACHIEVE Results!

A Step-by-step Guide To Getting Everything You Want Out Of Life And More!!

What do the greatest achievers throughout history have in common? Why do things go so right for them when so many others constantly struggle? Are these folks smarter, more talented, chosen, born to succeed…?

NO WAY! They are everyday average people who discovered the 10 laws to success in wealth, relationships and more.

Are you ready to put these PROVEN first steps to wealth to work for you?

Never before have these been available in such a straight forward book. Without consciously using these laws, your road to success will be full of obstacles, uncertainty and even failure.. This book is a must if you are serious about consistent and long-lasting success.

Is Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Wealth book for you? Answer these questions to find out:

  • Do you struggle with increasing your income, getting a promotion, or growing your business?
  • Do you struggle with negativity in your business… in your relationships… in your finances?
  • Do you struggle with balance in your life and find a balance between business and family?
  • Do you struggle with being misunderstood and the lack of motivation in others close to you?

Do You Want To…

  • Learn EXACLTY how you can become wealthy?
  • Learn how to acquire the charisma, energy, power influence and power of a millionaire?
  • Learn how to multiply the success you are already have and open the door for more?
  • Learn how to prevent the pitfalls of success and eliminate the risk of losing what you’ve worked so hard for?
  • Learn how to attract quality people into your life who provide encouragement and support?

If So, Then You Need… First Steps To Wealth

Learn Proven Laws of Success To Create Personal Wealth While Serving Others!

In First Steps to Wealth, Dani shares personal insight on how she overcame horrendous circumstances of poverty, abuse, drug-addicted parents, an unwed pregnancy, a forced adoption, marital betrayal, homelessness and debt, by using unique techniques to build several businesses and become the multi-millionaire that she is today. Dani’s unique success strategies have empowered and equipped hundreds of thousands with the knowledge and skills she has learned to achieve what appears to be simply impossible. People of all ages and economic, educational, and family backgrounds travel from across the globe on a monthly basis to learn from Dani Johnson.

First Steps To Wealth Shows You Exactly How To Get Everything You Want Out Of Life And More!

Inside This Revealing Book You Will Learn:

  • Discover the formula to create personal wealth and success in your life!
  • Recognize a promotion in progress so that you can make all the right moves – at the right time
  • The one thing that millionaires have that you don’t…yet
  • What your destiny and purpose is and how to get there
  • What can stop you dead in your tracks before you reach your goal and how to remove it
  • How to become more valuable to your company so that they pay you more and decrease your hours
  • How to increase the success you are already experiencing
  • Proven ways to turn risk into increase The 10 Laws that can exponentially multiply your personal wealth and relationships
  • How to be trusted with a little so you are given even more
  • What causes stress and how you can avoid it
  • How to experience the joy of being free from self-sabotage
  • As simple key to making a decision that will reap success not failure
  • Four gifts you were born with that give you freedom from any circumstance
  • Have a more peaceful and enjoyable life all around
  • Make more money and / or get your biggest promotion at work
  • Uncover and easily counteract negative influences and hindrances to your success
  • One law that applied consistently can bring freedom in every area of our life
  • Three areas to focus on that get the most from your investment in yourself and your future
  • How to restore your dreams, live free from stress and have more fun
  • What a leader is and how you can become one
  • How to immunize yourself from the conformity and no longer get sucked into mediocrity
  • How to not let circumstances determine your fate
  • Exactly what causes fear and how to overcome it in all areas of your life
  • What to do if you are unsure about your future
  • Simple step to reverse overwhelming circumstances and negativity
  • Ways to increase your influence, become the #1 referral and become a trusted advisor in your community
  • Learn to communicate better with the important people in your life to get the results YOU really want… fun, results, harmony, efficiency
  • How to get other people’s attention so they gravitate towards you
  • How to pull the best out in others, for their benefit and yours
  • Put your finances on the fast track to hyper-growth in any economy
  • Acquire the charisma, energy, power, influence, and confidence of a millionaire
  • Conquer hidden excuses and barriers that are hindering your success.
  • Tap into the success laws that attract experienced, motivated and self-reliant people to YOU.
  • Rediscover what allows you to operate in your strengths in all areas of your life
  • Make your work and personal life more fun and exciting!
  • Develop the skills that accelerate your career, sales and business growth
  • Keep you and your organization engaged in the highest revenue generating activities
  • Ensure more productivity and bigger returns for you and your team
  • Leverage step-by-step systems that yield consistent sales and income growth
  • Identify and speak the verbal and non-verbal language of the basic personality types
  • Eliminate miscommunication and confusion with others in the work place and at home
  • Discern and avoid communication breakdowns … before they happen
  • No longer be intimidated by others and learn how to motivate those who intimidate you
  • Build self-motivated teams to get more done in less time, all with less stress and more fun
  • Promote and sell effectively to make more money and get more results
  • Attain energetic and effortless relationships by understanding each GEM … and what makes them tick
  • Stop being the victim and rise up to meet your dreams and goals
  • Unlock the secret to motivating ANYONE, regardless of age or position in life
  • Have more fun at work and home, in fact anywhere
  • Gain a great depth of wisdom, laugh, and decrease stress to make life fun again
  • Remove judgment and criticism from your life
  • Get instant connections with everyone you meet – they’ll feel like they have known YOU for years
  • And so much more!!

All of us desire to have a greater success in our lives whether it be in business, relationships, career, finances, family, school… you name it.

So, what are you waiting for… Get Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Wealth Book!

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