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First Steps To Success

Break Free From The Rut!

Next Event: ORLANDO, FL

May 2nd & 3rd, 2015


At First Steps To Success, you'll be turning your "someday" hopes and dreams into a "right now, right here" reality. Best-selling author, radio/TV show host and strategic business coach Dani Johnson is able to literally transfer her million-dollar success skills into you through this unique and experiential learning event.

This isn’t talk. It’s a step-by-step formula that radically transforms your life.

You will leave this event experiencing immediate and dramatic results. Many take what they learn and generate 6 & 7-figure incomes from this dynamic training. Many use these new skills to overcome obstacles that have held them captive for a lifetime. No matter what you do with it, you can be sure that you'll be equipped to succeed beyond your wildest dreams, while bringing others along with you for the journey.

Here are 7 reasons you can’t miss First Steps To Success

1. Birds of a Feather Flock Together

You resemble the people you spend most of your time with. If the majority of that time is with negative people who have no vision you'll most like find yourself being negative and without vision. But, if you spend time with excellent, successful people, you’re chances for success go through the roof! And that's exactly who you'll find at First Steps to Success!

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2. End the Debt Cycle

At First Steps to Success Dani will give YOU step by step instructions on how to pay off ALL of your debt in 5 years or less (that includes your home mortgage)!

3. Make Money Your Slave

Dani will teach you how to take your current income and make it go to work for you instead of you constantly working for it.

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4. Communicate Like a Pro

Dani will give you practical steps to relate to anyone you meet. You’ll be able to speak to strangers as if they’ve been your friend for years. She’ll guide you through the process to gain trust with a 5 minute conversation, and how to make friends everywhere you go.

5. Leave Mediocrity In Your Dust!

Some people are fine living a mediocre life… You’re just not one of them. YOU want more out of life than a LazyBoy Chair and a RedBox Movie! First Steps to Success is the place where failure and mediocrity goes to die.

Dani is talking excitedly!

6. Become Number 1

That’s right! You will learn how to become the most referred person for whatever it is that you do. Become the one person everyone wants to do business with.

7. Proven to Get Results

Dani has helped thousands of people to go from complete failure to multiple six and seven figure income earners. At First Steps To Success in San Antonio, 166 people paid off a total of $16.5 MILLION dollars in debt… in an average of ONLY 17 months!

Register Now for this LIVE Event!

You will leave this 2 day jam-packed fun-filled seminar with the confidence to slay any giant, tackle any obstacle and go farther faster. You will accomplish things you didn’t know were possible. This seminar will focus directly on YOU, equipping you with the skills to hit your goals REGARDLESS of what challenges you are currently dealing with.

Others only teach information and techniques. Dani teaches you EXACTLY HOW to use that information to your advantage!

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Attend Risk-Free

If for any reason you attend this event and don’t feel it’s worth 10x your registration fee, just let us know Sunday night and we’ll give you a 100% refund!


Create Massive Momentum and Huge Paychecks For Your Business

Proven Money Making Strategies For The Home Business Entrepreneur

The Home Business Entrepreneur Workshop is Day 3 of First Steps. Though targeted specifically for the Home Business Entrepreneur, you can apply the specific techniques to any business. Dani will dive deep into specific home business skills that will give you insight you won’t find anywhere else. You will hear the exact how-to’s from somebody who has done it, experienced the same obstacles and frustrations you have experienced, and ultimately found success by developing a team of committed individuals who are making money and achieving their personal and financial goals.

Imagine for a second what your life will look like when you have completely annihilated those irritating little snares that have been keeping you broke and discouraged. How good are you going to feel once you have true and lasting FREEDOM? Who will you be able to help once you’ve left your own rut? Think about what your career look like once you’ve mastered these time-tested skills to get everything you want out of life and even more?

So, the one question remaining is…

How much longer does your life have to not be what you want before you’ll finally do something about it?


