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Expose, Involve & Upgrade


"I’ve listened to these numerous times and learn something new each time. They are awesome and Dani inspires us to strive towards freedom. I’m truly grateful these are available."
~ Trina Bickham


"I have listened to your Expose, Involve and Upgrade CD at least 8 times and it is finally getting in my brain.  We have started bimonthly meetings for the expose, we are involving people and encouraging them to go to and we will be upgrading because of all the exposure.  This CD series helped me understand what I had been missing with understanding people, and what could I do to grow my business. Thanks, Dani and Hans."
~ Lisa Bower


"I found Dani in September and I will have replaced my income that I worked 28 years for in my other business in a little over two and one-half years…"
~ Brent Nelson


"You have helped our business to explode!"
~ Ray & Janice Marquez


"Prior to plugging into Dani’s teaching my sales numbers were around the 2 to 3 hundred dollar range. Now, they have been around $2,500.00 and up…"
~ Kassandra Bragg


"I have heard a lot of speakers – some of the best – read books, listened to tapes like crazy. Nothing has ever gotten to me like you have!"
~ Dottie Gilchrist


"By applying Dani’s training principles, I learned how to ‘Build a Fire.’ I returned home and called all of my business builders and before and I had 7 appointments booked."
~ Gail Priest


"I have been in this industry for 30 years and loved and knew it was a vehicle to freedom. But the trainings out there have been SCAMS until…"
~ Evelyn Lee Deflrion


"Dani, a brave, vibrant lady – sharing and imparting so much to bring out our full potential!"
~ Elizabeth Townsend


"Her balance of inspiration and technical training is what sets her above and apart. Unlike some others, since she’s actually "been there," she can teach network marketing like few other professional-level trainers."
~ Pete Johnson


“Finally you’ve given me the training I’ve searched for over 12 years.”
~ Terry Miller


"Expose, Involve and Upgrade have tremendously helped me become a better business developer as well as mother. Now I use these techniques in my business which allowed me to close 3 people in 2 days. Not only that, I really use the Expose, Involve, and Upgrade when it comes to relating things to my children and successfully getting them to complete their chores. It is amazing how this system works in all areas. I even used the Expose, Involve, and Upgrade Technique on a person who did not believe in The Word. Once the technique was applied it was the undeniable truth that prevailed."
~ Mary Goode


“I bought Dani’s CD’s and listened to them over and over again. Dani keeps me motivated and focused. She gave me exactly what I was in need of and now I’m sharing her with everyone on my Team! Thank you.”
~ Sandy Stewart


"Listening to Dani Johnson wakes me up and makes me get up and make those calls…a real motivator and a great inspiration!"
~ Patrizia Lanni



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Expose, Involve & Upgrade
3 Keys To Maximizing Profits And Retention In Your Home Business

"I closed 10 prospects in the top level in April and know I can do more with less effort now." ~ Derek Hart



Dear Home-Based Entrepreneur,

Do you know the 3 Key Foundational Areas in your business that lead to ongoing growth, profits and momentum?

With this professionally recorded and mastered 2 CD audio training program, captured LIVE from a 2-day Dani Johnson training event, you’ll not only learn what these 3 Key Foundational Areas are, you’ll also learn exactly how to apply and refine these skills to experience levels of success most only dream of!


Prepare to… Expose, Involve and Upgrade
Your Business Into Success!

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This 2-Cd Training Program, by World Renown Industry Trainer and Multi-Million Dollar Producer Dani Johnson will reveal the 3 Foundational Areas of Home Business Success!


1st Key Foundational Area is EXPOSURE. This subject is Marketing 101. In this 2 CD audio training program, Dani reveals over 12 different methods of exposure you can apply today to create momentum in your business. Here is just some of what you’ll learn from this program on EXPOSURE:

  • Learn how to get your prospects and leads to say ‘YES’ quick
  • Learn over 12 different methods of exposure for your product and your business that will produce income
  • Find out the biggest mistake that people have made in the industry since the internet has come into play, and learn how you can avoid this common pitfall
  • Learn the benefits of having a ‘high tech’ and a ‘high touch’ business
  • How to build rapport and trust with your customers so that there is continual growth in your customer base
  • How to avoid leaving thousands of dollars on the table by not following up with your leads
  • How to make that critical connection on the phone with your leads
  • Why you must invest in your education and how critical it is to your business

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2nd Key Foundational Area is INVOLVEMENT. 98% of the distributors in this business completely miss this. You cannot and will not survive without involvement. Here is just some of what you’ll learn from this program on INVOLVEMENT:

  • Learn why training and duplication are the #1 flaws in a home based business and how you can prevent yourself from falling into this trap
  • Learn the many forms of involvement and how to implement them into your business
  • How to increase your retention rate so that you finally begin to experience growth and momentum in your business rather than enrolling 3 and losing 2
  • Learn how not to be everything to everybody so that there will not be a ceiling on your income and your business can grow at a faster rate
  • How to put people to work so that you are duplicating and not babysitting

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3rd Key Foundational Area is UPGRADE. Through involvement your people will UPGRADE their commitment level, the amount of people they are willing to talk to, and the amount of product they are willing to purchase and sell. Here is just some of what you’ll learn from this program on UPGRADE:

  • Learn a way out of closing that allows you to upgrade your people even if you are uncomfortable with objections
  • Simple methods of quick duplication
  • Learn the 5 types of reps, the difference between them, and how they affect your business both short-term and long-term
  • Learn the importance of finding people that are better than you to do the job so that you are not spread too thin and your time is managed well
  • Learn a proven formula for running and managing your business with excellence!!!

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Dani Johnson has spent tens of thousands of dollars in her personal education and years of time developing and refining her proven training system. She personally went from homeless with $2.03 to her name, with a $35,000 debt living out of the back of her car, to millions in just two years using the very same techniques that she now teaches you in this 2 CD audio training program. Everything that Dani teaches she applies… you won’t find any fluff or puff theory from Dani. She gives you the nuts and bolts training you’ve been searching for packed with straight to the gut, no excuses motivation to get out there and apply it!


Dani has a long track record of developing 6 & 7 figure income earners in the industry. Many people, after listening to Dani’s training, finally experience breakthrough and results they never dreamed possible!


Bottom line, if you don’t get this incredible 2-CD Audio Training Program Expose, Involve & Upgrade, you will most likely be missing out on thousands and thousands of dollars that you could have earned by knowing these important aspects of your business. Don’t waste your time! Gain the skills you need in order to see maximum growth in your business TODAY!


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