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Self-Made Millionaire, International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, And National Radio Show Host Releases …

FSTW Book Render First Steps to Wealth

First Steps to Wealth™
A Revolution To Increase Your Income, Improve Your Relationships and Expand Your Influence!

In This Book by Dani Johnson A Business, Personal Wealth, and Relationship Expert You Will …

  • Learn step-by-step strategies to making more money in less time with less stress!
  • Get what it takes to stay ahead in a changing world and experience a lifetime of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment!
  • Discover million dollar income growth and wealth development principles!
  • Hear from real people who are living their dreams
  • Unlock a proven debt annihilation formula that has already helped thousands of people pay off debt to the tune of millions of dollars!
  • Get the tools you need to become an indispensable asset in every area of your life!
  • Discover the Powerful Mindset of an Entrepreneur and how you can put advanced strategies to work for you.
  • Put an end to small thinking and ACHIEVE Results!

A Step-by-step Guide To
Getting Everything You Want Out Of Life And More!!

“The skills that I picked up from Dani Johnson have allowed me to keep my business growing while I’ve watched many businesses in the same marketplace and the same economy go off the table! She helped me deal better with my employees, my family and my accounts. You have to listen to what she says. This is life changing.”
~ Marty Rachford

“I went from $8,000 to $110,000 in one year at my job using Dani’s strategies.
~ Ryan Maddings

“Because of Dani Johnson, even on a military income, we’ve paid off $500,000 of debt in five years and we are debt free!.”
~ Janina Bitz-Vasquez

What do the greatest achievers throughout history have in common? Why do things go so right for them when so many others constantly struggle? Are these folks smarter, more talented, chosen, born to succeed…?

NO WAY! They are everyday average people who discovered the 10 laws to success in wealth, relationships and more.

Are you ready to put these PROVEN first steps to wealth to work for you?

Never before have these been available in such a straight forward book. Without consciously using these laws, your road to success will be full of obstacles, uncertainty and even failure.. This book is a must if you are serious about consistent and long-lasting success.

Is Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Wealth™ book for you?
Answer these questions to find out:

  • Do you struggle with increasing your income, getting a promotion, or growing your business?
  • Do you struggle with negativity in your business… in your relationships… in your finances?
  • Do you struggle with balance in your life and find a balance between business and family?
  • Do you struggle with being misunderstood and the lack of motivation in others close to you?

Do You Want To…

  • Learn EXACLTY how you can become wealthy?
  • Learn how to acquire the charisma, energy, power influence and power of a millionaire?
  • Learn how to multiply the success you are already have and open the door for more?
  • Learn how to prevent the pitfalls of success and eliminate the risk of losing what you’ve worked so hard for?
  • Learn how to attract quality people into your life who provide encouragement and support?

If So, Then You Need…

FSTW Book Render First Steps to Wealth

First Steps To Wealth™

Learn Proven Laws of Success To Create
Personal Wealth While Serving Others!

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"Before I found Dani Johnson, my life was a total mess! I had just lost a significant amount of money and nothing seemed to work for me. I met Dani, and immediately was able to increase my income to well over £100,000, and started earning over £500/hour as a professional speaker! Thank you Dani! You have given me my life back, and my family!" ~Len Allene

“Three months ago I was unemployed and looking for work. Not having much success, I came across Dani Johnson. The skills she gave me allowed me to successfully interview with 15 corporate vice presidents, after which I got a 6-figure job as a Corporate Trainer! Just the basic business communications taught here will change every part of your life. No excuses, you need to do this!” ~ Merrill Roberts

“Prior to training with Dani Johnson, I didn’t get along with my co-workers and I was heading for a breakdown. Using what I learned from Dani, I was able to land a new position at work with a $3,000 raise and more flexibility. And my home business is now seeing huge results. In just a couple weeks we were able to get 25 new clients. After 14 years of marriage, Dani has shown us how to trade our weekly spats to weekly dates with my spouse. There’s more passion, more communication. It’s like a honeymoon all over again!”
~ Theresa Douillard

Raised On Welfare, Pregnant At 17, Homeless At 21,
A Millionaire At 23!

Dani grew up on welfare in a violently abusive and drug-infested home. She was emotionally, physically, verbally and sexually abused on a regular basis. She ended up pregnant at 17 and homeless at 21. Refusing to accept what life had given her, Dani started a business from the trunk of her car and a pay phone booth with only $2.03 to her name and by the age of 23, she became a millionaire.

Today she is a multimillionaire, owner of 5 companies with her husband Hans, a mother of five, grandmother of four, best-selling author, international speaker, and nationally syndicated radio show host.  Dani has a passion and a track record of showing people how to attain great success in every area of their lives without sacrificing their family, fun, or health.

