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No matter what you do, does this sound like YOUR life? Do you…

Never have quite enough money, no matter how long and hard you work?
Find time has become a luxury – one that you simply can’t afford?
Get sucked down dead-end roads by one after another “expert” who just can’t deliver?
Feel you have nowhere to go in your job and no hope of promotion?
Experience constant frustration with your spouse or kids?
Get trapped in unending miscommunications at work AND at home?
Harbor the desire for change and freedom, but have no idea how to start?
Find yourself nagged by the perpetual feeling you’re one step behind your finances?
Not know how to change the season you’re in?
Live year after year with little to show for all your hard work?

You’re probably wondering why you’re trapped on that “one step forward, two steps back” treadmill? Where can you find an escape? Tired of just running in place? Want to actually get somewhere? Look carefully at the world around you and you’ll find proof of this daily grind, treadmill mentality – failed economy, runaway debt, political dissention, families in crisis, rampant outbreaks of conflict and hatred. All of these things point to a single cause: failure! Failure in our businesses, jobs, relationships, governments, schools and families… it’s everywhere. So, what’s the answer?

If you’re reading this, it’s a good bet you are smart enough to know you won’t get somewhere different if you’re following the same path or expect to change the scenery of your life by sitting in your living room recliner. Or to surround yourself with the influence of successful, positive people, if you’re running in the same circles. It’s not until you’re willing to take that step OFF the treadmill and move in a new direction that change can take place!

You Can’t Expect Different Results By Doing The Same Things… Imagine Knowing The Secrets Of Millionaires!

You’ve probably scratched your head in frustration, trying to figure out the route to greater profits in your business, or maybe for a way to get a promotion in your current position or even for a complete change in career altogether. You may be desperate to find hope for a hopeless relationship, or could very well be up to your eyeballs in frustration with your kids.

And likely you’ve found there are more “Gurus” and “Solutions” available than there are seconds in the day. And they all promise to reverse the direction of this “going nowhere” path. But I don’t have to be the one to tell you that most of these simply don’t work (but you already know that!) and you find yourself right back on that same course to nowhere. And many of these so-called “Experts” don’t even know they are supplying the faulty roadmaps, simply tour-guides to yet another failure.

And whether it’s time, money, energy or all three – your resources are limited and valuable and throwing any of these away just isn’t an option. No matter what it is, one thing is certain: You need a fool-proof route. You need it now. For cheap. With results.

But if you don’t know it, you don’t know it, and no matter how hard you try or how much you work, you won’t be able to arrive at a different destination in your life.

You Can Change The Course Of Your Life… But You Need to Act Fast

The truth is anybody can reach the success they want, but sadly, most people haven’t been exposed to the simple, time-tested directions that allows them to chart a new course, let alone protect them against future poor navigation. If this is you, it’s not your fault. From the ‘Gurus’ to big Corporations, we’ve been systematically misdirected in their great attempt to suck our resources and send us down dead end paths that just leave us stuck in the mud, once again going nowhere.

Believe it or not, there’s this crazy notion that successful people are just lucky . But, that’s not really true; it doesn’t have to do with luck. Or hard work for that matter. Millions of people work like dogs, day-in and day-out and nothing changes. In fact, life often goes from bad to worse for some of the hardest workers out there. They just don’t have access to the Insider’s secret roadmap to success.

It’s hard to know who to trust or even how to trust today. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a compass that always points you to a “true north” on your path? This is where the time-tested treasure map comes in – you don’t need the latest and greatest method for success. You need what’s been proven; what works; what has always worked. In any area of life.

Unlock the Secret Vault and Claim The Treasure You Deserve!

Everyone searching for great treasures needs an accurate, direct map to guide you to what you want. And, believe it or not, you already possess the most valuable tool you need for this journey. In fact, you’re using it right now…your mind! Your mind is beyond powerful and will absorb whatever you surround yourself with; especially what you focus on… or don’t focus on. This is true in every area of life, from your job to relationships to hobbies and skills.

You Have The Combination To Open Open Up A New World… You Just Have To Claim It!

The difference between another year of trudging along the the same-old path of frustration, failure and disappointment and a new year full of purpose, excitement and reaching your real and strategic goals and dreams over and over again, is what you feed on RIGHT NOW.

You may feel entrenched and hopeless; none of that matters. The power of focusing on the proper route to change your circumstances will bring you exactly what you need to get out of the trench, find hope and see results.

