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Spiritual Equipping In The Marketplace: Chicago, IL

This has become one of the most talked about broadcasts and free events. Now you have every opportunity for yourself, friends, family, and co-workers to hear this message. Listen to Dani’s Spiritual …

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Hidden Costs of Man’s Best Friend

They are adorable and playful, and the "puppy eyes" may be nearly impossible to resist. A pet may be a wonderful addition to your family. In fact, six in ten American families …

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From Famine to Feast

Have you ever felt like life is up and down and up…and down, again? Do you feel stuck in a situation, or worse, like you’re moving backwards? Or are you just ready …

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Get Rid of Financial Fantasies Forever!

Do you dream of financial rescue? Of a fairy godmother who will swoop in with her wand and — poof! — eliminate all of your financial worries at once, so that you …

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Dani Featured in Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch

Actor Stephen Baldwin, talk radio host Kevin McCullough, and America’s favorite millionaire Dani Johnson team up to rescue 2012 orphans in 2012.

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The Life-Long Effects of a Woman’s Choice

There is no more personal choice in a woman’s life than the choice to have an abortion. But is it a choice that belongs only to her? Listen to The Dani Johnson …

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A Believer’s Purpose: The Truth With NO LIES!

Since starting your personal spiritual walk, have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough? That your past disqualified you from sharing your faith? Somehow the religious community has twisted people to …

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The Responsibility of Free Speech

What would happen if you posted negative comments about your boss on your Facebook page? Or if you called your co-workers or your clients names on your social media site, for the …