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Job Domination


Job Domination

Take the misery out of job hunting and become the person that everyone wants to hire and promote

For most people, nothing wounds their self-esteem like failing an interview or getting passed over for a promotion. While others seem to find work without trying. If you're ready to permanently end your job search or quest for promotion, it's time to experience Job Domination! Serial entrepreneur Dani Johnson reveals everything you ever wanted to know about advancing your career!

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How to Take the Misery out of Job Hunting and Become the Employee that EVERYONE Wants to Hire and Promote!

  • Never again worry about being fired or laid off…
  • Never again fear an interview…
  • Never again stress out about the economy…
  • Never again work a job you hate…
  • Never again let someone else determine your financial stability…
  • Never again make less money than you deserve…

It’s time to completely immunize yourself from the diseased economy. It’s time to take total control of your financial future. Its time for Job Domination.

Master these techniques and you’ll never again be a victim of “restructuring” or a bad economy..

In Job Domination, you’ll learn and master 2 key areas that will permanently transform your earning power. You will have complete control – be able to influence your team and create remarkable results on demand that impress even the most critical employers.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn.

Job Search

You’ll learn and master everything regarding the job search, including networking and social media secrets, resumes and cover letters, how to find the best paying jobs, how to find hidden jobs that are never advertised, how to secure the interview, answers to interview questions, what to say during the interview (and more importantly what not to say), how to negotiate salary pay, bonuses and time off, and how to market yourself so that you receive multiple offers of employment.

Job Performance

You’ll learn and master everything concerning your on-the-job performance and results, including how to impress your boss and coworkers on a new job, relationship and team building, productivity secrets, management secrets, communication and people skills, sales and marketing secrets, biggest mistakes to avoid while on the job, promotions and bonuses and mastering the employee-prenuer mindset for maximum income, job security and personal satisfaction.

The Real Truth about Job Searches

In today’s quickly changing world, there is a GIANT GAP between those who are struggling to find a job and employers who are complaining about the lack of great employees.

Most job searchers seem to be lost in the gulf between the two, lurching from job interview to job interview, desperate to make ends meet and totally OBLIVIOUS to the employers real needs.

If you want to get hired, then stop following the crowd! Discover the details your future employer is desperate to know… about you… and put that in your resume and cover letter (but do it strategically). Job Domination will show you these secrets techniques and much MUCH more.

Gain the confidence of a seasoned professional when it comes to the interview and job review process – control your destiny!

With the unemployment rate so high and job competition so fierce, now is your chance to learn Dani Johnson’s proven system for catapulting your career or landing your dream job without months of agony, wasting time looking for a job the wrong way, or getting behind on your bills. Dani’s strategies have been used by thousands of her clients, they are easy to learn and apply by anyone, and you will see results immediately.

Join a select group of high-demand employees who hold the key to career success, starting with the interview and continuing through a lifetime of promotions and salary bumps (Job Domination graduates smash glass ceilings like ballistic missiles of success). One of Dani’s clients came to an interview armed and ready to meet the company’s needs using just one simple skill that Dani is going to teach you. At the end of the interview he was strategically positioned to land the highest paying position of his life… a solid six figures.

The Worst Economy is NO MATCH for JOB DOMINATION

Here’s the deal: even a bad economy has active businesses (a struggling business is still active) and once you position yourself as someone who can create opportunity and help grow a business, no employer will be able to say “no” when you apply for the job! Of course, you ALWAYS have the option to keep trying your way, but that’s what got you in a bad position to begin with. Once you’ve experienced Job Domination, you won’t even remember the silly mistakes you made in the past. It’s time to get up and say “I’m ready to dominate my job!” – take control of your career and your future!

Dani will teach you this complete career system in a matter of hours. You will NEVER AGAIN struggle to be noticed by employers or receive the recognition (and compensation) you deserve!

Take Your Next Job By Storm!

In Part 1, You’ll Learn How To:

  • Get past the faceless gatekeepers (on and offline) to land your interview
  • Discover the hidden do’s and dont’s you must know for a successful interview and how to beat out the competition before you ever set foot in the interview
  • Feel confident even in intimidating interview situations, and answer difficult interview questions like a pro without memorizing answers….
  • Answer the interviewer’s unspoken questions, learn the real reason for the interview questions and avoid the #1 mistake made in interviews that prevents job offers
  • Provide answers to questions that will virtually lock in the job offer or create a different, better one!
  • Demonstrate your unmatched qualifications for the job (even if you have less experience)
  • Build instant rapport with your interviewer… through the simple power of conversation
  • Discover essential skills to turn your resume into every employer’s dream candidate
  • What resumes are really for… and how to use them to get your future employer’s attention… and an interview
  • Networking secrets of top income earners
  • Be the first and only person recommended for the new positions
  • Proven strategies to give you an unfair advantage over every other candidate!
  • Hidden agendas of every human resource department and recruiter
  • Take advantage of little known social media secrets to get your new job!
  • The absolute best way to find a job and get hired fast
  • Harness the power of your network to find your job with less effort… both on and offline
  • Discover the secret checklist that employers really look for in job candidates