In First Steps to Wealth, Dani shares personal insight on how she overcame horrendous circumstances of poverty, abuse, drug-addicted parents, an unwed pregnancy, a forced adoption, marital betrayal, homelessness and debt, by using unique techniques to build several businesses and become the multi-millionaire that she is today. Dani’s unique success strategies have empowered and equipped hundreds of thousands with the knowledge and skills she has learned to achieve what appears to be simply impossible. People of all ages and economic, educational, and family backgrounds travel from across the globe on a monthly basis to learn from Dani Johnson.

First Steps to Wealth™ shows you exactly how to get EVERYTHING You Want Out Of Life And More!

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Inside This Revealing Book You Will Learn:

  • Discover the formula to create personal wealth and success in your life!
  • Recognize a promotion in progress so that you can make all the right moves – at the right time
  • The one thing that millionaires have that you don’t…yet
  • What your destiny and purpose is and how to get there
  • What can stop you dead in your tracks before you reach your goal and how to remove it
  • How to become more valuable to your company so that they pay you more and decrease your hours
  • How to increase the success you are already experiencing
  • Proven ways to turn risk into increase
  • The 10 Laws that can exponentially multiply your personal wealth and relationships
  • How to be trusted with a little so you are given even more
  • What causes stress and how you can avoid it
  • How to experience the joy of being free from self-sabotage
  • As simple key to making a decision that will reap success not failure
  • Four gifts you were born with that give you freedom from any circumstance
  • Have a more peaceful and enjoyable life all around
  • Make more money and / or get your biggest promotion at work
  • Uncover and easily counteract negative influences and hindrances to your success
  • One law that applied consistently can bring freedom in every area of our life
  • Three areas to focus on that get the most from your investment in yourself and your future
  • How to restore your dreams, live free from stress and have more fun
  • What a leader is and how you can become one
  • How to immunize yourself from the conformity and no longer get sucked into mediocrity
  • How to not let circumstances determine your fate
  • Exactly what causes fear and how to overcome it in all areas of your life
  • What to do if you are unsure about your future
  • Simple step to reverse overwhelming circumstances and negativity
  • Ways to increase your influence, become the #1 referral and become a trusted advisor in your community
  • Learn to communicate better with the important people in your life to get the results YOU really want… fun, results, harmony, efficiency
  • How to get other people’s attention so they gravitate towards you
  • How to pull the best out in others, for their benefit and yours
  • Put your finances on the fast track to hyper-growth in any economy
  • Acquire the charisma, energy, power, influence, and confidence of a millionaire
  • Conquer hidden excuses and barriers that are hindering your success.
  • Tap into the success laws that attract experienced, motivated and self-reliant people to YOU.
  • Rediscover what allows you to operate in your strengths in all areas of your life
  • Make your work and personal life more fun and exciting!
  • Develop the skills that accelerate your career, sales and business growth
  • Keep you and your organization engaged in the highest revenue generating activities
  • Ensure more productivity and bigger returns for you and your team
  • Leverage step-by-step systems that yield consistent sales and income growth
  • Identify and speak the verbal and non-verbal language of the basic personality types
  • Eliminate miscommunication and confusion with others in the work place and at home
  • Discern and avoid communication breakdowns … before they happen
  • No longer be intimidated by others and learn how to motivate those who intimidate you
  • Build self-motivated teams to get more done in less time, all with less stress and more fun
  • Promote and sell effectively to make more money and get more results
  • Attain energetic and effortless relationships by understanding each GEM … and what makes them tick
  • Stop being the victim and rise up to meet your dreams and goals
  • Unlock the secret to motivating ANYONE, regardless of age or position in life
  • Have more fun at work and home, in fact anywhere
  • Gain a great depth of wisdom, laugh, and decrease stress to make life fun again
  • Remove judgment and criticism from your life
  • Get instant connections with everyone you meet – they’ll feel like they have known YOU for years
  • And so much more!!

All of us desire to have a greater success in our lives whether it be in business, relationships, career, finances, family, school… you name it.

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To YOUR First Steps to Wealth™!

Dani Johnson

The proven steps to wealth from this powerful Book are vital to anyone who wants to better their lives. It is no surprise that the most influential people of all time have applied these revolutionary time-tested tools to all areas of their lives. Isn’t it time for you to put these Success Principles to work for you by letting Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Wealth™ Book be your guide to lasting success!

As stated above, we back this book with our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied… we insist that you contact us and get your money back. We stand behind this Book 1000% percent. We know it is going to change your life and set you on a new course to your destiny and purpose!

