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"I went to First Steps to Success after seeing Dani on Secret Millionaire. After my first event, my business doubled, and my income has increased by 600%. Dani is a breath of fresh air. She brings out things that have always been shut down in me. She has shown me that FORM and closing skills are useful in all areas of life – not just business!" ~ Rebekah Blesch September 2011

"I just received First Steps to Wealth and I am so encouraged. There is so much ʺmeatʺ in this book. This book is worth more than gold! It's not just about making money, it's about making your life & others around you richer than any amount of money." ~ Denise Love September 2011

"One credit card is almost paid off in only 2 months thanks to War on Debt. By next year, in June, we will be debt free!!" ~Dominique Peri September 2011

"Before I took action with Dani Johnson, I was a college graduate with no job! I had bad relationships with people. I found myself homeless either living in a tent or in other peoples' homes. I had no way to pay my debt which was accruing interest every month. I was spinning my wheels in life and getting nowhere fast. After plugging into the system that Dani has made available, I paid off the debt and live a debt free lifestyle. I learned people skills, and got a promotion in a job that I had worked for over a decade, I've learned how to leverage my money and watch it grow passively! My life just keeps getting better and I am so blessed by the people in my life and the guidance that DJC has!!! I'm so priveleged to work with Dani, I know she really cares about my success!" ~Chris Hayes September 2011

"The First Steps To Wealth book is teaching me so many life-changing skills that I can implement in school, life, and a career." ~ Shianne Johnson September 2011

"My Business has expanded BEYOND what I could ever have imagined by getting myself and my staff plugged into your training...Better yet! Seeing RESULTS as a direct result from using the training!! .... Yesterday, we had an incident with an ʺunhappyʺ client who was refusing to pay money they owed By using one of your scripts we were able to turn this client from someone who did not want to return to our company or pay what they owed, into upgrading to a higher Membership with enthusiasm!!" ~ Louise Barton September 2011

"We have four wonderful sons & we are so blessed to have Grooming The Next Generation For Successas a resource to groom them to be successful. It is worth way more than the full retail price. You would be foolish to pass this offer up." ~ Loriann Ketcher September 2011

"My life has not the same since going to First Steps to Success. I never realized how much ego I had in me. I have learned to honor my God, my family, especially my wife, and everyone I meet. I've learned how to stop making excuses and just follow directions. I'm now living my life by design and not by default, as Dani would say." ~ Wade Gustafson September 2011

"My life is unrecognizable just three weeks after First Steps To Sucess." ~Jill Stevens August 2011

"Today my boss said, "Wow! You get all the jobs you put in for." This was the slow time of the year but after First Steps To Success and a Dyansty it is no longer a slow season and we just had to hire two more people to help with all the work." All i know is this stuff works!!!!!!!!!" ~Tobias Benson August 2011

"I was overweight, spiritually confused, and was going nowhere fast. I had no dreams, I was lonely, frustrated, and miserable.  I just wanted to get by. After applying what I learned at First Steps To Success, I paid off $5,000 in debt in 5 months, lost 30lbs, and got promoted in my job."
~ Christopher Hayes July 2011

"I finished reading 'First Steps to Wealth' and it was very empowering. I started using the information in the book and it's working for me to build my business. I can't wait to be debt-free and reclaim my retirement." ~ Jackie Fuller July 2011

"By using your techniques to cut the fat out of our budget, in one month alone we saved 125.00 from not eating out!" ~ Judy Herb July 2011

"WOW!! After attending FSTS my husband and I are working together to bring unity and peace into our home with our 5 kids!! It has been amazing!!! Thank You Dani for the impact you have had in our lives! But especially our Marriage!!! I can't THANK YOU enough!!! I'm excited about our future!!" ~ Kristie Hess July 2011

"I am only on page 51 of the new book and WOW! You didn't waste any time you went straight to the meat and potatoes! I am so ready to learn!" ~ Shonna Harding June 2011

"I was strangled in debt I had no hope for a financial future. I had no clue how to run a business and my marriage was struggling. In the past 8 weeks, I have 7 new team members, made $1,000 in profit, paid off $2,000 of debt."~ Lynn June 2011

"Your scripts are the best! There is one for every senerio!" ~ Angela Watson April 2011

"Within 90 days of leaving First Steps to Success, my husband was able to accomplish our dream of working together at home, and he left his job (even though he was offered a promotion). Our business began to bring in the income needed for him to come home. We never thought paying off debt would be possible with our financial situation, but since Creating a Dynasty in December 2010, we have paid off $4,200 of debt,and we have a savings account. This training is life saving and valuable." ~ Richard & Denesse Russell2011

"Whoever does not have these Script Books is really missing out!" ~ Simone Turner April2011

"I don't feel or sound like an idiot because I have the words I need to say right in front of me. I don't have to think it all out. And the cd's tell me exactly HOW to say it!" ~ Selene Leone April2011

"I have used the script book for months, beginning just with cold calls to practice. Through that practicing of cold calls and Dani's scripts, I have become much better with speaking to anyone- cold or warm." ~ Kristin Pullin 2011

 "Worth more than you can imagine! I LOVE the Script Book! I have this and the Supplimental Script Book and it has made my calls so much easier!" ~ Tracy Graham 2011

 "Love it, makes cold and warm calls so much more successful". ~ Jean Jennings 2011

"Word for word "scripts" of what to say to every type of person you speak to. All you have to do is read." ~ Patti Arns 2011

"Dani's script book is priceless!" ~ Kelly Partyke 2011


"Before plugging into First Steps To Success, I lacked self-confidence, struggled with my relationships especially with my teenage daughter, tired of living paycheck to paycheck, and dealing with debt up to my eyeballs. Since I went, I paid off $1,300 in debt and now have a plan to be debt free. Also I locked up 2 real estate deals and a third one pending; improved my relationship with my daughter and others in my life, my faith is skyrocketing. So if you're serious about anhilating your debt, improving your relationships, wanting to help others through a proven successful system and have fun doing it you better get yourself to First Steps Now."
~ Cathy Loose, IL 2010


"Prior to coming to Dani Johnson, I was a 19 yr old with no life dreams, in a unhealthy relationship, and fighting with my Dad. After coming to First Steps To Success, I have dreams and goals, I have been set free from my relationship, and my father and I can actually have a conversation together! So, if your wanting to find your true self, have healthy relationships, and live in freedom, Then you need to get yourself to the First Steps To Success."
~ Emily Campbell, Manitoba Canada 2010


"In 2 months I've paid off 2 credit cards, 2 lines of credit, and lost 15 lbs"
~ Raul Gonzales 2010

"After attending First Steps To Success, I paid off $36,000 in 16 months. My business has grown 60%."
~ Tini Thomas 2010

"With what I learned at from Dani Johnson, I paid of $9,500 in debt in 5 months and I'm completely debt free"
~ Sharon Adams 2010


"Prior to First Steps To Success, I was a stressed out store owner, with a failing marriage, and I was drowning in debt. After using the proven strategies that I learned from Dani Johnson, my marriage has been restored, my business has grown 35%, and I've paid off $400,000 in debt."
~Tracy Macaro Dec. 2010


"After coming to Dani Johnson, my business is up by 25% and I could afford to hire 2 new people."
~ Ken Macaro Dec. 2010


"I used the skills I learned from Dani Johnson, I now work less hours with less stress while making more money."
~ Marty Rachfold, Chicago, IL. Dec. 2010


"After I lost my home, I went to First Steps to Success and got a hold of War on Debt. Using what I learned, I paid off $12,000 in debt in 4 months and earned a substantial bonus in my real estate business."
~ Sharon Adams, New Zealand


"Prior to First Steps to Success our company was operating at a loss and we had hit a glass ceiling. After applying the strategies I learned at First Steps to Success I increase our company revenue by 800% in 30 days!"
~ David McMenomy, San Jose, CA. Dec. 2010


"I had to scrape the money together to make it First Steps to Success. But leaving the event and using the skills I learned, I made 4 sales in 1 day and made enough money to cover the event expense."
~ Judy Thureson, Los Angeles, CA


"After attending First Steps To Success, I've paid off $40,000 debt in 2 1/2 years, am living on 70% of my income, and I'm on track to pay off even more debt."
~ Debbie Brown


"Using what Dani teaches, I annihilated over $3 million in debt!"
~ Erik Thureson, Los Angeles


"After 4 years of hitting a ceiling in my company, I plugged into First Steps to Success and my business grew from $5,000 to $37,550 a month."
~ Jana James, San Jose Ca


"I was frustrated trying to pay off debt, but using War on Debt, I was able to pay off $21,000 in debt in 3 months, gaining amazing financial freedom"
~ Aggie Stasko, Arkansas


"Before I started my business training with DaniJohnson.com 2 and half years ago, I was 298 lbs and struggling at my job and generally failing in every area of my life and I didn’t see any way out. Since then I have lost over 135 lbs, paid off over $85,000 in debt, and I went from 'goose eggs' to $7,000 a day in revenue in my job."
~ Adeline Bart Dec. 2010


"Prior to training with DaniJohnson.com, I was working over 80 hours a week, getting burnt out, and never really getting ahead financially. Since applying the new skills about priorities and time management, I am once again seeing light at the end of the tunnel, both professionally and personally. The biggest thing that I thank Dani Johnson.com for is that I have been able to keep my 5 figure monthly income while cutting my hours by 75% and I no longer have to sacrifice my family or my health for my job.
~ Steve Carter Jan. 2011


"Prior to getting plugged into DaniJohnson.com, I was a traditional business owner with boatloads of debt and stress, and I worked about 60 hours a week. My priorities were all messed up. Just in the last 6 months, I have fixed my time management, re-kindled my marriage, I’ve totally reconnected with my three children, and I’ve paid off  $170,000 worth of debt."
~ Jennifer Young, Greenbay, WI


"With First Steps To Success and Dani Johnson, I've paid off $10,000 in debt in the last month and a half!  I know I will succeed in my home based business."
~ Margaret Klassen, Canada


"Prior to attending First Steps to Success, I was a discouraged and frustrated stay-at-home Mom, drowning in debt, overweight and at times wishing I could escape. I felt disconnected from my husband and our lives were consumed with our business day and night. After applying the proven strategies, we paid off $10,000 of personal debt in 2 months, I lost 20 lbs in 3.5 months, Wade and I are more in love than ever, and my children have a happy and thankful Mommy!"
~ Vangel Roberts, Canada. Jan. 2011


"I went from being unemployed to paying off $4,000 in deb and I've lost 40 lbs. I am now happy."
~ Fran Larkin Dec. 2010


"I was in an okay job, making okay money, but I was spending it much faster than I made it; I had a pretty good size debt. At First Steps to Success, I learned how to pay off over $40,000 in debt without increasing my income."
~ Andrea Clark Derego, NY. Dec. 2010


"I was a broke frustrated college student with a failing part time business and my relationship with my dad was absolutely horrific. After plugging into Dani Johnson, I decreased my study time by 75% and went from getting low 90s on my tests to scoring 98 to 100% on everything, I made $5,000 in 4 months, doubled my cliental, and completely restored my relationship with my dad."
~ Mary Jo Kalasky, North Jackson, OH.


"Before coming to Dani Johnson 2 years ago, I was on the verge of filing bankruptcy and closing my business. After listening to 6 Figures in 6 Months, I was able to write $122,000 in 2 days. The next week I wrote $28,000 in 24 hours. And the week after that I wrote $18,000 in orders."
~ Gina Alexander, Los Angeles, CA.


"In July, I started my own business. My goal was to be making $8,000 a month by the end of 6 months. I was making $8,000 a month by my second month!
~ Erin Hitzke, Brisbane, Australia. Dec. 2010


"I was struggling in my business, I was failing in my marriage, I was frustrated with my parenting skills, and drowning in debt. After plugging into First Steps to Success and Creating a Dynasty, I paid off $25,000 in debt, my marriage was absolutely restored, and I have seen amazing improvements with my kids. I feel absolutely joyful!"
~ Andrea Tessier, Canada. Dec. 2010


"I had spent money on ever other trainer that is out there, I found that DaniJohnson.com is the best training the best investment I have ever made in my life. I paid off $1.5 million dollars of debt and doubled my existing 6 figure income."
~ Simeon Cryer, Australia


"I stumbled across DaniJohnson.com, while I was an employee working for engineering company. Using the skills I learned at First Steps to Success, I purchased my OWN Engineering Company and then purchased an additional engineering company 6 months later! I went from being an employee to a business owner, and I'm now making well over 6 figures a year!"
~ Stuart Lynn, TX. Dec. 2010


"After plugging into First Steps To Success, I was able to make $3,200 in my first 4 days.  We have paid off $84,000 of debt in 38 months and over the past 6 months we have made over $64,325."
~ Cadie Kalmes, MN. Nov. 2010


"I went to First Steps to Success and made $15,000 in 30 days. First Steps to Success changed my life forever."
~ Jackie O'Quinn, Altanta, GA. Jan. 2011


"Recently we started a home based business and the week after attending First Steps to Success we closed two people at the top package back to back and generated $22,500."
~ Meggan Larson, Canada. Jan. 2011


"I was working at a burger shop and making $8.00 an hour. After coming to Dani Johnson, I was able to get the skills to start my own business doing inter-lock and landscaping. We just completed our second year and we’ve been able to profit over $110,000."
~ Rob Larson, Canada. Jan. 2011


"Leaving First Steps To Success, I made $13,000 in 30 days, made $104,000 my first year in business, and I've paid off $292,000 in debt. I'm now DEBT FREE and just bought a second home with CASH!"
~ Stacy O'Quinn Dec. 2010


"Prior to coming to First Steps to Success, this mom of four was very burnt out and didn’t know how to juggle everything going on in my life. I implemented the techniques in Grooming the Next Generation for Success and saw radical change immediately."
~ Angela Rose, TX. Dec. 2010


"Before going to a Dani Johnson event, I was in a rut and felt my life was not going anywhere: spiritually, socially, and financially. After applying some of the new skill sets learned at her conference, In a new teaching job, I interviewed my principal and negotiated a $6,000 increase in my salary."
~ Maria Hardwick Dec. 2010


"Before starting with DaniJohnson.com, my financial services business was stagnating, my kids and I were struggling to communicate, and I felt like the world was crashing in around me.  Since I got plugged into DaniJohnson.com 14 months ago, my business went from $1.5 million in sales to over $6 million. I hired four new people, I finished number 3 out of 70 for the year!  I grew a direct sales business from $2,000 in volume to over $63,000, my kids and I are communicating and connecting in a way that I never dreamed possible, and I am totally optimistic about my life."
~ Greg Palka Dec. 2010


"In one year I went from making $38,000 a year to over $110,000. If you seriously want to increase your income, if you really want to build long lasting relationships, if you want to completely radically change your life, and learn a proven success system and have a whole lot of fun doing it then I suggest you get registered for the next event now."
~ Ryan Maddings Dec. 2010


"I have no problem initiating contact and presenting, but closing was always a challenge. I only managed to close 1 person in 3 years. But then after getting Dani Johnson’s training materials, I have sponsored 8 people in seven weeks."
~ Shane


"I was a traditional businesss owner that had a small amount of success but I was completely stressed out, I had become a slave to my job and was working 80 hours a week.  I was beginning to resent my company and everyone I worked with.  After plugging into Dani Johnson's training, I was able to take my business from $720,000 to $3.7 million in just 18 months while cutting my hours in half."
~ Carmen O'Quinn Jan. 2011


"Since plugging into Dani Johnson’s system, I have grown my home business from scratch to over 1,300 people."
~ Patti LaMourey Dec. 2010


"I was working 80 to 90 hours a week, I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown—I knew I needed to change my situation. I got plugged into Dani Johnson and in the last year and a half I’ve profited over a $140,000. I would definitely say it is something that you can not miss. If you’re sick and tired of your circumstances and being stuck in a rut, you need to get here immediately."
~ Tara


"Since attending Creating A Dynasty in December I have been using the War On Debt Home Study Program and paid of $700 in 30 days."
~ Tyeisha Delk


"When I first started in business I had a lot of desire and I really wanted to be successful and I stayed at a plateau. I couldn't get over the plateau that I was stuck on so I came to Dani and its only been 6 months but within the first 45 days I was able to make $42,000 more than I would have."
~ Stephanie Johnson


"Prior to getting started in business I was actively raising my 11 children. Working about 10 hours a week I have been able to make $60,000 keeping my priorities as a mom."
~ Monica Tubbs


“Before I met Dani I had spent a small fortune on courses, and a host of different motivational speakers with little or nothing to show for it. I got started with Dani’s system and my income increased by $26,000 within twelve months. In addition to that Dani also gave me a strategy to get rid of $24,000 in debt that very same year. No fluff, no hype, just solid proven strategy that anyone can apply.”
~ Simeon Cryer


"Prior to getting started in business I was a 19 year old full time college student working part time as a waitress making $8000/year and just getting deeper and deeper into debt. I possessed absolutely no skills as to how to run a professional business, so I got plugged into Dani Johnson and First Steps to Success seminars right away. Using the skills that Dani has taught me, I was able to make $9,000 in one week! If you’re thinking about coming, you need to book our ticket now, today. Don’t think about it, you can’t afford to miss it."
~ Keri Skarin


"My first First Steps To Success I went to, I went in not having any idea what was gonna happen. Came out of there, made $30,000 the month after. This is my fifth seminar so far, and every time I am blown away. No amount of money can replace the internal changes that happens."
~ Geneva Compton


"Prior to getting started with Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success, I was overcomplicating my business for two years with absolutely no results. I plugged into Dani and within the first year was making a 6-figure income. In 4 months from the last 3 Day Advanced Training, Creating A Dynasty, I made $50,000. I do not even recognize my life right now as it was a year ago. It’s blown my mind the things I’ve been able to accomplish."
~ Jodi Stott


I have to say that when I attended the Boston, First Steps to Success Seminar, I went from having three people in my downline in three months to having about (33) in 1 and a half months. Thank you so much!!!!
~ Dianne Maydak


"Prior to coming to Dani, I was broke, homeless, living on somebody's couch with a $500/week drug habit. Within the first year of plugging into Dani I completely turned my life around. I went from a 9th grade education to making over a 6-figure income. I went from not getting any results in my business to now having an 80% closing ratio. I didn't think I would ever be successful in my life from being homeless with a drug addiction to making over $100,000. I don't know what your decision is, but I know what mine was and it worked for me."
 ~ Shane Wiltse


"Prior to my first First Steps to Success I was an angry, stressed out mom. Although I was successful in my business, I wanted to walk away from it because it was not worth it. I have increased my income 54% since plugging into Dani's training and I am for the first time ever a 6-figure income earner. If you want to enjoy freedom in every area of your life, physical, personal, and financial, you will get yourself to the next live event. Do you want to achieve your dreams? If so, register right now."
~ Shari Snyder


"I was married, raising four children and my family was seriously affected by an 11 year struggle with leukemia with my young son, Wade. It forced us into bankruptcy, and then I lost Wade, I lost my job, I lost my life, totally out of control. I encountered Dani Johnson and started taking advantage of her advanced training and things changed. Within 45 days of coming out of First Steps to Success, I made $23,610 and was literally on my way to a 6-figure income. You don’t have to be perfect you just have to follow some steps and get it going. Get here and experience it and you’ll be on your way to a big change in your life."
~ Alan Botteon


"I was in the military, proud to serve my country, not making a lot of money. I realized I was looking for something more. First Steps To Success had a huge impact on my life. I made $43,000 working part time probably 15 hours a week in 6 months. Every single time I come to Dani Johnson, the week after I get back from her I’ve made at least $4,000."
~ Stephen Smith


"A year ago our income was $1800/month and $1600 of that was going out to child support, so we had no money. We ended up homeless living with friends and relatives but we kept coming back and invested in the tools. Our income about a year and a half later is over $18,000/month, so get here, keep coming back, you will not regret it."
~ Tyler Adkins


"I was working as a registered nurse full-time, had only made a little bit of money in my business. Came out of my very first First Steps To Success, ended up making over $10,000 that very first 30 days outside of First Steps. I put my head down, got to work in my business. A year later, I’ve been able to leave my job as a nurse, I work full time from home now, averaging about 20 hours a week. I’m already over $100,000 and it just keeps getting better and better and I’m here to stay."
~ Jackie O’Quinn


"Since tapping into Dani Johnson, my business has soared. In the last 4 months I’ve paid off over $10,000 in debt. I also teach college and I’ve taken some of the information I’ve learned from Dani and used it with my college students. I learned how to talk to different personalities,how to answer questions, and how to motivate them to be successful. It’s not just for business people – It’s for your life!"
~ Pam Root


"Prior to First Steps to Sucess for the first time I had achieved a 6 figure income but I was absolutely miserable. I had no time or freedom, I didn’t see my children and was losing control of my life which was the opposite of what I was trying to do. After coming to First Steps, I’ve learned so many skills to gain managablity of my own life and business and it’s improved my marriage. I went from a 6 figure income to a multiple 6 figure income – paid off over $100,000 worth of debt. My life absolutely does not look the same. I would recommend anybody who really wants to take their business to the next level, who are really serious about taking this all the way, you have to get to First Steps and you definitely have to get to Creating A Dynasty. I haven’t seen one person who hasn’t been phenomenally affected by the training, equipping, and the personal growth that occurs in one weekend."
~ Renae Heikkila


"Prior to getting in business for myself and getting started with Dani Johnson, I was $116,000 in debt, I was working 50-60 hours a week, our household income was $25,000/year and I was the sole income provider for our family. I got started in business, didn’t know what to do, I didn’t have the training I needed to succeed and I had made no money. When I came to my very first First Steps To Success, I made $13,000 my very first month, and so far this year, I quite my full-time job, my business is my full-time job, and I’ve actually made a little over $135,000 in less tan a year!"
~ Stacy O’Quinn


"Prior to First Steps, I was originally filing for a divorce, and I was working major amount of hours in a previous business making a minimum amount of money. Since plugging into Dani my marriage was saved, something I did not expect to happen. My business has exploded. I increased my income in the first month by double and cut my hours in half. Not only did I explode my business coming out of there, but my company named my Rising Star of the Year and I was the 2nd top recruiter in the entire company. Dani, I love you, thank you so much!"
~ Susan Arriens


"I was in a full commission job. I woke up every month with a big fat 0, working 60-80 hours a week, just totally burnt out, hated my job, hated getting out of bed. Applying Dani Johnson’s principals, her skills sets, the things that she teaches, we were able to make a $241,000 income in less than a year. I would highly recommend anybody, if you wanna be a success, you can apply the principals that she teaches to anything you do to become a success at it. If you are thinking about coming to First Steps to Success you can’t afford NOT to come. The life changing skills and principals that she teaches will absolutely change your life."
~ Kelly Parker


"I was working in a corporate America job 15 hours PER DAY working for someone elses dreams. I decided to stop the insanity, get started at the top package in my company, enroll in First Steps to Success, and in the last 12 months I’ve created a 6-figure income, paid off $50,000 in debt and acquired over a million dollars worth of property."
~ John Pitlick


"I was a full-time teacher and a coach, I had a lot of family and personal issues I was dealing with at the time and I knew I needed to make a change in my life. I plugged into Dani Johnson and was able to quit my job within 5 months, I doubled my annual salary in my business and it wasn’t even a year yet and I’m looking at $37,000 this month."
~ Andrea Rooke


"Prior to getting started in my business, I had ZERO business experience and not a clue how to run a successful business. After tapping into several First Steps to Success seminars, I now have the skills to a run a successful business, regularly earning $10,000/month."
~ Gregg Jakoby


"I owned a Corporate America company;  I was making 6-figures but I was bored and unfulfilled. Since plugging into Dani Johnson I have been able totally flip my life around, my priorities are completely re-arranged. I’ve put my kid at the top of the list instead of my work. I’ve paid off $80,000 in personal debt, acquired properties because of the training that we’ve got. I’ve generated an additional 6-figures in my business and I’m working part-time on my fortune."
~ Tracy Steinke


"Prior to Dani Johnson I was trying to convince people of how great my product and opportunity was. I was also really unfocused. After going through First Steps to Success and Creating a Dynasty, I have control over my life again, I’m excited, people are begging me to be on my team instead of me begging them. My relationships have grown and I don’t let people control me anymore."
~ Michael Kitchen


"I’m a manager and I learned how some of the ways I’ve been treating employees is the opposite of the way I should be and that is gonna change just right in the workplace that I’m at. I think the live event, there’s something here, you get that dynamic that your missing on the recorded material."
~ Roy Kinch


"We went to our first First Steps to Success, and at that time we were having weeks doing really well, overall making over $10,000 a month and now we’re coming to have weeks of breaking $20,000 a week so it’s really  brought about a dynamic change in our whole business."
~ Tim West


"When you know your WHY - DaniJohnson.com is your HOW!! Plain and simple - to the tune of 7 figures!!"
~ Sandi Krakowski


"I am currently an executive in a home based business company, and have been to functions with 70,000 people in them. I've heard almost every major motivational speaker and trainer out there, and I've got to tell you that Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success was absolutely the best I have ever been to by far! Thank you guys for what you're doing, our industry has desperately needed you!"
~ Tyler Adkins


"My closing ratios went from a whopping 0% to 40% plus!!!”
~ Yvette Green


"My closing ratios went from a mere 0% to over 50%...”
~ Patti Cagle


"My income went from $15,000 per month to over $50,000 per month!!!"
~ Greg Hillman


"I feel we have gained 1000% in confidence and knowledge!!!!"
~ Dan & Wanda Swonger


"In the 7 weeks since our first First Steps To Success, our team has grown by 250 team members, and our income has doubled!"
~ Nate Ridgeway


"I've been to over 100 trainings in my life, of all different sorts. I thought your training would be information that I already knew. Wow! Was I ever wrong! Your First Steps to Success Seminar was full of practical tools and information as well as passionate, powerful truths that really hit home. There was material that I had never learned before. I was moved to tears the first day. This was the #1 best training I have ever attended in 20 years full time in Networking. The bottom line is that your seminar was absolutely the best and most impact training I have ever done in my life... I will be referring a lot of people!"
~ Jeff Breakey


"Dani provides a great 'Blue Print' for being successful!!!!!"
~ Gevonne Luo


"Because of you, I have since Feb. increased my income one thousand percent per week by listening to your c.d. and only one First Steps to Success seminar in Phoenix. Also I'm now completely debt free and never before have I had a savings account and I now have over 6,000 dollars in the bank. Thank you for giving me balance in my life....."
~ Elene Campbell


“I have been in this industry for 30 years and have been to and have gone to other seminars that were $1500.00 each and they had no comparison to First Steps to Success…..”
~ Evelyn Lee Deflrion


“Finally you’ve given me the training I’ve searched for over 12 years.”
~ Terry Miller


“I am SO amazed at the change in ME with my children since I attended First Steps to Success in Phoenix. THANK YOU! There are conventions & seminars & great speakers, but your events are truly LIFE CHANGING. The money I spent going to Phoenix & Dallas was worth every cent because I didn't just learn great skills, but I'VE CHANGED!!! The other conventions I've been to got me excited about our opportunity, but yours has raised my commitment to this business God gave me, I am enthusiastic about helping people now, I have a new desire and confidence, and look forward to calling people. Before, I was always afraid to pick up the phone, afraid of rejection, afraid of not knowing what to say, or how to respond. Your script book and all your CD's are priceless. I even signed up a new distributor after sending him to the May 31, 2004 call! I'm telling all the distributors in my group (and all new ones to come) that if they want to be successful in this business they HAVE to get to First Steps to Success, & get all your CD's, otherwise, we're just not on the same page, and I really can't help them. I've thrown away all the notes, etc., from other trainers I've been listening to, and advised others to do the same. I want to master what YOU teach! Thanks to all of you for your hard work and commitment to us! God bless you....."
~ Elaine Madrid


"Prior to plugging into Dani's teaching my sales numbers were around the 2 to 3 hundred dollar range. Now, they have been around 2,500.00 and up. Thanks, Dani….."
~ Kassandra Bragg


"Dani is the most inspirational, astounding, incredible trainer I've ever worked with. (I used to put on national motivational/sales training seminars and worked with the top in the business) No one has caused more changes in me with tangible results. She has that God-given gift to "tweak" a person's skills, habits, and thought processes born out of her desire to capitalize and share her incredible experiences!"
~ Tina Humphery


"My life hasn't been the same since I first heard you speak…….:
~ Marcus Tribelhorn


"Dani, the first time I heard your conference call I was thinking 'this cannot be true, no one can come from such a low place and from such a hard life and then be so successful. I kept thinking, what if she really can help me? After attending your First Steps to Success seminar, it was truly a turning point in my life. I knew then that, finally I have found a mentor, who will help me achieve my purpose in this life. I am now at total peace with myself, and I am a completely changed and new person. There is no price tag I can put on the self improvement that I've had. My income has grown by 73%. If you want to make a change in your life and you are serious hat you want to be someone then, make your way to First Steps and then Dynasty. Words do not do justice to the real experience..."
~ Kulwant Jutla


"After going to your First Steps to Success Seminar, my income has DOUBLED in one month. Not only that, I have now been promoted to the second highest level in the company. After our coaching call, where you specifically taught me how to bring someone into my business at the highest level, I went from having only brought one person in, to a total of 15 within a two week period. This placed me in the bonus pool in our company, where I received a fabulous bonus check for being the 4th highest recruiter in the company for the month! In addition, I won an all expense paid cruise for my husband and myself!! Now, when I bring in a new associate, the first training words out of my mouth are "Go to Dani's website, sign up as a free member, and plan on going to a seminar". I tell people that it is the best investment that they will ever make in their business!!!"
~ Rebecca Chazan


"Creating A Dynasty is way specific, fine toothed, and advanced, it’s like you need to be tempered at First Steps To Success in order to receive the heat of Dynasty. Dynasty, because of its depth and nit and grit, has equipped me to really, truly understand what I'm to do with my business...."
~ Marcus Tribelhorn


"We've been in the Network Marketing industry for 7 years now, earned 6 figures several times and developed other 6 figure income earners in our organization. I found your website and immediately recognized your passion, and that you accept a greater mission, that you have a tremendous amount to offer individuals at all levels and we are blown away not only at the clarity and conciseness of your training, but the amount of available training that's on your website for FREE. You have more on your website than most people offer to sale!"
~ Maurice


"We just wanted to thank you for a 'life changing' weekend. What you shared with us and our team will not only stick with us forever but you have given us the tools to literally change the lives of countless millions of people. It personally gave me the intestinal fortitude to get out of my comfort zone and do something with what we have been given."
~ Ken & Jan Smith


"If you want to work with the absolute best trainer there is in the industry, Dani Johnson is the best of the best and is my personal choice for training! I am now earning by far more than I have ever made with just 1/3rd of the efforts. The way she teaches maximizes your time and skill. I've 'unplugged' from anything and everything I have ever been taught in this industry. I even send all of my people that I work with straight to her because I want them to have the best of the best. Honestly, those on my team who are trained by her, earn FAR more money than those who are not trained by Dani. She has helped me pay off $25,890 in debt, overcome fear in prospecting, close 80% more people in the highest rate, and I just simple can't tell you how much she's done for me....."
~ Sandi Krakowski


"I tripled my business last week with the same amount of effort."
~ Tina Humphery


"My percentages were below 30 percent, after following Dani's Script Book 100%, my percentages increased to 90%......"
~ Kulwant Jutla


"I don’t care who you are or where you’re coming from, or how long you’ve been in this business or how new you’ve been to this business, We cannot provide the training that Dani does and I’ll tell you, her training has literally turned our organization around.  I mean, absolutely, she's a Godsend!"
~ Ken Smith


"If you are alive and listening, you should without a doubt benefit greatly from this magnificent marketing woman who is in a class by herself!!"
~ Carter Dibrell, Jr.


“Since attending my first event in L.A., I have paid of a total of 5 debts and I am now on my 6th to pay off. Thank you Dani, for empowering me to become debt free!”
~ Danie Jolley


"Out of all of the trainings and trainers that I've come across, you are the most intuitive, the most instinctive, and the most natural network marketer that I've ever run into. You have such a gift in understanding people, and truly helping them by really focusing on their needs."
~ Philip Ingram


“I can't tell you enough how much my life has changed since having been exposed to you. I attended First Steps in L.A and within a few weeks I cleared $15,000 of debt that I carried around like a gorilla on my back! I never realized that the freedom of having it cleared would enable me to REALLY experience life.”
~ Francis Chau


“Dani Rocks!  Everything I hear from her, I apply to just about every part of my life.”
~ Jeremy Krakowski


“I am so blessed to have found you. I know it was not an accident. I put 2 of my 3 distributors on your call last week and they were impacted more than any other conference call they've ever heard. I had the exact same experience. Thank you for having HEART!”
~ Nicole Guess-Rideaux


“When I first was introduced to a Dani Johnson seminar, I had just been laid-off from an architecture firm that went under. My brother, had attended one of Dani's seminars in Kona, Hawaii and he said that it had changed his life. But what peaked my interest wasn’t what he said but the way he sounded. His voice was different. His attitude was incredible. It was like some event had given him focus, drive, passion and the ability to know that he could do anything he put his mind to. All I knew was whatever he had, I wanted. I found myself flying to Oahu, Hawaii from Virginia with only 48 hours notice! It was the best decision that I made in my life. That seminar helped me achieve a six-figure income in my business."
~ Rohini A. Solos


"To Whom it may concern,
My wife and I own and operate a family & Crisis Counseling Center. We have been in the counseling profession for over 20 years. I am writing this letter to inform all who read it that Dani Johnson has many qualities of which I will express just a few. Dani Johnson; I met her at one of her motivational seminars. I am a speaker myself and heard that I should go to see this lady because I could possibly learn something. I went with an attitude. I felt that I would not be able to learn anything form a woman as young as she. I was terribly wrong. Within ten minutes she had me in the palm of her hand. I have attended many of her seminars over the years. When my calendar allowed I would make time to go. I could not think of a better place to be than in a room where she would be teaching positive approaches to learning no matter the curriculum. Since that first meeting I have sent many of our clients at the center to her positive approach learning seminars. She is wise far and I mean far beyond her years. Absolutely all of her seminars (no matter what the subject matter) are presented in such a manner that she captivates the audience. If the person reading this is one who is considering aligning with Dani. What ever you do, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT let this opportunity slip through your fingers.”
~ Jack L. Atnip, Pastoral Counselor


“Life before: I was a hairdresser working 60 to 80 hours a week and still living paycheck to paycheck. Successful in a high-end salon I still had no clue about money management. I was 50 pounds overweight, severely bulimic (purging 6 to 15 times a day). My life was full and busy, but not complete. I often felt like I was spinning in circles repeating the past. I was content but oh so far from happy. Searching for something more, something to hope for, a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I was extremely good at faking joy, happiness, health and success. That is just a short list of what it was like for me before my exposure to Dani Johnson. The first time I saw her I knew she had something I wanted. I didn't know what it was but I did know that I had to have it. She was dynamic, magnetic, energetic, full of life and now in retrospect, I realize what she had that I desired more than anything on the planet - conviction. So when I heard about the her training seminars, I jumped at the chance. I had to pull some strings work schedule wise as well as financially but every single moment of it was worth it. You will often hear people say they would pay $2000.00 for the first 4 hours, and it is completely true. Dani Johnson has an amazing gift with people. No matter what arena she is dealing with: business, marriage, parenting, spiritual, friendships, you name it she can show people their own truth on how to achieve success. She leads by example and only teaches what she knows because it is what she does on a daily basis .I have known Dani for 7 years and I Have seen her touch hundreds of people in ways that they can truly utilize. Life after: After that first seminar my bulimia stopped immediately (A $10,000 month long treatment program didn't do that). Within two weeks I got a raise at the salon and in my first 10 hours working my own Network Marketing business I earned $2000.00. Before I was never going to get married and have kids because I was afraid I'd screw it up. I've been married 5 and a half years and have two beautiful boys. Before I was flat broke. Today I have more money saved than I've ever been able to save in my life (I will be 40 this year). I have more confidence than I ever thought possible. I've trained for and completed three marathons (so far). I am now a healthy strong woman with an athletic frame instead of an overweight, sluggish, weak and depressed woman looking for the next film to watch to escape the reality that was my life. Because of the things that Dani had instilled in me I will never be comfortable allowing myself to be complacent. She showed me that I have all the talent ambition and drive to succeed at whatever I choose to do.”
~ Michele VanFossen


"God put Dani Johnson in my life in 1994 when I was 26 years old. I was about to shut down our family business of five years that had lost nearly $500,000. I was confused and defeated. Meeting Dani rekindled my entrepreneurial spirit. She showed me how earn my first $2000 in direct selling and introduced me to a new industry that would change my life. Dani believed in me during my tough first few years in direct sales, all the while, helping to develop my God given talents. Eventually, it was our turn for some business success and Dani was there with a training system that helped explode Kristin and my business. We used her First Steps to Success program for the training of our entire sales force which grew to do nearly $3,000,000 per year and to this day still produces a nice monthly residual income for our family. Our business and the training we received from Dani has given us great freedoms in our life. Kristin is blessed to be able to stay at home and be a full time mom to our two wonderful kids who we will be able to home school starting next year. Now, in 2003, I find myself working as Director of Field Services for Symmetry Corporation. My job is to help build a vibrant, growing sales force in the USA and around the world. Today, I am honored to work with some very well respected executives in the Direct Selling field. In my first few weeks at Symmetry, I had to thank Dani personally. I had realized the effect that she had had on me. First Steps to Success and Dani herself had given me the skills and lead me to the experiences that have become so vital to me successfully doing my job."
~ Brian Niederhaus


“Five years ago I was working full time in construction, initially I was interested in that field because it offered more potential than any other job I had previously held. A short time later I found myself strongly disliking what I was doing, but I had a few problems. I believed at the time, because of my limited education, that it was the best I could do. I was intimidated by people I did not know, and I had very little ability to deal with people at all. Fortunately, I was given an opportunity to attend one of Dani’s First Steps To Success seminars in January of 1997, and for me it was an incredible life changing experience. The first four hours of that seminar absolutely blew my mind and I came out of that event a different person. I had learned some things that had opened my eyes to many truths and untruths about beliefs I did and didn't have. From that seminar I gained the courage to try something new, and a short time later, wound up with a new career in sales. Sales is something with which I have had a great deal of success over the last five years. I was taught the ability to believe in myself, that if I wanted something bad enough and was willing to work I could have it. I learned a tremendous amount of skill in the art of dealing with people, which I believe is why I now manage a branch of my company that is responsible one third of its revenues. I was picked out of a group people for this position because of the skills I have learned from Dani’s training system. The exciting thing for me now is that I know I am capable of more progress and have more things to accomplish in my life, and at one time I was a shy and fearful construction worker. If anyone in this world has the ability to change people it's Dani Johnson. She has the ability to reach down inside people and pull out talents and strengths that they didn't know they had. I can say this because I lived it, I have personally watched her influence hundreds of people over the past several years. I have never met someone in my entire life who cared so much about people. To attend one of her seminars would be the greatest gift that most people could ever receive. To miss out on the opportunity would mean missing out on a great deal of your own life's potential.”
~ Rob VanFossen


“Before meeting Dani Johnson, I had spent close to $100,000 on personal growth seminars and workshops across the country, only to find myself living from paycheck to paycheck, renting a room in someone else’s home, dealing with bad relationships, having no “REAL” friends, I had absolutely NO goals and NO plans on making any! Having no college education, I figured I was destined for mediocrity and working for someone else for the rest of my life. Through the trainings of Dani Johnson, over the past 10 years I have never had to interview for any positions I have held…employers recruited me. Through learning who I am and what I can give to others, my personal relationships have been incredible and my marriage is the best part of my life. Today, I work with over 750 entrepreneurs and teach them how to build their business by referrals. The people skills taught by Dani have been an absolute necessity in dealing with these entrepreneurs. My goals, both business and personal, are taped to my mirror so I see them daily. Each year we are able to hit 80-90% of them. If you know someone who needs help with direction, people skills, encouragement, goal setting, self-esteem, or a new direction for their life, then they need to attend the VERY NEXT SEMINAR AVAILABLE.”
~ Dawn Lyons, BNI Franchise Owner


“My name is Shiva Arulanandan and I am currently vice president of Engineering at a company which produces high power radar amplifiers. The skills which I learned from Dani Johnson are what brought me the success I enjoy today. The engineering degree and the years of graduate study are not the keys to my success. My ability to relate and understand what people want has enabled me to succeed in a competitive engineering marketplace. I feel I have an unbeatable advantage over other people in life all due to the skills I have learned from Dani’s seminars.”
~ Shiva Arulanandan, Vice President of Quarterwave

“I really did not want to attend my first seminar, First Steps to Success taught by Dani Johnson, about six years ago. As a leading national scientist in earthquake research and applications, my career seemed totally on track, and was envied by many. My family was doing fine, and I had many friends and colleagues. What was there to improve? At my wife’s urging, and mostly to support her efforts to develop a successful home-based direct selling business, I agreed to spend an entire weekend in a hotel meeting room, but I was not expecting to personally benefit from the experience. I had met Dani at several other presentations related to my wife’s business, and I was impressed by her energy and enthusiasm, but again, what could she do for me? At the end of the first workshop (near midnight on a Sunday night), I was exhausted, but realized that I had become exposed to ideas and insights that I had never encountered in four years of college, eight years of graduate school and post-doctoral work, and more than two decades of management training courses and mentoring. As Dani said, I was “well-edumacated,” but had stopped growing and learning and developing to reach the opportunities of the future. During the next few years, I attended five more First Steps to Success seminars and other multi-day trainings developed and led by Dani. With each learning experience, my engagement of personal growth multiplied many-fold. Everyone I met (including old acquaintances as well as new faces) had something to teach me, and I looked forward to finding what it was. My already successful career blossomed into huge new opportunities—a fellowship to work in Washington D.C., international meetings that led to new applications of my scientific expertise and new understanding of myself and my American culture, and ultimately a new position as a senior manager and coordinator of a $100 million-plus national project. In addition (yes, there is much more to life than work), I have grown much closer in my relationships with my wonderful wife and son. With them as my guides and partners, I have been able share our times together with much more love and fun. Looking back on this period, I recognize and greatly appreciate the profound role that Dani has played in challenging me and teaching me to do more and be more than I ever imagined I could. Her genius as a mentor and instructor has changed my life by enabling me to change my life when I did not realize that I could and must change. Thank you, Dani!”
~ William U. Savage, PG&E Seismologist

“Thank you is a simple gesture for all the difference you have made in my life. Your continuous commitment to helping people is amazing. As I sit here in my office I realize how many people in this building I work in would benefit from your seminars. Everyone in this world is messed up in some way. Having the tools is only half the battle, using them on a consistent basis is the other half. You motivate me like no one else to use them. I have been reading books and listening to tapes for years now, but none of them lift me up the way you do. I feel I am so blessed that God put you in my path.”
~ Dina Gifford, Redding, CA

“I just wanted to say Thank You Dani for all the knowledge you have shared with us and our teams. You have made us look at ourselves when it was neither easy nor pleasant for either side and you have persevered when the chips were down. You have shown grace under fire and true class. Those of us who were there through everything say "Bravo!" Prior to attending a seminar taught by Dani Johnson, my life was in a shambles. I was working five different jobs and enjoying none of them. I was a cranky, loud, obnoxious, know-it-all that was hiding a huge streak of no self-esteem and who had few true friends. I went to the training under a great deal of pressure and was insistent that "I didn't need it and really didn't want it." I did not make an amazing turn around in just one weekend training, but was intrigued enough and impressed enough to attend another, and another and another.... then the changes began to happen. I found out that people liked me - the real me, not the one I was trying to be. I learned to listen and care about other people more than myself. I learned that the greatest gift of all is having more friends than you can count. My business began to grow. I have been able to do business how I want, not how I was forced to. I learned that by putting someone else's best interest first, your own interests will multiply. Since attending Dani Johnson's trainings my business went from being a barely making it operation to incomes near six figures per year. Dani's teachings have shown me proven methods to help people make decisions and how to deal with difficult people. My personal life has changed even more dramatically. When I attended my first seminar, I had almost no friends. I was stuck in a pathetic place in my life and saw no changes ahead. Through these trainings, I have been able to grow out of a miserable place and now I am a very positive, upbeat person who feels comfortable in nearly any situation. I have more CLOSE friends than I can count and know that there are even more out there that I can count on in a pinch. I feel blessed with all the changes that have happened in my life and they all started at a training in February 1997. Life is good! Thank you Dani Johnson!”
~ Lori Pritchett

“When I first attended this seminar, I was a know-it-all who didn't know where her life was going. And that means it was going nowhere. What I learned is that I need to keep learning and growing; this is a process, not a one-time makeover. I learned how to figure out what I want from life, and how to get it. I learned how to take charge and make those things happen that I choose to happen. This seminar has given me the tools to find my own success in all areas of my life: relationships with family and friends, career choices, and community interaction. I am where I am because of what I've learned in this seminar, and where I am is mighty fine!”
~ Lynn Garell

“When I was first introduced to Dani Johnson, I was a Computer Engineer working in the field for 4 years and making $30,000 per year. I thought I had a good job and I thought I was content but the bottom line is that I just settled. Then I went to one of Dani’s seminars in Hawaii and I realized that life had so much more to offer…that I could accomplish so much more in my professional life as well as my personal life. The workshop opened my mind and heart to the possibilities of achieving bigger and better things in life. I felt that I was living my life “half asleep” and then suddenly the full picture of my potential presented itself. I found that I had bigger dreams for my life and that I could develop skills and tools to achieve goals that I previously thought were unreachable. Once I realized this, I was open to learning and developing the personal skills necessary to move forward professionally and personally. Basically, my professional and personal growth went hand-in-hand because I cannot expect others to believe in my abilities until I believe in them myself. The workshops provided me with the tools, skills, and ability to implement key steps in my career. By using these techniques, I was able to achieve a professional level in my career that I could not have even imagined before this. Currently, I am in the top two percent of income earners in the nation and I hold several engineering / technical certifications that only a few thousand people worldwide have achieved. My focus has been professional, but the tools that I have learned through Total Health workshops have dramatically transformed all areas of my life. I know that I am a better person for having attended the workshops. I truly want to thank Dani for enabling me to follow my goals and dreams.”
~ Kostantinos Solos

"Dani Johnson is one of the most dynamic trainers in the network marketing industry. She knows her stuff and she knows how to build a MILLION dollar business. Her seminars are truly amazing. No hype. Very powerful. Whatever you do, get to one of her seminars as fast as you can. The information she will share with you will explode your business and dramatically change your life. I know from personally attending that she has the knowledge, experience and wisdom you need to learn from t be successful in network marketing."
~ Brett Rademacher

"Hi Dani,
Thanks for all the help that you have given me personally and what you guys do to help people dig down and reach the potential that God intended. My team is building and every day the vision gets clearer. 2004 will be an explosive year for me and the excitement I feel is overwhelming. There is nothing like the feeling that you are making a difference and you will bless people’s lives just as God intended. Seeing you in North Carolina was a turning point in my life and I knew from that point forward that the sky was the limit and I am so thankful to have gotten to know you on a personal level. Again thanks so much for making me a better person and I will do my best to do the same and bring glory to our Great God"
Thanks and God Bless!"
~ Mike Bohan

"I have just finished the 3rd CD from the North Carolina seminar. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I have studied success materials for a while, but Dani's passion, transparency, testimony, and her faith have incredibly blessed me. Everyone in any Referral marketing business should hear Dani. I am telling my new recruits that they have to listen to her first before they decide to do the business."
~ Don Comontofski

"We Hit a huge financial and emotional wall 2 days before christmas. And the information and insparation that we got from listening to dani's training was was the tuning point we needed to earn over $5000 that week. Dani is the best trainer in the Network Marking industry!"
~ Tom Challan


“In just 45 minutes, I earned $1,500 do by using Dani’s ‘Building a Fire’ and ‘Fan the Flame’ techniques. I couldn’t believe how fast it worked….”
~ Kelly Long


"This is what you need to be-able to move forward in the business!"
~ Ken Smith


"I went from just setting appointments, to actually having 7 appointments in one day."
~ Shanetta Donovan


"She teaches PRECISE tips and strategies that will absolutely set you apart in the industry and make you a fortune if you are wise enough to apply them exactly as she teaches them. Insider Secrets Dani has is like a diamond treasure in my book!"
~ Sandi Krakowski


"Every time I listen to your CD, it ís like flipping a switch and more light comes on. I saw more of the room, I saw a bigger picture."
~ Ken Smith


"Thank you for your direct, no nonsense attitude and teaching."
~ Rachel Schnitzer


“I LOVE your Script Book and use if faithfully.  I am teaching my group to use it as well.” 
~ Patti Huff


“I love your Script Book.  I’ve learned so much about myself by using it.  I have learned to listen better and have grown as a result.  My posture is changing daily!” 
~ Coral C. Aubert


“For 11 months I groveled through leads trying to ‘convert’ the unconvertible, persuade the undeserving and allow people to waste my time.  Then when a REAL prospect came along, I had no idea what to do!  I NEVER ENROLLED A SINGLE COLD LEAD!  After plugging into Dani’s training and 2 CD set (I listened to it about 20 times) I closed 2 out of 14 leads, then plugged THEM in to Dani’s training so they too could start their path to success.” 
~ Kris Wood


“I ordered the Script Book and audio CD’s last Friday and they were delivered on Saturday.  I felt like I found what I desperately wanted under the Christmas tree!” 
~ Jo Lyn Unangst


"The scripts work!  I have been in MLM for 15 years and the scripting that Dani teaches us to use is AWESOME!!" 
~ Donna McKamy


"I saw Dani in Vegas.  I've listened to the script book training 15 times.  I made 5 calls and closed 4.  Yah!" 
~ Darren Little


"Since using the Script book I am getting more people to business presentations, and I feel a lot more confident on calls." 
~ Kathryn O’Riordan


"I work for a start up company and used a section of your Script Book to close a 1,600.00 dollar deal…" 
~ Mark Abbott


"I made national in 4 months…I hit every bonus using your Script Book and Training CD's …
~ Katherine Kalolo


“I walked out of the hotel with an armful of CD's and a huge sense of relief coupled with a new level of conviction that success actually was possible for me.  The relief came from knowing that what you had communicated to me, you could do for everyone in my business too.  I took one look at your script booklet and said, ‘This is it! Stop looking’!" 
~ Marilyn


“I ordered your training script and since then I'm having fun calling prospects and I'm not afraid anymore to pick up the phone and hear a 'no'.”
~ Anonymous


“I just got the script book this weekend.  This is a steal!  But I've been listening and I now know what I was doing wrong. If I had this 3 years ago when I started, I KNOW I would have a 7 figure empire.  The scripts are fool proof. The funny thing is the team I train with occasionally actually uses your script but their mistake was inserting things that didn't need to be there and deleting things that did need to be there!  Thanks so much! My team and I are on our way to being extremely successful and we owe that all to you and your site!” 
~ Marleeka Choat

“I got to listen to this yesterday and tried it out on my interviewed leads.   It’s a great script book, I’m sorry I haven't been using it earlier- IT WORKS!!!  Thanks DANI, you ROCK girl!!!” 
~ Deb


“I love the Script Book and CD set.  Keep up the great work!” 
~ Gary Ziglar


“I would just like to start out by saying ‘Dani, you are amazing! Thank you for being you!!  Your script book was amazing!” 
~ Anonymous


“Dani's script book & CD's are amazing!  I've implemented them the first day I received the package. Truly  powerful!  Thank you for all that you make available for us!” 
~ Fawn


“I'm completely up for whatever you have to offer. And that's why I'm completely investing in you because I know that with your training I will become a 6 figure earner.  I purchased your script book and CD's. They are awesome.” 
~ Teresa Monteith


“I have your script product and it has worked fabulously for me in my business.” 
~ Anonymous


“I have had success in using Dani's Script Book.  I've successfully gotten several to either become my customer or to just try the products risk free.  Prospects will come with belief in the products.  I've also SOLD product to a cell phone representative right over the phone by FORMing her first!  FEAR is gone!  I'm not attached to yeses and no's and am so grateful to all of you!!!”  
~ Anonymous


“I just wanted Dani to know that I'm using her scripts exclusively and setting appointments daily. Thanks, Dani keep up the good information. I love your stuff!” 
~ Sue Kyer


“I heard one of Dani's scripts on a team training call and I immediately saw the simplicity of it. I also saw the posture it builds in the distributor and how it really qualifies the prospect.  This made me more than curious. Great job!” 
~ Rob Toth


“I came across Dani's site and was awestruck at the quality and quantity of training she's made available to anyone who is hungry enough to sit at this banquet table and dine!  I'm especially fond of the script book. I'd love to tell you how successful it has been for me...but not only for myself, but for others on my Team.  As for the script book and my success with it...I have a 100% success ratio in appointment  setting using Dani's scripts.  Every one who is "interviewed" via Dani's script...hears a presentation...then is led to a decision via Dani's closing script...says ‘YES’.  I've only had one ‘no’!” 
~ Allyson King


“You have been very inspirational to me.  I bought your script book and have really enjoyed it.”
~ Susan Dollinger


“You are my role model.  I got your CD’s and script book and they are working.” 
~ Katherine Kalolo


"The first time I used the script book I closed 3 out of 3 phone prospects!" 
~ Ben & Renee Winans


"I was letting the prospect dictate the conversation and had changed your script without realizing it.  I am now better able to control the conversation by sticking to your script." 
~ Ruth Narveson


"Since using the scripts in the script book I have scheduled web casts with 90% of the prospects I have spoken with.  My next step…90% closing ratio!" 
~ Coleen Bushby


"After purchasing your scripts and listening to your online training I began to see immediate results.  From now on, everyone I sponsor must tap into your training!" 
~ Carolyn Hickerson


"Well, after 2 weeks of listening to your online calls and using your Script Book, my consultant did over $70,000 in volume - IN 2 WEEKS!!!" 
~ Kathe Ray


"As a result of First Steps and also listening to your Script Book CD's I was able to sponsor one person shortly before I went to First Steps and one immediately after.  Then I sponsored another two…" 
~ Jonathan Kawamura


"I had purchased your North Carolina CD's and your Script Book about a month ago and I have listened to them - START TO FINISH - 4 times!  YOU have turned the light on for me!" 
~ Debbie Scalise


"I am going to have to get another Script Book as mine is so worn, it is ready to fall apart.  I am telling all of my new brokers that your Script Book is a 'must'!"  ~ Kathleen Bard


"I immediately got your Script Book.  I would listen to it driving, showering and doing the dishes.  I even listened while mowing my yard with my son on my left leg and wearing my 6 year old daughter's pink Barbie CD player on my head.  I was on my way!" 
~ Kristie Brown


"Using a script from the script book, I recruited an individual who achieved promotions in the first 48 hours!" 
~ Nancy Horneman


"Your script book is a GOLDEN TOOL!" 
~ Karen McDonald


“Thank you for the script book & CDs.  I love them and think they are the most helpful instruments I've been given so far to develop my skills in my Business Development business.” 
~ Diane Walter


“I listened to your CD and went over your script book numerous times. I love both and still listen to the CD to refresh myself ever so often. 
~ Mary White


“We have had excellent results and have our new Affiliates purchase the scripts book along with the initial  training pack. It is actually a requirement in order to have our top leaders work with them one on one. I purchased 20 a few weeks ago for people to buy at our rally as we are introducing you into the new training. They we're sold out within the first minute. Several of the people who bought have enrolled in First Steps!”   Kimberr Jarvis
“WOW!!!  That's about all I can say.  The script book is SO EXCELLENT. It quadrupled my success rate with sponsoring. It's fun again!” 
~ Greg Montijo


“I use it always and ask new people to buy their own copy.  Every time that I have deviated from your script book, my number of closings have fallen. So back I go to your script book, almost word for word !” 
~ Tom Sweeney


“The script book is my business bible now and I recommend it to everyone- it's fantastic!” 
~ Cornelia Doukas


“Your methods and teachings are totally changing the way I view my business, and how I approach my prospects. We have searched for SO long to find a system that is easy to duplicate and thankfully we were guided to you!!!!    I LOVE the script book and CD's and listen to them often.” 
~ Debi Jones


“Your script book and cd's have made cold calling a blast!  It is the perfect tool for those getting started in this industry and a great refresher for those of us re-igniting the fire!” 
~ Gary Klein


“I like the script book...it makes duplication simple!” 
~ Allison Vokac


“I use Dani’s scripts everyday and my business is growing because of it!” 
~ Yvonne George


“The scripts are great!  Keep up the good work!” 
~ Stephen Rockovits


“I really like the script book.  I have grown from the fear of picking up the phone and making calls.  I am more comfortable prospecting and talking to people.  The scripts are ‘cool’ and working for me!” 
~ Andread Mayers


“It (the script book) is excellent!  I have it open in front of me at all times.  Thanks for your help!” 
~ Tim & Kat Sparks


“I love the script book!”  Joanne Parzuchowski
“I am finding the Dani Johnson Script Book very useful.” 
~ Jan Farquhar


“I love using the script book.  This book has bridged the gap between potential customers and me.” 
~ James Briggs


“It has already paid for itself!” 
~ W.  Todd Judkins


“We love the script book and it has helped our business tremendously!” 
~ Trish & Stephan Stewart


“The information in the script book is ‘second to NONE’!” 
~ Steve Drewett


“My sentiment regarding the script book and CD’s is best demonstrated by the fact that  I have now built into my presentation the cost of acquiring this tool as a pre-requisite to getting registered in our business.  To give you my thoughts on it I will quote what one of my team members just e-mailed me, “DANI ROCKS!!” 
~ Coleen Shea


“Your script book is awesome.  It has worked and continues to work.” 
~ Stephen Kennedy


“The book is great and simple to read with the correct posture.” 
~ Melva Calvin


“The script book is great.  It has given me the  language to use.” 
~ Victoria Polaski


“Thanks, Dani, for your simple method!” 
~ Mike Crowe


“I have seen and used quite a few script books.  If you use it (the Dani Johnson script book) verbatim, just like you say, it works great.  I found it to be the best I’ve ever used! 
~ Daniel C. Brawn


“I personally loved the script book so much that I passed it on to a new team within the first week!” 
~ Melvin Carter


“I am new at using scripts and I love this little book of GOLD.  It has given me the confidence to talk to leads and be successful in delivery of information that they need to hear.”  
~ Catherine Adams


“The script book is GREAT!  Don’t change a thing!” 
~ Doyle Young


“I am in the process of going through it (the script book) a second time, then maybe a third.  I love it so far! 
~ Joe Rotondo


“I love the script book – it keeps me on track and focused.  It’s easy and simple.” 
~ Janina Bitz-Vasquez


“My confidence is now through the roof!  My team is growing in leaps and bounds!  I followed the script and my voice, comfort and confidence just came.  It was fabulous!!  Now I do the presentations, run my team meetings and many learn simultaneously.  I am about to hit the next level of leadership myself!” 
~ Martha Smith


“I am so happy I bought the script book.  I have been listening every day to the CD’s for a few weeks!” 
~ Brenda Abraham


“Dani’s scripts are simple and straightforward!” 
~ Mary Jane Brockman


“I have noticed an increased confidence and stronger posture in my self.  Others that I interact with on a daily basis have noticed also.  This has not only affected my business, but my personal life as well.” 
~ Kari


“The script book has increased sales and given me the ability to make presentations to anyone with success!” 
~ Wiley


“The posture I learned in your script book has helped me to show others the type of posture to have.” 
~ Sal Puma


“One can’t beat perfection and this book is GREAT the way it is!!” 
~ Bev


“Dani’s script book made it amazingly easy to prospect.  The script language stopped the majority of the objections I was getting before I used her script book.”  Valerie R. Clavivn
“I cannot find an area that I would change in the script book.  It is GREAT!!!” 
~ Carol


“The script book has helped me build up more confidence with my client customer base.  It has helped me come from a position of power and posture dialog with people on a real, simple level.” 
~ Stephen Underwood


“I love the script book.  I have just about worn it out!” 
~ Barbara Delville

“The script book has helped me to be better at talking to prospects on the phone.” 
~ Wendi


“The script book is so great.  I would always try to remember what some of the successful people said, and here it is in a book!” 
~ Dee Platt


“I am a new subscriber and was really excited to get the script book.  It has been tremendous in getting me past that initial call with the prospect.” 
~ Kim Redd


“Let me say that I could NOT have achieved the success I have so far without the use of the script book.  It is the very first tool everyone in my sales force is told to get!” 
~ Monica Tubbs


“It has been a great help and resource for me.” 
~ Bill


“I think your script book is great.  You said to read page 3, and I do!  It is working very well.” 
~ Maxine Eldred


“After purchasing the script book and attending the Gold Coast seminar I wanted to tell everyone in my company about this AWESOME RESOURCE.” 
~ Tracy


“To say the least, power is in your script book.  KNOWLEDGE and POWER together are what I believe I have gained by reading your literature and listening to your CD’s.  Your power transference is phenomenal, and I am absolutely touched by it!” 
~ Robert Henry


“Dani’s scripts have taken away the fear and doubt.” 
~ Barbara Delville

“Extremely valuable source of information!” 
~ Bill


“After getting Dani’s script book I increased my productivity using cold leads.  I decreased the time I worked my business.  I MORE than doubled my income.  I don’t even pick up the phone if a prospect calls unless I have Dani’s scripts in front of me!” 
~ Jackie O’Quinn


“The script book is GREAT!  It makes it so simple to pick up the phone and share my opportunity!” 
~ Robyn Leatherbury


“The script is superior to anything I have been given from my company.  The script is strong, yet from the heart.  It makes people feel good and truly does make it ‘about them’.  Awesome.  Absolutely awesome!” 
~ Greg Montijo


“I think this was one of the most useful tools as I was just starting out in the business!  It set the right tone and posture for the conversation.” 
~ Patty


“The script book has been fantastic for me, helping me ‘heaps’ to improve my business and the way I approach people.  My business has doubled in a very short time.”  ~ Inanna Lawton                       


“Your scripts really take the fear out of approaching people.” 
~ Juanda L. Calhoun


“I have recently purchased your script book.  My confidence in doing the business has soared and my networking is becoming more professional and more ‘bigger-picture’ focused.  Thank you for an awesome resource.” 
~ Nerissa Bentley

“My whole idea of how to do cold calling from a lead list is forever changed.  I can’t believe that I have been listening to ‘experts’ tell me how to do it and all I ever got was a stomach ache!  Your way of teaching through the scripts makes me feel so natural when I’m calling people now.” 
~ Margie Jauch 


“Dani’s script book has helped my business tremendously.  If someone can read, they can follow this book and increase their numbers.” 
~ Arlene McCarty


“I now ask closing questions, before your script book I couldn’t do that!” 
~ Robyn Kellett


“I have appreciated the script book because it takes the dread out of making calls and gives me what to say.” 
~ Christina Carlton


“Once I actually started using the script book word-for-word and not changing any of it, my ratio went from 1 out of 10, to 5 out of 10!” 
~ Charla Hall


“After getting Dani’s script book I increased my productivity using cold leads.  I decreased the time I worked my business.  I more than doubled my income.  I don’t even pick up the phone if a prospect calls unless I have Dani’s scripts in front of me.  Professionals always read scripts.” 
~ Jackie O’Quinn


“The script book is great!  It makes it so simple to pick up the phone and share my opportunity.” 
~ Robyn Leatherbury


“The script is superior to anything I have been given from my company.  The script is strong, yet from the heart.  It makes people feel good and truly does make it ‘all about them’!” 
~ Greg Montijo


“I have just basically used the script book word for word.  It has helped me a great deal.  If it wasn’t for the book, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” 
~ Tabitha Evans


“I am one of those people that would never have considered calling cold leads, but thanks to your script book, I am now making those calls and feeling comfortable talking to people.” 
~ Anonymous


“The script book helps me plan out what I’m going to say on my calls.  I feel more confident because since I know what I’m going to say I don’t ‘um’ and ‘ah’ as much.  I have a much smoother delivery.” 
~ Hope Jones

“The script book is awesome and has made a difference in our downline and how they talk to people.  We have needed something like this for a long time.” 
~ Regis Zweigart


“Your basic script is wonderful!  I love it and people respond.  You can just hear it in their voices!” 
~ Karen Arnold


“I have found the scripts and accompanying CD’s absolutely sensational.  The results speak for themselves.” 
~ Peter Roessler


“The script book has totally changed the way I told to people.  I love it!  If it wasn’t for my upline telling me about it, I probably would have closed my business instead of closing prospects!” 
~ Emily P.


“I love the script book and the 2 CD’s accompanying it because it teaches experienced networkers as well as newly sponsored members how to pique interest and be able to sponsor business developers in a professional way.  The use of words is so important and this information save people years of uneventful results.” 
~ Lil Johnson


“I have loved your script book and it really helped me be better on the phone with cold contacts.” 
~ Debbie Younkin


“I’ve been using the scripts and ideas from your script training CD’s and have found them to be great.  I now really enjoy meeting new people and just chatting with them, getting to know them better.  I find I am more relaxed so I don’t come across as selling, and am enrolling more high profile people to my team than I was able to before.  I am sharing what I know with my team and sending them to your website too.” 
~ Barb Underdown


“I am just so happy you have this kind of script available because it is just amazing.  I use it every time.” 
~ Elena


“I think the script book is a good base on which to build a personal script.  Much better than what I was using before.” 
~ Russ


“We love your script book, especially with the prospecting and closing CD’s.” 
~ Randy & Susan McKenzie


“I wish I would have had this when I first started, but I do have it now!” 
~ Donna Sweasey


“I use the script everyday.  I have seen many results by using your training.” 
~ Emily Dwire


“I am so excited about Dani’s script book and CD’s!  They have already changed my outlook on this business, the way I handle my calls, and even the way I handle my day to day interactions with people I know and love.  The script has given me a confidence I didn’t know I had in me!” 
~ Felicity Sevanick


“I truly feel the script book is a very valuable tool for our specific home business, especially to enroll business prospects.” 
~ Tami Brand


“Your script book was great and has inspired my dynamic daughter to join my business!” 
~ Deborah Cameron


“I think it is the best scrip book I have ever read.” 
~ Trond Arne Hageland


“I am so impressed with the scripts.  I have started to implement them and make it more ‘relationship oriented’ than just ‘throwing up’ on people.  I find it is much easier to talk to them and get to know them first.” 
~ Terri Simmons.


“The business person that I am today compared to the one you would have seen 6 months ago is phenomenal in contrast.  My whole attitude has been transformed by the small investment of the script book!” 
~ Rob Griffin
“Your script book and CD were awesome, some great information.  It makes me ready to hit the road running!” 
~ Edward


“I actually found the script book extremely helpful.  I am totally new to network marketing so I came to the script book with no prior knowledge.  What I got was eye opening and mind sharpening for me.  It helped me focus and encouraged me to keep going in business.” 
~ Makungu Akinyela


“The script book has done a lot for my business in so far as it taught me to LISTEN to the prospect and to fish with their worm, not my cheesecake.  As I used it more and more it gave me posture because I was confident about what to say next and where I was leading the prospect.  I have improved my sign-up rate tremendously using the script book.” 
~ Michele Castle


“Your script book and CD’s have empowered me.  I’m better at responding to objections and turning them around to a favorable outcome.  I love it!” 
~ Anonymous


"Using Dani's 'Test Market Script' I made $160.00 in 30 minutes!!!" 
~ Brad Young


“All I have to do is follow your superb scripts, tips, and tapes to insure our success!”
~ Carter Dibrell, Jr.


“This is the furthest I've gotten with the closing script, wahooo, it is building and momentum is about to bust through he flood gates!”
~ Danie Jolley


"Your 'Script Book Training' blew me away!"
~ Dr. James E. O’Kelley


"Out of the five presentations that I did, I signed up three by using the Script Book to the 'T'."
~ Catherine Rehula


"I just took the Script Book and went bang, bang, bang, right to it, and the guy signed up as with the top package."
~ Beverly


"I bought your script book and CD's. I'm in shock with the successes that I've had. It has never been this fun, easy, and successful…"
~ Connie Copeland


"When I used Dani's Script Book after my return home I was amazed and so pleased to find that I was actually able to set up follow up calls. In the past, getting a definite time for a follow up call was almost non-existent. Now I'm getting 5 out of 6..."
~ Monica Vest


"I started feeding on your Script Book CDs in February and March and enrolled 107 customers-from leads!! This tripled our monthly income from the month before and won us an all expense paid trip to Orlando Florida, we have not had a vacation in years!!!!!!"
~ Debbie Tennison


"I am ACTUALLY enjoying prospecting for the first time EVER!
~ Linda Rivers


"Recently I had a wonderful experience related to the Script Book that I wanted to pass along. I called a prospect that I had received off a lead. As I was talking to the guy, following the Script Book, he told me that he had been contacted by probably 20 other people before me. He told me that all of them seemed like a bunch of amateurs that didn't know what they were doing and basically sounded like a bunch of idiots. He then told me I was the only one he was interested in talking to because I was coming across as very professional and it sounded like I knew exactly what I was talking about. There is no doubt in my mind it was because of the Script Book. It allows you to come across to your prospects in a very professional manner. Thanks for all your help in all that you do for everyone! God Bless all of you!"
~ Amanda Young


"I love the Script Book because I don't stutter and I know exactly what to say….."
~ Helen Manning


"I always struggled until I started using the Script Book and now it is just so easy to do…."
~ Debbie Rupert


"34 people signed in 30 days…Because of you, Dani!!! And the little black and white Script Book…"
~ Don Faast


"The missing link for everyone in the industry is what Dani is teaching at the 'Prospect And Close Your Way To Millions'." 
~ Dave Clark


"I took the Prospecting And Closing teleseminar in April and it turned my life around!  I am here at First Steps because of what I learned in the first 10 minutes of that first day!" 
~ Margie Remmers


"I have made more money ($14,000 in 2 weeks) since the first Prospecting/Closing class in Las Vegas in March 2006." 
~ Brian Johnson


"I listened to Prospect And Close Your Way To Millions every day and my whole way of relating to prospect and associates has totally changed!" 
~ Lana Guber


"I have repeated listened to your Script Book CD's and your latest set, 'Prospect And Close Your Way To Millions'.  After 6 months of wasted effort, I feel for the first time that I can build this business!" 
~ Brian Retief


"We purchased the 'Prospect And Close Your Way To Millions' and have been listening to the CD's.  I am beginning to realize what I'm doing wrong on the phone.  It's great to know that others suffer with the same outcome and that this is a skill that we can all develop when we 'plug-in'!" 
~ Jennifer Lynne Shanahan


"We ordered 'Prospect And Close Your Way To Millions'.  I listened to those CD's, started my own business and profited $3,200 in my first TWO DAYS working the business!!" 
~ Jamie Scheppele


"Your products are priceless."
Elaine Madrid


Dani I cannot tell you how valuable your teaching has been for me. I feel like I've just been "born again" in my attitude towards succeeding in business. You have given me hope and direction and training like I have never had before. I am plugging everyone that is in my organization into you, and telling others that are just friends that they need to get tuned in.............what you teach is just good for life itself....apply it where you may. Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us. See you on the call tonight!!!!
~ Shelly Jackson


The role playing is fantastic and very beneficial. I have purchased most of Dani's CD series, and this is by far the best.
~ Jackie Rockwell


I have spent thousands of dollars on training programs that promised to help me reach my goals by making me an "expert" in prospecting and closing. It was a joke. Invariably all of those trainings ended up at the same dead-end. They were gimmicky, they taught you to pitch lies, and speak like a cheap salesman whose only concern is today’s sale. The quality of the training was poor and the scripts completely violated my integrity as a person. The net result had been discouragement. I had nearly lost hope that I would find the training that I longed for. Dani Johnson’s, Prospect and Close Your Way to Millions training program is absolutely superb! There are not enough kudos. The CDs are filled with insight, “WOW” moments, and jam-packed with the best information I have ever heard! The training is transformational-I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve been awed, and I’ve been empowered. My business partner is just as amazed by this training as I am. I can confidently assure you that whatever help (or encouragement) you may need in the area of prospecting and closing, you will definitely find it in this set. It is worth every penny!!!
~ Susan Christiansen


This cd set is awesome! It handles every prospecting and closing situation I've ever encountered. This has given me more confidence, conviction and posture in my business. I'm already seeing the results! Thank you Dani!
~ Enid Hobson


I love it. I attended first steps in MN and listened to these as soon as I got home. I got on the phone for the first time ever and closed the first person I talked with. I couldn't imagine doing cold calling if I hadn't found Dani's script and these tapes have been great in helping me realize that I am not the issue, to take myself out of it and to understand what it is we have to offer.The other thing was that I did have some past experience that I could call on, like the dentist and occupational therapist on the tapes and that I could use that when making calls. Thank you so much for all your help. I look forward to being on the prospecting and closing coaching calls next month.
~ Teressa Massey


I have listened to all 7 CD's twice. Each time I listen I pick up on something new. I feel more confident is my abilities to prospect and close. I have closed one prospect and I am prelaunching another one. I will continue to listen and learn. I just love the way Dani teaches.
~ Anonymous


Prior to taking the "First Steps to Success" and listening to "Prospect and Close Your Way to Millions", I was making zero (0) calls and lacked confidence in closing. Now I am making on average 20 calls per day and my closing ratio is up too. I do not feel pressure any more while speaking to new prospects!!!
~ Michael Rivera


MIND BLOWING, INSPIRING, EYE/EAR AND BRAIN REWIRING you would have to be a numb nut, a sandwich short of a picnic if you did not get this, its like not having the script book and thinking you can make it big, or not plugging into the Dani's training/equipping daily. My thinking is changing, my mind is changing, my beliefs/attitute and approach is changing, my results are changing. I am here for the long hall-I LOVE THIS CD SET
~ Janina Bitz-Vasquez


Dani I listen to you tapes all the time. Here goes the excuses but i was moving back to Utah Monday and have done nothing but listen to your tapes. You give me more confidence than I had before, to know that I can do this, I will be going home on Monday set up my office at my moms and then I will be getting to work, Thanks for everythign Dani
~ Cass Abbott


Awesome Training Dani!! I only had a chance to call 3 people but all have enrolled at the TOP PACKAGE!! 100% Closing Ratio!! WOW!! In addition without sending them to our website just a short audio sizzle call! One-Time CLOSE that's exciting. See you at DYNASTY!
~ John Pitlick


I absolutely LOVE Prospect and Close Your Way to Millions!! I so related to the occupational therapist scenario as I am a speech therapist. I'm now treating my prospects as my patients who I am helping to fulfill their needs to reach their goals. Since I've plugged into to 2-6 hours daily of nothing but these CD's the last 2 weeks my confidence has soared and I closed a prospect with her responding to an e-mail I sent her using your voicemail script for " a hot prospect who does a no show". She called me the next day very apologetic and signed up at the top package. I have had such revelation and know without a doubt that I have been called and predestined to do this business. I will continue to plug into training to gain the knowledge to be the best Speech therapist that I can be helping others meet their needs, realize their goals and dreams to secure their future in my new profession. Thank you so much Dani and God bless you!!!
~ Lauretha Brown Ward


"Prospecting and Closing to millions" gives me so much in depth details on postures and commucation skills. It worths every penny I has invested.It is SUPER awesome!!
~ Victoria Chang


WOW! Since we bought your Prospect and Close Your Way to Millions Program 2 weeks ago, we have listented to them twice... going on 3 times now. They are worth MANY times over what we paid for them. In fact, in less than 24 hours, we were able to recoup the money we spent on them. We are so grateful to you Dani for ALL you do for us. Before we went to First Steps in February, we had sponsored only 3 people (yep, just 3, volume $600!) Since February, using your N.C. CDs, script book, the new Prospecting and Closing Program, First Steps Seminar, and Monday night calls, in just 3 months, our group volume is now FIFTEEN TIMES more and we personally average 14 new customers / Distributors each month! We suggest to everyone that they go to your seminar, order the N.C. CDs, AND get these Prospecting and Closing CDs - no doubt in our minds that they will be succesful if they do
~ Roger and Tamara Slack


I absooollluuutteeelllyy love it. Got back from MN and signed up 2 more people. Its great!!! Cant wait to get to LA to Creating A Dynasty
~ Ellis L. Thayer III


Great Cd's adds to the teaching in Script Book Cd 2. Closing teaches hands on what to say, how to say it, when to say it.
~ Steve Cohen


Dear Dani, I was blown away at the seminar in Minneapolis. I felt like I had received my money's worth by the time I listened to CD #2. I am now putting Apple Cake on my phone too, because that's my personality type. The interesting thing is that I didn't even realize all those things about myself until I heard it in others and heard Dani explain why it wouldn't work. I am forever changed!
~ Cathy Matthews


Anyone that wants to grow personally and grow their business MUST HAVE PROSPECT AND CLOSE YOUR WAY TO MILLIONS! There is nothing out there like this CD training and it will change your life for the better and make you the business person you have always dreamed of being! Thank you Dani, Prospect and Close Your Way to Millions has changed my life and my business!
~ Barb McKinley


Hey Dani, I just wanted to let you know, the first day I listened to your Live in North Carolina series and followed the incredible advice therein, my closing rate that day was an amazing 100%!!! I've gotten myself out of the way and put the Spirit there instead and what a difference it makes! I can't thank you enough for your example and leadership and the blessings you allow God to pour through you to the world.
~ Paul Battye


Hi Dani,I am totally liking to listen to you. You are great I just found the spiritual side, it is fantastic.
~ Audrey


I just wanted to add that you have totally changed my outlook and how I view things. I grew up in a very abusive household as well, and your call from the 8th of Jan. has totally changed my entire outlook. And not just with Sales, but in life as well. I just wanted to take the time to tell you thank you.
~ Melissa Scandariato


I just wanted to let you know I keep the CD's in my car & listen to them over & over while driving. It's starting to sink in! lol Thanks for the great info. Extremely helpful.
~ Karen Cates


Dearest Dani, to look at your Facial expression of your picture, Who could resist what you have to say!!!! I am intensely listening to the "Script" CD's over & over to indellibly print them in the "Hard-Drive" of my Mind!! Your Methods and Approach sure beat the Hard-Sell Philosophy and with me they automatically drew a New Line of Interest and Enthusiasm!! Thank You & God Bless!
~ Ted Snyder


Hi Dani, I know this might sound like kind of a silly testimony, since it isn't purely business oriented, but tonight it meant a lot to me to hear your words. I was so 'in my stuff' with self doubt, resistance, fear, from struggling with rejection and dealing with it by eating chocolate. In the middle of eating a big chocolate bar (my favorite, Lindt 85% dark cocoa), as a way of avoiding feeling all that, I suddenly switched gears and went and watched that fabulous video that you gave me for free for acting quickly and ordering the script book in the first 7 days. Wow, that video was so powerful that it got me to put that chocolate bar down. I mean I didn't do my usual pattern in those situations and eat the whole thing!!! I actually put the chocolate down as I started to listen to you and put it away. I disconnected from all that negativity and some things you said in particular opened a window and let some fresh air in! I've been listening to your CDs, website archive etc. every day and they have all been helpful, it was some things on that video that really hit the spot for me, so to speak and spoke to an inner yearning for guidance. Some things that come to mind that especially spoke to me: 1. When you said to just be honest with friends and say something like, 'Look, you are on my list and that's why I'm calling. It's ok if you say 'no' or think I'm stupid, let's just do it, so I can cross you off my list...' What a relief to hear this level of honesty since I've been feeling so slimey in talking to some of my warm market friends who I form and somehow let them take control of the conversation and then subsequently, they are those who avoid my phone calls and never call me back. Whew! What a relief just to call a spade a spade! Thank you for giving me that 'permission'. I thought I had to be different, better, more skilled to be smoother, more of a 'leader'. But you allowed me to speak from the level where I feel I am, and like I said, what a relief. I want to be better at forming and serving as I see you do, and for now what you said is truly more where my truth can be spoken at this time. 2. How you continually show how we are ready to pounce and jump in. I always to want to pounce! It is so good always to hear how you do it. --That you showed us at every turn where we would have jumped in with our solution prematurely, always wakes me up and it was so refreshing to hear the people in the room agree you that this is what they tend to do. I don't feel like I'm the only one in the world who does this. Thank you.
~ Lael Osun


Wow!! This a really fantastic tool! It is sooo sophisticate and yet sooo easy to use! We just love it!!
~ Noel & Jennifer


It is the greatest! The Prospecting & Closing Script Book is actually a complete course that everyone should get when you join our company.
~ Steve Hames


Dani, I believe that the way you teach in the Prospecting & Closing Script Book, is one os the best I've ever seen out there, thank you very much.
~ Abimael Casco


Dani! I closed FIVE today in 4 hours of work! This new script book is like STEROIDS on my business - it's a total guerilla marketing manual! The sky is NOT even the limit with this thing!
~ Sandi Krakowski


What Dani was sharing was very helpful for this Grandma. I can now my 2 grandchildren to honor their parents and learn self control. My two other granddaughters that were married into our family I am praying that this will effect their lives too.
~ Dianna Moore


Hi Dani, It was a great call last Thur. But ALL of the things you do are ALWAYS great. I don't have any kids at home anymore, but I know I learned a lot about how to help the Grand kids. I have 49 Gr.kids & 19 Gr. Gr. kids...
~ George Wardlaw


I was so impressed that I just registered for Creating A Dynasty - 3 day OPEN event Orlando, FL December 1, 2, & 3, 2006!
~ Bruce R. Lammertsma


Dani, You are completey right on about everything you said! Thank you for taking a stand. You filled in the other half to the picture we were not seeing. We have been putting it all into practice this week and have been having great results. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
~ Anonymous


Dani, I loved the information! I'm already implementing the 4 words, it's amazing the difference any of the words have on my children. I cannot thank you enough for sharing scenarios and how to respond to those scenarios. I'm waiting very patiently for part 2 of the training... but it's soo hard! Thank you Dani for not wanting our kids to grow up spoiled either.
~ Karen Weaver-Hedrick


I was unable to get on the call but did listen to the MP3 of the call. I felt that it was a lot of valuable information. The biggest nugget was to teach your children self control, there is so much more nuggets I received. Dani has a true heart of God and for that we are all truly blessed. I would like to thank her for bringing forth the things that we have let our childern slowly be sucked into without seeing it. I truly believe that society has went to pots when it comes to how we can discipline our childern. I am very authoritive person and I know that children would rather have stricter and discipline than nothing. I really like the fact that she is giving us points to help our childern to suceed.
~ Denise Albert


Boy did this totally drive home not settling for mediocrocy for our childern.
~ Joanne Knipmeyer


It was refreshing to hear someone think that it is important for children to be taught the importance of respect and honor. I also appreciated the strategies/techniques that were outlined. I plan to implement several of them in my classroom in the Fall. I hope to pass this information along to the parents of students in my classroom by setting some standards for acceptable behaviors at the beginning of the year, and offering to show parents ways to help their children become more accountable. Since I teach in a public school, I will ask for guidance as to how to integrate biblical principals into an acceptable format. Thank you Dani for being willing to say what needed to be said!
~ Melba


Hi Dani, I learned so much from last Thursdays Grooming the Next Generation. I found myself wishing I had heard this information while my four children were young. I can't turn the clock back 30 years but I can go forward from here and impact the lives of my grandchildren and the children in my Sunday School class. In the few days since the seminar I have started to apply your principles and have already seen dramatic results. The most impressive results were Sunday morning in my 4 & 5 year old Sunday School class. During story time I had two boys who were fidgeting and disrupting the rest of the class. I remembered how you talked to your children before going in to a public restaurant on what type of behavior was expected. We talked about how you turn on your ears and close your mouths and sit quietly. then I asked the two boys if they could be my helpers and show the rest of the class how to behave. It worked like a charm. The most dramatic result though was one one little girl, who had been in several dysfunctional foster homes before being adopted by a family in our church. She is very shy and quiet but very defiante when it comes to authority. This Sunday when she started to wonder about the room and crawl under the tables refusing to come out. I took her out of the room and we went through the 5 steps of disciiple and at the end gave her the choice of going back into the room and show honor and respect or sitting with her dad in the church service. She chose to go back into the room, participated in each activity. As she was leaving she gave me the biggest hug and left with a smile on her face. Dani, the principles you are teaching in this seminar need to be taught to every parent, grandparent and teacher. Imangine what would happen in this country if every parent taugnt their children the principles of success. It would change not only our country but would impact the entire world.
~ Ruth Narveson


The seminar on Thursday was great. I don't agree with everything completely, but the foundation of it is true. I have to listen to it a few more times and start a plan of action. I do worry a lot about my kids future, because I don't want them to go thru what I am going thru now. And also want to have a better relationship with them, that is the reason why I registered for this teleseminar. They have listened to part of the First Steps to Success Seminar, and they say that it is not a business CD, they say it is a Life CD. And that is so thru. They ask me all the time, "Are you going to listen to the Life CD ??", meaning you FSTS. I think that is soo funny, but soo true. Thanks so much for all you give.
~ Denis Coruzzi


I already sent in my comments last week about how I felt overwelmed and frustrated because I have 4 teenagers and a 12 year old and I felt like it was too late to make much of a difference. But, the Holy Spirit really spoke to me and let me know it's not too late. I talked with my husband to let him know what my plan of action was and I have been taking each of my children out to lunch or dinner to ask them for my forgiveness in not have the correct tools to parent and sharing what I learned from the call. My husband has asked me to buy him a bible. Praise God. My 12 year old has been an angel since we had our talk. I talked with my 15 yr. old yesterday and he wants to go to church and also wants to read the bible. I still have to talk to my 17 & 18 year old daughters which will happen this week. Again, thank you Dani for letting God use you as a vessel. May God Bless you and keep you going strong!
~ Laura Nonte


My ways of thinking have absolutely changed in the area of not only ways with my children but with my husband and all other relationships! Wow! She tells it like it is no sugar coated words here. I love her passion and honesty! I am so glad I decided to do the teleseminiar. I can't wait to hear the rest of it! Thanks!
~ Kristi Albert


Hello again!! I made a comment Friday night after we saw such an amazing difference with our kids! And now, this is Monday night, and its absolutely amazing the difference with them!! They know we mean what we say when we say 'obey'...but its empowering for both! They are talking more respectfully, and are 'thinking' before they act! And they catch themselves too..and respond to "try again" right away and positively. And then they BEAM when they get praise for making the better choices! My husband and I can hardly wait till this next Thursday night!! Thanks SO much Dani, and God bless you!!
~ Larissa Wheeler


The timing was perfect!!!!! I have been soooo frustrated with our children (6, 4, and 2). My husband and I felt we couldn't take them anywhere, and even within our home, we were so discouraged with their behavior that we've practically given up! They were argumentative, disrespectful, mean toward each other and to guest, and very rude toward me! It was embarrasing and out of control! Dani's tips were sooo practical! "Self-Control" has been a life saver! And what's so cool, is the VERY next day, I was able to take all 3 kids to the store and they behaved! I prepped them for the trip, had to remind them to "self-control" and "obey" a couple of time...but all in all...the trip was actually pleasureable! Also, for the last 6 years I have struggled with the whole spanking issue (probably why I have allowed my kids to walk all over me!). We have a lot to 'fix' with our kids, but for the first time, I feel that we have a clear direction with our parenting and I am sooo looking forward to Thursdays' call. Last weeks call has been a lifesiver, for me, my kids AND our family and future as a whole! And to think I almost didn't register! THANK YOU SO MUCH DANI!
~ Carla Dollar


I almost didn't register for the tele-seminar because I'm a home school mom and I have great kids. But something kept telling me to do it. WOW! I learned so much, things I hadn't even thought about. Like teaching my childern to honor each other so they will know how to honor their spouses. I'm so glad I listened to what I now know was God telling me to get on that call. Thank you Dani for sharing the insight that God has given you.
~ Michelle Daye


The teleseminar was great. We already have taken many steps to limit the exposure that our daughter receives, but we were not aware how big of a problem pornography is in the US among younger people. The best advice we got was how to discipline your kids with the mindset of protection and not control. So often you hear parents say "don't do that, don't do this..." but never really explain their reasons so it was great to see how Dani explains everything she does and then ALSO gives her kids scripture to learn and meditate on. A perfect example of how to make the word of God REAL to your kiddos. I can't wait for this week and to see how you relate to each different personality! God Bless you guys!
~ Danni Hankins


