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Conditioning For Success™


"You helped to completely change my mindset and now I approach people with a mindset and posture of a business developer. I feel completely in control and collected all the time and have complete faith that I will achieve my goals no matter what."
~ Ildiko Brunner

"Dani has completely changed my way of thinking and lifestyle in a matter of hours where no one could in nearly 43 years!"
~ Steve Anderson

"After listening, I saw a MASSIVE SHIFT in my thinking! What if I could be successful, what if I could learn how to be a professional? What if all these years of working so hard I found tools and systems that would make a difference for me? All I know is I have increased my skills, which has increased my income, and improved my marriage, and relationships with my children!"
~ Diane L Mccracken

"I was in a decent paying job but my future was slave to my 401K performance and in danger of being crushed should any calamities happen. My relationship with my teen daughter was what some people consider typical — we would constantly bump heads. Now, because of the skills Dani teaches, the company I work with created a brand new position for me in the midst of laying off 25-year-employees. I make my own hours and control my own destiny. The home business I’ve begun is on track to pay for my daughter’s college education, and our relationship is the best it’s ever been."
~ Paul Wessling

"I was a frustrated, and stressed out, living under a cloud of condemnation, always beating myself up and not enjoying the life I had been given. Since listening to Dani our sales in our at-home business doubled within 2.5 months, we paid off over 35K in debt in 10 months and we’ve seen our family relationships healed. But more importantly, MY MIND was healed and a mind healed is a life changed "
~ Vangel Roberts

"I’d been so caught up in my own life drama that I became paralyzed with excuses. When I finally started listening to Dani daily, my attitude completely changed. For all those who doubt or think that it only happens for other people…that is a lie!"
~ Kristie Bravo

"This training has increased our income, changed my marriage, and helped my children to be surrounded by a millionaire mindset, they understand you need money to give to the poor, pay debt and leave a legacy !!! "
~ Gina Alexander

"My language is different and my thought process has completely changed and my Business is growing."
~ Linda Scott Reed

"My family changed our thinking, followed directions, and stopped making excuses, and within 2 years we were and remain debt free!"
~ Robin Luahiwa

"I knew I had found the training I was looking for the moment I heard the passion in Dani’s voice. Through Dani’s training I generated $1,000 my first month working part time around my teaching career. Dani has transformed my life relationally, financially and in business. I now finally have hope and vision back in my life. I can do far more in less time."
~ Natalie White

"All I know is this training is changing my perspective, my relationships, my business ethics, my spirituality, literally EVERYTHING in my life for the better."
~ Jennifer Campbell

"This training increased our income, changed our marriage, and gave us a millionaire mindset."
~ Gina Alexander

Develop An Unstoppable Mindset, Overcome Past Failures, And Start Living Like A Winner… Conditioning For Success™ Training Program Show You Exactly How!


Is Dani Johnson’s Conditioning For Success™ for you? Answer these questions:

  • Do past failures haunt you?
  • Are you afraid to step out and take on new risks or challenges?
  • Do you struggle to believe that you can succeed?
  • Have you been trying to increase your income, but feel stuck?
  • Do you struggle with thinking that success is just for the lucky ones?

Do you want to…

  • Shake off limiting beliefs?
  • Identify your own worst enemy and its role in keeping you in your present situation?
  • Increase the success you are already having?
  • Prevent the pitfalls of success and eliminate the risks of losing what you’ve worked so hard for?
  • Let go of everything that is burdening your mind?
  • Uncover the real truth about why some people succeed and others don’t?
  • Learn 3 different skills concerning money?

If so, then you need…

Dani Johnson® Conditioning For Success™

Overcome Anything And Start Living Your Future!

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The key to attaining great success begins with your mindset. If you struggle to make successes happen in your life or grow the success you already have, then this training program holds the keys to allow you to realize your full potential and make your dreams happen.

The difference between those that are successful and those that are not is the way they think.

Success is not about having the right contacts, being smarter, having a better education, being younger or older, growing up in the right family, or even knowing the right people. Success is about starting with what you already have and learning skills to make what you have great! Stop using a band aid on your mindset! Conditioning For Success™ will help you build a foundation for success in your current circumstances… good or bad!

Inside This Revealing 3 CD Audio Series You’ll Learn:

  • How to harness your full potential and develop a confident mindset for personal success
  • How one thing we all have can keep you from succeeding in your life and how to overcome it
  • Insights into why you struggle with limiting beliefs
  • How to reprogram your mind so that you conquer hidden barriers that are hindering your success
  • What it means to have the right foundation, thoughts, beliefs, values and attitude necessary to achieve results
  • One of the greatest marketing plans that Dani has used throughout her 20+ years in business
  • The Power of Teachability and how it can accelerate how fast you can attain personal success

Overcome Anything And Start Living Your Future – 3 CD set

We’ll Take 100% Of The Risk!

If you listen to the 3 audio cd set and don’t learn a single thing or are disatisfied with the product for ANY reason, we don’t want your money! Call and we will refund you 100%. There is no risk, and there is no excuse.

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Overcome Anything And Start Living Your Future – 3 CD set

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