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Success Stories

“Before I met Dani, I had spent a small fortune on courses, and a host of different speakers and coaches with little or nothing to show for it. I got started with Dani’s system and my income increased by $26,000 within twelve months. In addition to that Dani also gave me a strategy to get rid of $24,000 in debt that very same year. No fluff, no hype, just solid proven strategy that anyone can apply.”
~ Simeon Cryer

“I was a 19 year old full time college student working part time as a waitress making $8000/year and just getting deeper and deeper in debt. I possessed absolutely no business skills. With the skills I gained from Dani, I was able to make $9,000 in one week! If you’re just thinking about plugging into Dani, you need to make a decision today – you can’t afford to miss out.”
~ Keri Skarin

“Just listening to a single session changed my whole life. I let go of all the things that were burdening my mind and holding me back. I was able to lose 50lbs, improve relationships with my family and get a raise at my job that I wasn’t expecting. Just from applying some of the simple strategies Dani Johnson taught me with my bosses at work, I received a mind-blowing year end bonus!”
~ Carrie Walters

“I have struggled with fear issues my entire life and Dani has helped me overcome a lot of that. I work in accounts receivable and collections at my job, which has not been easy because of my fear of talking to people. I used to sweat horribly and “stutter & stammer” in the past. Now I go through my entire day with no sweat and I enjoy actually talking to the people I used to just fax or email. … The new me is breaking out of the shell!!!”
~ Angella Crockett

“As a construction worker I worked anywhere from 70 to 75 hours a week. Because of the training I got from Dani Johnson, I was actually able to cut my hours down to 40 hours a week using the skills that I learned. In that I have been able to create and make more money in a whole lot less time. I’m a lot less stressed out, my kids actually get to see me now and we have a family life. So I don’t know what you think, all I know is this process works and it will change your life.”
~ Gary Nixon

“I’m a life coach and have never experienced such raw truth mixed with love that produces results so quickly. I’ve reached my $10,000/month goal and I’m on my way towards my next goal ($50,000/month). I just wanted to say thank you, from the deepest part of my heart for being such a wonderful example of business ownership, healthy marriage, great parenting and balance. I appreciate you and tell everyone about your company.” ~ Khama Anku

“I was a substance abuse counselor and a full time college student living paycheck to paycheck. Coming out of First Steps to Success, I was able to get a $9,000 raise in a new career. I started in business for myself and earned $500 my first week. After spending another 2 days with Dani Johnson in Los Angeles, I made $13,000 in six weeks and paid off $3,000 in debt. I’ve learned far more from Dani in one weekend about how to succeed in business and in life than the past 6 years of college.”
~ Shaundi Goins

“I had achieved a six-figure income but I was absolutely miserable. I had no time freedom, didn’t see my children and was losing control of my life. After coming to Dani Johnson, I’ve learned so many skills to gain manageability of my own life and business. It’s improved my marriage. I now earn a multiple six-figure income – paid off over $100,000 worth of debt. I would recommend this to anybody who really wants to fix their life and succeed in their business. I haven’t seen one person who hasn’t been phenomenally affected by the training, equipping, and the personal growth that occurs with Dani Johnson.”
~ Renae Heikkila

“When I first got started in business I had a lot of desire and I really wanted to succeed, but I stayed at a plateau that I couldn’t seem to get over. Within the first 45 days I was able to make $42,000 more than I would have without Dani’s training.” ~ Stephanie Johnson

“I was $116,000 in debt, I was working 50-60 hours a week, and our household income was $25,000/year. I wanted to start a business for myself, but I didn’t have the training I needed to succeed. Then I came to Dani Johnson in September of last year, and I made $13,000 the very next month. I’ve actually made a little over $135,000 since January 1st this year. Thank you Dani Johnson!”
~ Stacy O’Quinn

“I was overcomplicating my business for two years with absolutely no results. I discovered Dani Johnson’s Live Events, and within the first year I was making a six figure income!”
~ Jodi Stott

“Utilizing the training I learned through I went from being in a position where we WERE going to lose everything, $1500 in the hole, to being in the top 10 of my company. I earned $4024.00 this month…”
~Kassandra Bragg

“I was in the insurance industry, making a good income, but I was bored and unfulfilled. Since plugging into Dani Johnson, I have been able totally flip my life around. Now, my priorities are completely re-arranged. I’ve put my child at the top of the list instead of my work. I’ve paid off $80,000 in personal debt, acquired properties because of the training that I applied. I’ve generated an additional 6-figure income in my own business, and I finally have that sense of fulfillment I’ve been seeking for so long.”
~ Tracy Steinke

“My life, my marriage, my kids, my family, our school, and of course, my business has been impacted so much! This is way bigger than money for me…I am driven to serve others and lead them to find their greatness!”
~ Kimber King