Don’t Settle For Mediocrity

Everyone likes to be comfortable, it’s only natural. But the path the majority of us follows, leads straight to the sacrifice of our future and our children’s futures. Instead of derailing the problems destroying your life, you look for distractions and hope the problem doesn’t get grow larger. This is mediocrity at its worst and it’s killing your chances of success. Take a moment, listen to that voice in your head… is it sending you on a detour of deception?

How many times have these ‘road blocks’ fought their way into your head?

  • “It’s great for someone else, but it’s just not for me…”
  • “Finding success is simply too hard for me…”
  • “I’m swamped as it is and don’t have any extra time…”
  • “I can’t afford to invest in myself right now, I have bills to pay…”
  • “The way things are isn’t so bad – I don’t have to have a vacation, raise or free time, but…”
  • “It’s always been this way, it always will be…”
  • “No one in my family is successful, it’s just not in my genes…”
  • “I tried that before and it didn’t work…”
  • “I’m not smart or talented like those successful people…”
  • “My situation is different; it won’t work…”

The old adage “Who you spend time with is who you become” isn’t just a phrase, it’s a reality, and these “Insiders” are who you want to spend your time with as your travelling companions!

Recognizing the road blocks is one thing. Reversing the effects and course in your life is another. Permanently rerouting your belief around those detours is yet another. Without the understanding, strategy and practical methodology from someone who has the success you admire (and of course desire), wherever you may be, you will probably gain a bit more knowledge but end up with no difference in results.

You Wouldn’t Trust A Guide Who Hasn’t Been There – Would You?

Dani Johnson’s Strategies and Techniques Have 22+ Years of Documented Success – with more “solutions” online than there are seconds in the day, discerning the best place to invest your valuable time and money is often a frustration-producing feat. And if you’re like countless thousands, you’ve invested in courses, books, videos, audios and loads of other training many times over, only to receive next-to-nothing in return.

So how do you know INSIDER is right for you?

It’s simple. Over 100,000 massively changed lives! People just like you, applying Dani’s systems and experiencing results “I never would have dreamed possible” as clients have testified to over and over again. It’s no joke; thousands of testimonials stream in month after month after month.

INSIDER™ is packed overloaded with resources these clients, a handful of people just like you, used to make the leap from frustration, striving, fear and failure to the insane success and results you just read about. I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced the weight of uncertainty and fear of past experiences, failures, and compromises is a weight and a burden that deserves to be kicked the heck out of your life! It’s time to get that devil off your back and start to live free.

Do you ever feel like your life just isn’t yours anymore? Like it’s owned by a dozen different masters and that you don’t even get to determine where your time, money and energy go anymore? It’s time for you to make that change!


There Is Only ONE Guaranteed Investment You Can Make

Gold, Silver, Stocks, Bonds & Real-Estate all PALE IN COMPARISON to the one, single investment you should be making every day. Wondering what the heck I’m referring to? I’m talking about the investment you make in YOURSELF! Every other investment can be lost and taken from you, but your investment in YOU lasts forever and will ALWAYS give you a solid return on your money & your time! Nobody can take your skill from you; nobody can take your experience from you; nobody can take from you what you Master for yourself.

When you become an INSIDER, you’re scoring way more than just amazing training, you’re signing up to:

Generate greater results from your efforts — in less time — in the areas YOU need, RIGHT NOW!
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Learn how to create an eager desire in your spouse, kids and even sales prospects!
Gain freedom from economic, relationship and family pressure… and discover how to have fun again.
Develop millionaire skill-sets in your life to generate substantial income increases.
Immediately get other people’s attention and watch how they gravitate toward you!
Nurture and coax the best in others, for their benefit and yours!
Acquire the charisma, energy, power, influence and confidence of a millionaire!
Completely transform your entire life, career, finances and relationships — guaranteed!

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Dani Johnson’s INSIDER Membership is carefully crafted to bring you a steady stream of fresh, timely and vital information every week. INSIDER™ isn’t random tips, strategies and methods shot-gunned out to you every week. It’s strategic and time-sensitive. You’re receiving the equipping you need, based on the expertise of someone who pays attention to the market and the culture of our times. Dani stays intimately familiar with the economic and social climate, knows exactly what’s going on and carries a deep conviction to equip and provide you exactly what you need to rise above the messy struggles, and into a clear view of your path to success.

You don’t just stumble upon this kind of info and it’s not the kind of thing you can simply ‘Google’ to find. If you’re here, it’s for a reason – a very specific reason.

INSIDER Exclusive Access Helps You Succeed Faster In Your Business, Career, Financial, Spiritual & Everyday Life.