You hit the nail on the head. My entire family sat together and listened to the MP3 of this program. Now, when my 8-year-old son hears himself start to argue, he will stop himself and say "I'm not honoring and respecting you." Then he shifts gears and obeys. My 10-year-old son related to your story about not allowing your daughter to go with friends who didn't share your values. He thanked me for giving him limits and protecting him from harm. The whole family found something to integrate into our daily lives. I am so grateful to you for saying the things that I say to my children. Sometimes, I feel alone because I teach excellence in my home and I guard zealously their influences: i.e. no TV in our home! We don't know any other families personally who feel as we do. Hearing you gave the children the knowledge that their mom isn't crazy. A couple of highlights to note: When the children heard you articulate the big picture (1) why honoring your parents is important (2) why honoring each other is important, and (3) why guarding your mind from messages that degrade values is imperative, they HEARD!! WOW! Dani, thank you so much. My kids listen to you because they already have so much respect for you. They have listened to your North Carolina CDS many times. Adding this content to our library is priceless.
~ Sandra Carey


I loved it. It really inspired me to get back on track with my kids. There were a lot of things that I was letting slide and I didn't realize how much I was hindering thier future success as adults. Thank you so much for your wonderful insight.It has helped my family already.
~ Kim Loppiccolo


Grooming the next generation has given me the tools to pull out the best in my kids and made me aware of what is influencing them in their daily lives. I appreciate more than you will ever know the impact you have made on me as a mother. I come from a background that isn't worth repeating so not having a good role model in my life as a parent has made it difficult for me to raise my own children. I find myself so terrified of making a mistake that I make them constantly out of fear. Your no-nonsense approach to delivering God's message regarding raising our children has simplified my life! Thanks Dani!
~ Renae Heikkila


Dani, I was in Denver at your First Steps to Success just a week ago and from that I decided to be a part of your "grooming the next generation seminar". Dani....it was so awesome!!! I am a partner Of Joyce Meyer Ministries and little did you know that I was struggling with the disciplining of my 1,3,5,and 7 year old plus my 4 college age step-children. Because of my past abuse I had e-mailed Joyce Meyer asking her to pray for me and guide me on disciplining my children because I did not want to abuse my children out of anger for what happened to me as a child. I was so ready for the generation curse to be gone. I sent that e-mail two days before we went to Denver to hear you and my healing began with your First Steps to Success seminar! Forgiveness is such an awesome thing! Not only did I forgive my abusers of the past, you prayed over me for god to heal my eating disorder and to bind my sin of jealousy and since then I have felt free for the first time in 20 years!!!!!! To help me further God answered my prayer with your "grooming the next generation for sucess" teleseminar in helping with the discipline of my 8 children. I have so much to learn Dani and I am opening up my heart to be teachable I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SECOND PART!!!!!!! DANI, GOD HAS TRULY BLESSED ME AND MY FAMILY THROUGH YOUR BUSINESS AND MINISTRIES! YOU ARE TRULY DOING WHAT GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO DO!!!! See you in Dallas! (This time I am also bringing my mom, step-dad, and my husband with me!) Have a great week!
~ Joy Quinn


Dani is so amazing!! I started to apply some of the things Dani taught that night! Dani's right! Our kids want to do good. She has helped me see what I have done well and the areas I need to work on. I love her passion and willingness to tell us like it is. I can't wait until the next call!!! Thank you for impacting EVERY part of my life.
~ Kathy Humpherys


I realized that I have not let God have a big enough presence in our house. My kids have gone to Catholic school since kindergarten. They're both altar servers, my wife is a eucharistic minister and I'm a lector, but it sort of ends there. I think you taught a framework of scripture to operate in and I was especially impacted by your story of how Arika agrees with you and Hans now because she simply knows you really are looking out for her best interests in the name of God. I will make sure my kids understand that we are charged witgh watching over them the same way. Brilliant!
~ Todd Palm


I had my wife and I listen to the first two hour call. We are expecting our first child in October of this year and it could not have been better timing to become exposed to someone who has the knowledge and wisdom of so many areas within life like Dani Johnson. We have had so many questions and there is so much information out in the public and it can get overwhelming. Dani has made her teachings simple by using examples and listing steps towards implementing thoste steps. We are looking forward to listening to the second call and then using the information for our daily lives. We hope to have some of these skills mastered before our daughter is born so that we have a great head start towards proper grooming and parenting. We are so happy to have found someone who is always going to say what they believe and not what others might want to hear. Thank you Dani so much for using and applying your gifts.
~ Troy Zollars


Dani, Awesome teleseminar!! I began using your techniques immediately today with my 8 children and saw tremendous blessings already! Thank you!
~ Daina Ridgeway


Dani!! My husband and I were absolutely riveted, convicted, inspired and empowered...all at the same time!!! Today we started applying what we learned, and WOW!! we had amazing results right away with our 2 kids. They are great kids, we just were struggling with some arguing starting with our 7 yr old, and disobeying and screaming with our 3 yr old. I had to stop the car a few times, to then follow the steps of discipline from the call. But MAN, did they ever get results! My son made a comment about lunch time "Things have really changed today Mom" But he was smiling! The steps of hugging and encouraging, then the forgivneness step all really round out to a great result. We were always trying to be proactive parents, but really felt we lacked alot of skills and tools to effectively handle things, and fell into Reactive parenting way too much. And it burdened our hearts. Now we feel empowered, and feel we have some effective tools that won't encourage rebellion (we were seeing the start of anger reactions to discipline before this call too). We can HARDLY wait till next Thursday!! The only change I would make in the teleseminar is to do it back to back in 2 nights!!! lol! But in reality, I think the week of implementing what we learned this last night, before adding the next layer of cake, is probably best!! But patience is a virtue I am still working on!! God bless you Dani!!!
~ Larissa Wheeler


Dani, When you teach us how to improve our lives by framing and protecting our minds with the truth, God gives us a skill to improve the world. I have been to two Dynastys, after each one I went home using your simple success language with my children, we now have dreams, work hard and play in a balanced life. Even if people never had children or their's are out of the home, your training is raising me up at the age of 39. So it is truly better late than never. Your skills and teaching have helped me bless so many other children and parents to have a new out look on parenting and the responsibilites we have to live by design not by default!!! God bless.
~ Bryn Ott


AWESOME! I can't wait for next week! Bravo for telling it like it is! Thank you for the tried, true, and proven ideas and methods for handling these "little adults". My husband and I have always believed that communication was the key. We just didn't always have the motivating factor (God's Word) in mind when we were trying to stress a point. You have reminded us of this VITAL Ingredient for success. You are desperately needed and very refreshing. YOU AND HANS BOTH!! If the two of you have anymore time in your already hectic schedule, a "handbook" (of how to not kill your kids raising them) would be phenomenal. I would suggest a flip-it booklet since people are so pressed for time as it is. One side would be focused on women or moms, flip it around and the other focused on men or dads (these kinds of booklets seem to be a trend). Nevertheless, I am eternally greatful for these tidbits of meat and will clean my ears out for the next batch. Just to let you know, not only have you broken YOUR next generations curses, but you have and will be responsible for breaking generations of poverty and abuse inour family as well. GOOD JOB! By the way, if Hans would be willing to speak regarding a man's role in the household, I would definitely volunteer my husband as a listener. God Bless you continually!
~ Marie Nelson


Dani, WOW, I feel I'm getting some training so that I can train/groom my children. I've felt for a long time that there is a dynamic person locked up inside this body, I just know how to get it out. I've been praying for a strong mentor for some time and thought I had found one. While she's been great at encouraging me, praying for me and such, she's not the business/personal coach mentor I feel I need to fully be the person God created. I have many years of poor thinking and habits. I desire to shed them. My purpose in shring this with you is very personal in that I come from a divorce home and (not to blame my parents) fell like they didn't support me/invest in me and empower me to "soar" in life. I've lived my life kind of on "autopilot" simply taking what the winds of life have blown my way. I don't want that for my 3 children. I was telling an assoc. in my business that I'm investing in me so that I can be the role model, encourager and therefore empower them to be what God has created them for. I'm enrolling in your Aug. First Steps in Dallas. The bonus is to be able to tour the home office of Mannatech, my business partner. God brought me to Mannatech 2 1/2 yr's ago. My goal through my business is for my husband and I to not be tied to a job and be free to follow our dreams, goals and aspirations, as God leads. One of them is to take the entire family on a MannaRelief missions trip. I know you can help me on this path. It seems overwhelming but so does any significant change that is the best for someone. I narrow road is always less traveled and harder to travel on. I'm making my reservations, inspite of doubts and a little apprehension, because I know this is what I need to do to reach my goals. THANK YOU for your vision, passion and strength to stand against the winds of the evil one. I have sooooo many times felt like a lone ranger, even in my own home, when it comes to raising our children (different view points/values/standards/expectations and such). I've handle these moments of conflick poorly. I think I didn't handle them well because I didn't learn good people skills(workingon them now) and had a very low self image/lack of confidence. While that has improved dramatically I still am asked to compromise in many areas. Areas that lead to, I feel, that desensitization you mentioned. We are being dumbed down. I am battling myself on the positive thinking approach to life, self motivation and things like this, BUT I KNOW I'm winning. I want my kids to leave this home KNOWING they are winners and can DO ALL THINGS, BECAUSE THEY HAVE CHRIST IN THEIR HEARTS AND THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, AMEN! I look forward to your mentoring over the coming months/years to help me be the godly, god feaaring woman I am, shedding the skin of lies, half truths and hurts that hold me back. YOU'RE THE BEST.
~ Carole Blomgren


I am a single mom of 3 and I learned so much on the call. This information is so needed. I thought I had done a good job with my children because like you, people would go out of their way to comment on how well behaved my children were. But I failed to equip them to succeed. Now that my sons are 17 and 19 and living with their father who lives in the pit of pornography and alcohol, I realize what drove them away was my controlling behavior in an effort to protect them and keep them safe. What I missed was the need to communicate with them and let them know why I made the decisions and ask for their help instead or screaming out demands or orders like a drill sargeant.I realize I failed to equip them for success. My oldest son has such resentment towards me and my younger son is filled with disrespect for me and any type of authority. However I am encourgaged and filled with hope. I will do as you suggested and ask for their forgiveness and pray that God will heal us and our relationship. With this information, I can do a better job with my 8 year old daughter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to next weeks call and will share this information with my homeschool coop.
~ Rebecca Fischer


I am a 50-year old grandmother of nine who was totally blown away by the information I heard tonight! I laughed! I cried! I asked for forgiveness for doing it wrong and for having the wrong attitudes in the past. You totally captured my attention by your passion, the depth, and most of all, the quality of information that you shared. What impacted me the most was how to train children in such a way that they respectfully, willingly, and cheerfully choose to make decisions that will lead to their success in life instead of failure. What you taught in this seminar was so meaningful that it immediately changed me on the inside! For years, I've needed to hear much of what you shared tonight - not only for MYSELF, but also to pass on to my four adult children, as well as to my nine grandchildren ages 17 down to 1 years old! Thank you, Dani, for providing the answers to questions that I've had all these years! Your "Grooming the Next Generation for Success" Seminar is so phenomenal! Everyone needs to hear it over and over!
~ Pamela Kunze


Dani, I would like to thank you for your frankness, strength of conviction, your wisdom and for being a doer not just a hearer of God's Word. You certainly have put out a challenge to me as a mum, a first-time grandparent and a new christian of 2 years. I praise God for the hope that we can have in Him through His precious Son, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ giving thanks for His words that says that the thoughts He has for us are of peace and not of calamity/evil to give us a future and a hope. I thank you for the hope you impart to us through your experiental knowledge in your training calls. Our girls are young adults 25yrs (a young mum with a beautiful 11month old daughter) and 18years and your words enable me to see the areas where I can acknowledge that I have missed the mark not necessarily because we didn't do our best but because we just didn't fully realise the impact that the lack in our awareness would have. Your point on 'name-calling' versus encouragement; building people up; that struck a strong 'chord' with me. More than likely because I grew up with that sort of divisiveness and I have never liked the way we as a society tend to belittle each other so for me to be an encourager is an aim. The need for encouragement is evident everywhere and none more so than in my family. Therein lies the challenge. My husband gave his heart the same day I did and although I know God is calling him is struggling with being a christian and our girls are as yet not walking actively with God. I teach vocal coaching to young people and adults and share God's word to primary students in the State School system in (for want of a term)a 'religious education' programme and that has been an eye-opener for me so to be revisiting your teaching will certainly be beneficial, in part, if not in full. Thanks again and looking forward to next week's call.
~ Annette Locke


The whole thing was valuable. I am a hugh Dani fan. What I found most valuable was framing for them what your job as a parent is. With intention and love to guide and shape them. That we are entrusted with their lives and souls and as parents it is our job to mentor and groom them for them and not for our egos or what someone else might or might not think of us. I will use the looking straight in the eye thing more and filter what she is exposed to more than I do today. Thank you I look forward to next weeks session.
~ Charlotte


Dani, I am so grateful that I have found you and that I can "pass" you along to my husband and kids. I have been following a path of self-growth for a few years now, and I feel that I am finally ready to "hear" you and to impliment your teachings. My biggest nugget is to ask for forgiveness and to show remorse. I will sit down with my teens when they return from camp and let them know I am sorry for not showing/telling them that my decisions were based in love and protection of them. I feel so blessed that I can again have a positive influence on my children's lives - expecially my 17 year old son. Thank you.
~ Dawn Sinclair


Your training was excellent last night. I will be able to use this information within my family, my part-time work, and my home business. I can't wait to receive my recording so I can listen again and again and I can't wait for next week. You are an amazing woman and speaker.
~ Candice Gamez


I was so moved by what Dani shared and more importantly, I was able to use what I heard immediately with my 12 year old!
~ Tina Hatch


We get the same compliments about our children that Dani does about hers. I know we are on the right track. But I learned about being able to show my children the direction of success. Dani showed us how to eliminate fear from our children. She also helped my wife and I get on the same page. My wife finally sees some of things I have been trying to say and I finally see the things she is trying to say. Dani said it the same way we do, only now we were listening! Thanks Dani! My kids will thank you in 20 years!
~ John Finn


I loved it, Dani gave real examples that I can use. I realized that if I'm not grooming my children someone is.
~ Vicki Brown


As a Mother of 7 children (15,13,10,9,5,2,&1)I needed to hear this 15 years ago! I read parenting books, listen to parenting CD's, and have attended parenting classes. Nothing has made more sense then the information you shared! I want my kids to grow up to be successful, honor & resepct others, and care more about giving then getting. You shared how simple it can be done. THANK YOU!! The biggest impact your call had on me, that I have already started to apply and by the way it worked, is the honor, self control, and obey others. Having 7 kids with different personalities they can be disrespectful and argue with each other. All the parenting books I have read they explain that is 100% normal. Sad to say I have just let it go. After listening to Dani and the long term impact that attitude and lack of honor for each other will result later in life. I set down with my kids, I apologized and ask for their forgiveness for allowing that behavior. I am applying exactly what you taught us, it is so simple and does get the results that will help my kids to grow up to be the best person they can be. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Dani you are a gift from God. Your information has blessed my family's life forever. Thanks for providing us with the information we need to be the best parent, spouse, and business builder we can be.
~ Michele O'Neil


Your teachings need to be heard by millions. Dani, I don't remember much from my childhood, but last night several root issues were discovered. These issues deal with a few flash backs from my childhood. Now they can be dealt with and now I am equipped to go to all my sons and make things right. Dani where can I go for information and help with generational curses and deliverance. At Denver the Holy Spirit showed me a lot. Thank you for following what God tells you to do.
~ Ron Heaton


I thought the call last night was awesome! The one thing that struck me, as so simple and yet profound was the question, "what did you do to your brother". When my boys fuss, in the past I've asked "what happened", but I really like how a simple change in wording completely changes the focus and requires them to each take responsibility. Thanks for being obedient to God and providing such great training!!
~ Sherry Peters


Dani, Last nights call was AWESOME! Although I wish I heard it before I had kids. I think what impacted me th most was the protection/control. That is a fine line that definately cant be crossed, and you taught me how to not cross it. Thank you Dani, I can't wait until next weeks call!!!
~ Brad Young


Thank You Hans and Dani for your dedication to improving not only your family but for sharing your gifts with us. I learned so much on the call tonight. I think what stirred me the most was the passion Dani shared for protecting the kids. I have always had this passion and the people (mainly my family) around me have always made me feel like I was over protective. Now I am standing firm on my beliefs and I'm going to stand up for what I KNOW is right. I will not waiver for anyone. My kids are worth way more then what ANYONE thinks of me. Thank you for bringing the passion and authority back into my heart!!
~ Cindy White


Hey Dani! The teleseminar tonight was SO full of impacting information. What you taught on the "words" to use in raising up children was Very helpful! I started implementing that tonight. Also, how you explained idolatry was VERY enlightening! Also, when you talked about influence. You've given me Godly insights into going to a higher level of grooming our two boys for success! I look forward to having my family meet yours someday soon. Thank you & God Bless!
~ Cherene Assman


Truley the best training for families that i've ever heard. I have 10 year old daughter and two daughters that are grown up. One is a junior high youth pastor. My oldest, has a 4 year old boy and her husband is serving in Iraq right now. Prayfully she will apply these great Godly principals that I relearned tonight. It's is very different raising kids today, than it was 15 years ago... Mentorship made a huge difference in my older daughters lives. With my 10 year old her sisters are her mentors. I know now that I will apply more of the stuff i learned tonight, especially the part about hugging and encouaging after a spanking, and the forgiveness to the person and our God. I love that, and that is new for me and my husband. By the way the dish will be turned OFF. Blessings to you.
~ Susan Bafford


As a father of three and as an educational professional involved with three private provider Distance Education Organization start-ups (homeschoolers who are registered as a large group with a government educational authority), I am so impressed, that all I can say is, everybody needs to get the mp3's!
~ Bruce R. Lammertsma


Danny you were awesome and God filled with the power of the heavens. Should all take heed and start the grooming process...this earth plane is going to change. I have taken the assignment to do that in my home town...I am creating a plan to implement these things about which you speak......and see what I can do with grooming my grandson's at this stage in their lives...they are rudderless. I am eager to get the MP3 and replay and take in the details of your Biblical directions to groom this generation and create a strong army of excellent young people strong in the Lord. Thank you for stepping into this assignment to lead. When I came home from Dynasty in May...I got the direction from within to start grooming the local children. This has been a desire hidden within B/4 Dyn...
~ Allison Vokac


While some parents don't assume the awesome responsibility, those on this call do and with the tools which were presented tonight, we can raise kids who reach for success, with God right by their side! My wife and I can't wait until next Thursday!
~ Wiley


I am a 68 year old grandmother of nine ages 6 to 18. I wish I could have this information as I raised our two daughters and I wish they could have had it before they started their families. Hopefully I can make good use of what I learned tonight by helping our family. Our 18 year old grandson has always been a kind hearted hard working kid who has a father who tells him to "suck it up" whether it be emotional or physical hurts. He is now depressed and threatening to move out with a group of guys. I am very scared for him. He and I have always had a good relationship but I do not see him often. He works 40 hours a week and has a girlfriend (she is a nice gal) needless to say not a lot of time for grandparents although he does stop in for little visits here and there. Any suggestions as to how I can help him. I have told him he is Kings Kid (Jesus) and remind him of that every chance I get and he always grins and I think he likes that. The last time he hugged me good bye after both parents had put him down in front of us I held his hand for a moment and gave it a sueeze and he returned that. I know he is needing more positive reinforcement. I will do my best to share what I have learned.I happen to have MS and Ricky (grandson I am referring to) has been more loving and accepting and showed me more respect than any other human being and thus I so want him to reach his potential which is great if he does not get totaly sidetracked. This kid can weld, spray paint a car, build a full size race car from the ground up, keep my electric scooter going and about anything else that needs fixing. He is very talented. Does not like school. Feels it is a waste of time. He is a Sr this year if he goes to school - another concern. You said you would be sending out the MP3 I think it is (not very up on this cyper space stuff) will you have extras for sale??? God Bless You for what you are attempting to do in educating people on the need to groom our young people.
~ Marie Hakala


Dani, I don't have children of my own, but I am involved in my children's program at my church. One of the hardest things I need to learn is how to discipline and nurture a group of kindergarteners through second graders without coming across as either a dictator or a "caver." The information you presented tonight has given me so many things I can use to keep in control of the room without being controlling and to teach my "kids" to be true winners in this world. I think the biggest thing I learned tonight is, "Would you like to try that again?"; it will definitely be something I will implement.
~ Caryl Block


We started using your techniques tonight with our little guy and it was really neat to see the light in Julian's face when we told him that God loves him, accepts him, wants him to succeed and that He is preparing him for great things!! Wow!! Thanks Dani & Hans -- you are a blessing to us all!
~ Laura & Terry Douglas


The biggest thing for me tonight was obey. Obey because I am protecting you, guiding you, and helping you to succeed. Obey because all things are possible for those who believe. Obey so that you can respect, honor, and forgive. Obey is an action and needs to be done the FIRST time. Immediately after the call, my little one was restless so I went in to cuddle with her. I asked for her forgiveness for my ignorant ways of dealing with her tantrums, arguing, lack of self control and lack of patience. I asked her to forgive my aruging, lack of self control, and lack of patience. I told her that along with God's help and guidance that I was going to protect her and help her to lead the most successful life that she can. I am going to repeat this to her every day in words and in actions. Thank you VERY much, Dani, for giving this knowledge to me and my family.
~ Lori Lampe


I have been praying and yearning with every fiber of my being for training such as what you offered tonight. I have 4 kids under 5 and I have often felt like I was failing them because I did not know how to train them up for the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you for answering my prayers tonight. I now have the knowledge to gain the skills I have been lacking with my kids. I am so excited to ask for their forgiveness tomorrow when they wake and to immediately begin using the tools you equipped me with tonight. I cannot wait for next Thursday to come and to get my MP3's so I can listen and relisten many times over. You have been such a blessing to me not only in my business but also in my marriage, my spiritual life, and now in my relationship with my children. Thank God for Dani Johnson!
~ Monica Anderson


The whole session was fantastic! I'm so thankful to have talked with Dani personally. With my husband and I blending our families of older children with younger children from completely different backgrounds, it was wonderful to have Dani point out what should have been so obvious. Asking the older boys to help us groom the younger children is a great place to start. I can't wait for the MP3 so my husband and I can listen together again and again. Thanks so much Dani!
~ Jody Whitaker


I thought the call was powerful. I can tell that this is something Dani's heart is definitely into and I appreciated her honesty and sincerity. It's hard to single out one thing that really impacted me the most from all of the great stuff, but right at the end, it really hit me how the principles are ONLY for people who want their kids to succeed. What I mean is, I understood better that it is easy (the default) to raise kids who are mediocre, but if I want my kids to be a breed above, there will be some extra effort. I love everything Dani teaches and I realize that as I apply it, it really isn't an "extra effort" way, but a simpler, more fruitful way. Thanks!
~ Autumn Bosley


Dani: You hit so many points that I needed to hear. Understanding the Idolization of things other than God, and applying that to my life will help me groom my six year old. thank you so much. I cant wait for next week
~ Joanna Nachtigal-Zona


This seminar was a lifesaver...as the mother of 5 and grandmother of 3 I am implementing these strategies with my children and grandkids immediatly. It is never too late!!! I can't wait for the next call. Thanks Dani
~ Debbi Carroll


The teleseminar was like an flu shot for my business it is helping me to keep all of the negative thoughts and stay positive and keep my belief that I will succeed.
~ David Arriaga


Dani, you are indeed God sent. I was introduced to your site soon after joinging Fortune. I have learned so much, and as soon as I can, I am going to invest in First Steps. I signed both of my daughters up on this past Saturday to do the business. I invited both to your conference call. After listening, my oldest daughter, Tanoi, emailed me and thanked me for inviting her on the call. God bless you, Dani. Alice P.S. Your script is very helpful. I use it in training the business to others.
~ Alice I. Fleming


Hi Dani, It felt like every question that was asked tonight pertained to me. I feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing, but I choke when it comes to closing, or even suggest they think it over. I'll be at 1st steps this weekend & I am ready to lay down all my excuses, strongholds or whatever. I have a deep desire in my heart to learn this business & then be able to teach thousands of others to do the same. I'll be 55 this year, so I've gotta get a move on. I love you & Hans & your organization. I'm so happy that the Lord has blessed you mightily and you are using it for Good!
~ Gloria Moore


Dani - YOU ROCK, You are amazaing, I love your energy!
~ Suzy Hendrick


I think Dani is the greatest in explaining the how's and why's of creating my home based business. She speaks with great knowledge and wisdom in every field I needed to learn and I appreciate my sponser in getting me to Dani! God Bless You and Keep It UP!!
~ Donna


Dani, Thank you for your advice today. The answers opened my mind and eyes and realized I'm not the only one with the same questions. Like you stated... FORMing is it, not informing.
~ Sergio Flores


Hi Dani: Just wanted to say that Monday's call (January 8th) was great. The timing was perfect for getting 2007 off to a great start. I will be teachable, coachable, and follow directions in 2007. Not having done so in the past has cost me too much. It is time for a change. I commit to making this change so that I can increase my income.
~ Lisa Abrams


Hey Hans, Dani and Gang I just wanted to say a big thank you for your Mon Night call this week. I was having a terrible day and was sitting in my living room praying and asking God for help. I heard Him say, “Dani’s call is starting right now.” I looked at my watch, it was 6:58. That message was awesome! It was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you. Oh, my boss at my day job just told me that I got a raise! She thanked me for my hard work and stated that she was glad I got the raise because my responsibilities had increased this past year. I must be doing something right. Yeah! Every little bit counts! Blessings to you guys and I am praying for you guys. Thank you for staying strong, Your sense of focus came through the lines on Mon. It was incredible. Love you guys and can’t wait to see you in Dallas. ~ Elyssa Williams


Dani Johnson, what can I say...Your call tonight has done it again. The messege conveyed was exactly what my team needed to revive them to take action. My partners and I are ready to STARVE OUR PROCRASTINATION. Thank you and may God continue to use you as an instrument.
~ Kevin Madison


Last Night's call was EXCELLENT medicine. I hear your Heart Dani, Thankyou for Believing in me! One could listen to this call every day of the year!
~ Marcus Tribelhorn


Hi Dani and Hans, I had 26 people listening through my web conference center tonight. 5 of them were first timers and were heavily impacted by the call. YOU and Hans made me and my leaders money tonight....thank you! Likewise, at least one of them went to dj.com and ordered the script book and I think signed up for Dallas. Don't you LOVE this business!!!!!!Blessings
~ Kent Mack


Dear Dani, Thank you so much, without your training I would not have been able to start working seriously, for the first time in my life after decades of recovery from severe abuse and trauma. I have not made my fortune yet if you count it in dollars, but I am wealthy beyond imagination because you have given me the gift of hope, and the skills to take my life to a new level. I am still struggling to pay the bills this evening, but each day I get closer to my goal of financial freedom and helping others, especially children who are being abused like we were. You are an angel, and I am blessed to know you - even if indirectly, and others like you who have helped me get to where I am today. I accept your challenge to make this the year of completion, and am going now to make my list of what needs to change and what needs to get done. In my mind, I stand on the porch of my new home on Dec 31, 2007, surrounded by my friends, and my fiance, and celebrate our success and the riches that money cannot buy, and the riches money -can- buy. And right now, this moment, I abandon my fears and regrets. And I look to that future as my reality. Because it is and will be. And you are invited to my party :) . Thank you Dani. God Bless.
~ Kristina Seraphin


After several months of procastinating, I have finally decided to work my business to the fullest. I will try my best to work around distractions and stay focused on my dreams and goals. Thank you Dani, I really listened to every word that you said. As I am typing this, I have tears of joy and some of sadness for proscratinating over the past 6 months. I have heard that term before,that the year 2007 is the year of completion. This will truly be my year to shine. Thank you so much for putting a burn in my belly!!!
~ Darlene Kemp


This was the first call I ever was in on. I am trying to start a home based business. And tonights call really made me want to do this. And take charge of my life around me. Thank you Dani..
~ Teresa


Tonight's call was just what I needed. Thank you, Dani! Looking forward to seeing you in Dallas, Texas! Can't wait!
~ Stephanie Hiew


Dani, I really love your training course! I know this will be a good year, I have only been wth my company 1 month 1/2 , but I have learned so much form you. I am trying to go to The Championship the week March 1-4th. that is my big step! I cant wait for what is coming my way in 2007. Thanks
~ Tracy Jones


What a great way to start out the year. A real wake up call for me. I have some things to "Get Over", and you helped me see what I have to do to move on with it. Thanks, Dani, for some hard truth that I've known is there.
~ Dean Capaul


The call on Jan 8th, 2007 has changed my life. It has made me more focused and determined to get the goals that God has given me done!! Thank God for Dani Johnson!! She is a true entreprenuer and mighty woman of God!
~ B-Wise


I got chills...more than once! Dani, have changed the way I've been talking to people for over two years. I use your scripts every time I get on the phone, and have made the solid decision to make something of myself this month, this year! Thank you so much
~ Katrina


Tonights call was such a confirmation about the 3 meeting plan. We have just restructed our entire team behind this concept and we are looking for huge results to happen as a result.
~ Phil and Falesha


Dani I booked in for the teleseminar but work got in the way of listening to them live. I have however listened to them numerous times since, reviewed 2006 and set my goals for 2007 and onwards. The review was amazing, something I had not done before, the impact was so much greater to look at what worked and what did not and then adjust accordingly. 2007 is the year to be massive and I will see you at First Steps in Australia and Dynasty in May. God Bless
~ Murray Bladen


Thank you soooo much for sharing on Priorities this past Tuesday. I know this isn't the first time I've heard you talk on this subject, but it was just what I was needing. I was on the fence about a decision, and after you sharing priorities, I jumped off the fence. Thank you!! Thank you for all you do for us. I have only been "with" you for less than 6 months. I was at Chicago, and then Orlando for an AMAZING Dynasty!!! It was sooooooo great to experience both of these with my husband. My husband has a small Custom Home construction company. I have a home based business. I also am a cosmetologist 2 days a week, and have a 3 and 1 year old. My husband also coaches basketball. We have learned soooo much that helps all these areas of life. Most of all we understand each other sooo much better!!! He's a Ruby and I'm a Saph-pearl. I've been in my home based business for 12 years. Had great success 12 years ago...then fell off for awhile, came back 6 years ago, but didn't know how to build and haven't since. Started going backward in the Spring of "06. Was putting in more money than was making. My upline are my parents who are emerald ruby's and are grown up babysitters like Jude with Project MAHMA. They have no "purpose" for danijohnson.com and it's sad. But we made it to you, and since I have listened to you and your cd's and dvd's I have reprogramed.... This year (all 4 days of it) I have brought in a new person and she is at a 900 volume level already!!! It was only 7-8 months ago that I was struggling to get that personally for an entire month. Best part is that I am sooo excited to help her grow a home business so she can stay at home with her new born baby girl!! Thank you for following the Lord's direction and coming into our lives!! We love you!!
~ Derek and Sheri Eaton


Wow where do I begin.... I have 9 people going to first steps in Dallas... I was at my first Dynasty and made it to Orlando from Dallas in spite of the huge snowstorm we had here... I waited all day at the airport just because I knew god wanted me at this Dynasty and he would provide a way... I was on the call last night and I heard stephen from Dallas did not make it to Dynasty because of the weather.. Even though all odds were against me and I missed 2 planes I waited until god moved and he did and I got on a plane that wasnt even on the schedule... I was distributor of the year last year and this year 07... My company is Nexagen.... I sat in the back row my first 2 first steps I was so new and overwhelmed in the business I was terrified that I would have to explain my success again go up on stage and explain why and how I did this business when I didnt' know a thing about it... I made 6 figures my very first year and had no system to plug into... I was confused even more when I was told to go listen to other people instead of Dani about this business.... I had no mentor, no trainer, and noone that made sense to take me to the next level.... Since Dynasty I have 9 brand new people going to Dani's first steps in Dallas.... I think this is time management for me to team up with Dani and let her train while I recruit.. I never really knew how to train my people because I wasnt trained.. I was just enthusiastic lol and I can now say I have finally found my mentor and trainer and I have the best system to plug my people into.... Dani had the track record I needed both in business and spiritually... I have told countless people in my organization that they made a mistake leaving Dani Johnson and going anywhere else... I will not be at Dallas first steps only because my company trip is in Hawaii this year and I took first place and they are at the same time... I will be talking about Dani in Hawaii.... I am so grateful to have a bigger vision and a direction for my team which is most important... I told all of my people to sit as close to the front as possible to see Dani it makes a huge difference.. I slept outside at Dynasty and sat in the front row the whole time.. It changed my life and my prospective on my businesss.. Instead of having a business I want to grow a business and thanks to Dani I get it.... I didn't get anything before and 6 figures means nothing if you can't teach others how to get there.. I am inspired and see miraculous things working in me and god is the reason I had such great success with knowing nothing... I was the one who sold patches out of the back of my car.. Dani you have also helped me develop a much better story and I was scared to death up on stage with you.... Thank you for doing above and beyond what pleases god.. Thank you for being the leader that you are... You are like King David and your heart is for people in the market place... Thanks for inspiring me and giving me the confidence to be a leader and rise up others to do the same... God is my hero and you are my mentor... I am so glad to be a part of gods kings in the marketplace .....
~ Marla Anderson


Dani! It was incredible. And I was one of the 2% who did my goals!!!!!!!!! One of my goals is to go to First Steps in Los Angeles when you come there. THANK YOU so much!!!!!!
~ Jeanne Condon


I loved the teleseminar. Thank you so much for doing it. A lot of the material you covered was in various calls and the NC set, but the live Q&A was the best part. Interesting questions and wonderful answers. The role-playing is fantastic. The teleseminar helped me to put my goals down and look towards the future more positively. I wish I had been able to ask my questions, but I understand there is limited time for that. THANK YOU!!!! God Bless.
~ Joy Marino


Another awesome teleseminar and a great way to start 2007. I loved the way you explained what provokes objections and the formula for handling them. Lots of info in the short period of time. The Q&A are always very helpful, too.
~ Enid hobson


I love the role playing, and your insight into every situation brought up by the folks with whom your role playing. Each teleseminar, telephone class, First Steps, and Dynasty gives more insight and always something brand new to add to business acumen.
~ Ed


I was able to achieve new things by listening and implementing what I learned in last year’s tele-seminar, and I plan on doing even more this year. Thanks so much for helping us!!
~ Terence Cole


Dani, Thank you for all you are doing and have done in my life! After getting off the call I was inspired and motivated to keep going...How awesome our Lord is! Having homework...well I thought that should be a family affair. I had our our 7 children get a piece of paper and a pencil. They were excited. Ages 13 to 3yrs. I had them write down the number 50 at the top of the page and then explained a little on goals dreams and faith in God. Some were happy some...some scared but after about two hours my children and I had written 50 goals shared them and were so blessed as a family! It was awesome to see the hearts of my kids...so many goals were to give and bless others and to draw closer to Jesus(of course the three year old did not do it.) We are now looking forward to putting dates and watching our Father bless us as His children. It was great to see some of the exact same goals with every one of us. Music, Christianity, traveling and helping others. That was really neat. Thanks Dani for your love and prayers. I have so many times borrowed your confidence as you said I could...thanks. Blessing to you and your family.
~ Tami Goldman


Dani and Hans, YES, your training has had a HUGE impact on my life! 1st Steps set me free of personal hindrences and Dynasty equipped me with tools to reach my goals and enjoy "retirement" with a purpose. THANK you for the powerful prophacy, patriotic message - and for helping me to leverage my time - I, too had a nervous breakdown years ago, and after 1st Steps I was working 10 - 12 hours a day - by Dynasty my head was swimming! Your practical, spiritual and business advice is just what I needed to hear (at age 68). It was very helpful to have questions after each topic. And your encouragement is priceless! God Bless you!
~ Roberta Thomas


Thanks, Dani, for your training on goal setting in the Teleseminar last night. It helped clarify a lot for me in regards to personal issues in time management. In fact, we have purchased all of your CD's and DVD's, as they are a tremendous help for building our business. I find your forthright training so refreshing because it hits at core issues, both personally and relationally in building a successful business, not just training on how to present a product. It is life skills training that I am recommending to everyone!
~ Lila Glenister


First I'd like to tell Dani & Hans thank you for the teleseminar. It was very helpful. There were some great questions that were answered that was very helpful. My husband(Jim) & I have 11 children & 10 1/2 grandchildren. We own 2 businesses, but found that our businesses own us. We didn't have the time or finances to do what we wanted with our children. We knew if we were going to get ahead in life we needed to start a home base buisiness. We had tried other companies before, with no success. Jim & I went to 1st steps, in LA, in Oct. Jim was hesitant about going. By the time we finished that 2nd day, he was the one that was raising his hand and filling out the registration form to go to Dynasty in Orlando. I was so surprised! Jim hadn't signed up anyone in our new home base business yet, and after returning from 1st steps, he signed up 4 people that next week! I was in awe! During the next month we felt like we were on a 2nd honeymoon. (This was great because we have been married 28 years.) Our marriage is beter, the way we interacted with our children is better, and we are responding to our staff & employees differently and receiving amazing results from them. 1st steps also helped me take a deep look inside at myself. I also had a wonderful experience releasing some emotional things that I've needed to release for years. Going to Dynasty in Orlando was so awesome that words cannot even begin to tell the experience we had there. Attending Dynasty has given Jim the strength to put up one of our businesses for sale. He says that it is time to make a change and move ahead with life. Move to the next level. Thank you Dani for your time and talents in giving us the tools to "set ourselves free". You are very talented. Thank you for sharing. Hans is very supportive, we can tell. Thank you both - as well as a thank you for your entire team to help make things work smoothly, for all of us.
~ Kayleen


Dear Dani, THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH, the training on GOALS zeroed in on me. My primary goal right now is to get out of debt, and it seemed such a hugh mountain. But the method of setting smaller steps really resonated. It's like , okay do this, okay done, now do this. Pretty soon that mountain has a lot of chips broken off, and BOOM, BOOM, BOOM,....GONE!!!! And while I'm chipping away, I'm making friends and building my business. BLESSINGS
~ Alexandria Bryant


Awesome! As Dani always says: "Ginormous" ( I hope I spelled that correctly since I never heard anyone else say it. And if I didn't...GET OVER IT!) I have been ignoring a large goal my whole life because I thought it would not serve God, people etc. But everyday I said, "If I just set that goal I know I could achieve it" But I never set it(owning a professional sports team...football and hockey). I now know that it serves a purpose for which I am not sure about now. I believe that I have thought about it everday because the Lord is sending it to me. It is on my goal list now. Also the Hans story about getting to the gym made me realize that I was focusing on huge goals but not the small steps to achieve the smaller goals that lead to the big goals. I also wasn't giving myself a break by celebrating my sprouts. I have well over 50 goals set now(small and big) and I am not done. I know how to achieve them better..thanks Hans and Dani. Also thank you for Dynasty. I am sure I received the Holy Spirit after Hans touched me...I never felt a peace like that. I wanted to tell Hans at Dynasty but he was always surrounded by many fans getting his autograph and throwing money at him. I wish I could share with both of you what I felt and still feel today. Big things are in store for all of us. I am not usually this long winded!
~ John Finn


Dani, 22 mos ago I was TERRIFIED, I mean literally TERRIFIED to make goals. I had been given a year to live and now you wanted me to set goals? Well I did it- and well we know what happened. Here I sit looking at 2007 and I am equally NERVOUS at the future and NERVOUS at my goals- because I can't do them without your coaching. But there's no longer any terror and no fear. The call tonight confirmed for me deep in my spirit and my heart that DaniJohnson.com is the key to my accomplishing my goals. I honor you and bless you for all that you have poured into me in the past 22 mons. Tonights call was RICH and worth $$thousands of dollars. I made my goal list and I am bringing it before my King tonight! Bless you Dani and Hans! Because of you, I am FREE!
~ Sandi Krakowski


Hi Dani That was an awesome call! I attended my first First Steps in Virginia Beach in June. Something that stood out was when you said that repetition is the mother of skill. First Steps in Denver, Dallas, LA and Dynasty in Orlando confirms this statement. Before Virginia beach I had 0 business , with subsequent First Steps and Dynasty my income has gone from 0 to around the $10,000 in profit after after having upgraded to the highest level and qualified out at that level. Eveytime I listen to one of the CDs,all the Products, the calls both Monday and recorded calls including the First Steps I gain clearer understanding and application of this . This will continue as I continue to plug in hearing what is said and applying this learning to my business . Thank You Dani and Hans.
~ Hughena Duggan


This is just the information I was looking for. I have been stopped on the "Start" button because everything seemed so overwhelming. Now I have a step by step process to follow. Thanks!
~ Sharon Butler


I don't know how many times I have heard people say 'set some goals'. Now I have a step-by-step guide on how to do it in a way that is achievable and therefore drives me to keep setting more. Live life by design!
~ David Abbott


My wife and I were on the first Growth Strategy for 2007 Teleseminar on 12/14/06 and all I can say is WOW! We were severely spanked and needed it badly. I basically didn't give my wife enough time to succeed -- we purchased about 4 months of leads and when no one signed up with my wife calling prospects, I thought it was her and cut her off. I now realize that we didn't give it a fair shake and need to get back in the game. We have the right tools. As my wife says to me all the time I need to just "get over it!" After tonights call, I definitely will!
~ Brad Pollina


2007 Growth Strategy Teleseminar (Session 1) was totally awesome - just what I needed. Can't wait for Session 2. Already working on the "homework" steps given. Also will work at getting people in my business to Dani's sessions. It would be the best thing I could do for them!
~ Stephanie Hiew


Hi Dani, Wow, another great training tool. It just gets better and better. Prior to getting started with you trainings I would skip from method to method. Now I have a clearly defined process to follow. My confidence has grown and my closing has increased. I'm still learning but I now have a clear vision and direction. Thanks for all your help.
~ George Gecik


Your explanation on how to ask for what you want and then how to set my goals is crystal clear. I have never heard goal setting put like this in nine plus years in my business. Thank you Dani!
~ Ernie Hodge


Wow! I was at Dynasty and on Sandi's call today. I have heard you say so many times that there is nothing new under the Son. I hear and receive so much new stuff everytime I listen to you. On goals: I got it, finally. This isn't hard but we really complicate it. My list of 50 is already done. Now I have to prioritize. I really received what you were saying on the 10 points to Prospecting. Even though I have been in your group classes and listened to Prospect and Close your way to Millions countless times i finally got it. More dials, More dials and ...More dials. Thank you both so much.
~ Kathy Fry


It amazes me that with each call, teleseminar or live seminar; there is always something new that helps me increase my skill set.
~ Julie Aarsen


The call was awesome! It answered a lot of my questions. It fired me up to make cold calls, when before I was scared of picking up the phone. Very good on setting goals; especially the small confidence building goals. Thank you Dani, God bless you and your family!
~ Damaysi Vazquez


Dani, You guys are such a blessing. My A-HA moment came from the fact that I learned my goals are very big and I have not set myself up with smaller goals to reach my larger goals. You also struck a chord with me about preparing yourself to receive. This is a part of my growth that I have been focusing on latley and I was glad to hear it from you as well. I am a flaming ruby and am being tested to have patients everyday. Because of the grace of our awesome God I am learning this attribute. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for my business.
~ Steven Simpson


Thank you Dani, the call tonight was awesome. I was at Dynasty in Orlando and have been to 3 First Steps and I am finally getting IT.
~ Sharon Williams


This was my first telecourse with Dani Johnson and I was very impressed,educated and inspired. She gives you the ladder and teaches YOU how to climb if your willing and able to learn. Now I must go and get working on those goals. Thank you very much Dani!
~ Kimberly Marshall


Dani is amazing, to the point, no fluff! I love her. I am so happy God lead me to her. I know my businesses is going to grow. I wish I could have asked her a question, but other than that it was great.
~ Lisa Hogeland


Thanks Dani for excellent call and training. I'll be making my goals out and following directions. Only regret I have is I needed 20 people on call with me. See ya in Dallas.
~ Pat Hursey


This is my first time hearing Dani. It was great I know that this will change my life and I will keep you posted on those changes.
~ Dwight Mehrer


Amazing call. Worth millions. I was burning myself out and then giving up over and over again. Dani breathed life into my dry bones. Thanks.
~ Michael Kitchen


Dani & Hans, You are giving us tremendous scripts, strategies and tactics to build a solid team/business made of bricks instead of a deck of cards that can fall apart at any time-- thank you!!!
~ Lena Eng


Over the last couple of days i have been given a renewed passion for my business and i am remotivated to be enthusiastic and passionate about this great opportunity we have in networking. This is just from listening to your recorded calls from the 20th Nov to the 4th Dec. They impacted me so much that i was crying just hearing the awsome testimonies from these inspirational people. Thankyou and GOD BLESS YOU Dani.
~ Paul Miller


This weekend in orlando was amazing. I have never had prophetic words spoken over me, thank you all for putting that together. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!
~ Brian Johnson


The call last night was AWESOME! (To use one of Dani's favorite words!!) But then, all of the calls are awesome, and the testimonials from the three gals were very inspiring.
~ Charles & Marilyn Stevens


Last night was the first time I heard Dani. She was dynamic! I loved her energy!!! I could relate well to what she was saying!
~ Judy Difasi


I thought Monday's call was awesome! You're absolutely right, what a surprise, that stories sell! Great call! thank you! See you this weekend!
~ Martha Lacey


Dani,,,the INSTANT feedback on the successes is empowering. I like the results that the people have following their event or teleclass..within that week. This is huge for me.Re enforces NO EXCUSE IS VALID!!! A level playing field is available for all. AND.........CHANGE CAN HAPPEN with the DECISION to take the action necessary to get DIFFERENT results. Thank you Dani for dedication and love to serve.
~ Allison Vokac


Dani and Team, That call was powerful. It is a call that I look forward to referinglots of people to. It was diverse and spoke to all types of people. I was crackin' up durring most of it because everyone was clearly having a good time while being totally professional. The call was a thrill. Thanks for the permission to shine.
~ Marcus Tribelhorn


Dani and Hans, Thanks again for tonight's awesome call and pouring out all your wisdom and secrets to those who have ears to hear. I realize that after being in the Prospecting and Closing Classes in Oct. that my dialing numbers have decreased --- and I need to increase them again and MAINTAIN them in order to generate the same type of success I had while I was in your class. Thanks for keeping me on track and helping me refocus when I start to stray and get in management mode! ou definitely lead by example - it inspired me to think of ways to thank my team and clients as well....
~ Lena Eng


This call tonight was exactly what I needed to hear. This past week was not a good week for me. I was down in the dumps and frustrated. I have been praying and so this morning, I went to your Christian calls, Dani, randomly picked one and the May 2nd, 2005 call is the one I ended up listening to and low and behold it's about how to get what you want. The eight steps were just the medicine I needed. I don't usually listen to a live call but tonight I did and it was inspiring. Dani, by the time our class starts tomorrow evening I will have made 100 calls. Thank you so much for your inspiration and for having my classmates on to inspire us. God bless you and Hans.
~ Al Holcomb


I thank you because you have inspired me in more ways than you know. Know it is time for me to Step up and go after my dream. If you want to make Millions in this buisness listen to Dani and Hans if not just keep going around the mountain! At the end of the day are you getting results! God Bless
~ Keenan McCarty


Thank you Dani for your help. I did what I wanted to do and it was successful. You helped me to feel I could do a simple presentation and close with a small exit.
~ Anita Draughon


The call tonight was fantastic! I love hearing the stories of people that step up and take action. There is so much "bad news" out there today that I love hear successes. I liked the combo of hearing Dani's insight and training along with success from students. Thanks to everyone at Dani Johnson.com
~ Debi Talbert


Dani, loved the call this evening (11/27/06). Tonights call opened my eyes to some more things that I really need to work on to become more successful. My wife and I received the NC 10 disc set and the Script Book w/ cd this morning. I listened to the first disc with the script book and was blown away with the amount of success I had right away. I made a contact with a gentleman that I have known for about three years. I had him look at a dvd presentation and used the closing script (without listening to the cd) and signed him up this evening. We did the same with his father and are signing him up tomorrow. Two in two days, amazing. The first time that I have ever done this. By using the methods learned from your site I have got them so fired up that they both want to get three people recruited by the end of the week. Can't wait to tell you the REST OF THE STORY.
~ Jeremy Adams


I am totally and I mean totally lost for words on the amount of training that Dani Johnson freely gives in order for others to succeed. I know in my heart that I will make my million because I am plugged into a million that is supplying the fuel every time I plug into Monday Night Business Success call. Thank you for such real and genuine training that I can turly relate to. You have not heard the last word from me. I will keep you posted on my success as I continue in busness.
~ Charlotte Hagos


Dani, I heard about you from Rich Miller at a company function in October. I Immediately booked my first function at Chicago last month.(it was our 23rd wedding anniversery) I had heard my Pastor and several other people talk about forgiveness and bitterness. You really brought it home. I haven't been able to "talk" to my father in over 13 years. I would see him at holidays but ignore him. In Chicago I learned "how" to forgive him. Last week I had the "Best" Thanksgiving of my life. I spent several hours talking to my father. I came to see the man behind the monster that I had been dealing with for the last 13 years. I saw a hurting little man whose health is rapidly declining. I used to dread Holidays and family get togethers. Now I regret all the years I let bitterness win. Thank you Dani for showing me how to forgive and forget. I can't wait to see what God has in store for me know!
~ Randy Kuipers


I loved your tips on how to prosper during this holiday season. Listening to the women taking your classes and how much it helped them gives me hope that I too can do and be like them. I am ready to take your next prospecting and closing classes, so I hope you have them during the day hours and soon. Thank you danijohnson.com for all that you do.
~ Celeste Hamel


Hi Dani, This was an awesome call tonight. I am going to double the number of daily dials and one of my reps has finally decided to jump in and start working leads. As he said he's tired of being left behind and wants to be one of your success stories.
~ Ruth Narveson


This was just what I needed...My husband and I were just lamenting that we couldn't wait for the end of December, when all this holiday confusion would be over! Your call convinced me that if we believe we can't do any business now, we can't! And, conversely, if we believe that we can, we can! So we will!!!
~ Lisa Spencer


Wow! The 200 Name Blitzkrieg was frikkin awesome! I especially love the posture of "I enjoyed taking it away" from the negative ones. That rocks.
~ Chestna


WOW is all I can say. You are a FIREBALL OF INFO. I'll have to TRY harder to REMEMBER your calls from now on. WOW WOW WOW, is all I can say right now. I'm so blown away with it all.
~ Patricia Coker


It was great! I will make this my best month ever! It was great to hear the 3 stories. I could relate to them--these were people just like me and what they achieved were things I could achieve. I did not feel like the goals were out of my reach from people way beyond where I am. I will be signing up for upcoming events and prospecting at a much higher level.
~ Jeri Mauro


Hi Dani, I really enjoyed your call tonight! You continue to impress me with how much integrity forms the foundation of how you approach building businesses. Your belief in professionalism and skills through training is truly a most intelligent approach! It gives me a sense of pride in running my home based business in the best, most excellent way possible and I look forward to the many more insights and breakthroughs provided in your training. Thank you Dani!!!
~ Christine Ray


Dani I thought the call was great. It really encouraged me that I can do it too. I am going to order your North Carolina teaching as I really need the help. I know I can do what the other girls did - I really need to work on the rejection and closing. Thank you so much for sharing.
~ Dee Snyder


I have your script book/cd's, already it has made me more relaxed & I'm now having fun with prospecting.You are an inspiration.
~ Carol Lapierre


Wow Dani, you have done it again...NO EXCUSES! Great information that anyone can take, implement and have results happen right NOW!
~ Bryan Assman


I loved the call tonight. It was really inspiring.
~ Dottie Anderson


The call was AWESOME! Plugging into the coaching classes have been huge for my business.
~ Stacy O'Quinn


Just by listening, I identified with what I wanted, where I wanted to be and what I needed to do to ge there. Dani, thank you so much be being there for all of us.
~ Dorothy Johnston


I really liked hearing about the women who made changes that Dani recommended and how it changed their business! It made me realize that I really need to attend the next prospecting/closing classes too!
~ Laura Dougals


The testimonials from the four women were spectacular and just what I needed to hear tonight! I have been lax in taking action and doing the dials, but now I'm motivated to end the year with a bang.
~ Shaeley


This was the 1st time on your call....I LOVED it!! Very inspirational!! Love your enthusiasm!!! Loved the testimonials! Thank you, I'll be on again!
~ Amy


Awesome call tonight! The testimonials were fantastic. Thank you so much for your system.
~ Terence Cole


All I can say is WOW! I want in on the classes!
~ Anonymous


Hi Dani & Hans, I listened to the call Thanksgiving evening - oh my gosh, what a fantastic call. You have such a gift Dani to impart information into people it is truly amazing. Hans, I have so much respect for you in the way you introduce & treat Dani. How many men take notes when their wife is speaking? You guys are a phenomenal team. I will be using this information to make the next 38 days of 2006 as productive as they can be. I am ready to begin getting checks. I will be listening to your CD's 24 X 7. Watching the DVD's ad least an hour a day. In my Bible every day. Now I will write down my 100 things I am grateful for, it shouldn't be difficult to come up with 100, but I will start with being grateful to the Dani Johnson organization for being there and giving so much to us.
~ Gloria Moore


Dani, i am so touched when you said you guys are grateful for people on the call. You're phenomenal. You have so much posture. Most of all, you and Hans are children of God who has heart for people like us. Deep down from my heart, i want to say THANK YOU. Dani I'm hungry for skills and everything you teach on the calls. December is a time to work hard. you're absolutely right! I'm 21, Malaysian chinese, studying in Australia. i have just finished my bachelor Degree in October, working part time as a Japanese restaurant waiter, while building my business. I have all the reason (not excuses) to succeed!! I've got myself for 21st birthday your Dynamic duplication DVD and the new script book,registered onto the upcoming december teleseminar, will register for the First step to success seminar as a christmas present for myself. Preparing myself to qualify for the new Prospecting and Closing classes! most importantly i don't just buy them to decorate my room, i buy them to equip myself and i practise your techniques, memorize the new script book. by the way, IT WORKS!!!!!!! Equip me Dani. No question about it, no excuse. I'll see you at the upcoming Australia First step to success.
~ Jonathan Law


Dani, Last week's call was one of your best calls ever! I work in telesales during the day and I used the information from that call and was able to turn around a person who had a negative opinion about seminars and the importance of coaching. Thanks so much for your great spirit and love in helping me build a better future for me and my wife!
~ Brian Johnson


Dani - I just finished listening to your Monday night conference call and it was phenomenal! I can't believe this complete natural high I feel like I've been on since returning from First Steps in Chicago 10 days ago. WoW! - I just realized it's only been ten days and SO MUCH has changed, both in my personal life and in my business. I am communicating more effectively with EVERYONE, including my husband and children, and they are ALL responding to me better than they ever have! We have added 11 new consultants to our business team this month - which is an all time record for us. It's unreal! My business partner (who also attended First Steps) and I are more confident and focused than we've ever been and are carrying with us this incredible feeling of being completely unstoppable! I have not gone one single day since returning from First Steps without listening to at least one hour of CD or Audio from you. I am so thankful that I listened to Monday's conference call (11/20) because I KNOW it saved me from making HUGE mistakes with my business over the Holidays. Being completely pumped up about my business, I was fully prepared to take my catalogs with me to every family gathering or party and talk to people about the business, and I'm so glad you "kicked me in the butt" with that call and made me realize that would have been the worst thing. I am excited to replace that plan with just giving the people I love and care about my FULL attention by using the Core Repor Methodology and F.O.R.Ming them, in order to serve, honor and love each and every one of them. I plan on Giving Thanks and arming myself with Gratefulness this season in order to kill all the depression, oppression, doubt and skepticism that's out there waiting for me. You are AWESOME! And I am so thankful for you - Seriously, seriously, thankful for all you've taught me already and for all I know you have coming for me in the future. You, ROCK, Dani! Have an Awesome Holiday Season - I know I will!
~ Edie Stulken


I am amazed each time I listen to you, Dani. I am reading back over four pages of notes from last night, and I will be one of those who maximizes this time of year with my business. I just learned of your website about two weeks ago, and look forward to years of business building, and ministry building with you. I am most grateful for your Christian background and scripture knowledge. I am blessed each time I hear you teach.
~ Judy Wade


Tonight’s call was absolutely fantastic! I attended my first “First Steps to Success in Chicago my first week back I enrolled 7 reps and 11 new customers in five days. More importantly, 24 team members are plugged into DaniJohnson.com, now, with the information and guidance Dani gave tonight we are equipped to set new records in our company. Dani you give so much, thank you!
~ Lynn Vogel


WOW, WOW, WOW! Just what I needed to hear during this holiday season, to stay away from the temptation of joining the 98%. Tonight's call was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Thank you for always steering me away from the norm.
~ Catherine Rupp


Dani I have been blessed by a sister in Christ who had provided an opportunity for myself, not to mention many others, through your training. Her heart for Christ and Him working through her had prompted her to start a home-based business to reach her goal to provide an income large enough so that her husband would not have to work and be gone so many hours from home from his coorperate job. She quickly came upon your site and has been plugging people in on her team into your training and building her business. Why am I writing so much about her? Because she is my mentor in this new field that I haven't a clue about, except what all the skeptics have said. Yet something inside me says I am ready to give it my best shot. Yes, I am a ruby and I do see many parallels in so many things that you are saying. I feel I have read and observed people and even done "experiments" on them to see the different types of responses I would get and what types of people I can approach and how, etc. Not because anybody told me to, but because it was interesting to learn so much about myself and others. I do not feel I was taught these things and always wondered why I seemed perhaps out of place because I did not always know how to respond to what I was observing and experiencing. So, I did spend a good 2-3 years reading like crazy trying to figure out or catch up on all these issues that I needed to figure out and why I was the way I was....a ruby, as you call someone like myself. I COULD NOT BELIEVE THAT I WAS ACTUALLY SITTING IN THE PRESENCE OF SUCH A MASTER. YOUR PERSONALITY SEGMENT IN CHICAGO BLEW ME AWAY!!! YOU HAVE HELPED ME 1.) Show honor to my family members and what that looks like to them, 2.) Seeing them and accepting them for who they are, 3.) Knowing how to motivate them, 4.) Building our family as a TEAM, and last, but not least 5.) My husband, who is a emerald, and yes drives me crazy more times than I'd like to admit, is actually, after a few of your training tips that I have been working on, is, and I say IS, clearing and cleaning out his office to create a space that is recognizable. It's been 14 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! You may be laughing your head off right now, but I am just thrilled!!! Not that he's just cleaning his office, but that he is seeing how I am changing and he is getting on board. "Above all else, protect your hearts and your minds". Well, our hearts and minds are changing and we are being blessed beyond measure!
~ Amy Seegert


I was recently introduced to the Dani Johnson community and tonight was my first Dani Johnson live telephone call and I would like to comment on what I got out of it. First of all, I think that it's great that people have the opportunity to state their opinion or make suggestions. Tonight's call was fantastic! Dani is an incredible speaker in that she is honest, direct and inspiring. She had my attention not only because of what she was saying, but how it was said. The tone in her voice really kept me attentive. I look forward to hearing more of her as I'm sure I will learn a whole lot.
~ Kristina Boutin


I truly appreciated the conference call tonight. Dani's testimonial about what she accomplished the last 8 days of November were enlightening. Just what I needed to hear to solidify my decision to make some massive financial gain in my business between now and the end of the year. Thank You
~ Penny Muckleroy


Dani, In the beginning, (sound familiar), I went to your LA First steps. I had only heard about you a couple of weeks before that and was so impressed with what I heard that I felt compelled to come. I went home and signed two people in the days back from the event. I then took my wife to Chicago to get her on the same page. She liked the personality portion the best. I understand better how I need to hear things over and over because it seems that the nuggets keep coming. I have seen the biggest impact in my job. My boss and my peers have noted that there is something different about the way I am approaching things. I am a trainer of Orthotic professionals and I have used the FORM technique to engage those that I am training. I still have a long way to go, but as you say I am in it for the long haul. There is a lot of "Me" to get out of the way. I view your training as a Godsend and am so excited for what the future holds. Thank you and God Bless you.
~ Kelly Clark


Dani, I am thankful this season that I found you and came to see the person you are in Chicago and how you are using your talents and skills to change peoples lives. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Your exercise in Chicago on personalities helped me re-discover the Ruby that had been buried for the last 2.5 years! It was like I had been baking in the desert with nothing to quench my thirst, literally shrivelled up and near death - when you splashed fresh water onto me and allowed me to wake-up and to see myself for the person that I know - I really am - driven, passionate, an artist, devoted, loving, honorable and called to action. I like living life on the edge and had gotten comfortable on the side lines - no comfortable on the bench. Wow! what a wake-up call - thank You! Your call tonite was inspiring because I know I have what it takes to be in the 2% category. I know if I'm in the minority, that I can use that to my advantage, because I am applying what I've already learned from the Script book to my First Steps in Chicago with what I do now everyday. I am focused. I am ready. And to think that a month ago I didn't even know you existed. I know I have a ways to go, but I'm in it for the long-haul. See you in Orlando in a few weeks!
~ Jason Wolbert


Dani, Dani, I immensely appreciated the call tonight. I would like to share with you a couple of things. Our family has struggled very much financially over the past 3 years because of the loss of my husband’s job due to ‘downsizing’. We have 8 children; 5 who have been home during these last 3 years. A few months ago I started a home business but have not made any money. My children have been disappointed because I had assured them that this business would turn our financial situation around. About a month ago one of the boys was very upset and told me that the business was not going to work and that I was a failure. Two nights ago, feeling very depressed I reminded my son about what he said and told them that he was right. I am a failure. Then I went to another room, locked the door and sobbed. When I returned to my bedroom my son was there. He spoke to me saying, “Mom, I don’t know what any of us would do without you. I love you very much and you are not a failure. I was just mad when I said that and I was very ungrateful. I ask your forgiveness.” When you spoke tonight about gratefulness, I thought about this precious son, who had indeed experienced in his heart the very thing you were speaking of. Also, I personally have been struggling with confusion and depression and I realize that it is because I have been listening to training that is not specific to what I need for my business, but even more importantly it is not what I need for my personal or spiritual life. The training contained a morsel of truth but is so steeped in New Age Philosophies that it caused a real spiritual battle in my life. I cannot tell you the turmoil that has raged in my mind. After the call tonight much of that turmoil and heaviness has lifted. I can see clearly what type of training is best for me and I plan to attend my initial First Steps this coming January, in Dallas. When I advance through the ranks you will meet me on the Mentoring training;for in my heart lies a deep desire to touch the lives of others.
~ Magdalena Hanson


I first heard Dani Johnson in the beggining of the summer and used her material for promotional uses of a national event. After going through some rough times I started plugging into the archives and weekly calls. This has been the biggest eye opener to what I have to do to take my business to the next level. Dani Johnson is the best thing since sliced bread not only because she gives good information but she puts her heart in whatever she does. I appreciate Dani and what she does, I will see her and everyone at the top.
~ Mitchel Backus


Dani always has so much content, that even with notes it's hard to take it all in. That's why I enjoy listening to certain calls over and over as well as the CD's. I appreciate the point about using the Dynamic Duplication as a training, I would've never thought of that. Dani's training is absolutely the best out there and, even though this is a process Dani makes that process a whole lot easier. Rebecca and I had an in-home the other day for our business. One of the mistakes I used to make at the end of an In-Home was asking were there any questions? Now I go right into, "prospects name, do you want to make a little or a lot?" and then ask them, where do they see themselves getting started, etc." Those little tweaks, has made a huge difference for us. This call was a good reminder of how to work the business through the holidays when most people slow down. Also to focusing on the things we have to be thankful for and notate them. As always Dani I appreciate what you give back to this Industry, you're helping people dream again.
~ Phillip Ingram


Dani, My Thanksgiving Journal has been started and I am writing as fast as I can (when I'm not writing to you!)to complete the 100 things I'm grateful for tonight. I want to be mentored by you. Last year's income was $12,500 where I've been for the past 7 years. (Until tonight's call it didn't click with me that I have been a 5-figure income earner! My entire business just moved up a notch or more in my own thinking! Thanks!) I have been listening to CDs, attending your live events and connecting in to the system. I'm giving it my best shot...I think. Yet, I know there's some serious skill inadequacies, some belief systems which need to be be removed/revamped, and some breakthroughs. (I'm still not closing cold calls and not recruiting any other market as sales reps!) I am going to do this. So, what did I learn from tonight's call? 1) I have known that you, Dani, are working with everything you and the team have, for us/me. I got that to a deeper level tonight. I heard you say "how many people do I personally know who's made millions that w/actually take the time to help me, to raise up others to do w/they have done?" No one else. THANKS. I am surrounding myself with people of excellence (you and the TEAM) even if I don't know you personally! 2) A question you asked: "What have I done with what I have already been given?" I'm requiring participation in your live events for all sales reps. I have yet to get one there but we are working on the January First Steps for all of us. 3) I am so grateful for you and the team! I waited for 7 years for someone I could follow, someone who cared enough to help me/us and I was introduced to your web site. I am so grateful. Even if I never succeed, which is not going to happen, I have gained so much in personal growth and confidence. Thanks. I am grateful for your commitment, your expertise, your compassion for us, your giving it all you've got. You are definitely someone to follow with everything we/I have. Thanks. 4) Massive action is definitely on my agenda for the month of December starting w/Dynasty.
~ Sondra Hampe


Ms. Johnson -"Inches make a champion" (Vince Lombardi)... "But you took me through a light-years travel and now, I'm at home!"
~ Ben Greene


Tonights call was absolutely AWESOME. I am going to tell my whole team to listen to it. The holidays are truly a struggle, but your insight blew me away. I am so excited about Dynasty.
~ Wendy Elwell


Hi! Dani Johnson's call was truly amazing. She is an amazing woman. I was so touched by her speeches that it brought tears to my eyes in a good way. God Bless you Dani and I love you. Thank you so very much. I will be with this company a lifetime. It's the best and it's true. God Bless you all and take care. I am so happy I am part of the team also. I will keep in touch always. Love to all.
~ Lisa Jablonski


Dani, You are such an inspiration!! Your energy and enthusiasm are boundless. Your business sense should be found in a much older person! How lucky you are to be smart AND young! I enjoyed your call so very much. I also found enlightenment in your Script Book and your 10-CD "Foundational Tools" live event training session. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. (And people like myself need it dearly!!) May God Bless you always
~ Barbara Williamson


The first lead I talked to after returning from 1st Steps in Chicago I signed up! She's a lot like you, Dani! 18 yr old, 13 mo old baby, no h.s. deploma. BUT, I did not judge her. She was on your call tonight, and if she wants to succeed I will be here for her and continually direct her to your training. We are forming a plan for her to be in Dallas in Jan. I can't wait to see you again in Orlando next week. I HATE to fly; I would rather have surgery! No excuses! I will be there! Your call tonight was so motivating. It is just awesome how the Lord has molded you for His use!
~ Sue Dowdy


Tonights call was full on you have kicked it up way more than one notch you are unleashing powerful stuff. Honest, real, direct no messing around, its get on the train or get off cause you are crankin' up the engine. I can not wait to listen to it again and to take myself and my business to the next level starting tomorrow and will be seeing you in Orlando can not wait.
~ Janina Bitz-Vasquez


WOW! The call was amazing. It revealed a lot of my strengths and weaknesses. I think the most important thing that I got out of the call was this...it was an education on how to rally my team to the next big event! You do such an amazing job. I will study this call completely. Thank you for your sevice.
~ R Ramirez


Dani, I don't know how to thank you for sharing all that you do. Since listening to you I have been able to help my team grow and now have them plugged into you. We will be attending your training in Dallas in Jan 2007. I have never in my 7.5yrs working my business ever been taught how to talk to others. Just the way you do this is INCREDIBLE. I am very grateful to you for sharing all your knowledge. I look forward to meeting you in Jan. Thank you Dani and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday:)
~ Lisa McGrain


Today God told me to walk in faith with a thankful heart. Today you told us to be thankful. God has totally changed my life, my heart, my soul, my spirit to someone I never dreamed I could ever become because of DaniJohnson.com. I have a team that has a vision, I have friends that would stay up all night and pray for me, I have children that are dreamers, I have a house that is rooted in the positive and not the negative, I live a life with no excuses, I know how to find good in anyone I meet in anything situation I am in. I am no longer a victim of my circumstances but I have literally learned to walk in the victory that is mine because of King Jesus! Never before in my life have I ever had so much enthusiasm, so much joy, so much hope, so much exhiliration- 2007 is going to be a SHOCKING year. 2007 is going to be a year that is unreal, it will be SUPER natural, it will be a year that we all never expected. God has moved thru you tonight, He's spoken thru you tonight! Thank you for pouring yourself out, Dani and Hans and staff- we love you!
~ Sandi Krakowski


My human nature is to concentrate on that stinking depression and what is not working, when I have a tremendous amount of things to be thankful for. Thanks Dani, I will be making my list lf 100 things to be thankful for tonight.


This was my first call and it was truly eye opening and simply amazing. I can't wait to get my business fully up and running and really get started.
~ Merleice McMullen


You know when you finish a really intense workout, tired, sweaty and yet invigorated? That's what Dani does for me with these calls each week.
~ Dave Conrey


I wanted to give you an update regarding my using some of Dani's tools in my college class room. This semester out of 32 students, 15 received "A's"; 6 received "B's"; and 7 (who were failing) received "C's". Of these students, before using Dani's tools, all but 8 were getting grades below a "B". (I teach interpersonal communication classes & speech.) I even required they go to Dani's site and listen to August 29, 2005. Because of that, their dedication toward their education sored. And by utilizing Dani's personalities information they were better able to understand some conflict issues they had been dealing with. It also helped them with their children, families and friends. I had three students use the basic understanding of Hans' debt reduction information and they paid off over $3,000 in debt in less than 10 weeks. Yes, this works, even for things outside of business. Thank YOU ALL!
~ Pam Root


Though I attended First Steps only a week ago, I have been listening to her cd's and calls for a couple of months. I have struggled with fear issues my entire life and she has helped me overcome a lot of that. I work in accounts receivable and collections at my job, which has not been easy because of my fear of talking to people. I used to sweat horribly and "stutter & stammer" in the past. Now I go through my entire day with no sweat and I enjoy talking to people who I usually fax or email. Now that I have signed up for Dynasty, I am sooooo looking forward to learning how to talk to my own customers with the same confidence. The new me is about to break out of the shell!!!
~ Angella D. Crockett


Hi my name is Janina, prior to getting started with Dani Johnson.com and plugging into 1st steps to success, I was a uneducated stay at home mom of four, I had not worked in 8 years, I was a christian but I was a mess. Spiritually, emotionally and financially. In was controlling in my marriage, I was disabling my children, wasting money and the words pay check to pay check and debt were the norm. I was living a life controlled by my past, people and my circumstance it seemed endless. So I got myself started at the top package, plugged into 1st steps to success like to one coming up here in Baltimore, MD April 14/15, 2007. To date we have paid off $90,000 worth of debt, and on Hans and Dani's debt reduction and savings plan we will be debt free in three years and have more money to tithe, more savings to have more fun, travel and security and education for all 6 members of our family. I have learned how to empower my marriage and my children and we are living a balanced and enjoyable life .I am no longer a weak and pathetic cry baby woman. I am powerful, confident, focused as I am Gods and not mans. This and much more we have learned and continue to learn and apply for Dani Johnson and 1st steps to success. So I recommend you getting yourself started at the Top package, plugging into 1st Steps to Success don't forget your camera, your note pad and paper and be prepared for your life, your business/career and the lives of others around you to never to be the same again.
~ Janina Bitz-Vasquez


Prior to going to First Steps to Success, I had no desire to get started in any business. I attended purely to support my husband. After attending First Steps to Success, Dynasty and listening to Prospecting and Closing Your Way to Millions daily, I not only started my business, but made $3200 profit in my second day and $20,000 in my first two months! Here is a another fun Story for you...... In January of 2007, my husband and I profited more in that one month than I profited in the whole year of 2006 as a hairdresser! Thank you Dani :) I have a huge amount of gratitude and respect to all of you at Dani Johnson.com. You continue to exceeded my expectations and have taken me to new levels with my business and personal life! Thank you for all your time and all that you do!
~ Jamie Scheppele


We just got back from Melbourne First Steps to Success! 11 hour drive there and back, plus cost of the seminar accomodation etc. was this investment worth it? YES! In 13 years in this business we have never been in a training like this!It was awesome. It gave us the 'Missing Link' tools. Thankyou Dani and team for a great event.
~ Paul & Ingrid


" Before attending my first seminar, I honestly did not think I would have any reason to submit a testimony of any kind. I just thought to myself, " That's them, not me." Well, I want to extend my personal THANK YOU for your phenominal training! After my 1st First Steps seminar, I recruited 4 people in the next 30 days when I only averaged about 1 recruit a month at most. And after my next First Steps (Jan. '07 in Dallas, TX), I recruited someone over the telephone within 48 hours after that seminar at the TOP PACKAGE using your million dollar scripts!!! My success with your system continues to amaze me. Thank you so much!!"
~ Nailah Short


I know this is a bit early, but the call on the above date is simply the TRUTH! People need to hear this without question. The first excuses call on Monday, August 29, 2005 was amazing. This one tonight, Jan 29 2007, and it just started 20 minutes ago, if people hear it, will change lives no questions asked! God bless Dani Johnson!
~ Joe Todd Jr


I attended Dani Johnsons First Steps to Success and Creating a Dynasty about one year ago when I was first introduced into the industry and with having no previous experience and by using some of the basic tools that Dani Johnson provided in one year I have grown a team of over 1530 people and growing strong...My current income has dramatically increased to being shy of a six figure income, in 7 months I became top 20 in a company with over 30k people, but most importantly this past year has brought my family closer together like never before my parents who have been retired for 10 years had been struggling to maintain the lifestyle they had become accustomed to and just before attending First Step to Success they were pretty much deciding to sell the house and downsize considerably...since then my parents work with me and every month I cut them a piece of my residual check which is more money than they get in Social Security!! Because of this they have been able to maintain their lifestyle and in our first year my parents have been on two cruises and both them and I have travelled more than we ever have in our lives!!!
~ Mairim


We in this past year (2006) have realized that we absolutely need Dani to stay on track. We made the mistake of taking some time off from the First Steps events because with Dani’s cd’s, Monday night calls, recruiting and closing teleseminars, we mastered recruiting and closing. Thanks Dani!! We were the Top Recruiters for our company in 05 and in the top 3 in 06. Before Dani we were not even in the TOP 200. What we didn’t realize was that we needed training on what to do with all of those people. Although we were making great money (a 6 figure income) we were losing people as fast as we were bringing them in because we did not know that we were not duplicatable. Does that make sense?? We started going to First Steps again and WOW it hit us again just like the first time, WE NEED TRAINING. We are so thrilled to be plugged back in to Dani and plan to never stop plugging in. The neatest thing about this experience is our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Dani has moved us to study the scriptures and read the bible both of which we have never done! We joined a church several weeks ago and we keep going because it feels like Dani is there with us. We are growing spiritually as well as professionally and our business is soaring. We are even starting to groom up some amazing leaders and are sending them all to Dani for her training as we know and believe it is second to none! Thanks for always smiling at us when you see us and for all you do.
~ Jacque & Gregg Bauman


I was able to attend Dani's First Step To Success seminar this past weekend in L.A. I'm not sure what I was expecting but I KNOW I was NOT expecting what Dani delivered this weekend. I can't really go into detailed description of everything we encountered because it's too deep. So let me just use a few words that might sum up just a little bit about Dani and what she has to offer: HONESTY, INTEGRITY, KNOWLEDGE, FAITH, SINCERITY, HUMOR, INSPIRATION, COURAGE, WISDOM, CARING HEART, STRENGTH, GUIDANCE, DETERMINATION, ENCOURAGEMENT, PLAN OF ACTION. To say that attending Dani Johnson live events will help your business grow is an understatement. Seeing Dani live will give you growth in ALL areas of your life...personal, financial, business, spiritual. Go to a First Steps to Success NOW..Don’t wait!! Your whole life is ahead of you waiting for you to learn how to live it the right way...and Dani can help show you how!!!
~ Tracey Oddo


Wow, what an incredible weekend! No more excuses or self-doubt. I am ready to be the leader that God designed me to be - to play BIG and empower others to do the same. I challenge you to take yourself on and attend the next available First Steps event. The world is in dire need of extraordinary leaders. Step up NOW and make a difference.
~ Rose Brown


This was my second time listening to Dani live. I really enjoyed the repetition of the event. She is always so dynamic and entertaining that you really enjoy learning the simple yet profound things she has to teach you. I have found help with my business, personal and spiritual goals with Dani. She has inspired me to be a better person in both business and family life, and we all know it takes both to be a complete success. I would encourage anyone to take that leap of faith and get to Dani right away.
~ Diana Davis


This was my second time listening to Dani live. I really enjoyed the repetition of the event. She is always so dynamic and entertaining that you really enjoy learning the simple yet profound things she has to teach you. I have found help with my business, personal and spiritual goals with Dani. She has inspired me to be a better person in both business and family life, and we all know it takes both to be a complete success. I would encourage anyone to take that leap of faith aPeople ask us all the time—“Why do you keep going to Dani Johnson month after month?” The answer is simple—“We all need to charge our batteries in order to achieve explosive growth” We believe without a shadow of a doubt, that Dani is the finest battery charger for our personal life and business life that we have found.  I wasn’t certain exactly why I was supposed to be at Dani in LA, but I knew I was meant to be there.  On day one-- I was smacked in the face with my answer.  I thank the Lord for bringing her into our lives and am blessed to have a team of people that trust us enough to walk in faith beside us.  In the next few months I believe you will see our team totally rise up and become Top Achievers in every way.
~ Jacque Bauman


Dani has an absolutely refreshing way of teaching. It isn't the same old on the soap box training. She gives you specific information to sink your teeth into. She will keep you grounded and focuses on exactly what YOU need to do next to succeed. She has helped me take our team and business to a new level.
~ Jodi Stott


I can tell you Dani just gets better. I have been going for 2 years now, my income has doubled I know who I am I know where I am going. My business is growing and I am being equipped with more people skills. Wow, we are in the business of network marketing and what blessings we have using Dani’s skills and scripting! I am 2%er and I’m going to Chicago and Florida. It has been Only 3 days since we left we have about 45 people going to Chicago, Thank you Dani, Hans and staff!
~ Bonnie  Perkins


I have always had faith and belief in my company and product, but the truth is I was lacking some belief in myself and in the network marketing industry.  I was able to create a substantial income because of our products and their amazing results, but until Dani, I was unable to duplicate that through my organization.  Dani has helped me take the focus off my products (even though they are #1 in my opinion), but instead focus on the REAL PRODUCT, which is PEOPLE!  This can be scary because you have to dig deep and look inside yourself and face things that might be uncomfortable or scary!  But Dani has a way of helping you face these things and you are able to EMBRACE the GREATNESS of what is within!  And it's so fun to watch my team discover the GREATNESS they have within!  Dani's training is not motivational or inspirational or entertaining...although that's all part of it.  It's about creating results!!!  And that's what has happened to me!  I've nearly tripled my income since May! 
~ Kimber King


First Steps this last weekend had a huge impact on me.  It will impact my personal life, my business life, me as a person and my leadership abilities.  The thing that was the biggest impact to me this time was the Personality Styles.  I have been sitting in the wrong place so when I go to First Steps in Chicago I am going to own my rightful place that I have been hiding from for years!!!  It is both exciting and scary!!  I need to stand there and see how it feels in order to be prepared for Dynasty in December. This is not my first time to attend Dani's event and that is why it is so important to go more than once because you learn different things each time you go.
~ Connie Norleen


I canceled the LA event this weekend because of ego vs checkbook. I started a retraining process on Friday with your new CD's and DVD's and discovered I am just now receiving the message. After 3 First Steps, 1 Dynasty, 1 month of both Prospecting and Closing that I am finally seeing the light and connecting the dots. In my new MLM organization in Sept I was 7th in the top rookies (90 days out) for the month, and 8th in top recruiting for the month. I will be successful when I get me out of the way. Your CD that contained prospecting the Occupation Therapist and the story of the Dentist has helped me since I have been practicing pharmacy for over 30 years. Just applying my training with patients and customer service and transferring it into the Home Base Business arena as really helped me. I need to do more gratitude lists instead of pointing the finger. You keep reinforcing the biblical quote (He who judges will be judge) - How true. Last March in LA thru your ministry I rededicated myself to Christ. I realixze that I need to do this on a daily basis and keep focus.
~ Bill Powers


I have come home and gone thru our library of various trainers materials that we have bought over the years. In a nutshell we can honestly say they do not come close to what we have learned this weekend at First Steps! At last our search is over! What has been working so far is the F.OR.M., Closing Script, Three Meeting Plan, “I don’t know, all I know (tell story), using stories instead of selling and we are starting on offering the higher packs when closing.
~ Rhonda Bowen


What a ripper of a day. Personally got 2 people enrolled, did the 1st "3 meeting plan" at my place with 2 new people and had 2 new people join (I did the second half giving a new person a platform for leadership and a reputation to live up to). And now I'm building a fire under the leaders in my team AND the new people who just got started. One of the brand new people is plugging into 1st steps and going to work immediately. I got stuff flying everywhere dude with about 10 to 15 people to follow up tomorrow. And I KNOW my ratios are 4 in 10. So I'm on track for a momentous week and I'm looking forward to seeing how the leaders in our team step up.
~ Simeon Cryer


Since attending First Steps to Success for a year and plugging my entire team into First Steps to Success, I have obtained the following statistics in my business. 58% of my group are actively working their business, 40.4% have brought at least 1 new associate into the business and 30.9% have made profit. Of the individuals who have made profit, EVERY ONE OF THEM has attended Dani's First Steps to Success. I don't know, ALL I KNOW IS, IT'S WORKING! Thanks Dani!
~ Renae Heikkila


Thank you We have currently paid off $86,000 worth of debt and will be debt free in 2-3 years even if we dont increase our income, we are saving money, we cut $200-$400 from our groceries and we have cut out a $600 a month eating out habit.And cut other stupid unnecessary things.
~ Janina Bitz-Vasquez


I have been working in this industry for 4 years and have struggled to creat a large organization which now has 600 active associates in it, but "Struggle"was the word! I was introduced to Dani Johnson in July, who told me to visit the website. I did, looked at the video,and INSTANTLY KNEW I had finally found a true mentor in every sence of the word! I bought the Recruiting scripts and CD's and also the North Carolina CDs. I wanted to come to the First Steps training in July in Denver but had my family holiday booked to go to France and could not attend... I however spent the whole time listening to the tapes and Cds and was DETERMINED to come in August wherever that would be! When I found out it was Dallas, I booked my flight, and registered and sent out an email to my whole team telling them what I was doing, where I was going and to get onto the website if they truly wanted to grow thier business,. I also ended that email with the words "So anyone want to come along?" I recieved an almost instant reply from those who I knew were the ones who trusted Me, and were serious about building thier business. They booked flights, as it was last minute the fares cost up to $1800 but we knew it was a great investment. then the terrorists decided to put a spanner in the works and caused chaos at all the Uk airports the day before we were supposed to leave! We did not know if our flights would be cancelld or not but as one of my team said, " If there is a plane going out, Im on it!" We were nervous but undeterred! We knew we were meant for a bigger purpose and we would be safe. We all knew we needed to be at this First Steps training and I personally had already had 4 dreams of seeing Dani on stage since July... ( weird Huh?) We were NOT disapointed! WE were RIGHT! we were meant to be there for a GREAT reason. Each one of us had a true breakthrough. I have learned I need to put ego aside, let others rise to thier glory and let go! We learned about BOUNDRIES, posturing, and we all gained excitment, but more than that TOOLs that we could take away and use top build a 6 and 7 figure income. We all registered for Dynasty in Orlanda and have a strategy to get at least 2 people to L.A in October! Thank you Dani from the bottom of our hearts. It has been a real struggle here in the UK, and I know I have developed along the way it sure helps when there is a montor to speed up that process. I am only 70 associats away top the top level of the business, I am HUNGRY, I am Coachable, I am willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES! I am well known in the company I work in and hosted thier European Convention last year. If Dani would consider having me as a success story for the UK and Europe by personally coaching me, I would do whatever it takes. I am over $200,000 in personal debt, I am selling my house to become debt free as I dont know how else to do it. It has happend all during me growing this business that is supposed to make me money! I truley hope you can show this to Dani, and please thank here for me. I dont think my words can express how I feel about finding her in my life right now.
God bless you and everything you do.
~ Kimberley Gridley


After working with you for only 18 months, and not being able to make a dime prior- we're seeing things that were only in my wildest dreams! I've made over $ 265,000, we've paid off $ 253,000 in debt! We have retention RECORDS in our company in 14 countries, meaning that less than 3% of the people we enroll ever fall out! People are making money in 24 hours on our team with your system!! Your system is specific, strategic and right on target! Thank you!
~ Sandi Krakowski


The Saturday morning call link up with Simeon and Dani was very powerful. She made us realise some huge mistakes we have done in our business at the recruitment phase and to see the power of leverage and duplication that can be put into action with such powerful results. The training with Dani on Saturday has given me greater level of confidence and a high degree of purpose. With that under my hat I was able to master 2 difficult calls yesterday and got one to lock in to Simeons web site and the other in to your website.
~ Oscar and Sandy


I have purchased every tape I can get my hands on. I have been in this business for over 25 years. I have heard many of the so call and many of the self ordained greats in this industry. I owned my own company during the 1980's and took it from my kitchen table to an $85 million dollar business, which I sold in 1989. I love everything about this business, and had been mentored by Mary Kay Ash herself. I have mentored, trained, and hyped over the past 25 years, HOWEVER, I have never heard any thing like Dani Johnson. For me it is simple to know what separates Dani from ALL the rest. I did it. I recruited everyway possible, and I recruited every kind of personality, and worked with them. From the very first call I heard Dani on, I knew this gal had really done it, and she had done it for a long time. She had encountered every situation you can go through. And every question that has been asked. There are no words to describe this lady. I kneel at her feet, and place a crown on her head. I have a downline of about 10,000, I would love to have her do ALL my training, heck, I like to see her train our entire company. I just don't know how to contact her directly and find out what she can do. She is the best of the best. I know she has blessed thousand upon thousands. She has truly blessed me. I have been having some personal problems, with my mother near death, and unable to attend your meetings. I will be sending many team members over the next few months. And I will be at every meeting after I take care of my commitments. Thank you Dani for giving me the ability to believe again.
~ Joan Rudloff


Since going to First Steps to Success in Brisbane Australia, I have recruited 5 people in my business in 1 week.  The skills that are learnt are invaluable and are a must for anyone going to the top.
~ Lucilla Howison


We both decided that if we wanted to succeed in Xango we had to get professional training by Dani Johnson.  We didn't have the money to spend in airfares and accommodation let alone the seminar fees for both of us but we knew if we didn't go to Dani's seminar on the Gold Coast in December our business would fail.  We decided to sell our car to pay for the seminar and so proceeded to put the airfares, accommodation and seminar fees on our credit cards even though at the time of the seminar we still hadn't sold our car. We paid for the seminar, airfares and accommodation in the first week we got home just by using one of Dani's tips.  We still had not sold our car.  We have never heard of anyone like her before who keeps your attention through the whole seminar and not one boring part in it.  Dion didn't want to go at first but was surprised at how good it was and even stayed for the whole time.
~ Kerrilyn & Dion Aherne


Prior to using your system I had “some” success within this Industry within 5 days of starting with my company I hit the second level on the payment plan, I signed up 13 people and did $5700 dollars in volume. I was excited and motivated, and within 5 months hit the third level of the plan, and then things just slowed right down The system we were taught and were using was not duplicatable, it created incredible competition in fact it was controlling and inhibited growth rather than encouraged growth, my personal sponsoring rate dropped to maybe one a month, oh and did I tell you I also became the super “Problem Solver’ so who had time to prospect, and strangely!!! My whole business was slowing down, and I had started to become an outstanding Attila the Hun, a truly whip cracking dictator!I attended “First Steps” and the lights went on and I have to tell you what is happening in my business and within me is fantastic. In the last 30 Days I have sponsored 9 people into my business, and I am over the moon, I have done that working half the hours I used to work. I am now back sponsoring 80% of the time I have introduced the three step plan to the new team members and now have a system that is easy to teach and learn. I truly believe that if I had not attended “First Steps” I would probably have made some money in my business. That would have been very limited, however I’m persistent! The Dani Johnson System has escalated my personal growth has impacted the growth of my business and has taught me how to create harmony with a fantastic group of people, I am now on my way to making my fortune and the best news of all is that everyone who joins our team and follows the system is doing exactly the same thing. People are not duplicatable, systems are, this I understand, but you must have the right system and to me there is NO DOUBT Dani Johnson is the best system I have ever come across. Anyone who really wants to make it in this Industry needs to get themselves to First Steps as soon as they can!
~ Linda & John


