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On the Path to Freedom

Regardless of how much money was in their bank account, all of Dani’s clients found themselves trapped in a poverty mindset. Utilizing her field-tested strategies they are on a new journey, free from fear, hopelessness and excuses. This is the life of financial independence, confidence and relational harmony.

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First Steps To Success

Orlando, FL — January 11-13, 2019

Millions of people around the world believe that success is a lottery. Only a select few realize that learning new skills and strategies is the only way to achieve their dreams. At First Steps To Success, Dani presents concepts that will blow the doors off the prison of your failures and equip you for a life of uncommmon success!

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Already taken your First Steps To Success?

Once you’ve experienced Dani rewiring your mindset for true freedom and wealth, you’re ready for Creating A Dynasty - reserved for First Steps graduates only!

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For First Steps Grads Only

Location To Be Announced — May 17-19, 2019

Our ultimate leadership training event. Candidates are selected and groomed for up to six months before attending. In this three-day intensive seminar you’ll learn advanced techniques for growing your wealth, building a team and massively enhancing your productivity. Each registration includes regular appointments with an accountability specialist.

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