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How desperate are you for a job? Are you frustrated by what feels like wasted hours submitting resumes and applications? That’s why you wanted a better cover letter, right?

You can only take so much rejection before it begins to feel personal… before you give in to the depression.

Are you like Aman Sharma?

“You need to understand that for the past two years I had to settle for a minimum wage job, working long hours and living with my parents, because ALL of the interviews I had during that time, nothing came out of it and I had no idea WHY; believe me when I say, THAT SUCKED BIG TIME!!”

Sound familiar? Want to know what changed for Aman? (Hint: he went beyond the cover letter).

“I had been up all night going through Job Domination and what I liked most about it is that Dani literally left no stone unturned; it really is the epitome of “under promising and over delivering”; it really is… just 2 days later I got an email from a company that got my resume and an interview was set up. And because of the Job Domination training, I was PREPARED. To make a long story short, I just got the call yesterday morning that I got the job!”

Did you catch that? In a matter of days, his situation turned around completely, after applying a few key principles that he learned in a matter of hours!

“BECAUSE OF JOB DOMINATION, I get to work for a professional company that I’m actually going to LIKE, with people I’m going to LIKE, a place that I can see myself growing professionaly and financially with, as I make the transition into an entrepenuer. I feel like screaming your name from the top of a mountain. THANK YOU Dani Johnson!! ANYBODY who is struggling financially, because they’re in a similar situation as I was, YOU NEED TO GET JOB DOMINATION! The value FAR exceeds the price.

You came here for the cover letter. Here it is. But if you’re as hungry for a job as Aman was, you want to know the answer to another question:

What is Job Domination?

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