I discovered Dani In August 2005 and listened in on her training calls then bought the script book and listened to it hundreds of times, then purchased the teleseminar training, I bought the NC live CD's and boom what Dani taught me hit me like a ton of bricks. After implementing the skills Dani taught me in this short time I went from sponsoring one person every 3-4 months to sponsoring one person a week! I am so excited! And I am not done! I want to take it to the next level and sponsor one person a day or even an hour so I have signed up to go to Dani's First Steps to Success in Los Angeles, CA and I have my entire group using Danis training system and tools. I am duplicating my success using Dani! She is awesome! I am even more excited to find out that we share the same birthday and this seminar is my birthday present from my husband! I am fired up!
~ Tracy Fouts


Plugged into DaniJohnson.com in June of 2005. 4 of us attended FSTS. Overall company wide numbers since Aug 1, 2005 through Dec 31,2005 Increased entire rep force 50%. Numbers for Jan 2006 – Increased company wide rep force by 14% this month!
~ Tyler Adkins


I thought Dani might want to know the top recruiters in the company that are in my group and have been to Dani’s seminars have sponsored 59 people in 6 weeks and it’s the holidays!!! They will be on the teleconference tonight. Just thought it was worth sharing, I hope you guys had a great time in Australia !!! Talk to you soon.
~ Kathy Humpherys


I have just finished the 3rd CD from the North Carolina seminar. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I have studied success materials for a while, but Dani's passion, transparency, testimony, and her faith have incredibly blessed me. Everyone in any Referral marketing business should hear Dani. I am telling my new recruits that they have to listen to her first before they decide to do the business.
~ Don Comontofski


We Hit a huge financial and emotional wall 2 days before Christmas. And the information and inspiration that we got from listening to Dani's training was the turning point we needed to earn over $5000 that week. Dani is the best trainer in the Network Marking industry!
~ Tom Challan


What brought me to my retailing success was a $97 set of 10 CD's by Dani Johnson. This crazy woman ROCKS! She's a devout Christian and she's the greatest teacher I've ever heard. You will love her! She has tons of FREE audio trainings on her site. Talk about Dynamic. This girl explodes off the stage. Her trainings start at the soul/heart level and take you right up and through a detailed analysis of the mechanics. And she makes it as simple to understand as the ABC's. At the appropriate time, everyone I bring into my business will have her generic training CD's. Period, end of subject. I have no doubt that in this 10 CD set, she has cut the heart" out of successful MLM technique. In one sense, there's nothing new about her teachings. You've taught many of her techniques. But there's something about the way she lays it all out with incredible conviction and stories that makes the mundane "How To's" sink into your brain. And for me at least,...she's been a God-send.) Take Care, And May God Bless!"
~ Scott Common


I have been searching for something that I believe could really light a fire in my prospective distributors core belief system. Something that could educate them on prospecting, shattering negative belief patterns and empower them all in one package and an affordable price...how long will these CD's be available? They are awesome!
~ Dave


Hi Dani, I want to let you know that I was recently introduced to you and your website by a friend. I listened to some of your recorded calls. That motivated me to order your CD's. I want to tell you that is the best $97 that I have spent on training tapes. You just don't just talk about Why" you also give a lot of information on "HOW". I highly recommend it to everybody."
~ Pari


I listened to one of your training calls and then purchased the Live in NC training cd's. It is very rare that I purchase training that quickly, but I knew this was something that I needed to do. I got my cd's quicker than I expected and listened to them as fast as I could. My husband began to listen to them and the people I work with began to listen to them. Before I knew it, I had a waiting list of people requesting to borrow them and a growing list of people asking me for your website. Since listening to the training, my business is growing and the people I work with sense a renewed energy and spark in my eye. I needed the extra push that this training provided and I have to say, our stories and background are very similar. You were totally speaking my language. As of now, this training is virtually required listening for all new team members. Thank you very much.
~ Ricci Neer


Regarding the NC 10 CD set. I agree with all who have given their testimonial. It is one among only small numbers of products that live up to its promises written on the NC 10 CD sales letter.
~ Prana Djaja


I just started listening to the first CD, in the car, on the way to work. I got as far as the smile, so I'm practicing the smile, from the inside out. I just love her enthusiasm... Yee, Haa!!!
~ Julian Siwekhi


Hi Dani and Team! I just listened to Tape 7 from N.C.; that is the most awesome one. That one CD was worth the total price. Thank you, a hundred times!!!
~ Anne Lake


Hello Dani, I ordered your CDs (NC Seminar) so that I could learn from them and then possibly post a link in our members back office area where people could order them after reading my comments.   I really am enjoying them and I love the fact that you are not an apologist for the Christian faith - bravo! Thank you!
~ Phil Correia


Dear Dani, I bought your North Carolina CD's.  I love them!!!  You do have a gift, and I love the fact that you share this gift with all of us. My fiancé and I didn't attend your seminar in Sacramento; then I ordered your CD's.  But hearing you, as much as it is so exciting, we now want (need) to see you in person.
~ Christopher Elliott


Just to let you know I closed a co-worker that I've been working on for a 3 months, he ran to GNC, I used Dani's technique, in fact listened to the closing CD from the North Carolina volume I bought, used this to the letter closed Herb in minutes!!
~ Steve Klug


Just to let you know I closed a co-worker that I've been working on for a 3 months I used Dani's technique, in fact listened to the closing CD from the North Carolina volume I bought, used this to the letter closed Herb in minutes!!
~ Shelly Ettlin


Dani and Hans, I was up until almost 3 am last night listening to the Dani Johnson CD set I got as a gift. OMG! This woman is a real rarity. I was weeping!!!! These are the best I have ever heard in the entire industry. God has totally affected me personally, spiritually and in my business because of this set.
~ Sandi Krakowski


Just listening to the seminar CD's have changed my life; I can't wait to meet her in person! Thank you for passing along your message to the world.
~ Dawn Cochlan


Hi Dani, I'm a BIG Dani Johnson fan... I found out about you about 3 months ago, I've bought your North Carolina CD's have heard many of your Monday night calls either live or online... I've just ordered the prospecting and closing CD's, I've purchased "How to Win Friends and influence people" as well as "Public Speaking and influencing Men in Business" by Dale Carnegie and I am reading both at the same time,  and I swear... I love you. You've helped me get closer to God, and I consider you my personal preacher. You are really brilliant and I admire you for your dedication to helping others.
~ Julie Lacerte


Hi, just wanted to say that I love Dani's CD's!
~ Lauryn Christean


Awesome CD's!! I am going to start promoting your training down line. Thanks!"
~ David S. Clark


Hi! Dani, I just want to Thank-You!!! My friend sent me your site about 1 1/2 weeks ago and I ordered your CD's and tapes. Been listening to them daily, its getting me through the rough days and I believe I'm going to make it. Your call tonight was awesome.
P.S. Day after, I sponsored someone!
~ Vicky Lynch


Hi Dani, Until I listened to your CDs, I thought I was going to have to choose between having a spiritual life and having a business.  Hearing how you have been able to balance the two has given me hope. 
~ Fran Wood


When I heard your CD's I loved how you focused on the motivation for the business and at the same time, teaching people how to look deep within themselves to throw out the emotional garbage that holds so many of us back. Thank you so much!!!
~ Gina Yandrisovitz


When I heard your CD's I loved how you focused on the motivation for the business and at the same time, teaching people how to look deep within themselves to throw out the emotional garbage that holds so many of us back. Thank you so much!!!
~ Imee Ratnavich


Hi Hans, You and Dani are the greatest. I have the tapes; the CD’s, and never miss a Monday night call. I play them over and over again and I get better each day although I am far from where I want to be. I have listened to almost all of your competitors for new ideas too and I can honestly say Dani has far more to offer then the others. What I like most about Dani is that she is relentless when it comes to helping all of her listeners work toward their personal success. She certainly has the highest level of conviction I have seen and it goes a long way to get others to believe in themselves. Keep up the terrific work. Thanks.
~ Rich Mattheisz


Dani really booms a room speechless. She's so energetic, that she sends that energy through to you. I haven't been to a seminar YET! But just on our conference call and listening to her CD's. I'm EXCITED! Dani seems to be a real person, not just a corporate voice!
~ Edie Thomas


I just want to thank you from the bottom of heart for the coaching session you did with me today! Thank you for your ideas, your encouragement, your inspiration, and especially for your prayers. I can't wait to meet you in Dallas. The Lord has His hand on us. I can tell. I can feel it. Thanks you so much! God bless you, Dani.
~ Susan Stuhr


I am constantly looking for good personal growth material for myself and my down-line. I am very impressed with the vision Dani has about Christians and wholeheartedly agree!
~ Steve Denehie


I am fellow believer.....Christian and MLM!! I am so ready to go the next level with my business. Thank you for pushing through to the mark in both business and faith.
~ Scot Love


I am in a network marketing company and have been concerned that I was asked to share my opportunity with others, but could not share Jesus with them. Then I read your testimony on the website and firmly believe it to be as you described. God does want us to help each other and share our opportunity with them. He does want us to prosper and in so doing we will be able to share His love with others. Thanks for being so open about your faith and encouraging to me to share it with others, the opportunity network marketing and provides and Jesus
~ Linda James


Blessings upon you. You truly have a gift from our Father and an anointing of the gifting, both of which come with a huge responsibility. Your ability to share a new and simple way of presentation is unique. Keep the faith, we love you.
~ Joanna Hicks


Dani Johnson's candor, transparency and compassion make her wholly unique as a master communicator. Through an amazing mix of personal stories and revelations, role-playing and direct instruction - all enormously engaging - members of her audience find that they have gained possession of the tools that can truly transform their lives. Dani's personal story takes seminar attendees on a journey that has universal significance. The perverse environment and pain of her childhood, as well as her losses and failures as a young-adult leave us all breathless to find out how she escaped a lifetime of defeat. Then, Dani describes her awakening, and tells us the steps that led to spiritual healing, emotional and mental well being, and astounding financial success! After attending and conducting seminars for years, I recognize Dani Johnson's two-day seminar as simply the best seminar I have ever attended. I recommend it to my family, to my closest friends and to anyone willing to humble herself or himself as a child in order to achieve great things.
~ Terry Dorian, PhD


"I have heard ot


her motivators before but Dani has something special!"
~ John Sennott


Dani has passion like no other person I have ever met. I will choose passion, heart, desire, and ethics over money any day!
~ Darren DesVeaux


Dani has been tremendously helpful and motivational as we put God in our businesses". Dani is exciting and powerful as a speaker with tremendous energy and love for the Lord! She believes strongly that God is calling the Christian into Networking and that we have a mission here."
~ Patti Roney


Dani Johnson's web site is brilliant. There are so many phenomenal services to help you be more successful! The last business building web site I used cost me $65.00 a month. It amazes me that the subscription to Dani's is completely free! I was waiting for the ball to drop with the hidden fees, there are none! There's truly no excuse now for my business to fail!
~ Mandy Arons


I prayed to God a few months ago to send me a little inspiration, something new to believe in, something different to do. I am a self employed interior home painter, grateful, but bored, happy, but lonely for people. I just wanted to thank Him for putting you on my path as an inspirational tool for things to come. My brother has introduced and enrolled me into my very own home-based business and I know I will take it as far as I want it to go. Just listening to you gives me the inspiration I asked the Lord for a short time ago. God bless you and thank you!
~ Theresa Ferrari


Just wanted to thank you for bringing Dani Johnson into our lives. She is an answer to prayer.
~ Debi Lindroth


I am very impressed with Dani's God-honoring approach to network marketing-this is exactly what I have been looking for and my business is already seeing results form hearing her live calls.
~ Pat Coughlin


Hi Dani, Thank you for the "Watch what people do, not what they say" tip. It has really allowed me to become more focused and within the 1st 12 days of April I earned $800!
~ Roberta Maddox


Hello my sister, I was very blessed by reading the article to the Christians," the Step Up article."  In the short time my wife and I have been listening to you, our lives are dramatically changing. I thank God for your boldness and your stand for our God and Savior. I pray that God will continue to bless you and your family. And that he would continue to give you the strength and encouragement to run this race and do his will. I pray that he will rebuke the devour for your sake. My wife and I love you dearly and we will always keep you and your family lifted up in prayer.
~ Patrick & Vanessa Carter


Dani you say when the student is ready the teacher will show up. I believe that is what has happened with me. God directed me to find you. I cannot thank you enough for what a difference you have made in my business. The results have been amazing since I have been following your techniques. It is now a priority for my organization to get on your weekly conference calls and for their first 30 days listen to one of your recorded conference calls on your website and to purchase you CD's. Your training is the only one that my group follows from now on. Thank you for all you do.
~ John Olivari


I have just talked to a stranger today about my business and products---I was not even nervous.  I feel so great and awesome.  I had the thought of "I am serving God with what I am doing right now" when I was talking to her.   That really frees me from fear and BIG EGO!!!!!  Later this evening, I made a few phone calls to previous prospects with no fear because I know there is NOTHING going to stop me.   I am the child of God and I am living with Love and FEAR!!!! Thank you, Dani, for your love and compassion. 
~ Hsiao-Ling and Jim Dawson


Thank you for all you do. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to plug in to your information you are a true inspiration.
~   Kenneth Tallman


Lots of positive feedback on what you have shared with my company. Thanks you
~ Daryl Snyder


Hi Dani, Great call again. You are awesome. Thank you for your training for us all. Amazing lady!
~ Peter John Lawrence


Ms Johnson, You are a dynamic person who I know I can be coached by. Thank you for your candor and openness on the call. WOW
~ Bill Hall


Dani, YOU are to Network Marketing what Josh Groban has been to MUSIC!! You come right from the heart, filled with passion with no great effort or scripting- because you LOVE what you do- and you ARE who you are! I hope that I can meet you later this year, sometime when you have a seminar!
~ Sandi Krakowski


Hi Dani! I have heard so many wonderful things about what an incredible source of motivation and inspiration you are to so many! I am so excited to have the opportunity to learn from you and I would like to thank you in advance. I look forward to meeting you in the near future!
~ Karma Hutchins-Horshaw  


  I have been interviewing trainers and speakers for 5 years on International Conference Calls.  I have interviewed the "best of the best" from all arenas.  I believe there is not a better generic trainer in this industry than Dani Johnson!  She is absolutely brilliant!!!  She can communicate in a powerful, logical, "get real" manner while still challenging top income earners to "get the most" from this industry and from themselves.  She is for the rookie and she is for the top income producers as well as the rest in the middle!  Her passion is "for real" and her love of this industry and the people in it is what drives her!  I believe we will hear her name for years to come as the #1 Industry Trainer and I believe our companies and our teams will drive their businesses to unheard of levels because of the encouragement and inspiration teamed up with the brilliance of DANI JOHNSON!
~ Patti Roney  


 Best NWM trainer I have ever heard.
~ Rich McCain


Hi Dani, I truly believe you are just what I have been looking for as far as the help I personally need. I think you are absolutely dynamic when you speak.  Anyone who listens to you and does not get motivated... they have got to be the walking dead!!  Bottom line I think your great!!!
~ Doris Harris


First of all I just wanted to say thank you very much for these e-mails.  I want to tell you guys thanks for helping me to go out and have confidence when I go prospecting.  I just wanted to let you guys know that you are awesome, and a blessing in my life, as well as my sister. Thanks for the free vault. IT IS AWESOME. How in the world do you guys come up with all this info? You are like geniuses. Well Thanks. Have an awesome day, and just know that you guys are a huge blessing in many peoples lives whether you know it or not. God Bless,
~ Yvonne Moreno


I have been in many multi-level marketing businesses over the past several years and never really understood the right approach to talking with people until hearing Dani speak today. I felt like I got a new lease on life, and a brand new start on presenting my business to people! You are excellent and so motivating. I'm hoping to glean many things from you and become very successful in business. Thank you!
~ Shelly Jackson


Dani & Hans, I can't get over it- listening to you, doing what GOD wants first, and THEN pursuing my business has created some real miracles for me! My attitude has changed, my income has changed- my walk with God has changed. God has been so gracious and merciful to me. Glory to God!! It is feasting time; time to make money, time to praise GOD.
~ Sandi Krakowski


Hi Hans and Dani, You two are awesome! I am so very impressed with your training CD’s and your weekly Monday night calls! I have heard incredible things about your training. I have been on almost all of your weekly trainings now for several months. I know you have changed the lives of so many! I am so impressed with your story! I am so glad to hear also that you are a born again believer! I am as well! Praise the Lord! Thank you for all you are!
~ Willy Nelson Jr.


I just want to say I believe the Lord has sent me to this company and your web site, so it is up to me to take advantage of the great resources available to us. Thank You.
~ Lee Whaley


I am coming to the conference NO MATTER WHAT!!!! P.S. Dani you are awesome girl. I just discovered you after being made aware of you through Jerry Clark's tapes. He just mentioned you and Hans in relation to a seminar that he had attended early on. It sounds as if you may have influenced his life greatly.
~ James Cox


I just stared my business. I don't really know what I'm doing and I've been told, "You’re the best". I'm coming to Dallas to learn from you & I hope to see some great results.
~ Sherri Lyon


Yes Dani you are great. You helped me over another stone. I have been putting myself in a mode of finding someone who can lead, follow, or just get out my way.
~ Harold Rodney


There is nothing secretive about succeeding at a home based business. It's simply learning the basics which Dani Johnson is a master at training. If you ever wanted to be successful at anything simply follow her lead.
~ Patty Wilson


After listening to Dani's coaching session my company I can only say that her enthusiasm & knowledge of selling herself before a business talk is so proficient, there is nothing she can't sell. To be a "likeable" salesperson is a rare gift & Dani has what it takes to sell snowballs in the wintertime... Thanks
~ Nicholas Abate


Listening to Dani Johnson wakes me up and makes me get up and make those calls...a real motivator and a great inspiration!
~ Patrizia Lanni


I must say WOW! You kick butt!!!!!! I wish I found about you when I got started about a year and a half ago!
~ Sona Koeul


I believe that Dani Johnson is truly a blessing to all of us. I am so glad that I got to meet her and to listen to her. Mostly to help me to forgive others and myself, and how to use the tools that she tells us and shows us to have a more successful business, Many thanks and God Bless you Dani Johnson. Yes there are angels as you tell us and you are truly one of those!!
~ Dottie Hepburn


"You guys are sooo amazing, how I thank the Lord for you and your ministry…"
~ Marjie Imier


"We attended your Boston First Steps To Success event. We left with greater faith and renewed hearts. We are moved to take on new experiences and make our business grow."
~ Mike & Janet Shipley


"I don't even know how to start expressing the gratitude I have for all you are doing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your training on how to really do this business. Before I was introduced to your training, even with the small amounts of success I had experienced, I still wondered how my dreams were going to be realized in this business. Now I can see clearly and your leadership has touched my life."
~ Aaran Price


"Your heart to reach people came through very clear in your presentation…"
~ Frank Brown


"Thank you for being such an inspiration! I have learned so much from you. Skills - that have positively impacted me and my family immensely."
~ Liliu & Kenry Huang


"You helped to completely change my mindset and now I approach people with a mindset and posture of a business developer. I feel completely in control and collected all the time and have complete faith that I will achieve my goals whether they decide to join or not."
~ Ildiko Brunner


"You guys are incredible!""Dani debunks myths in the industry; She has taught us awesome leadership skills. We are closing 50% more prospects by using her Scripts, setting 90% more appointments. If you truly want to succeed and be inspired to do your best you have to plug into Dani's trainings.""Since First Steps To Success, we have paid off 6 credit cards, put 5,000 into savings, started our 2 kids college funds and are inspired to keep going…"
~ Jeff & Holly LaChappell


'You gave me everything I needed to hear to be equipped! It was the perfect 12 hour event!"
~ Donna Reardon


"The gift all of you are giving us is beyond description."
~ Debby Cossart


"The interaction with real clients made it so simple to see the actual lessons vs. the theory or reading. It was a very effective teaching method."
~ Connie Harmon


"You expanded our Vision!"
~ Bryan Merritt


"Excellent! 5 Stars!!!"
~ Charlie Hang


"Informative, Inspiring, built by confidence…"
~ Elaine Madrit


"Everything it was supposed to be"
~ Dona Smith


"Thank you for bringing me to the Most High…"
~ Michelle Avena


'I finally have direction!"
~ Sherice Sinnema


"I am blessed every time I come…"
~ Lesia K Caggiano


"I now feel like I can go back to my warm market…"
~ Todd Palm


"I have no problem sending my team to you!"
~ Julieann Pruett


"Very Intense!"
~ Tyler Adkins


"Excellent Information!!!"
~ Nancy Adkins


"This was my first seminar and I loved it…"
~ Tom Ryals


"Great intensity & Passion - It really helped me improve my focus…"
~ Jim Palan


"Quick and to the point!"
~ Teresa Ricketts


"I feel very secure in referring people to DaniJohnson.com"
~ Lori Boyd


"I got some good nuggets…"
~ Gary A. Weitz


"Loved it all!"
~ Tom Allaman


"It gave me more confidence in myself and to believe in myself…"
~ Jeni Camacho


"Dani is awesome - very real, the plain truth, logical, sensible, and focused…She helped me see my failures and how to overcome them…"
~ Cyndy Alvarada


"I thank God for Dani Johnson, she has really encouraged me to step it up and to get me and my issues out of the way. She has helped me believe in myself and that I can be myself in my business."
~ Sybia Roberson


"I feel confident that cross recruitment won't happen and I know Dani's information can only skyrocket their business…""I have had extraordinary intangible results from Dani's coaching classes. It boosted my confidence, I have better phone posture, and people are returning my phone calls."
~ Kathleen Street


'After coaching with Dani I did 1,200 dollars in volume in one day!"
~ Amy Peskuski


"I feel very secure about sending my people…I even recommend it to my competitors!"
~ Victoria Chase


"Well worth the expense…"
~ Midge Hicks


"It was very practical & helped me to analyze & identify weak areas and how to evaluate my progress…"
~ Jay Joiner


I'm eager to put to work Dani's tools and tips."
~ Cheryl Haubrich


"Loved the seminar!"
~ Timmy J. Taylor


"I've been totally encouraged by you today & I'm glad that you acknowledge the Lord for everything…"
~ Judy Bass


"I didn't want it to end…"
~ Jude Peshuski


"We use your teaching in our Real-Estate business also…"
~ Jan Smith


"Dani is wonderful and a true blessing from God."
~ Beverly Hays


"Since First Steps To Success my prospecting ratios have increased from 50 dials and 1 show to 17 dials and 8 shows.."
~ Donna Kercher


"Dani is real, she comes from the heart, keeps us alert with so much energy. She walks her talk.."
~ Marian Hays


"This has been the most beneficial training I have had in this business to date."
~ Don Gardner


"Your doing a great job of implementing and enforcing your "no cross-recruit" policy."
~ Keven Smith


"I was very impressed…"
~ Brace Tornik


"Very practical and useful, I can't wait to put it to use."
~ Sheila Cran -Barry


"Everything was valuable."
~ Gordon Petty


"She's like a ball of energy…After the call I couldn't get to sleep because I was so revved up from the call!"
~ Heather Dannewitz


"I love the video…I'm sending my prospect to watch the video as my first step in recruiting!"
~ Dianne Varnadoe


"Dani has the energy and passion unequalled by anyone I have ever seen!!! Dani gets her message across with clarity, humor and precision."
~ Gay Hart


"I took the inner knowledge and self development and literally healed myself of the mind disease of non reality and my physical well being has been healed."
~ Tina Dean


"You guys have done so much for our business and our personal life, and we truly appreciate it all. Thanks so much!"
~ Brad & Amanda Young


"Utilizing the training I learned through DaniJohnson.com I went from being in a position where we WERE going to lose everything, $1500 in the hole, to being in the top 10 of my company. I earned $4024.00 this month…"
~ Kassandra Bragg


"You really are awesome…I probably would not have stuck it out as long as I have with out you. I have been in the MLM industry for a few years now. I've always known that the system makes sense but I was like others always trying to find the right "opportunity" and the proper company. I do know now that I will be successful in this business with you there to guide me Dani. You have made a HUGE difference in my life.""I love listening to your Christian calls, they are a great inspiration to me."
~ Charlene Frey


"I was doing so many of those things that lead to failure and I am thankful that you pointed them out to me and gave me a solution to fix it. I am re-charged and ready to go again. Dani, you are really a gift from God."
~ Sue Pardee


"I can't tell you what a fire you have stirred in my heart over the weekend and through that call, just by leading by example, to take back what the enemy has stolen away!"
~ Jeremy Krakowski


"Dani has equipped me to succeed…"
~ Cyndy Alvarado

"As I listened to Dani's Christian CD's the past two nights I have great excitement and anticipation for my future. It is so awesome to watch what the Lord does in our lives through the ministry that the Lord has given you to encourage, heal, restore, deliver, and introduce Jesus to those who do not know him through the business sector of life."
~ April Cloud

"Thanks so much for the great information. The Prospect & Close Your Way To Millions workshop was awesome!!! The roll play format was extremely helpful. Learning to ask more qualifying questions which can get to the bottom of pre-conceived notions helped me specifically with a call I made today."
~ Judy Wood


" I will continue to tell everyone in our business that they need to get to your training & buy your CD's…"
~ Karen Gonyea


"You really helped me recognize myself as a professional and believe it is my calling to help others. I help other in my primary profession but you demonstrated how the same skills and traits carry over into my home-based business."
~ Angel Alexander


"Our favorite part of the training was that Dani is not ashamed to honor our Heavenly Father and is not ashamed to mention Him as she teaches."
~ Kaylen Peirce


"I've gotten SO MUCH from listening to the archived calls that I've recommended them to both my up line and my down line."
~ Michele Dukinfield


"Words can hardly express how much has happened since attending the Prospecting & Closing classes. The first thing was understanding the business model that I am building. The next thing you coached me on was my time management. As a busy mom with 11 children, running a fragmented 'wing and a prayer' business was simply NOT an option. Since attending the classes I have learned to block it out and lock it in. My posture has totally changed! Once the time management, the posture and understanding the useness model were in place, the only thing left was just to do more dials and get more results! I've went on to enroll 16 people in five days and make it to #3 enroller in the company. They sent me a check overnight for 1,345.00. We took all of the kids out to dinner ( a very big reward...) After 3 months of investing, getting to the First Steps To Success seminar two times, and taking the classes, it has paid off..."
~ Monica Tubbs


"Dani is a gem in all the muckity muck I have been trying to learn and apply."
~ Mary Mawhinney


"She is absolutely amazing…"
~ Leo Monseler


"Dani, you are commended for your boldness about Jesus. Your harvest is not inside these doors…You have done what we all talk about but do nothing about…"
~ Charlie Keck


"I think your motivational skills are the best I've ever heard…"
~ Maureen Spruce


Good Morning, I had ordered the 6 tape series that Dani did in Carlsbad, CA. That Monday I began with tape one. From the beginning I felt like I have known her for years because she has been through some of the trials I have. With each tape I learned more about her heart and learned more of what God wanted to do with me in this business. Before I heard the last tape I had already been praying Lord if this is what you want me to do then please confirm it. How is it that I'm going to build a business if I have never done this or have never known anyone to be involved in Network Marketing." Thanks to Dani letting herself be used by God in such a powerful way he spoke directly to me. She said "God has preordained all those in your workforce" tears came to my eyes. I thanked God, told my husband that this was the best tape series, besides my Pastors, that I have ever heard, and added Dani to my prayer list. I pray that God continue to give her the annointing, wisdom, courage and strength to bring Gods love and healing into the lives of so many. And with the healing, teaching so many more about the prosperity that God has in store for his children. Thank you, God Bless you all!"
~ Cynthia Lozada


Dear Dani, I was truly blessed by the tapes from Carlsbad. Your experience with network marketing as a Christian gave me the answers I needed to get me going again. Thanks so much for doing what God has directed you to do. I am so glad that I ordered the 10 sets of tapes. I have given several sets away. Thanks so much!
~ Carolyn Ashauer


Dani, I just spent the last several hours listening to your Carlsbad tape set, Awesome!
~ Wes McFarlans


I've been listening to your tapes. I feel like I am too shy and reserved to really be able to sell anything. But you have been giving me hope. I know I can change now. Thank you.
~ Darlene Rozak


I know with out a shadow of a doubt Father sent me to this web site. Your words are so refreshing to hear.
~ Cindy Mooty


Dani, I visited your web site and was so inspired by your Christian Witness on the web.  It lifted my complete day and it will never be the same.  Thank You for exposing your believe to so many people, I know that lives will touched and many changed by you witness for GOD. No wonder you are so successful......there is no doubt who walks with you.  You are not only beautiful, talented and successful but you even glow in your picture.  I hope that I will have the opportunity to meet you in person someday soon. Thanks!
~ Natella Vollmer


I've recently been introduced to your website and LOVE IT!  And, I'm sending other Christian Network Marketers your way too.  I've already received several THANK YOU'S! Keep up the good work.
~ Kimberly Henrie


Hi Dani, I recently discovered your web site and training, (WOW) what a blessing!! You are definitely anointed to teach and train , your passion and energy is absolutely contagious! I am going to start telling everyone in my group about your training calls on Monday. Be Blessed and nothing less, Continued Success,
~ Reggie Smith


I wanted to tell you I think you're FANTASTIC.  You are exactly what I need to hear to get motivated.  I LOVE your site and listen to your recordings whenever possible to inspire me.  Thanks for all you do!!!!!!!
~ Carol Johnson


Thank you Dani for the free training available on your website. I have already listened to 4 of your site audios and I am using your calling script and having very good success with it; at least the people I am calling (and using this on) are interested. I have signed up a new partner in my business with just using your methods that I hear on audio. May God richly bless you.
~ Juanita Wilson


I haven't had time to look at your site yet Dani, but I have heard about you a while ago and I am so anxious to get started. You go girl!!! Thank you so much for having this Site.
~ Jane Gavlitta


Hello Dani! I first want to start out by saying, THANK YOU!!  Since I have found you and your website; since I have started listening to your Vault of calls, I have found POSTURE!  You have made it Click for ME!  Thank You!  Thank You!!  Shortly before finding you, I had started on my own personal growth path and I have now realized that I needed to grow before my business would grow.  Thank you for helping me!! I appreciate your time and all that you do!
~ Shanda Venditto


Hi Hans & Dani, You are really helping the masses and you have the respect of the industries best! Hope all is going well for you. I love all the new online training. I can hardly keep up! Thanks for all you do.
~ Jim Kitson


I am just reading through your website, since I for the first time listened to Dani this last Tuesday. I love her energy and No Bull attitude. Such is business and also this business, as long as you are prepared to help people. Find the need and fill it.
~ Elvire Smith


Dear Dani, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I especially appreciate that your web site is free right now as I haven't started making money yet. I will.  And even when you start charging, I will borrow money in order to stay connected if I haven’t started yet. Thank you again, Dani.
~ Bonnie Sieben


Hi Dani, Just started listening to your conference call tonight and visited your website. Awesome stuff. YOU ROCK!!!!
~ Kim Wiles


Dani called us at our meeting last Thursday night and I would just like to really thank her for taking that time out of her busy schedule. I always enjoy her Monday night live calls. I really am seeing changes in myself in how I handle my prospect's. I am not one who used to be able to take control of the conversations with my prospect's. The first time I did that I was just so proud of myself I was jumping up & down and it worked!! I thank God & I thank God for her as well. God Bless you
~ Debbie Latta


Hi Dani! I heard some of your audio training calls and I should say that it was really inspiring and powerful! Thank you for sharing with us your God-given gift and talent. In Christ
~ Joyce


Hi Dani, I love your calls and follow them every week.  I also have your script book and First Steps to Success Seminar on CD. Thanks for your help, and thanks for everything you do for us.
~ Lynn Huber


Hi Dani, I'm Nichole.  I've emailed you before as I really enjoy your calls and your site.  I have taken advantage of much of your training.  It is truly great!  I have learned a lot from you, thanks for that too.
~ Nichole


I am still so very excited and so humbled by what Dani and you are doing for all who need the Lord and I praise Him for you both! You are precious in His sight and believe me you are reaching thousands and thousands. I'm so proud to have found you and believe this to be my turning point to huge success for our Lord. Lessons are so hard, but, if you can look upon them as a gift and not dwell on the past, and take action, God will shower you with tremendous wealth, not just financially. He loves us so much and I love Him so much and can't wait to get up every day now and see whose life He will change through me. Please keep on doing what you do. I will share as much of your ministry as I can and may our dear Lord and Savior bless and keep you and your beautiful children in His care.
~ Ginger Graham


WOW!  What can I say?  I would like to take a moment to express a heart felt thank you to all of you who sent my wife and I emails for winning our $10,000 bonus. I owe a great deal of credit to Dani Johnson for getting my mind right and helping me achieve some personal breakthroughs that have led to my best month ever in over 8 years, the very first month after attending her workshop!
~ Bud Nemeth


Dani, You never cease to amaze me, lady.  God bless you for your consistent effort in helping so many folks from sabotaging their God given right to succeed in life.
~ Jon


Hi Dani, Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing job last night….the response as always has been nothing less than incredible! We are really looking forward to great things in the future.
~ Joe


Last night was my third time listening to the training since I began my home based business, but last night you hit the wall with me. You had mention the fact about how a person feel bad about getting someone started when they aren't doing well themselves, also how a person  don't feel worthy of success. But I do want to thank you and I will be on the those calls every week. Thank you again.
~ Tracy Cooper


Dani, I just wanted to thank you for our coaching session yesterday.  I feel like I have been reborn with the information we spoke about yesterday. THANK YOU!
~ Louise Lebrini


"It worked, I was able to take one representative and into 8 within 12 hours using your 'Building A Fire' technique."
~ Kassandra Bragg


Thanks for motivating me with your belief in me and the guidance you give to me in particular to grow not only my business, but also to grow spiritually. God bless you and your family. Thanks again!
~ Jaye Ramanan


Dani, Thank you for your lesson Monday night. Not known to you and your great staff is that many of us are just ONE Count from being knocked out but GOD has greater plans and promises. Let me let you know that without a friend leading me to your website I would have wasted some valuable time.
~ Thomas Clifford


I must thank you!  Just a few short months ago, I never would have had the self confidence to start a conversation with a stranger, let alone tell her what to do in her business! WOW!  I am listening to the NC CD's right now (during Hurricane Charley) and wish I could be calling leads!!  Thanks for everything!
~ Tina


I have listened to many of your Monday night calls and they are exceptional. I have never ever heard a better trainer! Blessings to you and yours!
~ Stephanie Duran


"Dani has impacted my life more in one year then all of the teachers, mentors and trainers I have worked with, she has truly changed my life. I will be forever grateful for Dani and all the staff at DaniJohnson.com. I have attended 5 First Steps To Success and 3 Creating A Dynasty's and it has been worth every penney! Every time I attend one of her seminars I come away with new information.My people skills, my posture, my conviction, and my belief in myself and my team is unstoppable!! I now have a strong thriving team of motivated, driven successful people who will do this with or with out me and yes, some that are even better than me. We have the top recruiters in the company on our team. They are winning the contests and growing there teams at record pace! (By the way, they have attended both the First Steps and Dynasty seminars.) They are so dynamic and so driven that I have so much respect and love for them, they are headed straight to the top of our company. They have worked so hard. Dani has a true gift, she is the real deal, I thank God for her every day. Dani you will never know how much you have made a difference in my life, you are one of a kind. I love you! Thanks for trusting your heart and reaching out to all of us, you are amazing...Our business has doubled from where it was this time last year. I am actively recruiting, having full confidence I can show them a system that they too can achieve success, what ever success means to them. I have solid time for my business and solid time for my family. My husband Todd and I were recognized at our convention as the number five millionaire in our compay in just three years! I was also asked to speak at the top 10 women event and had the honor of being asked to serve on the field advisory board. You must always "train like an under dog so you will play like a champion." Dani, thank you for giving me THE STRENGTH TO LEAD, THE FAITH TO BELIEVE, THE PERSISTENCE TO STAY THE COURSE, THE CONSISTANT FOCUS, THE HUMBLE HEART TO GROW, THE INTENT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, THE ENTHUSIASM THAT DRAWS ALL TO YOU, THE PASSION TO DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES...NO MATTER WHAT!"
~ Kathy & Todd Humpherys


"We not only came away from there with our business minds changed but our out look on our family, our marriage, and some of the barriers that were stopping us from moving forward in all of these areas and more…"
~ Ava Vester


It's a pleasure to learn the concepts of what Dani eloquently teaches in her own true unique style from the heart.
~ Robert


I ordered your training script and since then I'm having fun calling prospects and I'm not afraid anymore to pick up the phone and hear a 'no'. There are still jerks around who hang up the phone as soon as you ask them "what can I do for you?" but it makes me smile. I don't want to work with people who hang up on me and are not willing to change their lives. But the people who are really interested in making an extra income from home I can ask the questions as per your script and they do answer them all.
~ Anonymous


Thanks for the script Dani, I listen a lot to the CD's who come with the script and I'm sure that with these techniques my business will explode to an enterprise. And that's what I want !!!
~ Anonymous


I have listened to your CD set 12 times now, after ONE COACHING session with you- these are different CD's.
~ Anonymous


I truly would like to thank you all for all that you have done for my business but more importantly for my family and I. May you always be blessed.
~ Roger & Olga


Before Dani: Working the job., not dissatisfied enough with slow, steady, one new distributor per month, figured that kind of progress is easily duplicated. After having found/During Dani: What a disservice to those who've already joined me not to work our business to my fullest potential! Doing in the month of August at least as much as I'd done in the previous 4 months, listening to at least one tape or call per day. Still have the job., but also realizing where the true success is.
~ Anonymous


I have been listening to you faithfully for months now. You are so good for my self confidence.
~ Betsy


"Part of why I hesitated to go to the seminar is that I am a student Buddhism and I believed I would be a bit uncomfortable with your expressions of your faith. But something told me not to let that be my 'excuse' for not coming to learn how to do my new business. Instead of being uncomfortable at the seminar, I really loved seeing and hearing your profession of faith. It lifted me up and gave me joy to know you are the real Christian deal. I am now dedicated to having you as my most important business teacher. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom; you are a skillful, powerful and loving teacher."
~ Anita Castle


I heard Dani Johnson's conference call on Monday 8/9/04 and was totally impressed with the information and facts that she presented.
~ Anonymous


"The session was awesome! You made me feel like part of your family. You are all truly concerned about us all and that we prosper and that is a quality that is being lost in this world. I have so much respect for the whole DaniJohnson.com team and I pray I will continue to have the opportunity to be involved."
~ Michael Krug


"I have always done this business WRONG…It seems as though I've never gotten the support I feel that was necessary to be a good networker. Now, over 30 years later, things have changed for the better with scripts and audios."
~ Thoma Leighton


"Dynasty was a 3-DAY REVELATION!! I have been telling everyone that you are not just gifted, but ANOINTED to do what you do!!! The results and all that you do…it's BEYOND anything one human could do without streaming the eternal God's wisdom through you. Dynasty made me realize that you are not a "Seminar" but a "FREIGHT TRAIN" - DON'T JUST watch it go by...GET YOUR ENTIRE TEAM ON IT, AND RIDE IT TO THE TOP!"
~ Don Faast


I just got the cud's and script book this weekend and I can say the CD's alone are worth worth than what you're charging! This is a steal! But I've been listening and I now know what I was doing wrong. If I had this 3 years ago when I started, I KNOW I would have a 7 figure empire. Thanks so much! My team and I are on our way to being extremely successful and we owe that all to you and your site!
~ Marleeka Choat


Hi there, I got to listen to this yesterday-SAT. and tried it out on my interviewed leads, its a great script book, sorry I haven't been using it earlier- IT WORKS!!!  Thanks DANI you ROCK girl!!!
~ Deb


It seems I keep running into people that have been impacted by Dani.  You guys must being doing a good thing!
~ Beatty Carmichael


Hi Dani,  You have been a serious blessing to me, and I plan on using you as MY training for my entire down line, as I build my business.
~ Anonymous


Thanks again for the blessing you are to us all!
~ Nichole


First of all, thank you so much to you and Dani for all you do to help all of us, especially those of us you do not know, those of us who are not in your organization, or even in your company.  You both are truly remarkable people.
~ Anonymous


I just got the cd's and script book this weekend and I can say the CD's alone are worth worth than what you're charging! This is a steal! But I've been listening and I now know what I was doing wrong. If I had this 3 years ago when I started, I KNOW I would have a 7 figure empire. Thanks so much! My team and I are on our way to being extremely successful and we owe that all to you and your site!
~ Bob Ballasedis


Dani, I just wanted to take a minute out of my day to send you a great big THANK YOU!  You have done for my business what I have been waiting for TEN YEARS! You have TRULY made an enormous impact on my self-confidence, my posture and my belief in sharing the wonderful benefits of our business with others.  You are a phenomenal inspiration and I admire your faith tremendously!  I am so excited to have your weekly calls and your audio trainings available to plug all my team members into.  You are awesome! Thank you... Thank you... Thank you! Blessings!
~ Anonymous


I found out about Dani Johnson a couple of weeks ago and boy am I glad I did! How would you feel if you had been stumbling around the network marketing wilderness for about 30 years and found "The Promised Land"? You'd feel like shoutin too! I have been tellin everybody about Dani Johnson and her training! I've told my upline, downline, sideline and off line. I'm tellin YOU that if you have to pawn your tv (it will just keep you broke anyway) or sell something else (like some of your company's products) you had better do it if that's what it takes to get your hands on some of her training programs! How would you like to be 10 feet tall, invincible and bullet proof? How would you like to have a team of 10 feet tall, invincible, bullet proof giants building their own futures under yours? That's everyone's dream! Well, stop dreaming and make it a reality and get yourself and your whole team trained by Dani Johnson now! If you don't like her training, I'LL give you your money back"!
~ Dave Thompson


Dani's training and inspiration has helped not only getting started in a home business but also in my personal life. This is a very good thing! Many thanks!
~ Linda Pender


I have recently implemented Dani's training and the results so far have been amazing
~ Shanan Peck


You are just awesome.  Thanks for doing such a fantastic job!
~ Renee


Just heard my first call with you and WOW! What an inspiration and driving force in this industry you are! Can't believe I am just finding out about you, but the Teacher appears when the Student is ready. Thank you so much for electrifying me when I needed it most! Bless You!
~ Anonymous


Dani's concepts are clear and concise and brought me to a better understanding about my own technique in just one call. I am amazed
~ Anonymous


Thank you for all the free information and inspiring and educational information that I have received from your website and weekly calls.  I cannot express to you enough what these have done, not only for my business, but for my own self-development and my faith in God.
~ Anonymous


I have not been able to find any desire within me to continue working my business as God desired for me, until I found Dani's website through a friend's email.  I truly believe that God had lead me to her and What a find !  Thank you and God Bless!
~ Rena


Hans and Dani


!!! WOW- I have my presentation down to 5 minutes, I have much more confidence and tell Dani, NO MORE SELLING!!!!
~ Anonymous


Dani reminds us all what is truly important. Powerful, blessed, encouraging, real, confidence, faith, and so many other words come to many. Dani is a blessing to us all. Thank you!
~ Anonymous


I do appreciate that I am excited, learning how to be a better entrepreneur through what I've seen and heard so far. Thanks a lot for your ministry!
~ Anonymous


God bless you that you He would enlarge your ministry worldwide to a degree that you never imagined as you continue to help others.
~ Nicco


Thank you Dani for all that you do for all of us out here in the real world! We are so blessed to have you, your gifts, talents, desire and attitude available to us. Thank you!
~ Bryan


I Love the fact this a Christian company that wants to help people realize and see their dreams fulfilled.
~ Anonymous


I just want to tell you that I listen to your archived calls, and since they are so information packed, I strive to retain AT LEAST one nugget of information to put into action immediately. On one of your calls you answered a caller's question about how to handle people who have signed, but won't return your calls. You said you call them and say, " ... I promised to work with you, but you haven't returned my calls.  If I don't hear from you soon, I won't be able to keep that time I promised you, available". Well, I used that approach and the woman called me the very next day.  She's active now! You rock, Dani!  Keep up the good work in Him!
~ Ruth Russell


Thanks and I enjoy getting all of that great info from Dani, it keeps me going another week.
~ William "Bill" Richardson


I just finished a training call that you were on and you were awesome!
~ Anonymous


Last night I had a wonderful time with my coaching appt - Dani spent time developing my skills; all from a woman that has a 6 figure income and humbly honors her husband (who also earns a 6 figure income).... what an awesome privilege to know this woman, and to see the Prv 31 model depicted in a professional woman that has spoken to doctor's and corporate executives!  My cup runneth  over and it's a blessing that I know God has given so I can do what HE has called me to do.
~ Sandi Krakowski


Dani, You are changing my life!  I've been disabled for several years and just now starting a home based business in network marketing on a part time basis. I began listening to your recorded calls last week and have learned soooooooooo much.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Dani.  For sure, my team will be referred to danijohnson.com.
~ Beverly Kosarek


Dani, you are wonderful, and an inspiration to all.
~ Anne Foster  


  Dani is AWESOME…
~ Janene M. Roussell


I love my Dani Johnson "Christian based training series" CD set. 
~ Sandra Frantz


I LOVE your trainings Dani!
~ Alisha Bartlett


By the way, I listen to the audios online often!  I am particularly drawn to her Christian-focus audios!
~ Marcia Tripp


You have been such an incredible inspiration to me as a newbie...and I make sure EVERY new enrollee plugs into your trainings.  You are awesome! Thanks so much!
~ Shelley


Thanks so much Dani, you have given myself and my up line so much inspiration and new life.
~ Kathy


I look forward to hitting your website daily and being rejuvenated with your enthusiasm and knowledge.
~ Anonymous


"Dynasty will have a huge impact on all the team members that attended from our group. We all felt like we bonded more, built stronger relationships through attending Creating A Dynasty and will be more united and stronger team players."
~ Donna Reardon


Love Dani and all of her wonderful training!!  I have personally grown so much by listening to her!  I try to listen everyday (M-F) and recommend her website and services to all of my team members!
~ Anonymous


I was just recently referred to Dani's website and training calls on Monday, and that has now become part of our Monday night team calls. The ones that hang on till Monday night are my go getters and those are the ones I work with. I believe Dani's system is awesome and her training CD has now become a part of our team's training....period! I have listened to those CD's so many times, I am going to wear them out! They call me the Dani junkie around here!
~ KellyLet me just take this opportunity to say, I have listened to the North Carolina CD's at least half a dozen times—and all the training calls. I’ve recommended you to everyone!
~ Nancy McCain


I just wanted to tell you thanks so much for your call on Monday night. I think it was meant for me and my husband. I was struggling with some self doubt and frustration for not getting any preferred customers calling all day long and you inspired me to not give up. The words that you spoke about having faith every day, focus on what is going right and you can do anything you allow yourself to do have stuck in my mind. I have also hung sign on my fridge that says do better today than you did yesterday and that has kept me focused! The next day I enrolled 5 new customers in and hour! You are a blessing! I have been keeping you and your family in my prayers. May God bless your family, keep a covering on you and give you the strength to keep giving!
~ Christa Womack


Dani, I have been listening to your trainings for a couple of weeks, I think they are the greatest.  You make it seems so simple. 
~ Florence McClain


I just want to send a heartfelt thanks to Dani and the staff of www.danijohnson.com for the replays of the Monday night calls.  I work my business part time and am unable to make the calls live, but I am listening to the calls (all of them) everyday as inspiration....so I can add the perspiration and take my business to the next level!  Thank you again!
~ Christie Cady


I have to say, after listening to just one of your online trainings I was hooked! Dani is a very powerful speaker and I hope that my team finally "gets it" and goes for the gold! My whole approach, attitude and well being has changed!
~ Kelly


Hi Dani, Thanks for all you do for my business!
~ Wendy


I really enjoy listening to her calls.
~ Dale Heard


Hi, Dani!  I li


sten to your calls every week as well as have your cud's and script and think you're incredibly awesome!  Thanks for all you do.
~ Anonymous


You Are So Incredible!!!  You just exude confidence and grace and I am just like you!!  I listen to you all the time and just love what you have to say.  Thank you so giving us such an AWESOME resource through your website!!!!! Thank you again for be so willing to give of yourself to assist others.
~ Michelle Albasha


I think your calls are great.
~ Brian Hecker


Thank You for this wonderful informative material. I will use it with respect and honor.  Thank You and God Bless each of you for all the good you do.
~ Gabriella


I have Dani's North Carolina CD's and the prospecting CD's and booklet. Wow!!!
~ Karen


I would just like to start out by saying Dani, you are amazing, Thank you for being you!! Your script book was amazing!
~ Anonymous


I could listen to you anywhere, anytime--listen to your training CD's in the vehicle every time I get in and I have started listening to your calls on the internet at the office when I get a chance, & I love to listen to your Monday night calls. You are the greatest speaker I have ever heard!
~ Vicky Kauffman


I really appreciate your genuine business.
~ Emmanuel Hakizimana


"Thanks to your staff for helping remove the chains off my heart, WOW!! Did not know those were there and a pretty big root from the past got removed BIG TIME, WOW I did not know that was there, and thank you for removing the daggers out of my back, THAT FELT GREAT... and for making us understand how to bring all of our life together in complete harmony...with the colors..."
~ Tina Dean


I got your Christian based cud's!  Very powerful!!!  Big time eye-opener!!!  Thanks again & I look forward to see you guys really soon!!!
~ Marti


I am finding you are helping me get myself back. I have had to re learn everything so right now I am very teachable and open to all training to drive my business upward.
~ Leah Kaple


Dani Johnson you are an inspiration to all who plug in!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
~ Anonymous


I am happy to share with you the success that my team and I are experiencing just from being on Dani's Monday evening calls and listening to her recorded training calls.
~ Anonymous


As a rule, I send all my new reps Dani's website link and have them get started right away getting motivated by Dani's enthusiasm on each of her calls.  I also forwarded the link to everyone, not only on my team, but up line, sidelines and cross lines.  Everyone has thanked me for sharing with them and tells me how inspirational Dani truly is.
~ Anonymous


I always look forward to Dani's weekly calls and thank all of you for sharing with us so freely....she has turned my business around and I share with everyone what I feel listening to her has done for me.
~ Brenda


I have listened in on a call from Dani offered through the company I am with and she is Awesome. I would love to hear more from her and learn as much as I can from her.
~ Shelly Parker


Thanks for being such a giver.
~ Suzanne Docimo


God Bless you Dani on a wonderful Christian site that I can go to and learn ways to improve my business building skills.
~ Anonymous


So I heard about you Dani in July of 2003. I was getting goose bumps when I first heard something from the website. Dani is speaking her words through THE WORD, so there can't really be any disputing her, because her truth is set with the most high. Then I ordered 10-15 sets of the Carlsbad tapes and I was so blown away!!! I was being helped to regain the lost powers of my 3 year old that instinctually was an over comer and didn't understand the word NO when it came to my dreams. The more I listened to them the more my posture changed. By the end of the second time I listened, I was thinking heck, I'm going to give these to Anyone who I feel needs them. I have such a posture thanks to you Dani. And I know it will only get even stronger. That is now up there with some others as my all-time favorites.
~ Anonymous


Dani's training is awesome and has helped me a lot.
~ Anonymous


We love Dani and listen to her audio's every day...
~ Kim Vos


I would like to give a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Dani! You have helped me out in so many ways, and so much! I listen to you every morning before I start work, and on Monday nights (when I can get in). And I have my new people listen to particular sessions before they start working. Thank you Dani!! You are VERY AWESOME!!
~ Anonymous


I look forward to hitting your website daily and being rejuvenated with your enthusiasm and knowledge.
~ Anonymous


You truly inspire me and I can't wait to see you and meet you!
~ Anonymous


GOD BLESS YOU and thank you so very much for touching our lives. 
~ Daly-Anne


What a great Monday conference call, especially when you spoke about Desire!
~ Anonymous


I was able to use what I gained from First Steps Seminars and our coaching session in several ways and here are just a few. When the leader of our team asked me to speak in front of the church in Romania that hosted our trip, I used our one-on-one coaching session and its results as a testimony on how God answers prayers! Also, when each of the members of our team was asked to give a testimony on how they benefited from the trip in front of the church on our last night before leaving, this is what I said, "First, I would like to thank God for inspiring me to write down the goal of doing this mission trip and then making it happen. By coming there, I gained a greater appreciation of how really blessed we are in America. A friend (You) once told me, "Don't ask for life to be easy, ask for life to be worth it!" Parts of this mission trip weren't easy, but God made the whole trip worth it!"
~ Mark Hetherington


God Bless you for all that you are doing to help people to become successful.
~ Anonymous


Thanks for your website, your North Carolina CDs. and your script book.
~ Leigh Ann Incledon


Since somebody sent me an email link with your website address my life has really changed. I have been in the 'business' for about 3 years but I do now realize how to build a real business. I am listening to your CD's from North Carolina as much as possible. I am enrolling people every day now (110 people in the last 6 months)! I'm happy you are giving awesome training calls and make this all available for us!!
~ Jackie


I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the CD's we purchased of the North Carolina seminar. We were on vacation for a month and listened to you all the way across the United States and back (32 days, 9298 miles)! Our business, since we returned home, has tripled as a result of the ideas and concepts we received from you on the CD program. We found the information on marketing our product to customers and on recruiting new brokers to be tremendously helpful, and we are using those concepts daily to build our business. My all time favorite part of the program is The Pirate! That one CD has adjusted my attitude and made me virtually bulletproof in my business! So I wanted to say thank you and to let you know that I would be totally happy to recommend your program to anyone who is interested in building an organization or marketing a product.
~ Hugh


All of your training gives me such a boost of energy, and keeps me positive and ready to go as far as I can go to show others how to do what I'm doing, helping people help themselves!!!
~ Anonymous


Listening to Dani has really helped me grow in my business! Thanks again!
~ Holly Cassity


I am head over heels for the Christian Series. I know with your help - and His guidance to us both, I will continue to grow in my faith, my heart, and then in my business.  
~ Daly-Anne Morano


I am new to network marketing and am doing it via the home party business.  This month, after listening in on a few of the calls, I set a goal to sell $1k of my product line in July.  This is kind of pie in the sky since I am completely new at this, I have young children, and July is a very slow month for home parties.  This morning, I was still $300 short of my goal and was ready just accept that and close out my month. When I checked my website this afternoon - there was a $317 order waiting for me.  From someone I don't know, have never sold to before...I don't even know how they found my site! 
~ Amy Reynolds


You are nailing every issue I am going through this month right now at your Monday night call. But it has made me very strong and more ready for tomorrow. Thanks Dani. God bless you.
~ Jaye Ramanan


You spoke deep to my soul tonight.
~ Anonymous


I have spent a lot of time in the past week going thru the high places in my life- and I want to thank JESUS IN YOU, Dani.  Thank you sister, for loving Him so much, that you would speak today, and He would speak to me thru you. I have listened to your Christian CD several times and am getting healed so deeply. I can't tell you enough about all that God is doing. Thank you Dani, I love you in Jesus!! :)
~ Anonymous


Thanks for the info.  I am so glad you gave me the option to listen to Monday's call online because I couldn't make it back in time.  Now I can listen and re-listen if I wanted to, I know there's lots of info to retain.  Dani is a blessing, I'm glad to know about her.  
~ Mary


I would like to say that I really appreciate the work that you are doing and the services you provide.  What a blessing you are to people—you will surely be rewarded for your kindness and generosity.  I thank you for your time and dedication to helping others see success in themselves and go for it. 
~ Holly Amato


Thanks for your call last night.  It was awesome. Its amazing to me the things that seem to hold us back the most and seem the hardest to overcome are the obvious things that will make us most successful if we can overcome them. You have been given a wonderful gift. You give me strength!!
~ Jill Norvelle


Someone sent me a recorded call with Dani to my email and that made me wake up! I never heard a woman with that HUGE energy, at first I thought she was just talking too fast and going nuts but as I kept listening to her call she made me feel different. That was like a big time wake-up call I needed!
~ Anonymous


Dani, after viewing your site and hearing your story, I joined immediately!  So far I've listened to 3 recorded training calls and received a TON of help and great info! You're training is awesome! Having access to your training and coaching 24/7/365 is simply amazing! ALL of my excuses are gone! Thank you sooo much for being such a giving person Dani. I can't begin to tell you how much of a difference your training has made in my life in such a short time. Listening to your training calls has challenged me to step up and BE a network marketer and to stop trying to DO network marketing.
~ Bill Faulkner


"I start everyone on my team off with the Script Book so we'll be on the same page."
~ Maryann Sanchez


HI, Dani. Your trainings and website have already been a wonder to me...I listen to at least one of the calls you have online everyday, some days more than 2 or 3 of them.
~ Katrina Perrin


~ Anonymous


I was not been able (in two years) to recruit from the cold market. You recommended I listen to some of your audios and get your scripts. I did, and THEY WORK!!!!
~ Stuart &Paula Rose


Hi Dani. I just want to let you know that you are awesome! I'm spending my last 40 bucks this week to get your scripts.
~ Anonymous


I'm completely up for whatever you have to offer. And that's why I'm completely investing in you because I know that with your training I will become a 6 figure earner. I purchased your script book and cud's. The free audios are invaluable! They are awesome.
~ Teresa Monteith


Just wanted to drop you a quick email to tell you that I am picking up so many things from your tapes and conference calls that will help me and mom. I appreciate your tape on time management so much. We are using your scripts verbatim.  I appreciate you so much for your honesty.
~ Anonymous


"I think the signed disclosures, announcement, and reciting are sufficient. The quality of the event alone is so spectacular that I will have no problem in recommending my people to Dani's seminars. It is a "must do" in my opinion."
~ Seth Wayman


You are awesome!! I'm just getting started with you and am so excited about where I'm going! Thank you so much.
~ Jennifer Robinson


I have played the N.C. CD's so much that I am thinking it will be time to buy another set pretty soon! Dani has been such an inspiration and such a testimony to me. She has totally changed my perspective on business, on God and on life!!! I just thank her so much for her vision and her wisdom and for caring so much about all of us to pass it on down.
~ Kim Hiemstra


We are faithfully listening to your tapes and truly the one on "time management" was the prize of them all.  I know I must have heard that training in Dallas, but when I heard it on tape it really touched home.  You have been an inspiration to us.  Your passion for Christ and to motivate others to experience Him and all that He has for them is genuine.   
~ Edna & Penny


Thank you so much for providing your website for free- you are definitely a wonderful person!
~ Anonymous


I just recently heard my first phone presentation this week. I am hooked! Thanks for the inspiration.
~ Anonymous


It is so encouraging and inspirational to find out what Dani has been able to do and give God the credit
~ Anonymous


I was on one of your Monday calls and you said, "Be proud to say your chosen profession is network marketing." Changed my whole perspective! Thanks!
~ Anonymous


I have your script product and it has worked fabulously for me in my business.
~ Anonymous


I loved your call on Monday night. You rock.  I have prayed to God that he would send a true soldier in MLM that glorifies him and loves his people first and knows it is a blessing to be trusted with his money and his people he gives you in your MLM team. I thank God for you. 
~ Lisa


Just want to thank you for changing my life. I inspire others now because of you.
~ Anonymous


I love Dani's free spirit. She's really a blessing to everyone that she come in contact with.
~ Anonymous


I am so happy to see a young lady with your passion, and faith!
~ Anonymous


We would just like to say, Thank You, for all the great training that you provided to us all while there.  Superb! We have purchased all your tapes and/or CDs, the script book, have listened to several of the trainings from the online vault.  Thanks again for making so much available. 
~ Marilyn McClure


I just love Dani.  I've only heard her calls…keep up the good work!
~ Ruth Russell


Disclaimer - The testimonials presented on this website are, to the best of our ability to determine, all true and accurate. They were provided willingly, without any compensation offered in return.

Please understand that these testimonial results do not represent typical or average results. Most of our clients do not share their results, nor are they required or expected to. Therefore, we have no way to determine what typical or average results have been. To be frank with you, many clients do not implement anything we teach them.

The income statements and examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, effort and motivation to work and follow recommendations. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here.

A friend referred me to Dan’s site. What a great encouragement.  She is an inspiration.
~ Anonymous


I really, really enjoyed hearing you at the Conference and can't wait to hear you again in person. I say that because I bought a CD player with a repeat button and I have been reprogramming my BRAIN !!!  I listen to your North Carolina CD'S all night every night. Thank you for all you have done and will do.
~ Stacy Knight


Dani you have definitely been a motivation for me and beyond
~ Anonymous


Thank You for giving us the chance to receive training that will help us to enhance our business.
~ Anonymous


I just got off the call with you and it was like a light bulb that turned on, it was great to hear how natural your approach is and how you are so willing to help others reach their goals. Thank you for opening my eyes to the reality of network marketing... relationship building and helping others.
~ Anonymous


I consider myself so blessed to have learned about you and your website. I am so grateful for your generous nature in sharing so freely (literally) with others the things you've learned and mastered. I've listened to much of your audio vault, and feel like my head is going to explode. I know I must apply it; "to whom much is given, much is required"
~ Anonymous


Thanks so much for all you are doing. You are a fabulous blessing to our organizations.
~ Jon W


I want to thank you from the bottom of me heart for the awesome training you gave me last evening. You have opened my eyes to face all my fears with courage and concentrate on my belief in this business. I realized I never had to set any personal goals for myself all this time, and I am at a loss now, to really pick my brains and see what is it that I really want and where is it that I want to go. You are truly a blessing, I consider it an honor and a privilege to know you. Thanks again, and May God bless you for your good selfless help you offer folks like me unconditionally.
~ Anonymous


I love Dani's enthusiasm. I am completely engaged in what she says and love the fact that she brings laughter along with serious moments.
~ Anonymous


Thank you for being part of my life and helping me build up my courage. Thank you for helping break through my weaknesses and past conditioning to live in poverty. With God's blessing each day, I am applying and using the tools from your trainings
~ Anonymous


I thank God each day for brining you in my life. God Bless You All.
~ Kulwant Jutla


I love your testimonial and what you are doing!! God Bless you!!!!
~ Anonymous


I really enjoyed your site and your Christ centered testimonial.
~ Jack


I just subscribed to your site. I was absolutely WOW'S by the first call I listened to. I just had to say Thank-You for doing what you are doing for so many. You and your first call have literally given me a renewed oooomph ! I am so glad that I have had the "LUCK" to hear about your site! I must have done something right . Thank You again.
~ Claudia DuBois


I have been listening to your Dani Johnson Live CD's recorded in North Carolina.  I appreciate your testimony, your tenacity and your style.  You are very motivational and informational.  You have really helped me through your teachings.  I also appreciate your unashamed approach in using the Biblical principles to teach about Network Marketing.  I look forward to hearing you in person.  I am recommending to everyone in our business that they visit your site and listen to your CD's. God Bless and keep up the good work.
~ G Samuel Verret


You have a very compelling story and it just goes to show… if you have determination and drive…you can succeed
~ Anonymous


Great Motivator! Thank You Dani!
~ Anonymous


I have been tuned in to your Monday training calls and I just ordered and received your NC training cd's.  I can't put them down.  You have helped me so much.  I am so determined and hungry to make this work.  My dream is to help people and to be financially free.  You have inspired me so much and I am only on cd 7.  I thank the Lord for you because you have been such a help and blessing to me in my business.  You have taught me so far to make goals and to not be afraid to reach them.  I can't thank you enough for stepping out and for being who and what you are.  I would love to thank the person who got you started and trained you.  What if that person passed you by???? I wouldn't be helped today like I am if he had.  Thank you for getting the job done and for inspiring me not to quit and give up.  This business is an awesome opportunity and I can't wait to show others in my family that they should not have doubted me.  It is not fun to live paycheck to paycheck and owe on two cars and barely make it to pay the bills.  You have inspired me to change my thinking and you have helped me to realize that I can believe in myself and that I can and WILL do this.
~ Sundi Workman


The praise, and support I hear about Dani Johnson is absolutely amazing. It is overwhelming the impact that she has and is still making for everyone!
~ Anonymous


I just wanted to let you know what is going on with my business since Tampa and my recent one-on-one with Dani!  As I told Dani, I went through a "mourning" period after the seminar in Tampa.  I was a bit overwhelmed and self-absorbed.  The one on one with Dani was really good. The partners that have plugged into YOUR training system are setting appointments and enrolling consistently!  We have seen tremendous growth in the last few weeks and I know it is because of the training we are getting from Dani.  I just want to say thank you for your business and spiritual advice.  I can see things changing in all areas of our lives!  Oh yeah....I have enrolled 4 new partners since my Thursday one-on-one!  WOOOHOOOOO and God bless!
~ Tina Jones


You really know how to work this business. We can see the results all ready that your trainings have done for different ones in the business. 
~ Oneta Capps


Dani, thank you so much for your efforts in your training seminars that you are offering. I have been looking for more info on how to start up my home business and now I will get that training to be successful in the internet business theatre. Thanks ahead of time.
~ Ray B


Please let Dani know ALL her calls are great, but I especially love the Christian ones!  Be Blessed, Dani, and keep up the great work you are doing!
~ Ruth Russell


I really appreciate you Dani because God has chosen you to lead us to the promise land. Once again, thank you and thanks be to Jesus Christ for you sharing with me your wonderful teachings of self development.
~ Anonymous


I first want to thank you for all your help in training me via phone and your training cud's. It has made a totally different person of me and seeing things different is just incredible. I feel God has put you in my life for a reason or I never would of found your site a month ago. Thank you so much for making a difference in my life and that of my 4 boys. I am so glad you are there for all of us.
~ Tammy


Thank you for making this information available to light the way for all of us!
~ C. Smith


I just wanted to say thank you!  Thank you for putting together a CD Library that provide. For the first time in my network marketing career of one year,  I feel empowered and confident!  You have equipped me with the tools that I have been looking for. I wish you thanks again... QUITTING IS NOT AN OPTION!!
~ Leigh Ann Incledon


I have just taken to Dani Johnson and her awesome training... The funny thing is everyone was using or talking about her script for my company, but I still didn't know who she was until I took the time to go to her website. The first day that I signed up for her free membership, I stayed on the computer for about 8 hours just listening to all the calls that she has recorded and talking note after note. Then I ordered her 10 CD's and spent two days listening to them. I even went out and bought a portable CD player so I could listen to them in the car and at work when I wasn't busy. I listened to them everyday to and from work, at work and at home. I just ordered her script book and CD set also! Believe me when I tell you that I am on every motivational speakers and trainers newsletters and lists that are available on the net. I have and receive tons of material that was supposed to help me get where I wanted to go, only I didn't get anywhere until now. I've learn so much from Dani on how to talk to people and what to listen out for. When to shut up! And I'm still learning! The best part to this story is there is no ending, not yet anyway. This is just the beginning!
~ Sharon Smith


It was a GGGGRRREEEEEAAAAATTTTT Call!!!!  Talk to you soon!
~ Anonymous


I could write 5 pages worth of compliments about Dani and reasons you need to listen to what she has to share.  Dani has had a dramatic impact on my business as well as my personal life!!!  There aren't enough words to describe her and her gifts to others.  Just trust me on this... I use your calling scripts already and I have found them to be very powerful. You do an awesome job!! Thanks for all the help..
~ Shirley


I think your training calls are such a great resource, you share golden nuggets every week! Thank You for motivating and exciting me on the conference call today, July 6th. You are fantastic!
~ Anonymous


Hello Dani! It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to send a few words to you. I salute your massive accomplishments! You have already helped me; your success, your obvious professionalism is already an inspiration and additional fuel for me. Thank you so much for what you are doing. Much continued success to you!
~ Sheryl Ward


I heard that if you want to succeed in network marketing or direct sales, you should definitely listen to Dani Johnson. So here I am.
~ Joyce Mariani


Dani is so full of energy and great advice. She is sure to inspire anyone to reach for their goals and to succeed. She is great!
~ Anonymous


You are truly awesome!!!! What a great motivator! See you in LA in September!
~ Anonymous


I just listened to one of your calls and it was amazing!!
~ Anonymous


I'm fired up from hearing your story and listening to your training tonight! I ad a major "ah, ha" moment with the sales person voice thing; I have been to slick. You are certainly not the 1st person that has mentioned to record yourself making calls so I should have taken that suggestion long ago however now I know why and what to listen for.
~ Anonymous


I was fortunate to hear you on a training call. You were wonderful. I had become a little disillusioned with the choice I had made for working at home. Your talk was exactly what I needed to get me "jump-started" again. Thanks for the wake-up call!!
~ Dennis Hargrove


I have heard such wonderful things about you!! I look forward to attending one of your seminars in the very near future.
~ ip


Dani is awesome!!! She has so much insight and so much great stuff to share that will put us in the front seat of our business!!
~ Anonymous


" I loved the skits, stories, and involvement with the audience. You delivered a Hollywood production! The exercises were excellent and the agenda was perfect. The professionalism of the whole team is second to none. Creating A Dynasty seminar is a "must" for anyone who is serious about becoming a leader in the Network Marketing industry. Dani and the team deliver a home run!
~ Seth Wayman


My husband recently purchased your 3 CD Christian based training on Faith & Fear. What a blessing! It is SO refreshing to hear training from someone who LOVES our Lord Jesus so much! And, uses the Holy Bible to teach us. I like to do the same! Thanks so much! May the Lord bless your efforts! Stay strong in Him! God bless you:)
~ Holly LaChappell


I got to know you through my team leader and mentor. Now the hard work I do will make me a success… and not somebody else. Thank you Dani for all you are doing!!!!!!
~ Anonymous


" I could not share with you in a few sentences all that happened to me on an extremely profound level over the last month coming to a apex this weekend. But the result. I don't look the same, talk the same, think the same, act the same, feel the same, my marriage is not the same, my relationships with my children are not the same, even my kitchen isn't the same ( oh, oops...that's cuz it was remodeled over the weekend.) It took me three hours to tell my mom all of the tests I went through, the lessons I learned, the revelations I had and the many affirmations of those revelation that did and continue to keep doubt and fear away. Thank you God. For the first time in my life I have the right to say that...
~ Laurice Origel


We are somewhat new to "Dani Johnson" & the network marketing industry as a whole.  We are excited & determined.
~ Paul & Denice Mitchell


After placing my order, I received the "Christian" CD set within 2 business days. I was amazed at the fast service. All three cd's have given me a new perspective on my direct sales business and my Christian faith walk. Thank you Dani for sharing these wonderful insights
~ Marilyn Segrest


"Creating A Dynasty has given me the tools and ABSOLUTE how to go forward and create a 7 figure income. It has also shown me how to have a life and continue ON even after I earn $100k a month, without losing all that I learned and built upon along the way. It showed me the true team player aspect of my role and my job. Beyond that, learing that you can reprogram your thinking, change your beliefs and therefore transform your destiny has given me the desire to live life as IF I were dying, now that God gave me back my life ( after being told I only had one year to live in 2003!) I was dying and trying to learn how to live back then . DaniJohnson.com has trained me to LIVE to the fullest, live LIKE you were dying and MAKE a difference for someone else...I will never be the same, I have prayed, yearned, longed for a 'team' like this with members all over the world for years...and when everyone arrived, hugging each other, rooting each other on, remembering each other from past events, it was breath taking and a dream come true for me!"
~ Sandi Krakowski


What a phenomenal package Dani Johnson is. The system she offers empowers and catapults those who receive. Thank God for Dani Johnson and her faithfulness to be used by him. God bless. Thanks!
~ Anonymous


"I have been in the industry for 11 years, and am a 6 figure income earner. I have always had pretty good skills but the duplication was always an issue. I need to help others become 6-figure income earners. We have implemented many of her techniques including the 3 -meeting plan ( we always did home meetings but didn't know how to teach to invite), cold marketing recruiting (which I have always done but didn't know how to teach) and other more simple processes. I love everything that I have learned in the last 2 month and can't learn if fast enough. It has been years and none of my downline hears this in our company. So I love everything you are doing. Thank you for the hope that we can get the duplication going more."
~ Brenda Loffredo


I praise God that I have found a Christian motivator to learn from!!! I have ordered some of your CD's and tapes and have been blessed by them! God Bless You Dani,
~ Doni Maynard


" I really loved the skits and how they were used to drive home a point. It is so boring to go to seminars and just sit for hours while a talking head goes on and on.
~ Karen Copeland


Hi Dani. I have viewed your website and feel very inspired by it. My colleagues and I here in the UK have been looking for some like you to work with but did not know about you until recently. We hope to meet up with you.
~ Mark Godber


Listened to your call for the first time last night. It was like God spoke directly to me. I can't thank you enough for what you do!
~ Anonymous


" I feel so pumped and ready to get on with my business, pay off my debt and be free in all areas of my life!"
~ Sheri Rowland


"It kept us on the edge of our seats wondering what would be next…"
~ Delia Alvarado


Girl you are awesome! May God bless you for all the lives you have touched including my own.
~ Amanda Primm


I am so thrilled to have your website and e-mails be such a positive resource for growing my business. Thank You!!!
~ Nicole Lamp


"My first exposure to the home business industry was in 1988. Since then, I've had varying levels of SMALL success with 10 different home businesses. I've been to multiple corporate events geared to motivate and have left each one with a gung-ho attitude and not a clue how to get anything done. I keep coming back to Dani because I receive actionable instructions to generate income for myself and any new person who wants to go to work! I realized one thing that was inhibiting my success was my fear that I would create chaos if I sponsored a lot of people. I just thought I wouldn't be able to keep up with it all. I know now that I have a system I can plug them into and I'm not responsible for their success, THEY are!"
~ Todd Palm


I was blessed enough to get to hear Dani. She is awesome!
~ Stacy Knight


I have enjoyed your training and am now enjoying your CDs.
~ Nickie Shasteen


The first training call that I listened to was yours Dani… It was truly an inspiration. The Lord is using you to do mighty things…keep up the good work. Thank you for being you!
~ Lora Brock


All Of my up line and Dani Johnson on her calls keep me believing!
~ Barbara Neafcy


Hi, I'm sure you hear it  all the time, but I was on this call for  the first time last night and it was awesome!!!!!  I have been working my business for 1 and half years now and I have not had a bite on my line since November.  Obviously doing something wrong.  I got lots of answers last night on your call.  Thanks Dani.
~ Jill Norvelle


You have such a great testimony, and charisma. You are truly inspirational.
~ Linda Holmea


I am so glad to have been referred to your web-site. The first thing I did was look over your home page and then the first link I clicked on was Christian. WOW!! That is an incredible testimony, your Christian page is all I needed to read Christian page is all I needed to read to see that you are definitely on the right page and I can't wait to hear everything you have to say. Thank you for your inspiration.
~ Renee L. Kelley


Ms. Dani, you are wonderful.  I love God and I love how you have incorporated "Our God" into your program.  Wow!  I spent the majority of the 4th of July with earphones on while cleaning and picnicking.  I couldn't put your CD's down.  I hate that I didn't know about your training sooner. After listening to your training program, I have been going about recruiting all wrong.  I have already applied your suggested techniques to cold calling and hope to see positive results.  Thank you, your great. 
~ Susan Martin


I honestly and sincerely with much care for your success everyone, believe that this CD and Book of Scripts, next to the Seminars that Dani hosts, are IMPERATIVE to your business succeeding.  Being on Dani's calls, listening to her calls over and over again for at LEAST 90-120 days is imperative to your success.  If you have brought 10 people into the business WITHOUT doing this, please write me right away and tell me how because I want you to lead a conference call for me.  :)
~ Sandi Krakowski


I enrolled 21 people this month, something I'd never did before. I did this all because of your trainings!!
~ Jackie


Dani, it was a life changing experience listening to you speak. I've been a Christian since I was 19 and have been to many conferences, women's retreats etc. Never have I experienced such a rich, genuine, God honoring speech. God bless you and may you continue to prosper in all that you do.
~ Sherry Konieczka


"You literally saved my life. I feel like a different person has entered my body and mind. I've gone from despair, despondency, depression, suicidal thing, negativity, moaning, whining and complain to someone who is energized, who thanks God everyday for the blessings He's bestowed on my life, who looks for the positive, who smiles and talks to people, who is ready, willing and able to take action and make a difference. I now have hope and BELIEF that I am called to be a true servant of God. Staying plugged in to Dani keeps me motivated and activated. She's my personal battery charger."
~ Michelle Valentin


"Most seminars - although generic - are motivational. Your seminar is a hands on - how to sponsor and get a check into distributors hands quickly. Very important for growth."
~ Walter & Joy Seward


Hi Dani!  I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for training on JUST ONE WORD! It’s so “stinkin” simple! A big THANK YOU for bringing that up in your training.  Thank You again!!
~ Ricci Neer


I LOVE the CD's!!! Dani made me cry in my car today. Tell Dani I LOVE her for everything she says.
~ Cathy


I decided to order Dani's North Carolina CDs in June. I could not wait for the CDs to arrive. After listening to the first 2 CDs, my life was already changed. Dani made me hungry again. She made me get back my ability to hustle. Her topic of Mastering People has changed the entire makeup of my personal business and my unit’s businesses. I had my unit members listen to her Christian recording on Faith and we went from moving $8,000 in product in May, to $18,690 in June. Dani definitely left her footprint on my life and I will forever be grateful.
~ Angela Williams


You are awesome. Something that has been missing from my life for years. I now have HOPE.
~ Debby and Larry Curcoe


"I have been in direct sales for 11 years. No one gets me like Dani. I can relate to her…she really helps me learn…The CD's and MP3's really help me be able to get everything to sink in. I am a better Christian and a better person since meeting Dani. I have tried my best to use what she teaches in my party plan business and am seeing great results with it. Your conferences go off without a hitch...so well run...the staff is truly unbelievable!!! I am so blessed to be part of this and want to get to a point where I can go every month to Dani's trainings. Hats off to you all for making this weekend and dream come true for all of us."
~ Cyndi Walter


After spending time listening to you  in Texas, we feel like we know you personally.  We appreciate your honesty and sincerity.  Your testimony is so encouraging to so many people who may have had difficulties in their past life.  God has surely anointed you for the work you are doing.  I love your style.  We will get a lot of mileage from your enthusiasm.  Your training is absolutely fantastic and so easy to follow.  We have been listening to the CDs that we got with the Script Book and know that they are going to give us tremendous help with our business.
~ Benny and Clara Bell


I was on your call tonight and you said something that I have not been able to see. In fact I have been repeating this word to my self all day long which is FAITH. I have been saying I need to have faith but the fear has been taking over. Thank you!
~ David Wehrenberg


I first heard you about 3 days after signing up in my business.  I heard you for the first time and I will tell you this "YOU GAVE ME GOOSE BUMPS!!--ALSO SENT CHILLS DOWN MY SPINE!!"  You are totally AWESOME!!  I want to thank you for all that you are doing for myself and my the team.  I am sooo excited when Mondays come around because I cannot wait to hear you again.  "YOU ARE SUPER!!"  I would walk for a week if I had to....just to hear you in person!!!!!!!!! 
~ Cheryl Hickman


I just wanted to let you know that your my "new" inspiration! I've been struggling so long with my business & at times just wanting to say that's it......until I came across your website.
~ Pauline Mucciaccia


I have been on your calls for over 2 months and have listened to your website calls for many hours now. I wanted to make sure I was ready to go when I picked up the phone. After hearing you for these lasts months I picked up the phone with NO FEAR AT ALL!!!!!!   O ZIP NONE !!!!!!!   It was AMAZING !!!!!!!!   I noticed something though. By the way, it felt AWESOME to NEXT someone for the first time.
~ Camille


I just wanted to thank you and tell you what you did for me. I am going to get over my shyness and timid ness and my fear of failing, because of your training and your kind words. I don't think you will ever really know what impact that you have and will have on my life. Dani, thank you for all you have done for me and all the other people you have touched.
~ Michael Mantsch


I wanted to write to tell you what an amazing transformation I have had since I listened to your spiritual CD's.  Dani has an unbelievable God given gift to teach us through Christ how to live for him and what we need to stay away from.  Each day I wake up with God NOW, I talk to him throughout the day NOW and I go to bed with him NOW!! I am so excited to get through another day with keeping God first. This is helping my marriage, my business and my relationships.  I have gone from a time from having NO HOPE now to being blessed beyond belief in a short period of time. 
~ Toni Durden


Since Monday's and Tuesday's training sessions I feel like I have had major breakthroughs in working with my husband and with our team effectively and even understanding myself and what I am best at doing in the business...after all these years! I don't know how you do it...but I'm SO glad you do! THANK YOU LORD!
~ Kim Challan


On my 4TH time listening to your SPIRITUAL tape series and finally got a set to listen to in my car. You teach with authority, truth and let others decide what to apply.
~ Sandi


Dani is one of the best speakers I've heard regarding applying spiritual principles in the secular marketplace.  She is an excellent communicator--extremely gifted and very entertaining. She does an excellent job creating a common ground. She does an excellent job communicating the need to live by faith and not by circumstances.  On this weekend, I felt like I had been given permission to just be myself and to be myself in all of my honesty and integrity!  I could just be real, be honest!  I could finally be who I had been all along. Dani is absolutely right, network marketing is so awesome as it is, with being your own boss, setting your own hours, having the life you want, that no one needs the not-quite-honest hype!  I was uplifted, lighter and grounded in the acceptance of who God made me to be.  I was profoundly blessed and continue to be. And thank you, Dani, for giving me my life back!  It is truly an honor to be in your energy and presence.
~ Linda Dow


Hi Dani.  I have been listening to your audios on the website and I want to let you know that you have helped me find my way back to God.  You have such a gift and are such a blessing to this world.  I am excited about the Lord again, I am happier, and hungry for his word.  The thing that surprised me most was the sense of peace I have now that I thought I wouldn't have until my business started growing.  You are an inspiration to all of us out here and I just want to thank you for answer the call that God has placed on your life.
~ Kassandra Bragg


" I'm 100% secure in sending and referring people to DaniJohnson.com and seminars."
~ Patty Carson


I have to tell you, one of the greatest things my husband ever did for me, was share Dani’s web site with her archived calls. She hit me where the rubber meets the road! You cannot image the impact these two, archived phone calls have had on my life. Before this point, I absolutely detested using the telephone. Now I’ve gotten to the point where I’m evening jotting down phone numbers, advertised on the side of vans, and calling people cold turkey!!!
~ Barbara Haas


"The information I received and the personal development were priceless…"
~ Betty Nobles


"We refer everyone to your websites…"
~ Kerry & Michael Pettit


Because of the team energy and momentum that resulted from being plugged into your system that's what is getting people back on the boat and we are extremely excited to have them back!  Every single person I have prospected since returning from First Steps to Success is CALLING ME!  I'm not calling them, they are calling me to book appointments!  Have a rocking day and again, many, many, thanks!
~ Tony Crawford


"I came back and got to work immediately and signed 9 people in 2 days…"
~ Richard Wardle


Whether you know it or not you have been such an awesome role model for me. I just thank you for not being ashamed of God and all that He has done for you.
~ Kim Hiemstra


As a psych. RN (yep, a definite "Pearl"), my hat is off to you for your humble, honest and simple, yet profound and personal approach to such big issues as self-esteem and forgiveness.  It is clear that you help hundreds of people to get in touch with their true inner self, that spontaneous, persistent and expectant inner child.  Your open heart is a blessing to all who have the privilege and good fortune to come in contact with you and your work.  Your willingness to share so openly helps others to indeed shed the ego and reach back and claim the true self.  Blessings!  
~ Donna Patrician


" I have never been to any seminar where I came away with so much usable information.."
~ Cyndy Alvarado


"Seeing my teams lives change because they stepped up & made a commitment to themselves, inspirational messages that made me think in a much broader way, I am a much more free person now than before I went…"
~ Karen Gonyea


I am a Christian and have enjoyed your outspoken stance on Christ and your faith that is woven throughout your training. I have especially enjoyed the biblically-based calls you have done. God bless you!
~ Eric Peterson


"Since being exposed to Dan Johnson's training I've paid off a total of 70,500. I went from not being able to close anyone after 3,000 calls to earning the Bonus Pool 7 I attended your conference this weekend!  I told several of my team members to get on the Monday night call. One member of my team got right off the telephone and tried your appt. setting approach and set 3 appointments right away! :-)  You're just tooooo awesome!!!!  Thank you for your heart!months in a row. My paycheck went from zero to 58,000 in 8 months. Just in the past 45 days my residual has quadrupled with the 3-meeting plan!..."
~ Sandi Krakowski


I attended your conference this weekend!  I told several of my team members to get on the Monday night call. One member of my team got right off the telephone and tried your appt. setting approach and set 3 appointments right away! :-)  You're just tooooo awesome!!!!  Thank you for your heart!
~ Larsandra Linton


I was fortunate enough to hear one of Dani's conference calls for the first time this week and was so impressed and motivated by her energy and the way she gives totally of herself to help each one of us in the business.  I am blown away by her enthusiasm and feel so lucky to have found her right now at this time in my business.  She has been that shot in the arm I needed to get a jump start. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share my views with you and without a doubt I will be listening to more of Dani Johnson whenever possible.
~ Brenda Eicemann


"My business has double since attending my first DaniJohnson.com seminar. But, what's more important to me is that I am having so much fun growing my business now. I don't fear failure or the unknown. I know without hesitation that I will be extremely successful in this industry because I now understand that it is my skill level that will determine my success not my product."
~ Karen Copeland


"It is so awesome to have a Christian mentor and so much training on line…"
~ Cindy Loewen


"I have been listening to Dani's CD's religiously for about a month. I've wept rivers as I've listened to some of her messages. I've dropped to my knees to ask God for help with forgiveness and direction. It's even a huge AFGO ( Another Fricken Growth Opportunity!). I went from $100 per month to $800 last month. "
~ Debora Kaminski


I have passed on your site to just about everyone I know.  I've bought your CD set and love it!  I've listened to a lot of great people and learned from them all. 
~ Nancy Abate


Thank you so much for your advice, counsel, and prayers on our recent one-on-one session.
~   Stephen Hall


Dani delivers purposeful training from a genuine, heartfelt love of people and appealing to the BEST in each of us pursuing a career in Networking.
~ Lorraine Bates


"Dani really helped quite a few people bring some of their deep-rooted problems to the surface…"
~ Marjorie Whittle


I bought Dani's CD's and listened to them over and over again. Dani keeps me motivated and focused. She gave me exactly what I was in need of and now I'm sharing her with everyone on my Team! Thank you
~ Sandy Stewart


Thank you so much for all that you do.  Your training has truly changed my life, my business – even my walk with God!  I praise God for JESUS IN you. I wanted to send a personal note to just say, “thank you!”  Jesus is truly Lord!
~ Sandi Krakowski


"Dani was the first person to catch my attention and open up my eyes and mind to God."
~ Rich Mattheisz


I purchased the discs from the Live Presentation in North Carolina. I have listed to them three times and I hear something new each time. Your presentation  has reached the right button for me. They are OUTSTANDING! Thank you so much.
~ Mary Constante


"Since your seminar, and using the techniques taught, I have reduced our debt to a little under $15,000.00."
~ Joyce


I have now listened to 28 sessions with Dani Johnson. Wow!!! What a speaker. She gave me information that I can actually put to use. I have paid hundreds of dollars for other gurus to tell me nothing. And Dani gives me all this information for free.
~ Ron


"Since exposure to Dani Johnson's training I have overcome my excuses and have made 3 times as many calls per day and am now calling every day instead of every now and then. My business has not yet grown in members but has taken leaps and bounds in the attitude towards my business department. I can tell a HUGE difference in the way people are responding to me an I feel that success is inevitable..."
~ Cheryl Kaman


Dani is so refreshing inspirational and down to earth plus I don't feel hyped at all. Larry shared a CD with me from a seminar in NC and I'm hooked!!! What an awesome story!! What an awesome lady!! I can't wait for more. Thanks so very much for caring enough to share your story and principals with us.
~ Patricia Smith


I was just introduced to Dani in the past couple of week, and her audio's are AWESOME!
~ Paula Bishop


I have been in many multi-level marketing businesses over the past several years and never really understood the right approach to talking with people until hearing Dani speak today. I felt like I got a new lease on life, and a brand new start on presenting my business to people! You are excellent and so motivating. Thanks
~ Shelly Jackson


