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Steps to Create Your Personal Economy

Have you found yourself working hard, but still struggling just to make ends meet? Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in debt, suffocating under the financial pressures that you just can’t …

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Dumbing Down America

Confusion, fear, apathy, and mediocrity seem to be prevalent in the world today. In fact, it’s almost as if it has been done on purpose. The effects are evident everywhere you look …

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Conquer The Poverty Mentality

Are you like Crystal Pearson and thousands of others, feeling like poverty is enclosing on you, sufficating your every idea of success? Everything around her was getting pretty tough. She was starting …

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Confront Your Fear Of Failure

Have you ever felt like there is some kind of expectation that you cannot make any mistakes? If you mess up or make poor decisions, you’ll become a hypocrite, sinner, or you’ll …

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Dani Interview on Life Matters with Mariah Wilde

This Monday, May 21st Dani Johnson will be a guest on the radio show, Life Matters, hosted by Mariah Wilde. The show is from 7:30-8:30pm CT on KLGO The Word, a FM …

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Is Gossip Good For You?

I’m sure your mother taught you that if you can’t say anything nice, then you shouldn’t say anything at all. But new studies suggest that gossip may not be all that bad. …

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Can I Really Make It?

Uncover the secret on how to answer your critics, crush your competition, increase your income and your confidence applying one simple skill you can master instantly!

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Defeat Your Own Worst Enemy

It will cause you to lose money and lose sleep. It will play the "blame game" and keep you from getting promotions. It is full of pride and of course, it knows …