A Bundle Of Secrets So Powerful, It’s Like Steroids For Your Paycheck (But 100% Legal) —

In Part 2, You’ll Learn How To:

  • Quickly avoid settling for a mediocre job… and get the right one
  • Meet all your employers expectations and create undeniable results in a new or existing job
  • Biggest mistakes made on a new or existing job that will either get you fired or keep you from being promoted!
  • How to identify and solve your boss’ biggest problems and needs, making you an irreplacable asset to the company
  • Secure your job forever, regardless of what is going on in the economy, by always creating more value for your employer than you receive (hint: this is WAY easier than most people realize)
  • New economy power skills that set you apart from your co-workers, allowing you to succeed and create more results in less time
  • How to resolve conflicts and communicate in a way that inspires leadership and results from a team
  • How to out-sell, out-market and out-perform others who may have much more experience than you
  • How to become an “employee-prenuer” and why its the #1 biggest key to your earning power, job security and job satisfaction
  • How to get complete fulfillment from your job or career (regardless of how miserable it may be now)
  • How to get promoted and earn massive bonuses (even if you’ve never had one before)
  • How to become the biggest asset your boss has, so valuable that he or she will do anything to keep you
  • Immunize yourself completely from economic downturns, layoffs, and corporate downsizes!
  • How to generate new contacts and referrals in any industry!
  • Harness the power of networking to get your highest paying job ever
  • Apply executive-level productivity and management secrets, giving you an unfair advantage while helping others succeed around you too!

If only your high-school guidance counselor had given you Job Domination – Your life would look COMPLETELY different!

How many times does the end of the paycheck come before the end of the month? Tired of spending your weekends searching online for a way out of an oppressive job, only to grind out week after week with no results? Are you desperate for a job you can take pride in, the kind of career your friends and family will admire and brag about?

Most people don’t know that success in anything, especially a career, begins long before a resume is written or interview question is asked.

The one thing the government and your employer can never take from you is your skill! Making an investment in yourself is the smartest choice you can make. Many will spend thousands of dollars going to school for a degree that is supposed to make them primary candidates for high-paying jobs. Others turn to expensive programs that can eat up your paycheck faster than a trip to Vegas. If these traditional paths to employment and career development are so effective, why is the rate of unemployment for college graduate men ages 18-25 currently over 28%?

What You Don’t Know Is Costing You Thousands each and every Year on the Job!

Dani Johnson knows personally what it takes to succeed in life. She went from homeless to millionaire in 2 years. Her strategies have helped tens of thousands make more money, get out of debt and live richer, more fulfilled lives. She has become one of the world’s most sought-after speakers, a national radio show host, best-selling author, and television personality.

For years Dani has also helped her clients land their dream jobs, ace interviews, become indispensable employees, and make more money.

If you can get an appointment, one hour of personal coaching with Dani Johnson can cost you $1,000! The 8 hours of Dani’s coaching time included in this program would cost you $8,000! (that doesn’t even include the 3+ hours of bonus content you can get if you act quickly)

Now just in case you think this is some sort of hoax or exaggerated price, you should know that Dani’s waiting list for personal coaching requests is constantly growing . If people are willing to pay Dani that much and wait months to do so, don’t make the mistake of thinking that Dani has nothing to teach you. If you’re looking for a fast way to end your current streak of un- or under-employement, it’s time to start listening to the expert!

But the good news is, if you register for the Job Domination right now, you’ll pay a fraction of that price. You can get 11+ hours of Dani’s time for less than 2% of what it would normally cost. You need to buy now before this offer expires (in fact, a price increase has already been approved, so we can’t guarantee the current discount for much longer).

Dani is willing to spend 2 laser-focused sessions with you to help you to land your dream job, advance your career, and make more money for just $97!

You Get 8 Hours of Video Coaching with “America’s Favorite Millionaire”

Only Dani Johnson’s Job Domination gives you the secret keys to open doors into any career and income bracket.

Just $97 gets you direct access to Dani Johnson’s Job Domination videos.

But we’re gonna sweeten the deal even more…

These tools that will literally kick your job search into high gear. Get started right now and you can instantly download:

  • The “Killer Cover Letter” template, instructions and samples
  • Resume template, instructions and samples
  • Interviewer Personality identification cheat sheet
  • You’ll also get access to a bonus Question & Answer Session with Dani (more than 3 additional hours of content!)

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