Over the passed several months I have had the wonderful opportunity to both speak to and e-mail your husband, Hans. He has been and is such a tremendous encouragement to me. And it is in this context that I want to say to you (and your husband), thank you for your faithfulness to our God and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have just finished listening to your message on "Fear" and was greatly moved by your message. Again, thank you Mrs. Johnson. May God continue to greatly bless you, your husband and your family.
~ J.P Harvey


I came across your website last week, saw your picture (you are beautiful), read something on your website and thought "hey, I need to read about her, and listen to her". I started listening to all your conference calls and I LOVE IT !! I haven't been doing anything else than listening to you all week ;-). You're brilliant and just what I needed. For some reason I felt that this month something would happen to me, it was a feeling I couldn't explain. I told my husband "there is something coming up, can't explain it". And then there was your website all of a sudden! Thanks so much.
~ Jackie


Dani is such a refreshing and wonderful Ambassador for our Lord..
~ Chris


Dani, I've heard so much about you! I have so much respect for you and all of your accomplishments! Most of all, I so admire and appreciate the fact that you unselfishly give so much of yourself to uplift and empower others to reach their goals, fulfill their dreams, and live their best life.
~ Karma Hutchins-Horshaw


First of all I want you to know that I have been listening to your training CD's from North Carolina and it is by far the absolute best training I have ever listened to.  I have been to several seminars but this is unbelievable.  You are great!
~ Stephanie Duran


Thanks so much for all you do!  I am learning so much from your Monday calls and I really enjoy listening to you!  Not only that, but I am thrilled when I put your work into practice and can see the results.  I have been able to see my progress one step at a time and I love being able to see that! Thanks again!
~ Tatia A. Veltkamp


"I'm so encouraged every day when I listen to Dani. I had attended Dani's First Steps To Success. I came back with what I learned and used it towards my debt management. I have paid off 1,750.00 in financial aid debt."
~ Sy Xiong


I have been getting on your calls since the beginning of February 2004.  I'm so inspired! 
~ Ruth Claybrooks


Got to listen to some of your CD's on a road trip the other week. You have opened my mind in ways I never dreamed possible! You truly are an inspiration. Thank You!
~ Michael Gramm


I have purchased your audios from Carlsbad, CA and have been listening to them and your Monday night conference calls.  WOW, you have given me the courage to step up to the plate and my business is growing!
~ Rhonda Doll


I've been a avid listener to your call now for about 2 months. I have to say that it's so refreshing to hear an excited voice out there, and not only enthusiastic, but morally centered in faith. I wouldn't miss your call for the world.. Keep up the Great work!
~ Vince Kronlein


"I loved the skits, they really helped to hit TOUGH stuff home.""I love the NO Cross-Recruit Policy. The fear of being tossed from the site, the training forever, the knowledge that DaniJohnson.com has is enough for me to walk that line very carefully…"
~ Brett & Gwen Hamm


I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your recorded call on wealth and  Christianity. You presented such a balanced view point - the best I've heard on the subject so far - and helped us to see both the dangers and the blessings associated with wealth and with poverty.  It was just wonderful.  I will definitely pass this on to my team!
~ Darlene Hull


I recently received your training CD's.  I have listened to the first four.  WOW!  As A Christian, I was convicted, challenged and motivated to change my stinkin'  thinkin'.
~ Terrie Tubbs


I just wanted Dani to know that I'm using her scripts exclusively setting appointments daily. Thanks Dani keep up the good information. I love your stuff
~ Sue Kyer


Your liveliness and pep and your views on Christianity are enough to brighten even the darkest of my days you are a great inspiration and a great friend both my wife and I owe you and God bless you and bless you and bless you again.
~ Al & Lorry Stover


Wow! What an awesome call on time management, priorities and goal setting! Thanks again for the Blessing.
~ Mark Hetherington


I received the 10 CD's set!!! WOW!!! Thank you so much.... for the wonderful information about LIFE, Business, and LIFE It is so much bigger than $$$. I have been so blessed to have been referred to you and your training!
~ Renae Groskreutz


Hi Dani, Just a note to say how much I like to listen to what you have to say!!!  You tell it like it is, and not a bunch of hype!!  Continue what you are doing, it's GREAT. 
~ Glen H. Hasty


Recently I was introduced to your website by a fellow net worker and then I had an opportunity to listen in on a conference call in which you were the guest.  I was on with another team member and we were completely blown away!  We were so excited that we have both been promoting your site, CD's and seminars ever since! When we heard you speak on the conference call last week we were excited all week long!  We absolutely believe everyone can be impacted by attending your event!
~ Tony & Lisa Kristy-Crawford


Dani Love your calls and love your CD's!
~ Gil Jimenez


Hi Dani, I was excited to read that you love the Lord, and use biblical principles as the basis of your success and prosperity (and all other aspects of life as well, of course). 
~ Paul Cary


I have your First Steps to Success CD's and absolutely love listening to them.  I also listen to all of your conference calls and have learned so much. I was delighted with what I learned of you on your web-site, and very much look forward to training from you.
~ Loretta Groen


I was able to go to your website and listen to two of your pre-recorded conference calls.  You have a lot of great stuff and was soooo-very happy to find out about you. 
~ Michele Valenti


I just wanted to send off a note to let you know how thankful I am for our coaching session today.  I learned things about me that I didn't know before the call and I appreciate that. I felt like I was talking to an old friend.  You definitely have the gift of putting people at ease - this truly is your calling.  You are a gift from God to all of us - one that every time we "open" has a new surprise waiting for us.  Always making us think and find ways to better ourselves.  Thanks again Dani - you are precious.
~ Pam Grieco


"With DaniJohnson.com ANYONE in ANY BUSINESS can & will be successful if they remain teachable…"
~ Brett & Gwen Hamm


"I came home with purpose and honing in on my purpose…"
~ Susan Henson


I own the Christian based CD's. I listen to them every time I am in my vehicle. Each time, I hear something I did not hear or maybe I didn't want to hear. The CD's have opened my eyes & mind to realize things about my spiritual side & self that I didn't even know existed, good & bad. Thanks to Dani, I can focus & change the bad & improve on the good to benefit all aspects of my life. Thank You Dani! May God continue to bless you, your family, your business & those around you!
~ Gina Grandberry


I have really enjoyed listening to the North Carolina CD's.
~ Stacy Knight


I just started to listen to one of your CD's this morning. I am very hopeful and know that I can succeed in my new business.
~ Karie Riley


The more you hear Dani, the more you want to hear. The only CD's in the CD player are Dani's. My daughter's 16 year old friends know if they get in one of my vehicles, they will listen to Dani Johnson--they all love to listen to her. We were on our way to a ballgame out of town one evening & I hadn't started the CD's yet & one of the girls said, "Can't we listen to Dani Johnson?"
~ Vicky Kauffman


I was listening to your Christian CD's on "fear" & my 21 year old daughter asked me "who is that"? She borrowed the cd & listened to it three times! She applied it to different areas in her life & it TREMENDOUSLY blessed her! You're awesome! Your coaching is awesome!
~ Kim & Scott Boylan


Dani, I have your NC CD's and so far I have listen to them 3 times. I absolutely love them. They have inspired me to work hard not only on my business but also my spiritual well being, and family. I know now that this can be done. Thank You
~ Diana Bennett


Dani I just received my CD's First Steps to Success in NC. I have listened and feel I will get tons out of them. The are very helpful and informative.
~ Linda Gaikowski


I recently purchased the 3 pack Christian CD set. I've learned so much!
~ Susan Brown


I've just started listening to your cd's on Christian Based Training and I have to thank you for your honesty and unique ability to share from the bible what God has shown you. I have read some of the bible and been in bible study and never understood god's work so clearly as when you speak. Just thank you, thank you. Thank you again for your motivation.
~ Kathy Humphery


Thank you, I praise God for what you are igniting in my soul! HE IS RAISING UP AN ARMY! Before I knew who Dani really was, I felt a huge tug on my soul to pray for the New York meeting. I had been led to pray for that week end many times! Little did I know that God was allowing me to partner with you guys as you were launching into HIS NEW LEADING in your ministry. God is truly come to set the captives free! I am so honored to be aligned with this ministry that puts CHRIST first and HIM CRUCIFIED. MY Goal is to do the same as I learn to build a business on the principles God is teaching me through this ministry! GOD BLESS AND PROTECT THIS MINISTRY!
~ Linda Gent


I just want to say thank you for coming into my life. bout a About a month ago the team I am on had you on one of our calls. Since then I have bought your Script book and your Christian Based Training Series. I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH, I LOVE YOU!
~ Staci Lamp


This weekend was AWESOME! I'm SO glad I made the trip in spite of the impending snow storm. THANK YOU! Thanks again for everything- I'm really glad I bought the CDs from the weekend because I'm "reliving" it over and over and over again!
~ Laura Streng


I just want to thank you for a wonderful seminar. I have been doing network marketing for awhile now with no real success. I finally said we need to go to Dani's training. I had a stroke 10 years ago and am on dialysis. My goal is to get off social security and to be able to support myself. I feel that your seminar has given me the confidence and the tools to make this happen. Thank you for a wonderful 2 days.
~ Ron Hunter


Dani gave me the kick start I needed.
~ Joyce Carpenter


I was quite impressed, and could see how the principles Dani understands about people and success can be translated into any walk of life, almost any organization could apply the principles -- in particular her realization about understanding people for who they are and not trying to put a round person in a cube hole kind of thing. If only the world implemented such wisdom how much better everything would function.
~ Kim Brown


You were really the first to turn up the heat on the fire. You helped me believe that I was truly called for speaking, presenting, and training. I just had to write this because I’ve never had this feeling of excitement and energy and enthusiasm for anything. It makes me shake with excitement. I trust you and what you’ve done for me. As always, God gets the glory, but he used you as a tool in my life.
~ John W. Roney III


 I realized that Dani has been the most influential person in my life this year- to God I will forever be grateful.
~ Sandi Krakowski


I appreciate you and how much Dani's Monday night calls have meant to me. We have been going through a lot of trials and I don't know how I could have made it without Dani and her letting God work through her.
~ Cathy Huitt


I always liked the concept of a home based business, prior to listening to your calls online, and then your cd's, I just didn't know how to present this business and got a lot of negative reactions when I did. Thanks to your training that has changed, and within the past month of working leads your way, I finally feel competent to build this business.
~ Pete Johnson


How I have needed what you say in the Christian product on faith, in the way you said it. Thank you for sharing your life and your business in such a personal way. I look forward to listening to them again, and creating a new life in my business.
~ Nancy Pugh


I Love your presentations Dani!!! You are so Down to Earth, Confident, Self Expressing and Factual, I am Amazed! I LOVE YOU!!!! FOR BEING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!Need MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!
~ Eunice Mortensen


All I have to do is follow your superb scripts, tips, and tapes to insure our success!
~ Carter Dibrell, Jr


I had a great time with you folks in Dallas and I learned a lot about being "who I am" which is a quest I reach for each day.
~ Dennis Lee


I admire you so much after your last nights motivational call Thank you Dani for your heart. mind .and love to all of us.
~ Janet Woolard


Dani, Thank you for pouring through and from yourself tonight for 2 and half straight hours. It is extremely impact full and stirring. To be smeared so heavily, helps me feel sure footed; knowing that the holy spirit is with me because of that smearing/ your pouring.
~ Marcus Tribelhorn


Dani, what an awesome call tonight! You had me in tears (good tears) as I'm sure many others.
~ Marlena Hart


Someone (I do not know) sent me a link to your site and the first thing I listened to was a message on spiritual wealth and poverty. Very much an answer to prayer.
~ Ron Washburn


Through Dani's teachings, events, and team I've RESET my life on ALL levels and am now beginning to see things differently. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
~ Francis Chau


I want to thank you for your teaching on offensive mindset. An intruder came to our house yesterday and held us up at gunpoint. I believe your training prepared me for that situation and I am absolutely convinced that God put me in front of you at your Dynasty Seminar to save the life of my son, Jonah and myself. The intruder tied us up with plastic zip cuffs and demanded prescription drugs and cash and the PIN numbers to my bank cards. He told us several times he would kill us if we didn't stay calm and if I lied to him. He ransacked the house and then left in my mini-van. It all lasted about 20-30 minutes. One thing regarding the offensive mindset was that I refused to let go of my son and he let us stay together. I said "you can tie me up, but you cannot take my son." For some reason he obeyed.They apprehended the man about an hour after the incident and retrieved the evidence that linked him to other crimes in his spree. The gun was real and it was loaded. It was a 9mm that he had stolen from a police officer's home earlier in the week. I'm so grateful I had your training.It was the thing that came to my mind during the hold-up. I prayed as a true believer, not as one in fear. That is the best offensive mindset I can think of!!!! Dynasty, for me, is about preparing properly in heart, mind, business, family, and faith.
~ Stephanie Tanner-Brown


"Out of all of the trainings and trainers that I've come across, you are the most intuitive, the most instinctive, and the most natural network marketer that I've ever run into. You have such a gift in understanding people, and truly helping them by really focusing on their needs." I've taken a coaching program and it's helped tremendously because it has taught me the professional way to do this business, but you have something extra that I haven't seen in any of the other trainers. I've recommended DaniJohnson.com to so many, for people that truly want to win in this business, I'm convinced that they really need to check you out.
~ Phililp Ingram


I really appreciate you and the encouragement and direction you give me. I feel like you've taken a real personal interest in my future and want to see me do well. I am so grateful to have found such wonderful guidance and support from such wonderful people like you and your husband.
~ John W. Roney III


I am brand new to your calls, just bought your scripts and along with last nights call, I feel like you have really given me the tools I need to really help people fulfill and attain their passion. Thank you
~ Scott and Debra Johnson


Since attending my first event in L.A. I have paid of a total of 5 debts and I am now on my 6th to pay off. Thank you Dani, for empowering me to become debt free! I wanted to thank you for the SPECTACULAR event in San Francisco this past weekend. WOW! This was my third event with you and I made even more HUGE break through.
~ Danie Jolley


“We’ve been doing Live Lead Calls for years now! The one part that was missing was a duplicable script. I’ve used many in the past but in all honesty, non have had delivered results like Dani’s.
Imagine one little book increasing your 1st and 2nd appointments by 50-60%. What is so great is anyone can experience this same transformation, from the rookies to the seasoned veterans. What’s funny is that it’s actually increased the number of people participating in our ‘Live Lead Calls’ because they can hear how smooth each conversation really is.
~ Jon Romig


I truly thank you for your inspiration and coaching. I really learn a lot from the role playing as they make your lessons come alive with real life application.
~ Rich Garay 


 There are few people, as you know, that have the Stamina, Guts, if you will, to STAND TALL AND TELL IT LIKE IT IS!! AS YOU DO!!
~ Eunice Mortensen


Thank you for giving me hope and always keeping me in mind that it is not about me. I thank you for giving me hope and a positive place to go to every week.
~ Gary Ziglar


The most important development in my life has been my relationship with God, my trust in him, my faith. I know that it is because of doing the things that you suggest all throughout your calls. I started our Coaching Call having moved to a new area with no real professional contacts at all. Now I've worked with 20-25 of the most successful people in our company, and today, I work with a seven-figure money earner, and have spoken with several others.
~ John W. Roney III


Praise God!!! The prayer that Dani just prayed touched my heart. I felt the Holy Spirit move on me. She prayed confirmation to some things that I have been going through. I thank the Lord for Dani and her obedience to the Lord God Jesus Christ. This call is what I need in my life right now.
~ Cindy Singletary


the Christian call last night. It was exactly what we needed to hear.
~ Leon & Karen Troyer


You've made my Month and likely my Year!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Laurie Moore


It is OK to be filthy RICH and not forget my provider. I know that is one of the things that is blocking me to succeed. Thank you Dani for changing my life.
~ Kulwant Jutla


I just attended your First Steps Seminar in Salt Lake City this past weekend and want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the effect it is having on my life.


From the time I was a very small child I have been afraid. Over the years much of that fear has been dissipated and I have made great strides. However, this business has frightened me to death. For a year I have been hanging onto the coattails of my sponsor, following along, attending meetings, but not DOING much of anything. I’m a very busy woman, working two part-time jobs, ultra active in my church and community, and devoted to my spouse, five children, three grandchildren, and widowed mother. I have used everything in my path as valid reasons for not having time to do the business. This weekend I realized that my “reasons” are in reality “excuses” to avoid what I fear. I have always been what I call “a frustrated perfectionist.” I realized that I’m avoiding becoming involved in something that I’m afraid I can’t do perfectly. I realized that for an entire lifetime I have been heaping enormous expectations upon myself. So, I began the process of self forgiveness. The incredible AHA, though, didn’t hit me until I was driving home after the Seminar had ended. My older sister died of Cystic Fibrosis when I was only 10 months old. She was just 7 at the time of her death. We talked often as a family of how beautiful and angelic Sheryl was and that she returned to her Father in Heaven because she was so perfect. I suddenly recalled myself as a young girl going to bed at night, hoping that I had been as good as Sheryl that day ... and then waking up the next morning, realizing that I’d need to try a little harder if I was going to be able to join her. What a revelation! Suddenly the tears came in torrents as I sobbed, with chest heaving, fearing that I couldn’t make the drive with the emotion I was experiencing. Imagine! For more than 50 years I have been trying to live up to the perfection of my beloved dead sister. It has truly been a break-through for me. I had no idea how imprisoned I had been for all my life. It’s going to take some time, but I can feel the metamorphosis beginning to take place. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me to take the first steps toward a new and improved me. On the very first phone call I made after the Seminar I had a woman so excited telling me about her life that it took her 15 minutes to ask if we’d ever met and why I had called. What an experience!
~ Wendy P. Killpack


Thank you, for your kindness....your faith and prayers in my behalf....they have not been wasted!! I almost cannot believe the strength I have been given over the adversary through this. I cannot do this alone. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.
~ Sandi Stillings


I listened to your tapes, and have to listen to you at least once a day, because you really motivate me, and I've learned so much about prospecting listening to your recorded calls. You are a blessing for new people coming into this industry, you have given me faith, that I will succeed. When I get discouraged, I listen to one of your calls to motivate me not to quit.
~ Sharhonda


This is the furthest I've gotten with the closing script, wahooo, it is building and momentum is about to bust through he flood gates!
~ Danie Jolley


I have been in home business for over 4 years and this is some of the best information I have seen!. I have been in "Phone sales" for about 18 yrs and I was just shown you never know enough!
~ Daryn Zack


From what I have heard so far from Dani, she is a true inspiration to me! Through her words and excitement she lifts me up mentally and gives me the courage to do this business!
~ Shanna Newton


I have come from the worse and I have done the worse to survive and after listening to you I wanted to change inside and out.
THANK YOU!!!! I have never had a role model and you are my role model. I have never listened to anyone before in my life and I listen to you.
~ Laskalolo


I so thank God for the Gift He's put in you -- you exemplify the gift of encouragement in an explosive way!
~ Rose Pylidis


I have bought your CD's and listen to them every day. You are an inspiration to me, and my road to success in network marketing. I'm finally learning how to do it right!!! God has blessed me with you, Dani, and for that I am eternally grateful!!!
~ Shelly R. Jackson


It was wonderful being in Salt Lake City. I must confess that it was an awesome experience. I have never been in such a seminar in all my life.
~ Dr. Ayo Olofin


I've heard lots of so called trainers and you are the first that I've met who had the BIG Picture in perspective! Thank you for every drop of honesty in who you are and how you present your message! .......
~ Celeste Anderson


This was the most life changing event I have ever attended!!!
~ Eric Bailey


Thank you for being bold and allowing the Holy Spirit to flow through you with wisdom, revelation knowledge and prophetic words. Your spirit and openness so reflected the Lord and I was so proud and thankful for you. You ministered to me through the weekend and now I walk in a new boldness with ego set aside. Wow, what a weekend!
~ Ken & Margaret Fish


I lost my excitement and didn't want to keep going. I was sick of everything and tired. But I then found your audios. Listening to you put my future into focus and I am excited to go forward.
~ Tina Boursiquot


Dani, I just attended your seminar in Salt Lake City. We drove over 500 miles from Missoula, MT to attend the event. I’m amazed at how much it did impact me. What surprised me even more was how the skills we learned while there, will not only impact our business, but our marriage, and family life. I can’t Thank You enough for the change you’ve made in us.
~ Kristy Tripp


Your trainings are powerful. In listening to you and attending your trainings I have defiantly learned a plethora of information on the sub subject of net-work-marketing.
~ Cleo Caban


I just wanted to thank you so much for the freedom you have given me in just one seminar. I thank God every day for sending me to your seminar in Salt Lake.
~ Kim Spencer


I have recently purchased several of your training CDs, and wanted to say -- WOW! -- this was definitely what I needed to find at this point in my journey!
~ Colleen Kutish


I was finally able to get started on using your Script Book. 1st call, 1st time using the script, 1st sign up. 2nd meeting, 2nd time using the script and 2nd sign up. I actually have people contacting me now!! Loving It, Praising God for it and giving Thanks to You, and your Team.
~ Lesia Caggiano


I feel like you have really given me the tools I need to help people fulfill and attain their passion. Thank you for being there, thank you for being YOU.
~ Scott Johnson


I made it to the event and I cannot believe how quickly things have changed. My spiritual life has kicked into overdrive, my relationships with my family have become so much more real, and I have finally found my real purpose in life. I now typically make more money in a day than I used to make in a month! It's been one month since Phoenix, and this month, March 2005, my network marketing business will have paid me and my family more than I have ever earned in a year! God is so good! Thank you so much
~ Matthew Harris


She teaches PRECISE tips and strategies that will absolutely set you apart in the industry and make you a fortune if you are wise enough to apply them exactly as she teaches them. Insider Secrets Dani has is like a diamond treasure in my book!
~ Sandi Krakowski


You have touched a very special spot in our hearts and our souls and we already feel the impact on How our business is about to grow!
~ Enrico Valente


After the first hour and a half, not only was I crying but she touched me right here. She has changed the way I look at my family, at life, and my business, and I’m not even in that work market, so I just want to say thank you, you have changed my outlook on everything.
~ Anonymous


We went to the Hawaii First Steps and I learned so much. I came back, my income truly increased from November to December
~ Anonymous


I made a one-on-one training appointment with Dani. And in that one hour we got to the root of why I was afraid to do certain things. I hung up the phone with Dani and I called someone who was in extreme debt. I closed her and then I signed up 15 last month which put me in the top three in the company. I made $6,000.00 last month which is not bad for a part-time stay at home mom of six.
~ Anonymous


Dani can be your battery charger. I'm in the coaching classes that she's doing on Tuesday and Thursday night and last Thursday as I started role playing with Dani. She's amazing, things are starting to flow. Every time I get on a phone call now, instead of me having to think about it, or "What am I going to say?" or "What am I going to do?" It just starts coming out of the mouth just the way she trains you. I had not sold a big pack in my company at all ever. After attending the L.A. Seminar, I went home that month and sold nine. My income tripled in that 30-day period just by implementing what she says. I have been doing the cold calling for about a year and one-half and it was failing miserably. I tried everything. I was looking for anything and everything. Then I found Danny I keep getting better and better and better and I took her closing class and prospecting class in February and I was basically sponsoring one or two people a month until I found Danny. In February I closed 17 people, this month I’ve already got 22. I found Danny in September and I will have replaced my income that I worked 28 years for in my other business in a little over two and one-half years.
~ Brett Nelson


This has literally changed my thinking and my life. Corporately, I’ve been in the business for 38 years and 33 years working corporately and the last 5 years as a distributor because when I went through a corporate downsize, I turned to the only industry where I saw success, where I saw people had hope and I thought this is where we got to put our life. Every time I listen to your CD, it’s like flipping a switch and more light comes on. I saw more of the room, I saw a bigger picture. I have never had more fun in all my life and for the first time in all of my career, I now see freedom.
~ Ken Smith


I practiced law for about 10 years, when I went to First Steps in Phoenix. I went home, I felt like 30 pounds lighter. Now that I've conquered fear, I've been prospecting, I’m meeting people, I’m getting people in my business who I was always afraid to talk to, I am actually now having the life I should have had 20 years ago.
~ Kim Ethan


I went to the Seminar and coming back I will make more money this month than I made last year the entire year. Thank you so much.
~ Matt Harris


When I came to Dani I thought oh boy she sounds good but is she going to rob me? When you come somewhere and someone sincerely loves you – is not out to steel – actually give you more than what you gave them, my heart just opened up and it has been wild ever since. Ever since Dani's Seminar, I have been able to go part-time at my job – really part-time. My business every month financially it is getting better and better and better. I have grown so much.
~ Patricia Ojay


I signed up three people in my business that night, right after the seminar.
~ Anonymous


After the Seminar, I learned to utilize my people skills and my time. I also learned to form people and figure out what they wanted,
~ Debbie Schall


After the Seminar, I learned to utilize my people skills and my time. I also learned to form people and figure out what they wanted,
~ Joseph R Lyell


Manny accepted the Lord at Good Friday services and then made it public on Easter Sunday by walking down the aisle with my eleven year old son who also accepted the Lord (and has been raised Jewish). You had such a big part of this Dani.
~ Rebecca Chazan


Thank you for teaching me to live by faith an not by sight……
~ Marti Waggoner


Thank you for the awesome learning experience
~ Glenda Bryan


You are generous and unique
~ Wen Chie R. Leobrera


"I know I will excel by applying what Dani has told me to do."
~ Rebecca Drone


Out of all the training I have ever received, you have answered my prayers!
~ Jane Welch


"I absolutely love the fact that there is no 'cross recruiting' I feel comfortable sending my team to your training"
~ Lupe Encarnacim


"The debt reduction and time management sessions - if I put just these 2 into practice, I truly believe that this will make a huge impact on not just my finances, but my business, my marriage, and my relationship with my son!"
~ Gail Brown


"It was so much more than I could have asked, dreamed, hoped, or even imagined!"
~ Chris Merrick


"These two days were so much more than I expected!"
~ Bill Werremeyer


"Thank you so much for filling a much needed gap in the industry, what a great way to get the job done!"
~ Lee Waldorf


"I've felt pumped up at other Seminars, but yours has touched me in such a deep way that I cannot describe."
~ Kristine Farkas


"I have been searching for fulfillment, and meanwhile numbly treading water in the midst of what I bitterly called my life to the point of which I had lost faith and belief that I could have a life worth anything. After Dani prayed for me my eyes were opened and I realized that I really love people and life. Now I am inspired to do all things that I never though would be possible. I now have hope! This Seminar has broken unbearable curses off of my life, not just my business. The transformation in my mind has been incredible!""People have to go to therapy for YEARS to see the kind of breakthroughs that I saw in just these past two days! Thanking you forever for equipping me to finally begin my life!"
~ Shanna M.Cohn


"The world needs service and Dani teaches it with the utmost of professionalism AND practicality. She teaches PRECISE tips and strategies that will absolutely set you apart in the industry and make you a fortune if you are wise enough to apply them exactly as she teaches them."
~ Sandi Krakowski


"We finally saw and experienced an event, no, an experience, worthy of the industry!" You have touched a very special spot in our hearts and our souls and we already feel the impact on how our business is about to grow!
~ Enrico Valente


I have closed 5 people since the Tuesday after the Seminar- praise God! Dani is NOT on trial, that's for sure, this stuff works!)
~ Sandi Krakowski


We all feel like such a weight has been lifted off of us by incorporatingyour training system into our businesses. There's no way we can explain the experience,,,
~ Lisa Maghrak


I had the opinion that people like you were ZEALOTS. As you continued teaching at the Christian session, the feeling I had got stronger, and to the pesent moment I do not know what it was except that it was soemthing like I had never felt before.When you asked if anyone wanted to come to the front my reaction was "who needs that crap?" Then, I suddenly felt my feet moving towards the stage but my head was saying "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING". When I reached the front I kept thinking "what am I doing here and what is going on." You came and put your hands on my head and then carried on with your ministering. Prior to the Chicago Seminar I had once again rejected GOD and decided that He/She did not exist so therefore what was the point in any type of belief. I can now tell you that I have done a fully 360 degree turn around and I thnak you for being the instrumnet that GOD chose for me to be led to.
~ Peter Foy


2004 was a financial disaster for my family and I. During Christmas 2004 we couldn't even afford to buy food. I made it to your Phoenix Seminar event and I cannot believe how quickly things have changed. My spiritual life has kicked into overdrive, my relationships with my family have become so much more real, and I have finally found my real purpose in life. I now typically make more money in a day than I used to make in a month! It's been one month since Phoenix, and this month, March 2005, my network marketing business will have paid me and my family more than I have ever earned in a year! God is so good! Thank you so much Dani!!
~ Matthew Harris


"It was such a blessing meeting you. My heart has been changed!"
~ Kassandra Bragg


"I feel that your seminar has given me the confidence and the tools to make this happen."
~ Ron Hunter


Dani inspired me with in the first 10 minutes. I wanted to say thank you, it was exactly what I needed!
~ Missy Hanson


"It was worth every minute! "I personally have spent many dollars received training from many Corporations and none surpass the free training on your Web Site.
~ Brian Hurlburt


I've sponsored 2 out of 2 new reps using the script book.
~ Karole Daily


" Your 'Script Book Training' blew me away!" I sponsored 3 people the very next day after implementing your closing
~ Dr. James E. O'Kelley Ph.D


I sponsored 3 people the very next day after implementing your closing technique….
~ Sandi Krakowski


"I'd only been able to sponsor 3 people in 5 months prior to Dani's coaching class. I sponsored 6 people in one week!"
~ Patricia Oge


"I was sporadic in making my calls, the phone was like a lead weight -----I was doing busy work but not getting actual calls made, my results were calling only 12 people and taking three to a presentation. Now after Dani's coaching class, I called 43 and took 11 people to the presentation...
~ Nina Jennings


...I got my confidence up and know exactly how to do it and will n now become a recruiting machine!!!! " I liked the interaction of all of us in the class you could hear what others were doing so it helped me fix what I was doing and being able to role play it out with dank and also listening to others and learning from their mistakes also." It will and has taken months off me getting to where I am going to be the fast track to success......You showed me how easy it is and I NOW HAVE THE CONFIDENCE THAT I CAN DO IT!!! 100% every one I am getting to answer the phone I am signing up! in the last 2 days on only 25 dials
~ Brent Nelson


I can't ever get enough of Dani's CD's
~ Kauffman


"Before I started Dani's coaching class, my numbers were zero in closes. I've already sponsored 4 people this month. "The biggest improvement I've seen in myself since Dani's coaching class is my posture and confidence…."Do you want to make more money or not?
~ Jane Yan


"I went from just 'setting' appointments, to actually having 7 appointments in one day.
~ Shanetta Donovan


I want to thank Dani for all that she does. She is a true God sent. She has helped me in so many ways other than my business.
~ Anonymous


"Before I started this coaching class, my numbers were zero. Now, I am on my way to financial freedom with a bright future and a closing ratio of at least 40 to 50% each week!!!!!!" "She makes you become better and you enjoy every minute of it………." "If you are alive and listening, you should without a doubt benefit greatly from this magnificent marketing woman who is in a class by herself!!" "We are much, much better business builders than we were before attending her superb classes!"
~ Carter Dibrell, Jr.


"Very enlightening I took a lot of 'nuggets' with me"
~ Shannon Stellner


"They can not afford to miss the class, if they really want to overcome their challenges…"
~ Kulwant Jutla


Absolutely a must!
~ Kriss LaSale


"Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt. The way that Dani ask questions and gets to the core of why you're business is not moving forward is a gift many don't have. Sometimes we think we have a problem with closing as an example, but she'll get right to the root cause of the situation and show them that it's not the closing but maybe they have something in their life that they haven't dealt with correctly and it's manifesting itself in the closing. So I would absolutely recommend this class!"
~ Phillip Ingram


That Dani has helped thousands of people reach their goals and by being coached by Dani will change their life. I would send anyone and everyone to you. "Out of the five presentations that I did, I signed up three by using the Script Book to the 'T'."
~ Catherine Rehula


" I enrolled the first person on my firs call, I have never done that before!"
~ Terry


"It's all flowing together now instead of me having to think about it and decide what I need to say."
~ Brent Nelson


" I enrolled a man on the spot after reading the Script Book!" " I just took the Script Book and went bang, bang, bang, right to it, and the guy signed up as with the top package."
~ Beverly


"I've had huge breakthroughs!"
~ Sherry


"I had a woman actually call me back and said she wanted to join. I never had that before."
~ Dave


"I am much more confident!"
~ Marlene Trevisan


" You know, in the back of my mind, I kept saying "how am I going to get there?" Now I'm certain that I can get there a lot faster just from results I have been seeing. It gives me more of concrete feel of exactly how I’m going to get there and I just wanted to thank you for giving us a chance to have these classes."
~ Dale


"In the two an a half years that I've been working the industry, I have never brought anyone in at the top level until now."
~ Cassandra


" My body language has changed."
~ Ruth


"I'm been visually impaired for 30 years now and have been doing MLM for three full years. I've never had this good of a month and it's because I've found you Dani."
~ Ron Lester


"It’s filled a 'hole' for what we 'thought' and 'felt' was missing in our business……" You see the light at the end of the tunnel!"" I don’t care who you are or where you’re coming from, or how long you’ve been in this business or how new you’ve been to this business, We cannot provide the training that Dani does and I’ll tell you, her training has literally turned our organization around. I mean, absolutely, she's a Godsend." "This is what you need to know so that, you can move forward….""Everything that we’ve experienced with your training has been incredible and our organization has just been absolutely life changing in more than just business. And that’s huge. That is so huge and we’re so excited about your vision and we want to participate and move forward it in a big way."
~ Ken Smith


"My percentages have increased by 300%...."
~ Patricia


" It's just incredible. Like you're doing less work but you're getting better results. "My percentages raised 38% right away, and shortly after, they rose to 50%...."" A lot of things are happening, very, very good things. Thank you, Dani, thank you.
~ Kulwant


" He said "you sound totally different than you did three weeks ago" and I said," well I am different. I’m reborn. I’ve re dedicated myself to Christ and I’m not only a disciple of his but a disciple of Dani Johnson and I said I’m on my way to the top and I want you to be on the ride with me."
~ Carter


"My percentages were below 30 percent, after following Dani's Script Book 100%, my percentages increased to 90%......"
~ Dale


" I'm one of those people that purchased leads and never called them, gave them away, but my confidence is up, and Dani, thank God for you, I just wished I would have had this script a long time ago. I've got a million dollar mind now. See, I'm going to be blessed. Thank you.
~ Edna


"From the tools that Dani has given me, in 17 people that I talked to, 13 showed up for a presentation and 3 people signed up."
~ Sherri


" Now I have people calling me back instead of me having to call them.""I was completely exhausted. I have endometriosis and I could not stay awake for more than an hour Made very few phone calls. Did very, very little. Went to First Step, I had to reschedule my flight like two times in a row because I was like, I was just, I can’t get it together, I can’t go; But I went and it was fantastic. It was so fabulous and in just yesterday and the few hours I had yesterday and this morning, I’ve already made 54 phone calls. My Aunt called me and asked me, " What is this thing that you do?" And you know, she just went on and on, nobody’s ever called me with that kind of excitement, and I’ve never been so excited and friends of mine have never been so excited about what I do, and it’s just all changing in 48 hours."
~ Shanna


" I tripled my business last week with the same amount of effort."
~ Tina


" My closing ratio is getting so much better. I’m so excited. These one-call closes are starting to happen more frequently, and yesterday, I closed three people."
~ Sherri


"I couldn’t believe it. It’s the genuine interest, it’s not just going through numbers. You’ve got to go through numbers, but it’s just—you’re going through people not numbers."
~ Mark


"You have added, enriched, and enhanced my life. I will only touch more people's lives even deeper, with my gifts from you."
~ Marcus Tribelhorn


" I'm speechless right now, could write a 3 page Thank you note. I've started and stopped my business for a thousand different reasons,...and you're the only person who is giving me the insight to keep moving forward in faith, hope and charity (with the RIGHT heart and mindset. i.e. Christian perspective)."
~ Scott Common


"Last night was the first time I joined your Christian call. It was so touching and filled with the Holy Ghost. I was so touched that I cried and cried. God Bless you for being led to be an instrument for the Lord Jesus Christ."
~ Diane Newlin


"Thanks for giving me the keys too get my focus back!"
~ Ronda Johnson


"You have an incredible story to tell and it has definitely inspired me to do my best in my chosen field."
~ Deborah Goolsby


"I was so inspired by Dani's presentation!!!!"
~ Corinne Marin


"Dani gave me a beautiful blessing....I feel so much peace...I am happier than I have been in so long I can't remember!! Thank you...."
~ Sandi Stillings


"Dani gave me a beautiful blessing....I feel so much peace...I am happier than I have been in so long I can't remember!! Thank you...." "I appreciate your calls so much. You have impacted my life greatly!!"
~ Cindy Sneed


Disclaimer - The testimonials presented on this website are, to the best of our ability to determine, all true and accurate. They were provided willingly, without any compensation offered in return.

Please understand that these testimonial results do not represent typical or average results. Most of our clients do not share their results, nor are they required or expected to. Therefore, we have no way to determine what typical or average results have been. To be frank with you, many clients do not implement anything we teach them.

The income statements and examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, effort and motivation to work and follow recommendations. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here.

"I just listened to your call! This is the absolute most amazing teaching I have heard on the Parable of the Talents. Thank you! I want to let you know that I prayed and asked for forgiveness for being like the third servant. I thank you for the teaching and the purity of your heart! Thank you for being obedient to our Lord and what He is calling you to do."
~ Judy Orbanosky


"Dani is a great trainer. I highly recommend doing what it takes to attend her training classes. ""I have been using the first script in your script book. Out of 40 calls I enrolled 2 business builders."
~ Daniel Kupferschmid


"My teams is exploding since the New York First Steps to Success seminar training……..""Thanks for everything. Including leading to me the living Lord Jesus Christ."
~ Darlene


"I thoroughly enjoyed it. It all made perfect sense…….."
~ Margaret Bozzelli


"For the past 20 days I've thrown everything I've ever been taught about this business out the door. Because of your training, I FINALLY KNOW what I will do with people once they get in the business. By plugging into your trainings and your website I can have peace of mind and truly, truly help people to succeed. You give them 500% more than I could ever give them....."
~ Sandi Krakowski


"After listening to your online phone call on your website, I have found that my Business Desires has been sparked! The business flame seemingly was going out. But, your website and your enthusiasm on the conference call that I heard changed my desire because I felt as if I were a total failure. For what you said and sparked within me, I extend a "Heart Felt Thank You!"
~ Rickey McDonald


"Thank you for seeking to fulfill your calling in the training your are providing….."
~ Ted Turner


"Thank you so much for a terrific weekend! Everything was beyond my expectations."
~ Loretta Arey


I'd been tuned into Danijohnson.com for about 6 months now. I was blown away on Saturday at the First Steps to Success training seminar during the Christian session. Dani made me dig down DEEP! And it was scary, And uncomfortable. But in that environment, I was able to do it. I know that God directed me to Dani, so I would end up there, and hearing His messages for me, through her. What I didn't know was that He'd knock me over the head with it. When Dani spoke of forgiveness, I wanted to run out of there. Now I don't have to walk around with that hurt any more."
~ Loretta Arey


"I always felt overcoming obstacles was a major goal and theme in my life, but now I see how shallow I was digging. Thank you again, Dani."
~ Patricia Creegan-Lynch


"In the week and a half since our training session, I have signed up four people at the $299 level. The VERY FIRST call after we spoke, I signed up at the $299 level. Your one on one call certainly MORE than paid for the cost !!"
~ Rebecca Chazan


"Thanks so much for the great life changing experience at the First Steps to Success training in New York city. Your message was a spiritual awakening for me and I know that you have touched and saved my life from the bondage of hell."
~ Darlene Raffa


"If you want to work with the absolute best trainer there is in the industry, Dani Johnson is the best of the best and is my personal choice for training! I am now earning by far more than I have ever made with just 1/3rd of the efforts. The way she teaches maximizes your time and skill. I've 'unplugged' from anything and everything I have ever been taught in this industry. I even send all of my people that I work with straight to her because I want them to have the best of the best. Honestly, those on my team who are trained by her, earn FAR more money than those who are not trained by Dani. She has helped me pay off $25,890 in debt, overcome fear in prospecting, close 80% more people in the highest rate, and I just simple can't tell you how much she's done for me....."
~ Sandi Krakowski


"The Saturday evening service at your First Steps to Success seminar training was phenomenal, and I truly feel that I renewed my Christian faith and was healed from the afflictions I have suffered in the pain of my life."
~ Luanne Chappell


"I was ready to leave the industry until I bought Dani's North Carolina CD set, and then my life changed forever……"
~ Christie Wetzel


"The seminar was for net workers, yet soooooo much more. I laughed so much, and learned that the old net work marketing way is out. You have a new approach to net working."
~ Joyce Boyd


What a life changing event! I have attended a lot of seminars over the years. This was the best! "What a life changing event! I thank God for all your obedience to the WORD of the living GOD! I have been a Christian for 25 years and attended a lot of seminars over the years. This was the best! God had to be so blessed by this weekend! That was better than the best vacation!!!
~ Linda Gent


" We just wanted to thank you for a 'life changing' weekend. What you shared with us and our team will not only stick with us forever but you have given us the tools to literally change the lives of countless millions of people. It personally gave me the intestinal fortitude to get out of my comfort zone and do something with what we have been given."
~ Ken and Jan Smith


"I bought your script book and CD's. I'm in shock with the successes that I've had. It has never been this fun, easy, and successful……"
~ Connie Copeland


"My words will not give adequate meaning to what I experienced in New York. It was a life altering experience. I didn't return to the same world that I left. With some miracle of God and a little boost from man, if you were to give your weekend First Steps to Success program to the President of the United States, the Cabinet, and the Congress - life in this country and the world would change, IN A HEARTBEAT - FOREVER. I pray you can take your message to a place far beyond our experience in New York!!!!!!!!"
~ Darwin Bayston


"We've been in the industry for 7 years now, earned 6 figures several times and developed other 6 figure income earners in our organization. I found your website and immediately recognized your passion, and that you accept a greater mission, that you have a tremendous amount to offer individuals at all levels and we are blown away not only at the clarity and conciseness of your training, but the amount of available training that's on your website for FREE. You have more on your website than most people offer to sale!" "You have more on your website than most people offer to sale! I ordered you North Carolina CD's set and also your Script Book within 10 minutes of scanning your site!"
~ Maurice


"I have listened to the Dani Johnson training call archives. I love them and I'm addicted to them! I listen to them every day and sometimes twice a day."
~ Niki B.


"After attending your First Steps To Success seminar in NYC last weekend you inspired me to call my father, who I have not talked to in 32 years. I was harboring hatred towards him deep inside of me over all of these years. Dani, you have made me see the light and my experience with you will always be in my mind and my heart-you are amazing-thank you!!!!!"
~ Mark M.Laurin


"The experience of bringing someone, who you have never met before, and seeing their immediate refreshing transformation is abstastinkin'lutely thrilling. Meeting under such positive circumstances 'solidified' our connection instantly. Our teamwork from a distance ( they're in Fl. & we're in Ca.) is now about 10,000% more. I think to myself, if only I could get everyone who I love in front of Dani, how impact full would that be???" "You guys are doing such a good job. The effect it is having on my life and those I bring with me is tremendous !!!"
~ Marcus Tribelhorn


"I love the way you train, I fully believe in your approach. This week we have enrolled 4 new brokers using your approach."
~ Sam Wipf


"What a truly awesome experience!!!!!!!!"
~ Alex Evdokias


"You ROCK!!!!!!!!! Your work is incredible. You are helping to send my business through the roof!!"
~ Cheryl Bell


"Your clarity of teaching style is second to none!!!!!"
~ Scott Common


"I will never be the same after experiencing your leadership and insight……"
~ Jim Jackson


"Anytime I begin to feel doubt in myself or my opportunity, you shift my focus and give me encouragement."
~ Jessica Klaaren


"As usual, you were incredible! Every time I listen to you I hear something new and exciting!!!!!!"
~ Lisa DeWalt-Hair


"What a wonderful, practical, very useful teaching. It's just what I needed to hear today!!!!!!"
~ Karole Daily


"After going to your First Steps to Success Seminar ,my income has DOUBLED in one month. Not only that, I have now been promoted to the second highest level in the company. After our coaching call, where you specifically taught me how to bring someone into my business at the highest level, I went from having only brought one person in, to a total of 15 within a two week period. This placed me in the bonus pool in our company, where I received a fabulous bonus check for being the 4th highest recruiter in the company for the month ! In addition, I won an all expense paid cruise for my husband and myself !! Now, when I bring in a new associate, the first training words out of my mouth are "Go to Dani's website, sign up as a free member, and plan on going to a seminar". I tell people that it is the best investment that they will ever make in their business !!!!!!"
~ Rebecca Chazan


"You have helped our business to explode!!!! Your faith in God is AWESOME!!!"
~ Ray and Janice Marquez


"I need to listen to your C.D.'s over and over again and apply these biblical principles to my life."
~ Ann Tews


"My head is just spinning with the wealth of knowledge that I am receiving……""Dani is helping me to get my Christian walk back on track. The words and the scriptures are helping to connect my head and heart into one body for Christ….."
~ Debbie Hiester


"After going to your First Steps to Success Seminar ,my income has DOUBLED in one month. Not only that, I have now been promoted to the second highest level in the company. After our coaching call, where you specifically taught me how to bring someone into my business at the highest level, I went from having only brought one person in, to a total of 15 within a two week period. This placed me in the bonus pool in our company, where I received a fabulous bonus check for being the 4th highest recruiter in the company for the month ! In addition, I won an all expense paid cruise for my husband and myself !! Now, when I bring in a new associate, the first training words out of my mouth are "Go to Dani's website, sign up as a free member, and plan on going to a seminar". I tell people that it is the best investment that they will ever make in their business !!!!!!" "By using Dani's techniques to get rid of debt, together as family we have burnt through a total of just over 50K in the last six months."
~ Kulwant Jutla


~ Cris Crawley


"I couldn't achieve my goal of helping others. Now, I realize from your example, that success in Network Marketing, would free me to do just that - help others….."
~ Jocelyn Greenwood


I just simply LOVE your calls. I've been listening to them on a daily basis (archives on site) and I have to say they have made a HUGE difference in my business. I used to just casually tell people about my business with fear and trembling, now I've run two adds, purchased leads and I'm making prospecting calls on a daily basis. Not only that, I am now seeing exactly WHY I'm in this business."
~ Rebecca Withey


"I am amazed at the results in just being able to listen to the recorded training calls. I have signed up 2 people in one day. I had no prior enrollees. I then decided to order the Script Book and your C.D.'s. What power will I have when they enter my hand? The sky is the limit!!!!!"
~ Dedra Cagle


"You are a tremendous blessing to all that you touch!!!!!!"
~ Cari Camacho


What an awesome evening Saturday evening was for me and the entire group…"
~ Joyce Carpenter


"You are a real inspiration!!!!! You have touched my heart in so many ways….."
~ Carol Myers


"Your calls, I can only describe them as 'Dynamite'!!!!!!"
~ Lyle Slagle


"What a dynamic person!!!!!"
~ Deb Hojnacki


"Dani- What a powerful impact you made on my life at the Spiritual training on Saturday evening in New York City. I can't even begin to describe what happened, but it was something very powerful. I look at myself, life, and other people differently. I felt a calm, peaceful, warm sensation enter my body during the session that has not left me since. After listening and speaking with you my perspective has changed. I realize unless one truly models a "Christian" in daily life in actions and behaviors, it is impossible to call yourself a Christian. Thanks so much for the inspiration."
~ Sheila Grady


"Thank you Dani, I have truly been blessed by this weekend and the wealth of information you've been so endearing to share! "
~ Clarissa Naugle


"I thank God every day that a friend told me about Dani!"
~ Thora B. Sullivan


"I continue to be blessed by the testimonials I hear from others who are using your scripts and training….."
~ Kathy White


"Dani, well...I don't know what to say! You completely turned my life upside down. I think you even shook it a little! I am the girl who stopped you in the hall with tears in her eyes....And still, the only thing I can say is. Thank You!
~ Catrina White


"It has been such a 'Power Packed' year of growth for me because of You. I thank God every day that he gifted me with your teachings and your example. Your courage, character, and commitment inspire me to no end...... I am motivated and moved by how you always show your authentic self. It is so refreshing and empowering just knowing you are on my team, that you believe in me"...... "My life hasn't been the same since I first heard you speak…….:
~ Marcus Tribelhorn


"Thank you for your wonderful training aids and this great website!! "
~ Jeff Jones


"When I used Dani's Script Book after my return home I was amazed and so pleased to find that I was actually able to set up follow up calls. In the past, getting a definite time for a follow up call was almost non-existent. Now I'm getting 5 out of 6…........."
~ Monica Vest


"I had made 150 calls per week, with 10% "call backs" , but no closing for 10 weeks. After using your Script Book, I closed 4 people in the 1st 3 days I used it, one was the "big package…."
~ Carol King


"Since the prospecting and closing classes, I have been sponsoring at least 1 person every day and sometimes 2 on the phone. Today I had 60 fresh leads by the end of the day I had dialed all 60 talked to 20 people have followed up with 10 of them that didn't have time to listen to the whole presentation and our 3 way call, 8 of the 10 of them will be in. The best news is the other 10 today I signed up 8 of the 10... 2 hung up on the 3 way call so you have got my ratios up to almost 100% if I can get them on the phone !!! I am having fun, and getting results much much faster. My in come has gone up by about 5 times what it was so I just wanted to thank you again for you training and what you do for me.
~ Brent Nelson


"What a difference this approach is making with our business. Thanks Dani!"
~ Jay Dye


"Dani inspired me with in the first 10 minutes. I wanted to say thank you, it was exactly what I needed!"
~ Missy Hanson


I have never heard anyone mix God and Work like you do. This has been the best investment by far that I have ever made.""I made 31 sales out of 117 presentations. I love listening to you. I have your 10 CD North Carolina Seminar set, your 3 CD Christian set and your Script Book with 2 CDs. I also listen to all of the conference calls. Thank you so much!!!!!!"
~ Amanda Holbrook


"It has been an incredible experience to have met you and your team!!!! You have impacted my life forever!!! Thank You for everything!!!!"
~ Pamela Davis


"2004 was a financial disaster for my family and I.We couldn't even afford to buy food. We started praying for a way out. Two weeks prior to your First Steps to Success training, I made the commitment to go even though I didn't have a clue how I'd come up with the $1,200 that the whole weekend would cost. I just couldn't wait another month for the success that I knew God wants my family and I to have. I made it to the event and I cannot believe how quickly things have changed. My spiritual life has kicked into overdrive, my relationships with my family have become so much more real, and I have finally found my real purpose in life. And by the way, I now typically make more money in a day than I used to make in a month!"
~ Matt Harris


"I am an executive with a company and make a 6 figure income. Igot into my new business one week ago and decided if I want to do it well, I need good training. You are the best! I have had tons of training and trained people myself but your work this weekend really moved me....""The cornerstone to your effectiveness is your spirituality--you are well grounded in your relationship with God and know your life purpose. You are living it well! "
~ Donald Black


"You have changed my life and future.""You are the answer that we are all looking for, for you provide clarity and the
answers that many are looking for who think or wonder if they can really do this business."
~ Ken & Jan Smith


"Our vision for our personal and our team's potential and ability has been infinitely expanded! We all feel like such a weight has been lifted off of us by incorporating your training system into our businesses. We are telling our team some of the stories we heard but told them there's no way we can explain the experience,,,"
~ Lisa Maghrak


"Our vision for our personal and our team's potential and ability has been infinitely expanded! We all feel like such a weight has been lifted off of us by incorporating your training system into our businesses. We are telling our team some of the stories we heard but told them there's no way we can explain the experience,,,"
~ Lisa Maghrak


"You have touched a very special spot in our hearts and our souls and we already feel the impact on how our business is about to grow!"
~ Enrico Valente


"I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your entire team. You are truly one of the more real people I have ever met."
~ Donald Black


"Thank you for your direct, no nonsense attitude and teaching."
~ Rachel Schnitzer


"Her balance of inspiration and technical training is what sets her above and apart. Unlike some others, since she's actually "been there", she can train like few other professional-level trainers."
~ Pete Johnson


"You are truly one of the more real people I have ever met."
~ Donald Black


"Before being a part of Dani Johnson's coaching class, my numbers where about 4 out of 10 prospects that made the appointments, and 1 of 10 signed-up. Now I have about 8 of 10 make the appointment, and about 4 of 10 sign-ups." "It was worth way more than I paid……"
~ Amanda Holbrook


"Take a leap of faith, rely on and trust testimonies of those of us who have taken the class, go for it and see the results! She has that God-given gift to "tweak" a person's skills, habits, and thought processes born out of her desire to capitalize and share her incredible experiences in the business ….."
~ Tina Humpherys


"Thanks for getting me out of the snake oil insurance sales routine and on the road to success!! Dani and Hans, you are the real deal…."
"Dani works with us so well in pointing out our weaknesses and how to make them become strengths as well as pointing out our strengths and how to make them even better. She is the best in our profession!""It's a decision which will affect the way you feel about yourself, and it will definitely increase your income."
~ Carter Dibrell


"It will jump start your business by 6 months over someone who doesn't attend."
~ Sandy Kolls


"I have heard a lot of speakers - some of the best - read books listened to tapes like crazy. Nothing has ever gotten to me like you have!!!!""After 10 long years, I finally feel like it's all coming together.""Thank you big time for all your sharing, your wisdom, and your gift of pulling garbage out of people's hearts.""Dani you are incredibly gifted. You've excelled my learning curve 10 fold……"
~ Dottie Gilchrist


"I've been working with leads for 5 years with little to no success. Since going to First Steps to Success in Oct. I have sponsored at least one person monthly….""Thanks Dani for the great experience...You Rock!"
~ Terri Gibbons


"The entire staff of DaniJohnson.com is a true gift to this industry, you are all an inspiration that is putting belief back is a very negative industry."
~ Amanda Young


"I have been to many trainings by my company and by third parties and NONE of them have given me the results I received from attending the coaching class! ""Prior to Dani's Coaching class I would sign up 1 customer a month. Now it's one a week!""Any doubt I had is GONE and now I can see exactly how to finish on top! What you have done during this month class was awesome!"
~ Dale Venema


"I went from never brining any one in at the $299 pack, to bringing in 10! "" Prior to plugging into Dani's teaching my sales numbers were around the 2 to 3 hundred dollar range. Now, they have been around 2,500.00 and up. Thanks, Dani….."
~ Kassandra Bragg


"Your class really helped me to understand that I am not a salesperson, but a business builder!"
~ Ron Lester


"You touched my heart last night on your Christian call."
~ Patricia Hunt


"Dani, thank-you so much for all of you help and encouragement you are the best I have ever heard…."
~ Melva Calvin


"For days, I could only weep with joy as I searched for words to describe what happened.""While I gained 10-fold from the seminar itself, that is surpassed by what I gained at the Saturday Night Optional service. I truly believe, and I will for the rest of my life, that you spoke a 'Rhema' word to everyone there. "
~ Brenda Lister


"It was like a weight had been lifted off of me and I was set free……."
~ Ron Heaton


" We just got back from the First Steps to Success in Dallas. What can I say except WOW. This was not a just training seminar, this was a life transforming experience. ""I started feeding on your Script Book CDs in February and March enrolled 107 customers-from leads!! This tripled our monthly income from the month before and won us an all expense paid trip to Orlando Florida, we have not had a vacation in years!!!!!!""Thank you for empowering so many people like me to go for those dreams that many of us have given up on! "
~ Debbie Tennison


"I cannot put in words how much the First Steps to Success seminar changed my life. I have attended many trainings over the years, but I've NEVER been to a training like Dani's before.""Dani has wisdom beyond her years and is so in tuned with our heavenly Father. The way she explains things is so simple and real. She never once lost my attention."
~ Linda Smith


"Thanks for the fantastic Fist Steps to Success event in Dallas this past weekend. It was an incredible experience. We've learned an incredible amount and are motivated like never before to charge forward!"
~ Rich and Lisa Gold


"I am ACTUALLY enjoying prospecting for the first time EVER! "I used to custom fit your script to my own liking and comfort. Now, after the First Steps to Success training, I am using it step-by-step and WOW what a difference in my posture, confidence level and feed-back. I actually am beginning to feel in control of the conversation instead of "ad-libbing" and probably sounding like a sales person. "
~ Linda Rivers


"Dani comes highly recommended and we can see why."
~ Janell Schicker


" Because of your calls, I feel for the first time in my life that I can do this. I have hope which is very new to me. Thank you, you’re an angel….."
~ Anonymous


~ Robert Alexander


"Recently I had a wonderful experience related to the Script Book that I wanted to pass along. I called a prospect that I had received off a lead. As I was talking to the guy, following the Script Book, he told me that he had been contacted by probably 20 other people before me. He told me that all of them seemed like a bunch of amateurs that didn't know what they were doing and basically sounded like a bunch of idiots. He then told me I was the only one he was interested in talking to because I was coming across as very professional and it sounded like I knew exactly what I was talking about. There is no doubt in my mind it was because of the Script Book. It allows you to come across to your prospects in a very professional manner. Thanks for all your help in all that you do for everyone! God Bless all of you!"
~ Amanda Young


"I want to thank you for opening my eyes and heart! you see. Dani I feel so free!!!! I never thought a business trainer could change me spiritually…."
~ Brenda Selle


I am SO amazed at the change in ME with my children since I attended First Steps to Success in Phoenix. THANK YOU! There are conventions & seminars & great speakers, but your events are truly LIFE CHANGING. The money I spent going to Phoenix & Dallas was worth every cent because I didn't just learn great skills, but I'VE CHANGED!!! The other conventions I've been to got me excited about our opportunity, but yours has raised my commitment to this business God gave me, I am enthusiastic about helping people now, I have a new desire and confidence, and look forward to calling people. Before, I was always afraid to pick up the phone, afraid of rejection, afraid of not knowing what to say, or how to respond. Your script book and all your CD's are priceless.I even signed up a new distributor after sending him to the May 31, 2004 call! I'm telling all the distributors in my group (and all new ones to come) that if they want to be successful in this business they HAVE to get to First Steps to Success, & get all your CD's, otherwise, we're just not on the same page, and I really can't help them.I've thrown away all the notes, etc., from other trainers I've been listening to, and advised others to do the same. I want to master what YOU teach! Thanks to all of you for your hard work and commitment to us! God bless you....."
~ Elaine Madrid


"Words cannot describe how I felt during the Dallas First Step To Success Seminar, and how I am feeling now. I can only sum every thing up by agreeing with the Bible and say " I was once lost but now I am found, was blind but now I see." Dani, God bless you for obeying His voice."
~ Agnes Oberkor


"This is THE BEST seminar I have attended and is well worth the money. Thank you for the awesome training. It was fun, spiritual, educational, uplifting and inspirational. "
~ Anonymous


"After attending First Steps to Success, my belief factor is through the roof! "
~ Rosalind Lee


"When others told me what a life-changing event your seminars were, I really didn't get it. I am so glad that my team was persistent and I scraped up the money to go to Dallas. I feel free to pursue the goals that I have set for myself and now have the ammunition to make it happen. Thank you so much."
~ Jean Welch


Thanks, Dani for opening my eyes to so much!! I enjoyed every minute of it. You were Awesome!!!!!! I am new to my company and have been struggling every inch of the way trying to talk to prospects. I gained so much knowledge this weekend now I can't wait to get out theSandie Tothre and start prospecting! I am ready to Light the FIRE and blow out my business."
~ Sandie Toth


"Dani...I'm SO excited! After attending First Steps in Dallas last weekend my 2nd day of recruiting I called 47 people, talked to 9, had 6 attend a presentation and closed 2. One of them signed up on the very first call at our top business builder pack. My belief system has gone through the roof since attending First Steps to Success and I can't wait to bring my new recruits to your trainings to be blessed by you! Thank you again for teaching this "old dog" some new tricks!
~ Cheryl Robinson


“I purchased the script book and it has really helped my confidence in business what to say to prospect on the phone.”“Thanks for changing my life”
~ Betsy Upchurch


“Your entire staff is totally awesome. I am in awe of your talents, dedication, love, and commitment to people….”“This was the # 1 best training I have ever attended in 20 years full time in the industry. I will be referring a lot of people!!!!”
~ Jeff Breakey


“Awesome experience”
~ Paul Farrell


“Since coming to this seminar I now feel like I can adapt, overcome, and conquer this business through Dani’s teaching…”
~ Chris Bauer


“You really shook me up about the bigger picture, Awesome!!!!”
~ Dave Garber


“After your ‘optional’ gathering on Saturday evening, I saw the true reason that I was here. My wife and I have been together for 7 years. Saturday night was the first time that we opened a Bible together! It will not be the last!!!”
~ Paul D. Schuette


“I’ve had a fear of cold calling, but that spirit has been broken off of me forever!!!”
~ Jennifer Reynolds


“God has changed me because of this event and saved my marriage…….”
~ Laura Castro


“I’m reconnecting with God”
~ Ivy Barnes


“In all the previous business ventures I have ever tried, none, not one, has had any training that compares to what I received this weekend. I feel totally equipped to catapult my business and will continue training with Dani Johnson.”
~ Susan Bailey


“Great Seminar! Terrific eye and heart opening experience.”
~ Anthony Pasco


“You are an inspiration.”
~ Rachel Pasco


“I’m leaving this seminar a different person. This seminar has changed several areas of my life. I will definitely attend future seminars taught by Dani Johnson.”
~ Marilyn E. Thomas


“Everything was fantastic. I am very grateful that we found you…..”
~ Amanda J. Young


“Really solid and relevant!”
~ Rechard McCandless


“Awesome, awesome weekend. Just what I needed to put fire back in our business.”
~ Debbie Swonger


“I came here looking for a way to build my team. I not only learned that, but I left here this weekend a new man, most importantly with a vision of what m true calling in life is all about. Dani, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart…”
~ Troy Harrison


“It was a fantastic and rewarding experience.”
~ Liz Leigh


“Finally you’ve given me the training I’ve searched for over 12 years.”
~ Terry Miller


“I though I was here for one thing, but I gained so much more personally….”“The calls, website, and tapes are a tremendous support system for me…”
~ S Phillips


“Literally the best training ever…….”
~ Mark McGee


“Amazing seminar, as usual……”
~ Cheryl Bell


“This seminar has been absolutely phenomenal and will help me propel my business to the next level, Thank you.
~ Melissa Boston


“Since attending your seminar, I have more confidence and faith.”
~ Patricia Redman


“I’m so thankful that I found a person who will represent the truth….”
~ Shane Chadwick


“I started with your training materials and in the 1st month, I closed 7 people. The 2nd month I closed 5 in 3 days…..”
~ Michelle Gaines


“Completely Awesome!!!”
~ Kim Rutherford


“Thanks for making me see the light.”
~ Dawn Allen


“I asked God to lead me to change me and He showed me Danijohnson.com and the Script Book. In the first month I sponsored 30 customers. Thank you!”
~ Bryn J. Ott


“This seminar changed my life. Thank you so much for doing such great work…”
~ Nalette Wooten


“I have been in this industry for 30 years and have been to and have gone to other seminars that were 1500.00 each and they had no comparison to First Steps to Success…..”
~ Evelyn Lee Deflrion


“You blew me away! You are a gift from God!”
~ Stephenie Noah


“I received a new heart this weekend. Thank you for showing me how to forgive myself. Thank you for changing my life.”
~ Adrianne Beasley


“The spiritual part of this was just as important as the business part.”
~ Docis E Fisk


“Our team has grown by 120 distributors in four weeks since we attended First Steps to Success. We had our 1st 1,000 week, and our monthly residual income is 1,700.00 and growing. Dani, you are the ‘bomb’! We love you!”
~ Nate Ridgeway


“I had a break through and I now have a relationship with Jesus Christ again.”
~ Kristine Farkas


“Thank you so much for the phenomenal weekend! I am leaving with so much!”
~ Michelle Lewis


"I can’t wait until the next event……”
~ Stewart Bigger


“This has been an awesome weekend. I have learned so much and I know when I put what I’ve learned into place, my life is going to change in every area.”
~ Jennifer McNeese


“This Seminar gives all the information and basics to life and business that everyone needs to be successful in life. Your system is truly a healing ministry to business!”
~ Teresa Griffin


“You kept it real and not ‘sugar coated’!!!!”
~ Luke Lovell


“I love that you focused on the whole person not just the business.
~ Mark Lovell


“I was deeply touched by your spiritual session. You said on thing that made me change my thinking pattern to help build my business and reach my goals.”
~ Lori Mucciaccaro


“I was totally changed…….”
~ Walter P Roach


"What a wonderful experience!!!!”
~ Karen Reed


“ I have absolutely no problems with referring my team to Danijohnson.com…”
~ Ana Pacusey


“I would recommend it to everyone…..”
~ Harmony McCarter


“You have changed our lives, spiritually and business wise……
~ Dave & Ruby Cotton


“The best seminar I have ever been to…..”
~ Chris Evans


“God has blessed me with your and your staff.
~ Sadie Johnson


“I’ll be highly recommending that everybody goes through these seminars. I’m totally convinced that what you offer can help my business develop and succeed. “
~ Coral Aubert


“I felt so moved to re-dedicate my life to God and to believe He wants me to succeed….."
~ Mary Kuug


"The Script Book has made me much more comfortable with the call process in general and has taken away the fear of not knowing what to say. Also, I'm not having any problems getting people to the presentation now, whereas before I used to."
~ Mary Emmer


" I have had a much better show up ratio….."
~ Krizstina Farkas


"I closed 10 prospects in the top level during April and know I can do more with less effort now."
~ Derek Hart


"Since I started using the Script Book I have gotten better at rapport building."
~ Mark Kozu


"Since I started using the Script Book I have gotten better at rapport building.""I freeze up when I'm doing a follow up call to somebody who is really interested, but when I use Dani's Script Book, I would close 2 out of 5 people I spoke with."
~ Marie Kuhn


"I love the Script Book because I don't stutter and I know exactly what to say….."
~ Helen Manning


"I have become much better at prospecting because of the Dani Johnson Script Book…"
~ Kieran Murry


"What an awesome job ya'll did at First Steps to Success. Wow! It's more than I could ever have imagined and it has changed my life for the better, forever. My mom came with me not knowing what to expect and she said that she wishes she'd known this info 60 years ago.....""I have more confidence and I feel more professional in my choice of words…."" What a powerful Seminar, I am now training my new business builders by taking the burden off me and directing them to the Danijohnson.com website for the Script Book, the archive, training, etc. so that I can prospect more. Your system makes so much sense. God bless you and your family and team!"
~ Linda Rivers


"I always struggled until I started using the Script Book and now it is just so easy to do…."
~ Debbie Rupert


"Since using the Danijohnson.com Script Book I have more posture and I'm attracting better candidates and new associates. I feel much more confident. People take me much more seriously now….."
~ Maryann Sanchez


"I have improved my mental posture, and my skills in building rapport. More people have taken a look at my website and my business. I can actually get people to engage me in a conversation and talk about what they are looking for…."
~ Charles Thorn


"I am able to ask for the sale……"
~ Marti Waggoner


"This past weekend, my wife and I attended a First Steps to Success seminar by Dani Johnson. It was so awesome, we got re-energized in our desire, when we would look around , we were encouraged by the other people there even that much more just by the look on their faces.""Dani took us right into the scriptures and showed us how God had intended for us to be. Not full of fear but filled with faith….."
~ John Purdin


"The First Steps to Success seminar opened my eyes personally and professionally."
~ Jimmy Potts


" I can't believe what Dani Johnson has done for my personal and business excel! I went to Chicago and to Dallas First Steps to Success seminars. I had a spirit of fear on me and I could not pick up the phone and call anyone. I could not stand up in front of people without being nervous. I drove over 16 hours one way to Dallas because I knew I needed to be at her event. I now have 2 appointment setup 4 days after her event and plan on setting up many more! I also was on stage in front of over 250 people at the Dallas event and I was not nervous or afraid! I feel better and am so excited what she has done for me!! Thank you so much Dani!
~ Chris Carlson


"WOW! I just got off the phone call with Dani. There is just so much great stuff that I am amazed! Thank you Dani. Where do you get all that energy? You pour out your soul and it is so sincerely pure of heart!!!"I got "absostinkinlutley" so on fire I can hardly come down off the ceiling…"
~ Linda Gent


" I went to the First Steps to Success seminar and you have helped my marriage beyond belief."
~ Melissa Pedersen


"Prior to going to First Steps to Success seminar I was doing well at enrolling customers but having a hard time enrolling business builders. After going to the seminar the very next 5 people I enrolled were interested in the business. I was so excited! By applying Dani's training principals, I learned how to 'Build a Fire'. I returned home and called all of my business builders and before the day was out I had 7 appointments booked...."
~ Gail Priest


"I had come into the business and my 1st month got 5 recruits, but did it ALL wrong. I was full of fear--I kind of knew it was a spiritual battle and I got delivered-praise the Lord!! I learned soooooooo much……"
~ Susie Feemster


"Just wanted to say thank you for Dallas. I had only been in the business 2 1/2 weeks when we attended the seminar and had brought in quite a few customers but had not attempted associates. I came home from the conference and listened to the script book CD's and read the book and it seemed to come together for me (I had a lot of processing to do from the conference being so new at this). I have now ordered associate leads and tried them. I have only worked with them for one day and had only a few leads come in to call - most weren't home but did get a followup meeting with one I talked to. The most important thing, however, is that I feel confident and well trained going into this. I know if I keep going I will find the ones that want to become a part of our team. I know that I would have quit because I would have come from a place of fear and tried to "sell" if I had not gotten this info from Dani. The person that I got a follow up meeting with even mentioned that I was not pushy or trying to sell - that's why she agreed to look at the business! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I CAN DO THIS!!! I am a speech-language pathologist and my husband and I own our own practice. We are moving out of state in 13 months and do not want to start another practice all over again. I don't believe that I would have had the chance
to replace my income without the knowledge and skills I have already learned from Dani."
~ Tom Schicker


"I just want to share with you briefly something that happened to me in Dallas. Before kids, I was a registered dietitian. After kids, I went on to become a certified personal trainer. I was a high level trainer which meant I could charge a premium price. I worked as a personal trainer until November, 2004, when a member at my healthclub introduced me to network marketing. At that time, I was 15% body fat and in complete balance with my eating and exercise. I quit my job, I approached my friends. They all said that it was great for me but it was not for them. I felt rejected, disrespected, and like I'd just been shown the Garden of Eden and been locked out. I started binging. I have blown up from a healthy size 8 to a size 16 in less than 5 months. Jefferson saw me in my first week when I was still a trainer and has watched me become unrecognizable. In Chicago, during my first First Steps, I was freed from overeating. It happened out of the blue, when my mind was thinking about other things, I was overcome with a conviction that I was free from the hold that food had on me. I assure you, it was out of the blue...like a wrecking ball came out of nowhere. I only shared that with one person that weekend because I didn't believe it. In Dallas during my 2nd First Steps, I forgave myself for abusing myself for the last 5 months since quitting my personal training career. I forgave myself for gaining all that weight. Today, I can't eat those things that I used to medicate my fears. I see them in the store, I think to myself, Sandra, you can have them if you want them. But I don't want them. That is freedom. Thank you. I'll share some other personal and professional breakthroughs soon. There have been many..."
~ Sandra Carey


"For the first time since I joined this industry several years ago, I am FINALLY on pace to become a six-figure earner."
~ Kim Eaton


"I have been listening to the Dynasty MP3s a lot. I am noticing huge changes in my attitude and posture."
~ Linda Lee


"The kids see me happy and they love it! Thank you Dani……..
~ Teri Halpain


"She is awesome and what I really like is that she bases her whole success in the belief in God who is the source of all success!!!!!!"
~ Leslie Hill


"I attended your seminar in New York in January and attended the Christian event on Saturday evening. What a wonderful experience. I could feel the Lord in that service. He definitely uses you. I've listened to your Christian CDs over and over. What a powerful message the Lord delivers through you for us Christians. You have made me realize that I have been hindering myself and not allowing our Lord and Savior to work His will in my life. I never would have thought when I first heard of you and began listening to your calls what a difference you would make in my life. My faith has been revived and I'm more determined than ever to completely turn myself over to Him and allow Him to propel my business to great heights. I know I can never do this alone, but 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me'!!!!!"
~ Patricia Redman


GOD did move mightily in me and my husband the three others we brought! GOD is awesome through this ministry. I praise HIM for the sincere heart you all show to do HIS work in HIS way. You do not go in with your agenda....it is obvious in how different each of the two, First Steps to Success I have attended are delivered!
~ Linda Gent


After spending thousands of dollars over the years, between God and you, my eyes are open. I needed to work on me.
~ Ron Heaton


"For me, it's the closing, and I can already tell an incredible difference since using the Script Book and being in the closing class.
~ Johanna Clemmons


" I went from a 30% to a rockin 100% closing ratio………"
~ Patricia Carson


"I just want to thank you for all of your tools and First Steps to Success Training Seminars! I enrolled 4 people last month, and enrolled 17 people this month."
~ Tatia A. Veltkamp


"I am getting off of your prospecting call right now, and I have to say that I have never had so many 'lighbulb' moments in my entire life in such a short amount of time!!!"
~ Holly Amato


"I want to thank you for your C.D.'s, Free Conference calls, and First Steps to Success Training Seminars. Because of your help and guidance and God's grace, I finally am starting to see success, and God's clear, direct will for my life. Thank you Dani, for your passion, vision, drive, instruction, love, genuine concern, and love for people like myself driven to make a better life."
~ Peter Slade


"I wish I would have heard about you 2 years ago when I first started the industry …."
~ Johanna


"Since plugging into DaniJohnson.com, I am off of all anti-depressants!!!!!!"
~ Jane


"Thank you for sharing your full self, your honest self, and your self in progress. You helped me by being truthful. Explaining exactly how to map out goals, explaining exactly how you schedule your time. Rather then giving us the bullet points like most trainers, you fill in all of the blanks. And that's exactly what I needed. You gave me more tools then I have ever had before. I have watched my business grow because of it. Your openness, your ability to take risks and to stand in your truth, helped me to walk into my truth with Jesus......"
~ Anita Knaack


"The event was life changing………………"
~ Linda Knight


"The best thing about the entire weekend was seeing the same man that walked with a cane on Friday was in the Mombo line on Sunday!!!!!!!"
~ Paul Christianson


"Thank you Dani, Hans and team for all of your hard work, discipline and diligence. You are people of excellence and you inspire me to be the same. My mother raised me to do "all things as unto the lord". You guys have helped build on that foundation. Thank you for showing that God's way of building every aspect of our lives is the best way. Thank you for always having the optional service and giving people the opportunity to accept Jesus as their Savior....."
~ Linda Long


" Your training has been fabulous! The best teaching and preaching I've heard! Your teaching on forgiveness is the best!!!"
~ Kerry and Linda Long


I came home completely transformed. When I went to Creating a Dynasty, I had no idea who I was. Your forgiveness session allowed me to take out what felt like a huge 10 inch dagger that was in my heart. At your Christian session, I came to God again and he showed me who I really was. I feel so free now with courage to be who I really am. You enabled me to step up and claim my right. Thank you so much Dani....."
~ Adrianne Beasley


"Thank you for changing our lives!!!!!!"
~ Roxanne Patton


"Loved it! Dani and her whole staff let the light of Jesus show through at all times……"
~ Lynda Hutchison


"I am blessed to have you as a mentor….."
~ Kurtis Patton


"Awesome characters….they helped my learning and opening creativity…."
~ Victoria Carter


"Thanks for everything, especially giving many of us our vision back to persevere and make our life worth it……."
~ Cathy Odenthal


"I can see for the 1st time how God has prepared me over the past 24 years. Now I do have a purpose!!!!!"
~ Marti Waggoner


"You have helped me to recognize and appreciate the diversity in my team and my own family. Thank you for lighting my path to the Lord….."
~ Cathie Ackerman


"My passion level is highly increased……."
~ John Purdin


"The info from Hans was so good. I went back to my room and experienced a release. I cried until I fell asleep. When I woke up, I knew my commitment level had increases, I felt different."
~ Patricia Oge


"Exceeded my expectations……….."
~ Jill Kosmensky


" Since First Steps, we came home and re-organized our finances, took money we probably would have wasted, and used it to pay off over 150 thousand in debt……."
~ Lea English


"This seminar gave me the personal and professional support I needed to get to work. I finally have the 'belief' I needed……."
~ Denise Ernst


"You have helped me overcome issues in my personal life and business life through First Steps to Success and Creating a Dynasty."
~ Angela Losher


"Love the characters, it really keeps it fresh and fun…."
~ Robert Tallent


"This was an awesome experience we touched the heart of the Lord!!!!"
~ Elaine Madred


"The entire Seminar was simply awesome!"
~ Lynn Gee


"The DaniJohnson.com staff is great….joyful, happy, and considerate…….."
~ Sally Yugovich


"My first seminar to visit was in Chicago. Since then my husband and I have signed up many people and our team meetings are now regular every week!!!!"
~ Slava Soudele


"Thank you so so much for being obedient to the Lord - Thank you for speaking life into us an being so full of meat! Mahalo!"
~ Rachel Pasco


"Fabulous - fabulous - fabulous! I loved the entire flow and how it built each day - Excellent Job!!!"
~ Debbie Rupert


"The characters and the military speaker brought out emotions like never before. This type of seminar used to be way 'out of my box', but I feel like the world has been lifted off my shoulders with their personal touch. Thanks for a new beginning…………."
~ David Becker


"I am grateful God has allowed me to be a member of hour team. I am up for the Challenge."
~ Karen Ortiz


"All that I have learned this weekend and through your closing class. I had 8 pages of forgiveness and excuses to burn on Friday. I know that I cannot even return to the person I was! I am ready to step up to another level and be the leader that God put me on this earth to be. Thank you so much for helping me to find what has been buried for so long......."
~ Ken Spencer


"Thank you for being so real - We've taken many training over years - and have learned more by attending 2 of your seminars in all the years we've been involved in Network Marketing…"
~ Claire Lynas


"The characters are awesome! They are fun, they keep us as an audience engaged, and you keep us involved. This is not a 'stiff' presentation, it is more of an interactive, genuine teaching session. You teach basic principals and you reinforce them over and over. The 'Pirate' is my favorite character and it makes it easy to see and understand."
~ Mark Maghrak


" Due to what I learned from your Seminars, I was able to reconnect with my brother that I haven't spoken with for over 15 years. I was so blessed with this restored relationship as well as the tools to build my business. Thank you!"
~ Daniel Tufts


" I coach high school basketball in El Cerrito California and I will be implementing your training that I've learned at Dynasty into the arena also. This was an amazing experience!"
~ Ron Williams


"The entire seminar was totally awesome!"
~ Jo Legat


"You prayed for my feet and I no longer use a cane. I was on stage dancing, running to lunch and amazing people with the power of God and His Glory!"
~ Fred Legat


"I am so blessed and proud to be a part of your army, fighting for freedom!!!!!!!!!!"" I have been in this industry for 30 years and loved and knew it was a vehicle to freedom. But the trainings out there have been SCAMS until DaniJohnson.com………."
~ Evelyn Lee Deflrion


"After the miracles that were preformed this weekend, I believe that miracles can and do happen!"
~ Dawn Allen


"Dani - you and your team are the greatest!"
~ Melva Calvin


"This was way beyond any expectation I could have imagined. My life is changed. My future generation will be changed because my husband and I were here….."
~ Lisa Maghram


"Dani & team - Thank you so much for this incredible, life altering weekend! We have so much to take back to our team. You have simplified our lives! We laughed, we cried, we reflected, and we had some revelations. We are letting go of some very heavy baggage.... and we're starting anew. You gave us our freedom back and now we're going to help bring others here to experience this peace. We will see you again! God bless you and your incredible vision......"
~ Dave & Becki Becker


"For 3 to 4 years plus, I have had pain in my left foot due to a medical problem. My doctor said in order to correct it I needed to go thru an operation. With this operation, he had to un-attach the tendon in my foot, repair, then re-attach it. I would be off of my feet for 6 months to an entire year for it to repair. That's something I just couldn't afford. When Dani prayed to have everyone's feet healed, I didn't realize it had affected me also until the next day when she had a few people give testimonials. I then realized that I too had the pain leave my foot. Praise the Lord!"
~ Nina Jennings


"We loved the characters that taught such great principles so effectively!"
~ Richard & Janice Miller


"I can go on pursuing God's purpose for my life without fear, knowing that all things work together for the good of those who love Him. Thank you so much, Dynasty changed my life!"
~ Nalette Wooten


"Wow I needed this. It surpassed my original expectation………"
~ Loren Schoeneman


"I can not thank you enough for helping me clean my soil, and my sole. I have carried around a very heavy garbage bag. I now feel so empty and CLEAN!!!!!!"
~ Angela Brooks


"Since I first met you in Chicago my belief in myself, my family, and all things spiritual have soared. Prior to meeting you it was very challenging to be around Christians. I have always been a seeker but have not found what I was looking for in Christianity. However, I look so forward to hearing you weave your faith into your teachings. It's very uplifting and makes total sense. You are one of a kind.........."
~ Harley Schaeffer Jr.


