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100K Match For Kings Children’s Home

A recent update from the King’s Ransom Foundation which supports orphans in Belize as well as many other organizations around the world.

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Kill Your Debt, NOT Your Fun!

I am so excited about what we get to talk about today. I mean really excited. Because what you’re about to read is going to change the way you think about money. …

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The Big Business That’s Destroying The Next Generation

There is a silent killer that sweeps across the nation, ending over a million lives each year. Its effects are widespread and they have a profound impact in our society. But there …

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Avoid Missed Opportunities From Miscommunications

You know how sometimes you are communicating with someone who speaks the same language as you, yet you can’t understand anything they are saying? They are wired so differently from you, you …

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A Word Of Encouragement From One Parent To Another

You may or may not know this, but outside of being a businesswoman, an author, a speaker, and a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, I am a wife and a mom. …

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Recharge Your New Year’s Resolutions

Can you believe tomorrow is March 1st??? The first 2 months of this year have flown by so fast. Whether this has been the beginning of your best year ever, or it …

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Destroy The Barrier Stopping Your Success

I hope this finds you in the middle of a great week! Before I get into the content of today’s message, which is the reason I’m writing to you right now, I …

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The Dani Johnson Radio Show Picked Up by Sirius

Nearly one year ago Dani Johnson launched her syndicated radio show. The Dani Johnson Show has continued to pick up more listeners and more broadcasters nation wide. This next weekend marks an …