Next Event: ORLANDO, FL

May 2nd & 3rd, 2015


Wyndham Orlando Resort International

8001 International Drive

Orlando, FL 32819

Event Times

Saturday: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Sunday: 10:00am – 6:00pm

Monday (Home Business Workshop): 10:00am – 5:00pm


Wyndham Orlando Resort International

For Reservations call toll free 1-800-421-8001 or direct to the hotel (407)-351-2420. Room rate is $134 per night single/double – Reference DaniJohnson.com or First Steps to Success when registering to receive the discounted rate – Cut off date is April 16th, 2015.


Mears Shuttle – Phone: 855-463-2776

$28 round-trip per person if booking the discounted DaniJohnson.com rate (Standard rate is $32 or $20 one-way per person)

If you are booking at the airport: You must print this coupon and take the printed coupon to one of the Mears Transportation Kiosks.

If you are booking online: Book Here for the DaniJohnson.com Discounted Price – You must print the confirmation(including the bar code). Take your printed confirmation to one of the Mears kiosks located on level one at either end of the rental car counters. Use the self-service kiosk or present the confirmation to the customer service representative. Once the confirmation is scanned, you will receive a two-part ticket for the Mears Shuttle, one for arrival and one for departure.

Taxi Cab: $35 – $45 Approximately

*The Mears Transportation Shuttle Booth and Taxi Cab Booths are located on Level One, Below The Baggage Claim

Orlando International Airport- MCO
(12 Miles)

Terms & Info

Ethics Agreement will be strictly enforced. No infants or toddlers allowed in the seminar. There are two agreements you will be required to sign to attend this event. You will not be allowed into this event without signing both agreements at registration time! You may review these documents ahead of time by clicking on these links: Release & AcknowledgementEthics Agreement.

Event Flyers

Registration Form: Click to Download

Promo Flyer: Click to Download

¡Ahora ofreciendo Traducción al Español!

Para poder servir mejor a nuestros clientes que se sienten más cómodos escuchando a Dani en su lengua nativa, ofrecemos traducción al español del evento entero.

También tenemos miembros en nuestra área de Servicio al Cliente que hablan español para poder asistirte con tu registro. Simplemente llama al 866-760-8255 y presiona 4 para español.

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Problem ordering? Call us toll free at 1-866-760-8255 or visit our SUPPORT CENTER. If you are calling from outside of the United States and having trouble reaching us on our toll free line, you can call for immediate assistance from one of our client service representatives at our international number: 1-408-414-0325

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Special Notice

Instructions for discounts and Add-on tickets:

First Steps To Success (2 days) Add-on tickets may be purchased at a cost of $150 per ticket, for 1 spouse, plus any children 18 years or younger who still live at home.

Home Business Entreprenuer Workshop (Monday) Add-on tickets may be purchased at a cost of $75 per ticket, for 1 spouse, plus any children 18 years or younger who still live at home.

IMPORTANT: When purchasing Add-on tickets, simply add the desired number of regular First Steps To Success and Home Business Entreprenuer Workshop tickets to your cart. Then add the number of Fast Track upgrades you want (equal to, or less than number of First Steps tickets you are buying). The discounted rate will be applied at checkout.

The Fast Track upgrade stays the same price, regardless of whether you want to attend the full three day event or not. In other words, you do not have to purchase a separate Fast Track when attending the Home Business Entreprenuer Workshop.

In order to purchase a ticket for the Home Business Entreprenuer Workshop, you must first purchase a regular (2 days) ticket to First Steps To Success. Tickets for the Home Business Entreprenuer Workshop are NOT eligible for the INSIDER discount.

INSIDER Yearly subscribers will recieve the following discounts (calculated at checkout):

  • $50 off a single (1) ticket purchase for Saturday and Sunday
  • $100 off Fast track upgrades (1 ticket + qualifying Add-on tickets)

If you choose to wait until the day of the event you will have to pay “walk-up” pricing and we cannot guarantee you a seat in the main ballroom. In fact, the only way to guarantee a seat in the main ballroom is to upgrade your ticket with Fast Track.