"Well worth it!"
~ Jimmy Potts


"I will succeed thanks to your teachings…………."
~ Holly Meller


" I am very thankful to all that you do for us……."
~ Krisztina Farkas


"My life has been changed!!! I found my spirituality from the Friday night session, which was missing in my life. I am empowered unlike I could ever imagine……"
~ Karen Lisek


"I finally got it when Dani showed us the 'building a fire' technique."
~ Sergio Flores


"All of the sudden, my foot had stopped hurting……"
~ Betty L. Purdin


"What an awakening……"
~ Kurt Briscoe


"Because of you. I have since Feb. increased my income one thousand percent per week by listening to your c.d.'s and only one First Steps to Success seminar in Phoenix. Also I'm now completely debt free and never before have I had a savings account and I now have over 6,000 dollars in the bank. Thank you for giving me balance in my life....."
~ Elene Campbell


Dani, you're absolutely wonderful…"
~ Linda Logue


"You are truly a motivator. You are very sincere and spiritual. Your level of commitment is overwhelming…."
~ Evelyn Lawson


"You have done a fantastic job showing us the different personalities and how we receive information and view life. Thank you for an inspirational weekend…"
~ Linda Vaccaro


"It felt spoken right to my heart!"
~ Roberta Sala


"You've changed my life with your teachings. You've touched my soul with your prayers and Christian training. Since you've prayed for me, I've felt the spirit of God within me and He is helping me daily. Thank you!"
~ Brent Nelson


"The best seminar I have ever been to in my lifetime! Miracles are happening in my life because of your teachings…"
~ Nancy Dokter


"It was life changing……"
~ Linda Rivers


"You have profoundly equipped me with building my relationship with my husband and 2 boys."
~ Donna Montreuil


"Incredible weekend. I feel like I got a P.H.D."
~ Paul Prehm


"Dani- I truly want to thank you and your entire staff for sharing your gift with us and I pray that this grows in such a way that the world will change dramatically. I am so excited about the future."
~ Yvetta Zona


"The hands on exercises and characters helped me to internalize the message."
~ Leah A. Shanahan


"Thank you for bringing God back into my life…."
~ Amanda Young


Dynasty is an experience no one could explain. A 'must' attend event……"
~ Brad Young


"Thank you very much for the soldier character. It made me cry but made me proud at the same time to see people go "Oh yeah, our freedom isn't free,"
~ Tina Eckhoff


"This was wonderful! I love the getting out of debt, the characters, the military guy - my heart was pounding!"
~ Rebecca Drone


"I am extremely pleased with the tools and resources that were offered."
~ Alan Vukas


"Dani provides a great 'Blue Print' for being successful!!!!!"
~ Gevonne Luo


"The soldier's story for me was loaded with revelation……"
~ Lauretha Brown Ward


"Awesome weekend, it totally changed me head to heart!!!!!!!"
~ Mike Zerkle


" It all started with a conference call at the DaniJohnson.com's website- her peircing questions moved me. I literally got healed on that call, of 14 autoimmune diseases, 2 of which were life threatening, including Lupus and Esophageal cancer! After the First Steps to Success Seminar event I asked God to impart within me more faith thatn I had ever experienced in my entire life. God imparted into me more faith that morning thatn I have ever had in my entire 21 years of serving Him. On May 26th I went for my yearly checkup with my Rheumatologist ( one of the foremost specialists in his field), I went in , his nurse about lost it- she was in tears. She looked at me and said, "What on earth have you done to yourself? Oh my gosh!" I was 43 pounds lighter, no cane, showing them my mobility, and just sharing with them what had happened since our last visit. The doctors response to me was, "I have seen remarkable recoveries and incredible restoration but you are by far in my 21 years of practice the most profound and astounding recovery I have ever seen. All I know to say is you have been given a miracle, you need to run with this and go as far as you can with it." These are the same words that God spoke to me recently and the same words that Dani spoke to me over a year ago. Thank you Dani and your staff - you have become like a second family to me. I don't have enough words or thanks to utter.""I earned 2,100 in 2 weeks time. With bonuses included, in 90 days I've earned a total of 20,000 dollars. Using the tools that Dani taught me about debt, I am now debt free as well. Eternal thanks to DaniJohnson.com….."
~ Sandi Krakowski


"I am the operations manager for a company that has operations in 28 different companies across the four continents with 31 branches in the western United States. I will be implementing Dani Johnson's training products to train our sales team."
~ Barry Ingenthron


"The seminar was amazing, 3 hours into the first day of training, I knew that I was taking the next step in achieving my goal of living a successful life, both with my God and my goals for our families financial future. I called my husband at the first break and told him that I had already received my money's worth."
~ Camille Christianson


The money I spent going to your First Steps to Success Seminars was worth every cent because I didn't just learn great skills, but I've changed inside....."
~ Elaine Madrid


"What can I say except wow! This was not just a training seminar; this was a life-transforming experience. I started feeding on your training products back in February and in March, I enrolled 107 customers from leads which tripled my income from the month before."
~ Bebbie Tennyson


"In nine months I've told like 43 people about my business; my group has grown to almost 5,000 representatives and it's because the different processes and the way Dani does everything."
~ Jefferson Santos


"There is light at the end of the tunnel. There is no magic here, just faith, work, and desire. Now, I work less and earn more……."
~ Avery Wadlington


"Your website has been so instrumental in my life. The training is second to none….."
~ Mario Mosley


"Dani got me over my fear of picking up the phone and since your training seminar, I've been calling 25 people a day. I have the attitude now that I have the best opportunity in the world…………………."
~ David Day


"Huge change in attitude and confidence. I have been shy my whole life but after the first session my confidence level increased dramatically enough that I had 6 people approach me."
~ Linda Lee


"I closed 3 people in 45 minutes! You have changed my ratios 80%..............."
~ Sandi Krakowski


" I've gained posture, confidence, and a boost in my drive to achieve my goals….."
~ LTConnolly


" I loved it and was sorry when it was over…"
~ Coral Caubert


"I would have paid 3 times as more!"
~ Frank Salinas


"Finally an event, no, an experience, worthy of the industry ….."
~ Enrico Valente


~ Kim Rutherford


"I had tears from Dani's opening prayer!"
~ Daniel Weigand


"I have been truly blessed by your Conference Calls, C.D.'s, Script Book, Web archive training calls; however, your enthusiasm & inspiration was even more contagious in person at First Step to Success."
~ Patricia Di Mola


"I have been an anesthesiologist for many years and have enjoyed a multiple six figure annual income. Although to some people that may sound like that's a dream come true in terms of income, the downside with many professional level careers is that often times those positions consume an individual's life. What unfortunately happens is that frequently thes people become 21st century slaves and this is what I felt what I had become. When I was introduced to the industry, I immediately understood just how powerful the industry is. I realized very early on in my HBB career that in order to achieve a professional level of income in the industry I would requere professional training in order to be successful. My financial investment in my HBB education has been comparable to what one would spend for an MBA at one of the top universities, and I have gleaned so much from the training and insights of many of the well known trainers of the industry. Then, by accident (although there are no accidents) I read your story and was able to listen to a conference call that you facilitated for another industry expert. I knew immediately that you were the trainer that I had been seeking. Having had personal coaching sessions with you and just recently attending a First Steps to Success Seminar, I am amazed at how comprehensive your training techniques and systems are. You have a special gift to be able to effectively convey wisdom and knowledge in the ares of personal growht and development, proper mindset and posture, prospectin and recruiting, closing, and more importantly, duplication. I have no regrets whatsoever for the previous trainings and coaching that I invested in prior to meeting you; however, if you had been the only trainer/coach that I had ever been exposed to, I would have received the requesite knowledge that I need to generate a seven figure annual income. I am now very adamant and particular about the types of people that I brign into my enterprise. They all know before they sign on the dotted line that if they are not willing to invest in themselves by tapping into your training that I am not willing to sponsor them. You have assisted me in co-creating leaders, and that is absolutely what it takes to creat a dynasty...............Again, you have meant so much more to me than the increases and wins that I have experienced in my business. You have been a God send and have assisted me in getting my life back........"
~ Dr. Lynese L. Lawson


"You sucked every excuse right out of me……."
~ Dan Pottner


"Not only did we get the best training in the country, our hearts were filled with the wonders of God!"
~ Paul Schuette


"Before taking Dani's Coaching Classes I was uncertain and confused about how to drive this business forward. I knew I wanted this business opportunity, but I couldn't understand how to develop it systematically. From Dani's first class, she sets forth a series of steps, if followed, you can understand and apply. This built my confidence, enthusiasm and eagerness to excel. I now look forward to developing my business thanks to DaniJohnson.com....."
~ Coral Caubert


"Thank you for a remarkable weekend and meeting some new friends…"
~ Lester K. Williams


"It was 5-studded stars and then some! Bravo! Thumbs up! Hallelujah! Inspirational!!!!!!"
~ Francis K. Rosnick


"If you are 'thinking' about taking the course, you are already behind, you have to ACT NOW if you want the life you have always dreamed about."
~ Jefferson Santos


"I've been to over 100 trainings in my life, of all different sorts. I thought your training would be information that I already knew. Wow! Was I ever wrong! Your First Steps to Success Seminar was full of practical tools and information as well as passionate, powerful truths that really hit home. There was material that I had never learned before. I was moved to tears the first day when I really got clear that I had lost my passion and belief for the industry. And for the first time in five years, I got it back. The bottom line is that your seminar was absolutely the best and most impactful training I have ever done in my life.........................."
~ Jeff Breakey


"This was by far the greatest seminar I have ever been to. It was like going to a revival!"
~ Chris Evans


"I learned who I am……….."
~ Thora Sullivan


"I will tell everybody about your training seminars and let them hear and feel for themselves the power that is unleashed at your training."
~ Anonymous


"Dani, a brave, vibrant lady - sharing and imparting so much to bring out our full potential!!!!!!"
~ Elizabeth Townsend


"I can't stop listening to your training ……"
~ Doyle Young


"Saturday night absolutely floored me………."
~ Marcus Tribelhorn


"Dani has helped to re-connect with God. I have Jesus back in my heart and I am so happy about that. I've spent all of my life looking for purpose and these couple of months being involved with Dani and her teachings has helped me realize exactly what I've been 'called' to do."
~ Denise Ernst


I have seen a tremendous change within myself. I have more courage than I ever had before and that is what gets me going in the industry. Attending the seminar really opened my eyes on the whole prospect of life and success. I see a big change in my life. Thank you Dani!!
~ Lidia Morrison


"I keep listening to the the training C.D.'s and feeling like "I can do that too!"
~ Roberta Sala


"I'm so grateful to be able to send my business builders to you and your resources for training….."
~ Linda Rivers


"I have spent thousands of dollars at different seminars but yours is the only one I can't forget and can't stop talking about."
~ Glenda McCullough


"I can't get enough of these calls. This is the first time I've heard something this good! I'm addicted to her training calls."
~ Julie Ruppieko


"One in a million………"
~ Catherine Wangen


"Hearing your story has made me stop, and take a look around me and realize it's up to me to get on with my life…."
~ Patti Cagle


"A simple and transparent approach to selling…….."
~ Lisa Master


"This was my second Dynasty. I don't have words to explain the personal growth!"
~ Kulwant Jutla


"She knows what it takes to be successful…."
~ Judge Marya Nelson-Davis


"After Creating a Dynasty, we have increased over 50% in just 2 weeks!!"
~ Cheryl Bell


" I was in attendance in your closing class in March 05. I now have more confidence in how I do my business and have been promoted to the top level in management in the company I am with."
~ Melva Calvin


"God used Dani to help me stay focused when it would have been much easier to just give up…."
~ Jan Williams


"Your customer service level is great…."
~ Rodger Rickabaugh


"My duplication now is becoming phenomenal because I'm able to plug them into your system and get them going to work. "
~ Brent Nelson


“You look prettier, your eyes have lifted, your face looks so much brighter” were the comments that I got from people the very next morning after attending Dani’s Saturday night bonus Christian session. Go to 1st Steps to Success and make sure you go to the special bonus hours and find out what happened to me may happen to you.”
~ Katie Bowen


“I feel blessed and enriched!!!”
~ Marilyn Vaughn


"Thank you, you are heroes…..”
~ Sandra Chey


“Thank you , I’ve learned so much. You’ve showed me how to put it all into practice.”
~ Jennifer Vong


“This was an incredible life changing weekend for my wife and I. Thanks, Dani, for your commitment to the whole person. We are official “Dani-ites” now.”
~ Nate Ridgeway


Fabulous Seminar!!!!
~ Janice Miller


“Thanks so much for this training, I can’t wait to get home to get to work.”
~ Linda Smith


“I came because I was in a rut, just started the business, my brother just passed away, and my spirit has been crushed. I now believe that I do deserve happiness and to be successful. Thank you and God bless all of you!”
~ Janet Keller


“I thank God for your Seminar, now I have the belief and training I have been looking for to equip me to fly……”
~ Mark Maghrak


“Since plugging into your calls, I’ve had my best month in enrolling people ever….”
~ Tera Laird


“I came to hear at least one thing that was profound and helpful. It was all profound…..”
~ Jeffrey Hiatt – Frink


“The entire staff of Danijohnson.com is awesome! Every aspect of what you do helps our personal as well as our business life…”
~ Brad and Amanda Young


“Thank you so much for the training calls online. It’s absolutely gotten me to where I am.”
~ Linda Hutchinsin


“Dani speaks the truth……My life is dedicated to truth so I thoroughly respect this honorable woman and dynamic speaker. Dani is a rare individual.”
~ Johnny Walker IV


“This weekend far exceeded my expectations. I received much more than I ever imagined.”
~ Stephanie Scott


“Thank you for a wonderful ‘eye opening’ experience.”
~ Stacy English


“This is the most valuable training in the industry I have ever attended or seen! I wish I had access 3 ½ years ago when I started in the field. We are rejuvenated and ready to start again with renewed commitment, confidence, and determination.”
~ Lisa Gold


“We’ve been at this for 3 ½ years and have never seen or heard anything comparable.”
~ Rich Gold


“I was blessed by being here.”
~ Joy Rogers


“The catalyst I’ve been looking for since starting in the business almost 9 months ago.”
~ Norma Richardson


“An ‘eye opening’ experience.”
~ Derrick Berg


“I believe in myself now.”
~ Shanon Wood – Berg


“What a Seminar!! Dani is simply awesome, I’m coming out of this event on fire……”
~ Jo Ann Hodson


“You are the biggest reason for my success.”
~ Harley Schaeffer


“In just 45 minutes, I earned 1,500 dollars by using Dani’s ‘Building a Fire’ and ‘Fan the Flame’ techniques. I couldn’t believe how fast it worked….”
~ Anonymous


"It won't be long before you have to start renting 10,000 seat convention centers rather than hotel meeting rooms."
~ Jim Kitson


"You have so stirred me to get beyond comfort and mediocrity."
~ Robin Ridgeway


"In the 7 weeks since our first First Steps To Success, our team has grown by 250 team members, and our income has doubled! We are proud to be apart of your team!"
~ Nate Ridgeway


"This was totally awesome and mind-expanding event!
~ Vicki Engel


"An inspiration of sky-scraping heights!!!!!"
~ Colleen Faast


"Thank you for your C.D.'s, Free Conference Calls, Coaching Classes, and First Steps to Success. Thank you for your passion, vision, drive, instruction, love, genuine concern, and love for people like myself driven to make a better life."
~ Peter Slade


"I wish I would have heard about you 2 years ago when I first started the business…."
~ Johanna


"You are the training component of this business…."
~ Marte Waggoner


"Dani is a highly anointed follower of Jesus Christ, it is such an honor to see how God is using your vessel to reach deep down in people to pull out the yuk!"
~ Shunette Cook


"I feel truly blessed to have been in your presence this weekend. I have been searching for fulfillment, and meanwhile numbly treading water in the midst of what I bitterly called my life. When I stop listening to the lie, I start hearing the voice of God!! I am inspired to do things I have never thought possible. I am seeing the chance that Success is in my grasp. I have hope now!!!!!!!!!!!!"
~ Shanna M. Cohn


"I'm deeply touched and driven."
~ Kristine Farkas


"Much more than I expected…."
~ Bill Werremeyer


"Thank you for filling a much needed gap in Networking and making it possible for people who will spend their money in ways that are solution oriented….."
~ Laura Lee Waldorf


"It was so much more than I could have asked, dreamed, hoped or imagined!"
~ Chris Mevrick


"Worth the price of admission!"
~ Gail Brown


"I love, love, the fact that there is no 'cross recruiting' - I feel comfortable sending my team to your training…."
~ Lupe Encarnacim


"I purposely missed my flight on Sunday night so I would not miss anything…."
~ Jane Welch


"This is my 6th First Steps To Success and I learn something valuable every time!!!
~ Kathy Humpherys


"The Christian session gave me a huge revival!!!!"
~ Jeremy Krakowski


"It is in your face and real!!!!"
~ Don Thompson


"Dani's honesty and integrity makes learning much easier and she makes the common challenges seem easier to conquer…."
~ Don Elswick


"Not a Motivational Speech! But so much more!"
~ Leon Hoster


"It felt like I was reborn!!!!!!!!!!"
~ Brian Ewert


"Dani makes everything seem so sensible and do-able………"
~ Joanne Reichart


"My husband is a 6 figure earner in sales employed by a company. He has gone to trainings for 25 years and was very, very impressed with your training…"
~ Patty Johnson


"She showed us how to truly become debt free, not just a get rich quick scheme."
~ Sharon Smith


"I will be referring people because what you are doing is the best way to go and be successful."
~ William H. Smith


"Dani is the best trainer I have ever seen in this industry or anywhere else!"
~ Fran Wood


"For a long time I doubted this industry and my place in it. Thanks to your I know I am in the right industry…."
~ Randall Peterson


"This is the best investment we've ever made!!!!"
~ Gene & Lisa Kelsey


"I will definitely send my people to DaniJohnson.com…"
~ Kathleen Oberbroeckling


"I've been able to warm up to leads much better since using your Script Book….."
~ Sondra McBride


"Now I really believe I can do it….."
~ Beverly Nyht


"I feel we have gained 1000% in confidence and knowledge!!!!"
~ Dan & Wanda Swonger


"There wasn't a thing I didn't like……….."
~ Roy Lee


"I am free to be me…."
~ Pam Kozu


"This isn't just a rah rah feel good seminar………"
~ Donna Young


"You've given me the tools to be the best 'me' I can be and help others to do the same!!!!"
~ Corinne A. Marin


"I feel very comfortable about referring people to you because of your 'belief'…
~ Loene Anderson


"Totally sold on you!!!"
~ Don Faast


"Y'all have made my job a lot easier………"
~ Melissa Hellman


"Saturday night is why I was suppose to be here. Dani touched my life in a tremendous way and I will never forget it……."
~ Cheryl Coffey


"The honesty, the realness, the rawness………………."
~ Mary Wilke


"The most complete & comprehensive training that I have been to in 18 years in the industry!"
~ Tyler Adkins


"I loved the fact that Dani is so bold about speaking up for the Lord, the Bible, and her personal relationship with Christ……"
~ Dianne Varnadoe


"This was 10 times more than I expected………."
~ Kelvin Ray Drake


"DaniJohnson.com can relieve me of having to baby-sit my distributors………."
~ Susan Souder


"Prior to attending Dani Johnson's coaching classes I would talk with 120 people a week, talk to 25, bring 18 to a presentation, and close about 7% of those people. Now I talk to 250 people per week, talk with 60, bring 40 people to the presentation, and close 25% of those people. Thanks Dani!"
~ Harley Schaeffer


"Prior to attending Dani Johnson's coaching classes my closing ratios were about 1%. Now my closing ratio is over 20%......."
~ Jo Faber


"I don't feel like I have to sell anymore! Dani helped me in so many ways. My presentation has improved as well as my posture. I realize I am a recruiter not a salesman, ant that makes a huge difference. Don't even think twice to take this class!"
~ Gary Welk


"My closing ratios went from a mere 0% to over 50%................"
~ Patti Cagle


"My closing percentages doubled after plugging into Dani Johnson's Coaching Classes!"
~ Mary Ann


"Anyone who wants better odds of success take Dani Johnson's Coaching Class!"
~ Gail


"I've never seen anything like it! For the first time in my life, I've received yes's in my closing ratios.
~ Victoria Carter


"Before the class, I hated making calls and do not think I would have succeeded in this business had it not been for Dani Johnson…"
~ Janell Schicker


"I was shooting darts into the air before. Now I have my eye on the bull's eye.
~ Anita J. Knaack


"Dynasty was the best 3 days of my life in a very long time. It was done with a spirit of excellence by all of you. I left a different person………."
~ Elaine Madrid


"With this class you can learn so much faster - and time is money!!!!"
~ Echeau


"After the Dynasty event in Tampa, I feel like God hit me over the head with a 2 by 4 ---but in a good way! I have a concrete plan for getting out of our insane debt, I have a better relationship with my kids because I watch my tongue around their friends, and best of all - I've doubled my sales volume!"
~ Alicia Jiracek


"Dynasty is way specific, fine toothed, and advanced, It's like you need to be tempered at First Steps To Success in order to receive the heat of Dynasty. Dynasty, because of its depth and nit and grit, has equipped me to really, truly understand what I'm to do with my business...."
~ Marcus Tribelhorn


"I purchased the MP3's and they were stuck to my ears from the plane ride back and for a few days after that. It was awesome to relisten to all the amazing teachings. They are GOLD! You have helped me spiritually, made me a better mother, wife, friend, person, and have helped me take control of my fears to help me move my business forward. I will never be the same again!!!!!!"
~ Alex Evdokias


"Dani, it amazes me how much time you spend with us. That you have an unshakable love for each and every one of us and that you truly care about our issues and helping us get over them! In the midst of all this you raise 5 wonderful children and tend to your spouse. You are truly one in a million!""Prior to Dani's Coaching Class, Out of 5 people that I would bring to a presentation, I would close not one person. Now, I've closed 25 out of 25……"
~ Kim Spencer


"My new youth will not be wasted! I am so inspired I can hardly sleep. If I kept writing from now until forever, I couldn't tell how much Creating A Dynasty has impacted my life.
~ Kim Eaton


"The MP3's we're great and will provide a lot of good information and material for our future……"
~ Ken & Jan Smith


"Before I came to Danijohnson.com I had only signed up with the company….. No sales whatsoever for almost 2 months! I was motivated until the skeptics and critics had me believing that I was involved in a scam! After Danijohnson.com it only took me one week to have 5 people on my team..."
~ Amy Jenkins


"I have Multiple Sclerosis, Osteo Arthritis and walked with a cane. As Dani laid hands on my feet, I felt a coolness in my feet. I have neuropathy in them which is a painful burning all the time. That went away and I went back to our room holding my cane instead of leaning on it. I carried it Saturday and left it in the room after that. I was in the conga line both days and on stage boogying. I am so excited!!!"
~ Frederick M. Legat


"The things I got out of this will forever change my life. I went with the expectation of learning how to grow my business and came out with how to grow within myself. Once I realized this, the business will be no problem. I would also like to include that the first person I contacted when I got home today signed up in my company...."
~ John Hammer


"You are without a doubt the best trainer in the world!"
~ Don Faast


"My 13k credit card debt will be gone within one year! I had heard of this system before, and even had an expensive course on how to do it… but you got me to commit to it! I would have had that debt for years, without your influence!! "You are without a doubt the best trainer in the world!""Your Denver First Steps clarified so many things…that I have sponsored * people in the last 8 days! My up line challenged me to keep it going all the way through to 30 for 30 days…and I will do it!" "My entire network marketing life has been revolutionized! On Monday morning, right after the FSTS seminar, one of my team members from my organization called me for advice….. And I just put the cell phone next to the tape I was playing of your training audios...and said..."This is your new trainer!. Listen to her, then go to www.danijohnson.com, listen to an hour of her calls...and get back to me!" Bada-Bing! No more co-dependency! You have rocked my existence! Thank you!"
~ Don Faast


"You may never know how you and your team have impacted the lives of so many. Not only did you show the way - you led the way! You are the real deal…
~ Victoria Carter


"I enrolled 17 clients this month."
~ Kulwant Jutla


"We were awarded the top recruiter award and also the top organization builder! We have leaders that are achieving levels they have been trying to reach for two years. The last two weeks our new members have doubled!! We will have our biggest week this week. Our Income is double what it was eight months ago. More importantly, our talented dynamic awesome team has a system to plug into ( the best one!) I have been working less, spending more time with my husband and kids. I'm living my life by design!"
~ Kathy Humpherys


"I closed 3 people with such ease…it really felt good…"
~ Debbie Carroll


"Today is the 7th day in a row that I have signed someone! It's all due to the trainings at Dani Johnson trainings!"Since I started seriously applying Dani's First Steps To Success I have personally sponsored 14 people in 14 days!"
~ Don Faast


"You are the best coach I could ever have…I was third in our company the second month in a row…
~ Anonymous


"Before the closing class I closed 3 at the 299.00 level, After the class I closed 23 at 299.00. Then, I closed a six figure income earner from the real estate industry! Today I closed a seven figure income earner from the investment field who was a top dog in 3 previous HBB companies! I also closed a six figure earner who owns a restaurant. Wow!"
~ Sandi Krawkowski


Your prospecting classes are awesome! I was able to speak with 13 people last week that I would not have spoken to without your training. I was able to set up a meeting with 6 people and 3 people joined. I made an extra 1,020. So get this… this is amazing... every time I picked up the phone and spoke to someone, I got paid $78 regardless of whether they joined or not... Huge!
~ Simeon Cryer


Before I would set up 20 PC's and about 5-8 people would show up & 1-3 would sign. Since our call last Tues. I learned to build trust and I set up 19 PC's, 16 showed up & 6 signed.
~ Becky Miller


"People are calling me back and not hanging up on me. Yesterday I was having so much fun calling prospects I spent more time that usual on the phone. My daughter and husband over heard me on the phone and commented on how confident and relaxed I sounded. They thought I was socializing with friends."
~ Sue Bunek


"Each time I've been to First Steps to Success, I've learned something new. I can't wait to be there again. I've made friends I otherwise never would have met. Dani, you've enabled so many people to do so many things that are much bigger that a home business. You've equipped me to help others increase their faith..." "After my first First Steps To Success, I got over my phone fears. Since then, I've learned something new each time that really sunk in. I feel equipped for everything from initial contact to putting a new associate to work!"
~ Todd Palm


"In 5 weeks I have gone from being quite skeptical to understanding this system is an important teacher of business success, essentials, to really buying into the idea that we are outsourcing leadership development to you."
~ Earl Heflinger


"The friendliness, the realness to real life situations."
~ Luareen Allen


"Dani's gift allowed her words to help me find my passion & excitement to make a change. The seminar gave me the tools to make the change to get better…"
~ Stacy Duvel


"I want to thank Dani Johnson for helping me get my faith in God and in Jesus. I never had that before and now I have it, and it's awesome! Thank you!"
~ Gayle Drinkall


"Still the best, most comprehensive training I've seen in 19 years in the industry.
~ Tyler Adkins


"Very uplifting & inspirational"
~ Rita Goss


"The only thing that your company has not done is just to box up Dani's great personality and sell it! The calls, c.d.'s and website is beautiful, and such a great resource for building my business. Dani has given the business industry the tools to succeed."
~ Jennifer Bennett


"I feel completely comfortable and excited about referring to Dani!"
~ Sherry Willis


Disclaimer - The testimonials presented on this website are, to the best of our ability to determine, all true and accurate. They were provided willingly, without any compensation offered in return.

Please understand that these testimonial results do not represent typical or average results. Most of our clients do not share their results, nor are they required or expected to. Therefore, we have no way to determine what typical or average results have been. To be frank with you, many clients do not implement anything we teach them.

The income statements and examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, effort and motivation to work and follow recommendations. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here.

"After my first First Steps To Success, I got over my phone fears. Since then, I've learned something new each time that really sunk in. I feel equipped for everything from initial contact to putting a new associate to work!"
~ Todd Palm


"Interactive, exciting, huge amounts of motivation & energy."
~ anonymous


"I loved everything…"
~ Terrie Woodis


"I can't believe how many fundamentals you have touched on - Thank you for relighting the fire & clearing the path you are a true answer to a prayer…"
~ Luara Ricci


"I enjoyed Dani, she made the event worth listinening to. She made it fun…"
~ Jenna


"It was all great!"
~ Jane Rae Smith


"I learn more about myself every time I come!"
~ Jim Youhkin


"It is a awesome!"
~ Kathleen Oberbroeckling


"My life is forever changed…"
~ Ruby Blackmon


"Honesty and clear direction!"
~ BJ Stramme


"Dani has a real love for God!"
~ Marjorie Ponce


"I am a better person because of your c.d.'s…"
~ Sandra Dagsen


"Never a dull Moment! Fresh innovative material as well as new takes on the same information."
~ Elaine Lathan


"Dani has taken my skill to a new level. 2 days prior to First Steps To Success, I closed a cold lead, got them to the event, and she registered for Dynasty. I could never have done that without Dani's coaching. Plus, I have a wonderful new friend in my lead that attended the seminar with me."
~ Nate Ridgeway


"Dani, you are an inspiration."
~ Deb Younkin


"It exceeded my wildest expectations."
~ Ed Mitchell


"I'm now working in a totally different business model I ever thought I could: Make a lot more money with a lot more fun."
~ Adhis Boucha


"You changed my life in ways I don't even know about yet. Thank you for bringing me back to Jesus…"
~ Todd K Molter


"Thank you for cleansing me and telling me what to start doing to gain success in my life and with my family."
~ Lisa Clark - Harger


"It was real, no hype, and spoken truth! I have learned how to grow the business the right way. I'm no longer a slave or babysitter and I have my family back…"
~ Dawn Roberts


"It really is a life changing force! Not just a business or career changing force. I will never be the same again…"
~ Daniel J. Bastran


"God uses you to promote other people to their full potential… This has changed me in ways I can’t fully access at this moment…"
~ Melanie Lujan


"You helped me find out who I am."
~ Marjorie Moody


"Giving the actual steps that gave you success over and over again was what I liked most."
~ Karen Reinhold


"A true wake up call! The integrity of the Company, the proven system - Increased my belief - relieving bondage. I have been involved in 9 MLM and have never seen the training so well rounded that made sense."
~ Angie Crawford


"Thank you so much for your obedience to God's calling in your heart."
~ Diane Henson


"Dani gives us every chance to succeed."
~ Georgia Henson


"This is my jump off to making my business work!"
~ Joy Miller


"I've never been happier. I already have enrolled 7 personals and have a down line of 57 people.
~ Leon Garner


"I'm referring everyone that signs up to DaniJohnson.com."'The biggest change in my life. The beginning of the seminar allowed me to peel back the layers and take a look at my forgiveness issues. I thought I knew what I needed when I arrived. I left with a whole lot more…"
~ Ken Pickard


"The set up and the organization of things were awesome!"
~ Jill Fraser


"Truly inspirational!"
~ Irene Smith


'The direct approach. Dani tells it like it is…" You helped me find my smile…"
~ Joe Piumelli III


"I have a high level of trust in referring people to DaniJohnson.com."
~ Art Turley


"The training is very thorough and understandable."
~ Karilee Valeriano


" Dani's presentation - so real!"
~ Susanna Girauld


"I love everything you do."
~ Kim Spencer


"God has through your training, begun to raise us up. Our interaction with other people has been exciting and I now know we will be successful…We will be sending anyone who wants to work with us to your training system and your website."
~ Laran &Mary Wilke


"Your prospecting classes are AWESOME! I was able to speak with 13 people last week and I would not have spoken to without your training. I was able to set up a meeting with 6 people and 3 people joined. I made an extra 1,020…
~ Anonymous


"I can never ever thank you enough for the change you have made in my life in just 48 hrs"
~ Danier Maffei


"Dani's personal story is powerful because of her willingness to relate to, and reach people at all levels. I was really moved!"
~ Steve Brownell


"Great from start to finish…"
~ Walter Ulloa


"It was absolutely fantastic"
~ Martin Buof


"It was all extremely informative, concise, and very motivating."
~ Patricia Dinola


You've helped me increase my income by 600% in 4 months. Thank you for saving our business!"
~ Nate Ridgeway


"Having attended many other seminars, this is absolutely the best. A very rewarding experience. I will be back!"
~ Brad R. Bonnett


"Now I feel like I can move ahead!"
~ Michael Hernandez


"The best investment I've ever made…"
~ Richard Birney Smith


"What I loved was the personnel touch, the passion, and love of the work and knowledge of what it takes to succeed."
~ Steve Proffit


"This has been the best personal development and training I have ever been too. I feel much better about my whole life…"
~ Laura Burke


"The knowledge of how to speak to people was very organized…"
~ Brandy Bane


"I couldn't even get my best friends to look at a presentation. After the coaching classes, I now bring 80% to it."
~ Jared Gibbs


"Don't stop this, Don't stop changing lives, I never believed in the industry until today!"
~ Stacy O'Quinn


"I've had trouble accepting information from another woman, but I got over it this weekend. Thank you!"
~ Maria Encarnacion


"God is using you and your team to proclaim His word in this forum you are such a blessing and I am so blessed by your ministry."
~ Loretta Grapes


"Meeting Dani in person an being surrounded by so so so many positive people…It's infectious! I liked it all…"
~ Amy Lippitt


"We are now debt free due to Dani's training!"
~ Lynn Huber


"Was blown away by all that was presented…"
~ Melveen Stevenson


"Dani's energy, humor, and most of all, her spiritual wisdom which has given me permission to have vision for my business and a financially secure future…"
~ Lynette Heitman


"Thank you for the inspiration and hope for all areas of my life that I'm leaving with…"
~ Monica Alvarez


~ Fletch Rainey


"I don't have any problem referring anyone to this seminar."
~ Cheryl Elder


"I'm going to need you for the next 40 plus years…Never quit at what you're doing."
~ Joshua Little


"You've renewed my faith in the industry as a whole…We've searched for years to find training w/God's hand on it!"
~ Debbie Carroll


"The motivation that comes from First Steps To Success comes straight from the heart!"
~ James Ransaul


"I'm totally impressed…Thank you so much for coming up with this tremendous training program. One year ago I found out I was on the edge of dying and one of the many things that I was concerned about as I looked back at my life was the fact that I never succeeded in my home based business. I always enjoyed working with all the great people in the business but I had quit 3 years ago due to a tragedy in my life. But now I've taken charge of my poor health and am reversing the problem. Thank you so much for these tools that will help me with the business!"
~ Alan Thomas


"Dani's integrity, compassion, skill, and expertise is amazing. The best female trainer! You are a great professional role model!"
~ Phyllis Hyde


"My life will never be the same. How could it? I am not the same!! Yeah!
~ Stacey Krach


"The most exciting and valuable seminar I've ever been to!"
~ Rober Olguin


"It put me into a teachable position!"
~ Kerry Pettit


"You have brought me back to God since Boston, and now my husband as well. Even if we don't make a dime with this business, we have been infinitely blessed."
~ Pearl Poon


"I don't know where to start…the empowering words I was given to use when prospecting and closing, the team building strategies, the belief that was strengthened in me…"
~ Eliot Hodges


"Your belief inspires me. I love myself more and affirm God's will will be done through me."
~ Timothy Johnson


"The true-grit information - wonderful! The fact that you really live everything that you teach - faith based.
~ Jennifer Wicks


A raw, honest, down to earth approach of teaching…This was truly the most amazing, intensive, heart-wrenching, success leading and 'Raw Reality Seminar'.
~ Nicole M. Keach


"Loved it, loved it, loved it…""There was absolutely 'nothing' that I didn't like. I can say that this seminar has changed my life."
~ Vanessa Lea


"The deep personal level learning clarity and discovery…Being blessed by Dani Sat Night and feeling something happen to me that I've never felt before. Bringing me to God!
~ Mark D. Lee


"Thank you for helping me to see the strongholds that need to be torn down in my mind in order for me to succeed."
~ Justin Snead


"Everything you offer is fantastic!"
~ Harriette K. Lubow


"Thanks to you I believe in myself more and more. My team is growing beautifully and my relationship with God is getting stronger and better every time I come to the First Steps To Success."
~ Krisztina Farkas


"Dani Johnson is a brilliant mastermind in the field of business. A must for anyone who is serious about becoming successful…"
~ Veronica L. Garza


"Dani's style of teaching and her love for us is 'off the hook!' What I have learned here this week end at First Steps To Success will change my life for ever!"
~ Deborah Apodaca


"Dani spoke the truth…"
~ Cara Cavanaugh


"Great staff, great Godly focus…"
~ Lesia Caggiano


"I loved the seminar and I would recommend it to anyone…"
~ Pamala Depwez


"Your call on Aug 22 on Procrastination hit me. I started scheduling my time and I signed up a new associate that week."
~ Esther Alger


"Loved it, I will be back!"
~ Daniel Rushnell


"Loved the valuable input. It will make a profound difference for generations to come."
~ Fay Mclain


"Don't quit doing this!"
~ Michele Symons


"Best training I've ever had!"
~ David Ceaceman


"Excellent training!"
~ John Snider


"...I am thrilled to lead people to your seminars knowing that you will have an impact on them that is much bigger than just being successful in business.""I will now be sending my new prospects to you so I don't have to pretend to know it all. You can be the leader for me! Thank you!"
~ Susan Dawson


"I will be referring everyone I know to your seminars…"
~ Dianna Ellis


"I feel totally secure now in referring anyone of my people to your seminars."
~ Jerry M. Alexander


"You've changed my life. I am a better wife and a better woman in every way!"
~ Amanda Lynne Porter


"A splendid Seminar…"
~ Susane Suteii


"I will refer everyone I know!"
~ Rick Patterson


"Loved it all…"
~ Theresa G.


"Well organized, comprehensive, no glitches…Flawless!"
~ Louis Simmonds


"I fell totally secure referring people to you!"
~ Mauralee Ramirez


~ Alex Rodriquez


"Dani's honest & relevant examples…Her experience that she's sharing with us is worth more than the cost of the seminar…"
~ Tracie Kim


"Your very inspiring!"
~ Eric Moss


"Dani has done more than enough…"
~ Deborah Fung


"I feel very secure about referring people to DaniJohnson.com…The seminar gives me the confidence to do it…"
~ Marjorie Claus


"I feel absolutely secure, you're the best…I will be recommending my team…"
~ Barbara S. Williams


"You did a wonderful job!"
~ Sophia Blankson


"Unlike any other seminar I have ever been to. My whole outlook on business and my life has changed. Dani really touches your soul…"
~ Donna Simoneau


"The seminar was great! Thanks, it has changed my life…"
~ Ella Ocean


"I loved everything! You are amazing…"
~ Suzanne Strauss


"I thought it was perfect. I couldn't ask for more!"
~ BettyLou Crouch


"Very fun and worthwhile…"
~ Brian Nielsen


Before I would set up 20 PC's and about 5-8 people would show up & 1-3 would sign. Since our call last Tues. I learned to build trust and I set up 19 PC's, 16 showed up & 6 signed."
~ Becky Miller


"I closed 5 prospects last week after my first week class.....that is more than I did in the first 6 months of this year. I dialed more people in 1 week than I ever have before. After dialing 58 calls, I got 12 tgo the presentation and closed 5. I am also using these concepts in my other career that I've been in for 20 years. And doing that job better now as well. I now come to the phone with excitement and anticipation and can't wait to see what happens. I get excited when I hear an objection because now I know how to handle them..."
~ Ron Ray


"Yesterday I was having so much fun calling prospects I spent more time than usual on the phone. My daughter and husband over heard me on the phone and commented on how confident and relaxed I sounded. They thought I was socializing with friends. What I didn't share is that before this class I was petrified of calling and would end up in tears some days with all the rejection I felt. I thought there was something wrong with me but I did and still believe in our products and company. I thank you from the innermost part of me."
~ Sue Bunek


"I will be the first one from my company to plug people in to you, and I already have the attention of several fellow leaders who will do the same!"
~ Laura Morris


"There are not enough words to express the personal growth and professional growth that you have impacted on me. Thank you!"
~ Lynda Zimmerman


"Than you for all you do for our industry Dani, you rock!"
~ Cath Wendte


"Thanks for making this available to everyone that wants to be a success in the home based business arena."
~ Mary Kohlenberg


"Tonight's call was for me…I needed that 'shot in the arm'!"
~ Anne Boone


"34 people signed in 30 days…Because of you, Dani!!! And the little black and white Script Book…"
~ Don Faast


"I appreciate your wisdom and I must say 'you rock!'…"
~ Darren Neuberger


"Last month I sponsored five people and I felt like I was don't all right, but it was hard work…Since going to First Steps To Success I have sponsored 6 people in 3 days!
~ Carole Noxon


"I am just now able to take time to catch my breath and reflect on the impact this past weekend had on me personally as well my business. What a weekend! I am connecting with people on a level in a way that I've never have before. I am getting immediate results, amazing, fantastic. I can't wait for my team to grow so we can all share First Steps To Success and Dynasty together."
~ Joe F Piumelli III


" began to listen to the different Monday night conference calls and I am hooked… I can't thank you enough…"
~ Heather Dannewitz


"I have purchased your North Carolina CD's…oh my goodness, I just can't put them into words."
~ Susan Andrews


"I was absolutely blown away…"
~ Bryan Merritt


"You brought my heart back to beating fast, boom boom boom I can do it, again!!
~ Sandi Krakowski


"Your message penetrated me. I was able to read your heart, and it was full of love, without hypocrisy or guile."
~ Tom Egbert


"Your Christian example is so very sorely needed in our present culture, you've given me courage far beyond the Network Marketing Industry skills.
~ Gerry Miller


"When my up line re-directed me to your website and training calls. It was as if I had found and rediscovered God's call on my life to build a business.
~ Edward Goveia


"Thank you Dani, you are right on!"
~ Tom Egbert


"Your call tonight is the beginning of a new view of how God wants to bless me in his way…"
~ Kathryn Duerst


"Before your 1st closing class and First Steps To Success I would close 3 prospects at 399.00 After plugging into your system I've been able to close 24 at the 399.00 and rose to 3rd in company for 2 months in row…Now I am currently ranked number one in the company..."
~ Sandi Krakowski


"I cannot tell you how we have literally felt a weight life off of our shoulders. Now I can do what I love to do, be with my children and do my business, rather than spend my energy in a corporate job that was sucking the life out of me. "
~ Rebbecca Withey


"My job forces me to live paycheck to paycheck so I signed up for a home based business 2 1/2 months ago. For the first two months I was totally unsuccessful working leads and I couldn't get any help or guidance from my sponsor. So, I started to search frantically on the Internet for some help. Thank God I found your site. The first time I logged on to your site, I listened to the calls for 8 hours straight. I've listened to all of the calls on your site (some more than once), purchased the NC CDs, and the Script Book. I listen to your CDs every day. I have been working leads as much as I can for the past 2 weeks. I tried to incorporate all of the things you teach while I was doing my prospecting. Tonight I personally sponsored my first person into the business! To make it better, I sponsored her at the 2nd highest level which means I will get a commission check. (I've never received one so it will interesting to see what they look like.) It was such an amazing feeling and I owe it all to your training and prayer. Thank you for helping me to confront my fear, confront my past, and develop a closer relationship with my God. I made the sacrifice and registered for your seminar in Boston and I can't wait to see you there. You have given me faith in my business and renewed hope for my future. "
~ Ursula Smith


I started in this industry 14 years ago while I was in college. I have been with a number of companies and have attended many "training" seminars that never had any lasting impact. I attended my first "First Steps" in Salt Lake City in July 2005. In the past month I have sponsored 6 new people into my business and a total of 10 since I started listening to Dani's CDs. That may not seem like a lot but in the last 1 1/2 years I sponsored only 3 and I was on the phone almost eveyday for a year trying to recruit. In the last 14 years, I probably sponsored only an additional 6 people.What Dani has to offer is so unique and incredibly powerful. I would recommend to anyone who isn't where they want to be in life to go see Dani as soon as possible if they want to see that change. If you are truly open and teachable she will not only profoundly affect your business, she will have a huge positive impact on your life and the lives of those you come into contact with on a daily basis..."
~ Laurice Origel


"I initially went to First Step To Success with the intentions of coming home with just enough information to get my business to the next level. Oh boy how wrong I was. I came back a different person…"
~ Debra Mammi


"Thanks for making such a significant difference on our planet and in the industry!"
~ Valerie Rodriquez


"As a result of the skills you taught me I was able to do what I thought was the impossible and discover new hope in carrying out the mission of helping others achieve the success they were designed to have in their life. Using the skills you gave me and because I was able to step up, I was able to move the person I had just signed up into immediate action and they made a decision to follow me instead of joining the person they talked to earlier. "
~ Kevin Smith


"In the first 36 hours after attending First Steps To Success I made 2 sales, sponsored 1 new person and had 3 appointments set up. That is the most that I have done in ages…"
~ Randy Reeves


"Dani is without a doubt the catalyst that will propel you to where you were designed to go. She is without a doubt equipped to help anyone get to where they want to go and she has the tools to take you even past where you thought you could go…Since meeting Dani Johnson I have: Paid off 54,000 in debt, earned 30,000 in my business, raised my closing ratios from 3 to 24 at our high-test package, Was #3 in my company 2 months in a row, Rose to #1 in the company, Experienced a miracle in my body, documented by doctors, healed of 14 diseases, seen my marriage restored and healed, watched my son take her training and develop his film making career at 17 years old, learned to walk by faith more that ever before in my life..."
~ Sandi Krakowski


"I really did not believe that an event could change my way of thinking and start the beginning of a 'new attitude'. Your approach to the industry is so refreshing and natural that it appeals to all of us who are going to succeed in this business."
~ Sharon Okoniewski


"I signed up a lady right away after using the Script Book!"
~ Roland Michelli


"I must tell you how much your coaching class changed and uplifted me and my belief system. My self esteem and confidence level was lifted sky high during the course of the coaching class."
~ Kim Eaton


"Thanks so much for your boldness and telling it like it is…""I needed to hear this more than you'll ever know."
~ Gloria Vinson


"Since listening to you Script Book our recruiting has exploded. You have taken all the pieces that I have known but never been able to put them together so that you can quickly move a person through the exposure process with confidence and ease. Recruiting is so much fun now..."
~ Brenda Loffredo


"I was a total failure for 12 years in the industry and I had lost all hope that I would ever be able to build a business in this industry. After the first week of the prospecting class I gained hope for the first time in my life because people were now wanting to stay on the phone with me to gain my help. I cannot thank you enough Dani for how God I using you in my life to fulfill the destiny that God has called me to. You are awesome!"
~ Kevin Smith


"Please tell everyone that although the North Carolina CD's are fantastic, they are not the same thing as attending a seminar. I went to Utah to First Steps To Success and I can't describe the effect it had on me.."
~ D. Henson


"It was definitely worth the investment that I made! It has helped me in all aspects of my life - not just business…"
~ Betty King


"I arrived in the right place at the right time to experience the life inspiring teachings of Dani Johnson.
~ James R. Hatten


"I could give myself carpel tunnel by typing all of what I experienced at First Steps To Success. I've seen and heard the best and none of them offer what you offer in terms of the WHOLE PICTURE. It's not just the mind set of what it takes that you teach but you give us 'hands on' what to do, what to say, how to say it. Your material has given us a track to run on for the first time in my business after all these years. I've earned money in the past with this business but that was the hard way. I prefer the 'Dani Way'..."
~ Cathy Wendte


"I was deeply moved by the whole event and my life is now changed."
~ Mark D. Lee


"Thank you so much for all that you do, to enhance others lives!
~ Patricia Dinola


"Dani, I can't tell you how awesome you are…"
~ Lillian Melville


"I have never met someone who has embraced their calling in life as you have. You and Hans have extraordinary vision and compassion." "Never in 17 years in this industry have I been more impressed…""I felt so welcomed and appreciated! Your team is truly remarkable…"
~ David Ledoux


"The vice president of my company called me up and asked to interview me on our national weekly call so that everyone in my company could hear my story…My life has changed because what you have done for me at First Steps To Success and Dynasty."
~ Kim Eaton


"Since I got back last week from Boston, I've sponsored three people…"
~ Dianne Maydak


"I listen to your cd's every day…You have inspired me to take the next step, to get rid of my fear and 'get on with it', I sponsored 3 people in 1 day. Thanks to you - I finally believe in myself and I thank God that he has brought you into my life."
~ Deborah McCall


"I have no choice but to get rocking and rolling with my business and thanks to you, I believe I can."
~ Randy Reeves


"While we were in the car and puling up to the building he told me not to expect him to sign up because he had already seen it before and his was better. I said okay and just let the presentation take place. When it was over I discovered the truth about what you are always saying about letting them talk themselves into it while you stay silent. IT WORKED! He signed up and is busily working to get his associates involved too. Thank you so much!"
~ Patrick Woodis


"My life changed after First Steps To Success in Boston! In 7 days, I made 10 transactions and was promoted for the very first time!!! And since, I have been working consistently and signing propel up each and every week!! God is using me to help others start their own businesses from home!!!"
~ Kelly Lucas


"We had to dip into our savings in order to get to the L.A. First Steps to Success, but we knew we needed to go. I feel like we have been blessed in so many ways. Our first two days after we got home we made $350.00 and signed up 4 people for the auto ship. We are completely GREEN in this industry!!! Not only that but we have been able to look at our current budget and we have already paid off $540.00 of credit card debt using the "fat" from our budget. My husband has been able to spend more time with our daughter and we are already seeing improvements in her behavior. My mother-in-law made the comment to us that it seems like we are "glowing." It is a reflection of what God is doing in our lives through you."
~ Justin & Chrissy Snead


"The video helps with my eagerness to earn the money to be able to go if I have to sell the dog. It gives me HOPE encouragement, excitement, and most of all a longing to be there at First Steps To Success…"
~ Carol Doyle


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had the pleasure of meeting you in Atlanta and you are a phenomenal person. This call was for ME. I was listening to this call and as I was taking notes, I saw myself in everything you were describing. This is the nudge I needed to get me working on my Warm Market and stop being afraid of what people will think and afraid of failing! I agree this should be in the free zone for new members! Keep doing what God has blessed you to do.
~ Paulette Whitaker


Thanks for another check-up from the neck up!
~ Michelle Drinkard


It took listening to this a second time for it to sink in, you are sooo right about excuses..
Out of my "comfort zone" I go - why is this called a comfort zone anyhow? It is anything but comfortable!!Thank you Dani for following the path god set out for you and sharing with anyone who is willing to listen
~ Mary Doppenberg


Hi Dani,
You are just………… AWESOME ! and your teaching is just something we love and
highly beleive in! We share your site with others that are tryly trying to be
successful in this great industry!You are simply the best!
~ Gregory Pinkney


This was an awesome call. I'd love to have this on the free zone so I can send everyone to it!
~ Abigail D Monihan


Dani…You never fail me! What a really awesome call…Thank you for all of your training and belief in all of us!
~ Anita Crist


Great message
~ Darrell Hogue


Hi Dani Thanks for an awesome call last night. I'm 19 years old. And With Your help I will Be one of your success stories. I it is my goal to be a millionaire in
the next 3 years. With Your help I know it is very possible. Thank You for accepting the challenge to bless the masses with your knowledge of this Industry.
~ Ryan Tate


Hello Dani - I joined your call for the first time tonight and I found it very informtative.
~ Cynthia Khan


Dani, You did it again. Yes, again you have helped move my team to a greater level of success through tonight's call. I simply love the simple format you develop and after the call I reviewed some key areas with my team members so that I could see if we were all on the same page. Thanks again from the bottom of mine and our hearts, we are moved to further action because of your Powerful Motivation.
~ Jermaine Felton


Hi. Dani. My name is Jennifer SAntiago. I really love listening to you. I have had this dream of working for myself, being home with my kids, going to games with my kids and family. I'm 34 years old, I work as a UPS driver. 13 years. Its been a struggle with 3 children and making between 50-60 thousand a year and it just seem to never go far enough. I want sucess, I believe that some day I will have a multiple streams of income from internet and whatever.
~ Jennifer Santiago


I'm so glad that I was lead to your training you have helped me so much I want so much to go to First steps to Success in LA
~ Tim Douglas


Dear dani, thanks so much for all your wonderful info! You were mentioned on my company call. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!
~ jewel ruz


This was my first call and it was just Great. I look forward to tonight's live call.
~ Gary E Blanchard


Dani, This is what I needed.You are my new Best Friend. Keep on Keepin On.
~ Marla Waychoff


Thank you for the great information, look forward to hearing more and growing my business with your help!!! I have not made any money but I look forward to the change and seeing checks rolling in, glad I found your site.
~ shonda jones


Wowwwwwwwwwww. so far so great and I am excited to follow this system down to a t….. i will be passing this to my whole organization and they must get on this dani johnson movement……..will also recommend it on every blog i ever go on………Best motivation ever………………………………………….We Love Dani Johnson
~ Demetrius Brown


This call is like medication. If you take the prescription, your fears will be cured! Thank you, Dani.
~ Kellee Lockwood


I have learned alot just listening to the calls.
~ Elva Polvado


Dani, my upline told me to listen to you.he said you're the best!!
~ jing uyeki


Good technique & approach from Dani will change my life & reduce my debt as well.
~ Fakhrozi Bin Che Ani


Dani, It is so wonderful when you hear someone that you know, that They know GOD is real . And can make a difference in peoples lives . You know that it was GOD that made you who you are . I can hear the LOVE that you have for your fellow man . Looking to meet you soon . Bless You.
~ Terrance Morgan


Thank you so much for being who you are and for being so passionate about sharing the truth. I am ready now to get this dream started in the most profitable way. God is truly blessing me. Thanks for your message.
~ Mattie Basham


Dear dani, thank you sooo much for everything!
~ Jewel ruz


Thank you Dani for sharing your testimony with the world .To me , it is so awesome that not only have you found your calling in life , you have used your gift in such a powerful way . By not living in fear , you have shown to the world how wonderful it is to be a child of our most high God and how having faith not only in God but in yourself through God can be so uplifting !Thank you so much for being who you are and for being so passionate about sharing the truth . It is a blessing to us all to hear and feel the messages you bring to our lives !
~ dena caruso


There are no excuces that can make me quit. thank you Dani for these calls Thay are so awesome and very inspiring to me. I am very thankful that I was introduced to you. If I can get up early every day and make someone else money why can't we do it for myself.
~ Ken Neal


I always listen to all the fantatstic call
~ taramati patel


I am truly enjoying these audios so much. I'm learning so much and gaining more confidence as I listen. Thank you for your generous gift on this site. May God bless you and yours. I will see you at one of the First Steps seminars.
~ Brenda Jenkins


I am just so pumped up after hearing the testimonies as well listening to the successful presentation series. I'm ready to get back in the game and win. Thanks Dani
~ Gloria Leonard


This call has helped me find what I was doing wrong all along, what a difference it has made in my business. Thank you, Dani!
~ Christy Riley


Dani, Thank you so much for being you! I went to FIRST STEPS, GOING AGAIN WITH COLLEAGUES AND GOING TO DYNASTY! You are great and are showing so many people the way to build their dynasty by helping others find their clear vision and realizing that God is the way! He has put within our sole the way to live and be a servant! You and your teachings are awesome!
~ Barb Catlin


This call gave me a whole new perspective, outlook and attitude about my business!!!
~ Stephanie Turner


I've just finished listening after regretably missing the call LIVE! This was a POWERFUL CALL!!! I realized through other member's questions and role play a few things that I need to tweak and others that I need to implement!
~ Stephanie Turner




I have been in network marketing pretty steadily since 1980 with little or no success. But I've always known that it was there to be had for anybody with enough persitence. Thank You for what you do. I'll see you in LA.
~ Michael Rinne


I enjoyed your call. For a long time I wanted to take control of my life, but I didn't know how to go about doing so. I want to enjoy life without worring about ;I dont have the money to do this or I dont have the money to do that. Its time that I start doing things that I will like to do! Thank you Dani
~ Phyllis Bryant


I'm looking forward to starting.
~ Jennifer O'Neill


This awesome because I have little skill in network marketing but ordering North Carolina CD I worked parttime cleaning house with rich people and cleaning yards too. going to first step to success
~ Clarenvce Kontio


hi im derrick pittinger and Im 18 and Im broke , Im not sure if i should or not but im thinking about selling my car to get to the creating a dynesty simenar , but im asking people if this is a good idea to do this, but im also really motivated and excited and prepared to do whatever it takes to make this happen, tell me your thoughts on this pleaze , am i crazy???
~ derrick pittinger


I am "So Happy" to hear a professional motivational speaker as Dani Johnson give God the glory for what has happened to her. I am tired of excuses in my life and I am willing to go the extra mile to STOP!!!!! This is going to help me in so many ways. I know that finances are a hugh part of my battles with my husband right now and through making "self" changes he too will do the same and we will see our finances soar with my work at home business. I can not afford to let it pass me by this time. There are too many things a risk this time. God Bless you all at danijohnson.com. You are a God send to many people and I am going to tell everyone I know……….. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
~ Sheri Greer-Yake


This call was very informative. Thank you for the tips, I have never heard any calls until tonight and I'm very excited to start developing my new skill.
~ Gabriela Cruz


I just finished listening to the cofrence call and I just want to think you for the motivation that you gave me to live my day to day life and i promise
that one day I will stand before you, interduce myself and shake your hand, my name Is Derrick alan pittinger , Im 18 years old and thank for what your doing in peoples lifes.
~ Derrick Pittinger


This call was amazing! Dani and Hans give great trainings that are worth so much. Thanks guys for everything!
~ Donyetta Green


My Name is Elizabeth Teuteberg and I just want to say listening to you has inspired me to give this new home business of mine all I have got. I dont have a current job other then this home business I am just starting, so I have the Time to give this my all and if you can do it then so CAN I!!!
~ Elizabeth Teuteberg


I really have enjoyed your call. You answered a lot of questions that I had. I have been in the business for 6 mo. I have not closed a sale yet. After this call I'am ready to really get on the phone.Also I want ot start knocking on doors.
~ Elaine Bradley


Just finish listening to your call. Wow that's me, making the excuses, it time to STOP! I know I need to get trained and go out there, and just do it. Dreaming does no good if that's all it is, but if I make the effort I know that God will open those doors. I just have to take thoose first steps. Thanks so much.
~ Allison Buchstaber


It was a pleasure listening to you on tonights call, and I look forward to the next one. Thank you,
~ Dwayne Kershner


I just want to say with all your help and support over the past month and a half my business continues to grow every 2 weeks double fold. Your insight and knowledge of this profession is so amazing and I am over-joyed at all that I am learning here at The Profit Zone, I don't know where I would be without having across you. Without giving to many details but it was great having you with us all in Washington D.C this past weekend. Thanks so much for autographing my script book, you truly are my Inspiration.
~ Jermaine Felton


Dani, My first time in and it was awesome.
~ Martha Miller


Listening to this phone conference, it has made me realize that I NEED to be and STAY motivated!!! Also, knowing NOT to accept the EXCUSES that individuals always seem to come up with. Realizing this has made me aware of allowing myself to not FEEL motivated–no more and I thank you for this!!!
~ Honey Chiovare


Hi, I was referred to this site from Benjamin, who has a home base business and is offering me the opportunity to start my own. I have listened to Dani Johnson's testimony and it has truly touched me. I have read testimonials and now listened to this call and I am sold on her training. I have never heard of anything like this before. This is truly God sent. So many businesses have training sessions, but like Dani said, you can be so lost on what it is you are supposed to be "duplicating." This seems to be the keys I needed to help me become confident in getting started in a home base business and having the neccessary tools to make my dreams a reality
~ Alesia Anum


Thank you so much for the encouragement. Because I want my life to be different from this day forward. I will not make any more excuses for why I have not reach my full potential in being a c\Child of God. I know that I am already blessed, now I need to be a blessing to others.
~ Lashell Schrock


Anyone that is serious about becoming a business developer to take their service or product to an awesome level, Dani and Hans is serving it up for those who want the knowledge that will take them there. Thanks Dani and to all your staff for giving me the mind-set to soar and punch your own time clock.
~ Marsha Turner


OH MY GOODNESSS!!!! You hit the nail right on the head! I was that person with the excuses. But not anymore. I made a promise to God and myself today to not make anymore excuses. You were right it is not Gods will for us to live in poverty. My team leader has told me to listen to you and I put it off until today, I used the excuse "my computer is not working right". Well today I got it to working just to listen to you. And I am so glad that I did. I am ready to stop with the excuses, so I will stop getting excuses. I will let you know of my SUCCESS!!!
~ Tammy Brown


You are totally awsome.And I learned so much listening to your prospecting tape "what to do "what not to do.And you reminded me so much of what my Dad always said,it's not what you say,but how you say it.Thank You so much for opening my eyes to what I was doing wrong,and what I have to do to change it.
~ Debby Harness


Awesome call! I'm just starting to really get into your material and find out the vast amount of information and training I can get from you to build my business. I'm already plugging people in. I hate that I missed you when you came to Baltimore. I hope you come back to the east coast real soon!!
~ kimberly yancey


Looking forward to hearing more. Thanks for the free membership.
~ Brenda Jenkins


I'm experiencing a start to this month like I've never experienced before.
Today is 09/06/07. On the 4th and 5th day of this month I've enrolled 3, YES, THAT'S THREE, new business partners / all via phone and fax. All three started with one or the other of our 2 highest $ options, which also used to be unheard of. This has been the result of #1 being on your Monday night, Aug. 20, 07, call. (That particular call hit me like a ton of bricks) Since that time I've totally revamped my priorities & schedule. #2 I just got your script book and started using it this month after listening to the cd's and taking notes. #3 I've listened to the Financial Kingdom cd, and am ready to start on #4 of the 10 North Carolina cd's.PS I've made it mandatory for any of my new partners to get your script book if they want my help. You are AWESOME Dani !!!! God Bless!
~ Paul Graber


wow! this call is amazing! dynamic Q & A! i am soooo glad my good friend reccommended you!!!! no wonder she's doing so well in her biz! you are really great and thank you for taking the time to train us after you have done so well yourself.
~ Jewel Ruz


Great information!For the first time, I'm beginning to see that I CAN do this!I'm dyslexic, but even I can read!
~ Brenda Embry


Hello Dani, This may seem very strange to you..But here goes…My girl friend and I Went to 1st steps in Atlanta. Fantastic weekend ! We are new to the industry ,in that we've been in for approx. 12 mths. May not seem new to you but we've been in our prospective careers for over 30 yrs (myself construction manager & She is a human relations/office manager ) Just titles with average incomes. We seem to struggle with the big Why…WE want freedom ,Know that this industry is the only way to get it…Therefore we have invested the last 12 months in growth and knowledge and trying to build a Team (this isn't a negetive to us ! )We have gotten charged @ 1st steps..would love to get momentium…listen to your scripts Daily…How to get over the (ego /fear )of what people think ,seems to be a road block …searching for the I've got it!!!! so we can move on . Thank you ,looking forward to the future !
~ Kenneth Winters


Thanks DJC, this call got me out of my funk today!
~ Stephanie Turner


Great reminder for those of us who need a shot in the arm from time to time on why we got into our businesses in the first place! Also a great informative call for those who are looking into the industry!
~ Stephanie Turner


The last seminar I went to in Atlanta, GA and there were people from Australia! Go to the L.A. seminar Oct. 6 & 7th - it will be closer to you!! You won't regret a second or a penny!! Her training is priceless!
~ Ellie Burkey


Very good call - gave me some new things to try in building my business.
~ Carol Graham


Incredible opportunity for personal growth. I've been listening since the 15th of July '07. Couldn't wait to purchase DVD's or get on an airplane…I purchased the DVD's. I'm ready for her straight-forwardness, no wishy-washy here. Thanks Dani Johnson for making a difference in my life.
~ Sandra Grape


Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I really enjoyed this tape and learned quite a few things to keep it simple and play smarter.
~ Saundra Harris


Thank for your message courage me a lot. I came from Taiwan , weekday work for insurance Co. Weekend busy for service Lord…. etc. Part time for home business. I started the home business 10 months ago, Listen your CD when I driving, You are my good friend. I learn English from ESL,Thank Lord's lead - my family & I immigration to America. I hope my future - became a full time home business woman. May Lord bless you & your family.
~ Doris Hsieh


I thank GOD for making you a "buck wild and crazy" woman of GOD with this uncanny teaching style. It has helped this ruby emmensely!! Your comments about 'let your professional ability to retrieve pertinent information from people on your job be used to prospect and close your way to millions.' I simply paraphrased what I gleaned from your teaching CD's.I attended my first First Steps seminar in Atlanta and have recommended it to my team. GOD bless Hans for putting together the awesome system of Pro Leads. I look forward to a long relationship with you guys as you help us to the top. Our GOD is yet the Awesome GOD and reigns in your meetings.
~ Rosalind Dawson


Thank's Dani, I needed to hear the contrast between traditional & networking busniess.
~ Bob Janowski


I am new to the program and my upliner turned me on to Dani, WOW I am so looking foward to the FIRST STEP in October.
Thanks to all for sharing your testamonies
~ Kenneth Willbanks


Hello Dani I am so thrilled with the results I have had with my team…… I took 20 people with me to the last first steps to success in Atlanta and I did it because I needed help encouraging and training my team.. I cannot be everything to everyone because that leaves me a burnt out ruby….. This event was so powerful because it showed me how much easier my path will be if I can get as many people to these events as possible so the expert Dani Johnson can increase the skill level so I can increase mine…. Everyone one of us bonded and had such a great time.. Every one of my teammates lives have been enriched by this remarkable woman of god Dani Johnson…. All you have to do is get them there and watch your team grow.. Take them to the expert so you don't have to be one and let yourself be free to recruit and make money…
~ Marla Anderson


I just listened to the call and thought it was fabulous.
~ Andrea Bergquist


Nobody has ever had such an impact one my life as you have! I am so enormously grateful to have spent the weekend in Atlanta's First Step To Success, August 25 & 26 2007. Everything in my life has changed! I cannot think about you and not be overcome with joy and..well, tears as well as uncontrollable laughter!!! I am so excited to experience any upcoming event with you! It is apparent to me that you are mightily used by God! I love, love, love you!!! Thank you!!!
~ Vonda Glaser


Wow! You're right; there's hype and then there's training specific. You are not only blessed Dani, you're annointed. Proverbs 3:6 must be a favorite of yours. Keep up the great work…thank you…will meet soon!
~ Kevin M. Simpson


Since attending First Steps in Atlanta last weekend, I have closed on one retail sale this week of $5,000 and will be sending out a package to a new potential business owner using the Dani Johnson Leads. I also have 3 more very serious candidates for my business, all Dani Johnson leads! I can see 5 new business partners in my organization by the end of next week. This has already been the largest profit week of my business of 3 1/2 years (and it's only Thursday!) Thanks Dani & DJ Team!
~ Holli Roberts


I'm so glad that Heather told me to plug into your training calls. I know that I willl get where I want to be,If I do what you say.
~ Maxine Mandel


I honestly had not heard of you until my Business Partner roped me into going to see you in Atlanta and We attended your First Steps to Success. I was aware of Network marketing back in the 90's but since we are always full of excuses and fear I never allowed myself to take the plung. However, recently I'vd been inspired and after attending your seminar you even inspired me more, thank you for a woderful experiance and allowing me to see a more clear picture of where my life needs to be directed. Which I'm very grateful for. Everything in life happens for a reason!! I truely believe that. I am a mother of 4 young children and recently became a Massage Therapist/ Esthetician. I was planning on just recuiting clients and treating them , but now I have become a Business Developer and plan on growing my Business by inspiring others. YOU are what I needed in order to assist me in my new journey. Thanks a Bunch and God Bless!!
~ Suzette Preble


Another AWESOME call!!! Nate, I'm going to have to borrow what you tell your people to get them to First Steps to Success & Creating a Dynasty!!! This call highlights only a few of the MANY success stories that come out of FSTS & Dynasty, if you don't know, YOU JUST GOTTA GO! If you've already been, GO AGAIN AND AGAIN!
~ Stephanie Turner


Excellent session tonight, thank you
~ Eve Bigelow


This was a GREAT call. I know I have to cross the ocean and come to a First step to success too and I will one day!! I will keep my excuses for my self. But now, at least I know, I am not the only one who is listening to Dani's calls (a few calls every day) to get my conviction right. I have my Ipod full of Dani's calls at the moment. I have little music left on it. Deana from the Netherlands (Europe).
~ Deana Wilmink-Martina


Dani, all I know is………. You are amazing! Because of you, I have reconnected with my lord God and really appreciate your desire to really help people. Because of your words I realized that I am NOT in control and that I need to listen to my God to show me the right way. You are an amazing woman and I thank God for you. Thank you so much for the tears that I have cired, just knowing that I CAN do what I allow God to show me to do.
~ Jeff Garrison


thank u for letting me listen to u on many things,i'm deciding how i could go from here,now i relize that i can do what many people are doing today and for ever on how to make money easy!I am new to this and i do want to do it.im doing what i can to get started…thanks again.


I always thought I would be one that would not take an excuse for a answer. But after listening to this phone conference, I found out that I have used an excuse most of my life instead of making a decision and going through with the way to change my life now. I will make a change in my life and will start not taking excuses for everything and everyone.
I will become a person that will not make excuses anymore. I thank Dani Johnson for showing me I was only using excuses against me, and I only want to help myself and those who I meet to become better and stronger than what i was.
thanks Dani.
~ Richard Bowman


I feel revived to live today and tomorrow full blast and I will refused to accept or make excuses again after this i am AWARE of myself and poeple now that an excuse is a well planned lie. so either do it or not. Next time a lead tells me she has no money I will let her know this is an excuse that will keep her from changing her life and when she is ready to change her life to call me back and I will help her …..bottom line.
~ Rene rogers


If you don't attend First Steps to Success, you will FAIL!!! Get there whatever it takes!!!
~ Kevin Williams


Being trustworthy in making the grade I found to be an insight that has been with me as I tried to improve recently. It wasn't true that I have been told; that, I was a misunderstood person. I was a person left to misunderstood people who were building a case of singling out and stereo typing me all to the effect of a urealized amount of ill feelings with my family. Now, I find my life a different every so often that is sometimes so aggrevating I need to let it out by playing music a past time I enjoy. I was proffesional for a time and found the years change with lyrics and tunes. I tend to bring back the past and connect with the present future.
~ Steven Adlawan


It seams to be a major problem for a lot of people, the aspect of rejection. However if you can come to understand that the more failures and rejections you have will determine your future success it makes it easier to proceed in a positive manner. Dani"s experience and ease in explaining why fear of rejection is not a reason to quit and the manner in which she makes it easily understood is again witness to her expertise in coaching. Every explanation is a pearl of wisdom and another tool to use for success in this industry. I am enjoying the process of educating myself in what i believe is the last vestige of free enterprise thanks to Dani johnson. I am looking forward to utilising the wisdom and knowledge gained. Thank you
~ Trevor Samuels


I'm new to the program and I'm really looking forward to getting deeply involved in the material These were some awesome testimonies. They were very uplifting and motivating. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
~ Charles Horne


~ Yvonne B Henry


I loved this call. I had missed it last week, but i did get to go to First Steps to Success and I loved it!! This call has really given me some better ways to manage my time especially since i will be keeping my daughter at home with me from now on instead of putting her in daycare part time. I learned how to balance my life and manage my time better. I love the date night idea and will apply it!!


At First Steps to Success in Atlanta this past weekend..i learned so much on how to run my business and plan on going to Creating a Dynasty to get even more training. You made me realize not to be afraid to tell people that it is going to cost them something. I will be plugging people into First Steps to Success. One of the best things that i did learn there, other than how to make it in my business, was the way to get out of debt. Oh my gosh…how wonderful..my husband and I will apply this things and quit spending money at walmart and eating out..it will be wonderful to be able to say that our bills are caught up. We are also looking into to getting dial up instead of cable internet and get a landline and shut 2 of our cellphones off..yes we have 3..crazy huh!! Dani, thanks so much..you have made our spirtual life better, our marriage stronger, and our bond with our 17 month old stronger. Also, i will be home schooling her starting here in a few months because you showed me I can do it!! Thanks so much for this call as well as First Steps to Success!! I will see you at Creating a Dynasty..to gain more training. God Bless You and Hans.
~ Christina Thompson


I listened to Dani speak about setting priorities and I have to say it really hit home. I had my priorities so messed up. During her call, I listened to her priority list and realized that I was putting my business ahead of everything and everyone that really mattered to me. I've now reorganized my priority list and am now making the most out of my time and not neglecting the people and things in my life that mean the most. Thanks Dani!
~ Sydney Shabazz


I was always told that i would never do any thing and i would not amount too anything. Well i'm tired of listening to that i want live a life full of finacualy free
I want to prove to my family and to myself that i can sucseed in anything i do. And i will do my best to build this buisness up to a billion dollar buisness. I look at my self that i can suceed at anything i do.
Thank You
~ Charlotte Brown


Great support information about how to generate new business in the next 90 days. I just attented my Fiest Steps seminar in Atlanta this
weekend. I soaked up so much information, I think I got brain overload. Anyway, after getting back to my 8-5, I opened my email and this message. This was just the additional infromation I needed the get back on track. Thanks again and God Bless.
~ Kenneth Lewis




I have been under the conviction that women have no place to be teaching men about the ways of God. however after listening to you the Holy spirit has given me a new conviction. that the truth is the truth no matter what the gender that speaks it. you have rejuvenated me I am going to implement your steps in my life. if I could share this call with the whole world I would. maybe the family would be reinvented in America instead of falling apart. God bless you Dani I am giving to God the fear of calling and the fear of rejection. what call would give me some insight to on overcoming those?
~ Phil Rhoda


This is more than a powerful Call. My Pastor just talked today about the Sights & Sounds of the World. He commented on the same issues that Dani talked about, family life, children killing their parent-grandparents, divorce and what each one of us needs to do to help the crisi. It was to put GOD first, increase our spirituality and open our eyes to the world issues. Dani you are an awesome trainer!!
~ Debra Barnes


Thanks SO much for the insight on how to build a successful business for us wanabes! I particularly like the concept of being long term business builders vs short term salespeople. Also Dani, your dynamics are very effective. Love you and God bless you in your future trainings!
~ Gene Erwin


No More Excuses!! Thank you Dani. I will Rise up, Step up and Go Forward to make it happen, just as you say
~ Deirdre Cheetham


Dani, all I can say is Thank you! I marked my calendar during the call, and I wanted to cry. I have a full time job, so I was getting ready to excuse myself-until I saw how much time I spend on my business on the weekends and how little time I spend on God and my family. That changed the next day! I made out a schedule that I am more comfortable with, and this also includes time set aside to listen to your training calls. I have already noticed a difference. I thank you, and my family thanks you!
~ Carol King


I have listened to the first call and that is right on the money! Thanks Dani.
~ Alicia Vogt-Rogers


I LOVE this call. Thank you for being such a blessing to all of us. God Bless You!
~ Khama Anku


six months ago I started network marketing for the first time in my life. I saw Dani Johnson's picture in a magazine and had a spiritual feeling to plug into her without knowing what Dani did. After my upline told me to train myself I ordered dani's N.C. 1st steps cd' GREAT then bought her Dynasty videos and I think this is imperitive to anyone that wants to suceed in Network marketing unlike some other trainers Dani is professional not tacky. thanks DANI>LOVE YOU ..YOU ARE AN ANGLE FROM GOD>>>>
~ Rene rogers


~ tanisha johnson


Well as I sit hear and listen to the end of this, with First Steps this weekend, and unable to go, it just makes me sick. I am joining up with a lady that has been with you for some time and has over 200 hundred people under her. I am very excited to start my life. I have listed to the 3 calls, and listen to as many of this recordings as I can almost every day.
things are starting to sink in. And I am beginning to hear you. Getting my husband to become a believer is another story. He doesn't realize that it is me not working that is the problem. So my plan is to buy the N.C. Cd's and continue saving up for both of us to go to First steps.
With you in my heart I can and will move forward……
~ Carol Edwards


I really enjoyed listening to you. I really need some more motivation. I am alittle nervous to talk to strangers on the phone. I really want to stay at home and work and take care of my autistic son.I want a change in my life,at age 61.
~ AnnetteB Gonzalez


Thank you for all the great training. I learned so much. I can't wait to get started tomorrow. I will be debt free with your messages. Thank you so much for your help!
~ Carl and Sandy Conklin


Wow!!! This hit it right on the head. Dani, the Lord has a way of speaking so clearly through you that it's like you can see through all the clouds of confusion and doubt. Thank you…
~ Aulia Burnett


I believe in your teaching and need this each day to have a awesome positive attitude I believe in talking to Lord Jesus Christ and savior and reading Proverb
in the bible. I have your CD of teaching and having some success in business. Going to First step to success and learn now do network marketing the right way.
~ clarenvce Kontio


WOW!!! I wrote out my schedule now and it was all green too. I just started my biz in June, and already, my priorities are out of wack. I set up a new schedule this afternoon, and am looking forward to implimenting it with my three little boys. I have a 4yr old, a 2yr old, and a 1yr old. I have done more with them in the past before I started my biz, but now I am looking forward to the new schedule and letting them in on more stuff with me. Thanks for reminding me of what was really important.
~ Becky Clark


No hate mail here, You are hitting the nail directly on the head!! This message is exactly what is needed and quite frankly no one wants to preach this truth, not the media, society and unfortunately not the Christian Church community as a whole. Your conviction and enthusiasm is both invigorating and infectious. Keep it up!
~ Matt Hausman


Dani, I can only say that I'm hooked. I've been on your calls before however, your latest call was the most incredible words I've ever heard on any training call in my life. I'm telling everyone about this awesome experience. This call was for everyone and anyone. Whether you are involved in a home based business or not this call needed to be heard by singles, married couples, divorced, or engaged, old or young. You have a GREAT power and I thank you and I thank God for you. Your willingness and ability to share has probably saved many marriages and relationships.
~ Ed Willis


I disgust myself on how much time I have been wasting and how much I complain about how my life isn't working. Enough is enough. I WILL stop making excuses and will have an EXCELLENT testimony by the time I see you at Dynasty. WOW - AMAZING
~ Ariane Clark


It's unbelievable how inspiring you are. I am a person that has always had the will to succeed in life, but at times I've almost given up on myself. Listening to your calls and our training give me that extra push that I need each day. I don't know how to thank you enough. God Bless!
~ Sharline Caceres


Hi Dani, I just want to thank you for your time, passion and insights. I have to admit that as someone who had made money in MLM I think I thought I had it all figured out. After listening to your trainings and you I realized that perhaps it was time to erase the blackboard so to speak… I decided to approach your trainings as a newbie to the business and learn new - basically I threw out everything I had learned, figured out and what I thought use to work and started over. All I can say is that I was much like a PC computer running Windows 98 and in the 90s I ran like a champ but after Dani I feel like a computer that has been upgraded to Windows Vista!!! To all the leaders out there that think only your downlines and newbies need this training - get real - real quick - the answer to smoe of your most pressing problems may actually reside with you. Dani you are awesome, GOD bless you and all you do.
~ Phil Correia


P.S. I've always 'said' that I would start reading my bible on my own other than just at church. Well all of a sudden this conviction came upon me to read the word for myself and for the past 2 weeks I've been reading my bible to and from work on the train!!! I don't know why I waited so long, I love it so much that I read a book or two a day, at this pace I will have read the entire 66 books in a couple of months! But I won't stop there, I'll continue to reread, gird and put the scriptures to memory!I'm certain the increase in my productivity and results in my business was directly due to adding studying the scriptures to my daily routine!
~ Stephanie Turner


Thanks for sharing your faithfulness and getting me back on track! I followed these principles raising four beautiful children who are now grown and have given me eight grandchildren. I thought that part of my life was behind me and I could now spend all my time working on my six figure income to have something to leave them. However, I realized from this call that it never ends and that is why I've still felt like something was missing. God's order is necessary throughout our lives. Whenever we include time for all of the joys He gives us, only then can we truly succeed in every area. I am now straightened out and on my way in the truest sense of the word! Thank you for waking me up again!
~ Angee Chase


~ Kim Vines


I have taken your advice and plugging in each day to listen to your calls. Giving me the power to go out there and make some money. I feel confident now to bring in new prospects. I will be plugging in and sending my new people to you for their training as well. Thank you so much, because this is really going to help and I am determined to make it to the top. I want to take other people with me.
~ Penny Vieau


Thank you Dani for speaking on what it is all about. God and family and reaching out to others. Seek the Kingdom of God first and all these things will be added unto you. You will become successful. I am an on fire evangelist but am lacking in certain areas on spending time where I need to spend time. I know it too but didn't want to. But thank you Dani I will start doing what I need to do. I know that I know that I know where my priorities are lacking. You touch my heart and it is time for me to change. Please always put God in your training like you did this time. It touch my heart. It will reach others too.
~ Janice Gatley


Dani you make me want to laugh and cry at the same time…your role playing is worth millions….


Wow! My whole life has been on big waste of time only I didn't know that is what it was until today. I have asked the why am I a failure at everything, stressed to the point of anxiety and meds, Why can't I succeed at anything? Why is my house a wreck? The answer came through this call. What an eye opener and hope for me. I want you to know what a blessing you are to me especially when you have hard words to hear, you are speaking to me! Thank you, God for Dani being a tool for you in my life. Dani, thank you for being God's trumpet in the marketplace and in our homes. We are going to start being a team at my house and clean up our life. I'm excited at all the possibilities of change. My business folded last month and this is why. I'm going to start over and do it right this time! Keep up the phenomenal work! I'll be tuned in every week either on the phone or website for more knowledge to apply. May God keep blessing you to the fullest for caring for us. This nation will change through you! I praise God for you my sister. You are raising up an army and I am glad God has chosen me to be a part of this. My kids recognize your voice and stay tuned in, too.
~ Crystal Dunn


I love listening to the CD's I have with the Script Book. The info is so motivating that it makes me realize that I can do this business too. Thank you for your awesome training materials.
~ Amy Leigh Boak


It's so funny and a divine appointment that you trained on this topic last night! I've heard on many calls, @ many 1st Steps & @ Dynasty about time management and I'd implement little by little. Just in the past week I've turned my 'Lunch' time into 'MONEY' time!!! Before I would buy lunch and eat at my desk at work and everyone would bother me with this or that project so now I pack my lunch and eat at my desk (which doesn't count as a break) and then I actually go outside for 45 minutes, prospecting and scheduling appointments for the evening. Since I've done this consistently I've been making way more dials, talking to more prospects, scheduling more appointments, having more people on presentations and I've prelaunched 2 people in 2 days, have several follow ups, and I know that I'm less than a year away from replacing my current income!!! Who knew the difference an extra hour a day could make? ; )
~ Stephanie Turner


This is one of the most powerfull calls I have ever heard. I'm divorced five years now and I know poor time management contributed to it greatly, but it's not too late to spend quality time with God, my kids, myself and my business. Thank you for this wake up call. I have to spread the word to my friends and family.
~ Karen Cooke


The call tonight was right on the mark. I have been trying to do this all under my own power instead of putting Him first and submitting to His will.
When I look at my time it is 8 hours at the "JOB", 2 or 3 times a week racing home at lunch to make some phone calls for the "biz" & then racing home at night to spend a couple more hours on the phone. Then another hour or so creating ads, uploading leads etc. I can't imagine I don't sound stressed out. And I don't have anyone to care for except 2 cats and myself and I have to admit in striving to make it I've not taken very good care of myself. After the call, I did make about 4 more calls then I took myself out for a brisk walk and just thanked God for everything in my life that He has blessed me with. My priorities must change, regardless if my business ever makes it to 6 figures or not. It's not worth it if I'm not serving others and if I'm not obedient to be used by Him. I thank you for the message and I know He will use it for good in a powerful way. By the way, I am in the closing classes on Thursday and the prayer you prayed for us last week was phenomenal. I had the best day I've had in a long time & I told my daughter that night I didn't want the day to end because it had been so great. The calls I made that day were great, I enrolled an IBO & had a new member, but I wasn't excited for me as much as I was for them. I really felt like something inside of me was being changed.
Thank you DaniJohnson.com team!!
~ Gloria Moore


Dani's calls have changed my thinking, and the direction of my business and my life. I have found the place where I can grow as a person- thanks dani!
~ Jennifer Lappe


WOW! I haven't been able to attend these live in a while but I was there for the ENTIRE 3 hours (EST time zone) for this one! This call was so informative and meaty covering a range of questions that I could relate and glean from just about all of them. I'm listening again right now just in case there was something I didn't catch the first time around, lol!!!
~ Stephanie Turner


Again, great stuff. I am truely ready to engage. Thanks Dani, I am so eager to get started.
~ Penny Vieau


WOW! What an eye opener. Dani was totally on the mark. I do have to listen to this more. I am going to give this link to everyone I sign up because they truely need to hear this. Thank you so much Dani for this you are an inspiration.
~ Penny Vieau


Wow! We are the reason we fail. I really needed this!


Thank you for demystifying the process in such a way that it is easy and non-threatening to talk about the business.
~ Janet Wiebe


Thank you Dani, you make it impossible for anyone to fail. Any one that just follows your step by step duplicatible training, is going to succeed. With every training I listen to, I am more and more amazed at your wealth of God given knowledge and insight into people. Thank you again for being faithfull to His leading.


I am so Thankful for Dani Johnson. I was looking for a key to explode my business & Dani has made me look in the mirror at myself & realize that I need to gain the skills & knowledge to do something special in my desire to build a strong business platform that allows people to build their business within a business. I thought about Tiger Woods as the greatest golfer of our time, Tiger has Hank Haney as a coach. My point to that is that in order to get something you never had you have to do something you have never done. Dani you are my coach that keeps it real & make me stay onpoint to make this a building process a true christian process that will do the right thing for people 100% of the time. The development of people that allows them to realize their goals & dreams will give you results in your life. Great Job Coach Dani, I am ready to become a MegaStar!!!! Love You…God Bless!!!
~ Harold Lawson


I went from your teachings to the bank. Thanks Dani!
~ Christopher Enders


I really enjoy hearing the cold truth…it was shocking to see myself using some of these excuses…but an old proverb said…sweet are the wounds of a true friend…for a real friend will tell you it even if it hurts…so thanks you for being such a good friend. Your honesty is refreshing. Thanks…
~ Kathleen Mackin


I enjoyed the call, you said very powerful things. I will motivate myself to do better. I enjoyed listening and I need to make some changes in my life for my family. I learned that you don't have to be a failure and you have to believe in yourself.


Thanks Dani I'm just constantly plugging away I absolutely believe in leading by example so I'm just listening to calls and prospecting listening to calls prospecting. This call everyone is outstanding if you are just getting someone started in the business, strategy. Also if you've been in your business for a while role playing and it's absolute powerful role playing. Please I beg us all don't be too teachable and think we learned everything. This call I thank you and forwarded it to members on my team. Thank you Dani and Hans you all are blessings from God, I continue to pray for you and your family. Professionals folks they are raising them up not amateurs who treat this like a hobby and think getting where you want is only a dream world, with Training and Equipping IT'S REAL you will get what you want plug yourself and your people in.
~ Madiba Thompson


Thanks again Dani for your position of truth and caring and your continued teaching on God's principle of putting others needs first, the best principle for life in general but what a fantastic lesson for being successfull in business. This is "another" call that everyone needs to hear!!


loved this call it was awosme I have been in network marketing and I am fairly new to all this calling stuff. I am learning so much In the previous Co. I had not moved or felt motivated to move up the line but now with this Co. I want to, just becouse I know that I can do it have support from my upline and have access to information like the one you offer. Thank you so much for dedicationg your time to this.
~ Iris Escobar


I could relate to so much of what Dani had to say about "excuses". Prior to listening to this call I had already started to make some major changes in my life. This call seemed to go right along with those changes, kinda of like a next step. Im grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in not only my life but in the life of all those around me! I can be the DIFFERENCE!*****The minute you settle for less than you deserve you get even less than you settled for. Don't be afraid to Dream and remember that when you Dream to DREAM BIG!******
~ Renita Hurrigan


This call is SO good! I've listened to it three times since Monday (and it's only Wednesday). I hope it ends up in a permanent slot in the website so I can refer people to it again and again. Don't know how you do it, Dani, but you continue to give practical, hands-on teaching that helps us interact with people in a more honoring way. Thank you for all you are doing for us and for the entire industry!
~ Amy Weaver


I have been to the trainings and now I am getting these cool cool power plays…all of a sudden…I am GETTING IT. Something clicked. I was making this hard and it is what I do for a living now. I have started practicing my F.O.R.M on people around me in casual conversation in non-business getting used to saying "Tell me about that"…really WHY". I am having a ball and it is getting easier and I am getting more relaxed. I was born bold…I am going to live bolder.
Thank you Dani and Hans… your true angels
~ Angela Brooks


You are so right … It make so much sense. Thankyou
~ Lyn Marsh


Im a stay home mom with 2 boys and i hope this an oppertunity to make money while im home and i work weekands as part time. thanks its a life saver


Finally I have found training that makes sense to me…I'm ready, let's go
~ Rett Baumann


Wonderful Call!
~ Rebecca Withey


All I can continue to say is the same thing–WOW!!! It never ceases to amaze me how every Monday night Dani continues to deliver the God-honest truth and give away their secrets to success!!! I've read the book 3 times and I'm going to read it again. I highly recommend that everyone read, re-read and review that book every month and listen to the 08.29.05 call at the beginning of every month BEFORE you set your goals!!!
~ Stephanie Turner


~ David M Kroll


I've listened to ALL the calls on this site DOZENS of times and each time I get another 'Golden Nugget'!!!
~ Stephanie Turner


Dani, Thanks for your encouragement and skill building coaching. I am excited to get going. I will see you soon!
~ Virginia Oustad


My name is Ashanda Thomas, and I just join your training program today. The reason I am writing is to tell you how your delivery of training changed my life, without ever buying a thing! So I look forward to seeing you at the top! I know you have already heard thousands of stories, but I feel that need to tell you mine also. I have been on the track to nowhere for a long time, and just by sitting down a few hours today reading and listening to you audio messages, you have changed my life! I heard you tell your story about your childhood, and I like so many others had a bad childhood, but mine was so bad I have post tramtic stress syndrom from it and it henders me a lot in things I want to do with my life, (but I'm working hard to get better and get pass it all) now that I have someone like you in my life plan God is Good!!!! You will be having a training session an hour from my house in two weeks and I think that's all i'll need to set me on the right path. Thank You
~ ashanda thomas


Your call was great! I see what I need to work on to get prospects and to keep going with my business. You are very inspirational and straightforward. Love it ! God bless you!
~ LeTesha Williams


I really enjoyed that hour of, How to get over your excuses. I can't wait to hear the next call.
~ Edna Allen


Can't thank you enough for the information on this call. I have been guilty of several of the ten issues. My goal and intention is to overcome the deficits quickly and get on track. Thanks again and may God bless abundantly!
~ Gene Erwin


awesome call Dani
~ ayesha Ali


The call got me up and going again! Now I realize why my people were not signing up and it me ,not my company! Thanks so much for experience and wisdom and sharing it with us!!
~ Patsy Smith


Dani, you set me on fire! Thanks and MORE POWER!
~ Melba Rivera


Awesome call, Dani and another keeper on the Ipod!
~ Enid Hobson


this was a great call.
~ dwendell walker


this was very helpful, I am guilty of some of the 10. Thanks Tim
~ Tim Douglas


Never give up. Win or Die. We all go through up and downs of life. It is the people who get up faster and stronger that will make it to the top. Have a strong enough WHY. Why are you doing this business. Hold on to that image everyday and you will never feel depressed again. Hope this helps. Keep up the good work.
~ pete sanchez


This call is the best call I have ever heard and mainly because of the answer she gave to the young lady about fear of picking up the phone. When Dani said "what is he gonna do?", referring to him possibly rejecting her. That was a huge kick in the behind because I have…..HAD that same fear and now I feel that fear totally gone from my mind.
~ Kenneth Langston


Fantastic and timely networking advice!!!
~ william cash


Hey all i just wanted to share that i am with a company and have only been with them for a little over a year. and I know in my head and in my heart that I would go places with this company and i have!!! I started talking to people and growing my team and let me tell you that when you start your own team that is a feeling you can just not explain. I now have 3 girls on my team and lots of people on the fince. After listening to Dani's training I have gotten lots of information from her and have started putting some of this to work, and it works.Thank you Dani
~ cindy horton


What an awesome call. Thanks for caring.
~ Kathy Dozier


Dani, I have a double testimony here. I fell into these traps and had a closing rate of 0%. I used your scripts and enrolled a business partner yesterday. It was so easy. She told me that other clients on here called her but fell for the excuses and did not follow up. I guess they weren't listening but I am sure glad that I was. Thanks Dani.
~ Crystal Dunn


I am sooo excited with everything I'm listening to. I have been in NWM for 3+ yrs now w/ different companies and have seen no success. But I know I can do it and I feel I have found the source that will teach me the way to be effective and help my team! Thank you Dani, and God bless you!
~ Dorley Einoder


i finally get a chance to work with some wonderful people, thanks.
~ delbert sessions


as always relavent and timeless
~ bill kendzierski


I have not been listening to anything, or doing anything, with my business for a couple months now. Not because it is summer, but because I allowed the depression to get to me and now I am slowly trying to drag myself back out of this whole. I just listened to the recording and really liked it alot! I like that you are all so straight forward and realistic. In fact, I liked this particular recording so much that I emailed it to my entire downline right after listening to it myself. Thank you for the free stuff. I can't wait until I can actually afford to go to a live seminar.
~ Stacy MacDonald


I just signed up for the Prospect and Closing classes. This is a great "pre-class" talk! I know that I will be able to use the techniques here so I don't fall into one of these steps during class. Thanks!
~ Alexis Guthrie


Hi Dani, I think you are wonderful. Every time I listen to your calls… I learn so MUCH MORE!! My confidence has grown and I have brought 3 people to my team in 2 days!!
~ Kate Jones


I must say that I also appreciated what you said in that it's not so much of what you say it's how you say it!


Listening to your role-playing has helped a lot and we will listen to this over and over and become even more confident as we speak to our friends and family and those who we meet.
~ Derrick Speed


Thank you Dani!! Great stuff.
~ Sheila Nelson


I work full time in a fast food restaurant as an assistant manager. I started in a home base business in June. I have been plugged into your training from day 1.
When the Atlanta First Steps was announced, I put in my request for the time off (Before even getting registered). I have this feeling that something is going to come up at work and I won't be able to get the time off. NO Worries, I am stepping up! I am going to do whatever it takes to make it to First Steps, even if it means that loosing my job. I will be in Atlanta! God has put it in my heart that I was meant to be successful and not to live a life of mediocrity !
~ Rena Stamper


Hey Dani, I am always inspired and motivated to get to work and stop looking backwards, sidewards and any other way than forwards when I listen to your calls. I believe God has gifted you and blessed you and used what Satan intended for evil to bless me and obviously thousands of others for much, much good. Thanks for your incredible leadership and blessing others with your giftings. The story of Joseph in the Bible has always been one of my favorites because no matter what bad thing happened he always kept his eyes on the Lord. I love people who are overcomers and lead others to victory also. God bless you and your family and keep you all safe and prospering.
~ Sandi Owen


The three meeting step is wonderfully done. Steps four and five are right on. I am very thankful that you shared this today.
~ Jim Dean


Very interesting info. Thanks for the new ideas and ways to introduce our company. Never took that approach before, but it makes sense and I am going to give it a try. thanks
~ faye leach


Dani, Your teachings are so real. In reality I know I will continue to listen to your record calls and I am on my way to a future Dani Johnson Siminar in the near future. Thank you for keeping me plugged into your phenomenal calling.May God Bless you and Keep you.
~ DeLisa Thomas


Dani I am very thankful to listen to your all your all your story you have put a impacted in my life.
~ clarenvce Kontio


I just listened to your acceleration and wealth live recorded call. Oh my gosh, I learned so much. I really appreciate your frankness and will use these skills to create my business. Thanks so much
~ Cynthia Reece


Very motivating and encouraging!!! Thanks!!!
~ Rhea Camardelle


I didn't realize that I made so many excuses. Why I can't lose weight, why I lost my job of 32 years, why I didn't get the close on that sale, why I haven't been able to do whatever….. I am gaining experience in a new venture, I have been working with people that are very supportive and I have been taking SOME risks, but after listening to your lesson, it's time to quit making excuses and make it happen. Thanks so much for the wake-up call.
~ Kathy Shimer


Dani!! Thank-you for your Mind Set!! Positive thinking and Celebrate your success is a great tool!!! These call's are great!! I can't wait to beable to go to a first steps to success seminar!!! thank-you again!!
~ julie nelson


Dear DANI and HANS You posses a God given gift for this. I will succeed. thanks. I just listened to two recordings,both of which were exceptional.
~ John Blackley


Wow! Thanks!! My team has been talking about getting into massive activity, now you have given me the tools to do this. I'll see you in Atlanta!!!
~ Suzanne Sardina


Disclaimer - The testimonials presented on this website are, to the best of our ability to determine, all true and accurate. They were provided willingly, without any compensation offered in return.

