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on The Steve Harvey Show?

Dani wants to give you her eBook First Steps To Wealth for FREE (Even if you missed the show)!

Discover The Absurdly Simple Strategies Dani Johnson Used To Crawl Out Of Poverty & Become A Successful Entrepreneur, Wife & Mom!

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These strategies, when used consistently, will inspire you to improve your relationships, expand your influence, and even increase your income!

As a Business, Personal Wealth, and Relationship Expert, Dani Gives You the Keys to…
  • Learn step-by-step strategies to make more money in less time and with less stress!
  • Join a community of real people who are living their dreams
  • Stay ahead of economic and political uncertainty and experience a lifetime of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment!
  • Discover unusual income growth and wealth development principles!
  • Unlock a proven debt annihilation formula that has already helped thousands of people pay off tens of millions in debt
  • Master the tools you need to become the person everyone wants to work with!
  • Put an end to small thinking and ACHIEVE Results!


Get these two Exclusive Digital Training Resources to help you breakthrough any known and unknown barriers you have about YOUR success!

1. What It REALLY Takes To Achieve Limitless Success

In this special audio training, Dani Johnson shows you what it really means to have limitless success and what you can do TODAY to change your thinking and be on the path to your destiny!

2. Annihilate Fear parts 1-3

We’re giving you Parts 1 to 3 out of a 6-video series for FREE. Inside, Dani helps you take Fear head-on. Dani reveals what fear really is and equally important, what is on the other side of the fears you face. It’s time to live fearless, filled with the belief that nothing is impossible for you.
Do you turn the world upside down, smash through every barrier and break out of your own cage when you passionately want something? KINDA? SORTA? NOT SO MUCH? You’re not alone. But you could be ‘not alone’ with those who have unlocked the vault of success and have REWRITTEN THEIR LIVES, living their wildest dreams… Dani Johnson grew up as the abused (beaten, molested, belittled) daughter of drug-addicted parents. She had no money, no friends and no hope. Eventually she ended up homeless and on welfare at 21, but she discovered a specific set of skills that took her from the $2.03 in her pocket to a $1 Million dollars of income in 2 short years. Forget personality, forget upbringing, forget environment, forget experience, forget schooling. No matter where you are, who you are or what you’ve done, YOU can change your course, your FUTURE, starting today. First Steps To Wealth dives into Dani’s story head-first, and reveals the tools she used to escape her past – and re-write her future.
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Your information is 100% secure and will never be shared with anyone.