Not just a little faster, a LOT FASTER…

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Thrive in a Bad Economy//    Video SeriesThe economy is very often the most common scapegoat when it comes to financial struggle. There are millions of people drowning in debt, losing jobs, facing foreclosure; all suffocating under the pressure of the “terrible economy”. But there are many others who are succeeding in the very same circumstances.

That raises some questions, doesn’t it? What’s the difference?

Did you know that more millionaires have been made in times of economic disaster than in a stable economy? Did you know that while millions have been on a downward financial spiral in recent years, thousands of clients & INSIDER members have been thriving better than ever before? Watch as Dani dives headlong into the TRUTH & LIES about the economy we’re living in.

Social Media Secrets//    VideoDay after day you make posts and tweets with little to no results… you actually rejoice over the few likes you are able to squeeze out of your friends and followers… meanwhile, you look at people like Dani Johnson who has close to 300K likes on her Facebook page.

But HOW does she do it? Luckily for you, we caught some pretty rare footage of Dani sharing her top social media strategies. In this video, Dani spills the beans on…

  • The keys to getting outrageous engagement on your posts
  • How to identify the #1 mistake 98% of people on social media are making… and how to avoid it!
  • The #1 desire of your clients on social media and what you can do to fill it
  • The reasons why people use social media so you can turn it around for your advantage
Annihilate Fear//    Video SeriesAnnihilate Fear is a 6 Part Video Series. Inside, Dani helps you take fear head-on. Dani reveals what fear really is and equally important, what is on the other side of the fears you face. It’s time to live fearless, filled with the belief that nothing is impossible for you.

What is Really Takes to Achieve Limitless Success//    AudioIn this special audio training, Dani Johnson shows you what it really means to have limitless success and what you can do TODAY to change your thinking and be on the path to your destiny!

The One Thing Stopping You//    Audio

This powerful audio training really addresses the one thing that holds 98% of the population from succeeding in every area of their life. Dani walks you through achieving every goal, dream, and desire you’ve ever wanted in life!

Recession-Proof Your Wallet//    eBook

This report shares some basic, yet powerful, tips to help you prepare for any financial storm… plus how to recover from past financial mistakes!

Feed Your Family on $100 A Week//    eBookIf multi-millionaire Dani Johnson feeds her family of 6 on $100 a week or less, well sweet mercy, so can you! Few ways are a faster route to saving money than reducing your weekly food budget. The even-better news is that you won’t be sacrificing taste AT ALL! You can go ahead and think of this one as money in your pocket.

You’re probably thinking it’s not possible. Most people think that. Well, you’d be surprised to see exactly how frugal Dani Johnson is. By surprised, I mean shocked and in utter disbelief. The truth is, Dani has mastered control of her money. She knows where every cent goes and she knows where she wants every cent to go.

Are you ready to convert your money into a tool for investment and creating assets rather than a means of consumption? Are you ready to save hundreds a month on your food budget and still eat healthy and delicious meals?

What could you do with hundreds of dollars extra every month? Get out of debt exponentially faster? Start a profitable business? Invest in a variety of assets & diversify your income? The choice is yours.

Start THINKING LIKE A MILLIONAIRE, and Get Practical with Your Money!

Strategic Goal Setting//    ReportDreaming of what could be is an incredible feeling. (To help you avoid the mistake of getting off track.)

No doubt you’re closely familiar with who you’d like to be, of how you’d like to live your life – where you’d go, what you’d do, how you’d do it; of how people would perceive you, the respect you’d be given and most of all, how you would feel about yourself. Who doesn’t want to believe that so much more is possible in life? Unfortunately it is all too easy to get accustomed to only dreaming and never experiencing or living those dreams.

In “Strategic Goal Setting” you’ll unveil the mystery behind setting and ACHIEVING your goals, year after year, month after month, day after day; and be able to immediately make the changes that will enable you to turn your dreams into reality and become the person you want to be, living the dreams you want to live!

Strategic Goal Setting Alone Is Worth the Price Of the full INSIDER™ subscription

10 Steps to A Stress-Free Life//    ReportWe all know stress can kill! Are you stressed out from the pressure of debt? Is life in general overwhelming? Help is here!

“10 Steps To A Stress-Free Life” gives you an exclusive Insider’s look at how Dani almost lost everything to the effects of stress — and how she learned to overcome the pressures we all face in life. Share in her personal journey through both business and personal struggles, and her tips to switch off the major stressors of any situation.

Jam-packed with dozens of strategies for coping with whatever life throws at you, these priceless insights can save you from the stress-killers of your business, your life and your relationships!

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