Please understand that these testimonial results do not represent typical or average results. Most of our clients do not share their results, nor are they required or expected to. Therefore, we have no way to determine what typical or average results have been. To be frank with you, many clients do not implement anything we teach them.

The income statements and examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, effort and motivation to work and follow recommendations. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here.

Wow! You covered the missing ingredients! I'm so encouraged and now, I'm totally excited to start talking to everyone! I don't ever want to miss a call…Thanks and may the Lord bless you for sharing with all of us!
~ Shannon Rasmussen


OMg (Oh My gosh!) All your training is so awesome. I have been plugging away at this business for 2 yrs. now and not going any where. Okay well, I got to the first level by asking favors from my 'warm market'. I so totally exhausted that avenue, and lost more than 1/2 of those that did the favor because I couldn't direct them to adequate training. So I said "Enough!" Started back listening to you, and "Wow!" I have a new frame of mind. OMg I have a plan now. "What?" A system to follow, to send my new line (that I still have to develop) to for adequate training. Duh, who would have thought to use the power of someone's own desire as leverage to move them off their tuff. I can't thank you enough. What's your address, I'm going to send you my package on me. Okay J/K (Just Kidding). I can't afford it, LOL. Thank you so much and God bless.
~ Angie Brannen


Hi Dani, Thank -You. I am working on my excuses. Your great.
~ Peggy Daniher


I started using your video leads a month ago and I haven't got one person signed up and there not answering when I call back. I don't understand what I am doing wrong. I have your script book and I do exactly what it says. People sound interested and want me to call back and then there gone. I have been listening to all of your calls in the audio vault for a few months now. I just ordered the NC cd's and I enrolled in your August closing class. I have to get my passport before I can go to the states for any live training. That is taking forever now.What can I do with what I got now to excellerate my business. I can not go to first step to success now. I know you keep saying we have to do this to be successful but I have borrowed all the money that I have spent on all of this so far plus leads from another vender.
I look forward to hear from you
~ carolyn atwood


My god…you are a gift directly from above. I just became a member, 30 minutes into an open line call and WOW! Can't wait for your closing class in August.
~ Vanessa Johnson


thank you Dani I just siend up for member befor the call i hope to get my business go to the tap,I am EXIDET TO WORK WTH YOU FOR A BETTER FUTIOR……..
~ Henry Loewen


All I can say is I can't wait to meet you in person! Your engery is incredible and your ability to get a point or a story across is amazing. This was my first call to be a part of and I am truly blessed by your gifts to give to the masses of people the truth of the business skills that you have been given and developed along your journey here on earth. I will be in Atlanta, GA and God will make a way! Keep doing what you do Dani, because your gifts have truly made a way for you and now you are letting them make a way for others.
~ Mikaeli King


You know its funny that the topic of this call was about massive acceeration. I recently just set new goals for my business and I have definatly been wondering how I was going to get to those goals all through out this week and the ones beyond them. And, I recently just came out of a local business event that was held on saterday. All I know is, God is GREAT, and HE has blessed me, my Business and my future family with Dani and Hauns Johnson.What a Powerful Call!
~ Zachary Michael Stringer


This was the first time I listened to you and I loved your storey. I signed up back in Feb. and really have not done to much but after hearing you I think I will do more if not to make money but to help others. So here goes everything. Thank you very much.
~ Terry Amato


You are such an inspiration to me. The information that you gave on tonights call has given me the push that I needed to get going in my home business. I am going to stay plugged in to the calls and all the other information that you offer on the website so that I can stay motivated and achieve my goals. Thank you soo much!!!
~ Kim Ingram


If I had known about you when I started 4 years ago I would have hit the top position in my company five times over by now! This was one of the best trainings I have ever heard and I have listend to hundreds of trainings. Awesome call….
~ Jody Collier


The part regarding how to tell my story that I was able to get in on tonight was excellent.
~ Kenneth R Cluchey


What an awesome call. It set me on my way, See you at the TOP!!!!!
~ Sylvia Brady


Dear Dani I have a burning desire to succeed in business, but i have a problem with prospecting and closing. Now I know i can do this.
~ Julius mckee


well after listening to this audio again i ran into one of the take control people i sure did better though not for long but it was better take a win im also half way through win friends and influance people which i completely violated but i know it twenty or thirty more of these and i should be able to get through it unscathed but im definetely enlightened and can pick some things out just pactice pactice pactice
~ phil jones


Excited to be learning from you and to be encouraged to expect great things.
~ Tiffany Cote


This call is truly addictive. I can listen to it over and over again, because it is so incredibly powerful. The key reason for this addiction is that the call provides a set of just a few axioms and principles which form the basis of "the art and science of business development". Just follow these axioms in a truly deductive manner and you simply cannot fail!
~ Jean-Paul Dorst


Thank you and I see it that I need the skill and the KNOW HOW to make a 6 to 7 income from 0. Your call is just what I need and I'll see you in Atlanta.
~ Tracy Daebelliehn


Dani, you're amazing ….. I need your enthusiasm to give me a boost. I am finishing my list and will be calling within the hour. I know I can be as successful as you are and look forward to seeing you at First Steps. I feel blessed that I found your site. thank you .. thank you … thank you
~ Pamela Law


You always do such a terrific job!!!! Thank you!
~ Dennis McVittie


Thank you so much for your inspiration and training, I was getting a little bit frustrated by preenrollees that I could'nt make contact with. You're a very good motivational speaker,and the world needs more people as yourself, again thank you.
~ Bernard Taylor


Thank you a thousand times…I eat the meat and throw away the bones. Your material and your style is informative and positive. Thank you for all the excellent and relevant information on openings, closings and controlling the conversation with potential business partners.


It's like the good Lord sent me to your recording. Just last night I was in tears and going to start looking for a full time job. I had given up even before I got started. Fear of the phone and people contact was paralyzing to me. Thank you so much for this recording. I feel like you were talking directly to me! Thank you!
~ Suzanne Slunaker


Good afternoon Dani, I just listened to my first lesson as well. It was very inspirational and I had to really say the truth does hurt. I'm am that person that makes excuses for myself. This was a conversation that I need to receive to help me get my thought on the right track and I thank you and people like my friend Yamina Hall who is vey persistent and would like to see me geet my business started from this day on I will be focused and get the business started. Again thank you and I would like to make it to one of your conferences.
~ Chekesha JOHNSON |


Thank you for your belief and your confidence and your sureness of what you do. You definately have helped me create immediate result in my business. You are so right about setting someone up for success is for them to come in at the highest level they can in the opportunity. You definately help us see that very clear in this call. Another POWERFUL call. Thank you again. Looking forward to be coached by you again very soon.
~ Jessica Wendelboe


Shot threw the heart, and you're to blame, but you give love a GOOD name!Dani,You really got my attention with this call! I am so excited to finally get to come see, and hear you in person in Atlanta next month! I just know that you'll knock my husband's socks off too! Thank you so much for your awesome words of wisdom!God Bless You!
~ Susan Vice


Hi Dani and Hans, this too is my favourite training so far, absolutely fantastic and I will listen to it over and over and so will my downline (who all belong to your website and own the script book. Keep these fantastic trainings coming, we down here in AUSTRALIA love them and look forward to you coming over here again soon.
~ Jo Allsopp


Love it, Love it, Love it. I want to thank you for a wonderful, eye opening and ear opening audio call. I to need to get busy and prospect my way to Millions. I will make my list of 200 and start calling. Thank you Dani so much you are a God send. I will see you in Atlanta August 25th and 26th.
~ Jamie Stanger


I'm so glad my upline brought me to you. You are amazing person and I enjoy listening to you. I hope I can do this business and I do want the things that I can be proud of. I have my dreams and desires. I always want to have a business to where I be in control of having a income or freedom for the rest my life. It would of been easier if I known about this business back in the early 1999-2004. I was a machine operator making about 25,000 to 27,000 a year. I have not been working because of medical reasons. I still have to fine work to where it's not too much for me. I got started in this business when I was looking for a job and maybe that was a mistake. When I was listening to you you made alot of sense. I should have told my upline this was not the right time. For this reason that {1} to be in a business or to want to have a business you should have money to invest {2} you should be ready "spiritually" because people will pick up on your vibes. I have to have a job my family or friends will not even consider to help me or even getting involve becoming into the business or being interested in the product. To ask to borrow the money would be out of the question. My brother had said "that's using people to get what they want; if you want to have a business you have to do it yourself." So, I know where I stand when it comes to my family, but that's O.K.! I will have a good paying job, so I can invest into this business and still keep working on getting prospects. In the meantime, I'll keep listening to you on Monday Night and Tuesday Night and learn as much as I can. I have other upline people that I'm getting training from. With all that, I'm going to grow and prosper into this business. I know what I want and I'm going to get what I want, that is, helping people because they have their wants, also. Thank You! Dani - There will be a day that you and I will met. Have a wonderful day!
~ Barbara Morse


Hi Dani, fantastic call. I'm in London, UK but WILL be seeing you in Atlanta next month. Yeah!!
~ Chineme Nwoke


You are the best, reminding us of the basics and encouraging us to just do it. You provide the tools and clarity of the steps along with potential results; THANK YOU
~ CSea Perkins


I am sold on our company and its products. I am having a problem just getting started, Where to go and the approach is the big boogie man for me. I have learned our comp plan and it is so simple to understand. I sign up one, help each to sign up three—and just continue the pattern to a great income. Why can't I make people understand??????????? I am surely enjoying "Profit Zone". Thank you
~ Barbara Hammonds


This website will be the foundation for training in my business. Thank you so much for all that you do! Can't wait to see you at First Steps.
~ Kimberly Murphy


You make sense; you are practical and right on. You coach people to become system dependent vs. people dependent and it's duplicatable success is real. Thank you for reminding me it is up to me and that if we want it bad enough; we will achieve it.We can procrastinate and blame / excuses; or we can do something about it and give thanks for the opportunity and PASS IT ON to everyone. We cannot prejudge who will and who will not succeed; provide the opportunity to everyone; allow them to decide. Once you follow Dani's 7 steps, you will prove to yourself it works and you will duplicate like a rabbit because it becomes very contagious. Don't ever quit; the miracle is a few moments away!Thank you for being so real and caring enough about us all to give of yourself; you are selfless. You are a messenger worth listening to because you always give it your absolute best
~ CSea Perkins


I loved this call!! It gave me so many ideas and great "nuggets", but I don't know a call that you host that doesn't. Girl, God has really blessed you with the knowledge and leadership to help other people grow their business. I love listening to each of your calls. Chad and I are going to be attending your First Steps to Success in August in Atlanta….i really can't wait!! I can only imagine the nuggets we will walk away with!! I guess I better bring ALOT of notebooks because I know I will take ALOT of notes like I do with each call.
~ Christina and Chad Thompson


Hello Dani and Hans: I have just listened to my first lesson on excuses….boy does this hit home. Excuses by myself and others around me have kept me from doing my best in life, but NO MORE, I have no more education than the next guy, but they seem to get it all……now is my time to shine……THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU and a big shout out to the person who introduced me to this series.
~ Lynn Thompson


Another great call Dani. I am looking forward to meeting you, hopefully in the near future. I am just getting started and my director is giving be wonderful support. I am hoping to speed up my retirement plans by using your system. God bess you and by listening to you I can see he already has!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Larry Geisler


I am so blessed the day I learned about you. I thank God for you and everything you do for people. I aspire to do as you do and prosper many.
~ Christine Jones


Dani, you are awesome, I read and practise your scripting and prospecting and with this info tonight, I will call my leads the earliest tomorrow. Thank you and God bless.
~ Lily Magante


I have been in network marketing (with the same company) for twenty seven years! I have attended a multitude of seminars, gone through and facilitated some lengthy training programs on my own and with my downline, have teamed up with some supposedly great uplines who actually turned me off to "exceling further because they failed to ask about, understand or recognize my "issues". I am a quiet soul. I am not materialistic. I do not need or crave attention or recognition. I don't want to talk to everybody under the sun using techniques that make me feel "phony". I simply want to be Me and help as many people as I can improve their lives. Thank the Lord I was directed a year ago to check out Dani Johnson's website. Her free phone conferences and website training vault have enabled me to grasp again the true essence of network marketing that is in my heart. Her material has helped me get my ATTITUDE right, restored my confidence and belief system in myself and helped me focus on my purpose for doing what I do. With my improved attitude and clearer focus, my business volume has doubled this year. I am interested now in gathering some of my downline members to bring to one of Dani's First Steps Programs!
~ Virginia Hodgkins


Dani told us in our last Dynasty to go get another job while we're building our business. So I applied for a sales position and in my job interview we had a telephone role play. I used The Script book and LIVE IN NORTH CAROLINA in my role play…. After our role play they boldly said, "IF YOU DO FOR US WHAT U JUST DID YOU WILL BE NUMBER ONE IN THIS COMPANY."I wanted to thank everyone at DaniJohnson.com for making all the resources so readily available and especially Dani for magnifying her talents so magnificently, and sharing them. It's admirable. And I believe that where someone uses a talent, God gives more talent and blessings
~ Paul Fisher


Thanks for the upgrade on the website navigation, it helps emensley.
~ Mary Theresa Foster


Dani, thank you for this dynamic message on excuses. I think I actually experienced a "revival" of my passion for life, and I wasn't even in church! You made me realize just how deceptive excuses really are. Excuses cause many malfunctions……low commitment levels, not doing our best, causes apathy, causes us to quit a worthy cause before we get the hang of it (victory). Their is no excuse for an excuse! I love your training! May God continue to bless you!
~ Leroye Bunch


Dani what a great call tonight! You were right on target, I have been in several businesses and built a couple of traditional businesses and used to have an ego until I went to First Steps in Seattle. Now I am a student!! I bought everyone of your programs and registered for Dynasty and will be at first steps in Atlanta, I have also registered for both the prospecting and closing class. I will be one of the next six and seven figure income earners from your training, as quick as you can teach me to get there. You have the best training program I have ever been a part of. I have been to many and seen some of the best, but you are truly the best!!!!!!
~ Brad Schmeets


What a dynamic indivdual Dani is. She is definitely one of a kind. I get what she is saying and believe I can use her training to build a successful business. Keep up the outstanding work Dani. God has truly blessed her!!!!!!
~ Larry Geisler


You are so encouraging and inspiring to me. Thankyou. I look foward from learning more and more from logging on to your knowledge. Cannot afford to come to Atlanta next month, but after listening to your call tonight… WILL BE THERE!!! Thankyou so much again.
~ Laura Symbol


~ phil jones


I really don't even know where to start. All I know is that with every call my swells with so much thankfulness that I was directed to you. This is the very first time that I know I am going to be successful. I will be at the first steps to success. I wish I could put in words what you have done for me already since I became a pro member just last week. Thank you , thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
~ Linda Brunson


I am SO motivated by the conference call tonight. It was like a breath of fresh air. Dani you are ON FIRE! I definitely plan on being at the seminar next month because I feel my business will really explode as a result. Thank You!
~ Paul White


This was one of the best calls yet that I have heard. I am already registered for Atlanta and I can't wait to see Dani live!!! If she is anything like her cd's then I know my income is going to go up even more than it already has!!! who-oo!!!! Thank you Dani, I can't wait to get all my team on this call to hear it.
~ Terra Cross


It maybe 2007, but this call has no age boundries! thank You! this call was sent to me through email, if you sent it or someone else sent it to me It was timely! It's getting back to basics and I needed that! God knew that, you know! Thank you my Lord and Savior for Dani Johnson and those that guide me! Amen
~ Judith Cochran


Awesome call. Personal responsibility is the key to success in any industry and eradicating the excuses from our lives is absolutely essential to taking responsibility. I had about a dozen different audios I could have listened to today and I know it was divine appointment that this would be the one I would hear.
~ Patricia Hutchinson


I was blind ; Dani is helping me to see things in a whole new light.Thankyou Dani, For the free conference calls.
~ Garry Blanson


Wow!! As usual, this call blew me away and exposed things in me that were getting in my way! Thank you Dani!
~ Cindy McCune


WOW! Thanks Dani for this awesome call - I have pretty much scared ALL of my warm market away by using my needs and my excitement when I approached them instead of finding out what their needs were. I loved the way you used the role-playing to show us how our posture and tone come accross even on the phone!I was just telling a friend today that I WILL NOT QUIT! and your calls will keep me in the game until I can develop the skill, knowledge and expertise to do this business. I cannot wait until the day I can leave my J.O.B.(just over broke) and go into my managers office and tell him I am going to have to let him go. Would love to make it to First Steps next month but will focus on getting the North Carolina CD's and script book for my birthday in September. God Bless you Dani!!!
~ David Toalson


This is the first time that I have listen to someone who is so powerful in the way that you speak to people.I enjoyed listing to you so much Dani
that for the first time I didn't fall asleep.I learned and I wanting to here more from you.Thank you,Thank you
~ Gwendolyn Paschall


Dani, you completely blow me away. I went to First Steps, for the first time in Seattle. I came home with a desire to hit it. I didn't for two weeks. I got up one morning and went "Oh my Gosh, what the heck." I think I got hit by a bolt from God on High. I have been in full gear since then. I loved this session, I love them all. Dani, I have dead beats in my organization and guess what? I don't care. It's only the future and I'm all over it. See you in November, for Dynasty.
~ Tamara Dyet


HI Dani , When I think you can't come up with another Great call You Do. Dani You are really the best out there in are field of work. You have come so fare. I personally Thank You for your time on helping each of use. You are very dear to my heart. Thank you for your insite. Your Business friend
~ Marvin Adkins


yesterday morning i listened to the seven reasons peple fail and quit and like rest of what ive heard i just didnt click on that thing that i was doing that people were picking up on but after i listen i just sat there pondering it all playing this movie of my life in my mind WHAT IS IT? WHAT IS IT? the 2×4 struck quick stong and focused and i fell back into the sofa with mouth open MY GOD ! THE INITIAL ENTHUSIASM, INCREASE IN PRODUCTION, SKYROCKETING PRODUCTION, INITIAL RESULTS, MAJOR BARRIER APPEARS DECREASE IN PRODUCTION , DECREASE IN PRODUCTION ,DECREASE IN PRODUCTION, INCREASE IN PRODUCTION, DECREASE IN PRODUCTION, DOWN DOWN DOWN TO NOTHING GET IT GOING AGAIN , DOWN, GET IT GOING AGAIN, DOWN, SPIRALING LOWER AND LOWER, EVENTUALLY QUIT —-THATS WHAT THEIR PICKING UP ON THE PHONE !!!!!! WHO WOULD WANT THAT? NOW I SEE IT !!!!! will i succeed getting through it this this time YES NO DOUBT !! this time its keep on keeping on right on through it. THIS TIME i have a weapon
~ phil jones


Dani you are awesome. This is the first call of yours I have listend to, and I am so glad and lucky that I did. It made me realize all of my excuses that have been holding me. But now i feel better and now i work on to remove my weakness. Thank You very much..NO MORE EXCUSES!!Thanks with much love


WOW! What a call. Thank you for waking me up. I look forward to your calls every morning and evening. I am applying the information and it has made a different in my business. I have also grown personally by listening to your calls. Be Blessed!
~ Shirley Troutman


This is an amazing call - helpful and inspirational.Thank you for bringing it to our attention again.
~ Elizabeth Anderson


You are such an inspiration for me! Thank you for all you do. What a wonderful leader you are for us all to learn from.God Bless You!
~ Dawn Wharton


Dani, I want to thank you so very much for your training! This is one of my favourite recordings to listen to! My "pet recording" as you put it. When I first heard this one, it reached my heart and mind and I leave it each time with the motivation and the eagerness to succeed! I know this industry is where I have now committed myself to succeed! Every time I hear that seed of doubt, I hear your "Oh, really?… I don't think so!!" answer. I use it all the time now! I have squished 100's of seeds of doubt so far! I feel greater and greater confidence each day! Thanks to your instruction and training Dani, I, as well as 1000's of others, will rise up and triumph in each our own way!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!
~ Karen Gordon


Dani, I have had similar upbringing as you, Took somewhat control of my life last year at the age of 52, and became a distributor for my company, I have "kept on keeping on" but to be honest, I have not made anything yet, The money I have been spending on leads and adveritising is mor for sure than what I'm bringing in. Still I love the fat that for once in my life I might find a way out of 'struggling' I only started listenening and reading Self Development through my company. I wish with all my heart I'd done it years ago. A fellow distributor gave me a link to your website recently.I am so glad she did, I want to drink in everything you talk about, I am new to listening to your audio's, but for sure I know, that "I WILL AND I CAN" be successful if I diligently listen to everything you have to say, and put it into practice. Thank you so much. I appreciate it, and look forward to many more hours of listening and learning.
~ Gloria Ord


I had asked a question recently through this posting from another call & was sent this email, not knowing it was my reply to some of the questions I had asked. Luckily, I like to listen to these recommended calls I get through my emails. There are some great scripts/scenarios unfolded here that will really help me.
~ Karen Ramson


wow!! That was great!! The step by step instruction's really simplfy's the learning process Dani offers!! And it's free!! Amazing
~ julie nelson


Dani, WOW. Just what our team needed. Your script on getting someone started with homework RIGHT AWAY was AWESOME! Some of our upline are telling us to have them wait almost a whole week before they get started….Anyway, NOT ME!Thanks, You're the BEST Coach EVER!
~ Pam Root


Thank you Dani for this call and for the work you do. Learning that "an excuse is a well planned lie" is a wake up call for me. I have listened to soo many excuses from my friends in my networking business and have accepted them. Your story is incredible and you are blessed beyond measure for the work you do to inspire and help people to change their way of thinking and most importantly their life style in a positive way. Be Blessed
~ Channabel Latham Morris


I have heard so much about you on this website that I can't wait to come to your conference in Atlanta, GA on August 25 & 26 of this year. If you have any recommendations on hotels, please feel free to leave me a little FYI. I am looking forward to meeting you even if I don't get to touch you, I know you will be a sight for sore eyes. I feel like you are the blessing that GOD has had waiting for me, & I have been patiently waiting. I was always told that anything that's worth anything is worth waiting for. May GOD bless you & I'll see you soon.I can't wait until I have a RICH testimony to share with the WORLD. Just listening to all the testimonies thus far, I know & believe I will have one very soon. Thanks for the faith Dani!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Lowell Thomas-Smith


I just found you a few days ago and I feel SO BLESSED! Thanks for a great call - informative and encouraging! I love how your teachings can apply to anyone in any industry! I'll be upgrading my membership, investing in product and seeing you live! Your awesome! Keep up the good work! You are in my prayers! God Bless!
~ Khama Anku


Dani thanks for sharing the wisdom that our God has giving you. Being the Emerald and needing the steps, facts and figures placed in front of me has helped me pin point and confirm where I need to concentrate my action to knock out the fear that is holding me from kicking the behind of D-man aka enemy, devil, liar, etc, so that I can have the strong posture on the phone to find the needs, wants and goals and then close with the needs, wants and goals. I'll be listening to this archived call in my Pro Member section until it becomes embedded in my heart and I speak the truths. Thanks Hans for emailing me and referring me to this call. And thank you Dani for all your love and deep passion to see me succeed by calling me with my weekly Pro Member call…..it's always what I need to hear. I am staying involved, a critical key for me. Aloha and Mahalo…God Bless you and your family
~ Bernard C Kim


I have been involved with several network marketing companies but I always hold back from talking to people because of the fear of embarrassing myself. What if they laughed at me? What if I couldn't answer an objection? I am now 68 years old and living on a pension and credit cards. I need to supplement my pension so that I can get rid of my debt load. However those nagging fears still pop up. I thank you for your message. Enough is enough! I'm going to break through my fears and take action
~ Dorothy Helen Campbell


I can't begin to thank you enough for what you do for all of us who are fairly new in the Network Mktg. Industry! I wasn't able to hear this call LIVE, however I took nearly 3 1/2 pgs. of notes from the recording of it! I especially gained two new GOLD NUGGETS from this call, that I will be applying in my business!You light a FIRE up under me, everytime I listen in!God Bless Y'all!
~ Susan Vice


These calls are so helpful in keeping the "newbie" in the biz - and in helping to develop the FAITH that is needed to succeed. I WILL FAKE IT UNTIL I MAKE IT!!
~ Ariane Clark


That was one of the best calls Dani. Thanks so much for being real specific and taking it step by step. Awesome call. I love it, my team loves it. Jammed pack with a bunch of strategy. Thank you.
~ Simeon Cryer


I'm gonna try to change my way of thinking and starting doing things a different way. You are totally awesome dani.
~ Jessica Devore


Great call. The more I learn, the more I want to be successful. Thanks Dani. See you in Atlanta in August.
~ Kenneth Lewis


I have been listening to Dani for some time now. This call is what i have been waiting for as it explains how you actually get prospects started immediately. That motivation and momentum is what is often lacking with others who aquire people as distributors but then do nothing and wonder why after signing up their family and friends nobody does anything. I am just learning what i have to do to become successfull in this industry but with information like this that comes from someone who has a genuine interest in helping people improve their lives i am 110% confident i can make it. Dani you are one in a million, keep up the good work. 'To Your Good Health'.
~ Trevor Samuels


You are an awesome spirit, which God continues to work through, to deliver the most simplified and clear instructions on how to succeed in this business. Your 13 steps hit right on target for where I am at in my business and with prospecting. I know exactly where to humble myself when talking with a new prospect. I do alot of cold calling, seems natural to me, but with the steps it has become easier. Helping others change their lives allows us to be a blessing to someone else, its never about us, and then God will bless us for doing what is right because its right. I will continue to listen to your audio vault - God has directed me to the right place.This is your calling, keep doing what God has blessed you with……. change isn't change until you CHANGE!!!!!
~ Diane Watson


I just wanted to say Thank You for all you do to help people to become successful. I've been getting on your website and listen to your conference called, I to have a lot of fear of talking with people. I'm going to do all I can to get to the First Step to Success, because I really need to go. I just have to get my funds together. I pray that God will make a way for me to be there. Once again I just wanted to Thank you and your family and staff for all you do. May God continue to Blessed you all.
~ Vanessa Whidbee


I know I will listen to this time and again and can hardly wait to invite someone to listen with me. Tears and aha moments like I've never thought possible. Somehow, some way, I'll be in Atlanta. Thanks Dani, the breakthrough has begun.
~ Robin Fletcher


Dani is Absolutely awesome. I have heard many methods of creating success, but her methods work the best for me and my personality. I feel confident my business can now blow up!!! See you all at the top!!!
~ Camea Starling


How to Generate Business is an awesome informational for someone who does not know how to prospect. I am new to prospecting and this has given me some confidence. I will let you know what happens. Keep motivating!!
~ Wendy Williams


Unlike any other trainer in the industry, Dani teaches by the power of example. She shows us exactly what we have to do in order to succeed each step of the way. I always leave Dani's calls feeling like "I can do this" and, furthermore, I have a blueprint and a strategy that I can see and understand mapped out for me. Thank you Dani. You are awesome!
~ Barbara Delville


Wow, what another great call and that is what I needed and another gold nugget for my business that I can add to list of gold nuggets. I am saving money to go to The First Steps to Success in August in Atlanta Georgia. Dani thanks so much for all your motivational calls and gold nuggets that I can use in my business and hope to meet you personally in Georgia.
~ Tracy Daebelliehn


Listening to this segment on overcoming your fear is so powerful and it's a wakeup call for people who are serious about building their lifestyles and for those who don't care about their own lifestyle. Thank you Dani Johnson
~ Jonathan Birikorang


Awesome! Just what I need when I needed it. Thank you.
~ Da-Renne Westbrook


I just feel so blessed to just turn out the lights and light a candle remember that song. Dani your incredible if people don't understand, I'm here to help you, all you do is use www.DaniJohnson.com like you use Navigation just input that web address have your people go to quickstart training it has all the new maps the old maps. Navigation to get you to your destination turn right, turn left, have to detour turn the other Dani call on. We don't have to train are people everyone 95% of the information is here and definitely at First Steps To Success, then next level Creating a Dynasty. Raw equipping, we don't get paid to train yeah you should "OJT" (On the Job Train), but if your people don't go to the source your cheating your people and yourself Ego maniacs. Use this free resource that we are so blessed doesn't cost us money. Plug your people in so your life can change. Hans & Dani thank you so much and you are definitely in my prayers. God Bless you.
~ Madiba Thompson


Dani, this call was simply awesome! I can't wait to play it over and over and practice the structure of building momentum, edifying the new person, owning it language, and much, much more! This is a senior class done first class! Slam dunk stuff (written by a formely sterile and medicinal sounding emeral!
~ Barbara Steinberg


First time listening in on the call. Very informative, helped sharpen my focus as to what is impt (building and edifying those in my organization).
~ Theresa Lindsay


Wow! This call was exactly what I needed to hear, right when I needed to hear it. I've heard Dani explain getting a person started before, but the way she explained it this time was the best I've ever heard! I'll be downloading this one as soon as it's available!
~ Todd M Palm


I just listened for the first time and I'm going to change the way think from now on i have also forwarded this to some business partners and friends and family so they also can change so thank for your time.
~ William Moffatt


Dani, this is the first time I heard your call and the information was so powerful and so true. I am going to get out here and put my best foot forward, take notes from your tapes and never give up. I believe I can do it. Thanks to my friend for referring me to your website.
~ Wendy Horton


I miss being able to save these for future reference! These are great to listen to repeatedly, not just the short time can spend on computer alloted this way and while deviding attention! Every word is good, and it deserves undevided attention. I am so glad you provide these and do have the desire to get to one of your conferences. I have learned so much from you and those you invite to speak on the calls! God Bless You and your staff!
~ Suzanne Koehler


Keep Going Girl. Your an inspiration to us all. Even more your teaching us to be an inspiration to others. Why settle for less when you can have the best. Go For It!
~ eric lynn


Well said, and I needed to hear what you stated. Thank you.
~ Carol Young


~ phil jones


Hi Dani,i listened to your oct 2005 cd and it was owesome,and i can't wait to see you in august 2007 in Atlanta.
~ jay patel


I listened to your Prospecting call today (7-15-2007) and found it to be the best Network training I have ever been blessed to hear.I have been frustrated with Network Marketing since 1967- but have tried many times to achieve success in this area.I wish to publicly thank Amelia Johnson for steering me to your site.
I am unable to go right now, but the First of August 2007 will be my chance to begin to work correctly in Network Marketing. I thank the Powers of the Universe for Engineering my exposure to Dani Johnson.
~ AL Roberson


You inspire me a lot and thank you for your teachings.
~ Lily Magante


Thankyou Dani for all you do. I love this call. I listen to it often alongside with everything in the vault. I am signing on Tuesday as a member and signing up for first steps. I am investing in my education. I will make $20,000 in the next 30 days!! Thank you God for Dani! I am blessed.
~ Rhonda Barsamian


Wow! You really hit the nail on the head! Absolutely priceless!
~ Mary Jane Polanco


I love listen to all your calls and listen each day to WORK AT HOME PROFIT ZONE. This is playing all the time in my home. I loved Action on how to grow your business !!!!!!
~ clarenvce Kontio


What changed my whole entire life was when I got on a live training call with Dani Johnson where she talked one on one with you. I talked with Dani and told her the story about my ears and she as well as 1000 other people told me to get some bubble-lious bubble gum and get on the plane and get to her Seattle Wa, Seminar, First Steps to Success. So, I took my son with me and we flew to Seattle, WA. I just want to tell you that my life has not been the same since. I learned so much, took really good notes and a bunch of pictures and got so pumped up that I came home and I put all of what I learned to work, I am just amazed at what I have learned and what I learned that I was doing wrong. I have done more and with more confidence and in less time. I have got in contact with more people and they are very interested and very anxious about getting the info. So I know that my business will take off and soon. I already have 2 person that started and at 3 more people who are going to look over the 10 day trail on the website. So I want to thank my Wonderful Husband, my directors Lana and Bill Guber, Dani Johnson, Jackie and Stacey O’Quinn, Renae and last but, certainly not least my precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Because with out him nothing is possible.
~ Cindy Chamberlin


Thanks Dani-that q&a style presentation helped me examine where I need to work on my buisiness plan so I can move it into success.
~ Merry Kackos


I believe in being positive about everything that I do. My being positive sometimes get in the way of my decisions on what is right for me. My expenses over come my decisions on spending money to make money. I know I must be positive as you said. I have enjoyed listing to the inspirational phone call which was my first. Thank you. I got a lot of inspirational words from the book "I Can" by Ben Sweetland" many years past. I recommend it to anyone whom wants to improve themselves. I look forward to more calls.
~ George Abrams


Thank you Dani, I have listened to only a couple of these audio training vaults and they are great but this one I need to come back and listen over and over. Just do it in fear as Joyce Meyer has said. Yes, no more doubt, to go and not stop, faith with out works is dead, greater is He that is in me than he that is in this world. Thank you Dani for reaching the secular world by planting & watering God's ways into their lives and us Christians to continue to grow and keep faith.
~ Janice Gatley


Wow! So heartfelt and warming. Just what I needed to kick start my business. Thank you with my whole heart!
~ Gini Curtis


Fantastic message Dani … thank you. This message is the first of yours that I have listened to, and it is so valuable to me that I decided to become a Pro Member just so that I could download it and listen to it more often whilst I do things during the day. I am looking forward to discovering other enriching audios that you have made available. Thanks again.
~ John Stevenson


Once again Dani Johnson has been OUTSTANDING on her latest Monday weekly call! How can anyone not be inspired and remain indifferent by her POWERFUL messages that keep reminding us constantly that the most important thing is to DO SOMETHING!Prior to being introduced to Dani Johnson, the only wrong thing I was doing, was NOTHING! For the past nine years I was in a rut, overwhelmed mostly by FEAR which did nothing else but paralize me and kept me from accomplishing the things in life I wanted to do. Presently, I am in the process of completing my very own personal informational Website (90 % done so far) which will not only help many others that have tried to achieve financial success and failed working online in the past, but also provide multiple streams of income for those interested as well as for myself in the process. Once completed (by the end of next week for sure), I'll be CEO/Founder of my own online work at home business! Of course, I will surely plug each and everyone onto Dani Johnson via my Website! Within the next two years using the resources made available through Dani Johnson, I look forward to becoming a six figure income earner as well as improving all areas within my life. If she or he can do it, so can I! Thanks Dani for rekindling my dreams and may God continue pouring His blessings upon you as well as your team members and loved ones.
~ Richard Waite


It never ceases to AMAZE me how GOD uses people through there OWN experience who use their FREE WILL, STEP UP, SEE, DO and SHARE! You have every right to be arrogant and pompous, HOWEVER, GOD humbled YOU AND allowed you to use your talent to lift people up to the next level!!!!!!! I am new to YOU, but I am SOOOOOOOOO glad that I found you, my SISTA!!! You are a RARE JEWEL in this world and in this INDUSTRY!!! That is why it seems you are "too good to be true!!" When I first listened to you, WOW…this chick is IN YOUR FACE! I felt intimidated and fearful!! But there was something I heard in your voice that let me know that THIS IS THE COACH YOU NEED TO BE TRAINED BY TO MASTER THIS! Thank YOU and your TEAM for slowly BUT surely allowing me to pursue my ALL TIME DREAM of being a ENTREPRENEUR WITH SKILL!!! What I have found in the past is that people who make it to the TOP in Network Marketing/Direct Sales become KEEPER OF THE SECRETS who throw you crumbs and make it sound like you are stupid when you have trouble. However, I have NEVER heard anyone let me know that it is a SKILL and it has to be LEARNED!!SO, with that being said, I know that YOU really have GOD in your HEART because you are WILLING AND ABLE to share your TALENT to allow others to find and live their DREAMS! I do not see EGO(EDGING GOD OUT) from you or your Team! I am a slow learner, but once I master it…..I AM confident and ready to HIT IT HARD!!Thank you for your HUMBLE SPIRIT and GOD BLESS your INTENTION!!!
~ Denise Baker-Bradley


I love all your training I listen to you CD and listen to your calls monday night are the best to start out the week of having suceess and help other to become success and changing people lives forever in life God Bless you
~ clarenvce Kontio


There'e never a time when I've listened to a Dani Johnson call that I was not filled with hope afterwards! Thanks and God's continued blessings on you!
~ Margo Sabater


I was a business owner for several years and I had huge success. I was one of the top sales offices in the United states for several years but I thought that I knew too much. When the business started to fail I made every excuse in the world why it happened. blamming everyone but myself. I lost the work ethic that got me there the hard work that got me there. I lost it all my house, my cars and my multi million dollar business. I have no money, but I do have my family. Starting today i am going to stop making excuses and I am going to get it all back and even more. Thank you for for showing me the light.
~ Alan Young


It is great to listen to this session as l have quite a few prospects in my business and l know l have trouble closing, but just listening to what you say about asking the questions l feel that this is going to help me immensley. Thankyou
~ Christine Malm


This was a confirmation from the Lord that I have just been ste up by the Holy Spirit for fulfilling my purpose and destiny in life. I've been delivered from the powers of darkness and brought into the marvelous light of God's dear Son and the exact things you were talking about are things that were already in my spirit and it just blessed me so much that I can't really explain. All I can say is I have been there living in excuses and now am serving the Lord with diligence and have cut off all my sucker relationships and began to surround myself with people who are where I want to be spiritually, soulishly, financially, and even physically( because of health). I thank and praise God for you and blessing to someone outside yourself and I pray that God continues to bless you in Jesus' name!
~ corey pritchett


Thank you for this call. I am starting over from scratch in my business. I have went through my warm market and had no idea of how I was going to start building my business again. Telling my story is the best idea that you could have shared with me. I too have a story that I'm sure many people can relate to and I plan to tell the world. I will keep you updated on my future success.Thanks again,
~ Nicole Burney


Once Again,Dani has a wonderful call with nuggets that I can use!!! I love how she makes it so simple and easy to use!!!Thanks so much Dani for all that you do!!Achieve your goals and Live your dreams.
~ Christina and Chad Thompson


I first of all would love to let you know that your cd's and Monday calls are THE BEST that I have ever heard and I am slowly building a business with a long time friend. PLease keep the Monday calls and CD's coming. Thank you from the bottom of my heart
~ Frank Muise


As usual Dani, you just never cease to amaze me with your intuition and what seems like infinite wisdom, insight, and true art of business building! Thanx again!
~ Angelisa Weaver


Handling the objections was really very excellent and helpful.
~ Imelda Evans


Dani, Thanks so much for all of your help. The first time I really listened to you and I have several testimonials of my own that I can use that are really important to me. I want to thank God first for putting you into my life and them Gina for all of her help getting me started in the most important part of my life. The breathing problem I had and the way that I have been able to take care of it. Plus also I did get very interested in my health, including my weight and exercise to make me more healthy. Now I have the testimonials of my life to do that. Thanks so much for your help Dani. TAKE CARE AND GOD BLESS.
~ Larry Beckwith


I am excited and motivated. The best is yet to come!
~ apreal warren


I just wanted to drop a note to you, to let you know that I am in the fastest growing company in history with the top trainers around and you are the best I have heard yet.
~ Justin Carpenter


Awesome !!! Awesome ~ ~ ~ I have Listen to many Speakers & Dani You Really Hit the Nail on the Head !!!! I Hope Someday You Will Speak at our up coming Convention In Vegas You are Truly Awesome !!! With Passion we make it Happen !!!! Thank you for changing our lives & Helping Us Build Our Business !!!


It was worth while listening to Dani's call today. Eighteen months ago I flew from Auckland, New Zealand to attend Dani's First Step to Success training in the Gold Coast, Australia. I wanted to find a way of how to move my business to the next level but on my return I was introduced to another business opportunity (telecommunications). I consider it a blessing. I started well and made over $20,000NZD in my first 3 months.I am now in the top 3 level in my business and last month I was in the top 15. So far there's over 400 representatives in my organisation. The business is pretty slow right now. I would really like to create momentum again like when i first started over 12 months ago.Well, today I finally plug on to Dani's conference call for the first time at 2.00pm NZ time (Tuesday). I took an hour off work to go home so i can get on the call. I look forward to the Thursday call with Dani at 12 noon NZ time (Friday)
~ Angelina Moka Brown


I have listened to several of your calls and let me tell you my business is growing tremendously! I missed the last two calls so I had to listen to the replay. My 8 year old son is even excited about promoting the business. Thanks to him I recruited 2 of his baseball team members' parents!Thank you for changing our lives!
~ Kesha Love


Thank you for the eye opener everthing that you said on this call is so true. You made me see how many excuses I have and that I need to stop with all the excuses and find a way
~ LaSonya Griffin


I was told about your site by a friend.Thank you for the encouragement.
~ jenkins mitch


Thank you Dani!! This call has made me put the excuses behind me and achieve my dreams!
~ Hannah Hebert


You're gonna love this one, Dani. I figure you're like a foreign language, tee hee. Of course I listen and take notes, but I also listen to you when I'm ready to go to sleep. Figure you're voice will impact my brain and I'll do great the next day. Hey, everybody, you ought to try it, if your S.O. can stand it! I'm not always conscious for the grand finale, but my subconscious is feeding itself with great thoughts, right? Ready to rev up for the next days' calls.
~ Judith Daniels


I absolutely LOVE the work that you do! I admire who you are & your unconditional love for everyone - even though you don't know them. I want to be just like you. I want to do the work you do, & bring this unbelievable support network to thousands here in Australia. I currently have my own network marketing business & I am aiming at the biggest picture to be the next 'Dani Johnson' of Australia. Thank you so much, you are my idol & my inspiration, keep up your fantastic work! God bless you.
~ Renae Legge


Thanks so much! WOW, - I need to get out and DO this.
~ Elise Berenger


Wow! after well over 9000 dials i knew something was wrong,i did generate $4000 within 5 weeks of getting going on phone based business but then the sky fell in. i just finished another call fron 23 january and heard about not the situation but the response to it, and it validated my response to the situation –i kept going —-i was a calling cripple and i knew it wasnt fear of calling —so what the heck was it ??? lord my Excuses on a scale of one to ten im pretty proud (not) of the fact i closed it out at at around an eighteen ////my condo looks like a tornado hit it and thats the good news you should have seen it three hours ago before i decided i would NO LONGER NEED the nice nap i was planning on taking after just one more audio. I just took out four 30 gallon trash cans full to the dumpster THATS IT!!!!!!.. LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME !! YOU! YOU! YOU! MADE ME CARE!! i'll write back in a year or two with great results when i finish cleaning "THE KITCHEN"!!!it may take that long. anybody got a jackhammer? how bout crow bar to pry the dishes apart? All joking aside it really is that bad! me gottom widdle work to do but the passion is rising.OH YEAH THAT WAS THE EXCUSE (GOTTA WORK ON THE PASSION) no time for anything else. Dani you can reach out and slap me anytime. It feels great!!!!!
~ phil jones


I just wanted to Thank you for the called about failure and how you can be successful. I felt like sometimes I was alone. I'm new at working in the Network Marketing. I talk to everyone I knew to introduce the business and some sign up and some did'nt. I would conduct meeting and people said they was coming and noone shows up and it hurt so bad. I tried to figure out what was I doing wrong and I just blame myself for not succeeding. I go to meeting that be conducting with the business, just to see other people bring people, because the ones I invite just don't show up or called. But still I'm not giving up because, I know God will see me reach my goal and blessed my sons and family. Dani I hope to one day get to meet you. I wish much blessing to you, your family, and staff. God Blessed you and keep up the good work.
~ Vanessa Whidbee


WOW!!! Thanks so much! Will be in Atlanta!!
~ Shelly K Ferree


I brought into a MLM Business about a year ago and things didn't go as I proceed they would. It looked like everytime I thought I learned some of the ways to do the business, things change. I became over whelmed, but I didn't quite. I beleive in this business because I now know my purpose which is to increase God's kingdom by leading others to him by way of being financially independent. I can't give a thristy person a drink of water if I'm thristy also. I haven't made a $1,000.00 a month yet. I have been to two of your Fast Start Semnairs. in Dallas, Texas and Baltimore , Md. While in Md I signed up for Dynasty however health reasons kept me from attending. While in Baltimore you stated and it touched me deeply, Why am I swimming around in a little pool when God has offered me the entired Ocean. I am filled with tears writing to you now. Today God took me back to that little girl while lying in a room of a cruel foster mother and held me and tolded me that I was love and everything would be OK. I cried as I had never cried before. I never plan to write to you this just happen. You answered a question I have always asked myself. Why am I the way I am. I have always been BOLD, always trying to build a business, always love the finer things in life. always wanting to help other people, always telling people to watch me and I will show you I WILL do it. Because of you I now know that's the way God wired me to be and that I was born to do great things and lead others to him through their finance. God bless you.
~ Cheryl Camm


The truth is, I absolutely can no longer tolerate living a mediocre life. Waiting tables…well… for a person with dreams and goals, it sucks. (I apologize for the language but it is the truth). Whatever, I have to do, I will be in Atlanta in August. I can not wait.
~ Robert Gray Jr


After several months of thinking I was coming along so well (with the facts)… and yet have been earning a minimal income. Now I know why! Thanks for the straight advice!
~ Micalle Noy


As usual, Dani, you are just awesome and so very blessed! I to believe that God is calling his people to this industry! We can all prosper and help others along the way and really help others in just a few short years! My passion is helping animals and children as I always go for the ones who can not help themselves! I read a statement somwhere that said "the best thing you can do for the poor is not to be one of them!".
~ Angelisa Weaver


Hi Dani, I am so thankful for being referred to your "WorkatHomeProfitZone" There is so much here to help me to overcome my EXCUSES, my FEARS and my lack of confidence in myself! I have watched all of the videos and the last 2 quickstart calls, I did not want to listen to the first one again probably because it hits too close to home. I do not know if I can do this kind of business or not - but with your help and prayers I will stay the course. I am now off to hear what you have for me on overcoming my fear and Stepping Up. God Bless You Dani,
~ David Toalson


WOW!!! I listened to this call for the 1st time and I learned sooooo much. I have your Script book, but this call really brought it home. I have leads I've been working, but without much success. Now I know it has been my "posture" and "tone". I WILL be making a change this week.
Thank you so much
~ Beverly Long


as that one ends I will be on your call.


I was in a real funk when I went to the profit zone website. I went there to listen to something to get me out of my funk. I'm struggling to reach the next level in my company.I held a VERY successful local meeting a couple of weeks ago. I'm trying to organize a 2nd meeting, and I'm not getting the response for this meeting as the last. So by this evening I KNEW I HAD to get on one of your calls, and LOSE this bad attitude.So as soon as I write this next sentence, I will be working on a flier to put on EVERY windshield in EVERY PARKING LOT I CAN FIND!I will be GOLD by JULY 19th, the END of our next 4-week period.And when I see you in Atlanta I will PROUDLY SHOW you my GOLD PIN!Again, I had all kinds of excuses as to why I SHOULDN'T go to Atlanta.I'm OVER THEM.Thanks with much love.
~ Johnette Mc Inerney


Thank you in advance. I am at a crossroad in my life- and finally, I am able o en-vision a light at the end of the tunnel-Thanks again.
~ Velma L Porter


your information is relevant, your delivery is fresh, and you are right on target. thank you for the enthusiasm you put into your product. I will meet you and thank you personally one day soon! thank you!
~ James Palmer


Dani, I enjoyed listening to the August 29,2005 video. Those are some powerful words and so true. Thank you.
~ Caroline Salinas


Wow! This was so helpful to me! I saw immediately what I've been doing wrong with some of those role-playing examples! I'm trying to be too nice and friendly (only it's probably been coming across as sappy), and not speaking with any authority and confidence—like I've had to while raising my five children. I know it will take practice, but at least I'm heading in the right direction now! Thanks so much!
~ Leanne Gerrard


I've just listen to this call and it hit home with me with my fear of talking on the phone and what I have to do is to get myself to First Steps and then to Creating a Dynasty and to get rid of my fear of talking on the phone to my prospects.
~ Tracy Daebelliehn


I would like to thank you for the first CD I bought on Prospecting and scripting and it is actually helping me a lot because I was starting to get people to sign up and hopefully when I get more time from my regular job I will be more active. Learning a lot lately.
~ Lily Magante


I had to miss the Monday night so I listened to the recording. I always walk away with nuggets from Dani Johnson's live calls. She is so wonderful!!! I can't wait to go to her First Steps To Success Seminar in Atlanta. I know it will be great!!!Thanks so much Dani for all that you do!!!
~ Christina and Chad Thompson


Thank you Dani.You saved my life.I listing to you every day over and over again.I am reprograming my mind.I will not stop doing it untill I will get to the top.
Dani-you are the best.I thank you so much for being with us,helping us to become leaders so we can step up and help others on the way to their success.
~ renata bilik


Dani you are truly blessed and a blessing to all of us! You and Hans have developed a no fail solution to failure! Just open your mind and allow the information to at least make you wonder… WHAT IF I CAN ACTUALLY BUILD A DYNASTY! Listen everyday and you can't help but improve! I am getting better in spite of myself! Thank you so much for sharing priceless insider tips and unshakable faith in this industry!
~ Angelisa Weaver


Thanks for such a GREAT action plan. It motivates me to change a few things in my business and reinforces some things I am doing.
~ Marilyn Stringfield


Thank you sooooooooo much for all you do. You seem to know exactly what I need when I need it. I have been in a slump for some time now but this call has really given me some things to think about. I have been frrustrated and not having any energy to do anything for the past month. I have not been on the calls for the last few weeks and I can really tell the difference. You are so motivating and encouraging. I know now what I have to do to get my business moving in the right direction. Thank you again and keep the motivation coming.
~ Patricia Stone


i'm so glad I had the opportunity to listen to Getting out of a rut. I needed to hear this. I have allowed life to get me down… After listening to this I want my year to end differently than how it started. June, July and August will be the best yet…….Thanks Again Dani……..
~ Gloria Leonard


Wow, I'm in shocked. I have a much bigger picture and understanding. Thank you Dani for letting me hear you. And hear your powerfull words. Wow your so right & thanks for everything. I wished I had know about your website sooner and now if I can only find something or some where to not just began but start. Thanks. I'm new here by the way.
~ James Geddis


Awesome!!! Thank you so much for your willingness to always be in and speak the truth. My whole life of excuses is passing through my mind right now, kind of overwelming and a much needed and welcome awakening! I am so ready to transcend and rise above into action and results!!! I appreciate all of you so much and send you my love and gratitude every day for your wisdom, inspiration, love, honesty, knowledge and gift of service. As I hold all of you in prayer I ask that you also hold me in prayer for my courage to succeed!!! Thank you with all my heart!!!
~ Robyn OFlaherty


This has given me hope. I'm so glad to know that I can pay off my debt of $20,000 in 2 yrs or less if I just follow the basic principles of the action plan. My daughter will be graduating from high school next year 2008 and has plans to go to college. It would feel exhilirating to be out of debt (credit card) for once and for all………….Thank you so much Dani
~ Gloria Leonard


Thank you Dani Johnson, I wish I could of heard all of this years ago!! God bless you!!
~ Norman Spencer


Dani, at the begining of this call when you your where saying you felt like a loser, it really hit home for me. I feel like that all of the time. My husband also tells me that a lot too. I finally feel like I can do a home based business myself and commit to it and stay focused too all because of your help. I am going to listen to more and more of your pre recorded calls and find more and more inspiration to strive for and reach all of my goals and dreams and leave my stupid excuses behind. Thank You.
~ Brooke Valdez-Cruz


Thank you ,Dani for reminding me for a WHOLE hour1 w. this call that is about time for me to do what I promissed myself to do - to succeed the way I always pictured myself to…!!! I think "excusses" go along really well w. "procrastination" - and that's my other "desease!" Thanks again for the 'kick in the butt" w. this call!!!
~ Ilka Handshaw


I am so excited I can't wait to see Dani this year. I am so excited that I see some top notch leadership here. Go girl!!!!!!!
~ Kathleen Gardner


" Where were you when I needed you most " - the answer is I wasn't ready for you -it's all in the positioning. My truth is that before you fell in my lap God was preparing me to accept His truth through you; otherwise it would have been wasted time for you and me. During the 'Ring of Fire' - Dynasty In Minneapolis - when I came to the end of the lane I felt cleansed and ready to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Thank you God for bringing you into my life. My life is changed……thank you Dani and Hans.
~ Nancy Hoffman


Hi Dani, I have listened to all three of your pre-recorded calls and watched the videos on your web site and I am amazed. You are a true testimonal to success. I am looking foward to continuing to learn from you. I have already started my prospect referal list. I am ready to get out of debt and be a successful business woman.
~ Jennifer Woody


Thank you Dani. I will get myself out of the way and be focused on meeting other people's needs rather than my own. I will stop waiting for old prospects, and get some fresh names. Thank you for all that you do. I know it is because of the Lord that you are so prosperous. I am going to make up a new contact list and change their circumstances. I will be forwarding this e-mail to my team mates after I make up my 200 name list. I plan to do all I can, and I will not QUIT!!! God Bless you and your husband.
~ Brenda Melendez


If you can't afford it, you can't afford to miss it! Stick to the scripts, each part is very important, they are proven methods, duplicate them, don't put "original' material in them, but practice them in front of the mirror, record them and listen to them. You've pointed out some very important details that I believe will definitely help in my new home-based business prospecting, time management, and makes me realize how much more that I have to learn. I'll be back to learn some more, I think that these phone calls in the 'FREE" audio valut are great 'samples', but plan to reinvest some of my earnings into becoming a 'pro' member and attending one of your more current ones. My time is up for today, 80% action, 19% education, 1% personal development, right? Thanks Dani, have a great day, God Bless.
~ Robert Bates


As in the movie "Facing the Giants", the coach taught the team to get over their fear of failure and to quit making excuses. The coach (Dani) is shows us how to face my giants and how to succeed. Just as she said, God wants us to succeed in all areas of our life and when we limit ourselves we limit Him. Thank you, Dani, for words of wisdom.
~ Celesta Howell


I just got to listen to this call, I tell you its what I have been feeling for the past months so to speak and current situations. I have a lot of work to do, and going to take this information really work on myself.
~ Doug Stephens


Dani thak you for for this and what you are doing. Hopefully I sucessed in this buisness and I love the xample about the doctor its great well Thank you once again
~ carmen chavez


Great call Dani. As always, you are the best of the best and I make certain that all of my team plugs into your training. Keep it real, keep it simple and they will come…
~ Kevin Williams


Thank you Dani. You are an inspiring and I've already began learning today. This is so great. I can't wait to apply this to my business.
~ Bev Campbell


Outstanding, outstanding!!!! I'm listening to these tapes and thinking, this is truly the very best way to start my business. God bless Dani and thank you, I know where I'll be sending all my people!!!
~ Norman Spencer


Great call, I must admit that I have strayed and now I am apoint and able to listen to these calls again as well as you being my couch in building my business. I will commit myself to listen to your call every Monday and your Christian calls as well! Thank you so much for renewing my faith!
~ Suzanne W Cason


Dani Johnson is a great motivater. I'm eager to get started.
~ Vera Hines


Thank you, and thank God for you and all that you are doing to help people to change their lives.All that you said has touched me so deeply in my spirit that I'm going to commit myself to change and step out in faith and be the man that God has always intended for me to be. One way or another I WILL be in Atlanta in August, I need this and the only way that I can see myself coming to a possitive change in my life is NO MORE EXCUSES!!!! Thank you again and praise God for people like you who are willing to help others.
~ Norman Spencer


Wow! nothing could have kicked me in the pants more than this call. I have been in a depressed rut for about two weeks now. I know now what I need focus on, who I need to follow, how to think, my belief, and that i need to just do it and go to work and stop thinking about the failure and start thinking about the good. Thank you Dani so much!
~ Zachary Michael Stringer


Amazing how true this is, I've use those exact excuses myself so many time. Thank you Dani for opening my eyes. I hope to be successful in my new career. Thank so much.
~ John Zuniga


I got a lot of excellent points that I can start working with, thank you so much.
~ Evelyn Jenkins


I do have a problem closing,but now that I've listened to this call it gives me the energy and the where with all to continue and never stop working.
~ Enid Y. Cheeseboro


Wow–thanks Dani. This is everything I needed to hear! Focus on improvement and not our failures daily. NO MORE EXCUSES. I need to STEP UP! I love how you said that we should not be waiting for the perfect circumstances. I have 8 kids…it's true…there is NEVER a good time. So..let's all just get to work! Thank you again! You always seem to say what I need to hear!
~ Joy Packard


Thank you So much Dani! This call came at the right time thats for sure. I needed those steps to continue my day and I have written them down to look at step by step to remind myself of why I'm in this for the long hall and to plug into the power source and not to slip into the mind set of a 98%'r no matter what the circumstances are and to focus on the things Above. Thanks so much! Your Awesome!
~ Amber Burton


Wow!! Dani!! This is my first time listening to a recording and definitely won't be my last. Very Powerful!! God Bless
~ Jerad Estus


Thank you for the information you gave me. I really feel that the Good Lord directed me to go into this direction in my life. I have prayed heavly about where he wants me to go in my life. He answered and showed me the Ecoquest opportunity which led to you. I learned much about excusses. I do know that prayer is not one of them. As Christians we have a very powerful tool called prayer. I have seen many prayers being answered. Everything happens in his timing not our own. I am glad I have waited for his timing and will continue to pray everynight. And also do what it takes to be successful. Thanks, and may God bless you greatly and we learn together.
~ Jennifer Woody


Hey Dani, I'm listening to your quick start #1 phone call on excuses… it reminded me of what I determined just a few short weeks ago before someone thought to tell me about your site. Thanks for confirming for me what is truly holding me back from having a champion spirit.
~ Shelley Shaw


Great call and I am new in my business and I realized that I was on the wrong road and now I have turned around and now I am on the road to freedom. I am increasing my skills in communication and how to attract people to me and to work on myself in having less fear of talking to people. I'll be on your web site all the time soaking up all the information skills that I need to succeed in my business. Any other ideas will be greatly appreciated.
~ Tracy Daebelliehn


Thank you Dani I am listen to you every monday. It's wasn't you it me that having a hard time with myself. You are right if I don't have the believe of myself and a mindset that is holding me back. I must found a way out to go to your training semiars. It really hard when being surround with people who doesn't have believe it really effect me. Only 1 day sunday of Church it won't help me much. This is the right business for me. I am cry out now why nothing is working for me. What is it holding me back. Thanks Dani. I will keep listen to you.
~ Diem Le


Thank you Dani. Your story is truly inspiring. I can't wait to take my business to the next level.
~ Bev Campbell


Dani, you really put the dagger on our heart with this call. I have to listen to this again and again and again because I want to get rid of all my excuses. Thank you.
~ Sidney Juachon


Oh my word! Yep, I've had that conditional commitment from time to time! Absolutely! Now I kow I need to change that. Frustration and discouragement led me to a small breakdown over the weekend. I listened to you all weekend and you lifted me up but this call is the kick in the butt I needed!This is definitely a call that needs to be listened to a few times over. Thanks
~ Marleeka Choat


You really hit me hard right where i needed it, Dani. - Lack of belief - That won't happen for me. I don't fit in with the top money earners because I don't have what it takes.Focusing on my failures and not on the things I did acheave that day.Not working. Hoping for the best circumstance. I would rather be gardening, spending time with grandkids. I guess I'm feeling burned out after 10 years of trying to build this business.Thank you for saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. ITS MY CHOICE, I EITHER QUIT OR I STAY COMMITTED AND DO THE THINGS IT TAKES TO ACHEAVE.I have some decisions to make. Thank you for your great call.
~ Judy Sayre


The focus on the right things like keeping up the dials, tracking who I've spoken to, delighting in the fact that I am dropping the medicinal, sterile reading of the script and listening to the prospect, using my hands, even laughing occasionally. Result: JUNE 137 hits, 12 unique people that came to the website and 3 enrolled! This is from a person, I am embarrassed to say, that was so afraid of the phone that it took me 8 months, my first steps to success April 14 in Baltimore, going to Dynasty in May, and forcing myself into the prospecting class! I really do believe that I am improving step by step compounding what I am activating. Thank you so much. Now please get some rest and both of you enjoy your vacation.
~ Barbara Steinberg


Wow…that was an awesome Dani. You are absolutely amazing, and I am so glad that I was introduced to you early in my home base business career. I had a few people on that call who needed every word. What I love about you is that you always hit every nail on the head. Its like you know what everybody is feeling all the time and you always say something that completely changes them. I was at First Steps to Success in Seattle and I was just blown away by your energy and conviction. I definately have had more success since Ive been back home, and as long as I stay plugged in and continue to focus, I know I will be very successful in this business. I plan on bringing at least 5 new people to first steps in Atlanta, so they can feel what I have through your passion and beliefs. I thank you SO VERY much for everything you and Hans have done, and will do for me and others in our lives..You are truly GOD SENT and we love you. Thanks and God Bless
~ Adrian Farray


I am truly enjoying the tips and strategies offered by Dani Johnson's online calls. I am looking forward to attending one of Dani's seminars soon! Excellent stuff!!!
~ Wanda Donald


Hi Dani,You are AWESOME !! A pure Dynamo !!I am enjoying your information. You would be a great benefit to our company, as a Speaker & Trainer.Please check out the attachment, about my wife & I. We are also passionate about weightloss.I plan on registering for your Workshop, in Atlanta.I'm looking forward to meeting you. I KNOW that you can help our Company to get America healthy !!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for what you do.
~ Gary Shaw


All I can say is OH MY GOSH. I listened to the call and 5 out of the 7 things I was still doing. Every single time I listen to any of Dani's calls I learn. I will be in Creating a Dynasty in November. See ya there.
~ Cindy Chamberlin


Kudos on a great seminar in Seattle. My first seminar and I was truly moved with the powerful message given throughout the entire seminar. I'll see you in Atlanta in August!
~ Robert Matherne


Hi Dani, i THANK YOU for all that you are doing.I hope I will be a Success in this business .Dani, once again THANK YOU.
~ steve rickman


Fear has been my biggest enemy. I remember when I was a little girl and I had so much confidence in myself and when I felt fear kick in I immediately acted upon it right then and there. I did not let it get the best of me. Circumstances later in life have not been good to me and I let it get to me. I am remembering what it was like to have the confidence and to know the Lord was with me through whatever was going on. I long to have that feeling back and the more positive I try to do, the more the negative works against me. I know all things are possible and this has really been inspiring and motivational. Just what I needed. Time to get up and get moving!
Thanks So Much!
~ Trina Westfall


Dani, Never, Never, Never QUIT!!! Thank You.
~ Russell Mitchell


Dani if I can come up with just a little of the energy you have, I know I can make more money than I could ever spend.THANKS !!!!!
~ Vickie Johansson


Hi. I just listened to this amazing session. I was actually about to learn about working through the internet. I have just decided that it WILL definitely take a lot of time which I don't have, so thanks for saving me those precious hours.
~ ruhama ben-david


What an awesome resource! All the stories you have created by being obedient to your Lord, Dani! What would we all be doing if you hadn't answered your call! Thank you for all that you do and for loosing truth on us in such an impactful way. Anyone listening to this call and getting plugged in for the first time…Do everything Dani says to do and get to First Steps To Success as quickly as you can…it not only works to your benefit but it changes your life in ways you cannot imagine!!
~ Cindy McCune


This is a wake up call! This information should be handed out to new parents in the delivery room! I know that I do 5 of the 7. I now have a "Plan of Action" I hope I get the chance to meet you In Alanta (2007).
~ Rena Stamper


Hi. I just became a member and I listened to you for 6 hours yesterday. My son was just at your seminar and hasn't come home yet but I can't wait to talk to him. I've been doing network marketing for about 6 months and haven't had too much success. I'm a teacher who works a full time + job and a widow. I know I can do this. It made so much sense to me listening to your coaching. I know this is going to turn my life around and I AM going to succeed. Thank you so much
~ ruhama ben-david


First Steps to Success in Seattle has changed my life, my marriage, my mind and my heart. Dani, I know that you have been called of God to raise people up. You so over-deliver! My husband, another couple in our business who also came, and I all believe you are brilliant and inspired….and you totally blew us out of the water with what you taught us ten days ago. This Quick Start training is awesome! Thank you so much for opening our eyes to specific ways to learn the skillsets we need to live our lives to maximum potential. I'm ordering "Live in North Carolina" tonight. Can't wait to hear it! I feel like a starving woman who's finally found the right food to nourish my soul in this business. No wonder I've been moving along so slowly these past 10 years! The excuses are G.O.N.E.!!!!! Bless you and Hans.
~ Annie Bowlby


The questions asked were some of the same questions I have been asked, it is good to know others are faced with the same situations and now to get the right answers is really helped me. I wanted to let you know Dani I have also been on as many Monday night calls as I can. Very helpfull, Thank you for all your help.
~ Terri Conti


Thank you so much for making these trainings available to us! I'm very excited and thankful to the person who referred my name! An incredible resource to all who are serious about their business!First time I listen to one of your trainings. I thought it was great! Your story takes away all the excuses in the world. It is about today and what will you do NOW! I will continue to plug in the look forward to all I will learn. I'll definitely pass your website to all my new team members! Thank you!
~ Dorley Einoder


Thanks Dani for all the training audio, I am really Blessed. God Bless you Dani.
~ stanley arueyingho


Hey Dani, GREAT call! It never ceases to amaze me the timing you have on sending emails or calls to give us DIRECTION that will lead to Increased income and productivity!
Blessings to You and YOUR TEAM!
~ Bryan Assman


I must admit, I was a skeptic. I recently got a flyer in the mail for a motivational event coming to the Seattle area with names such as Zig Ziglar and others for only $49. So, when I was facing the decision to spend almost $400 for Dani Johnson's event… I balked. But I'd committed to attend Dani Johnson if my cousin went. She did, so I followed through, paid for Dani's event and attended last weekend… with a LOT of skeptism. I can honestly report, with all out conviction, that I GOT MY MONEY'S WORTH. Already, before the week is over, I've experienced results in my income.
~ Shannon Sperte


DANI, Thank you for putting God first and giving Him the credit. He has blessed you with a gift to help a lot of people. I know if I will step out it will work. Thank you for being real. I go out soulwinning all the time but when it comes to sharing my business it is very hard. But today listening to 1st steps help me not to judge how I think people would react to approaching them with a business opportunity. You are real and right on what it takes to make it. Knowing the Lord is with us first and having wisdom and knowledge we can't fail.
~ Janice Gatley


Great stuff. As usual!
~ Michael Peters


Listening to this call was perfect for me to move myself forward and stay in the game…..PERSIST and RESIST satan…lies from the pit of hell!!!
~ Allison Vokac


this is a amazing way to start a business and money quick!
~ Greg Turney


Dani, the training audio on the #1 Excuse in America is…."Excuses" is so awesome and you hit the nail right on the head. We are so guilty of making excuses even when we don't have anything to do, for fear we might have to do something. Thanks for the stories you shared; they too, were awesome. I would really like to attend one of your Seminars soon. I loved your passion when you speak. You are truly a dynamic individual.
~ Carmen L. San Miguel


I've been living with excuses all my life. I'm 80 now and I want to live with total success for the rest of my life, whatever it is. Thank you, Dani. I will do it and let you know.
~ Dwain Porter


Wow, Dani, you did it to me again….You made me realize all the things I am doing wrong and how I can fix them. I have writer's cramp from taking so many notes and it feels great, as I am listening to this so late at night, like 11:30 P.M I can't put them into work right now, but will first thing in the morning when I get back on the phones and get going again. I had to talk everything up, like I knew so much about my business, afraid people would think I was stupid, here I am trying to get them into my company and I didn't know anything about it, how embaressing, but you made me realize its ok to say, "I don't know, but what I do know." Thank you so much, I am so postive now that I will begin to close my deals instead of hitting nothing but dead ends. You are amazing and I can't wait to get to the next First Steps to Success seminar. I will sell what ever I must in order to get there, but I will be there. Thank you again, Dani, your the best!
~ Julie Tackett


Great call! I'm gonna listen to few more and get the "Script"…
~ Ilka Handshaw


Dani, I have heard many excuses from the people that I have tried to encourage into the many businesses that I have been in and believed them because I use them myself, NO MORE !
~ michael zeitner


I needed that!!!!! No more excuses!!!!! I want the possitive changes in my life and I commit to that cause not only for myself but also for my loved ones and friends and who ever else God leads me to touch in a possitive way.
~ Norman Spencer


Whatever it takes… I will be in Atlanta!!!
~ Ken Lewis


I have learned sooo much in just listening to three calls, and I have ordered your script book and Cd's, so I will be "ahead of the game" when I see you. By then I will have several success stories to tell you. Till then, many blessings
~ Therese Mannila


stop waiting and start doing, the income will follow.
~ Ami Murray


Great motivational call! I have owned a retail business 2 years ago and told myself I would never go into business for myself again. I lost thousands of dollars which I could have spent on a home-based business and been way ahead. Thanks for making me realize that excuses don't make you money but your effort and determination will.Thanks so much Dani and I'm looking forward to meeting you soon!
~ Brenda Fleming


If you can't make an event this is the best way to experience it! The call after the event is so important because the testimonials put you right in the shoes of people who are like you. All different levels of success, all different reasons for doing their home based business. One of the things that really impacted me was Troy who brought his 15 yr old son. I want this for my daughters. College is important but FSTS training should be what every parent does before their child enters college or the working world. First Steps training is boot camp 101 on life! A college can't teach you this kind of stuff. Thanks, DJC We'll see you in Atlanta!
~ Diane Campbell


Hi i can relate to what dani was saying in the excuses segment i see myself there i have always made excuses not enough money when i go to bingo and spend the money i could have used to buy the program to get started. so i have said to myself that this time i am giong to do it and go all the way to the top.
~ Lesstelle Washington


What a great safe place to send all my people who want to get serious about our industry and get TOTALLY equipped ! Thank You !!!
~ Bob Janowski


hello dani this is angela in new york i just listened to your call and cant wait to make money. i got alot of info and will use every bit of it


Great call! I love the role playing. Thankyou
~ Marie Kelley


One of my biggest dreams and most precious desire is to see you in action at one of those seminars…I know the day will come when my dream comes true…I sure miss the entire vault of audios you use to offer us.Thanks a zillion for changing lives!
~ Beverly Smith


Hi Hans and Dani, The impact of your training system is changing our lives. The personal growth has been great. The results of going to First Steps and Dynasty are: a renewed vision and call, the confidence to just do it, the desire to help others, we have better success working together as a couple, appreciating each others personalities, being mentored.Thanks for your faithfulness to your calling. Thanks for mentoring us. Thanks for helping us get past our selves. Thanks for caring.
~ Laura Lubben


Thanks so much for your generous gifts…
~ Lisa A. Brown


Tonights call was a great one. I have been listening to dani for about a year now but never went to her trainings. I was close to making the decision to going to Seattle, but I decided to wait and see where her next was going to be. Lets just say I live in Canton, GA and I am very excited to see you coming to Atlanta. It has been a tough road I will not lie about that. My calls have not gone that well, but I am continuing on and I will be on one of these calls one day but next time I will be giving my story. I drive to work everyday asking GOD there must be something else to this life other than what I am doing right now. I am going through a bit of depression but God will help me through and I will endeavor to build my business and be able to support my family to the best of my ability. Keep up the good work guys I will see you in Augst.
~ Randolph Francis


A fantastic call Dani. Everytime I listen to you you remind me why I am doing this and the power of this amazing business.God bless you and your team. Thanks for the clarity you bring
~ James Hannan


I just want to thank you.. I was that tall guy in the middle of the audience on saturday who was balling like a baby… You brought out alot of suppressed feelings.. Thank you!!! We are so blessed to have a leader like you and Hans and your staff. God is obviously using you to change lives….Keep up the excellent work.I am a recovering alcoholic who is ready to be what I am meant to be… I want to be free….I want to be me… That is my theme song… Please let (ISA) know her voice moves me and countless others.. I have played that song over 50 times today..Lastly I want to share that I had a sale on sunday and I didn't do anything… Can you say Holy Spirit.. This weekend was the most amazing experience. Infact, I would say it came in a close second only to the birth of my two beautiful daughters… God bless you and your staff…
~ jonathan dunn


All is can say is "WOW!" This hit my heart tremendously. I think I have had a lot of excuses this summer. The kids home, the leads don't seem to work, negative compromising influences, Dani, you said it all. My prayer this morning and every morning past is "why" isn't my business growing and wouldn't you just know that Gods annointing that is on Dani hit me between the eyes AGAIN!! It's funny, it's like I'm asking God something and Dani is the messenger, again, WOW! Thank you God for creating us for greatness and for annointing and choosing Dani for this "market place ministries" we're in! I can't wait until tonight's call!
~ Chrissy Cope


Listening to your calls from the vault, I am so amazed and grateful for the information. I just got on to your link a few days ago. I am so impresssed. Thank you Dani
~ Florence Basse


You are so incredibly inspiring! I love listening to you. I can't wait to go back to my aged leads and see what kind of results come from the advice you gave Tom.
~ Angelisa Weaver


Dani, Thank You so much for such a wonderful call. You are such an inspiration to us all. I've learned alot from this call and I want to attend your First Steps to Success and also to Dynasty soon. I want to continue to come to all your calls, so I can start moving forward in my business. God Bless You!
~ JoAnn Flowers


Awesome call as always, i found out what compromising influences were something new i have learnt, i always learn something inspirational from your calls dani and they really motivate me to move forward. Thankyou so much.
~ Alicia Vollebregt


Dani… I thank you so much for the inspiring instrument you are in the hands of the Father of us all! Thank you for the HARD WORK you endured and presevered through.. that you truly see where each of us struggles from…and you choose to show us how to step up and out of it…and to KEEP ON WALKING!…and that it's 'OKAY'…because that is the journey…and then we'll arrive…Thanks so much sincerely!
~ Lisa A. Brown


Dang that was good.
~ Paul Fisher


This is a great, inspirational, motivational call to action call! Thank you Dani, for all you do!
~ Paula Minick


Wonderful wisdom and encouragment…just found you and know it is a new path for me as I walk those "ordered steps" to the next level. Thanks so much for blessing me so!
~ Mimi Fuller


Thank you so much for the great advice and inspiration! I've wasted too much time making excuses and i am ready and determined to make something of myself and help others. Your presentation gave me an extra boost of confidence and its a nice feeling. Thanks again for your time and consideration for others!:)super-excited and completely inspired by your presentation. looking forward to expanding my business options! thank you for giving hope and saying no to excuses!:) thanks again
~ margaret (maggie) lankford


My group is only just hearing about Dani Johnson. Thanks Dani for these fabulous resourses. I cannot help getting excited when i listen to your energy, and feel it.
~ Greg Wright


Great message….very inspirational…and I was very impressed to hear the thanks given to God, because he is the reason for it all. It feels Wonderful to know there is still people out there willing to help others without a gimmick. It just shows other people how to give without looking for something in return, because their blessings will come.
~ Keyondra ParkerLee


I want to tell you as everyone else is telling you, that you are fantastic!
~ Joy Valente


This is the first call of yours I have listend to, and I am SO GLAD that I did. It made me realize all of my excuses that have been holding me and my husband back all of these years. Always wanting to find and do something better, knowing that our lives really shouldn't and NEEDED to be better than what it was, but always thinking to ourselves…."no, just don't have the money, no just don't have time…don't think I can do that, I don't know how to do that, it just won't work, or yeah this is all a scam, something like a home business can ever work." Well, Here I am, I have started a home based business, and even though I have sales and telemarketing skills, I was still feeling that I really needed to do something to prepare myself more for what I was about to start in. So, my Team Leader, and team, are always talking about YOU!!! How amazing you, and I finally stopped making excuses and came here, and listend, and what a difference even this first listen has done for me, and my confidence. Thank you so much Dani, and I can't wait to meet you.
~ Julie Tackett


awesome call as always!!
~ taramati patel


I got a good look at myself and I know that any excuse is a good excuse. So if want to change it starts today. Now with no excuse and being responsible for where I am in life.
~ Penny VanTassel


I thank Heavenly Father for you everyday!!! My husband and I have been listening to your calls and this call was awesome. I needed this call to carry us to the next level in our business and our downline.Dani, thank you for sharing your talents you have been blessed with, with all of us who are willing to listen and apply. Heavenly Father is making a diffence in our lives through you.God bless you and your family.
~ Sandra Berry


I really loved this call!!! Dani is so great and I just love her!!! She helped me get over my fear of talking on the phone to prospects!! One of my goals with my company is to make the money to go to one of her First Steps to Success seminars and then to Creating a Dynasty!! I am also looking into her prospecting and closing classes!! Dani, thank you so much for your Live Calls but also you recorded calls..i love your script book and I am fixing to get your North Carolina CDs and I can not wait….Dani you are truly are God sent!! The Lord showed me the way to you and I am so glad that He did!! Keep doing what you are doing and I keep praying for you to touch more people in their businesses and lives (especially people's Christian Lives) Thanks so much and God Bless.
~ Christina and Chad Thompson


~ gary hall


Dani, you are such an inspiration to all who hear you. I really needed this call tonight. My business has not been going well and I have been blaming circumstances around me for that. I see now how we are a product of our environment. I am so glad that I am coachable because I learn so much about myself through what you have to say. Again I thank you so much for all that you do. God bless you and your family. I hope to one day meet you.
~ Patricia Stone


Dani, thankyou for all you do. I have needed courage to speak to my warm market and I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me to just do it.
~ Marie Kelley


I logged on to the site to put one of my associates on the call. I've known about you for some time and used your strategies in other MLM's. I am now building my own marketing company, and again, I'm going to use your strategies to build my business.It is absolutely amazing that I received so much from this call when my purpose was to simply let my associate listen in. I thank you so much for giving back and helping others achieve the success that you've experienced.
~ Will Robie


Lol wow very powerful call that really opened my eyes up to see the excuses that I made that stopped me from furthering myself. I have whole new outlook now thanks to you but I have to say the using God for an excuse part was really funny amazed at such ridiculous excuses. But I really enjoyed the call very life changing and motivaional I don't want to live a life that means nothing there has to be more to life than this…God bless you!!
~ Tiffany Smith


I have been listening to your calls. I get something from each call. This call is just what I needed today. I needed pretty much all of this call. Compromising influences are in my life. (Ive been letting it have it's effect not even realizing that is was happening.) I have such a great upline she has been such a blessing to me. She is the one who introduced me to you. I'm so thankful that she shared your information with me. (What a blessing.) Thank you for sharing your calls.
~ Pamela Weir


No excuses right!!!! I just made a decision that I have to make happen now and that is get plane fare to Seattle. I am secured in my seating for the Seattle First Steps in Success seminar. I will make it happen Dani. I just love your training. Your enthusiasm is just phenomenal. I am so excited to get into your program. Your right, you have to just make the decision and make it happen. That's it, period. I'm so phsyched.
~ Michael McGhie


Dani your Monday night training calls are amazing. You give us so much to think about and show us how to do it right, even though we think we know it already. I have missed a few weeks now but I am going to get back on schedule. I just want to thank ou for all you do and the energy you give. I am so blessed that the company I work for put me in touch with your website. I am one of those broke people who is going to make it. I have come too far to turn back now. God bless you and all those who listen to you. See you on Monday night's call.
~ Patricia Stone


I just want to tell you that you call tonight made me cry. I felt that you knew what i am going through and that i needed to hear your words of encouragement. I know that what i see now is not my reality ; i know that i am going to be successful no matter what my financial situation is now and what people think. I am very excited to attend your event in Seatle. I live in New York and for me to travel across the country is a privilege because i know that you will give me the tools that i need to impact my business and life. God bless you and your family for all you do for people that you don't even know. I also want to tell you that i had listened to your CD " The financial Kingdom" and it had helped me tremendously. I will see you soon.
~ Catherine Santana


I thoroughly enjoyed tonight's live call! I am challenged and looking forward to First Steps To Success in Seattle. See you there!
~ Glenda Buckman


Dani, I have been puished over the edge from listening to this call. 30 dials tonight and 2 presentations scheduled. Really looking forward to the Prospect and Close classes in August, to push me even further, I am already victorious. Please come back to Gold Coast Australia this year but I will see you at LA Dynasty.
~ Murray Bladen


Hi and thanks after listening to these audio's it amazing how much info they offer.
~ Fran Roe


I've been in MLM for 15 years and I am going to start all over again with Dani's material its a revelation. All that I thought I knew has not got me to the place where I thought I should or could be. I feel so fortunate that I discovered Dani through You Tube
~ Campbell scott


I have just spent the last couple of hours on your site. For the first time ever, I signed on, ordered products, and started listening to everything available because I know I need what you have to offer. I am the first person to admit that I make excuses for not getting something done, but knowing that my excuses are what is bringing others' excuses to me had a great impact on me. I have also been a terrible procrastinator, and I know that with regular visits to your site, my businesses will all take the upward turn that I desire. I will certainly be sending others to your site.
~ Carolyn Beck


I just love listening to your Live training calls. I have learned so much from your calls and especially this one!!! I loved all the tips that I have gotten. I will do some of the 7 keys that I am not already doing. Ever since I have been listening to you, I have gotten so much more confident on the phone. I am able to make more presentations!!! I also plugged into your Christian calls and you just blow me away because you relate bible stories to business. I have also bought your script book and have worked it in my own script and have signed up 4 people. Thanks!! I plan on going to one of your First Steps to Success!!!Thank you so much for you training calls!!!!
~ Christina and Chad Thompson


I will be ordering the cd and script book. I can't wait to see what I've been doing wrong so that I can immediatly correct myself.
~ Loraine Kilpatrick


Hi: Thankyou so much for this call. I am looking forward to putting it into practice NOW.
~ Irene Burwash


I record these calls and then load them to my cell phone, so I can listen to this priceless information everywhere all the time.
~ Campbell scott


I just listened to the call and it was phenomenal! Dani gave some great tops on points that I didn't even think to really focus on. I am just starting out in my business venture but I can truly say that I am going into it feeling more confident especially after listening to a couple of the calls. Many, many thanks!
~ Alicia Burd


Dani, This is life changing. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that you are not afraid to give God the glory and include His truth in your presentation.
~ william Purdin


She is definitly right excuses can make or break you and I do not seem them breaking me. Thanks Dani for the help.
~ Tonya DuPree


What an excellent call to help new people focus on the essentials and the staples that bring results. Dani pours herself out on this call for your sake and for the sake of the team. As only Dani can, she makes learning what it takes simple and fun. You will be immediately impressed on this one! There is a certain feeling of relief that I experience in sending the over analytical to this call — I think that is because Dani lays it on the line and helps people to move out of their olds ways of " analysis paralysis" and into action. And you can learn even more about this at First Steps— when you get there. thank Dani. You are the best.
~ Cynthia Sauer


Disclaimer - The testimonials presented on this website are, to the best of our ability to determine, all true and accurate. They were provided willingly, without any compensation offered in return.

Please understand that these testimonial results do not represent typical or average results. Most of our clients do not share their results, nor are they required or expected to. Therefore, we have no way to determine what typical or average results have been. To be frank with you, many clients do not implement anything we teach them.

The income statements and examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, effort and motivation to work and follow recommendations. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here.

After reading all these great comments I am excited and look forward to your first steps seminar in Seattle next week. See you soon.
~ Brigitte Lesiak


Thank you for all your love and support, God truly has blessed you with the ability to connect with humanity. When a friend of mine referred me to you, I thought you were going to teach me on how to be a great sales person, but instead, you are a person who teaches people on how to change their lives for the better. I look forward to meeting you in Seattle. I have no excuses not to go to an event where I know that I can not only change my life, but be able to change many lives in so many ways, as you have. Les Brown and Zig Zigler are fantastic motivational speakers, but you teach people how to be succesful in life step by step. God bless you and see you eight days at First Steps To Success in Seattle, WA
~ Shaundi Goins


All I have to say is that I am a mother of 5 also, although I've stayed at home most of the time while my boyfriend has worked outside the home, we are still barely making it it seems. Iv'e looked into home-based businesses in the past but I like many others was skepticle and always had or made an EXCUSE for why it wasn't for me. Now that I am serious about giving it a try, although I haven't even really started yet, I am determined to make it work for me because I really want my life to change, not only for my family but also for myself and thanks to you and the training calls I've heard so far, it's just a confirmation of what I want to do will be the right decision for me. To know that there's someone out there who really cares about your success really makes a difference.
Thank You
~ Valerie Apodaca


I found your website last night as I was searching the internet for information. This call (7 Keys) was powerful; packed with great information. I e-mailed an associate the website last night and am sure to refer more people. Everyone could use this information if they are really serious. Thank you many times!
~ Jerry Medlar


I was just telling a friend last night, I wish I knew it was God's will to go forward with this business. What an excuse! God doesn't care what we do as long as we honor him. The best advice I received today is rise up and honor your God! He works through people and I'm glad I found this site. Thanks for your help.
~ Sherry Watkin


Dani, you are such a blessing! I was introduced to you just over a year ago and I have listened to you recorded every one of the recorded calls. I have the script book, North Carolina cds, insider secrets, home presentation, and script book. You are great and I can't wait to start coming to the live First Steps as I know it will be habit forming!
~ Angelisa Weaver


WOW Dani! What an awesome call! Thank you so very much for your willingness to pass on such "RICH" nuggets!


I have both of your Script Books already, and I've just purchased your Live in No. Carolina CD's. I would've loved to have been able to be at 1st Steps to Success with you in Seattle this month, however I have a sick mother that I'm caring for right now, so I won't be able to make this one. Please keep her in your prayers! Her name is Grace Stewart.The good Lord willing, I'll see you at a 1st Steps real soon!Here is another acrostic for you that I feel the Lord blesses us with, through you!


