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GEMS™ Mastery Program

INSTANTLY Detect & Influence Personality Types With EASE

Finally, a Simple Yet Comprehensive Method to Master the Art of Relating, Communicating, Understanding and Influencing
People of All Personality Types

"One of the biggest challenges we face when communicating is that individuals often have very different approaches to life… These differences can lead to conflict and communication problems. Personality types provide one way to gain a general understanding of how people make decisions and why they sometimes clash. They help us understand what situations are likely to stress particular people. And they can help us communicate more effectively based on a better understanding of ourselves and how we relate to others."
M. Collins & J. King, 2004

Dani Johnson’s HIGHEST DEMANDED TRAINING Has Officially Been Made Available To The Public

If you do ANYTHING that involves communicating with other people, this program will help you get the best results possible,
no matter what personality type they are… period.

Just look at some of the practical applications for understanding personalities…

  • Career Guidance - What types of tasks are we best suited to perform? Where are we naturally the most happy?
  • Managing Employees - How we can best understand an employee’s natural capabilities, and where they will find the most satisfaction?
  • Personal Relationships - How can we improve our awareness of another individual’s Personality Type, and therefore increase our understanding of their reactions to situations, and know how to best communicate with them on a level which they will understand?
  • Prospecting & Recruiting - Gain instant rapport with those you meet. Learn exactly how to identify, recruit and motivate each of the 4 personality groups, even over the phone. Your success ratios will skyrocket!
  • Education - How can we develop different teaching methods to effectively educate different types of people?
  • Counseling - How we can help individuals understand themselves better, and become better able to deal with their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Leadership - Discover how to motivate others into action and keep them focused, enhance the teamwork and excitement within your organization while acquiring skills that will equip you to effectively lead tens of thousands of people.
  • Conflict Resolution - Decrease conflicts and reduce the effects of "personality clashes"

People Do Things for Their Own Reasons

People want to work with those who are attentive and sensitive to their needs, are willing to solve their problems, and take the time to create personal connections.

Dani Johnson’s GEMs Mastery Program teaches you how to quickly identify a person’s personality type and how to speak their language. Having theses skills in your personal development arsenal will give you a substantial advantage in any situation involving other people.

You will create so much value for yourself and those around you that success will gravitate to you at all levels. With these skills you are unstoppable, without them you can’t compete!


Experience Unimagined Success Through Dani’s
World-Renowned GEMS Mastery Program

Limited Quantities Available

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GEMS™ Mastery Program


Score Your Exclusive Copy of Dani’s World Renowned, Highest-Demanded Training at a Discounted Price. Previously Available Only to a Very Select Few

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Here’s What Others Are Saying
about the GEMS™ Mastery Program

“Learning how to identify other GEMS™ has been priceless. I’m a General Engineer in California, and it was always easy to talk to someone about construction, but when it came to sales I was seriously lacking and needed a lot of help. I even said SALES are not for me. After learning about different GEMS™ and what to expect from them, it has made communicating much easier. My closing rate has tripled. I paid off $42,000 of debt and I quadrupled my income.”

~ Roy Stevenson

"My dad is an Emerald and I’m a Ruby, and we would fight constantly. And after learning GEMS™, I really started to understand why he was asking the questions that he was asking, what motivated him to ask me those questions and I could give him the answer that he was looking for. The communication has been smooth and it has really restored our whole relationship. It’s unbelievable where we came from and where we are now."
~Mary Jo Kalasky

"I was taking copious notes at a recent event on each of the different GEMS™ strengths and weaknesses, I had a major life-altering awakening as to who I was really created to be. I had spent my whole life suppressing who I really was – it was easy to manipulate me into what people wanted me to be. Nothing I did ever felt right. GEMS™ has made me evaluate everything I do and why, the ways I think, and the ways I respond to situations. It has freed me up to accept who I am and am not. It has changed everything for me! What freedom!!"
~ Chad Ketcher

"Learning GEMS™ helped me to realize why those "gentle types" would run away from me, that maybe my approach to life wasn’t everyone else’s. It helped me in all my relationships. I’ve been able to tone down my language to meet the other GEMS™ and motivate them accordingly. I found my confidence to start a business again and doubled my previous income within 10 days. I’m also a published author and made £12,000 (almost $19,000 USD) in a week."
~ Naomi Johnson

"After learning GEMS™, I was actually able to motivate myself to succeed to become a top producer in my company! Beyond that, I’m able to teach and motivate others to succeed and produce results as well in my company."
~ Jose Gonzales

“I’m a manager in my workplace and I found that the way that I had been treating employees wasn’t right. After learning about personalities from Dani Johnson’s GEMS, I’ve seen a change in my workplace just by respecting and treating my employees differently!”
~ Roy Kinch

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