L. earning new steps
O. bserving ways to conquer the challenges
R. eflecting on our success and mistakes
D. iscovering the faith that we can succeed, if we only BELIEVE!
God bless you, Hans, your family & staff!
~ Susan Vice


I really like your motivational talks. I'm glad to know that God is a part of your life because without him we would not have a thing. He is to be first in all that we do and with him we will have a successful business without him it will fail every time. My motto is "Without a Vision We Shall Perish" I have a vision and the dream to be an entrepreneur and I'm going to make it happen and to listen to your demos and talks it is a help and an encouragement. Keep on putting God in all that you do. Thanks and God bless you.
~ Rena Thigpen


I went to First Steps in LA CA in March and I haven't been the same since. I recommend Dani to everyone I talk to. My business has had so much growth and I have had personal growth too. Thanks Dani You changed my life forever!!
~ tanya shaw


thanks for the emails and keeping me in contact with all you are doing. I had trouble for a while accessing your website, but now I am able to get on easily. You are very inspiring.
~ virginia reber


As a complete newbie in this industry I am finding this info invaluable,Dani is so inpiring.Start every day with by listening to one of Dani's calls.She is awesome
~ Andy Dries


Dani, you did an awesome job on this call. The seven steps were so timely for those of us who are just starting or like me restarting over again. Learning to be myself and yet ask questions of my prospects will be a challenge. Thanks to you I have the desire to change my way of talking with all people. It is about them - not me. Thank you so much for your dedication and this terrific website.
~ Keena Jorgenson


I have been working all leads with a great desire to be a leader in this industry to honor my friend who has plodded along for so long and also for this area which is so cold in innovation. I am struggling financially greatly and I have my four children but my God has not forsaken me despite myself and I was led to this call at 4:00am this morning. I got off track action wise but not head wise with exposure, upgrade, and involve. My plan is to have a summer of exposure but I have been allowing "analysis paralysis" due to the impending circumstances. What sticks out to me in this call is when you said 'are we leaving our childrens future in the hands of someone else who doesn't care?" It is now 6:00am and I have a targetted list to begin building momentum with. God Bless you!
~ wendy rosa


I am on the verge of loosing my home and all I own (which isn't much, but still all I got), I prayed to God for a way out of this mess I am in for myself and my children. I am a single parent and work a dead end job. As I was praying, my phone rang and this guy who I don't know called me and said go to this site and listen to Dani Johnson, and here I am. As the scriptures say, step out in faith and test the spirits to see if they are of God.
~ Clint Pospichal


~ Gloria Leonard


Dani, You are blessed and now a blessing to all who are taking the time to listen, hear and implement what you are teaching. I have not yet been able to come to 1st steps and its very close, but not giving up. I am trying my best to get there. Thank you, thank you for giving me my confidence back! I know things will soon turn around. I can feel it! Mailed out the 250 post card leads and the phone is ringing! yeah babe! lol!
~ christine falu


You're really great, Dani. I wanna go to Seattle! Whaaa. No excuses, just the $5 I have won't get me your books or the fare to get to Seattle. I have no product…well..anyway, a job will help, and I'll find out tonight! One day at a time. You're so gifted! Glad you've been blessed. Keep it up!
~ Patricia Davison


Hi Dani I relate to some of your story. How did you keep positive about this buisness. I know Have another buisness on top of the and looking for a part-time to support both. Thank you, you are an encouragemnet.
~ Naiomie Fernandez


Thank you Dani. I am so thankful for this site. I hope to see you once again in person very soon… what an excting weekend those always are. Your blessed !
~ Angela Brooks


Great call ! Thanks, Dani ! You touched my heart & motivated me to no longer accept excuses from me or others ! Me especially !
~ Tom Sweeney


Thank you Dani for your help. I really needed to hear what you said today. I want so much out of my life and never seemed to do it, EXCUSES was always my problem too. Truth hurts and most people don't like to hear the truth because they can't face it. But, if you really want to succeed, then you need to just do it, take a leap of faith. The faith in God to help you through any of your trials or anything you really and truly ask of him to help you with, he will be beside you if you just have the faith. God wants us all to be truly happy!! Thank you for showing me the truth Dani.
~ Maria Mendoza


I listened to your Monday night call and was able to get some very helpful information from you. I got left behind on how to obtain the script book, I will get the information from my upline. I'm not homeless, but I am broke and I do want to make some money. I must tell myself that if I contact a nasty person, well they can't beat me up over the phone.
~ Hattie Brown


I enjoyed Dani's motivational phone seminar. She heightened my enthusiasim even more. I plan to dial in for more of her seminars because this is my first time trying to start a home business and she has a lot of help to offer me.I missed how to access her script book but I will find out. I plan to purchase the books because I like everything physically in hand as a resource.Thank you Dani. I plan to learn a great deal from your experiences.
~ Teresa Mrozek


I am new to network marketing and need alot of training. I bought your North Carolina event CD's and script book and just finished listening to them. WOW!! I was on your Monday night call tonight for the first time. WOW again!! I now know to ask questions and I have my roll of duct tape by the phone. I am a 52 year-old father of three teenagers. A couple of months ago I had two bad days back to back. On a Thursday I found out my fifteen year old son Matthew needed to start chemotherapy the following week at the Ireland Cancer Center at University Hospital in Cleveland. The following day, I was severed from my job of many years due to company cutbacks. Corporate America sucks. I recently started and I love the travel business and helping other people. I am having some warm-market success but realize I need to work new prospects. I wish I was able to go to Seattle. I don't think I can borrow enough money from my father but am going to purchase some of the aged Christian leads and go to work with your system. With money I earn I can catch up on bills and buy some of those intriguing video leads by you. I bet they are terrific. Maybe you can make an exception and allow me to sign up for the training in L.A. in December without attending Seattle. It is 3:00 A.M. I am sleepless in Ohio. I have two appointments during the day tomorrow and a meeting at my house in the evening with five guests. I have many phone calls to make as well. Thank you for giving me hope and inspiration. The Lord has blessed me with great opportunity to take care of my family and to find you. Please say a prayer for Matthew. I look forward to the day when I have the privilege of meeting you in person at an event. You truly are a gifted person and we are lucky that you received your calling to help us.
~ Thomas Schmidt


Dani, this was a great call. I was really ready for this one! I have started to call a few leads and have been encorporating some of these tips. I really needed this call tonight. Last mon I called a lead and tried to worki on "smile" & "enthusiasum" and concentrate on "them" after 30min of visiting (me listening to them and what their needs are) She signed up and is very excited!Thanks for the review.
~ Jim & Kayleen Parke


Dani,I enjoyed your energy tonite on my first live call with you.I will be there on the mondays calls from now on.I like you because you are you and you really have gotten thru to me like no one else could. I am going to your first steps to success in Seattle because of your sudden impact. This is not like me to take a risk like this.I have a urgency to change my LIFE and I have known for a long time that I have a calling on my life for a higher purpose. I am very shy and very new to all this. I am scared to death, but excited. I have a hundred personal issues I am going thru that I could write a book about some day, but for now I want to work on myself, so I can grow in my business, family life, spirtually, financially and mentally.You are right on. Thanks you for all you do for everyone and the powerful impact you have on many people personally and professionally.I am glad God put you right in my path.It is no accident that I was referred to you and I went to your website.It was Destiny.
~ Heidi Deming


My story is similar to yours except my parents just didn,t "give a dam!" Coming from a family that was extremely disfunctional,I completely understand where you are coming from! My Father, even now, and I,m 53 on June 14, told me every day of my life that I would never be able to learn anything useful because I didn,t have the brains to succeed. He was relieved when I married Roger, because he has money and I would want for nothing!.Roger and I have been married 15 years, and have survived not because of my family,Thank GOD! In January 07 I was considering suicide but through an aquaintance I remembered this phone number and called. My counselor,MY GUARDIAN ANGEL, pulled me up from the dead and took me under her wings and held on for dear life.She was scared for me.Someone Cared! I casually thanked God and asked if maybe he could save me from my verbally abusive husband and our office manager! In march, I was thinking clearer and my director at cwb called me and asked me to come and visit.She is another Angel of mine!She said she had a work at home business she wanted me to look at.I looked at the web sight and said"when you make some money, tell me" I decided God had abandoned me like everyone else! Then a week ago, after being terrified of failing, it hit me! I quickly called Penny and cried at the revelation that had come to me. I said,Penny, God answered every single prayer I ever uttered, whether sincere or in jest! She said,Tell me!" I said Max saved me from death, You showed me a future and all of you and many more stood by me when I couldn,t finish a complete sentence. I am ALIVE! Now, Ineed to go forward and I don,t know if I can! I still go to counseling and I am a level two director, but I have done nothing! But now I have also found You! Thankyou so much for being alive here and now!
~ shannon snow


Wow, but always Wow, Dani tonights call 7 Keys To Mastering Phone Prospecting off the hook, I'm so thankful to God for allowing you to be a part of my life. Every Monday for a shot and then transfusions at First Steps to Success, and then a new body for Creating a Dynasty. I'm truly elated with this info tonight perfect timing Dani. I know you asked and he gave it to you to give to us. Anyone who is reading this please understand this website is FREE learning the EXACT things to get you the PROFESSIONAL skill set that's needed to get you exactly, nothing less then what you wanted your business to do for you when you first signed up. My team call it the fast track, I truly know God will bless you if you seek this knowledge and more importantly apply what he has allowed her to teach us. From the heart.
Thanks Dani & Hans God bless your whole family.
~ Madiba Thompson


Dani ,WOW !This is the most outstanding call .I have ever heard on a monday night call .You have hit nail on the head Dani .You really opened my ears to night. On how to get our prospect to open up and talk to use . I know this call will help a lot of people in there task in recruiting. Thank You And God Bless !
~ Marvin Adkins


I was introduced to your site 3 days ago, since then I have spent at least 7-8 hours listening to your recorded calls. This was my first live call. It was AWESOME! I didn't think that I had any problems with "The Phone" Boy was I wrong! Your call helped me identify the areas that I need to change. Your information is going to make a huge impact on my business. Thank you
~ Rena Stamper


I want to let you and Dani know that I got your cd on conquering the financial kingdom and It was excellent!!!I loved It!!!I've been off and on of Dani's free training for about a year or so now,just kinda doing It half heartedly.But now I have listened to several calls and several of them several times.I caught the entrepernurial bug when I was 15 and now I'm 34 with a family.I want so much more for my family.Dani has really made me think really hard about where I want to go from here.I'm hopeing that you'll have a 1st step In Aug.I'm waiting for a settlement that I'm going to use to go with.I wish you could come to Tulsa Ok which Is where I live or OKC.Thanks Dani.
~ Aaron Youtsey


Wow, this call has totally showed me how much Iv been trying to reinvent the wheel, without knowing it, instead of just doing whats been layed out for me. Right before the call I had purchaced 150 of the Cristian aged leads from EarnProLeads.com , and to hear what comes out of those leads; I am so freekin Pumped man!!! I havent been more excited to call people in a while. Thank you god For the DJ Team!
~ Zachary Michael Stringer


Great call as usual. You are awesome, keep up the good work and God will continue to bless you.
~ Elva Hutton


Every time that I listen to one of your calls, I find more information about things that I have been doing wrong in my business. This is only the second live call that I have listened to, but I have found a wealth of information that will start helping me in my work at home business. I am only in this field for four months and I am at a stand still at the first level. Now, I feel that I have some information to get started and jump start my income earning potential. The script book and NC CD's are the next got to have item! Thank you!


What an amazing call! Thank you Dani for who you are.. the thing that drew me to you 3 years ago was the passionate genuiness that is deep within you and comes out in everything you do. You speak life, you instruct with truth and you love with a pure heart. We are so blessed that you, a Multi-millionaire, would take time out every Monday night to speak to us. My life has been changed because of all that you do and Who you stand for. Bless you! Love you!
~ Sandi Krakowski


when you break it down like you did tonight, it just seems to make it even easier to do. I love that it always goes back to the basics! Following the script and listening to the CD's.
I will be attending my 1st "First Steps to Success" after listening for 3 years. Very excited to see how this will get me started after 12 years in the industry and not making any money!
~ Peggy Roberts


Great call. But I got on late and got interupted in the middle. So now I need to listen to the recorded call again to get it all. I will be working leads again as soon as I digest the script book. I would be happy with 20% closes, 90% (even once) would be better than sex.Thanks for the great training.
~ Bob C


What a phenomenal call. I actually had one of those "I quit" days. But, I knew that I just needed to plug in and this call was timely and powerful. Exactly the information I needed after a tough telephone prospecting day. Thank you Dani, Hans and everyone at WAHPZ.com God Bless!
~ Joy Marino


I am just plugging into your training, and I love it. I believe in what you are teaching. I also believe most know what excuses are holding them back… more than anything else…they just don't want to be reminded of the truth. I too have used the excuse "I don't have time" until I started to realize the habit is more powerful than the amount of time. One can always work on the time factor. So thank you Dani, I want to follow your instructions to succeed…I want to be a 10
~ Sadie Breen-Wurtz


I saw you tonight on a Christian program and God reaffirmed He called me to this to bless me and make me a blessing. He has sent a sister to show me the way. Thank you!!! I know now I am going to learn and make it… no excuses & no doubt! Thanks!
~ Linda Michaela Sorrow


Thank you for this wonderful call. I can't wait to share this with my team and put into practice myself. I'm so thankfull I was referred to your website by another leader in my organization. It would be great to have you come to speak at our Showcase sometime. I'm going to recommend you to our training staff.
~ Debra Gibson


Wow Dani, Just wanted to say you are such a blessing and I love your servants heart. Thanks so much for your wealth of wisdom and the tools you have to offer to help us be successful. I am just getting started and I am so thankful that they directed me first to you. I have been praying for a way to get out of debt and be able to help others also.
I will keep you posted. God bless you and your family.
~ Jan Carter


Thank you to everyone for your inspiration
~ susan cook




Thanks Dani for helping.I hope I get to meet you someday.
~ Marie Heroux


A deep inspiration and TRUTH. Thank you so much Dani for being the vessel God wants you to be to help free His People.
Your Insight and intutive gift mixed with the great ability to be an incrediable teacher is truly a gift of knowledge to this industry.
~ Wanda Hamilton


Dani, What an awesome message ! I have lived in fear and now i see that it is holding me back from doing what I really want to do ! No more " STINKIN THINKIN" !! I am ready to let the Lord lead me and tell me who I am and what HE knows I can do !
~ Lori Korell


My friend referred me to your site. I love it. Absolutely incredible–This training is just what i needed because i am IN TRAINING TO BE A SUCCESS. I committ my plans to God every day and i know his will is for me to succeed. I plan to buy every product for training that you have available. May God continue to Bless and Keep you and your family.
~ Addie Raper


Thank you for this training call Dani. I need to do 80% of my time doing prospecting not thinking and wondering about it ending up believing in my excuses.Thank you, thank you… you rock Dani!!
~ Miraflor Rayla


Thanks for doing this topic. I struggled with this for a long time. I put this practice in place and not only did I do better in business but for the first time,
~ Doris Efford


I thank God that I was introduced to you.. You are truly an inspiration to me and the thousands of people you have affected…This recording has been just what I needed… A tremendous slap to the face.. I plan on becoming the Leader that I was called to be… I have registered and will be attending the first steps to success in Seattle…Keep up the tremendous work.. You ROCK!!!!!!
~ jonathan dunn


You are Amazing!! Great information / tips on how to generate more leads, how to close, Phone Call, Follow-ups. Where and how you should focus your time and much more!!!Excellent!!


DEAR Dani I do believe in all of your training I have listen to some of your story I have people have some people use teaching of success. I go to your training all the time and bless of your success.
~ clarenvce Kontio


I would love to attend one of your seminars. You have been a major inspiration to me and I just started to listen to some of your calls and video clips that my organization has on their website.


Dani, After listening to the "Not for Sale" Audio I learn where i was making mistakes on my pitch to prospective clients,and team partners, I see by the "Script Book and the CD's" and the Audio Vault trainings I will be succsessful and will be able to Help my cheldren, Grandchildren, and the future family menber i will make , "BUT" most of all ' HELP FURTHER THE KINGDOM OF OUR FATHER AND OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST" THANK YOU ,THANK YOU AND THANK GOD FOR YOUR HEART!!!. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.
~ Kay White


Awesome call! I found my mistakes and I'm on the way to the top! Thank you sooooo much!
~ Victoria Ulloa


Great call, Dani! The hour flew by and everything was straight and to the point. This call ranks right up there with the 8/29/05 "excuses" call that everyone should listen to on a regular basis.
~ Enid Hobson


dani this is the second call of yours i have listened to and your awsome and give a whole new presective to life thanks great work
~ gary byington


I was struggling with some things in my business, and I felt like this call was the "CPR" I needed to get back on track and feel rejuvinated! I have decided that from this day on, I will act as though I am brand new in my business (in enthusiasm and belief), having known about the 10 things to avoid from the beginning! Thank-you so much!
~ Julie Behling


These calls and all of your calls are awesome!! We just came back from Dynasty and although we have been to 2 others Dynasty events, we learned so much from this past one that never "sunk" in before. We are in the process of reducing our debt by trimming out the "fat" and WOW we feel set free! (Thank you Han's) We love your entire organization, what a team of loving, amazing individuals. Thank you for everything you are doing to assist us with our personal growth and business growth. You are making a difference in our lives in so many, many ways. You and Hans and your team are truly a blessing for us.
~ Jacque Bauman


My name is Gwendolyn Paschall and I just wanting to say that everything you said about being afraid of making calls to listing to everyone about how to run a your business and how to prospect is me.It felt good for me to be able to here the true and not get mad becauses it's the true and hang up the phone and say that lady didn't know what she's talking about.but I know you did know what you are talking about. I just didn't want to here the true.the true that so many people don't want to talk about.Thank you for the true Dani
~ Gwendolyn Paschall


This call was a kick in the pants and exactly what I needed. I've been moping around for several days, because I lose prospects, instead of closing them! I've lost three *SOLID*, sure-things in the last few days. I have been on the verge of throwing a tantrum and taking hostages, but I was afraid I'd lose the hostages, too! I'm as green as a July apple, so I've *GOT* to learn how to do what's necessary to build a successful business. I've also lost my killer confidence, as well. I, like you once did, have languished in failure my first six months (actually, seven months)………….I can't afford to let June go up in smoke, either. I really pray this will help me learn and learn fast! Thanks so much!
~ John Quayle


I really enjoyed my first conference call. I took really great notes on what Dani said concerning the 10 pitfalls to building a successful home based business. While each point seem to equally express its importance, for me, #5 Not being your own best customer stood out for me the most. I can't sell what I don't believe in. Next, testimonials(story-telling) A professional marketer sells RESULTS!Then, 80% prospecting and lastly follow-up. I also connected to the 11th tip of reinvesting in myself. I liked the reaping and sowing principal. I believe in seed—time—and harvest. Thanks Dani for not making this venture appear as a "get rich quick" plan. It is not. It is learning strategies, applying principals and reaping a harvest of results.
~ Rhonda Oliver


Thank you Dani. I did not know I could learn so much in such a short time. They were sure gold nuggets that will fuel me to a great distance. I do not if I can ask a question though…How possible is it for someone with just little money like when you first started, start making an investment in home business. Thank you. You are a blessing


My name is Debi and this was my first live call. I have heard several from the web site and have begun making it a habit every morning. But tonights was ,,, wow! I think I hit maybe 5 of those but I will be starting tonight to devoting myserlf to correcting those. I even last night got my first friend to listing to my script one I wrote for my service and she said Yes just by using the steps Dani spoke about. I was amazed. All I can say is , Thanks Dani, cant wait to learn more from you.
~ Debra Johnson


I have been in my business for the past 4 years which has been going up and down, before getting into this business I was a Sr. Information Systems Specialist for 20 years, and all I did was following step by step instructions on how to boot/shutdown computer systems, produce output, transfer data etc. this is the only generic business system I have seen that a person as well as business partners can plug into as a group and get the teaching they need to create whatever type of income they desire to make. The list you gave tonight was outstanding. I'll see you in Seattle. Thank you in advance for the up coming training.
~ Kurt Kaywood


Awesome. Power packed with useful information. Thank you Dani! I am still new. Got your script books. Bought some EARNPRO Dani J leads. Made tons of calls….AND am having a blast TALKING to people, getting them to my web sites, and now…Following thru….I signed my first Saturday and look forward to the next 1000 coming soon.I am signed up for First Steps in Seattle! And by the way, two weeks ago I did not know if I was going to Seattle for not only First Steps and seeing my family but also a funeral as my brother was missing after going for a run. A miracle happened. He survived three nights in the forest (fell and was unconscious) and made it home the fourth day!!! (I only wish he could go to First Steps with me…He's in sales…prescription to doc's).So thank you Dani! God has anointed you for this time to help so many of us make some dreams and visions become reality.God bless you and your precious family!
~ Theresa Croft


I am just soooo excited about my business, and soooo thankful to Regina Morris, my upline, for referring me to your website. I enjoyed tonight TREMENDOUSLY. You just reinforced what I had discussed with Regina today — ordering materials — reinvesting back into my business.I hope, before long, that I will get to attend a First Steps, etc.
I also plan on ordering some of your resources.You both are such a blessing from the Lord Jesus to me. THANKS, and please continue to help people as you both are doing for our Lord, His instruments because the Bible does tell us that God wants us to plant seeds (of different types) to yield for Him. To be able to be His instruments, it is necessary to have funds to invest in people and projects.I am so excited about my home-based business; in Jesus.
~ Charline Robinson


This was one of the first calls that I have listened to by you. I was riveted to my phone and realized a lot of mistakes that I have been making. I am now ready to start growing my business and dedicating myself to making it happen. Thank you for that call. I will be sure to tune in next week and the week after for more of your awesome home business tips and motivational speaking. Thanks again


Thank you for this amaizing call! I recognized myself in a few mistakes…thank you for calling me on them! We appriciate all your hard work preparing these calls! You delivered once again!
~ Krisztina Farkas


Your so Great Dani, I have struggled for the past few months with my home based business, I have been a member of your free website for almost 6 months, but I never actually plugged in like I should have. I have been listening to your trainings for almost two weeks now and this was my first live call, all I can say is Thank You, I know that I can do this as long as I stick with you!
~ Marie Moore


Killer call! Thanks so much for the content and the great stories. I couldn't write them down fast enough. Thank you for both calls tonight. Will be seeing you soon! God Bless.
~ Joy Marino


I have been plugged into Dani for a little over a year now. Well, I had ear surgery about 17 years ago and I have been grounded ever since. I really wanted to go to First Steps but, I was told by my Doctor that I could never fly again without a slight risk. When I got to talk to Dani I got on one of her calls on Monday and I told her that I wasn't able to get people to show up to the follow-up calls, and she told me to get to First Steps. I told her about what the Doctor said and she said "Get some Bubblicious Bubble Gum and get on the Plane". Well, I was still scared, so my husband rented a Cessna Jet and the pilot took me around to get the fear from flying away. And it did, so I came home and registered to go to First Steps in Seattle, WA. I am there PRAISE GOD! Well, now I will have the chance to learn from the BEST! I have heard all of the testimonies of how she changes your life and your business, I can't wait to get there.
~ Cindy Chamberlin


Dani has opened my eyes with a lot of things that pertain to life in general. I no longer make excuses for things, I just do them. I stay focused on my business, my posture has change dramatically. Before I didn't think that I could succeed in a home based business, but by plugging into Dani Johnsons website each day and listening to atleast one training in the audio vault, I know that I can only fail if I quit. I am so much more happy with my life and I think a lot of the happiness that I have created is due to what I have learned and started to apply to my life from Dani.
~ Marie Moore


I have been trying with no success, to make an internet business, for about 6 years.From watching the testimonials and getting a small taste of your training I can see that I must get myself into a position to get more training.At this time I am having marital problems, money problems, organizational problems. From what I can see in your training, I need to learn how to be the ME that I can be. I have always been the inferiority complex type, who seems to continuously be in a position of being USED for the benifit of someone else. This started at birth, when my father chose me as his favorite. Long story.Yes, I will keep looking into your website and get everything I can out of it, so that I will come out of my cocoon the best person I can be, thanks to you. Courage is what you give, along with umpteen other detirminations.
~ Beatrice Oswell


Dani, this is the first lesson that I have listened to by you. I am new to the network marketing (I'm 8 days old). So to the say the least, I do lack the skills and experience. But just as a child would, I will learn and mature. I did put off starting this venture. If only I listened to this earlier, I would not have put it off. That excuse would have been beaten down by your voice of wisdom. Thank you. I look forward to more words of wisdom and faith.
~ Donna Tucker


I am a homeschooling missionary here in Spain, and it looked impossible for me to go to my first First Steps, but I asked the Father to open doors for me, and I am going to Seattle!! I am praying that you come too. Lots of love and prayers. Look me up there!
~ Martha Towner


I enjoyed listening to the testimonies of those callers who are now succeeding in their business. It is very inspirational. I have not been able to get my business rolling yet, but I know as long as I listen to these calls weekly I know it will help me to get started. Thank you.
~ Kathryn Anderson


Amen Sister…. You don't provide a path, you gave me a mirror, you made me SEE!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you and oh by the way, Thank you!
~ Janet Linback


Dani you are a great! I have only known about your website 2 days and I have been listening in each day. I am over joyed by what I am learning and realizing what I need to work on to grow my business. Thank you 100 times over!!!!!!!
~ Cheryl Terry


Very good advice!
~ Delorce Agent


Going to Creating A Dynasty is the greatest battery charger of my life and I learn the skills there to do everything with my life I want, since having money affords me so many opportunities. Being at Dynasty was great, and honestly the greatest blessings will come into my life by using what I learned there and getting results. Thanks a lot!
~ Paul Fisher


Dynasty was so amaizing! I feel at peace and I know exactly what GOD wants me to do and be! This call was incredible…you have got to come be at the next Creating a Dynasty!!!
~ Krisztina Farkas


These nuggets and many others are the things Dani will teach you to bring you to the full potential God created you for. Don't give up and remember, God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ever think and or ask. Blessing to you!
~ Barbara Milburn


Thankyou…. Thankyou …Thankyou… We all do it in our personal, business, workplace all the time well most people and everyday. For the most part we all subconciously now that there is a force deep withing that halts us from moving forward. Well this first step 'No Excuses' is the key to realising what that halting force is and also recognise it in our coleagues. It is to me one of the single most important keys to success..WOW To all JUST DO IT NO EXCUSES


You know Dani, I am thankful each and every day that I have been blessed with your website. You have impacted my life so much. Thank you!
~ Christine Jones


The people that flock to Dani are of the same mind. They say birds of a feather flock together. If you found a piece of yourself on this call through listening to the testimonials… If you found yourself saying "that's me" or I want to accomplish what these people have" or "I have been in that exact spot" .. then know that it is no accident that you were listening and that they were talking right to your heart for a REASON. Come be a part of the Dani Johnson team. This call is the result of prayer, hard work, determination, action, isa's music, Dani's response to her call from God, and it all flows because Hans has a way about him … a way that allows him to interview the people to bring out the best in them. I have so much respect for Hans after being at Dynasty. Looking forward to Seattle with more numbers on the board.
~ Cynthia Sauer


This call is awsome. You make us become aware of the mistakes we make on the phone or live to people (it's funny), but it's true. I have been doing some of the things that you said NOT to do, knowing that now I wouldn't be part of my team either. Dani you're really making a big difference in the way I think. God Bless You.
~ Jonathan Warner


Dani, we become what we think about. I make an effort to replace all bad thoughts with good thoughts. Excuses can only lead to little or no production in life and in turn makes it very difficult to acheive our goals. That was a very good call that helps me with my future goals and achievements. Thanks Dani! NO MORE EXCUSES!!
~ Kathy Breaux


Dani, I am Verlenda Moore and I live in Southeast Arkansas. I think this site is awsome! I have been procrastinating and held back by fear of prospecting people because I was doubting myself and what I should say to people. I guess I have been afraid of rejection. After viewing your training on this site I am more motivated to step up and start this business. Money is tight for me but I plan to order your Script Book and change that problem right away. Keep up the good work! I am excited about what I can do for me and my family and friends with this business.
~ Verlenda Moore


Powerful call, If you lack any confidence and aren't sure if what you have is the vehicle that you want to use to change your life and achieve your goals, than you MUST Listen and pay attention to the call, write down as much as you can from it, and START applying it.
~ Rafael Garcia


I really enjoyed listening to the calls, they are so inspiring, to hear that these are everyday folks just like me, and for them to be able to overcome so many obstacles of poverty, fear, low-self-esteem. I want to be able to be successful like them.
~ Anthony White


This call makes me want to go to Seattle but my org has training that same weekend. I willl definitely be at the next training Dani does. God Bless and Successs to All!
~ Carol Mehaffey


The comment that most impressed me and deeply ached my heart is that we attract who we are. How absolutely true! How can I lead others when I myself am not convinced. That's the first step. I need to be sold on the opportunity that God has presented me with before I can share it with anyone. Thank you for this revelation. I'm ready to make some calls.
~ Carmen Martinez


Hi Dani, I saw how important it is for me to establish a successful business culture which will be, (not might be) duplicated. I am motived to put more effort into my business culture, to get the profitable results that I will see return to me multiplied many times over in my team. God Bless You. You are a God send for me.
~ Jacqueline Ingol


Dani Great session. I have been full of excuses. During the call idecided NO MORE EXCUSES.Thank you.This is empowering, thank you so much.
~ denese williams


Thank you Dani, you are really great, like a goddess with so much power. I can see that you are really sincere, especially with your contents today. you've clearly helped me to identify my business culture and yes, its "hobbyist". I would really like to attend your First Steps to Success to really understand the whole concept about network marketing and home based buziness. But its really soooo expensive to go from Malaysia to reach there. I hope you will plan to have the first steps seminar someway in between so that you are more accessible. i really want to build my biz and feel you can help me. i agree with you that without the perfect model we cannot build a successful organisation. thanks again Dani
~ Kamala Rao


God answered my prayer when I saw you on a christian TV program. I have been praying and searching for the right MENTOR to teach me the correct way to become the Successful person God intends me to be. I am so excited right now and the training on EXCUSES is wonderful and has been an eye opener for me. I will be attending a First Steps conference in the near future but until then I plan to order as many of your products as I can.
I thank God again for leading me to you!
~ Marcia Payne


Wow, this is amazing. I have never seen how just changing the percentage of using a system, can change your entire outlook and income. Thank you so much for your incredible insite and trainings…
~ maria martinez


This was my frist time listening and yes I saw myself and my team in the Business Culture discriptions. Wow! I could see where I needed to grow. Looking forward to more information. Thank for the lesson.
~ Regina Desire


Hans…you've done a great job on the site. It's a lot simpler for new people to follow……this is going to help a lot! THANKS
~ smith donna


Dani's stuff is the BEST!! My company hired it's own Director of Training so for the last few months I've been doing the 'company thing' and have gotten away from Dani. BIIIIIG mistake. Just finished going over Prospecting and Closing Your Way To MILLIONS and I am back in the fold! I've ordered EVERYTHING Dani has for sale and can't wait for what she comes up with next!These weekly training and conference calls are what got my business off to a great start to begin with…and it will yours too! Any given technique…if you master it…is worth your weight and more in GOLD! Thanks again Dani…for all that you do for humankind! It does NOT go unnoticied.Love 2 U…


This was my first conference call. I learned a lot, I am also just starting my business. I hope I can flourish in my business as well. I know it takes a lot of patience, determination, and training. Also a lot of support from those around you, without that it is also very hard to succeed. I hope I will be a great team leader, and build a great business like all the others I have read about. Thank you so very much and am looking forward to more traing and conference calls.
~ Kathryn Anderson


I enjoyed your testimony of how you got started from nothing and had enough faith and courage to start over again. Your Sales call was enough to wake up the giant that's in me. I'm now feeling the confidence once again to go out there and work the business and not let it work me. I want to take advantage of the outsourcing help that you give me.
~ Anthony White


Dani, This information is so valuable to everyone tolearn. these are common mistakes you and i make everyday.Dani, Awesome archive training!! I have not slept much tonight listening to your incredible advise,i will apply these nuggets tomorrow. thanks alot. your future success story(Rudy Cruz) helping others get what they want ,will let me get everything i want. Thank You Dani
~ rudy cruz


Today, I have decided to live an excuse-free life because of the call I listen to today. In doing this, I hope this one step will change my life forever. I thank you, Dani, for enabling God to use you to show me this dangerous error in my life. May God bless you and keep you and your family.


Momentum is something I lose track of regularly. I create the inspiration but, lose it by not sustaining the momentum. Little issues like this totally ruin many of my business efforts. I couldn't figure out why people simply walked away with all my efforts and invested it in somebody else! Now I have a firm grip on momentum. Off I go…
~ Micalle Noy


Dear: Dani, I, look forward to reaching my goals with all this wonderful information you have given us.
~ Rodney Lomax


Dani, This is my first time to listen to one of your calls. It has inspired me and made me realize all my excuses. God has led you to help people like us believe in ourselves and our goals, where their is a will, there is a way. Your call and through God has lifted me up. Thank you so much with your convictions, God bless you and your family.
~ Cynthia Reece


Wow - I'm living a life of excuses. Thank you so much for showing me how to look inside myself and live a life of results. Great call!
~ Christie Hertzler


Awesome call!! This is exactly what I needed to hear. I had identified what the problem was with my "team" and now I have a name for it, the culture. I have gotten exactly what I did not want and it has duplicated it self to the point that I wanted to quit. Now I have to do the work to turn this around. Thanks for a great lesson.
~ Sybil Adams


I listen to the call, totally amaze how well it spoke to me, this calls espically this one gets a person thinking. Keeping an open mind, a mouth duck tape so to speak, and paying attention. Working on my business a few months still working breaking throught the barriers, and these calls help out a lot. Last few and this one got to me in big way. Which is totally appreciated.
~ Doug Stephens


Thank you for the tips.I'm in five different MLM's,two of them are direct marketing.And making a friend first and helping them makkes a lot of sense.
~ Anthony Shelton


Thank you Dani for all of the valuable information. This is my first time home business. I would like to have Dani to come to Orlando, Florida or Ocala, Florida to hear her advice on new home base business. Please let me know if she is able to come to Florida. I really enjoy listening to her.
~ melanie baldwin


This is great! It made me think about all the reasons that I never went into business. All the excuses that I would tell myself and the negative comments from family and friends that I allowed to kept me from starting. It made me remember this saying' " those that use excuses are masters of nothing, they build bridges to nowhere".
~ Michael J. Moore


This is really hard meat but the only and only truth to experience the fullness of financial freedom .I am grateful to God for the naked truth in this industry.I am going to plug in fully .God bless you and more prayers to you.
~ patrick fraser


What an amazing call. I had not heard this particular information before, and if you said it Dani, I wasn't ready for it. You said it… when the student is ready, the Teacher will appear. That sends chills up my spine… because I know I wasn't entirely ready. I plug in, I listen to the CDs, but I fall in the 40% range and the Lord told me last night, I need to go all the way. 100%. Thank you Dani, Hans and everyone at WAHPZ for ALL that you do… all that we see and hear and all that goes on behind the scenes. You are a team of warriors, and thank God, you are in the marketplace right now. God Bless
~ Joy Marino


I was having a tough time at prospecting today and I decided to listnen to Dani's latest Monday night call online. I immediately grabbed my notepad and pen and took a seat as I realized that this was a divine appointment like she said. I was so impressed by the contents of the call I had to hit reverse over and over to make sure I di'nt miss a word. Are you kidding me, this call is worth hundreds of dollars. The content was just what I needed to hear and after listning to this call I booked someone for my next presentation and i was surprised at how confident and assured I sounded. I thought the summer months were going to be slow, so I would slow down, Dani taught me today that it's the opposite. Now I'm pumped up and ready for action. I had the privilage to see Dani live in Baltimore this pass April and I saw someone who love God with a passion and love us and really care about our success. Think about it, when was the last time someone said, let me show you what you're doing that's not working and try this, this will help. I feel blessed today after hearing her call and for those of you who read this and have'nt been to First Steps yet, I encourage you as a sister in the Faith to put all your excuses aside and get registered. I had to use our rent money to go there and we did so with no regrets. Now the change has not only affected me, but my entire household. Dani with much love and thanks to you for all you do….and I know you are not on trial.
~ Rose Dallas


Great call! It should be a pre-requiste for new networkers. When we eliminate excuses from our lives, we only ourselves to be honest with.
~ Audrey Vassell


This was an awesome call and more importantly, I learned a lot from it. I am committed to replace my job income this year, to be a six-figure income earner next year and be a millionear within 5 years! Thanks so much for your faith, encouragement and teaching Technics. God has trully empowered you to empower people.
~ carey hiscock


Even though I'm listening to this cal a week late I will be going to the profit zone and find out as much as I can with where I'm at - as I don't want to be 'where I'm at' next year at this time. My intentions are to be better so I must put forth the effort starting here. I enjoyed reading the comments and am encouraged to continue on.
~ ClaireAnn McGaffee


I just heard the call. wow! what an awakening. The topic on culture of the team…well she just hit the nerve. That call was priceless!
~ Raphael Mavi


Wonderful, wonderful call Dani,There was so many nuggests to glean from. The couple of nuggets that resonated on me was:MAXIMIZE THE CURRENT SITUATION!! When you said, "Do you change the flavor of the month", That really sounded in my ears. We sometimes think we can gather a little here and a little there to complete the picture, thinking that we don't want to miss anything. Only to find that you wear yourself thin trying to hear too many voices. Thank you for that. Also, the Team Culture environment, that only solidified my resolve. The aspect of bringing people into a team environment is so much healthier. The burden is not entirely on you.As always Dani, you zero in to the real issues.Thank you for being the teacher who appeared when this student was ready.God Bless you and your family and staff.


Dani Your words tonight were most profound. You have an incredible gift from God to Refocus me by holding up a mirror of truth. This call clearly identitfied areas of weakness within my business that will siginificantly impact my future income once corrected. Dani, not only do you point out the areas to work on but you already have the strategic answers all mapped out on audio, CD, DVD'd MP3's live events and conference calls. You are a renaissance woman —where ever you go there is rebirth.
~ Cynthia Sauer


Absolutely AWESOME!!!! This was an amazing call. Dani guided you through your organization and helped you take a look and see what is really going on with in. And gave specific advice on how to build the right Culture inside your business starting NOW!!! This is a call everyone should listen to again and again and again!! Thanks Dani for another amazing call!!
~ Carmen Uyttenhove


Thank you Dani! This was my first LIVE call. I am at the milk level but….the meat was sooooo good. I see how I need to build the foundation to get to the level you were talking about.I had made plans to be in Seattle (I am from Atlanta, Ga) to be with my family at the end of June for a wedding.. I believe in divine appointments. Well, just this past Friday (May 18th) my 47 year old brother went for a run on Cougar Mountain near SEattle and has not been seen since. They have had search and rescue teams out this weekend but called off the search.My family has continued…with the search and prayers. Long story short. I will trust God with a way to be at First STeps in SEattle June 23rd and 24th and pray I will be there for a celebration and not a funeral. My heart and spirit have connected with you….You are God's answer to my prayers to get out of the (debt) pit and onto abundant life. I had to quit my Christian Radio job last year (after being an announcer for over 15 years) as my husband went to New Orleans to help in restoration (he has a construction company).We were planning on reuniting as a family with my husband who had been gone for over 8 months. We officially moved around June.All of a sudden, after coming back to Georgia to tend some left over jobs, my husband started getting commerical work here (re-modelling Kroger Food Stores). God heard the desire of my heart and brought us back to Georgia (after my 2 kids and I only being there for two months.) Thank you Jesus!!I don't have that radio job but I still have big dreams, a big destiny and a Bigger God to bring it into reality.I believe my LORD has put you across my path to teach me how to make it happen with your First STeps program, your Creating a Dynasty program…With the giftings and passion God has given you to help others.I'll drink some milk…consistently…chew on some meat consistently…and go forward, not giving in or giving up.And I can believe in a miracle that somehow someway, my brother Mike Schreck will be found. Thank you.
~ Theresa Croft


My name is Ron Niles. This was my first time listening in on the conference call, but like you said, I don't know what my business motto is, or the culture of my business, because I'm literally just getting started. I just have to say I definetly think that what you were saying tonight will be worth its weight in gold. Hopefully, I'll be able to get over the part you had discussed before about getting over making excuses, and living a excuse driven life, that I can be as successfull as I want. There was a lot of info to soak in at one, so most definetly, I'll probably have to listen to it again, and also listen to some of the other content that you have on the website. I just want to say that this was a great conference call, and I hope that I can use this information to my benefit.Thank you! Once again, great call.
~ Ronald Niles


I was on the conference call with Dani on 5/21/07. And I received some interesting information. I have been blessed to not have been in the same situation as Dani, but I thank her for all the information that she educated me on for an hour. I really have the attitude now that if she can do it so can I. I thank you Dani for being a blessing and for the free information that you have shared with me personally to better my business. Because if you really think about it. You could keep all of that information to yourself and just keep suceeding like you are. But no, you thought of your brothers and sisters around the world, and shared your information to the world. I want to thank you. And keep doing what you are doing.
~ Lisa McKissick


AMAZING!!! I wrote down everything you said. The information you gave is what I needed to really look at my business and turn things around and make things happen.
That call was worth thousands of dollars. Thank you for being truly amazing!Another note since losing my dad 5 years ago, I lost faith, inconsistently attending church, lost belief in God, after I went to my First Steps in November 06, I now go every weekend. For the first time in 37 years of going because my parents raised me up that way, now I go because I want to and I truly understand the prayers and the sermons. I'm also reading the Bible every night. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! God Bless!
~ Christine Cutter


Thankyou so much Dani. I totally appreciate everything you do for me. I have been plugging in but I know not enough. I know this may sound deep but after I got back from Baltimore, God gave me some revelation. That I haven't put to work. I had a dream it pretty much told me that you guys did all the work creating the tools. All's I have to do is get my hands dirty useing the tools that you both have created w/ a proven track record. Thank you so much. I haven't been training every day which is silly because I have everthing from that Table at all the Seminars I have attened. This call really put it into prespective for me. I need to plug in 100% everything has been provided it's time to get my Hand Dirty and really go to work. Thanks Again! Love you Guys.
~ Amber Burton


Awesome Call! This call really gives ANYONE a GOOD WAY to look at there organization and see where adjustments need to be made. We have never heard this information before, but it's very valuable and we will be looking at this list so that we can make the needed adjustments in our organization, and after this call, we need to make quite a few adjustments. As always we appreciate SO MUCH what you give back to this industry because you always keep it real. We love you and we will see you this weekend at DYNASTY!
~ Phillip Ingram


Awesome as always Dani…i have known about Dani for about 2 years now..havent made money, but i know how to thanks to Dani..lol ive even been to first steps and a pic of Dani and I hangs on my living room wall right above my computer. ive been depressed for 27 years now, funny cause im a strong christian. started in my teens. the thing is i dont listen to Dani every week but something told me to listen to this call before it goes to the vault. that was God. He has been telling me to "work it" for a while now but ive written the book on excuses lol..well i now realize its time to act, ive waited long enough. just make the calls, learn about your business and keep plugging in to dani, something will click..she is incredible…God Bless you…and the whole Dani team too…
~ marni malaikini


Wow! I just know that I have found my answers. I know now why I have been so frustrated for so long. I see clearly the web of mistakes. I now understand my fatigue, I can forgive myself. What release!Thank you for your excellence!I am going to rivet my focus on my changed life- as I envision it to be in 12 months from today.
~ Jacqueline Andre


All I know is that I'm tired of being broke all the time, with never enough money to pay bills or get anything we might just want! I've been working 2 different home based businesses for a year now and no success, and being employed as a dishwasher now…….a dishwasher! If it takes my listening to Dani Johnson every day for 30 days, then buying whatever marketing tools I need to buy, then that's what I'm going to do! I would like to attend her First Steps to Success in June, and have mentioned it to a good friend of mine about us going together so we can both learn and profit from upgrading all of our skills, so that's something I've given to God to work out, and if it's truly meant for me to attend then that's what will happen. I want to thank Dani Johnson and everyone in her organization so much to allowing her website to be free where anyone and everyone can learn!
~ Sheryl Rhodes


Wow! That was the best call! I sat here and listened to it 3 times in a row! It is clear to me that my "problem" has been that I haven't been talking to enough people! Not making enough dials and definitely doing too much "training" with my team instead of plugging them into you! No more!! Thank you Dani, for being obedient to your call and allowing God to use your awesome style to change lives. And that is putting it mildly. You are awesome!
~ Cindy McCune


Thanks in getting me excited in a light of life. Jenny from Hawaii in paradise but can't enjoy it cause tied to a job. Going to focus in making money. Thank for your profit zone.
~ Jennifer Edsman


I have spent way too much in how-land. I'm crossing over into Get Busy land. Thank you once again Dani.
~ Crystal Dunn


You helped me realize that I have been using my little boy as an excuse. Thanks so much for your time! I'm really sorry about all my lame excuses! I promise that I will never give you an excuse again! You are awesome!
~ Misti Koehn


I am so excited to have access to this information. I am excited about the changes in my life that I know will happen because of the skills I will acquire because of Dani Johnson. I have made a commitment to do what ever it takes to make it happen and I am excited about everything that I have heard in my first call today.
~ Kathy Breaux


I really like Dani training, which one should I go. My company I work with is cheaper and I'm very new in this business. I have tried a few before and non of them were working for me. Listen to Dani do not quit.
~ Phan Le


I realize that I must make an honest evaluation of how many excuses I make- so that I can predict my future better.I totally believe we attract what we are.I am excited - because I am attracted to Dani Johnson.
~ Jacqueline Andre


Awesome call Dani. I love the fact that "The power of Attraction" lead me to your training and it is helping me tremendously!!! I purchased your "Dynamic Duplication" series on DVD, The Script Book, and The 10 Cd's of your seminar "Live in North Carolina" just this past week alone!!! I'm hooked and implementing what you teach into my business and I know I am going to double my income this year!!! Your income definately follows your Personal growth and I'm GREEN!
~ Kevin Williams


This was a first time call for me and I feel better today than I did yesterday. I truely believe this is for me I'm just trying to position myself with it. The call was great for me I learned alot and look forward to learning alot more
~ sharmane bland


Dani, I loved the fear message. I lived all my life in fear and thanks to you, I don't have to anymore. I'm involved w/2 at home businesses that I love and feel very passionate about and can't wait to get them off the ground.
~ Crystal Dunn


This is an AWESOME call. Listen to it as often as you need to. If you don't feel like making your list of resources, listen to this call. If you're afraid to pick up the phone, listen to this call. If you know you need to go to First Steps and don't know how you'll get there, listen to this call.Thank you so much for changing this to the FIRST Quick Start Training call. I've sent people to the quick start training and some have made excuses about not listening to all 3 calls. Now they are immediately confronted with their excuses and it makes it easy to weed out those who say they are serious and those who actually are because they aren't buying into their excuses!
~ Stephanie Turner


After listening to your quick start training and your prospecting free call, I have been setting appointments, having more presentations and got my 1st enrollment in two months. Thank you!
~ Crystal Dunn


All I know is that last year when I didn't have any money, my doctor bills were mounting, I wasn't sure who was going to take care of my three kids, I was dying of Cancer and about to leave this world behind and someone told me - look you just need to get there somehow someway. It will change your life. I sold about $900 worth of stuff laying around the house on ebay and split the hotel room with four other ladies. When I got to First Steps last november in chicago, God delivered me and Dani's techniques got me through major stuff both personally and in business. I came home and made $10,000 after not making any for a year. I was also healed of Cancer and no one can figure out why. All I know is she is amazing. Love you Dani
~ Kimberley A. Blue


Thanks to Dani's Power Play call - I got off the couch and made some dials and got a sale the next day. Thanks again Dani for keeping me going!!
~ Kimberley A. Blue


Dani This free training is great! I lear so much from listening to you. I'm just getting started and have purchased you North Carolina CD's and script books. I know my business will be a success with your training.
~ Barbara Pienkowski


I love your concept and will have all my reps. train with you. I found my story thanks to you I know what it is I never thought about it before. I know I will suceed because of your training. You made me think and that has not happened since I graduated from graduate school. Thank You and God has blessed you and will continue you are dynamic.
~ Eleace Eldridge


If you are feeling disappointed, disgruntled and desparate, BELIEVE ME, you are RIGHT where God wants you. You are primed and in need of a big life direction change. If you receive what Dani teaches you in this call and in all of her other calls, training cd's etc., I guarantee the lid will be blown off of your thinking, you will finally overcome those giants and things will begin to turn around. Listen to this call again and again and something will convict you… God Bless.
~ irene anderson


Hey Dani, I really think this call is awesome! I've been having stress finding time to build my business and balance the rest of my life with a husband and a 4 month old son and a brother-n-law living with us. I'm going to use these time management tools that you give on the call to help with my life. It's not going so great with prospecting and closing either. I haven't got anyone in the 2 months since I got started. You can pray for me if you get the chance that I can learn the skills that I'm missing… Have an Awesome Day!
~ Misti Koehn


Prior to finding DaniJohnson.com, I was a young single mother of two toddlers, at a job that I'd gone up about as far as I could go without college education, making just over the maximum to receive government benefits but not enough to cover just the necessessities, no support from their father, living in indecent housing. I had been in my business and failing for two years when my mentor referred me to this site. I began listening to the free audio calls for 8 hours a day M-F and at least 4 hours on Sat-Sun. I applied what I learned and closed 2 clients in half and hour which usually took me a month or two to do! That more than paid for the Script Book. Then I used the Script Book and was able to purchase the NC cds. I applied what I learned on my job at that time and got promoted twice within 6 months, then I took another offer from another employer who chased ME for 6 months! Then I waited 6 months for someone to go to First Steps with me. No one did. I decided I would not let my future ride on whether or not someone else would come with me. It cost me $1,000 total that I did not have to get to Missouri in October 2005. I did not pay my car note that had just come due that week, car insurance over that weekend, and the childcare was due the Monday I came back. After leaving my first seminar, I was able to pay all those bills in less than 3 weeks and by the time I went to my next seminar I had paid off $1,300! I have since paid off thousands in debt, have built up a team using the training system that is now duplicating and after a foolish break I'm committing to continuously plug into the live events. If anyone is thinking about going to First Steps in Washington–DON'T THINK, JUST GO! If you don't have the money, you never will! FIND A WAY! STEP OUT ON FAITH AND THE WAY WILL BE MADE!And if you've graduated from First Steps to Success and are qualified to go to Creating a Dynasty and haven't registered yet–what's your problem? You've seen the results! I'll be there because I'm positioning myself for success and my business will EXPLODE, will yours?
~ Stephanie Turner


Thank you for your calls! I will put your training in practice. I'll be back w/my results
~ Crystal Dunn


This call is awesome and so eye opening. Right now I have 31,000 worth of debt. I intend to use your suggestions Dani and I will give you a report as my debt decreases. I feel convicted because I really never thought about how much money I blow away and still ask for financial blessings. The way you suggested to pay off debt is kind of exciting and I can see myself wiping all the credit cards off and cutting them up! Thanks so much and God Bless you and yours.


This was my first time hearing you speak, Dani. I know and feel in my heart that this is just the beginning to a prosperous life for my husband and I. I know that God placed the person who referred me to your site and I am greatful that God brought you out of your situation so that you could share it with the world. God bless you, Dani and I khow that I'll be the success that I want to be.
~ Keisha Gwinn


I love your spirit, and enjoy just to hear you train us right, I introduce people to you all the time even if they are not in my specific business.
I want help on keeping the TEAM motivated, I love you Dani.
~ Torre Washington


Hi Dani, After 2 years of working this business as a hobby, I finially got serious on Feb 17, 2007 and told my upline that I would do whatever he said so I could become successful. I have been to many of your trainings and have learned alot esp about building confidence and learing to love what I do (MLM). I did everything my upline said and more but for two months "NOTHING" I did the Dani Johnson thing (script, callling leads etc..) but "NOTHING" I decided I was in for the long haul and never gave up even when I would put in 10 hours a day working the business. My upline said anyone else would have given up after the third week but I pushed on for 2 months. Then about 3 weeks ago I heard what you said about warm market and working it no matter what. Then 2 weeks ago, I received your pre-recorded call that said STOP what you are doing right now Are you doing what you are suppose to be doing? GUILT and CONVICTION popped their ugly heads but I just smiled as I looked around the house at the mess that had accummulated over the past two months, watched as my kids were running around free, doing what they wanted because I was not paying attention, and saw the piles of bills and paperwork. I laughed as I thought how many times I felt that guilt when I was working leads and the business. It was easier for me to work the business than take care of my family and home. I am a single mom with two children (homeschooled), have two businesses, and take care of my 78 year old mom (she lives with the girls and me). I smiled as I knew, listening to your message, that God was making his last attempt to get my attention. BUT I was so worried about making money to pay the bills that everything was taking a back burner to my business. I immediately STOP my calling of leads and went to work on cleaning my house and making dinner. It felt good because I knew it is what my girls, my mom, and I needed. The next day, I went to a birthday party instead of working my business and , believe it or not, my warm market was just waiting for me. That next week, I made $1,000 working part time. Doesn't seem much to some but to me it was alot and the confidence it gave me WILL be worth millions!!! I never made that kind of money teaching. Do I have a warm market story!!!! but it hasn't ended yet. I thought I had saturated my warm market with other businesses but little did I know my warm market was and is just waiting to be presented with information in the correct way and that it was with them (warm market) I proceeded with confidence into the cold market. Remind me to tell you the story about the gentleman who begged to get onto my team. (I can hear you laughing, Dani!!!) Thank you again Dani and staff for doing what God has called you to do!!! PS I have watched and heard you do the script book with many. I am ready to step up to the plate and do it.
~ Nancy Dokter


I too KNOW WHAT BROKE MEANS! Dani is great and as she says…"Your Income Will be in direct proportion to your personal growth! This a marathon not a sprint! Have you listened to the free call in the audio vault?
~ Angelisa Weaver


Great Call - LIVING w/ NO EXCUSES is LIVING in POWER!!! I've achieved my wildest *DREAMS* when I'm living and moving in the "NOW" and LIVING withOUT EXCUSES!!! Thanks for this call Dani, i'm going to get send this link to all my people for them to hear and get empowered from.
~ Matthew Layman


Thank you Dani! I have said I am determined to make my business work but ..your right stop the excuses and go forward so praise God you are here for those of us who are trying to find success and I thank God you are a Christian. I do plan on passing this on to others in the same home business I have committed to, I will do what it takes and thank you for showing me that I am capable of being successful and fulfilling my dreams too! God Bless and many more blessings.
~ Barbara Saylor


I am as green as they come, I have been a staff nurse all my life and just getting started in my own business. My husband can sell snowballs to an Eskimo, but my personality is different. After listening to Dani, I am confident even I can learn to be successful in my business.
~ Sheila Taylor-Means


Just WOW….. To those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear, and are willing to GET OVER their excuses and cynicism, and really GO FORWARD with their life,
THIS CALL IS FOR YOU! I can't imagine why else a stay at home mom with 11 children, a deployed spouse and over $85,000 in debt with not a penny to spare would be continuing to invest in her education (over 15 live events) if it was not KICKING OUT RESULTS! Our lives… as well as the 100's of people we have put in front of the training are forever changed! For the first time Dani my husband has hope, not only in defending the American Dream….but actually living it! Thanks Danijohnson.com for all you have done in our lives!
~ Monica Tubbs


Magnificent exposition of mentoring mastery!! Listening with my heart, as Dani spoke, it seemed as if I could feel the exuberant passionate enthusiasm of Jesus Christ coming through every word spoken in and by the power of the Holy Spirit!! This 'success' call is like a classic model of the truth and the heart within Dani Johnson. Faith comes by hearing the vision spoken. Listen clearly and you will see the vision Dani expresses. Blessings upon you and the entire team, in His name!!
~ John Choque


NO EXCUSES! Never underestimate a contact and go for it. Thanks Dani, you're great.
~ melissa vergiels


It's know doubt that Dani is the stuff!!!
~ Thaddeus Stringer


Praise GOD! Thank you Dani! I am committed to making my business succeed. I will do what it takes! Thank you for showing me that I do have success in other areas, I just may lack the skills for this venture. I am not a failure, I am a success in training!GOD Bless you and your family
~ Julie Moon


Thank you for the invaluable tips on tonight's call 'Dani'!! I'm filled with twice the energy that I had before I got on the call! I'm listening to " Prospecting: How to do it, and how to do it better"!! Next I'm on my way to sign up for a pro membership. Step by step, I AM building my business!! It's a joy and honor to receive your knowledge and guidance. I look forward to attending the seminar in Washington next month!!Many blessings to you and your family!!
~ Matt Guilbault


Like WHOW!!! There was a break through in my fatigue. Like ZAP!!! I wrote everything she said…..AND I really got the message about POSITION IS EVERYTHING. I have attended 2 FS & 2 C a Dyn already, yet this statement Dani focused on penetrated/pierced my heart. GOD IS POSITIONING ME…or I would not be on the call. I am a remanant 2 %er, and see the yearly momentum cycles (for the first time) for operating a successful business…no more head in the sand!!! MONEY IS THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING. God is good…Hallelujah for God's word…The Bible. Everything about how to live is written there.
~ Allison Vokac


Great call that gave us many wonderful, workable ideas. You are the greatest, Dani. Thanks for all you do for us.


The call was as usual…awesome.
~ Herbert K Mansour


Awesome call, Dani! Talk to you on the prospecting and closing calls! You are so inspirational! Thanks!
~ Rosie Gutierrez


I hadn't realized how my 'invisible cap' had changed over the last 2 weeks, by plugging in, increasing my skill. Tonight's call helped me re-evaluate my 'cap' and learn how to strategically position myself for this 2nd season. Awesome call, once again! THANK YOU!!!
~ Joy Marino


Thank you so much, Dani, for this awesome call. I cannot begin to tell you how fear has affected my life in so many ways. This call has given me the tools to use in overcoming this life crippling emotion, not only in my business but in my everyday life as well. I know that my fears go back to my childhood and I also know that I will overcome because "No weapon formed against me will prosper." God is my rock and I can do ALL things through HIM. I will not let fear or anything else get in my way of success!!!!!! I am so sick and tired of being afraid. I am stepping out in faith, believing that I will succeed no matter what! You are truly an inspirational and motivational angel and I thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to get the knowledge and skills through your free website. May God continue to bless you and yours throughout eternity……………….
~ Cheryl Habegger


Awesome Mind opening Call, I had no idea that tone and posture could easly be felt and picked up.I am more receptive to what I cast out of me to the world.Thank you Dani.
~ Rafael Garcia


Changing the mindset! No excuses–treat it like a business! God HAS planted this seed in my heart for a reason and I need to share this opportunity with many! Be aware of who I am yoked with on all levels of life. Encouragement and hope from this information–look forward to growing more. Thanks for telling it like it is, Dani.
~ Jean Gleeson


Great, inspirational, and motivtional. I have heard a lot of speakers, you push forward, this was a great listen and I intend to let others know of your site. Thanks a million.
~ Tommy Broome


Thank you so much Dani, your step by step point form is very clear and easy to follow and understand. I am taking notes down so that I am able to dissect and understand and most of all action it out.
~ Santius L Teh


Magnificent exposition of mentoring mastery!! Listening with my heart, as Dani spoke, it seemed as if I could feel the exuberant passionate enthusiasm of Jesus Christ coming through every word spoken in and by the power of the Holy Spirit!! This 'success' call is like a classic model of the truth and the heart within Dani Johnson. Faith comes by hearing the vision spoken. Listen clearly and you will see the vision Dani expresses. Blessings upon you and the entire team, in His name!!
~ John Choque


I too am I a disability income and am ready to get off of it because of the skills I learned from Dani Johnson. There are 30 hours of free training. I listen every day. I then got the script book. Then I got the North Carolina tapes. Then I got prospect and close your way to millions. Why do I tell you this. Results. I just paid off $31,000 worth of debt. I got to First Steps to Success. Know I am on my way to Dynasty. Complaining and whining does not get you to believe that this year is the year to get it done - to step out and take a risk of being financially stable. I am learning how to use time management and honor my business. I am not unique. You can do this step by step. May you prosper like so many of us….
~ Barbara Steinberg


NO EXCUSES! Never underestimate a contact and go for it. Thanks Dani, you're great.
~ melissa vergiels


Dani, I'm overwhelmed and so excited I can barely breath. I spent the rent check for May to get into my 3rd Home Based Business. I worked very hard with both of the previous ones and didn't make the first sale. I even attempted to sell Kirby Vacuum Cleaners for about 3 months before I finally lost my house because I had been laid off from 'the career job' and ran out of 401K. (I know you've heard all this before) I cleaned a bunch of carpets for free and got pretty sick of that! I spent the last week mouse clicking for webpage hits praying for a miracle. Fear was about to overwhelm me earlier today before I found your webpage. (while I was trying to 'study' the product, I might add) I have been listening tonight to the 'free' stuff and just spent the last of the grocery money on your Prospecting and Closing book and CD's. I've been to seveal other seminars, and training events and got home with no more of a clue what to say than when I started. In a little over 4 hours I feel like you have 'given' me the tools to actually succeed. I know there is an incredible amount more I need to learn. I am so happy to honeslty believe I've found a person who can teach me. I love your spirit, energy and philosophy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Can you please hide this somewhere so the downline I plan to build won't see this? Truly, thank you so much! There just aren't words. I do plan to thank you in person. somehow God Bless YOU
~ Briana Sams


I am so happy that i get this traning .Thank you to everyone in DANIJOHNSON.COM.I will contenue to practice evryday and get better. So that i can make more money. thank you .
~ aya IPOU


I keep recommending this site to people. The things you learn from Dani are sooo applicable to ALL other areas of life. I'll be in Minnesota in May!
~ Cynthia Andersen


Awesome,,, Awesome,,, Awesome,,,,This is so right,,, on the mark ! This is what I've been looking for,,,for sooooo long! I will be sharing this with everyone in my downline. I don't care how long it takes. This is it! An answer to prayer. God Bless You Dani & Team.
~ Teja DeWitt


WOW, this was my second First Steps. If you think you've gone to one and now you're done with taking these seminars, think again! I was in LA in March and MN in May and they were two very different seminars for me. When you are working through your 'stuff' and questions pop in your head and blocks come in front of you, it's like they are MAGICALLY answered for you in the seminar. How wonderful! I'm getting to every seminar I possibly can to hear this information over and over.
~ Jennifer Crippen


Just got back from my 3rd First Steps and going to my second Dynasty in Minneapolis. Unbelievable! I had 4 people with me. 2 from my organinzation and 2 from my workplace. Everyone came away in awe and pumped! My 2 co-workers want an explanation of my business and want to get started with the top package. Didn't know who Dani was before Sept. 06. She has blessed and changed my life, my relationships, my business like I never dreamed or imagined possible. Do not, do not, let excuses get in your way. Do whatever it takes to get to the next event. It will change your life! God bless.
~ Al Holcomb


I am definitely a person who has made many excuses in life. I have found out just why I am in a rut. Thank God for allowing me to listen to your quick start training so that I can get back on track and make something happen in my life! May God Bless you for what you are doing to help people like me change their lives for the better! Thanks a million!
~ Brenda Armstead


I'm just getting started in my business and until today I wasn't sure if I could do it, now after hearing you I'm only going to say , yes I can
~ Doris Mooney


This was my first time listening in and I will be back. I truly appreciate being referred to your site and I'm looking forward to geting the script book as well as getting to attend seminar in the near future. The seven steps presented here has been the steps that really hit home for me. Thank you very much.
~ Michelle Hawk


Just received the Script book and CD's - I have heard literally hundreds of audio motivational tapes over the years - Dani this is the first time I have heard someone who REALLY motivates me and I look forward to your Monday call (because I live in Northern Ireland I listen to the web version!) with more anticipation than anything I can imagine in the past. I am planning to come to your seminars towards the end of this year and must admit - I can hardly work. Thanks for rebuilding the faith which was sadly lacking and keep it going - please.
~ John Sykes


You are trully an instrument of the Lord. I know without a doubt that He has brought you into my life, to help me to finally become the person that He created me to be. To be able to get past all the excuses that have kept me from being the successfull person that He has always intended me to be. Right now I don't know how I'm going to get to Seattle…I just know I'm going! The Lord is faithfull!!! Thank you Dani, you are a blessing!! I pray that the Lord will continue to give you the strength and the courage to be the person that He created you to be.


You've Got to be kidding me….just send your new or undecided team members to this call and watch like….six 6 figure income earners (all SO different stories) close every single one of them for you into Business, new tools, First steps to success, and most importantly ACTION!!!! Wow. Best yet!
~ Lauren Treleaven


I would like to thank you for being there to help me and others. I just got started in a H.B.B. about 1 month ago and I am in a bad spot right now and am lookin into Dani for inspitation. Listening to someone who started with NOTHING makes me feel like I CAN do it..
~ Nicole DiDonato


You are the best!! Your are truly the best!! A million thanks for this opportunity you have provided to everyone who have access to your website which has so much information for us to learn and assist us in making our business a success. Listening to your tapes has made me a better person and I feel so blessed that God has put you in my part. Dani, your vibrant passion, your overwhelming testimony about your life coupled with your faith in God makes me feel so fortunate that your are in the life of so many people who can learn, grow and improve their own life and make themselves into a better person.
~ Sandra Wellington


Whoa. I was surprised. I listen to lots of calls and this one was the best. Personal testimonies that were linked to spiritual growth. I don't know why I was surprised to her the witness, after all we really know WHO to give the credit to. God of course.
~ Sandra Wellington


Dani - I was determined to enter the invitation contest ($100/2 people) for First Steps to Success in Minneapolis, MN and due to your Script Book and FORMing teaching all the people I sent to the EXTREME videos @ www.first-steps-to-success went AND I had a 20% closing ratio on sending them to FIRST STEPS to SUCCESS! I've finally learned to follow directions. The only way to fail is to not even step up to the plate. I'm "watering my sprouts" and celebrating this victory!! WOW - is life a whole lot EASIER when I follow your directions AND…I had a blast doing it!
~ Lauren Treleaven


just so hyped to get started and make the kind of money that i been so long been waiting to make since I been exsposed to a thing called network marketing!
~ Ronnie jr. Kollock


I am in the process of developing a team and have developed a system of training that involves nothing more and nothing less than… Dani Johnson. Every new distributor that joins will go through the training, the calls etc! I want to develop my people, develop them into professional networkers, while building an amazing organisation with a rock solid culture of training as it should be… the Dani Johnson way! Thank you..
~ John Dimos


thanks for being you and being dynamic, outspoken of the truth, faithful, funny, brilliantly wise and strong…..YOU ROCK! Many blessings to you and your family, peace and love.
~ Suzy Bell


This was a great call. Thank you so much for the testimonials. I took in-depth notes on every person's background, success, nuggets and recommended tools. The people that stepped up tonight and shared their stories are such an inspiration to me, and I am sure, so many others. Thank you Hans for doing this call, thank you Dani for ALL that you do, thank you to everyone at DaniJohnson.com and also, thank you to Sharon, Amanda, Lionel, Tracey, Cat and Brett for sharing where you started from and how you've grown. It says alot about you, to share this information with people that are your competitors. =) God Bless you all, in ALL that you do.
~ Joy Marino


This call meant alot. I have been known to be too hard on myself and do more than what I should really do. This call FINALLY let me see what I was overlooking. I now believe it is that simple and as I am a student of life, as long as I duplicate, do the steps, I will transcend that glass ceiling. You are a genius Dani. You guys rock and thank you for continually being an great example.
~ Maria Cristina Yanez


Dani, Love your straight foward way you give it. And the spirtual imput into your desire to help others. You sound like a passionate person, and we need to get passionate about our life,buisness,and relationships. Bringing the principles of God's word to the way you teach the way you do, is something I never heard anyone do. It is so encouraging to here, you are trully blessed and I can't wait to meet you at you next event. The urgency is there. We need to do the things that unsuccessful people don't do, in order to get the things successful people have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Anthony DeMonte


I have'nt been fortunate enough yet to hear any of your calls, but I can't wait until I can go to your events. The stories here have made me very excited and am looking forward to my new life!
~ Sharon Miller


I am blessed to be part of your team. Everyday I am learning new things for myself and for my team.there is no end to this learning curve.more annoiting to your calling.
~ patrick fraser


This call is awesome. I learned so much that I can apply to my new business as well as to my personal life. I've just signed up with our team and the system is your script, I'm on training this time and listening to our leaders doing live calls to their prospect following exactly your script. My fear is gone because I sure can read and surely can do what they've just done… reading your script to their leads.
~ Miraflor Rayla


Thank you Dani for all of your sharing and caring. You help give me that seed of confidence that I so badly need . I know I can do this NOW!


I went to Baltimore and I have reconnected with my God, I beleive If I put God first, then my business will be blessed. Keep up the good work Dani! The whole weekend was awesome! God Bless You!
~ Cheryl L Brewer


I am so glad that your website has changed. Previously I was not able to play the recordings on my PC at work. They block streaming audio–don't know what you've changed but I can now listed while I work! Dani you and your team of folks are awesome!
~ Carolyn R. Miller


Hi Dani, This call is so informative!! Every single time!! Like many had experienced; I get stronger and getting brighter at each and every call..This piece of Info. is the one I have been waiting for for YEARS. May our Mighty God still fulfill you with everlasting Knowledge and Abundance!!!! Dani. You & Han and your beautiful children. Love & Peace in Christ.
~ Fina Halafihi


Dani- Thank you so much for that call. I am reviewing what I already have heard and learned from your seminars and training cd's. I hear something different and it goes deeper each time. Thank you for serving.
~ Deborah West


Alot of what I heard tonight was just common sense. I have a great repore with my son just because I listen to what he has to talk about even though I'm not quite sure of some of the stuff he is into.(he's a skate border) I am tyring to start a second online business, and the tips I learned I think will help with this one (the first one was a bust) Just wanted to say thank you for the tips.
~ karen duncan-thorp


Thankyou for letting me listen to this audio, it is very interesting and I am sure I can do the things it says to do. Do not interrupt while they are talking will be my weak spot, but I can do it with practise.
~ Heather Maxsted


I am hugely impressed with Dani's 'How to Tools' and going for it - wish I had knowledge of Dani's support along time ago. Thanks Dani , you are a unique & special person!
~ sylvan affleck


Thank you so much although this call had me in tears! I have only been in business for 3 weeks and I don't have money but after listening to this call I am going to have the money tomorrow to be a the first steps siminar this coming weekend because something in my life has to change NOW not a year from now! See you soon! I am going to get the money no matter what! My vehivle is paid for and is all I really have, and I have bad credit but the payday loan stores are always open for business!! Thank you so much God Bless
~ Barbara Boyd


I have been plugging in to Dani Johnson's training for about 5 months now and my life has been transformed. These last 40 days, I have sold over $33,000 worth of my dad's art and made around $7,000 from that. My home business is becoming more of a profession and less of a hobby and is so fun to build. It is such a weight off of my shoulder plugging my new people into the proven system of Danijohnson.com and her live events instead of telling them just to try everything until they find something that works. My relationships with my family, friends and fiance are starting to blossom. My music ministry at the church has gone from a rough start to an exciting movement that people are being deeply blessed by. If you want your life to go from where you are to where you could only dare to dream, get plugged in and stay plugged in.
~ Michael Kitchen


This was awesome!! As a Realtor this applied directly to an appointment I was just on my way to. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!!
~ Melissa Hecht


I really needed to hear that call, God had been hinting at it through out the day and God you gave clarity through your servant Dani. Thankyou, today I awoke with a new fire and new vision, and now my husband shares in my vision because I allowed him to know my vision I had been hidding what I wanted and what God had put on my heart and truely if you look around in your life look at the cause of stupid fear .people look around you and look at the people your around or is attracted to you, look at your kids, family, look at your business and your life and be real ,dont be like me dont be so prideful, stubborn, unteachable, ignorant, a know it all, self righteous and a procrastinator. Just as Romans 10:23 says "Everything is permissable" - but not everything is benefical. "Everything is permissabl"e - but not everything is constructive
So look at your life you have freedom of choice but not everything you choose is benefical or constructive to you, your business, your career, your life, and that of your family and others. Wiat patiently on God, stick with Dani, persist and dont give up, dont stop dont stop dont stop Listne to Hans - do something
~ Janina Bitz-Vasquez


I am just starting my home-based MLM business. My sponser led me to your site. I am grateful for you, Dani, to learn from the best. The people on this call asked great questions and I absorbed so much. I'm going to get some of the success tools next!
~ Jennifer Kinchen


This was the greatest call I have heard. It was exactly what I need to rejuvenate myself and my business. I have allow bad duplications to interrupt my ability to let my business progress. This call tonight puts me back on track. Thank you Dani,
~ Henry Woods


Dani, tonight opened my eye's and ears to what has capped me: Im done having a cap on closing and getting people to the presentation! That also includes my conviction, posture and beleif in what I am doing in business! I will be seeing you at dynasty! just booked the airfair.
~ Zachary Michael Stringer


This is my first conference call with Dani, I was blown away with the ease of this program. I am just getting into my home based business, and I really did need this information..thank you Dani, great job.
~ LaVern Addie


I got in on the call a little late tonight, and you immediately hit home. I had been making calls for over 2 hours and was so discouraged, now after listenenning to your call, I am wishing that it wasn't already 10:10 and I could make some more calls, I am ready to go at it again. THANK YOU DANI
~ Kim Devrow


wow, this call was eye-opening. I listen to Dani for hours a week and this was something I had never heard before. Awesome as always. Thank you so much for this equipping call. I couldn't write fast enough, so I look forward to replaying the recording over and over again.God Bless!
~ Joy Marino


This was the best conference call EVER from the best trainer in the industry. No matter what business or industry you are involved in, Dani shows you EXACTLY how to break through your income barrier. Thank you, Dani Johnson!!!
~ Don Burke


You are changing lives!!!! Thank you Dani.
~ Deirdre Buckley


WOW WOW WOW- my entire life I was programmed "THINK then act!" It was amazing to hear you teach the truth, "STOP THINKING! and BEGIN ACTING!" Deep in my spirit and in my heart THIS is how I was designed …. to ACT and the thinking would follow along… how many things I have set up in my own life to hinder myself by thinking and then….never acting ! This is TRUE 2% living !!! Dani you have changed my life, my thinking and the way I act! Thanks for the latest power play! It was amazingly on time!
~ Sandi Krakowski


This was stupendous!! I am in awe of how you pin pointed my fears. I am so sick of being afraid to face my prospects. Being positive, and not allowing that poison seed of doubt in is soooo very true. Keeping myself busy with positive people, like my upline and side line is so important. They will keep me in motion to success. I will equip myself with training to fine tune my skills and thats another gem that I appreciate you for. I will be attending the next "Steps to Success" training session May 5-6 2007. I am so ready to receive more golden nuggets from you and putting them into action. I WILL NOT FAIL…GOD Bless you, Dani.
~ Michelle Cook


Blew me away– you rock Dani —Something that I can use ASAP–my "sales" skills have been rusty–this was great !
~ Michelle Quintana


This call is stocked full of information to build my skills so that I can become successful instead of falling flat on my face to fail. I so much see the mistakes I've made in the past, and present. By listening and following Dani's instructions will equip me for future SUCCESS! You are an awesome trainer, Dani. I thank God every morning for wonderful opportunities to help build my business, and I consider this one of those opportunities thats blessed by God. Bless you and your family, Dani.
~ Michelle Cook


Dani, Thanks so much for your motivation and inspiration. Last week I had zero leads and almost fainted when I read 200 leads should be on the list. As of last Saturday, I have found over 500 leads. That's favor. Wow! This is great. I lost a very dear friend this week but called approximately 35 companies yesterday. That's real good for me. Had a fear telephoning, but will continue today. Knowing that it will only take one or two of them to say yes. Haven't had a chance to listen to your scripts but found a great way to find leads right in my city. Thanks so much. I'm really excited about your system. Have already referred you to some friends. However, having trouble downloading the info but will take notes.
~ Opal Kennedy


Dani; You are one inspiring Lady and I can't help but to succeed. We love you
~ Delores Beaman


This call is the FIRST thing that you should turn every new rep on to! I have even used it with prospects that were "on the fence." WOW! Every time I listen to it my excuses are thrown right up into my face all over again, and I come away with a fresh perspective. If YOU need a shot in the arm for YOUR business, listen to this call NOW! Do not delay…do not wait til later…click play NOW!
~ Nate Ridgeway


Thank you Dani! Through your "Words of Wisdom"! I've come to realize that my problem is a lack of "Faith and Confidence" in myself, due to a mentally and emotionally abusive past. But as you said "It's never the circumstances that determine success". I just ordered your "Scriptbook" and I'm looking forward to more encouragement and confidence building that your messages bring!!!
~ Frank J. White


You are what I have been looking for. Thank you for your help. I have already started plugging my team into you. I can't wait to see what happens.
~ Carrie Fadden


What an AWESOME call Dani!!!!!!! Thank you! I took pages of notes…and I'm not much of a note-taker. I learned a lot from this call.
Thank you so much!
~ Maureen Yogerst


Hi Dani, This call was absolutly AWESOME! It really makes a big difference when we hear it from you, it comes out with power. I do have the script book and I'm using it, I take it with me every where I go! I'm giving out your website address to those in my team and even those that are not. I've attended the First Steps to Success in LA and I'm registering for Creating a Dynasty. This is my year! I thank the LORD for you, your husband and your team
~ Victoria Ulloa


You are the best trainer in the home based business.God bless your heart for doing this for free.But remeber the law of sowing and repeating is working on your behalf.
~ patrick fraser


This was a awesome call, i took tons of notes. FORM is so refreshing to hear you go over this with such depth. You truly have the ability to hit the nail on the head when you deliver your messages. God has ordained you for such a time as this. I thank God all the time for choosing you to build integrity into His people. My personal prayer is that I will instill to other to tap into your wisdom. I look so forward to Dynasty. May God continue to pour his wisdom and favor over you and your family…
~ Susan Bafford


Awesome call Dani you are so consistent and your passion shines thru. I have used your scriptbook and this FORM in earnest since Baltimore and have had such a change in the peception of the prospect I just am in awe!
~ Melissa Meininger


Thanks Dani. You are the best motivator and trainer. Youve given me a lot of strategies and tips that are so useful!!!!! Look out ! Here I go! thanks for all the testimonials!
~ Billie McLemore


Hi Dani, I must say that was the BEST call I have heard in a long time. I thought the last call was, but this was even better. You hit it right on about everything. One thing that stands out is with the listening–not to be thinking of the next question while the person is trying to answer. I just realized I do that all the time. I am excited for Creating a Dynasty in May. Thank you so much. See you soon
~ Laura Dyreng


Thank you so much Dani, the information you gave tonight was golden. The airplane example was great, I went through that not too long ago. If I had known about the F.O.R.M at that time, I would of been successful. I am also learning to listen and not think of questions while the prospect talks….you are a jewell, keep up the good works.
~ Robin Hopkins


That was a great call. I was told about you from my business partner and am so glad I jumped on this call. I look forward to getting your info, and passing your website on to my team.
~ Jeffrey Walker Jr


The role playing dialogues are so important-you went a little too fast for me to get it written down, particularly the part "I couldn't help but notice….. I do however have the script books to review (thanks for giving the page number) and the other programs you mentioned. I listened to them completely once-obviously I need to hear them again and again!! I feel blessed to have you as my trainer! Thanks for having a genuine heart and desire for us to succeed, and for doing such an awesome job!
~ barbara miller


Tonights call was absolutely incredible! And I know that with what Dani taught tonight about actually listening to the prospect, it is going to take my forming skills to the next level!
~ Steven Fox


Dani I received a powerplay from you the other night. Wow guess what I was doing shopping and not at home working my business. Guess what I did? I left that store went home and worked my business. Bless you for caring so much and keeping me on track. Every time I get a powerplay you lift me up and encourage me to do better. Your whole staff is so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got off your Monday night call, thanks for going through all that, especially about listening. You are truley an inspiration to me. Thanks
~ Karen A Uyttenhove


Amazing call! I'm the shy! I wish I could send the world to your site! Thank you!
~ amy mitchell


Special thanks to Dani for speaking on the call. I really enjoyed it. Being new, this call has really helped me to see what I have been doing wrong and what I need to work on. I look forward to the next one.Thanks Alot!!
~ Shalina Allen


OMG this was absolutely the best stinkin call EVER!! I plan to listen to it over and over again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
~ Larry Pittman


What can I say? Another KILLER call. I had to go to the store for food and for the first time, ever, I took my cell phone and had Dani right there with me. I can't miss these calls. They lift me up to continue through the coming week. These calls remind me of things I have forgotten, things I have to tweak and are ALWAYS timely and revealing.Thank you Dani, Hans and the DaniJohnson.com crew!
~ Joy Marino


Great! GREAT! CALL What can i say??? Loved it…
~ Mary Guariglia


This was a wonderful call - even though I'd heard a lot of it in L.A., I LOVED this review!!! Thank you so much for doing this for us for FREE!!! You are a true gem!!! Thanks a million!!!
~ Patricia Anderson


Dani spoke DIRECTLY to me regarding my finances in Baltimore, MD. Wow!! It was just what I needed to get back on track. The whole weekend felt custom-fit! And after hearing that 50% of people who follow directions and make their list of 200 contacts make over $100,000.00/year….needless to say I've been jump-started and ready to say "HERE I AM" mold me. I'm ready for a new level of income and leadership I only dreamed of before I attended First Steps!!
~ Lauren Treleaven


wow i cant wait for you to call me! how do you have time for this!
~ Teri Gelseth


You are a very good person. I don't know what to say. A free web site to give us an opportunity to change our life? I mean unbelievable. God bless you and God bless again. You will hear from me when I will start my business. Thank you a lot.


I thank you Dani Johnson for the great tools. I know that God will bless you for sharing with others. I have some things to change because of your training.
~ Beverly Dowdy


The seminar in Baltimore was awesome! I have vowed to serve God better in my business and my life.
~ Joy Ellifritz


This was truly the most amazing conference and training I have ever attended. Frankly, I had little expectation that I could learn anything that new. I learned that I had to unlearn what I thought I knew and apply the lessons from Dani to help my team be successful. I am now on my way past the junk toward financial freedom…finally!!
~ Gregory Spencer


Dani - I just joined with you today and have already sent emails out to many of our downline and also to people that we know in other businesses to have them also plug into this. This is what we needed 3 businesses back -:(. We would never have quit if we had had this kind of training - instead of a lot of "hype". May God richly bless you for what you are doing for others.
~ Geri Hemby


I am new in the home base business industry and I want to be part of Dani Johnson's team and to learn all I can on how to get my business off the ground to earn a six figure income and to be home with my family within 24 months.
~ Tracy Daebelliehn


I have listened off and on to your calls but this is the first start training that I have heard and it will not be the last there will definitely be more Dani in my daily schedule. Thank you much
~ Phyllis Vaughan


Thank you so much. I have now thought of people in a whole new light. I will be sending my team to quick start. You have helped me so much. You are the best.
~ Katie Broome


I really enjoyed listening to the call on your website. I have started to implement your technique just this week so I weill see how it works for me. So far my conversations with people have lasted longer than when I just jumped in and talked about my business or product. Thank you for giving me the help I need to take the next step in my business.
~ Steven Polczynski


The seminar in Baltimore was absolutely amazing!! It really helped me get back on track as due to problems with my ego, fear and discouragement and excuses gave me EVERY reason NOT to make money. I am now fully pressing forward and taking action!! Thanks Dani for EVERYTHING!!
~ Shawn Gadwa


I love you Dani! I just got back from First Steps in Baltimore. I ordered over $600 in your materials. I see the "cost" of not having it in my business for the last 10 years. Without Skills… I am just another amature destined for failure. Today, I canceled my subscriptions to "other networking subscriptions". I have spent over $1000 in leads and more on sites with bells and whistles for years. The Truth will set you free. IF you believe. I BELIEVE!
~ Hope Nason


Before you listen to this you think that you know what to say and how you sound but this opens your eyes! Thanks for opening my eyes and ears! Loved it! Thank you so much for sharing this info!
~ Faith Ellenberger


I have got to see you as soon as you can come out west, I live in Canada but anywhere out west I would make it. I really need your mentoring personally. But for now i will learn all I can from you. Love ya
~ Ellen Sherman


Hi Dani! I am a new Dani Johnson member, and I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you for this website! I don't know how I survived before I was pointed in the right direction (your direction). I guess that's it in a nutshell, I was merely surviving!! I found the business opportunity that I wanted to get involved in, but with bad credit and no extra pocket change, I was having trouble comming up with the funds. But then I listened to some of your calls, and watched videos, and have really been plugging in everyday. And thanks to you, I realized that all that was just excuces. If you want things in life, you've gotta get out there and take it! So, I'm now in the process of holding a raffle to come up with the funding. I can't wait to see you in person at First Steps!
~ Kimberly Murphy


SO sooooooo very inspirational and motivating!!! Dani is surely a "MUST" for $uccess in ANYONE'S Business!!!
~ Christine Burset


Dani, you are such a blessing to all of us. You answered most of the questions I had, especially with the last gentleman on the call, about fear. That is exactly my problem. And I have been praying about it constantly. Is so paralyzing I just can't move, can't function. You gave me an undeniable word of knowledge from the scriptures; I have to apply it in my own life. I hope you find in your busy schedule a minute to pray for me. Thanks again for all you do for us.
~ Sharon Cubero


Dani, you're the hottest thing I've heard in the 10 months I've been in the network marketing business … I have only one signed up, but he dropped out! I need your training so greatly. As I am no totherwise employed, I need to know when you might come to San Francisco … airfare is keeping me grounded! God bless you for all you do!
~ Jaylene Tingley


That call was phenominal.Thanks for all the help and info I received from you just for being a member.
~ Paul Bascom


You have been a Great influence in my life and business. Thank you for helping me find direction again.
~ Howard Sargent


Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dani and company! I knew that there was an easier way to do this! I have been searching for it! When Sharon Gold told us about your website I was thrilled and I signed up right away as a free member. I have also bought the Script Book & Cds and love them. I can't wait to go to your First Steps To Success Seminar! Now all I have to do is find the money to get there. Thank you for your Monday night calls. I love listening to your advise and am looking forward to next week.
~ Stacy MacDonald


My life is almost in same camparison to the movie, "The Pursuit of Happyness" I've been fighting up stream, through road block after road block, but for some reason…I find you and the Lord pulling me to break through in becoming the person He has always desired for me to be. You are my sister in Christ and business partner for life Dani, and eternity.
~ Nick Terziski


Fabulous call. I have several coming to Baltimore and we are looking forward to a 6 figure income.
~ Cheryl Van Scoter


Awesome "FREE" Training Dani! Thank You! You have made me realize several things that I've been doing wrong in contacting & following up with my potential business assoc.'s. You have also helped me to realize that I am not working enough leads! Perhaps that is the reason I'm not into profit yet! Duh! I have both your Script Books, and plan on getting your NC CD's very soon! I want to come to the Dani Event in Baltimore, but due to my Mom's health at the moment, I don't think I'll be able to. Don't mark me off you list though, because I am planning on being at a First Steps To Success in the very near future! I'd love to be able to bring my Mom with me! She would love you too!
~ Susan Vice


I am up at 1am and just stunned with gratitude, I have absolutely over-complicated Network Marketing, and realize I have been in "Exscuse land, How-land," Foreign countries from Home, in "GET-BUSY" land. Thanks, Dani for bringing me home. What a wealth of energy, and nuts and bolts tools. This is so simple!
~ Megan Malkin


Dani, You are awesome! You have helped me to go from a little timid mousey type girl to being on fire and taking my business to the next level.I am on my way to eliminating that fear with prospects. This call tonite has helped me tremendously, especially Mistake #2,3,6,7,8. I was doing all of these things! I have only been in network marketing for about 4 months but its changed my life! I have unbelievable confidence now and a clear picture as to what i want to achieve. I have your script book, i will be getting the supplemental and I know with these two tools its going to take my prospecting to a whole another level! I have tried to get my team plugged into you and I will, even if it means calling them one by one and telling them to get on the call! You are awesome girl and thank you so much for what you are doing for everyone and their businesses! For free nonetheless, its mind boggling!
~ Fathia Farah


I think I got something out of this call more clearly than ever before. I just realized that instead of working very hard in order to impress people with our personality, generosity and marketing skills it is better to just relax, be smart and focus on their needs and goals. It seems to be so much more simple to do. And a little comment on Dani's dedication to work and people (110% one! — previous call): I believe that putting your whole heart and soul and over 100% in something is not good. There is a threshold in our system! I think that we should never exceed 100% in order to stay strong and healthy. Working at 100% level MAX is a skill too! I am still trying to learn that myself.It was a very good call!
~ Alicja Wiszniewska


I've just become a member and i thank the person who introduced me to your site. This audio was amazing… I'm still in the incubation period and truly your information has confirmed what I have experienced. I was seeking in the internet for a good business home based opportunity. One ad I responded and a person called me but when he knew that I don't have the required money to start at entry level, he then said that I would just contact him again once I already have the money. So again I looked for other option and yes I found another one and the lady who called me is awesome for her support that I think money was not the issue here. She guide me to your website which made me feel so blessed by listening to this call. I can't wait to access more what you have offered freely in your website. I know that once my business would be set up, I'll not be content to being just a free member only because I wanted to learn more to make my business a success.Thank you and more power.
~ Miraflor Rayla


What I like best about you is your method of communicating (ok, and the hair, too). Like tonight, you just laid everything out in a step-by-step fashion. 9 mistakes - Here they are. Here's the solution. You make everything easy to understand, in a practical, no-fluff format. I'm 2 months into my biz, earned $3100 and have a new team on the rise. I know for a fact that my success is directly proportional to the amount of training I've received from you. Rock on, sistafriend, you're changing my life! Eph 3:20.
~ irene anderson


Whoa!!! I would like to thank DaniJohnson.com so so much for all that you guys do for us. I feel like my heart and soul have been blessed. I pray and give thanks everyday now and this has only happened since Melbourne Australia. Thank you Dani, Hans, Mona, JP, Nina, Ryan, Laura, eveyone at danijohnson.com and most of all thank you God for giving me ears to hear and eyes to see. God bless you all!!!
~ Sophie Matatahi


Wow, awsome call, i cannot wait to get started on my home based business, you are awsome!!! I cannot wait until i can start and apply some of your teachings to make my business if not thebest, one of the best in the market, Thank you, and your group for the help.
~ Dwane Sympson


Great ,great call, unbelievably so well done.!!!
~ Fina Halafihi


Great Call! I can not wait for the Workshop in Baltimore. Me and my Team mate in my Biz are gong together! Wish I could get more of my gals, but only one other gal is in training with me and she is already listening to your calls-one a day. She had committments on that weekend (all her kids and step kids all home!) But we will get alot out of it!
~ Mary Guariglia


Awesome call! Great nuggets, once againl! Phenomenal tools to better equip me with my business. Thank you SO much! I have the Script book and NC cds, so the next step… See you in Baltimore!
~ Joy Marino


Thank you for your mission and vision. Your call tonight was inspiring and powerful as usually your calls are.I'm new to your training and am very excited for my success!
As you can see in my profile I've invested in some of your training tools ,been to LA first steps and signed up for dynasty.I appreciate you so much because I've learned more from you more then any training out there including my companies.You are an answer to prayer from the lord.I'm in my mid 50's and lost everything including our home because of bad financial decisions,so this is really our last chance to make it and live the rest of our lives with dignity after working so hard for over 45 years.To get to first steps and to dynasty we had to borrow the money but were no longer afraid or doubtful about our commitment to our business success and to our Lord knowing that we made him our partner and we will not fail.Thank you again for your training and passion to help us succeed your very much appreciated.We are anxious to keep you updated with our progress and look forward to sharing our testimony with you.
~ phil rincon


I like all of your calls, Dani. They are very helpful to my team members.
~ Sharon Gold


Dani, Your call is great to listen to and I try to get the team to listen but for some reason they don't get very excited. I think I need to build a new Dani Johnson team so I can get my income up. Thank you for all your tough love and I will be in Baltimore with or without the team. So 2007 will be a great year for my family and myself. Thank You
~ Robert L. Parker


Hi Dani, Just got off the call and I want to say that this was the most informative call for most of my team. I am going to do some training tomarrow and these 9 mistakes are going to be it. Since i was at the FS in La,CA I do not have any fear and I know the team members that are going to Baltimore which is 1 1/2 hrs from my home are going to lose their fear. I don't know why they aren't getting the skript but they still want to gon on working hard. I don't and I have told them that you can do so much for them. Unfortunately I won't be there because of hunting buffalo in WY. but I am signed up for Dynasty and I pray the ones that are going to FS will join me there.
I thank you so much for your time and the blessings from God through you. I keep you in my prayers. Have a great night. God Bless
~ Christine Kinsey


Great job Dani , always on the ball and i leared somthing new tonight dani about Fear, putting words into the procpects mouth, no to be like a kitty cat on the phone, no to be a sale person, leading with the prospects goals, that the training that you have a trak record, no to call back in a coupe of days, AND MOST INPORTANTLY TO MAKE SURE I HAVE ENOUGH LEADS
~ Jake Burke


Thank you so much for your enlightenment into this industry. I am new at networking marketing and desperately want to get it right from the start. I find the information invaluable.
~ LaTanya A. Guiton


You are terrific Dani, look forward to meeting you in Baltimore, I need to change my attitude about my business. thank you,


I'm definately running on the contest. Dani that call is amazing it will definately help ton. Your calls are definately a key too our success and they are FREE! This one, really highlighted the basics. Even though we make a six figure income every once in a while we need to reanalyze are we still doing the basics.Dani, I have an income because of your training. I made a 6 figure income due to your training. Now I will produce a 7 figure income thanks to the training we've received through your tools, techniques and definately First Steps and Dynasty. Thanks!!!
~ Stacy O'Quinn


YES! This is going to make a difference in my week. Thank you and may God bless you richly.
~ Martha Anderson


Hi Dani~
This was my first call and I want to say thank you~ Not only for the inspiration but just the 9 Most Common Mistakes was worth its weight in Platinum~ I WILL Be there, some how, some way!!~ Period!~ See you there and God Bless~ May God Lead You To Your Destiny~
~ Thomas McGarry


Great call Dani! These points were right on the target. Thank you Dani! I can't imagine my business without your coaching!
~ Krisztina Farkas


It is always amazing how Dani knows EXACTLY what we need to hear, when we need to hear it.This call is PERFECT for anyone just starting out–I hope it gets added to the quick start section!!!!
~ Margie Remmers


I listened to Dani over a year ago. As I sat here today, a year later, I am trying to figure out why have I not completed the goals I set then. I am rejuvenated and this time, it is done! Thanks Dani!
~ Phoebe J. Bailey


I am not a Christian, but I wanted you to know that I truly LOVE you. I AM spiritual, and I do believe you are a gift from the Divine. Because of listening to your CD's, and calls, I have embarked on something outside of Network Marketing that I have felt drawn to do for YEARS but did not have the courage to do. Thank you very much! I want to encourage others who may be closing their hearts and minds to your message to just open up and listen to what you have to say, and implement it, it will change your life!
~ Stephanie Watson


I was at LA and I thought it was so awsome to see Dani, Hans and some of their children at the event working, listening and praying with all of us. Dani you are an inspiration to all of us parents! PS the timing of the last power play was just right for me too!
~ Cari VanRossum


i wanted to say this is very helpful i will be using what i learned. i cannot wait to attend first steps to success and building a dinasty
~ kristi martin


I was so excited to hear your ideas for getting people interested in what you do and involving them by sending out "thank you" notes, notes to acknowledge their contributions, etc. Of course, you already know your programs and ideas are just brilliant. You struck a note for me with the "notes" strategy. I am getting them out today to everyone I know and even some I don't know well, i.e., acquaintances . You really are dynamite!
~ Jaylene Tingley


Hi, i must say that the call was one, if not the best call that i have heard. I thank you so much and i look forward to hearing more from the upcoming calls as well. I also believe that the information that you give will expand my business and take it to a whole new level. Thank you so much.
~ Terry Walker


WOW there is soooo much great stuff on this call that it is amazing and will make so much money. Dani you are awesome. Everyone needs to listen to this call
~ James Hannan


I was needing to hear that today. I was not doing the numbers that i should be doing then the call came in and I called not just 3 of the ones I was putting off calling but 5 and they all said YES. Thank you Dani my God truely bless you.


Thank you Dani! THANK YOU!
~ Krisztina Farkas


This is some very powerful stuff and I can't wait to get to one of your seminars
~ John Bertolini


All I have to Say is Dani you have Hit the Nail on the Head! About usury. You could 'nt had a better subject . I bet you Opened Up a lot of EYES on this call. Thank You for your insite. Have a Great Day !
~ Marvin Adkins


The training that Dani offers is a blessing for all people trying to get started in a business or improve their business!
~ Dominique Smith


WOW! Every single powerplay is excatly what I need to hear..scary! It is not only VERY powerful for me but for my growing team as well! They call me after the powerplay and scream on the phone…."OMG ..how did she know I was going through that?" or "Yep…I needed to hear that." Thank you Dani! God bless you!
~ Krisztina Farkas


I've just let you know that with the skills that I've learned from danijohnson.com I've recently been promoted to my job as an assistance manager. My manager selected me because of my people's skills with employees and customers that I've learned from Dani Johnson's training. Although I am still with my job I will still continue focusing on my part-time home based business.
~ Dan Suttajit


AWESOME call Dani, THANKS! I am new in the business (signed up with my Company Fri 3/24/07). I am so excited I have been introduced to you! The call last night motivated me so much, I signed up for a weekend University session with my Company so I can jump in all the way! I am so glad I have an honest amazing person like you to help me become successful. I have been "used and abused" by all the scams out there for 5 years and was about to give up on my dreams of being a work-at-home Mom and our Financial Dreams thinking with all the abuse the others put my Husband and I through, EVERYONE is a scam…that was until I came to your website, thanks to my Team's website, and I am in ALL the way and know I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL with the proper training, YOU! I can't WAIT to send you our success story and GOD-willing, this will be the year to stop paying rent for a cheesy 1 bedroom. GOD BLESS!
~ Charlene Lajnef


Another phenomenal call packed with tools and 'nuggets' to equip! Thank you for this call. I already have implemented just a couple things that resonated with me on this call. Thank you Dani! See you in Baltimore
~ Joy Marino


I'm just getting started in a home-based business, and after hearing Dani's call tonight I really feel as though I am in the right place at the right time in my life and that success is just right around the corner. And I sincerely wish to thank Dani and wish her all the best.
~ janice Davis


Great, Great Better eveytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Fina Halafihi


Thank you, thank you, thank you. That was the most powerful call. I so appreciate what you do for me and for those on the call. I must be reaching a new level of skill because I am hearing so much more on each and every call. I can only say thank you here, But I can show you thanks by applying what I learn from You and Hans as well as your entire staff. May God richley bless you
~ Michael Stringer


What a tremendous call! I can't wait to implement some of the strategies you shared tonight! Thanks for blessing us with so many powerful tactics and strategies that are proven and simple. Last week I bought 200 cards/envelopes to do exactly what you suggested, but had not yet implemented it — thanks for giving me the words to write on the cards tonight!You always seem to know what we need to hear Dani!
~ Lena Eng


I heard Dani's live call tonight for the first time. Awesome! In my humble opinion, whoever knows about Dani and doesn't listen to her has got to be crazy! A round of applause to Dani! I wish I knew of her when I started my business. Thanks Dani and Hans! You guys are great!
~ Jim Willet


Really helped with understanding a new client. Now I know how to lead him into a long term business relationship. Thanks for your ongoing support God Bless
~ Kerry Hitzke


Wow….what an awesome training call Dani!!!! Thank you so much for helping me realize how important customer service is to my business. I want to be the head and not the tail…I will be a business owner that is looked up to in my community thanks to your awesome call! You are truly a blessing in my life! I have listen to you on a daily basis for about the last 3 weeks and since have sponsered six people into my business. I can't wait until First Steps to success in Baltimore and Creating a Dynasty in Minneapolis!!! See you there!!!! God Bless you and your family!
~ Joy Quinn


Thanks for your support Dani and Hans. LA was great! This call was awesome! So many details are included in this call that are so necesary to successful relationship building! I know that this is becoming the greatest learning experience for me by listening amd applying your experience. Thanks for being the true and strightforward teachers that you are. You are helping me discover my potential that I have been hiding from myself and others.
~ Cari VanRossum


I was feeling discouraged and tired until I listened to this call. Through the art of story telling, Dani has poured gasoline on the fire that burns in me to reach the world with the Good News. Thank you Dani for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help me to stay focused. You Rock!!!
~ Michael Kitchen


WOW!! Thank you so much. I have never thought of putting my clients on 3way calls for their followup!! That is awesome!But most impacting of all was the realisation that I might be isolating a lot of people which is the opposite of my goal.Thank you so much for putting so much wisdom in such a useable format. I know this is going to double my income in just a few days.
~ Kerry Hitzke


Wow!! What an awesome call. I got 5 pages of notes, and I'm so excited to be able to direct people to your site to begin the process. I was in La~ ~ ~ my life has been forever changed, even though I may be some what in the incubation period, I'm doing more than I've ever done. And I know that I know that this is my life and future.
May God continue to pour his blessings and favor over you and your family. thanks for serving…
~ Susan Bafford


Wow! I was right in the middle of talking to prospects and using Dani's awesome script book when I realized the call was on. Came in late but right on time. Dani you've done it once again, a person would have to be deaf, blind and feeling impared to not receive benefit from your coaching. Thank you so very much for all that you do. God Bless You!
~ Rodney Muhammad


Great job Dani great trainning call ill see you in Baltimore
~ Jake Burke


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Please understand that these testimonial results do not represent typical or average results. Most of our clients do not share their results, nor are they required or expected to. Therefore, we have no way to determine what typical or average results have been. To be frank with you, many clients do not implement anything we teach them.

The income statements and examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, effort and motivation to work and follow recommendations. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here.

Wow! That call was absolutely amazing….I so wish I was just getting started. Actually, I am! With brand new people! If I only had this training 5 years ago…I'm so blessed to have it now and have my team plugged into it! It's such a huge relief for me as a leader that they can be equipped the right way! God bless!
~ Kimber King


As always, Awesome call Dani. Cannot wait to be at First Steps to Success on 4/14 and 4/15! All of our leaders are ready to soar!
~ Jose Castillo


Thanks Dani. You are an inspiration. We all want to make money but you make us beleive we can do it too.
~ jemma casey


I really enjoyed the information and look forward to putting it into practice. Thanks so much!
~ Loriece Dickerson


Hi Dani, I don't know how you do it, but every time I recieve a power play call, it is exactly what I am struggling with at the time. You ROCK!!!!! keep up the awesome work. I send everyone to you, and also have got some others in my upline listening to you also.
~ Lee Mason


Heh! Today's Power Play Call (Friday 3-23), (my first) was so surprising! I'm at work and with my ear buds in listening to Dani's No. Car. cd's and the phone rings at my desk, I answer and the voice says "HI THIS IS DANI…." my first thought was WOW, Dani's calling me!! From the CD to the Phone….I felt as if I just got electricuted!!! Dani is an amazing BATTERY! She has the Real charge, by staying plugged in, we can grow and become more, than we are now. Absolutely! God Bless.
~ John Choque


Dani & Hans,
Wow!!! WHAT an uplifting call!!!!. What incredible testimonies from our friends in Australia!!!!!. Thank you Dani for the overflowing excitement that is sent over the phone in your voice. I can just see the smile and your eyes looking at people with expectation of seeing results of greatness happening in their life. I've gotten two compliments at work from customers appreciating how nice and helpful I have been on the phone. I get to practice, "what(pause) can I do for you" It motivates me to continuely pursue ALL that I do with the spirit of excellence.
I agree, this should be made available to a new person just getting started. If not made available permanently on the free members site, then could it be made in an mp3 formatted cd that could be purchased to be given as a gift to those who sign up at the top package. A one-two kick the rear, top package and next step. We could give this mp3 cd with an application for the next First Steps to Success Seminar, thus, exposing, involving and then upgrading! And Hans thank you for creating the best training website for us all. I thank God for the hedge of protection around your whole family. Thank you for being the man of God that you are…a true servant leader.
~ Bernard C Kim


Dani, I am so very impressed with you drive, your intellegence, and your sincerity! I say "you go girl" . The help you give us all is a true gift and I can see that you really care about the people who are honestly ready to change their lives. Your excitement is overwhelming and contagious. Thank you for all the free things you offer to get us "newbees" started. You are truley gifted, and we are all blessed by your skills and your talent.
~ Linda Bradley


This call is awesome. I always listen to your audios when I am at work. I have listened to this one about 4 times. Thanks Dani.


Well From all the way here down under… Hello to all those we met at First Steps in Melbourne! Dani's AWESOME! and having a HUGE impact on my personal, Spiritual and Financial Life! Priase God!
~ Louise Barton


Dani & Hans, My husband & I just got back from 1st Steps in L.A. We are so broke & in debt that we had our water cut off last month because we couldn't pay the bill. We didn't have the money to come all the way from Virginia, but we borrowed the money and came anyway! It was the best business decision we've ever made! I became a ProMember at the event, and just listened to this call for the first time. Hearing you talk about all those who need help because they are in abusive situations brought tears to my eyes, because it reminded me of WHY I need to get out of debt and get wealth! My background is very similar to yours, and God has called me to offer hope to those in abusive situations. I strongly desire to do more of it, and now I know I will be able to, because you have given me the tools to make the money I need to make a bigger difference in more lives. On our way to the airport, I left my jacket at the restaurant where we had lunch before catching our flight home. When I
got home, I found the number on-line, and called the restaurant, asking for the manager. When I told the manager that I had left my jacket, but I'm back in Virginia, and asked her if she would send it to me C.O.D., she said, "You're a Christian, aren't you?" I said, "How did you know?" and she answered, "I can hear the joy in your voice, so I just knew you were." Wow! My new confidence and the joy of the Lord came through the phone line! We will see you in Baltimore next month, and in Minneapolis in May. I can't wait to share what's changed with you! God bless you both for giving so much!
~ Kathryn Mason


Good day, listening to you on the monday nighs call is like a light bulb tunr on. Yuo are so inspiring. I am using you script book, but I am still not having a lot of success. I tried leads,I tried build life. What works for me best is cold calls.
~ lamatha fray


Dani I have been plug into you now for nearly three months. I am so inspired by how you can grab hold of just what so many of us are really about. You have motivated me in my business and in my thinking more positively. I have gone thru the quick steps training and the some of the audio. I love the Monday night calls. You have made a believe out of me. I am on my way to succeed. Thank you so much for giving me the hope and confidence I so greatly needed.
~ Patricia Stone


I spent 8 months thinking I could learn all I could thru Dani's website and script book. I dialed 3000 people and closed NO ONE! I finally went to my first First Steps and made $ 6900 in 3 weeks after I left! It's now been 2 years and we've made $ 400,000 in income, we've paid off $ 300,000 in debt, our marriage has been healed, our lives were released to be what we were designed to be…. If you are SERIOUS about your business, do not even ATTEMPT to build it without this seminar….. register today!
~ Sandi Krakowski


I attended First Steps to Success in Los Angeles March 17th & 18th, 2007. It was the best investment in myself to change my life which I can also use towards the success of my business. Everyone I've talked to needed to hear about First Steps to Success because the seminar doesn't only pertain to business but towards the success in life. Thank you everyone from DaniJohnson.com, especially Dani!!!
~ Abraham Burke


I was writing down nuggets as fast as people were speaking them. What was said really hit home with me. We can all identify with " ignorance on fire," going to dani is what's needed–the "full body immersion" or. double your income by cutting your time by 1/3!!! Who wouldn't like that? There were so many highlights with true enthusiasm. I can't wait to get to my first First Steps.
~ Sandra E. Weeks


This past Event in Los Angeles was Over the Top!!! Every Month new nuggets that Create $1000's are revealed! We heard why people keep coming back for MORE!
It is a Plan for SUCCESS!!! My message for Everyone is to book FSTS in Baltimore MD. before it SELLS OUT!
~ Bryan Assman


I totally agree with all who were on the call tonight, LA was a phenominal conference. This was my second event Dallas my first. I'm looking forward to all that will happen after this event after Dallas, I've had restoration with my family and I've made more calls and I signed up my first rep at the top package the night before going to LA. There's no words for what you get each and every time you go. I've had one of my reps at each conference and believing for more each time. The one with me in LA a light came into him and he got a revelation being a 2 percenter and not a 98 percenter. That's Dani & Hans for your willingness to help people.
~ Nora Torres


Hi Dani. I finally made sure I had a chance to listen to this call today (3/19) before it disappears later tonight! What a wonderful call. I took lots of notes since I had seen the comments and realized there was going to be some great, basic stuff. There was. You are a woman after my own heart — details, but keep it simple and straightforward! Can't wait to put into practice the focus that you have talked about. My heretofore un-appropriately focused businesss approach will definitely turn professional. And I am so looking forward to making a business REALLY work for the first time in my life. I have 100% belief in my company and product — what I haven't believed in is me — and you have given me a reason to be optimistic for the first time in YEARS. Now don't worry that I heard the call late — I could not have attended Los Angeles anyway. But the things you gave me through this call, the things on your site, and the things I learn through great mentors in my chosen company can only serve to launch me forward. Thank you from a VERY grateful heart!
~ Elizabeth Hirsh


I am looking forward to your training ive seen your vidios and iam very inspired with what you are saying , i have just joined and iam very luky to have such a good mentor back herre in australia
~ wynette sheather


Awesome website. I came to the free session you did on Saturday night in Melbourne in Februrary 2007. In that short session you have motivated me to pusue my dream and given me some valuable skills to apply in my business. I have been following your quick start training and have found it very helpful. I have only been in my business for two months and I can see it growing. I look forward to seeing you back in OZ sometime soon!!!
~ Carmine Dromi


That was a awesome call. Dani thank you so much! That is what I needed. Enough is enough I have to step out on faith and use all the gold nuggets that God is blessing me with. God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Ebony Gentry


All I have to say is thank-you, staight up and honest you are and I love it, I start working more every time I get on your calls, thank-you.
~ Bobbi-jo Dellow


I just realize I'm not talkng to enough people. 200 dials never cross my mind. I've definitely been limiting my self. The change is now. So the answer to what should I do? Talk to mo people. mo people, mo results. I am learning so much. Thanks Again and God Bless.Oh my goodness, I just feel so blessed to be able to hear this valuable training information. Due to my current lack of finances, I will not be able to attend this weekend seminar. I know I'm going to really miss some valuable information during March Madness. I know I really need to be there. I need to hear that info about paying off debt and taking better control of my finances. I want God to say well done thy good and faithful servant, you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you a ruler over many. This was my 2nd time listening in. We are blessed to have you Dani and Hans. May God Bless You And All That You Do. Thanks Again
~ Gloria Leonard


OK, I have been saying for YEARS, point #1 on this call. (Just ask my ex husband!) I love your training. It's exactly what I've been looking for. Before I make ANY calls I listen to you first. Thank you so much!
~ Paige Hamlett


I' am truly blown away with what it is that you do for people just like myself on a regular basis. I love your energy and the drive that you have in helping sooooo many people. I can truly not get enough, i myself have just started in this business and i have many strongholds but, my focus if for my kids being a single mom of two. I have my goals set and my drive is really high and if i want this bad enough i'm sure i can do this. Unfortunately i will not beable to make it out to march's first steps to sucess because of my current financial situation and just starting in this business like i said. I really wanted to make it out, i'm looking so forward to meeting you. I do hope to make it out next month. THANKS for the motivation that you have blessed me with. I look forward to hearing more of your amazing calls. Thanks again and god bless!
~ melinda delaney


Hearing your voice in my room at 2o'clock in the morning encouraged me a lot. I cannot wait to share these valuable informations to my bussines partners. I pray that God will keep you humble as you pass on your life experiences to others. This is a blessed way to give even to those you do not know.
~ ivette maduro


I thought this was so cute, I told my director and she said PLEASE tell Dani about it. My 5 year old grandson was with me when I put on a Dani Johnson video, since he could not find a place to sit he went to the kitchen brought in a stool sat down and watched the whole thing !! He was totally taken in by her, the way she talked etc. etc., Hey… this girl is fantastic !!!!! When she can get a 5 year old to watch her and not move you know she's got it !!!
~ Eleanor Lloyd


Hi Dani, I am very new at a Home bussiness idea that I find it very nerve racking on where to start when I meet people. Listing to your phone conversation tonight was indeed inspiring and put some questions to rest and gave me ideas on how to start getting some results. Thank- you Dani and I will keep you posted on my progress.
~ Joe Blondin


Hi Dani & Hans, I just listen this … OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! I do have alot of obstacles right now, I have a disable brother who can't be left alone, a son who dose all he can to help, but does rely on me for transportation, a husband say to say has no faith in me or himself and really has a problem with my business ( his problem ),and it's not me putting it off but out and out fear of what he would do if I told him I was going away for the weekend for a seminar for something that he all ready has me failing. I have no credit card, no family that I could borrow money from that my heart is just pounding so hard because of all this and the fear that I know I need to be there that I can hardly breath. But I heard this call and I'm telling you ….. It has been so long since I have felt the Holy Spirit touch my heart like He did while listening to this call. That I have 1 hope of doing this and by golly I will find that $4000. Please keep me in your heart and prayers that God will part the waters of obstacles.
Thanks you so very much for being there for myself and everyone else who are here to learn.
~ Victoria Gundersen


It hurts me to hear you assume that some (green and ignorant) people will not like you, that some will not like your voice, that some will not like the message they need to hear. Should you even mention these people? Maybe focus on the people who love and appreciate you, your voice, your enthusiasm, your message. Let God worry about the others. I need and l-o-ve- your message, your voice, your dynamic energy. I can't get enough. I wish you the very best of health and money $$$$$$
~ Cheryl McElligott


I was impressed with the information given by Dani on how your directing someone down a path from disatisfaction to satisfaction. This is going to be a big focus impovement for us.
~ Jake Baerg


You're right, this was powerful stuff. For me, it was another way of saying ABC, Always Be Closing….if you're concentrating on ABC, the only way you can close is to know what the customer wants. In order to do that, you have to ask what many feel are intrusive questions, but if you're focused on ABC, you're not there to chat. So, you have to ask those questions up front, so you know what their problem is — how else can you provide the solution? Also, since sales is really a numbers game, there's no time to chat, so you have to maximize your time by closing and moving on to the next successful close. Also, many may not be aware that once money is discussed, and you are about to close, he/she who speaks first buys it! So, be prepared to cultivate the careful and useful art of carefully listening to your customer. Dani, you did a spectacular job of it last night. Additionally, I also liked your enthusiam! Thanx, it really helps to hear it again.
~ Jeanann Rader


Hi Dani: First time on the Monday call. I am really impressed. I am in the "overwhelmed" category…therefore no results with my home-based business.
After hearing this call, I am still confused…Isn't it "overwhelming" all these training calls that we should take before we approach anyone (calls suggested by our companies are plenty and same on your website). I am not a professional "yet" but it seems to me that all this training time could be well used in prospecting and learning as it goes! Bottom line: training calls can be overwhelming too! Too many…not enough time. Don't know how to keep it simple in this area. So much to learn!
~ Diane Smit


that was amazing and very true . i am defenitly taking your advice thank you
~ serenity catlin


~ Ollie Felix


Great call - can't wait to see you guys in Los Angeles this weekend. Dani, you are the greatest.


I have ordered all your training materials that I could find, thinking that I could learn everythiing from them, but since watching the videos online, I have changed my mind. If it is at all possible, I will be coming to Los Angeles and bringing my husband with me. We both want to do this business so bad, we just don't know how. I didn't think we could afford this trip, but as I am writing this right now, I am waiting on a call from my husband to see if he still has a job or not because we invited a few people to our home from his job to show them our home business. We can't afford NOT to do this.
~ Catherine Hyman


i'm on every monday night's call awsome call i'm working live leads using Dani scrept
~ Peter Babineau


As a physician just getting involved with marketing,this is the best marketing university for me.This is very practical.
God gives you more momentum to raise more millionaires to make an impact to humanity.
~ patrick fraser


Tonight's call was like a rocketship…what I say…my mouth directing what the prospect hears; "what is confusing is unattainable"; "I am not a volunteer ounselor…makes no $$;"I am marketing results and satisfaction back into a persons life." I thought that I was marketing people. The impact from your statement, "Nothing is specific until it becomes dynamic. All these nuggets and tons more….on the call. I am getting this "being hungry" Dani….it hit me today. I want RESULTS!!!!!! NOW. I drew the line in the sand today. I CAN & I AM…Thank you for you calling and being obedient with your DIVINE MISSION.
~ Allison Vokac


Thank you Dani! This was an amaizing call! I have been caught up in the training details of our company! This is so amaizing how you point out specific things and it always applies to my business/life. See U this weekend!
~ Krisztina Farkas


I am hearing it for the "first" time — MY PRODUCT is providing the way for others to find satisfaction. Look for the dissatisfaction and and meet that need. WOW! I'll see you in LA.
~ Martha Anderson


The call to night was specific and dynamic. It really hit home with me. It just makes everything so clear to me in my business. I am so looking forward to coming to L.A. this weekend. If will make my 4th Dani event. My business is growing and it is because of the First Steps to Success system and Mon. calls like this one. Thank you Dani and Hans Looking forward to seeing you in L.A.
~ Lynn Laramore


Tonight's call was sooo key. I've been in situations where I was approached by people on my team about different challenges they had. I never knew what to say! So, I never said anything and just let them vent. I always felt like an idiot when it came to coaching my team. Tonight's call along with other Dani Johnson training, has totally changed that. Dani, thank you for being obedient to the Creator when he told you to start this training company!
~ Cynthia Clark


Dani, your lectures are like a never ending river of fresh moving water. There is enough for everyone to drink and get satisfaction. Thank you
~ Herbert K Mansour


Dani, tonight's call left me with lots of Ah Ha's. I've never been in a leadership position, but now that I'm building my empire, I'm slowly learning from you how to motivate my team and train them without going down any "bunny trails." My people skills are increasing immensely due to your Monday night calls. I'll see you this weekend in LA.
~ Tina Tindal


I can hardly wait until tomorrow so I can hear your entire training call. Unfortunately, I missed the first 1/2 hr. but what I did hear was absolutely phenomenal! You're the best, Dani!!! I'm on the move now!!!!
~ Teresa Kisiel


Great job Dani, you make me want to work just hearing your voice, Sweet job cant wait to see you guys in LA.
~ Jake Burke


Wow, what a primer for L.A.!Well for my entire life I am a 3 - ready to succeed for myself, trying back then, and now being aptly supplied with the true foundation for results. Thank you Dani for cutting to the quick, getting us focused on just what the client wants. So often they tell us but we don't listen; we know that's the reason God gave us 2 ears and one mouth! I've been refining this very issue prior to the call, but you've given me the meat cleaver again to cut the fat. Can't wait to see you Saturday!
~ William E Alley Jr


I am glad that i am focused enough to start my own home business. It is what i have been wanting to do for a long time. And now having a child is making me work even harder to do that. I know I can do this with the help of God 1st and than some wise expertise from you and others. May God Bless you and your family and everyone that is trying to make it through.
~ Joycelyn Gulley


I enjoyed the ride… Your website looks so much more professional and organized now! Very nice job.I will soon put into practice what I learned and still learning. I am trying to find one person who may enter the business having myself buying the product from them (meaning no monthly cost for them except advertising) and still can't find any. Does this blow your mind? I guess I still lack the skills, although I am definitely not begging, since my financial situation is fine now (for at least another half a year). My sponsor threw at me some leads though. That blows my mind for a change. I have no excuse, but to practice now. Hopefully I will see some results. I will let you know.
~ Alicja Wiszniewska


Dani, I just the pro member area and already I know that this is going to sky rocket my business i've been listening to you now for about 2 weeks now. Thank you I've got the 2 script books and the north carolina cd's you have chaged my life and i want you to know that you are a angel sent from God. Thanks Dani


I received an answer to one of my main hesitations in recruiting men into my industry! Just that piece alone is worth - who knows how much! WHEN will the call from March 8th be posted to listen to again? I only got a little because of a music committment - can't wait to hear it all! Thank you Dani for ALL you time! YOU are priceless!
~ BJ Stromme


I've been trying really hard to enrol a new person - I was feeling like a failure & very emotional until I listened to this call now I feel strong & encouraged to work on developing my skills - I will not get attached to yes & no - I have a new plan - I will be persistant & I believe my business will grow - I am a Ruby! - thank you Dani & staff for helping me
~ Leigh Fletcher


Way cool info, so many of my own issues were addressed on this one call. This one is one I plan to get some downline to listen to ASAP! I always knew the why and my business shows the what, but Dani shows the how. Beautiful!
~ Heather & Bob Markham


Thank you Dani I Love your Heart, Your Strength, Your Drive, Your Power is in Him. Bless You Sweet child.
~ Jerry Whittington


Dani, I want to thank you for showing me how to resolve my issue with situational prospecting. You are truly blessing in what you do and I am so thankful that you follow your gifting. May God richly bless you and your team for all you do.
~ Shannon Dube


Thank you soooo much. I tell you, it's the little things that make a big difference. Before I found out about you, I would let people know that I had transitioned to doing Web presentations and asked them if I could show it to them. Hardly anyone responded. After being introduced to you, I started asking my warm market if I could PRACTICE my new Web presentation on them and guess what? Every freakin' body is saying "Sure"! Thanks Dani
~ Cynthia Clark


Dani, I found your comment on binding the spirit of judgment & unforgiveness and walking with clean hands and clean hearts very powerful because otherwise direct selling has the potential for much misunderstanding due to different mindsets.Thank you for sharing the wisdom God as given you and for your care.
~ Jennifer Anne March


I continue to be blown away by your caring and dedication to those of us who study under you. I want to take whatever it is you are taking…I need that kind of energy, girl!
This call was above and beyond. I heard someone from my business, so it was very useful to me since we are different from most business models you coach.
Most of all, I always come away super confident and determined to make 2007 my year of completion! You have made all the difference in my business between no sales and $11,600 within two weeks of coming to my first First Steps. You have a student for life with me. God bless you, Dani, and thanks to all your staff who prays for all of us. You don't find that anywhere else!
~ Lana Guber


First of all, I am brand new to your training and I have to say that you are an absolute angel of strength and love sent my our God himself. I really believe that I am with the greatest company with the greatest opportunity. However, there is a spirit of fear that I do not know how to get rid of and I am willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of it and become the champion that I really believe God wants me to be. But I need your help. I feel a strength in you and I am desperate to get your advice. Someday, I will be one of the greatest recruiters and spirits of inspiration to mankind. I have no doubt about this. I thank you in advance for your help, advice, and prayers. God Bless. Robert
~ Robert Gray


Thank you so much Dani that has cleared up a lot of questions I had.
~ Bonnie Horvath


Thank you so much and God Bless you for all the wonderful things you do for so many. I really enjoyed listening to the role playing you did with everyone this evening and the interesting points made to improve the way each person could enhance their prospecting. This was so valuable for me. Since I joined your Pro Membership I have made it a goal to listen to at least one call a day and some days I listen to two or three. As I listen to your closing tonight I was brought to tears because your voice told me I needed to be at Fresh Start in LA and I just do not have the funds at this time. I am continuing to pray, but my goal is to make it to the next one no matter where it is. Again thank you for an awesome training.
~ Susan Ellstrom


Thanks, This promembers training call made me realize that I am saying the right thing but I need to be doing it from the interviewer roll. I have had 30 years of sales experience and it is very hard to take off that shell! My dials have slowed down, now I am energised to get back to the phone–you made it a lot lighter.
~ Thomas F. Leitch


We got so much from this call. Most of all, it is up to us to "become the story". Thank you for giving us the tools and skills to be able to do this.
~ Nelson Anderson


Dani, Thank you SO MUCH for the call tonight! I had FIVE team members that I know of who got back to me who UPgraded to Pro in order to be on the call.
I want to thank you for your gentle spirit. I never feel if I am not making a zillion dollars a month, that I am not valued. You bring the heart of a true mentor to all of your training. What an incredible calling you have on your life, and I am honored and BLESSED to be a part of Danijohnson.com! I want to let you know I have 5 confirmed coming to LA, CA. 2 of which are new. I am commited to the end of continuing to promote and run in the contest! I would also love your prayers this Saturday as I DID schedule the Vendor's business presentation you talked with me about, and have my conference room. I have 5 personally invited so far, and have 6 team members who are inviting guests! ONE is prelaunced, already closed two packages (app's in hand!) and is putting 5 business prospects in front of me on Sat. Dani last time I did an informal one in my home I had a 90% closing ratio. I LOVE presentations ( i think it's the clown in me) If you would please pray for BIG, HUGE results for this saturday I would greatly appreciate it!
~ Monica Tubbs


This call was very helpful to me. You did a really good job in answering the questions, of which, most of the concern I had. Dani thank you so much for this avenue of training. It is becoming clearer and clearer to me everytime I plug in. Again, thanks a million.
~ Ollie Felix


Awesome Call! I love how you keep bringing the focus back to commitment, work, tracking your activity, learn, surrender to God and repeat the process.Thank You!!!!!!!
~ Jodi Sue Kruse


You never cease to amaze me. I learned so much from the call tonight. The role playing sure shows a person where they need to improve in. I know now I just need to keep working on it. Thank you so much for giving us 3 hours of your precious time. May God continue to Bless you and your family.
~ Dottie Anderson


Hello my fellow networkers this is my first day in litening to you training session and I feel fully commited to wanting to do the business full time now not just part time. My wife is the major breadwinner in our family since I've been laid off work last year in early Feb. The fire within me has been stoked. I have a strong feeling that this year is definitely a year of change for this family, in can but not be. Godbless you all and keep up the great,fantastic,phenomanal work!!! Ric.
~ Ricardo Bontemps


Great call, as always. Helped re-align my thinking patterns to get me focusing on other people and not myself. Just an observation, I believe this call is not the same call as you have entitled, "Setting Goals to Improve your Business." Thanks!
~ Jinnia Low


Dani, Thank you so very much for you expierence, your honesty, and your openess. I gained priceless knowledge and understanding. You are a true inspiration.
~ Crystal Ferguson


Dani is hysterically funny on this call. Get the inside scoop on how it all began from the ol pay phone. This call makes you really think about the determination that it takes to build this business. If you can play "Follow the leader" you can do this business Find out how the script was born.
Dani is inspired and inspiring on this training call. You do not want to miss the history of how it all began. WOW!!!
~ Cynthia Sauer


Great call, Dani, I wished I had know about you years ago, when I first got involved in my network marketing business. But, thank God that I heard about you now. Won't be able to go to Los Angeles, but certainly want to take "First Steps" the next time it comes up. I love my business, but I have been wondering for a long time, why I am not able to ride the big waves. Awesome!!
~ Ilse Webb


Chalk up another awesome call! Having prospects on them makes my business a lot more fun and simple. It's so easy to complicate things before you even realize you're doing it.Looking forward to the open line call and 1st Steps.PS Dani, you had me laughing so hard when you talked about how you're going to get hate mail for using the word suck. Let me help you. Go to danijohnson.com/support…..
~ Enid Hobson


Dani, Thank you for a very information call, and your examples of the waves interesting, constant learning new stuff from you cds and from the calls. I listen to the calls off the website, and your passion is contagious in ways. Looking for to hearing you in LA and achieving even more results to building myself stronger in my business.
~ Doug Stephens


What an awesome call. It has everything we need to become outstandingly successful. Can't wait until First Steps in Los Angeles. Great great call.


You are my God answered prayer! I was praying for a mentor who walks according to God's rules to coach me and I was lead to you. Thank you Dani! I was blown away by your teachings, totally blown away. I wish you would come to my country. I am in sales adn am looking forward to starting my business with a truly professional system.
~ deb mm


Dani, your CD's have inspired me beyond belief and I am enrolled and coming to LA. I send my success line to your website and have them listen to the calls in the audio vault.


Man what an excellent call! Because of you I finally have the courage to approach my warm market. I have a bank of names and I am putting it to work! So far I have gotten 5 referrals today alone. Who would have know that I have interested people in my own back yard! Thank you so much Dani and I look forward to many many more of your calls!!! I plan to have my team on these calls every time!
~ megan london


It gives me a sence of joy to see my question on Dani's site as well as having got the opportunity to speak with her in person. She was straight forward and answered my question even before I asked it. I must say that for days I was perplexed and I felt like I got "TOLD" She was right and I knew good was going to come of her answer, but for that weekend I kept talking to myself. " It's ego…that's all it is…I have to let go of my ego…as it's ego vs my bank account" I made up my mind last November that I would plug into Dani wholeheartdly this year and going "PRO" was not a question for me. It was a blessing and I jumped on it. I like referring Dani to people, and people are thanking me for sharing her with them. I know God is going to use me and when that day is said and done, i'll look back and I'll say Dani was God sent from the get go! Peace be with you D:-)
~ Rose Dallas


Thank you Dani for your most precious asset, your time.
~ Bernard C Kim


SURF'S UP!!! Thanks for the reminder to get in the OCEAN where the water is fine. I'm not about to miss the wave after that CALL.
~ Spencer Wall


I was able to listen to 2 hours of Dani tonight. She is definitely annointed! I am one of those that is overwhelmed by fear. I need to rebuke Satan continually. I am registered for LA and very frightened, as Hans mentioned he was for his first lst Step seminar. I have to make this work. At 59 nobody wants to hire me. Plus I have Primary Progressive MS which adds to the job search problem. This home business has to work. It is an answer to prayer. It would give me flexibility, needed money, more opportunities, etc. I am praying that God will show me where I am not surrendering to Him. I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit and that should provide more boldness for career and church work. I've prayed for 3 years for the Holy Spirit with evidence in speaking in tongues but nothing yet. I'm looking forward to your Saturday evening spiritual study as well. Hopefully I will come home a changed person! We can not continue to use our credit card to make ends meet and our retirement savings to keep the card at a more manageable level. Dani, I am nervous but expecting. It has to work for me! God Bless all the efforts you put forth. I look forward to your training seminar.
~ Patricia L. Heger


I enjoyed the session on the phone with you Mrs. Johnson, you have motivated me to want to get my business started up very soon, and become the third person in your scenario. I hope that I would be able to join more of your conference calls, so that I can gain more knowledge and understanding. Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity.
~ Marlon Antoine


Loved the call tonight. Many pearls of wisdom. Only one little piece of constructive criticism; You should try to use an outline format. As in, your 5 main sections (1 thru 5) should have sub-sections lettered A,B,C,D etc. When you combine the fast paced speaking and sidebars then getting back on track, new Dani-ites could get lost with all of those numbers.
Oh, and yes, I'm an Emerald
~ Ramon Garcia


Be as yourself as you want to be! Your passion gets hold of the very thing I find lacking and yanks it out of its hiding place. Tonight, you helped me face why as a newbie my February did not produce the results I planned, and it all had to do with my focus on ALL the marketing opportunities. I am registered at First Steps LA and KNOW all the rest of what is needed will be cleaned out as well…weights I don't need that don't produce success for myself and others. This kind of 'weight loss' I can use!!!
~ William E Alley Jr


Wow. So much energy. I am registered for First Steps To Success in LA. That will be my firs event with Dani. I am sooo excited. I had to giggle at sucks. I don't like that word at all. Thanks. See you soon.
~ Laura Dyreng


After listening to your call tonite I don't have to convince myself that going to LA will be worth it! We registered last week. Thanks for coming out of retirement! God continues to bless us through you, Dani!
~ Cari VanRossum


I just became a new member and heard my first monday night call. The information was just so amazing I am ready to start my new business and watch it grow. I'm ready to grow as an entrepenueur and I know that through Dani Johnson that is possible. I just want to say "THANK YOU!" to Gloria Moore for getting me on my way to a better life.
~ anita acosta


Thank you Dani for your amazing wisdom, insight, expertise and ability to clearly explain your keys to success! It is a blessing to be able to learn from you. One the biggest takeaways from tonight's call was when you said "your results will tell you if you have a professional approach". Wow, that sums it all up for me, end of story.
~ Louis Goldfader


Hi Dani - Thanks so much for all the helpful info - wish we could attend your First Steps on the 17th and 18th but we've already made all our plans for a seminar in Orlando on the same dates. Can't wait to find out when your next seminar is so we can plan our trip and yes, we're ready to ride the big wave - God Bless you and all you do!
~ Beverly Dore


~ Gairey-Wayne Richardson


Thank Dani that was very inspiring call, I learned a great deal tonight and i will focuss for the nent 90 days so I can rided the big cahuna………
~ Jake Burke


Wow - a double blessing tonight. From a tearful powerful Spiritual Equipping Call to a dynamic focus call. I was ready to register for First Steps and I'm already going. I want to catch the wave now and bring a team with me. What an awesome example you set for the rest of us. Thank God for these calls.
~ Dottie Anderson


I have been struggling in this business for 9 months now. I have not signed anyone up yet. I'm looking forward to this session, I just pray that this helps my business. Thanks and God Bless.
~ Mike Coleman


Tonights call was absolutely awesome!! I didn't feel like I could write fast enough. There was so much valuable information packed into 60 minutes it was unbelieveable!! I cannot wait until it is posted so I can listen again. Looking foward to next Monday's call already!!
~ carmen uyttenhove


Awesome call as always!! Thank you, Dani, for always being in tune with exactly what we need to hear. This call is for anyone who is even THINKING of building a business–even if you haven't started one yet.Oh, and by the way, one of the many things I love about Dani is her ability to make real life analogies for our business. Surfing? I'm ready to ride!!!
~ Margie Remmers


My I have just started listening to your training, I really feel the power to make my dreams come true. I will let you know how I fast my business is growing because it will grow fast.
Thanks again for all your help. You were sent from GOD and I thanks you and Hans for all you have done to help me realize I am able to do anything I believe I can.
~ Constance Miller


Dani this is going to be great and will fit into my organization I have heard some of this in the past but not put together the way you have and this is a complete program one step to the next. I have also signed up for the LA First Step to Success 3/17 & 18/07 I will see you there.
~ Royal Tils


This call was so awesome! There is such a humility and helpfulness in your spirit and a sincere identification with people who are taking a leap of faith out of fear into a new prospect in life… YET you also in humility hold us to personal accountability for our lives, our decisions, AND the results or outcomes of those decisions. My request would be: PLEASE include this call in the free member's area!!!! It is a POWERFUL call for new people!!!!!!!!!
~ Becky Mohr


I am new to this business and I brought my tix to my very 1st First Steps to Success Seminar…See you in LA. I can't wait to be blessed. This call like all of your other ones are awesome!!!
~ Tracy Banks


May God continue to bless you Dani and Hans and all your staff, as you work so hard and give so much to helping others. I too, know without any doubt, that God answered prayer by first introducing your site to me. I praise God for both your script books and showing me in Dallas that I am a Ruby. I can't wait to see you again in Los Angeles. I took 4 pages of notes from tonight's call and cried and raised Holy hands through the last 10 minutes of testimonies from Melbourne! I can do this! I have made the comittment. "I am not asking for it to be easy, just worth it." Just as I have heard you say before. I love you Dani. Thanks for believing in me!
~ Teresa Gingery


After having signed up in Newtwork Marketing in 2001 - I haven't had the proper Training & was just ready to GIVE It ALL UP - THROW IN THE TOWEL - THROW AWAY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS INVESTEMENT IN THIS BUSINESS !!!! I now have a renewed keenness due to my Contact in N.Z. Just watch me raise the stakes now - our Annual Covention is in Sydney end of this week — GOOD TIMING !! I am now ready to rock - (instead of selling my Convention Ticket & Ditching it all - I'm NEVER GONNA GIVE UP !!!!!! Thankyou Dani …. You'll be hearing of my future success soon !!!
~ Pamela RYLAND


Oh my Gosh! That's one of the BEST calls I've ever heard from your company. This call answered so many of the concerns that I had when I got started and I KNOW this will help a huge amount of people step up and start to take control of their future. Thanks for being so real and so professional at the same time. LOVE IT!
~ Simeon Cryer


I felt this call was a real eye opener. I know I need alot of training because I've never been in this type of business before but I also realized I'm not being near aggressive enough to make any money out of fear and I haven't utilized my upline persons knowledge. I felt using her to approach friends and family they would feel I was snowballing them and would not be interested because of it.
~ susan stipe


Thank so much for all you and all your staff does. God Bless you and your
~ Victoria Gundersen


Incredible call. I have listened to you for over a year, own almost every one of your products and have been to First Steps. Thank you for all you are doing for our industry! This call needs to be a permanent part of the free members area so we can send propects each and every day to listen to it from now on!!
~ Nancy Lippold


This call absolutely works for me and anyone else who really truly puts it to use. Dani you are one COOL CHICK. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you one day.God Bless You!!
~ megan london


Wow! This was AWESOME! Thanks so Much for all you and your team do!
~ Vicki Elmore


Dani does it again- thanks for directing us back to this training from 2 years ago! WOW. It is all here folks. This call was so powerful I needed to transcribe the exact words that Dani fired away so that I could be a simple copy cat. You nake this WAY to easy. There is no excuse for anyone to EVER end out the month or year with a bang after hearing this call. It left me saying to myself "So that's how she does it" Brilliant. Loved the stories about the fearful Amish women that are tearing this up. .
~ Cynthia Sauer


Everyone. Let's remember to pray for Hans and Dani. When people are on the front lines and doing so much for so many, the enemy would love to knock them off. Please pray that God would bless and protect these great people and everyone who works with them. Thank you, Lord, for Hans and Dani Johnson. God's blessings in Jesus Christ to you all!
~ Glen Averill


Absolutely Amazing! I have just forwarded this website to my team. I know now why my business is not growing. I'll be putting these key points in to action from now on!
~ Candice Sellers


WOW!! What an awesome call! It gets better and better and I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us next.Great ideas, Sandi. I would love to see everything you suggested! Having this call on the free site permanently would also be great.Thank you once again, Dani and Hans!
~ Enid Hobson


I have to agree! This was an amazing call. I second what David Abbot said. It's one of the few calls Dani talked directly to the prospect.But if we paid attention, she was also teaching us how to over come objections from new prospects joining our business and even objections from team members getting to First Steps.Thanks again!
~ Jackie O'Quinn


Wonderful call for people who are trying to get started and brand new people. Enjoyed this call as I do all your calls! You are the Best! Thanks!
~ Doris Skeen


AWESOME CALL!!! Your team needs to hear this!!!Dani covers every objection in the book in such a smooth and professional manner that it is just straight, matter-of-fact conversation and if we take the authority we need to speak with conviction regarding these matters, people will naturally feel led to follow us!Learn to use this and it will pay you huge dividends!
~ Daniel M Tyler


WOW!!! Dani was on fire in Australia. G-day to all my new friends from down under. If you want to have a ton of fun, help a lot of people, and make it to the top with a simple duplicatible system, then I will see you and ten of your new guests in L.A. California this March. God bless you all. I got to go chuck some snags on the Barbie…Mate…
~ Michael Kitchen


What a refreshing upbeat atmosphere for people who are striving to be better and to get out of a rut. Its just a simple joy to get that much excitement and pass it on and know its GODs will for all those of a good heart to be the very best and succeed.. Its changed me to a higher place.
~ Stephen Kent


Awesome once again!! This call is a very big blessing to all of us in business, as is EVERY monday night call! The testimonies almost made me cry. We agree with Sandi about making a product that is a script for the home presentation success system!! Thank you always for all that you do for all of us that plug into your training Dani. God Bless,
~ Monty Hankins


Great call, first time listener. I was so amazed and most of it was confirmation that my business will continue growing. Thank you Dani Johnson!!!!!!!!
~ Elizabeth Patterson


Dani helped me a lot with her training on procrastination and learning to MAKE THOSE CALLS to bring home the bacon. Thank You.
~ Patricia Steiner


Dani I just received my first call from you today and I must say I am back and motivated. I was just ignoring my alram to make Calls and felt the fear creeping up on me and then the call came in.. THANKS SO MUCH
~ Alona Jennings


Oh my Word! That call was totally outrageous!! I'm so glad I had at least 3 new people on it and their belief was so improved. Thanks so much!
~ Shari Snyder


Dani did a full blown presentation last night- if someone missed that, they are CLUEless! Oh my gosh! I was thinking over and over again- we need that transcribed,
we need that in a Presentation Success System booklet. I know you guys love feedback- if I were to ask you to create a product that would fill a need, it would be THAT! A booklet with a presentation completely transcribed out that one could use during a presentation. A booklet with the 'getting a new person started' script, and a booklet with the 3-meeting plan. Dani CLOSED 2 people for me with this call! I can SEE why she closed 100% of her room with these presentations!Hey, if anyone else wants to see this kind of book, LEAVE A COMMENT! Let's see if we can get the CEO of Dani Johnson.com to consider this! A booklet with presentations scripted out totally!Dani- you have taken home based business to a serious level of competition that I believe people had NO CLUE it could possess! Thank you is not enough!
~ Sandi Krakowski


Last nights call was hugh! This not only reinforced what I already knew but is so valuable to those who have doubts about their business or just starting.I intend to bring at least (5) people a day to this site to hear your wonderful message.God Bless you
~ Henry Woods


We attended the Melbourne FSTS Seminar and were blown away by it. What a wake up call to reality. Everyone this is a must.After 24 Years I have turned my faith back to God. My wife who has never believed in anything is has turned to GOD. That blows me away totally! Thank you Dani, for showing us the way from which we have lost.Towards the end of the call, tears began to fall from my eyes because I hear all these people succeeding but yet I am not, I am so happy for all of you that are taking the step but I am lost as to what everyone is doing? Am I missing something? You say you go out into the street and pick up prospects - what is everyone doing? I love talking to people but just cant see where and when I make my move? Can someone please help us, my wife and I need desperate guidance. My friends, if any of you wander away from the truth and another one brings you back again, remember this: whoever turns a sinner back from the wrong way will save that sinner's soul from death and bring about the forgiveness of many sins. James 5:19Thank you Dani!
~ Harumi Santillan


Wow, what a phenomenal call.Not only was this a great learning experience in regards to the format of a prospecting conference call, but I now have a call I can refer prospects to so that Dani can close them for me!
~ David Abbott


Dani, you did it again. I was kicking myself for not having 20 people on this call. You totally laid it out on the line. You know how to wake someone up, inspire them, give them hope, and direct them in a direction that can truly change their life. You tear down all the excuses and get people to examine what they really want and find out if they are willing to do what it takes to achieve it. Thank you for what you are doing. I will get my prospects and clients on this recorded call this week through your free training website. May God continue to bless you, open the eyes of his people, and give them the faith to act now upon the answer to their prayers.
~ Dottie Anderson


This was such a useful call on the simple step by step, duplicatable program you built for all of us. The replay of the Dynasty call with the testimonials was inspiring. Thanks for all you do.
~ Ken Anderson


Thank you, Dani, for your call tonight. It was GREAT! Thanks, too, for the SPECIAL training call you did earlier this evening. Many teams were on this call and I believe Bob & I were placed at the right place at the right time to receive the offer for the call. We pray God will continue to bless you as you continue to bless others with your time, your energy and your knowledge.
~ Susie Dickinson


Abosolutly great to hear and feel the presence of authority and enthusiam from you and the dedicated team being raised. I loved last weeks call and the best point tonight to me was what my devotions have said the last month—just plant the seed and He will grow the crop. We won't know how but we will see it–Like the small mustard seed!!! I am bring 3 new so far and 2 repeats from Dallas…I can hardly wait and I'm looking for more..Great Call and Thank You for being on our team call - I was doing a home presentation party and after 8 of us watched the webinar…GOD SPEED!!!
~ william d griffin


We know that God has richly blessed your life, and blesses others abundantly through you. Each week as we listen, we are reminded of the truths we learned at First Steps in Dallas. We are encouraged to keep working at the business and trust God for the results to come as we remain teachable and follow directions. Just this evening we learned that due to a team member's helping us, we will receive an unexpected check this week — one that we would have missed unwittingly without our sponsor's help. We are just starting, and our business is still small. Thanks to your training and encouragement, however, we believe that it will grow as we develop the necessary skills and build a firm foundation of focusing on the needs of our team rather than an agenda of our own. Thank you.
~ Mike and Tammi Whitehead


This call tonight was awesome! I made the decision to start my homebased business a week ago and I could feel myself starting to get depressed today that my phone isn't ringing. I KNEW if I didn't listen in on this call tonight I could forget about ever becoming a success. Now I know I am still on the right track, I just have to bump things up a lot and take advantage of the tools available at danijohnson.com and through my upline. Thanks for letting me in on the call!
~ Joyce Wise


Wow — Dani, earlier this evening something told me to send all the prospects I was talking to to your call instead of to my website for my business presentation. I'm really glad I listened!!This week, I will send 5-10 people each day to the call! And I can't wait to see the results!Thanks so much for everything!
~ Julie Behling


my name is tammy and i just wanted to say thank you so much dani johnson for all that you do. you have really inspired me and now i no longer have any fear of talking with people. i have rededicated my life to god and i owe it all to you. and my friend that gave me your website. thank you, thank you, thank you. i look forward to meeting you in person.
~ tammy dunn


Another outstanding call! Your message to prospective business builders in particular was exactly what needs to be said every time. I'm glad to be a Pro member so that I can download this message and replay it over and over. Thank you for sharing your expertise and your insights with us!
~ Lisa Schuyler


Wow! What a blessing this call was tonight. They just keep getting better. I want to send everyone I will be talking to this week to this call. This is a step by step way to get involved. This call will help so many people. Thank you Dani.
~ Dottie Anderson


GREAT call!!! Absolutely a phenomenal tool. Plan to plug 5-10 people into this call every day. Thank you Dani, Hans and staff.God Bless.
~ Joy Marino


I am looking forward to the Training in Los Angeles in March. You have truly inspired me in my Faith walk with the Lord with confirmation that he is building my business through your teaching. I just need to tell you some of the information has been implemented by my Upline Sponser. Greatest emphasis is the 3 way calling. thank you and God bless you. See you at the top as well!!!
~ Patricia Souder


DANI! You have the juice!
~ Mitchel Backus


This call is so helpful and it opened up my eyes as to what I am doing wrong. Thank you so much!!!!
~ Lillian Cole


I just started 2 days ago and feel like I have made the best step forward I have ever made in my life in many years.
This call has helped me to understand that my goal will be reached and that, is to make as many people financially free as I can. Dani, you are unprecedented in the field you are in and will help to get me to my goal by listening to you every morning and each time I have the slightest feeling that I'm not up to it. You changed that for me and I will make sure each and every person I contact will have access to you and your phenomenol information and direction. God bless you, your family and your team!
~ Diana Steger


I have listened to all of the quick start training. I want to tell you that you are amazing. I am thrilled to have found you thru my new home business company. I have settled most of my life and not so comfortable I might add. I have always struggled to make ends meet. I have always worked but there was never enough money to go around. I now am getting the tools I need to succeed. I am not going to make those excuses anymore. I know I can succeed. Thank you so much for the opportunity you give to people like me. You are truly a blessing. May God continue to bless you and your family.
~ Patricia Stone


I am just so excited to take your business starting advice and tools and put them to work. I started my business in November and was hit by the everyone is already broke its Christmas blues, how discouraging that was, but as of late I have had many business building ideas. Your quick start call #1 alone has given me even more excitement for my business and cant wait to put it to work.
~ Geana Stutz


I just got off the recorded call for Monday Feb 19, 2007….Success Tips…Australia, I laughed…I cried…my heart was pounding inside…I got so totally excited!!! Why? Because, I drifted completely away from Dani Johnson System and lost all momentum. Got lost and confused with my business. "By accident", I happened to be on an upline call this morning (Sat. 2-24-07) that mentioned her success with Dani Johnson. It's been one year since I went to First Steps to Success in LA. This moment, I'm trying to fiqure out what to sell, or do to get the cash to attend my "anniversay" First Steps!!! I'm asking God to show me how to get there! Thanks Hans and Dani and Team!
~ John Choque


Dani, i really did enjoy this call. I must say that i have been to first steps to success and i truly did learn a lot.BUt the only thing that i hate is that i didnt apply what i learned while being there.But, since listerning to all of your calls and the results from other people it is time for me to step up to the plate and apply what i have learned in my first steps success
~ cheryl white


I am going to First Steps to Success in LA in March. I just ordered the supplemental script book. I choose not to go last year thinking I couldn't afford it and had already spent money on another training. I am not waiting anymore. I am ready to learn, to sky rocket my business in 2007 and help other do the same by refering them to Dani Johnson. Thank you!
~ Paula Langer


I believe it! I know this is what my husband and I are missing. This training is what will enable us to acheive the goals and fulfil the dreams God has put in our hearts from years ago! I will not give up! No matter how long it takes!
~ Mark Black


I have listened to the Quick Steps #1 and now have just finished #2. I just want to commend you on your training to people like me. I am so thrilled that there is someone to go to who really inspires and excites us to GET OUT THERE and do our business. I am going to get your scripts and CD's because I know that will only give me more inspiration and confidence. Thanks again for all you do. You are amazing.
~ Patricia Stone


You have helped me make my decisions based on one of two things; Fear or Faith. I chose faith when I decided to come see your seminar in Australia. Wow was it worth it. I have learned the lessson. Thank you.
~ Spencer Wall


love you Dani. You're the BEST!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
~ Jayne Cambra


Hi Dani, I was fortunate enough to be told about the Melbourne First Steps Seminar in time to prepare for the trip. It has taken me several days to find the words to describe what had happened to me on this 2 day event. I now feel a 'fullness' as though I have had a complete blood transfusion. I feel totally energised and renewed and prepared to go forth and conquer in all aspects of my life. I look forward to Creating a Dynasty and what that will do to me and my life.
~ Pauline Cameron


I don't know all I know is I have been wanting to role play with Dani for months. I received over 30 minutes of coaching during Dani's Open Line Call. I came away with strategies to increase my prospecting and a HUGE impartation of BELIEF. Thank you Dani, Hans and the whole danijohnson.com team. You are all awesome.
~ Kathleen Fry


Wow!!! Listening to one to two call per morning does sink in. All I have to do is follow direction. When I'm open to follow direction I can easily duplicate that as well. I'm getting it Dani, to be a product of the product in every area.
~ Ollie Felix


I loved hearing the testimonies! It's great to hear how people are using the training that Dani supplies, to help others not only financially, but spiritually and physically as well! Awesome! I plan on ordering both the Script Book & Supplemental Script Book in the next couple of days, and attending a First Steps To Success Seminar, sometime this year! Thank You for sharing not only your faith, but also your fortune!
~ Susan Vice


This was GREAT! Dani you are awesome. I am new to this business and I was skeptical at first, but after listening to your Monday night training calls and all the information on your web site my business will grow. Thanks Dani for all you do. GOD BLESS YOU
~ Robin Jackson


Dani and Hans, I love the new format of your site, especially the get started audio!! Thank you so much for coming out of retirement. Also, the $5 charge is totally peanuts! Your training has always been worth so much more. Those who have the indecency to even complain are totally missing out. Thanks again and again for all you both do.
~ Danna Millar


Dani, Thank you so much for having this in the vault! I am having alot of challenges lately. I had talked to my sister in law yesterday and she was telling me that I needed to get back to church. I have lost the faith in the people in the churches that I have been to; you have turn that around for me! Thank you so very much. You just don't know how much these calls help!! Thanks again
~ Victoria Gundersen


Fantastic tips! Thank you for sharing what you know with everyone!!
~ Barbara Liberty


Hey I just tried out your script on page 28 and 29 of the script book supplemental from a cold resource list prospect. He said he is happy where he is now and is extremely busy and is not looking but he THANKED me for contacting him!! Awesome!!
~ Bonnie Horvath


AWESOME CALL! My wife and I were fortunate enough to attend First Steps in Melbourne. Listening to this call after attending First Steps just reapplied everything that we had learned over the weekend! We have learned so much, we have learned to get rid of our hangups about "US" so that we are able to move forward. Not only does First Steps to Success and these calls help you with your business, it helps you find out so much more about yourself than you could ever imagine!We thank you Dani from the bottom of our heart and look forward to seeing you in Minniapolis!
~ Daniel Harris


Thanks Dani, for the lifechanging 'First Steps' you just conducted in Melbourne. I have to say it you were AWWWEEESOMMMMME!!!!!!! God Bless you and your team. See you soon.
~ Francis Peoples


I got so much more from this call than I expected. Sure, it was great to reminisce, but I also learnt from the people on the call how to tell your story, edify others and promote.
~ David Abbott


Awesome call! I can see the value of plugging in every month to your live events. I love to hear the stories from the people who went from making a $1,000 a month to making $20,000 a month after going to 17 live events. I will be there at every one. I am going to do what the 2 percenters are doing, those that are getting results. Thank you for letting their stories be told. Thank you all who shared , stepped up, and lead by your example. Thank you Hans and Dani! You are changing life after life and creating amazing dynasties for generations to come. I praise God for you!
~ Jodi Sue Kruse


Hans & Dani,What an awesome call tonight! The stories were phenemonal. They were so inspirational. I can hardly wait until Los Angeles First Steps. Hans, you did a great job. It made me want to get on the phone and call as many people as I can for the next event. Thank you for all you are doing.
~ Dottie Anderson


This website makes it easier for me to go through my training. You took the guess work out.
~ Ollie Felix


Oh my word, Dani! I feel speechless almost! I feel so abundantly blessed. The open line day call was awesome! And worth thousands. I so need to download this and listen to this again and again and again! I am in a zone and know that sending all of my people to you will help them reach all over their goals. All questions were answered, whether we liked the answer or not! I couldn't even think of any questions to ask. So now I know I just need to write down questions as they come to me and wait for open line day and I know if I don't get to ask it, someone else will.I feel so inspired and I am so going to overwhelm myself with so many stinkin leads, it's not going to even be funny! I am committed to increasing my volume and helping others in their quest for freedom as well and I'll know the serious ones by their immediate commitment to going to First Steps.I feel it in every bone in my body: I've Been Called To Action! I have my company convention next month at the same time of First Steps so I'll see you in April!God Bless you in everything you do,
~ Marleeka Smith


Thank you again - so much!


This call was what I needed to hear. This past month I have faced so much adversity, loss, and so many road blocks. I have been working the business and signing people on, but every time I seem to get ahead financially disaster strikes, including a death in the family, medical bills, losing my home due to a natural disaster out of my control, and much more bizarre roadblocks in my personal life and spiritual life. All the money I succesfully earn from my own enterprise seems to disappear as soon as I earn it just to pay for the "damage control" and remove the roadblocks. I am really trying to figure out what our Heavenly Father has in store for me and to figure out where I belong. I pray to see his plan is so I can get all the hardship behind me and be able to have the financial freedom and peace in my life I work hard to acheive. At times it is so baffling I don't know how I am going to get the strength to perservere. More than once I have considered throwing in the towel rather than starting over not because of a lack of faith in myself, or my God, or the system, not even my business building capabilities, but because I just get so tired of working through that pain and trying to turn that pain into a positive where I can help others who are facing the same experiences. I attribute your calls and recordings I have in my personal library as the one place I can go without judgement to reconnect with our Heavently Father and get the strength I need to "start over again". Despite my personal adversity, I am truly able to help others acheive their goals and give them the courage I have found.
~ Jennifer Bilodeau


Hi Dani and Staff A question I've been asking myself and others for several months now you answered Dani through the grace of god. The question was, "Do I/you think giving and recieving unauthorized duplicated material is inhibiting prosperity to me?" My question was answered on your Feb 5th call. The next morning I got up and gathered up all the unauthorized duplicated material. I collected over 100 pieces from all over the house and in my vehicle. I gathered it all together and put it in the dumpster out back. I instantly felt lighter then air, connected to NOW (God only knows NOW) I felt and still do annoited with GOD. I now feel like teflon in that nothing sticks to me. "Ask and you shall recieve."I appreciate all that you do.
~ jason bowen


Hi Dani,
Your website is out of this world! I'm blessed to have access to all the information available.
~ MariAnn McEachern


I have listened to your Qick Start - Seven Steps to Get your Business off to right start. It was thrilling to hear you speak of getting off to right start. I have been trying to get started for the past three months but to no avail. I am excited and anxious to start with your program. I am going to continue listening to your seminars and will direct the team I build to do the same thing. I know what I want and where I want to go. Now I will have the tools to do it. Thank you so much for this opportunity. You are truly a blessing to us all.
~ Patricia Stone


Monday night was really significant for me. I have been working my homebased business since October and have had no success and then January 12, 2007 my very best friend on the planet , since we were in kindergarten died. I had quit my job to do the business full time, but I did not have what you had which is great training. So I have no income and everything seemed to be going downhill, until I heard you Monday night. When you said that things are going to go wrong no matter what and that when you do stupid things you just have to get back in the game. At this time I don't know where I am going to get the funds but I do know now that I will not continue in this business without going to a 1st step program. I can not tell you how much I appreciate you and how I never miss your Monday night call. Thanks again
~ Janice Atkins


Dani, I am thankful for the chance I got to talk to you. You showed me that I had a hobby, I was not surprised. That night I went to bed perplexed. I woke up a 4am, talk with God, could not take a time off from my family because I really needed it that's how much I was in shock. I followed the fruit to the root as you taught me to do, detected the problem took a 7 day sabbatical an agreement I put to my family, put your teaching in motion, listened to you at least twice a day. The revelation I got and I'm still getting I own it to you, Dani.
~ Ollie Felix


My fear of success has eaten my life away. Please continue what you do Dani, as slowly but surely, I am emerging into what my Heavenly Father wants. I will succeed and I am starting to accecpt that I am deserving og God's help. Thanks Dani
~ albert purcell


Wow, I love reading the comments others have made. I've heard several of Dani's prerecorded calls and they're packed with dynamite. Thank you Dani for all you to help others.
~ Evelyn Taormina


Thank you so much Dani This call is just what I needed to hear A simple call in general that was very powerful.
~ Bonnie Horvath


I Just have to say you are the greats coach I have ever heard. Thank you Dani for your time coaching me and my reps. I would love to see if you could leave your monday call on 02/07/07 in your free area audio vault. Because that would be the first call I would direct my new members to. Every time I click on a call I learn more . Even whin I go back later and hear it again I still pick up more information that I did'nt hear before. Thank you for your time.
~ Marvin Adkins


WOW!!!! Just when you think you've heard it all…Dani takes you to another level!!! I am a WINNER, and I will win this year, I will be at my 1st steps to success training seminar & I will order the new supplement and I will bring those that want to PLAY BALL with me!!!! DANI YOU ROCK!!! God Bless You!!!
~ Beverly D. Corley


I prayed once that I would find a mentor who'd teach me how to succeed in a home-based business….and a few weeks later I met someone who said, "YOU HAVE TO GO TO FIRST STEPS TO SUCCESS FROM DANI JOHNSON!" So I did it, and bought all the materials and I listen to them daily to critique my skills. She was an answer to a prayer!
~ Paul Fisher


Tonight's call was just what I needed to hear. GO BACK TO THE BASICS. SIMPLIFY! I thought the problem was "the product" but really it is me; my beliefs, my lack of faith in the foundation I have been given. I must be "sprouting" because my head hurts from all the new activity. What I focus on, I will master. What I neglect, will starve. I am going to prepare for what is to come. I am taking action.
~ Martha Anderson


I got up this morning at 3:45 am to be part of this call - here in Germany. This year is the year of completion - leaving me no other joice then jumping into an icecold water. Once I am in there, the water gets warmer. It is my chance. I will implement Dani's system here in my German group, translating scripts, doing it - a little bit changed according to German thinking.
Yea, please God do support me. Dani, thank you tremendously.
~ Irmgard Maria Graef


Thanks Dani from the bottom of my heart. Your call tonight, the call on Friday with Jodi Kruse, and Whiner vs Winner call have been straight from the Throne Room to my heart. During Jodi's call I felt as if you were sitting in my office giving me the "whatfor". It was as though you had been sitting in my office watching me waste precious time. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement.
~ Gay Ellen Wulff


Hey Dani and Hans, another Great call! for anyone new or old to this business you just lay it out in a simple duplicatable way that when followed will lead to a 6-7 figure income! Get the resources, do as you say…cha ching!
~ Bryan Assman


Great call! Declaring war on debt! YES! Yesterday our pastor declared war on obscenity…we have no obscenity laws in Oregon. He hired a full-time person to get the ball rolling while we pray and give to support the effort! So, I am going to give prospecting my best shot starting now! If you never have this contest again, I will have missed it. However, I have not been prospecting for quite some time so that's my first order of business! I have one person on my team and have never taken anyone to First Steps - not because they weren't invited but because my skill level needs a LOT of work! God bless you and the team! Absolutely challenging and productive call! You guys absolutely live my what you teach! Thanks!
~ Sondra Hampe


Dani, your calls over the last week couldn't have been more timely!!! I haven't been feeling well, and have been questioning the thing that I know in my heart I have been called to do. Increasing the dials, following the four steps, and getting people to First Steps are my main focus points right now!! Getting back to the basics is THE THING!!! Thank you for the time you invest into all of us!!
~ Laurie Krawczyk


Dani wow you made it so simple and plan. This was a great kick me in the pants personally on the need to step up as the leader na not leader but support beam as a foundation for the team and lives i hope to change for the better.
~ W. David Winstead


It never fails to amaze me how right on target Dani is with her topics. It always feels like she is talking just to me.
~ Diane Campbell


Dani's story about TODD PALM tonight was very inspiring — particularly for those of us who have started to plug into the Dani Johnson system, but who have NOT YET experienced the kind of "instant success" that many of the testimonials seem to have enjoyed.


It is VERY encouraging to know that it may require attending MULTIPLE "First Steps" (and "Creating a Dynasty") events before I reach the level of success that I deserve — but it WILL happen!
~ Ron Smith


Wow, I have so much respect for Dani, she always puts others FIRST. She is so committed to building OUR businesses… you can not afford not to listen to this call. IT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ON HOW TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS FAST. It's all there in a nutshell. You could make 7 figures on this call alone.
Thank you Dani and I do owe you Flowers.
~ Janine Witty


Just when you think you've heard the best advice for the moment, Dani, you one up me! Thank you for being so precise in the steps ALREADY PROVIDED to succeed. I'm still very new at this and just getting to the calls and contacts and can already see the success ahead.
~ Bill Alley


HI, Dani & Hans. Thanks so much for the dynasty level training on tonight's call. There was so much great info I couldn't keep up on taking notes. Tomorrow I'll be focusing on prospecting and closing. I have been so blessed by the growth I see in you and what you are doing in your business and for us! Thanks so much! Love you!
~ Anita Johnson


As always, this call was AWESOME!!!!! This call is especially great for PROSPECTS. Dani lays out just how simple it is to get going and making money. I wish I had had every single prospect on this call! From now on, I'm inviting everyone to listen–even if I haven't had a chance to talk to them yet!
~ Margie Remmers


These videos are awesome and show only a small example of the benefits people gain from attending a live First Steps to Success. Waiting for a seminar to come to you will cost you much more than the cost of attending a live seminar now. You can't afford to not sign up NOW!
~ Carol Walls


What It Really Takes To Be A Winner And How To Succeed Fast!POWERFUL!
~ Maurrin Carter


Wow…I just listened to the Open Line Day recorded call - it was AWESOME! So many questions answered. Thanks Dani, Hans & the rest of the team for your fantastic efforts…
~ Alexandria Kuek


You are just simply inspiring. And if someone doesn't like the scream, well, don't listen. I think is not the screaming that gets them, it's the truth you are speaking from the heart, and hits them right in the middle of their whining and they don't like it!!Dani, I'm so bless to have found you…I have been praying hard for the Lord to guide me and help me stop whining, oh boy, was your call great!I already recomended your website to a girl I met at a networking meeting. She couldn't believe your "rag to riches" story. I realy hope she listens to you. I have been listening to you just for a week, but I have already implemented what I have learned and it's working!! I will be on the 2%. Yes!Thanks Dani and God bless.
~ Sharon Cubero


I love listening to you. You give courage to the people to succside in their lifes.
~ Ilija Najdovski


The training and motivation is awesome….
~ Sandy Hall


DANI! THANK YOU!! I just heard you for the 1st time
~ nick hand


I look forward to the monday nights calls.This one was one of the best that I have listern to.
~ dwendell walker


Dani you were wonderful and I want to be a winner not a whinner.
~ Maxine Eldred


I wish I'd listened to this call several months ago. The tips you presented will absolutely help me and my team. I am so grateful for the resources and tools you provide to help others. I'm more focused than ever on creating this kind of momentum and now I know how to make it happen without spreading myself too thin. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
~ Steven Fox


Thank you for a good butt-kicking and a challenge to get going and take specific action. Your response about being a strong woman and soft-selling after criticism for passion was so on target for me and I expect many other powerful people…not just women…who have seen the potential on this path. Thank you for believing in us when we don't believe in ourselves. And….I'm learning to give a call to action!! Huge!!!
~ Mary Ann Auer


WOW! It is really God's intervention. Dani, it's like God is talking to me through you. I have been praying and asking what's been wrong with me. You have answered them. I have been having problems with your new website and today God solved it mysteriously! and allowed me to listen to this. Thank you! I cannot wait to see you again at First Steps in Australia. Time to become a winner this year!
~ Lily Farquhar


I knew I needed to be a Pro Member. I had no idea how much it would impact me. I couldn't go to sleep after that call. The best part about it is that there is no hype and/or double talk. Dani gets right to the point of any question or concern that is brought up. I can't wait until the next one.
Dani, you rock!!
~ andrea tassinari


Wow! I am amazed at what Dani Johnson does as a coach!
This call was worth 1000s of $$$!! Dani! I felt like you were talking straight to me with every single situation and question! What amazes me more is that you are growing so much! This coaching is like nothing else in this industry! I feel challanged and very honored to be part of your pro membership team!!! You are a blessing! I am greatful for your leadership every day!
~ Krisztina Farkas


I love Dani's training
~ Leslie Chavez


The more I read and listen, the more I understand why I needed this. I've only been aware of Dani Johnson for a week. WOW! Thank you I can't wait to see Dani Live! The spirit is in us all, we just need to open our hearts and receive. Thank you, Dani for being you.
~ Cynthia Quarles


I believe the Monday night call of February 5, 2007 is one of the best calls you have had!
~ Dorothy Johnson


Thanks for taking time for the beginners in this lucrative business. I just started my business and was looking for as much insight on the marketing, and prospecting as possible. I listen to at least 2 to 3 hours of your Audio a day, but last night was really powerful information. I listened to the whole call last night, and could not go to sleep till 2:30 am this morning. Last night the examples you gave, and the working one on one schemes was amazing, and simplified things. I believe the "Open Line Day" was Awesome, and a great Success, Thanks Dani.
~ Mark Leboeuf


Your system gets better and better everyday. You guys are so brilliant with your ideas and I am honored to be considered part of your team. As DJ.com grows by the thousands, I am absolutely amazed at how you your company makes each and everyone of us feel special. I can't believe I've run out of questions to ask you (at least for now). The priceless golden nuggats you give us, along with other people's questions, they answer future concerns/scenarios that Im currently facing or that I know I will one day.The call ended at 11:30 est for me and I could've stayed up all night with the momentum and ideas I had running through my head. A huge thank you to both you and Hans.
~ Enid Hobson


Whew! Dani took us for a ride! There was an entire seminars worth of information. Each persons questions were so pertinent to all of us…and Dani's answers come so quickly and are so right on. My brain feels loaded with a LOT of information, but I gained nuggets that are moving me forward today. Her constant emphasis on making more dials, making TONS of dials b/4 we flow with the script book, the incredible success stories of people who have stuck with her, the understanding of interviewing not selling, the advantage of her duplication plan…and getting people to her trainings!! All so helpful. My shift has occured and now i move forward one step at a time to implement her plans and ideas and system. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing your wisdom with we, the lay people.
~ Maria Stokstad


Dani, This was my first time of being on a Promembers Open Line Day live call and I learned so much especially about forming prospects and becoming more concerned about them and builiding trust and not the sell. I'm new at doing scripts, before Dallas, TX 1st Steps to Success I just didn't get it. But now I'm using the scripts and changing my mindset. Thanks for being willing to help people.
~ Nora Torres


I can't say enough about how awesome you are in helping other in your own little free time you have. I did not get a chance to speak , but just listening to others made a great impact on me. I will in some point in time plan to meet you in person. awsome job thank you
~ Diane McFarlane


Last nights call was amazing!! Just one tip from the call has me so excited I can't stand it. I have most of your products and you gave so much info last night that wasn't on any of those it was such a blessing to be a part of the call.
~ Tina Major


Thanks so much for this call. I have had lots of people hanging the phone on a presentation and your script is just perfect to see if they were genuine in their interest. Once again, a great call.
~ Sharon Cubero


My first Open Line Day…Exhilarating…Informative…Life changing…OH, MY GOSH!! I was (and I am) so excited! I learned many things thru Dani's live coaching with others. One thing that stands out is the way that I've been closing. I'm too desperate sounding when I say "So, what did you like about what you heard?" I have to remember "I am" the interviewer and they better impress me with what they have to say! YOU GO DANI! Thank you…Luv ya…God Bless!!
~ Linea Jones


Dani, you are a great coach as you guide us along the path, walk with Jesus, and you held up our "reasons why we haven't succeeded" for us to clearly see and provide direction on taking action. Your training on number of dials as an indicator of success was clear and forced all of us to look inward and measure ourselves on the only activities that move our business forward. May God bless you for the service that you provide, and provide with such passion!
~ Ronald J McLean


Dani, you rock! Some of the questions I had were answered and I feel soooo much better about my business. I now know that I AM going to be successful, no doubt. Thank you so much. I have a whole new outlook for my future. I was having a motivation problem since my husband left for Iraq earlier this week. Now I sincerely want to put my head down and go for the gold. Thank you!
~ Trina Lindler


Have been in this business 11 years, made no $$ to speak of. Have wanted to be a leader from the beginning. No guts! Fear, fear,fear! Been rejected so many times that I can hardly pick up the phone! The ProT call was fabulous. I learned so much from listening to you work with people. I have you plugged in everyday! Have the DVD series, watch it a lot!I will make this happen with you as my mentor,business trainer! Thank you so much for being there for us! I appreciate you immensely! God Bless!
~ Peggy Roberts


Hi, I was having the same thing happen. I clicked on Read More on the page and at the next page it had a place to click listen. Hope this helps.
~ Anita Zwiener


Open Line Day was incredible! All of the questions were fantastic. I learned so much and it was good to know that other people had the same questions that I did. We are so lucky to be able to have such an incredible opportunity with pro-members. I look forward to seeing my business grow. Plugging into pro-members will help do just that!
Thanks a lot Dani!
~ leslie potter


Wow, this call was great. I'm so blessed to be a part of what the Lord is doing through Dani Johnson. Every aspect of my life has been blessed. Business, Spiritual walk and relationships. Thanks Dani.
~ Michael Kitchen


This call was AMAZING! It answered so many of my "right now" questions and gave me the incentive I needed to push forward! It's so encouraging to hear others express some of my same frustrations. It's also great that everyone is at different stages in their businesses! Dani, Hans, others, you guys ROCK!!! Thank U so Much!
~ Tomeka Dianne Walker


Wow. I can NOT believe I only paid $39 for this call! Unbelievable! I am SO glad the operator didn't get to my question. First of all, I don't know which Q&A I would have wanted to bump, because they were all SO GOOD. And second, I probably would have hung up after my question was answered, and that would have been REALLY STUPID!
~ Margie Remmers


Hi Hans, Dani This call was absolutely awesome. I had 3 questions which were asked by other members and Dani answered them in a way that I'm sure will help me extremely. I look forward to seeing my numbers go up and meeting Dani and the team at first steps next week in melbourne.
~ Sophie Matatahi


Wow, Dani! I am amazed over and over again at how much you give. My cup runneth over, man! I can't help but get out there and do something with all that you are giving me through the Monday night calls, the pro-membership, the open line day today and tomorrow night a conference call specifically for my company. I'm in shock. I really don't have the words to express how in awe I am. That was such a powerful call, just packed with crucial pieces of the puzzle that I had been missing. Thank you! Don't stop Dani! I'm listening. Don't stop!
~ Emily McCulley


The Call was phenomenal. I just couldn't write fast enough. The time flew and the call answered many of the questions I had for you.Thanks so much for opening up your schedule to work with those of us that are deadly serious about making our 2007 a year of completion, a year of results. I will see you in LA, and will have many people with me. God Bless you all.
~ Joy Marino


All of your training is so awesome. I have all of your tools, have been to 3 1st steps and one dynasty. Until tonight I've been stuck and so clueless I couldn't even form a question but now I'm finally getting it. Not coming to 1st steps, dynasty, your calls, everything is like wanting to be a champion but not going to practice. DUH! If you don't want to make any money then go for it. But if you do, then you might want to do what the champions do, go to practice and then get to work!
~ Molly M. Ryan


~ Lillian T. Henson-Burke


~ Maria Cristina Yanez


AWESOME! Never did I expect to be on the phone with you for three hours! Want a fantastic way of sharing and paying it forward. It is an honor and priviledge for me to be considered a part of YOUR team! I have heard from many ministers on TV the '07 is the year of completion and through you all who listen and obey will have prosperity. The Lord is using you in the Master's Way. God Bless you and yours.Thank you for all the information tonight.
~ Irene Miller


Dani this call was awesome! Thank you! I got some really great nuggets that are going to help me. I feel for the people that are missing out on all this great information because they are not signed up as a member. Thanks for all you do to help us become the best we can!
~ Jan Ross


Thank you so much for taking the time to spend with us. I leave every call in tears, I know you are helping mend a rift that has existed many years, I can feel it! Thank you!!!
~ Jan R Feller


Dani you were awesome!Bless you Dani. You are an Angel with "the cane of passion".
~ Josephine Davies


Dani This was amazing, my team had huge breakthru! They said they felt like they had an impartation of BELIEF!! ALL of my team members who are serious about their business have their PRO membership and I am so excited to hear all of the results coming thru so far- we're flying with this contest!! Yes we are- as an entire team! GO DANI! We love you coach!! : )
~ Sandi Krakowski


I felt I was pounded on the head with a sledge hammer. I know this may sound like the call was not good. That is so far from the truth. It gave me a gut check to start doing and stop making excuses. I make about $20 dollar a month now because I have been afraid to do the money making things. I am confident that will multipy that $20 a month by 500 in three months.Thank you Dani, I will get people to Los Angeles First Step.I can't wait to write you next month telling you about my success.
~ John Watkins


Tonights call was great. The information you gave us tongiht was beyond anything I could have expected. Thank -you so much for all your time and efforts. God bless you and your family in every thing you do.
~ michelle godon


This call was 3+ hours of training and feedback about what really happens in the field. I felt very lucky to be on the call. Dani gave dozens of great tips and real-world advice, couldn't put a price on it!
~ Louis Goldfader


WOW! Dani I am in AWE, every time I listen with my heart, my life is blessed so fully. Thank you for giving so generously of your time and talents. This call was amazing, very imformative, can hardly wait to get the recording. Burdens we lifted tonight, the light shining brighter. This is the year to win, soaring to heights that were only in my dreams. My goals will become a reality this year. I am so excited, the tears are rolling, thank you for your insight.May your life be so fully blessed
~ Kayleen Mazerolle


Tonights call was great. The information I got tonight was priceless. Thank you Dani I know you put so much effort and time into tonight for us. You are a great coach, mentor, and motivator. Thank you for all your tie and energy on us. God bless you and your family in all you do.
~ michelle godon


Tonights call was amazeing! I just feel so blessed to even have this opportunity. Talking for three hours must be exhausting but you did great. Even though I didn't get to ask my question, I did hear other questions that were very helpful for me. Thanks so much for your precious time.
~ Patricia Little


Even though I was not able to ask any questions, a lot of the questions asked were close to my own, and I got so much out of the questions that were asked. I got a lot of insight into my own issues, and that is so great. The call is wonderful, and thank you so much for taking the time to do this for us, Dani you are awesome!
~ Tracy Baksa


The first hour of the call, I was thinking this forum wasn't for me, but Dani gave me a strategy for dealing with aging leads that I definitely know will increase my income from the $6000 a month I'm making now to well over $10,000.So, is this money well spent? Absolutely!
~ Todd M Palm


You rock! Open line Day was awesome. You guys CONSTANTLY under promise and over-deliver. It was supposed to be 2 hours and you gave 3. How many other multi-millionares give away $1,800 worth of their time? Dani Johnson is the only one I know of!
~ Emmanuel Callanan


The whole call was great. I especially liked the detailed script and roll playing. God Bless.
~ Paul Aguirre


Thank you Dani, I was able to role play with you and I thought my problem was with prospecting. You covered that and what I really came away with was a HUGE impartation of BELIEF. I know now I have been making this more difficult by not dialing enough and I also know I can now do anything. I can't wait to dial tomorrow and get to know the people I will be talking with. Thank you Dani, may God bless you, your family and your business.
~ Kathleen Fry


Heres to a little piece of heaven In 07.Great call Dani.
~ Aaron Youtsey


This is the most value-based call to help you build your business. You could spend a fortune for this kind of information… WOW!!! Just the best! I can't wait for next month… It was packed with powerful tidbits and coaching that only Dani can provide… such personal insights. Just like being back in a coaching class with Dani. I am recommending the membership too all of of our team.
~ Debbi Carroll


You are amazing. I am always left in awe. Your training is doing amazing things for my real estate career. I will have an even better story to tell at the end of this year.
~ Melissa Hecht


I was on your Monday night Spiritual call. I was so overwhelmed by you. I am so thankful that you allow our God to use you in such wonderful ways. I am so looking forward to the next call. I am a Christian and you just confirmed for me what I felt was happening in my life. God Bless you and yours!!
~ Almeda Norris


Dani you rock. I listen to you for hours on end. Especially when I cant sleep. I just started in Jan and am planning on going tp the top. Hopefully fast enough to be a part of your mentoring program in 2006!!!
~ Elizabeth Wurtz


In 10 years of being in this business, I have never, ever had anyone do for me personally what you Dani, have done for me and my organization. Thank you and bless you.
~ Al Holcomb


We love what you talk about. my wife and I are coming to La. We are on most monday nights. Carman got us to call in and to join. Can not wait to see you and meet you in LA.
~ David Rogers


First I must thank my GOD. I asked him to help me, he has given me what I have today, a great family and a new business and then he gave me you, and this great call. This is what I needed at this very moment in my life and in my business, I know that I am on the right road and I can only go up from here. My GOD works in such beautiful ways. Thank you Dani, God bless you, your team and your family
~ Deborah Vasquez


Mrs. Johnson, That was an AWESOME ca